Fat Thug Cops Assault old Man For Holding Impeach Obama Sign in Public

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This first day of the 2010 Alaska State Fair starts with sunny skies and a brutal assault by security personnel on an elderly (and apparently disabled) LaRouche supporter.

At about 5pm Alaska Time, Thursday, August 26, 2010, security personnel approach Sidney Hill, a lone man peacefully displaying an Impeach Obama sign near Pioneer Plaza on the Alaska State Fairgrounds in Palmer. Minutes later, a crowd assembles, additional security forces arrive, and they physically assault the man holding the sign. He’s taken to the ground with force and detained.

An unidentified Alaska State Trooper arrives to physically disperse the crowd, and at several points during the conflict, crowd members yell in support of the demonstrator’s right to speak his message. The demonstrator’s personal firearm is confiscated by fair security, and he is held captive until Palmer police arrive to escort the man away in cuffs.


  1. Netizen Comments about Sidney Irving Hill, age 54, Alaska, USA.

    thats my uncle sid standin up for what he believes in.. YOU GO U LOVE YOU UNCLE. your niece in oregon jennifr
    jdizzel4life 1 month ago

    he still sets up a Obama-Hitler poster on the side of AK-1 right at the Fred Meyer here at Palmer everyday. He is also REALLY rude to Fred Meyer employees and will spout crazy to anyone who makes eye contact with him.
    lsloewen2 2 months ago

    As a close neighbor I can attest to the fact that Sidney is mentally unstable. It is a tough call with someone like him, do you wait till he hurts someone? Like a lot of people with mental health issues he appears to be getting worse while not recieving any help with his problem. He has had numerous ugly encounters in his “spot” in Palmer. I don’t know much about the law when it comes to things like this, what can be done?
    coulomb 10 months ago

    I had a good friend who was shot in the face and killed by a mentally unstable man who had been in and out of API numerous times. Why he was allowed to own guns is beyond me.
    I don’t think there are too many people out there that don’t recognize that Mr. Hill is also mentally unstable. And he has guns, as the police found out last summer during their run-in with him at the fairgrounds.
    The only question is, will Mr. Hill’s instability one day result in innocent people being hurt or killed, or will we as a society realize that sometimes, people’s safety should take precedence over a loose cannon’s 2nd Amendment rights? And, if and when Mr. Hill does go “postal”, will those who defend his gun rights be the first to respond, putting themselves in harms way?
    GingerbreadMann 10 months ago

    When he does hurt someone (and it is “when” folks), it will be interesting to see the comments from all the folks who previously defended him. Having been acutely aware of this guy for several years now, it’s fairly clear that he’s escalating.
    celticdiva(Linda) 10 months ago

    I am an Alaskan Paralegal who hopes to to file suit for the folk hero Mr. Hill. The Primary civil complaint will be common law assault and aiding and abetting assault. Secondary to that will be a Violation of Mr. Hill’s rights under the First and Second Amendments.
    Manesslaw Paralegal 1 year ago

    • He hasn’t committed a crime yet though. Imagine a society where the government can take action before you do a crime. I shudder at the thought.

  2. Yes, but it was The Chimp (Bush) that accelerated the trend toward tyranny – setting precedents in law and otherwise that Obama is merely exploiting.

    Republicans are as much the enemy of liberty – of America – as Democrats. Both “wings” of the two-party system are just manifestations of the same foul bird of prey.

    And it preys on us, amigo.

    • Eric,
      You nailed it. This country has been under assault since the War of 1812. Then, after Hamilton still hadn’t figured out how much his beloved centralized government would ultimately mimic that of GB, Henry Clay and then Abraham Lincoln would then finally demonstrate just how bad tyranny could be. Lincoln entire presidency was marred by his revulsion of the Constitution standing in the way of his idea of large centralized government.

      It’s always been a battle fighting off the European bankers from influencing our easily corruptible politicians and we had so many apt corruptible candidates along the way, but Wilson and FDR were probably the most damaging. More to the present, I’d have to say that Nixon and Carter were Rockefeller lap-dogs, and every single president after Reagan was a freakin’ globalist willing to sell out their country. Every lousy c–K-sucking one of them ………. except Trump, although I am not happy one bit about Trump’s over-eagerness to confiscate bump-stocks. What comes next?

      Ever read, “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen, 1971. 100 pages; an excellent read. You’ll thank me later; that’s unless you already read it.

