Stupor Bowl Fuhhhhtball Fans to Get Scanned

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Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fans attending the 2012 Super Bowl on Sunday will face a new level of security in addition to pat downs before they are allowed to enter the Lucas Oil Stadium – full body x-ray scanners.
Full Body Scanners At Super Bowl 2012 Lucas Oil Stadium1

According to News reporter Matt Touchette, despite a congressional demand for an investigation into the machines following health concerns, the scanners will be part of the security set up in Indianapolis this weekend, marking the first time that the controversial devices have been used for a public sporting event.

“I was out for a stroll with the intention of snapping some photos for our blog when my travels took me to Lucas Oil Stadium of all places,” writes Touchette. “It was there that I stumbled upon a temporary Patriots street sign put in place close to the site of Super Bowl XLVI (appropriately). I then found myself walking into the side gates of the stadium, through intense security which included full body scanners and then down the tunnel onto the field.”

Although Super Bowl authorities and Homeland Security have announced that pat downs and bag searches will be part of security procedures before the game, they have failed to properly inform the public that x-ray body scanners, linked with cancer risks by numerous prestigious health bodies, will also be in use.

Hailing “the most technologically protected Super Bowl,” Frank Straub, Indianapolis’ director of public safety, said that “X-ray machines” would be used throughout the stadium, but didn’t specify whether this referred to devices that scanned bags or people.

Senator Susan Collins, ranking Republican on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, yesterday introduced a bill that would require an independent study of backscatter x-ray scanners, following the TSA’s about-face on a decision to test the machines. The federal agency also backtracked on a promise to test TSA workers themselves for radiation exposure last month.

Numerous studies conducted by prestigious universities and health authorities, including Johns Hopkins, Columbia University, the University of California, and the Inter-Agency Committee on Radiation Safety, have warned that the x-ray scanners will lead to an increase in cancers.

Johns Hopkins’ biophysics expert Dr Michael Love warned that, “statistically someone is going to get skin cancer from these X-rays,” after conducting a study of the naked body scanners.

The Lucas Oil Stadium will be surrounded by a security perimeter that fans will have to clear before they even get to the stadium itself.

“There will be a security perimeter around the stadium through which all fans must pass before entering the gate,” reports Yahoo Sports, adding that fans should not feel “self-conscious about getting patted down” because “this is the world in which we live now.”

As well as pat downs, bag searches and full body scans, fans are again being encouraged to text in reports of “suspicious activity” to Homeland Security officials.

Trucks making deliveries to the stadium will also be forced to pass through a vehicle x-ray scanner, technology that is now being introduced at US border checkpoints and on regular highways with little regard for the health risks involved.

Last year, the NFL announced its new policy would be to conduct pat downs of all people entering stadiums nationwide, a measure required as a result of NFL’s partnership with the Department of Homeland Security.

Homeland Security is also developing technology to be used at “security events” which purports to monitor “malintent” on behalf of an individual who passes through a checkpoint. The promotional video for the program explains how “Future Attribute Screening Technology” (FAST) checkpoints will conduct “physiological” and “behavioral” tests in order to weed out suspected terrorists and criminals.

The clip shows individuals who attend “security events” being led into trailers before they are interrogated as to whether they are terrorists while lie detector-style computer programs analyze their physiological responses.

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  1. Why are We The People not all just saying NO to all this ridiculous and Freedom killing TSA activity with one voice everyday? It is ridiculous that this is being allowed. I really feel this has become a country of the Twilight Zone. 305 million people saying NO everyday and then calling the local government “officials” in charge to complain and then a follow up call to their Congressmen and Senators to complain again, would stop this nonsense in a heartbeat. Is anyone even aware that there is a bill in Congress to change the NDAA to a law that does not detain Americans illegally and without counsel? We all need to call our Congressmen and our Senators and tell them to stop this madness
    and start by passing this bill. Does everyone want to continue to be molested and radiated by the TSA? Does everyone look eagerly to being arrested and detained indefinitely without counsel?
    Clue me in people, is this what Americans want? Cause very few are doing anything to stop the death of this free country.
    Beam me up Scottie, because if this is how Americans want to
    live in this country I want outta here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Why? Because many people – maybe most people – are passive, supine and accepting of any degradation, any trampling of their rights (and your rights and my rights) if it is done in the name of “keeping us safe.”

