Latest Reader Question (March 24, 2018)

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Here’s the latest reader question – along with my reply!

Adam asks: I have the chance to get a pretty good deal on a low mileage 2016 Jeep Compass. I’m pretty sure there’s a reason for that. I’m wondering what you think that reason is.

My reply: The last-generation Compass (this model was thoroughly updated in 2017) is considered mediocre vs. rivals but isn’t a bad vehicle. Its deficits include a plasticky interior, an engine that hasn’t got an abundance of power (vs. the weight of the vehicle) and not-exactly-adroit handling. But it’s a very serviceable – and inexpensive – ride, with very decent all-weather capability. This latter accounts for it selling pretty well, despite its shortcomings.

The 2016 you’re looking at is also “priced right” because the current/updated Compass is a much nicer/more capable vehicle.

But – again – there is nothing wrong with the older Compass and if you get a great deal on one (and like  the vehicle) there’s really no reason not to go for it. I’ve bought several vehicles for exactly these reasons – good deal/gets the job done.

If you’re similarly practicality minded, you will probably not be disappointed with this Jeep!

PS: All the usual caveats that apply to any used car purchase apply. Be sure you have the vehicle sussed out by a mechanic you trust before you commit to buying.

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  1. A) I’m close to reaching my sky
    Defying gravity
    Nothing can stop this dream that is so real
    I know there is no fear, oh

    B) If I do not stop trying
    The emotion that moves me
    It is the force of a hurricane

    C) What is inside me is magical
    Because everything can happen
    And if I fall back, I go, I go and go back and go

    D) And if there is no turning back
    You have to risk everything
    Under my feet there is no gravity, there are only wings
    Never doubt
    Nothing is forbidden
    When a dream is real there are only wings

    E) And I do not expect more than I feel
    It is a challenge to face
    Something wants to wake up
    My destiny is so real

    Repita B – change “trying” to “advance”
    Repita C
    Repita D

    E) It’s real, there are only wings
    With a bridge in my interior
    Sliding away
    It’s real, there are only wings
    In a world in freedom
    Sliding away
    Increasingly farther

    Repita D

    “Alas” – el tema principal de “Soy Luna.”


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