Reader Question: Accelerator Pedal Extender?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Vivian asks: I’m short so I have to sit close to the steering wheel and I’m afraid of injury from my airbag.  Can you please recommend an accelerator pedal extender to bring it out farther, so I don’t have to sit as close? There are many extenders out there, but I’m sure you know which one is best. I have a 2011 Jeep Liberty.  Thanks so much for your recent article about airbags.

My reply: I actually had no idea there was such a thing as an accelerator pedal extender – and am surprised such a thing exists, chiefly because of the potential for litigation in the event someone crashes and then says it was because of the modified accelerator pedal.  Or an insurance company refuses to pay out on a claim.

Then I checked – and you’re right, there is a plethora of such things available.

Since I can’t offer you useful advice based on personal knowledge, I’m going to suggest you consult your Jeep dealer for a recommendation as I doubt they would recommend something that could cause a problem for them down the road. I am also publishing this in the hope that others reading it will have some good advice for you.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful on this one!

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  1. You would need an equal length extender for the brake pedal also imho; maybe cut a couple 2×4’s to the right size and fasten them with cable ties.

    • Damn Mike, great minds and all that. I was going to suggest wiring(baling wire, keep some in the back of the pickup)a couple two by fours to the pedals….problem solved. It worked well for the Hogwallop boy intent to RUNNOFT and saved the miscreant 3 from capture. Then there was the local farmer that had a gimp and a steel ext. bolted to the clutch pedal on his 4020.

      • And you could fine tune with various thicknesses of plywood or one by’s. I had a clutch on a pickup the damn rubber cover wouldn’t stay on. I drilled some hole in the steel face, ran some sheet metal screws into them and cut the heads off. They stuck out about 1/8″ but boy talk about traction. Had you been the barefoot sort of driver it would have changed your ways or proven how tough you are.


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