      • Good post, BR549. I agree with your take on Hamilton, Clay, and our worst presidents (Lincoln, Wilson, FDR. I’d add Truman, Ike, Johnson, Carter, HW Bush, Billary Clintons, W, & Barry Soetero a/k/a Obama). I have read “None Dare”, by Gary Allen. It certainly is an excellent read. America’s history should be called International Banksters vs The American People 1787-The Present. Anyways. Thanks.

  3. I’ll say it simply. What has America become when a rent-a-cop can assault a peace minded person projecting his first amendment rights.
    I hope Palin Sees the clip and helps him in his defense.

    • America is on its way to becoming an open/admitted police state. Most of our basic rights – including free speech as well as the right to be free from unreasonable searches – are already drastically limited. The worst part is much of this has happened with the egging-on of “conservative” politicians like Bush and Palin – and been supported by “freedom loving” so-called “conservatives.” Things accelerated (for the worse) under Bush, but “conservatives” defended him and supported the policies (in the name of “security,” the oldest con in the book). Now Obama is going farther and deeper. The cops are merely the Bull Boys of the system – and the system has become increasingly tyrannical and outrageous.

  4. Eric, I presume that “Alaska State Fair” is the Proper Corp. name of the property owner. If that is the case then they do have the right to regulate conduct on their property however the rules must be posted so everyone can see and understand them and they may not be ex pos facto. I did not see either security person explain to the man that it was private property. At best it was handled very badly and the guy should sue. Maybe the atty. that just won the primary in AK can take his case.

    As far as your comment on the military, I’m a Marine and unless you have been there you might want to reconsider your statement. Semper Fi.

    • Agreed.

      On the rest: There is no question about the reality of the militarization of civilian law enforcement, from equipment (high-powered autoloaders replacing wheelguns) to tactics and attitude. Whether this comes from cross-pollination (former military becoming LE) or as a result of policies adopted by a militarized mindset, the end result (for us civilians) is the same. In my lifetime (I’m 44) I have witnessed a dramatic change in the way cops and civilians interact; specifically, the way cops treat civilians. For example: In the 1980s, when pulled over for speeding, one could get out of the car and approach the cop to discuss the situation. Do that today and you risk being assaulted by the cop, arrested – maybe even shot.

      There is very little respect for citizens’ dignity, let alone their rights – which have been eviscerated by things like the “war” on drugs and now the “war” on “terror”- which have excused all sorts of abusive police state tactics.

      Is the law the cops’ fault? No, of course not. But sick laws do (in my opinion) tend to attract sick people; bullies and thugs and even psychopaths. My belief is that as our laws become more oppressive, decent people are leaving law enforcement (or want no part of it to begin with). Meanwhile the bad apples grow in number, because to them, having a gun and a badge amounts to a state-sanctioned license to indulge their instinct to dominate and brutalize others.

      PS: The United States military hasn’t fought for freedom since the War of 1812. No offense intended. Just a historical truth however uncomfortable it may be. As a Marine, you may be interested in reading “War is a Racket” by Marine Corps. Major General S. Butler. Highly recommend.

  5. Hi Dennis,

    I’ve been trying to find out, but so far no luck… if I can dig up the info, I will post it. But no matter the outcome, the actions of those cops (at least one was a state trooper, apparently) were despicable. Even if the guy was protesting illegally or violating some other petty ordinance, he posed no physical threat to those burly (each looked to be at least 240 pounds) younger men. He was not armed; he did not imply he was armed. But these three much larger, much younger men nonetheless body slam one spindly (mabe 150 pounds, soaking wet) old man to the ground and twist his arms behind his back (which was probably very painful and – again – completely unnecessary as he posed no threat to anyone). This sort of thing is happening all over the country. I recently posted a related story/video about a woman – with her kids in the car – being Tasered by another fat thug cop for daring to question his claim that she was “speeding.” That is literally all she did (she asked to see the reading on his radar gun).

    Part of the problem is the over-reaction to minor “technical infraction” offenses; part of it is that there are so many such laws on the books these days that almost all of us are “breaking the law” virtually every time we leave our homes; part of it, too, is the militarization of law enforcement. Many cops are former military; they’ve done tours brutalizing the peasants in Iraq and Afghanistan and come home viewing American civilians the same way they do the peons in occupied foreign countries.

    The broader view is that authority – that is, the government – has become the enemy of average Americans just trying to live their lives in peace. And cops are just the enforcers of authority. They reflect its aims, its soul – its true nature.

  6. Eric, I see all the comments, which are at best “enlighting”, but don’t answer the question. What happened to this man? I see from the video that he was led off by officiers of the local police and then what???? Released, arrested, vanished, recorded or non recorded detainment?????

