The “Crime” of “Suspicion”

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It used to be that you had to be suspected of a crime before armed government workers could force you to even speak with them.

Now, they can just say you’re “suspicious.”

This is handy – like “climate change” – because it can mean almost anything. There is no way to disprove the assertion of “suspicion.”

You just are – if an AGW says you are.

The video above illustrates how it works.

A man named Keilon Hill is walking through a neighborhood when he is approached by an AGW who tells him “someone” called in to report a “suspicious” man. No assertion, even, that anything illegal has happened.

Hill is calm and articulate; he explains he’s out canvassing for a candidate prior to the midterms.

There’s nothing else going on.

It ought to have been enough.

It wasn’t.

The AGW continues to prattle on about his “suspicion,” but can’t come with a reason for it. He is just . . . “suspicious.” Like some old gypsy woman.

Except armed. And – worse – with a badge.

Hill asks: “I’m just trying to figure out what we were concerned about.” And then, reasonably: “I’d like you to leave me alone, sir. I’ve not broken any laws.”


The AGW reaches for something. Anything. He starts talking about Hill “soliciting,” which Hill calmly rebuts – correctly pointing out that “soliciting is what . . . offering services… I’m not offering a service.”

He is handing out campaign literature, which is entirely legal – regardless of “someone’s” alleged “suspicions”  … of nothing in particular.

Who is this “someone” who is “suspicious”? And what about that ancient business of an accused person having the right to confront their accuser?

Never mind.

Hill declines to give his ID or name and begins to object to the continued pestering without cause by the armed gypsy creature.

The law – which law enforcers like this one insolently ignore – is that people cannot (legally) be forcibly prevented from continuing on their way (“detained”) for more than a short time, absent some tangible reason (evidence) to suspect them of having committed a specific crime. Something actually on the books – and which circumstances at least suggest the waylaid individual may be guilty of having transgressed.

An AGW may briefly stop a person and ask them questions, i.e., “investigate” the situation. But the mere  assertion of “suspicion” – of nothing in particular – isn’t enough to (legally) continue detaining the person, nor is that person legally obliged to produce ID.

Hill knew the law better than the law enforcer – which seems to have annoyed the enforcer, who just wouldn’t let it go.

“You’re a suspicious person,” says the AGW.

“Suspicious how?” asks Hill.

No direct answer to this reasonable question.

Instead, the AGW demands to know “why (Hill) is being difficult about this.” In the mind of an AGW, any failure to “comply” – regardless of the legality of the AGW’s demands – is itself an affront.

And a tactic.

AGWs have been trained – not to shoot accurately or drive competently or even to obey the laws they enforce upon others – but in adversarial conversation techniques. Hill’s assertion of his rights is twisted into an act of defiance, to lay the groundwork for the AGW’s escalation of force.

Hill says – correctly, again: “I’m not being ‘difficult’ because I haven’t done anything wrong.”


Hill then commits the “crime” for which he’ll be placed in manacles a few minutes later: Contempt of Cop. It is not a statute you’ll find in any code book, but it’s one that’s enforced with uniform severity.

Hill – politely, in a most non-aggressive manner – tells the AGW: “With that being said, I’ll go about my business.”

The AGW’s blood is up now. “Hey, I’m not done with you yet; you’re not free to go.”

Hill turns and reiterates the question he’s already asked: “Have I broken any laws”?

“I’m talking to you, I’m not done,” says the AGW – now aggressively following Hill on foot.

“I can detain you for not listening,” he says.

Yes, really.

Remember: Contempt of Cop. Turning one’s back is almost a capital offense – and sometimes actually is. Hill was lucky; he is still alive, at least.

“Have I broken any laws,” Hill asks . . .  again.

“Stop,” says the fatty AGW, who has the appearance of being afflicted by Down Syndrome but unlike most Down Syndrome victims, he isn’t friendly – and is armed.

Hill asks – one more time – “Tell me what laws I’ve broken.” The AGW growls, “stop.” The AGW radios in that Hill is – here it comes – being “uncooperative.” You can tell where this is headed.

“Have I broken any laws?” (again).

That’s not the point,” says the AGW.

Italics added to emphasize what “the point” really is. It is submission – the thing which AGWs have been “trained” to expect, demand – and which when not delivered results in just what happened to Hill.

