Reader Question: Trackhawk vs. Alfa Stelvio?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Peter asks: A while ago you reviewed the Jeep Trackhawk and I think you really liked it. I was wondering whether you would prefer the Trackhawk to the Alfa Romeo Stelio qf. They are pretty similar in what they do and I am finding it hard to choose between them. I would welcome your thoughts.

My reply: I didn’t like the Trackhawk… I loved it!

I loved it even more than the Hellcat – which it shares its 6.2 liter supercharged engine with. Why?

Because it’s quick regardless.

The Hellcat – whether Challenger or Charger – is a dry weather only car. In the rain, its RWD is akin to the Bismarck’s rudder. The weak link, the vulnerable element. It’s a car you have to drive slowly in the rain or even the moist. Even with huge tires and all the traction assists, feeding 707 h through the rear wheels is kind of like stuffing Jayne Mansfield’s breasts in a skimpy bikini top.

Fun, but also limiting.

Now, the Trackhawk can abuse the pavement in any weather. It is actually just about as quick as the Hellcat, despite being considerably heavier. Because all that power goes through all four wheels.

Plus, you can take five friends along for that 10 second quarter-mile ride. And you can drive it off-road, too.

And vs. the Alfa?

The Jeep is by far the more brutal. It has a 200 horsepower advantage (707 vs. 505) and that V8 sings a very different song than the Alfa’s turbo V6. Nothing wrong with the Alfa’s six; but it’s the difference between a broadsword and a rapier.

The Alfa is also the more exotic – not in terms of price – but in terms of rarity. It actually costs less than the Jeep, so it might be the better deal.

However, the Hemi-engined Jeep is a simpler design and will probably live a lot longer. I would not want to own the Alfa post-warranty. Very complicated mechanicals.

A lot of this is also subjective. I recommend test driving both, to get a feel for each – and then deciding accordingly.

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