    • Found it! (note bolded portions):

      Security guards’ handling of protest OK, fair officals say
      Anchorage Daily News / adn.com
      Published: September 4th, 2010 04:34 PM

      “Alaska State Fair officials have reviewed an Aug. 26 incident in which a man waving a sign clashed with security guards and was forced to the ground, and say the guards acted appropriately.

      The incident was caught on video and posted on a range of websites, including YouTube, and ignited a debate on free speech.

      The sign waver, Sidney Hill, 52, was arrested and charged with assault, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.

      Fair managers released a statement Friday saying that the fairgrounds are private property and the Alaska State Fair has a right to regulate conduct on the property. Hill violated Alaska State Fair policy by demonstrating in a plaza rather than a booth and by disrupting other people, a fair spokesman said.

      He was waving his sign, being loud and interfering with a show taking place nearby, and interfering with people’s ability to hear the show, the fair management’s statement said.

      An Anchorage woman who was there said he was just walking around, though, and the person identified as the photographer of the YouTube video also said Hill was peaceful until security personnel came after him.”

  7. I am not familiar with Alaska law, but these guys appeared to be security guards, or do they have the same authority. I hope this man sues the crap out of them!

    • I hope so, too.

      American citizens are increasingly being treated like Afghani bedouins by our “freedom fightin’ ” troops. The mindset of an occupying army dealing with the residents of a conquered country.

  8. Eric, pay closer attention!!! Even Ray Charles could see that Palin was not there!! And what the HELL does she have to do with this??
    Eric, in the 1950’s we would have sent you to prison for being a COMMIE!!
    Eric you are a looser, Liberal.

    • Palin was not the subject of the original article; I was responding to an earlier poster.

      It’s just bizarre that you’d call me a liberal “looser.” (Let alone a “commie.”) My entire professional life as an editor/editorial writer and columnist (as well as in my personal life) I have opposed all forms of wealth redistribution; I have staunchly defended individual liberty against the tyranny of the masses/majority (“democracy”); I support state sovereignty and strictly limited federal authority. I oppose the income tax and all taxes on real property; I reject the idea of “civil rights” when it means anything beyond simple equality before the law, etc. etc. That makes me a liberal? Yet, for some, to criticize frauds like Palin (and before her, The Chimp) results in a reflexive cry of “liberal!” To them, waving the flag (and quoting the Bible) makes one a “conservative” – no matter how statist their actual policies may be.

      I oppose statist such as Bush and Palin precisely because they are statists. Both of these execrable demagogues have spent their political lives using the government as an instrument of plunder, to redistribute the wealth of others and to force them to do “x” or “y” in areas where the government has no legitimate, moral business telling anyone what to do about anything (such as the “war on drugs”). Worse, both of these toads supported the “Patriot” Act and “Homeland Security” legislation – measures which are antithetical to a free society. If you support this sort of thing, then you support authoritarian government, not I. The form it takes, incidentally, is fascism – the marriage of corporate and state power to dominate and plunder the individual. That is what the Republican Party stands for. The fact that the Democrat Party supports a different form of authoritarianism (yes, socialism) doesn’t make the GOP’s brand of authoritarian swill any less vile.

  9. hey Eric, I think you’re just an ersatz leftist trying hard to come off as maybe a beckerhead or other libertatian zany, Palin IS the real deal & will make a GREAT PRESIDENT!! What’re you afraid of, Eric, that a WOMAN could be the prez of the U.S.? You got a PROBLEM with that? hey, get OVER IT! After the MAGNIFICENT Beck revival show of last weekend, it COULD BE a PRESIDENTIAL TICKET OF Beck & Palin in ’12, with Beck as V.P., of course & Palin has MORE EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE than Hussein Obama. Stop trashing Palin like the libtards do, otherwise you’ll come off as a scurvy skank. LET’S IMPEACH HUSSEIN!—MARKRITE

    • Actually, I loathe Beck. For much the same reason I loathe Palin. Both are neo-con shills; political opportunists. Though probably Palin is worse. She’s the “real deal”? Well, yeah – if the deal is hog-troughing and influence peddling. Her record speaks for itself. I don’t care that she’s a woman. I do care that she (as mayor and later governor) used the power of government to wheedle federal dollars back to Wasila and then Alaska. That she is a relentless pusher of the American empire and militarism. The flag-humping and Bible-beating may sell to some; it doesn’t appeal to me at all. Ron Paul is the real deal; Ron Paul speaks intelligently about the real problems this country faces – endless foreign wars/entanglements/nation-building, the corporate welfare state, the Fed, etc. – things that Palin never mentions (or defends the opposite of). Paul is an educated man who knows a great deal about the Constitution and the founding principles of the country.