And worse. People have been summarily executed by AGWs for this “crime.”

Hill probably has 30 IQ points on the AGW – who has 80 pounds on Hill, at least – plus the gun. He turns the adversarial conversation tables on this tubby “hero,” stating that he is “suspicious” of the AGW – and that his “suspicions” are based on grounds just as solid.

The Down Syndromian oaf with the badge and gun can only respond with a dull-witted “really?”

Then – ta-dum-dum – “Turn around, put your hands behind your back . . . because you’re not listening to me.”

Out come the cuffs. “Do not be resistant to me,” says Officer DS.

Hill was subsequently charged with “harassment of a public official” – because of course Contempt of Cop isn’t on the books.

By the cop who would not leave him alone.

An also Down Syndromian spokesman for the AGW’s department later told CNN that if they determine Hill was treated unfairly (how about unlawfully?) ” . . .our department will take immediate action to the level expected of our officers.”

Grammar is another not-strong-suit of DS AGWs.

CNN presented this video as an example of racial profiling but it’s really an example of a much more serious problem: Law enforcers enforcing nonexistent laws. Who cannot abide people who decline to roll over and present their soft parts upon command. 

Regardless of the law.

What happened to Hill happens to people generally – not just to black people. YouTube teems with almost identical examples of people who’ve not committed any crime being accosted by AGWs who claim they are “suspicious” . . . because “someone” said so.

In effect, there no longer is any law – just the arbitrary force of those who have the guns and badges. Who have empowered themselves to do as they like, to whomever they like whenever they like.

That’s how it was in Russia after Lenin got his hands on power. And his emulators in Germany later on.

And now, here.

. . .

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  1. In the minds of today’s law enforcement officers, there really are only 3 types of people. 1- Law Enforcement (anyone with a badge & gun, judges, officers of the court). 2- Relatives of those listed in category number 1 (self explanatory). And 3- Everyone else = criminals, some of whom are incarcerated. The rest are at large and on their own recognizance, for now (you and I).

  2. The person who called the police should be the one getting arrested for abusing the 9-1-1 system when there was no crime or other emergency. But then again, the police do have a quota to meet, so…

  3. The meatsack agw goes by the moniker Clint Ray of the West Des Moines “police” department:

    “What happened to Hill happens to people generally – not just to black people.” THIS…THIS is something that continually is ignored, with race taking top billing. As long as this stuff is presented as a racial problem, nothing will ever get fixed.

    CNN and local news is yelling “racial” as the problem here. They are oblivious to the fact that Hill SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN DETAINED AND ARRESTED AT ALL! It flies right over their heads. News agencies are just as dangerous as the AGWs.

    • Americans like laws selectively enforced on bad people. The racial angle plays to it. Never mind all the white people this happens to. Some of which also end up dead. We’re not supposed to see our real common enemy.

  4. CNN and others intentionally don’t want to point out the real reason people get harassed by the cops. That reason is they look like they can’t fight back. Race is only a proxy for social and economic class. It’s an obvious indicator of the odds of someone being able to fight back. If a cop determines a person is of a high enough social or economic class he will immediately back down. If it’s high enough to do him harm he may actually apologize.

    The reason it is made racial in the media is to divide people along false lines. Keep them fighting with each other to be more easily ruled instead of getting together to throw off the rulers.

  5. Over 20 years ago I was stopped by a malignant little pig for the crime of having a nicer car than he did – it was a leased 1992 Cadillac Seville, hardly the Lamborghinis and Rolls Royces the russian mobsters and medical fraud clinic owners now have multiples of- and also pay their friendly precinct commanders well with multiple “award dinners” multiple times a year. You can read about one little piggy I went to school with whom is now on trial for doling out police favors for the kosher cartel in exchange for diamonds, home renovations and free trips with in air hooker service on private planes. He’ll likely get a pinch on the wrist… anyway I digress – this is just the reality of the police in NY.

    My crime was also making a right turn as I had the traffic light. The little malignant pig was in a police van and inched into the intersection with his lights on but no siren. He stoped as he had a red light, I waited for him to go but he didn’t, so I made my turn to come home. The little pig then races through the intersection and gets behind me, I pull over to let him go, he goes behind me again. I remember there being a double parked car that I had to avoid and still this pig followed me. I just got into the left turn lane to come home to which he ordered me to stop.

