Here’s a Lunch Loser…

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A “plus-sized” model has become the first obese woman to be signed up by a modeling agency, with 29-year-old Tess Munster being hailed as an “important role model for women,” that is, if being a role model entails promoting a lifestyle linked with innumerable chronic health conditions.

Munster, who also goes by the name Tess Holliday, “has become the first woman of her size to be signed to a major modelling agency,” reports the Independent.

“She’s such an important role model for so many women,” Anna Shillinglaw, owner and director of MiLK Model Management, told the newspaper.

Munster is a staunch advocate of the #EffYourBeautyStandards campaign, which encourages women to have pride in their bodies, even if they are clinically obese.

Are the following health conditions linked to obesity something which women should aspire to?

– Diabetes
– Heart disease
– High blood pressure
– Arthritis
– Indigestion
– Gallstones
– Some cancers (eg, breast and prostate cancers)
– Snoring and sleep apnoea
– Stress, anxiety, and depression
– Infertility

What’s next? Are we going to see a chain smoker or a drug addict signed up as the next big thing in order to encourage women to have pride in lung cancer or choking to death on their own vomit?


  1. slavic kids without clovers

    smoking girl in car

    world’s top car guy Jeremy Clarkson

    Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear for Prime Minister

    smoking drinking overeating abusing means nothing unless your a chick or a yank

    clovers can’t abstain themselves into being nonlosers. you have to DO something and BE someone

    Find what you love, and LET IT KILL YOU

    its JC’s je ne sais quoi i dont give a fuckery that wins the day, every fucking time, IMHO

  2. I thought the image floating through fb was bad but hiding most of it with a myspace pose. This less altered image with all the body ink, arm fat, and lack of cropping is just horrific.

    These things are to create delusions, perceptions and narratives. Like Marilyn Monroe’s size. When they auctioned off old holywood movie dresses they had to shave down a modern size two mannequin for Monroe’s dress. The biggest dress was worn by 77 year old Mae West, waist… 26in.

  3. I always thought they’d be catering for a niche market of guys. Do they think they can go mainstream popularity with this? Yuk.

    Although there’s been a push over the last 20 years for plus size models (because they can’t lose the weight), I don’t think girls are suddenly gonna let loose and go all fat to be models, but for sending their “message”, they’re drastically reducing the “standards” of what is a description of human.

    That’s getting close to NOT being categorised as bipedal.

    • Phillip the Bruce,

      Either extreme (Blimp or Stick) is not healthy.


      The picture you posted is bigger than I could have imagined as “plus sized”. (perhaps triple plus-sized?!)

      I think morbidly obese is a more accurate term. She may be ok now with the extra baggage, but one day the extra weight will catch up with her.

      I can attest to the sleeping issues caused by excess weight when I was 60+ lbs heavier. It was harder to find clothes and I know it (the extra weight) was not good for me either. It took time, but I worked to lose the extra baggage with a doctor using idealprotein.

      Now I sleep better at night without the apnea issues. Losing 8″ on my waist also made it easier for me to find clothing.

      I agree with you that this is not a positive image to promote. (The anorexic sticks are not a positive image either.)


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