“Hate Crime” Protection For Heroes?

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Should it be illegal – a crime in and of itself – to dislike cops?fat hero

The Fraternal Order of Police – the union for cops – thinks it ought to be. It is officially demanding that cops – already a protected (and entitled) class – be further set apart from ordinary folks by passing legislation that would enable prosecutors to pursue additional “hate crimes” charges against any not-cop who is accused of voicing anti-cop sentiments while, say, “resisting arrest” by attempting to ward off the wood shampoo being administered by a cop. Or in the course of committing any other crime involving one of the state’s enforcers of the laws where the crime-committer can be characterized as having committed the crime with dislike of cops in his heart.

One must (literally) love Big Brother … or else.

Well, one must at least not convey any indication of overt dislike for him and his minions. That might be regarded as hateful and thus actionable.boot worship

The proposed legislation – “act now!” says the FOP – would expand existing race-based “hate crimes” laws that make a murder more than merely a murder if the perpetrator and his victim are of different ethnicities.

Or rather, if the murderer is white and his victim not-white (it is extremely rare for a black murderer of a white to be charged with hating his victim – though one wonders who imagines that a murderer of any race is kindly inclined toward his victim, whether of the same race or otherwise).

At any rate, the proposal would make the murder (or assault) of a cop more than merely a murder or an assault – which it de facto already is. Even to kill a police dog – including incidentally/inadvertently – is treated with particular severity by the system (whereas cops routinely murder non-cop canines very deliberately – and with near-impunity). The mere touching of a cop’s person by a mundane is also a serious crime – whereas they may touch us (and more) with prima nocta impunity.cop worship icon

This will make everything nice and de jure – and (as the lingo goes) enhance the punishments imposed upon any citizen for transgressing the person of a cop, four legged or two.

It goes without saying, of course, that cop malice for mundanes will not carry extra sanctions.

“Enough is enough,” squeals FOP President Chuck Canterbury. “It’s time for Congress to do something to protect the men and women who protect us.” (Italics added; insert laugh track here.)

That “something” being an additional 10 years of prison time for doing “x” to a cop vs. doing the same thing to a not-cop, if it can be shown that the offender “hates” cops.

In the age of the Internet – and social media – this will not be hard to do. Have you ever written an e-mail or posted a comment online critical of cops? Derisive of “officer safety”? Referred to one as a “pig”? If you have, don’t forget that these sentiments are on file – on a hard drive out in the Utah desertforever. Your comments and postings may come back to haunt you someday… .

That day may the day you’re arrested for transgressing a “free speech zone,” or ignoring the government-vehicles-only diktat during the next snowstorm. You do not immediately Submit and Obey, find yourself arrested and charged. They pull your records – which remember will exist in perpetuity – and lo and behold, discover you don’t love Big Brother.

Doubleplusungood, that.cop worship lead

Double the punishment.

Over the years, without most people noticing it – and a frightening number of them actively cheering it – cops have become a kind of Praetorian Guard and like their Roman antecedents, legally entitled to do things which if we (the non-Praetorian) did them would be – are – punished most severely. These range from the fairly trivial (though nonetheless grating) such as driving as fast as they like without having to worry much about getting a ticket for “speeding” to the spectacularly egregious, such as recklessly handling deadly weapons and physical assault that ends up with a mundane dead on the sidewalk. Such things are tolerated – even applauded – because the populace has been marinated in authority worship from toddlerhood on for generations such that it has become unconscious and reflexive. But lately it has become downright fetishistic. Adulation of authority’s most obvious manifestation – the uniform. Put an ordinary (often, a very ordinary) person in one and – presto! – you now have a hero. Who must constantly be “thanked for their service.”

Are we really that far away from reviving the heel click? The stiff-armed salute? A society that worships people in uniform is necessarily a society that venerates authority.angel hero

And which increasingly does not tolerate those who don’t.

One of the very few upsides to getting older is having a memory of how things were by dint of having actually experienced them – and contrasting Then with Now.

In my youth, back in the ’80s, worship of those in uniform as “heroes” was looked upon as a kind of weird aberration, like snake-handling and talking in tongues – and largely practiced by the same people. It is no coincidence that the mainstreaming of holy rolling religiosity and authoritarianism (thank you, Ronald Reagan) have tracked together. One hand washes the other. Just believe. Just obey. They spring from the same source waters. Buzz cut toughs doing the lord’s work – and Uncle’s – whether in the lands of the freedom-haters abroad or back in the “homeland.”

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  1. A quote by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. to ponder on Presidents’ Day –
    “There is a tragic flaw in our precious Constitution, and I don’t know what can be done to fix it. This is it: Only nutcases want to be president”.