    I was lectured on “how I had cut off an emergency vehicle” and “how would I feel if he were responding to an emergency involving my family and someone like me delayed him” – I remember staying silent but thinking: jesus I sure hope you wouldn’t stop to harass a college kid on his way home when there was an actual emergency.

    The little piggy had purposely instigated an altercation, drove like a retard and then attempted to harass a 20-year-old.

    I produced my papers, everything being in order. I knew I had done nothing wrong and was even looking forward to having a meeting in a courtroom with him (I was naive then).

    When he returned after running them he warned me about not wearing a seatbelt – which I had been wearing since I left my uncle’s home in Long Island a couple of hours earlier. to which he lost control when I pointed that “office my seatbelt has been on the whole time” – I should pull you from your car and beat you – I can’t stand people like you with your nice cars and Florida registrations he proclaimed – I am going to remember you..

    The little midget wouldn’t have lasted 30 seconds in a fair fight – hell he could even keep his service weapon. I was more amused by this punk, I let him go through his performance, saying nothing and just understanding that this is a very unbalanced hateful little man that someone gave a gun to. He is likely “retired” by now sucking on the pension system that is underfunded by $100 Billion at last audit – which makes me smile to know that at some point the gravy train dries up abruptly.

    This is the shit that has been overlording us for decades. I’m sure having darker skin would make you a more susceptible target, but “white” skin means nothing aside from when you are murdered, beaten, sodomized and/or caged wrongfully.. no one in the media will care one iota about you. Surely CNN wouldn’t have had a story of a “white” man being harassed and caged.

  6. Eric,

    “In effect, there no longer is any law –”

    Hold on there Kemotherapy, there is in fact law.

    That which is not specifically permitted is verboten.

    Now get with the program before your journalism license is revoked. You white man with a gun. ?

    • T,
      Unfortunately, that which IS specifically permitted is ALSO verboten … if, and when, they want it to be. Likewise, that which is specifically verboten is ALSO permitted … you know, depending on who is doing said verboten thing.

      This s#!t goes on because it is allowed to go on. It is endorsed and encouraged FROM THE BENCH!

      The death of Liberty over time has come not at the hands of those wearing badges, but those wearing black robes. Every single step of it.

      • Eyas,

        “This s#!t goes on because it is allowed to go on. It is endorsed and encouraged FROM THE BENCH!”

        That got me thinking.

        Have you ever heard of a sitting judge comment on a proposed law?

  7. hmmm, that reminds me of a story. I was renting a room in a house in a upscale town in NJ to save as much money as possible to roadrace motorcycles. I was coming back from a long drive and arrived back in town around 2-3AM. I was driving a clapped out van, filled with my bike and tons of crap gear visible through the vans windows.
    A local cop pulled my over, obviously for suspicion. Clapped out van, filled with crap, 2-3AM driving around top tier neighborhoods. I get it. The cop was courteous (not at first), realized I really did live just out of town and let me go. And I think I had out of state tags, and license too.
    I wonder what would happen today if that happened again? I would like to think the same result, but I’m not so sure.

  8. Welcome to Rome, here are your soldiers. My main 5 rules are below:

    1. Avoid contact at all costs that will not create contact in itself (i.e., no u-turns at the checkpoints)
    2. If contact is inevitable, then speak as little as possible with as much “respect” as I can muster. Minimize eye contact, yes Sir no Sir, etc. (GTFO of the situation as fast as possible)
    3. Keep my “papers” in order
    4. Practice #1 as much as possible to limit #2
    5. Never initiate contact myself. I guess I may have to protect myself in some instances for sure by calling theme, but it would have to be BAD like murder or something. Never call the cops.

    I wish I had the balls to do what the guy in the video did, really. I guess I know when I am outgunned and beat. We have an occupying, mostly privatized, funded by the tax slaves and revolving door court/prison system, occupying army within our borders and people are cool as long as they are left alone. I include myself with these open air prisoners.

    I want every third world commie to go ahead and come on over because I don’t know what we are really trying to save anymore. We have more people locked up and dissapeared than China FFS.

    There is nothing new under the sun, indeed. These psycos have the fiat money and technology to make humans suffer for centuries.


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