      Palin is Bush in a skirt. An entiltled ignoramus (not stupid; just ignorant) who will happily shill for whatever interests help push her to the top. The same dupes who supported The Chimp now support her.

      The results will be the same.

  10. This is what our Government is going to do to all americans unless we start standing up for our rights. I wish the crowd had rushed the Cops and set the man free. He did not do anything wrong. He had a right to do what he was doing. I am glad I was not there because I would be in Jail with him. Obama is not an American Citizen. The concenration Camps are being set up at this time to control the American Citizens Please stand up for your rights. Get yourself a Gun and keep it with you at all times. They might take you out but you can take at least one out with you.

    • Agree 100 percent. Until we – the American people – recover our balls and begin to take a stand when it is necessary to take a stand (this is a case in point), we can expect more and worse. Had the crowd rushed those thugs cops, they would have been overpowered and disarmed in seconds. Yes, someone might have been shot, perhaps even killed. But a great victory would have taken place, one well worth taking such a risk. It is the same risk taken by the Americans who stood up to the British, but while we like to talk about the Revolution, we no longer understand it.

  11. We best start by cleaning house in Nov. Then prepare to get him out of Nov., presidental year!!
    Obama is acrook, Muslim , liar and thief! He is not even a citizen of our
    Country! He has moved all of his Muslim Zars into our White House!!
    How Dare he? WHY has he not been impeached I ask?? I could go on and on but my
    blood pressure is high enough from the You tube video!! Rotten cops! Jail them!!

    • Well, yes – however it is critical to understand that Bush (or Palin) is no improvement. The major parties are in fact a single party, the Corporatist Party – and it major candidates are merely sock puppets for the same agenda. Electing a Republican will only change the window dressing, nothing more.

    • I’m trying to find out… and, I agree. I hope the guy sues those “cops” (really, they’re just thugs with badges) into bankruptcy. I hope their families starve and they all become homeless. Then, perhaps, these “officers” might begin to have some sympathy for the people they have brutalized.

  12. Palin is just another political opportunist; she’d never do other than “support the troops” (or the cops). Unless, of course, she saw some momentary advantage in doing otherwise. People who look to her for the protection of their freedom and the restoration of some kind of accountable, responsible government are deluding themselves, just as they were during the eight years of The Chimp’s rule.

  13. I agree; it’s despicable – and depressing. As a man, I am appalled by the clearly excessive force used – even leaving aside the question of the man’s right to have the sign/protest. What sort of human being – in this case, beefy young cops – twists the arm of an obviously frail older man and then body slams him to the ground?

    Those cops were – and I don’t use the term lightly – pigs.

    I was hoping the crowd would just rush the pigs and overwhelm them. I think it will come to that, eventually.

    My sense of it is that people have had enough. They’re tired of being treated like Iraqi peasants by well-armed occupying troops. This stuff had better stop, because it’s explosive.

    • First, it is appaling to see this kind of abuse of power anywhere in America. Second, all security personnel that were associated with this should be arrested under Federal warrant for violating the mans’ Civil Rights, then fired, and have their pay taken away and then sued in Federal court for everything they have and never be allowed in the future to work any kind of security job. If they are off duty police officiers they should be fired from those positions with no pay and no benifits. This action should include the supervisor to whom the security agent was in contact with on the phone. Next, the Governor of the State should see to it that the State trooper that directed part of this is fired for dereliction of duty, loses all pay and retirement benifits. He did not protect the civil rights of a citizen, he did not uphold the Constitution of the United States nor the State of Alaska as he has taken an oath to do.

      I agree with Eric. This kind of action is happening all to often across our Country. If these officiers don’t realize that if they follow these types of orders, given these circumstances, from a supervisor, it is they that are the crimanals in these situations, and that if they persist in this type of behavior, the people are going to put them down, BIG TIME, and then the supervisors are next.

      It will be interesting to see how the Governor handles this. Considering elections are close. Also will be interesting to see what SARAH has to say and what she does.

  14. Third world country action against our constitutional rights!!!
    Offers were wrong, the man was not doing harm to anyone and I object to violations of our rights.
    Our government does not care about us, they just want our money to spend foolishly and have given authority to officers to act in a third world manner. What next, cut out our tongue’s for speaking our opinion or cut off our hands to stop us from making posters of protest.
    That man did not even use foul language or aggression against the officers, he only expressed his rights to carry a sign and the use of free speech.
    How dare they take away our rights. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS COUNTRY?
    The security officers and State Trooper should be reprimanded!


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