  2. Well here is my “hate crime” qualifier. FUCK THE POLICE. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Also let me add that the myth of the good cop is just that. A myth. If these cowards don’t speak out against abuses and such of fellow pigs, then they are not good cops. Hell they aren’t even good people.

  3. Retarded and violent monkey-children…That’s what Amerika has become. Public schools make them stupid and TV turns them into twisted FuckTards. Welcome to New World Order Socialism…Find a beach with pretty girls and just get drunk and screw for the rest of your life. Working for a living under the boot of monkey-children Socialists is for the FOOLS. See Greece.

  4. Education is what they do to you. Learning is what you do to yourself.

    The Fifty-third Calypso:
    Oh, a sleeping drunkard Up in Central Park,
    And a lion-hunter In the jungle dark,
    And a Chinese dentist, And a British queen–
    All fit together In the same machine.
    Nice, nice, very nice; Nice, nice, very nice; Nice, nice, very nice– So many different people In the same device.

    The Hundred-and-nineteenth Calypso:
    “Where’s my good old gang done gone?” I heard a sad man say. I whispered in that sad man’s ear, “Your gang’s done gone away.”

    On the Natives of San Lorenzo:
    Oh, a very sorry people, yes, Did I find here.
    Oh, they had no music, And they had no beer.
    And, oh, everywhere Where they tried to perch
    Belonged to Castle Sugar, Incorporated, Or to the Catholic church.

    Readings From the Books of Bokonon

    • I am a witness to such, It exists in the far reaches. Seems to be almost as well accepted since most are nothing but clueless sheeple. They have drunk from the well of television for too many generations now. Instead of deductive logic, they simply utter the phrases they “hear” and so few even read…..much less question. Just one spark of clarity from another and I hear the call. Alas, I hear the call ever less frequently and instead, hear the so often uttered words of “that’s just the way it is” and I want to scream, grab the person and try to inject some sanity into their thought and then I realize, they have no thoughts, just repeat the inanities because they know no other.

  5. Don’t imagine the precrime, if you can’t do the time. Sadly, where there is power, there need be no rationality. Power often demands irrationalities for all, whilst hording everything rational and sane to himself. You’re allowed your C S Lewis, because for all his delights and pleasure he is a wandering irrationalist. A confector of diversions. Brilliant, perhaps unparalleled. But still just untetherable fantasies illusions and artscapes.

    Nothing makes them happier, than for someone brilliant like you saying things like: that’s exactly what VanGogh said in Starry Night.

    That’s just what the Athenian Acropolis was built to explain to us.

    That’s precisely what Berlioz meant when he shat out the Fantastique tone poem with its five-movement structure after ingesting seven boatloads of opium. The theme still standing as our beacon of meaning from the proud romantic period lost forever, now that we’ve been relegated to the age of dumberer and dumberest.

    Or as Americans call it, Looney Tunes theme music

    The PTB love that you want to affix yourself like a barnacle to a ship of war and see the world and be all they command you to be. They love that you complete complex technical output for them, for fractions of a tuppences trinket treats of ephemeral, cotton candy sugarbombs and high sounding fairysprinkles.

  6. A clover savage looks at a seat belt like it’s a magic totem. Full of the great spirit of safety. It has the power of Quetzalcoatal to protect him on his journey.

    A clover savage recites with reverence the magic names of his fellow mundanes the who received the justice magic in the chambers of the black robed medicine men. He speaks of such in sober rhythmic cadence so good juju will bless his nation.

    A clear minded skeptic takes a moment to find an outside source of what happened to Jessica Lenahan

    This lady went thru all the hoops. No one at the police station helped her find her missing three daughters or felt in any way accountable for anything.

    Later Jessica’s husband showed up at the police station in his truck with the three daughter’s Jessica had been looking for. The heroes open fire on the man and the truck, he was killed. The three daughters were all dead too.

    Well of course the story is he was driving around with his dead daughters in the truck, because doesn’t everyone?

    You are unable to understand such matters if you become irrational due to the rituals and spirit dances of the state.

    Letting go of government means letting go of everything and starting over. You have a retardation that can’t be addressed, unless you abandon the decoherence of everything you’ve been told you know.

    You don’t know shit, most likely. The more facts and catch phrases you regurgitate in any given discussion, means the more ignorant you are and the less you really know. Your programming is a kind of conceit. It doesn’t have to be fatal, if you can at least recognize it as such, and approach each thing fresh without preconceived programming.
    – – –
    Washington, D.C. – The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) made public its report on Jessica Lenahan (formerly Jessica Gonzales), United States, related to the duties of the State to respond to situations of domestic violence with diligent protection measures.


    Jessica Lenahan, a victim of domestic violence along with her daughters Leslie, Katheryn and Rebecca Gonzales, ages 7, 8 and 10, obtained a restraining order against her ex-husband from the Colorado Courts in May 21, 1999.

    Not knowing the whereabouts of her daughters, Jessica Lenahan had eight contacts with the Castle Rock Police Department during the evening of June 22, 1999 and the morning of June 23, 1999.

    In each of her telephone calls and discussions with the police agents, she requested efforts to locate her daughters and she informed them that she possessed a protection order against Simon Gonzales.

    Her contacts were met with a police response that was fragmented, uncoordinated and unprepared, and it did not respect the terms of the restraining order.

    That morning, Simon Gonzales drove his pick-up truck to the Castle Rock Police Department and fired shots through the window. There was an exchange of gunfire with officers from the station in the course of which he was fatally wounded and killed. The deceased bodies of the three girls were found in his truck.

    – Deceased bodies were found after a hail of bullets is unleashed by the heroes. Gee, I wonder why no one was able to survive that?

    – It’s the heroes that need restraining orders, and it’s the individuals who need to enforce these orders on their own, and not through some kind of slave safety plantation priesthood system.

    • You’ve read up on this case more thoroughly than I have! Good for you. I did not know there was the possibility the girls were alive when Mr. Gonzales arrived at the police station. I always heard he delivered dead bodies to the station. So it might have been the cops themselves who caused EVERYBODY to die that day?? Very interesting. I would enjoy reading what Mrs. Gonzales thinks what happened that day. Truly, this SCOTUS case needs to be brought forth every time someone calls 911. That 911 operator should alert the caller that the police are NOT responsible for harm and/or death, due to the Castle Rock case, and that inviting the police to arrive at an emergency might escalate circumstances beyond the caller’s wildest imagination.

  7. Contempt of cop, though not illegal, is punishable by anything from arrest and fines up to and including tasing, beating and summary execution.

    The phony baloney US of Everything Is Rigged, Illegal (or pending)

  8. Eric, it is so timely that you included the quote of FOP president Canterbury… “to protect the men and women who protect us.” This is the great delusion almost everyone suffers from… the mistaken idea that the police are here to serve and protect. Believe me, Canterbury KNOWS this is a lie. In 2005 the Supreme Court ruled in Castle Rock v. Gonzales that the police have NO duty to serve and protect. I recommend that all should read about this case. Mrs. Gonzales wanted the Castle Rock, Colorado police to be held accountable when her husband murdered her 3 daughters. This would have cost the city a lot of money. In the tradition of Reagan and Nixon, the bottom line is more important than your personal loss and SCOTUS ruled that serving and protecting is no longer in a cop’s job description. Every cop knows of this case. I truly believe Castle Rock is the underlying cause of the violent escalation of police against the public; in a society that has shown a steady decrease in crime the past 20 years. New cops KNOW they will be held unaccountable, except for their most egregious, clumsy and obvious mistake, when they harm and/or kill.

    • No question, Tom. Castle Rock v. Gonzalez is, indeed, one of those signposts along the road to serfdom that very few people have noticed.

      • Bringing up Castle Rock v. Gonzalez is interpreted as hate speech in today’s world. It isn’t fair to bring it up.

        “Bow to your Sensei.”

      • Why can’t the Nazgul think straight, despite their ‘higher’ educations?
        “No matter how much you sharpen a saw that is set at the wrong angle, it won’t cut straight.” Cornelius van Til

  9. Ironic that with the recent 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz nobody notices that Amerika is far down the same road that led to Nazi Germany. All the pieces are in place; flag waving, uniform worshiping, “see something say something” propaganda, etc., it won’t belong before the PTB decide to “lockdown” the whole country and cart off any dissidents to the camps they’ve built.
    Every time I hear some idiot say “God bless America” I want to puke, God forgive Amerika would be more appropriate.

      • Eric’s link to “Utah desert” goes to what appears to be a legitimate government site, pictures there show the new NSA center and its construction. The second picture down has the caption.

        I just wanted someone to clarify what I’m looking at. Why would they choose THAT phrase, given the information that Snowden and others have leaked? It comes off as completely sarcastic to me and I can’t believe how either open or careless a security agency would be with such a sensitive topic. Maybe I’m just perceiving the message incorrectly, but it seems sickly appropriate that the agency spying on us would have their new motto as: “If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear”.

  10. That is a consistent argument if we accept things like keeping the car in proper condition. While I don’t recall ever arguing for ‘a law’ for seatbelts I have argued that is the reason for someone who keeps his car in good mechanical condition and uses its features appropriately to wear it.

    Not wearing some sort of restraint pretty much requires that very cloveristic boring driving to prevent sliding around on a vinyl covered bench seat of old. I can even guess that’s how we got all these ridiculous laws. The original clovers didn’t wear seat belts and had to hold on the steering wheel to prevent ending up in the passenger seat in their 1947 sedan when making any sort of even slightly enthusiastic moves. Although modern bucket seats are another story… Which comes to mind if we have proper restraint shouldn’t we be allowed to go faster?

    • I stopped wearing a seatbelt a couple of years ago, and drive at a much more relaxed pace since then. I don’t get any more tickets and I find driving is more enjoyable. I can drive fast when I need to, and if I’m in a hurry I put the seatbelt on.
      You have to be very brave to drive fast without a seatbelt – seatbelts encourage you to drive like an idiot, not wearing one encourages you to drive in a very cautious, safe manner.

    • BrentP, my old ’55 Chevy pickup had a flat, slick seat you could easily slide on and even my dad’s ’64 Chevy car had slick, albeit comfortable bench seats I’d bet people who misjudged a turn slid on. That was the car I learned to not try to adjust the front bench seat while braking for a stop sign. Once the car had slid to an abrupt stop was much the better time for seat adjustment. Brakes worked well, esp. for drums. I’d like to have that car…..or even the front seat. I had a life-changing event on that seat and I truly loved that girl.

  11. All the more reason to pressure State Gov’s of the Walker in Wisconsin or Brownback in Kansas mold to include police unions at the top of the list for decertification in the battle against government staff unions. At the local level first take away their guns and when after five years that action proves to have no effect on public safety (except for a reduction of police assaults on citizens) go the next step and start abolishing PD’s outright.

  12. Take notice, specifically who is calling for this. The filthy fucking unions. Even the non-cop unions are violent thugs. Get people together in a group and they inevitably start to demand extra special privileges. It’s okay for people who are in their special club to murder, steal, lie, cheat, and all manner of iniquity.

    And many of the dumbfuck peons who aren’t in their club cheer their behavior on. Because they long to be part of some special group also.

    • Union membership overall is way down from its historical highs and still gradually diminishing. It is growing slightly in only one sector of the economy – gunvermin employees.
      We may not typically think of ‘civil service’ (what a euphemism) employees as violent, but they take their wages by the implied threat of violence.

    • The idea of government employee unions is such a hypocrisy.

      Government is supposed to be this wonderful benevolent thing that wouldn’t cheat anyone. However, government workers need a union to prevent being cheated by government? If the government’s own employees need to protect themselves with a union what is the government doing to everyone else?

      • Exactly my point. Unions were originally formed, supposedly, to protect the workers from their ‘evil’ capitalist employers. Well, the gunvermin employers are not capitalist (maybe corporatist) but if anything, they are MORE evil than the old ‘robber barons.’

        • “Dont steal. Government hates competition.” (I forget who said that – I think will rogers.)

          It is exactly as CS Lewis said, though: “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. ”

          “The safest road to hell is the gradual one – the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts.” – which our government has taken to heart.
          There is no need to “chip” us if we keep buying our own chips – Smartphones, OnStar-equipped vehicles, etc. Got Verizon FiOS installed yesterday, I need internet access (and tethering the phone would cost mroe than the bundle). Technician was talking about how they plan to unify the TV into Bill Gates’s vision some time back – Phone, TV, Internet, etc, all in one place – and watching your habits… Targeting advertisements to you, telling you how many people may watch TV on that device, and controlling what you can see…. (He couldn’t see the downside of it…)

          We have allowed our technology to exceed (and eclipse) our humanity.
          Soon, they may reap the fruiits of that action – but it’ll get UGLY.
          “They” in their gated communities believe they will be safe, e.g., “Elysium.” Never works like that. Your Utopia is always someone else’s DYStopia. And they’ll fight you to the death to take your Utopia away (because it’s so obviously destructive, in our mythological parlance; more likely, as with the anti-trust laws, because Government wants it’s “fair share” – which is EVERYTHING. But no one ever sees that, and no one wants to get their hands dirty. Including me! It can go badly for either party. But it’s going to become intolerable eventually, q.v. Surrogates and Brave New World… Especially BNW – if you find out what REAL life is, outside the domes… There’s NO substitute for LIVING. The feelings of achievement, which are the drug in video games – I’m sorry to admit – these are false achievements, but affect the brain the same way. Candy Crush = Dopamine Rush…

          They can’t even enslave us all, completely, though. People work out now; men grow out of comic books and video games, and find… A wasteland, generally. Whores, Sluts, Gizmos, and endless work hours – to retire penniless and beaten, with what money you have (had?) devalued or inflated – and Government demanding MORE all the time.

          My father died over a year ago; his will is STILL being contested by the state. My mother is trying to get along on her Social Security – and with a $10,000 tax bill? Ain’t Happening! And I’m being raped so badly, I can’t even help!
          Woman finally wised up to the fact that half our incomes are taken in Taxes – BEFORE WE GET THE CHECK. And almost another half in our daily activities, via taxes.

          If someone as dense as she is can wake up… Maybe there’s hope after all?

    • ancap, excellent descriptive word you use there. It had just about slipped from my vocabulary but you’ve made me see there are times it’s just the adjective I’m looking for. I’d bet their parents were of the same sort. Don’t know why but it reminded me of some families I’ve known that wouldn’t all add up IQ-wise to a hot day. Growing up we had two small towns in our county and 3 others so small they just had a post office, maybe a church and a rudimentary school and the entire town would almost without exception be comprised of those types. I was always amazed at how some of the 6-10 member or so families barely knew their way home but one child might be a (and it seemed like they were always stunted physically)genius. Once away from home they’d flee to rarely be heard of again.

      Then again, there were families with NO exceptions. At least they weren’t clovers though since they rarely trusted anyone.

  13. The whole concept of ‘hate crimes’ is bogus. Either the crime itself is evidence of hatred – or the courts are setting themselves (and jurors) up as mind readers. To say nothing of punishing someone for something they may have WANTED to do, but DID NOT!
    Baretta’s theme song used to say something like ‘if you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime.’ But if you are going to end up doing the time anyway, maybe you might as well ‘do the crime.’
    BTW – the motive of one of the original ‘hate crimes’ cases, the murder of homosexual Matthew Shepard in Wyoming, was later revealed to be that the victim dressed well, so his assailants expected him to have money.

    • “Don’t do the time, If you can’t do the time.”
      Yeah – with PreCrime systems going live (like LA, IIRC) – and violations of the Constitution on every street corner, like Terry stops – forget even speeding or such BS, just the, “I don’t like the looks of that one,” –

      We don’t need no Education…

      We don’t need no, thought control…

      Remember the scenes in the assembly? “The Concert”? “That one over there, looks Jewish…”

      Time to start guerilla tactics. Waiting until they’re stomping on our throats is a little too late.

      They LOVE us… To Death. So it’s not a hate crime…

      (Real point: THEY ARE DOING THE CRIMES… So we need to make THEM do “the time.” And as you said, if you’re going to be forced to do the time, might as well do the crime… ANY crime, for that matter. Morality be damenjd, I firmly believe God’s going to sit this out – as usual…)

      • Jean,

        Before you Run like Hell . . .
        I wanna go home
        Take off this uniform
        And leave the show.
        But I’m waiting in this cell
        Because I have to know.
        Have I been guilty all this time?

        Also for the sake of the children no dark sarcasm in the classroom.

        Thanks for referencing the wall. 🙂

  14. Oh, a wise guy, eh? Say a few syllables, buddy boy, although you soitenly have the right to remain silent, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

    Just keep you hands where I can see them, nyaaaaaahhhhhhh!

    HRRRRRRMPH! Rrrowf! Rrrowf. Pew pew pew. I had to shoot, I feared for my safety. I’m a victim of soicumstance. Don’t worry though, I’ll keep you poifectly safe fellas, oh boy.

  15. That “pew, pew, pew” Neanderthal in the 1st pic . . . sigh!, er, soooey!! . . . ‘splaining why he just had to break every rule of engagement/use of force continuum tenet . . . priceless! Gawd, he looks like Curly, ‘cept Curly wouldn’t do what this badged cretin does. Hell, if you mentioned mala prohibita or mala in se or konstitution (another really bad statist joke on parchment) or corpus delecti or natural right, he’d assault you for calling him names, or kill ya in the name of the vaunted “officer safety’ uber alles! With words like those, he’d certainly “feel threatened”! With no concept of the laws of agency: who’s (allegedly) working for whom. That’s always been a major prob with “authoritah”. Ah oh, I think I just heard a battering ram go through my front door. Must be some of that “protect & serve”/”public health & safety” crap coming my way!!

    • I was going to comment on the resemblance to Curly Howard. Thing is other than purely accidental minor injury (likely to himself or Moe & Larry) Curly as a cop would be entirely harmless.

      It’s getting to the point where I can’t look at photos of the old america. It’s just too depressing to see what was lost.


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