      It’s an ancient con – but as effective 1,000 years ago as it is today.

  2. I work in Trucking. Drivers are used to being scanned, some states have been using X-Ray machines at weigh stations for a few years. Every time I enter a Railyard to pick up a Railroad container I’m required to travel through the X-Ray booth. My trailer, it’s contents, my cab passenger and pets all get irradiated.

    I know what a backscatter van is and have seen them in New York and Tennessee driving through traffic.

    By the time this country is aware of what’s really happening, it has actually been going on for a long time. Welcome to Amerika- an Empire in collapse.

    • Wow, they force you to go through that for your job? And you say now the vans are driving around equipped with it and shooting us? Just sickening..

  3. The funny/sad thing is, we PAY to go to these events, so we are paying them to mistreat/abuse us. Go figure, our culture is now so enamored of sports that we allow this among other things. If you want it to stop, hit them in the pocketbook (of course they announced/mentioned this after all the tickets are bought). NFL, airlines, take your pick, if their revenue takes a hit and people say this is the cause, things will change. If you really think about it, sporting events should have been one of the first places a “terrorist” would have targeted. Massive casualties, damage, panic, etc. Far more, one would think,than what occurred on 9/11 (definitely not condoning it). But that may not have gotten us to Homeland Security where you can be the automatic criminal needing a pat down just to travel. Something smells a little odd.

      • I agree – I’m doing just that. Not only because of the principle – but because it’s such a simple thing, relatively speaking. No need for extremes – or violence. If only… if only 20 percent of the people who fly refused to do so again until our 4th Amendment rights are restored and respected… we’d have our 4th Amendment rights back within six months.

  4. … “Future Attribute Screening Technology” (FAST) checkpoints will conduct “physiological” and “behavioral” tests in order to weed out suspected terrorists and criminals. The clip shows individuals who attend “security events” being led into trailers before they are interrogated as to whether they are terrorists while lie detector-style computer programs analyze their physiological responses.”

    Judas PRIEST!!!

    And if they fail, what? They don’t come out of the trailers again? A special back exit, right into the railcar?

    How about putting those DHS people through the thing to screen for MANIACS?

    I can’t believe this … you sure this isn’t satire?

    • Gail, they have van mounted backscatter x-ray equipment that they can pull up next to you with on the street and look in your vehicle. If it can see through sheet metal, it’s bound to be good for carbon based lifeforms, huh? This is already being deployed overseas and you can bet it will be coming to a VIPR team near you soon.

      Check it out:

      We know they are already using Predator drones to spy on us here in the “Homeland”, so this will be high on their priority list. No…wait…was that Homeland or Fatherland? It’s getting hard for me to tell the difference anymore.

      • No, Boothe, the cause of my reaction was the FAST thing, the physiological and behavioral lie detector tests in order to weed out suspected terrorists and criminals. This so out-Orwells Orwell that Hollywood would reject it as a plot device as being too uncredible. “Maybe in one a them Eastern bloc things that Alec Guinness used to star in, but not *here*, nobody would believe it.”

        Yeah, Fatherland … that’s what we should all be calling it now, with derisive laughter. Even if we’re shaking in our shoes on the inside.

        I keep hearing really nice things about Belize or maybe Costa Rica.

        • I just got invited by Mazda to attend a press event for the new CX-5 in CA. I’d love to attend, but am pretty much decided against because of the prospect of being handled by some TSA cretin (because I won’t be scanned). I feel obliged to stand on principle, but there’s also the practical reason that I know myself – and know I might mouth off or maybe even hit one of those sons-of-bitches. And I don’t want to end up in jail (or worse). I’m still trying to practice avoidance. I know someday this will probably no longer be possible. But for now, I am trying to stay out of harm’s way – even though I know harm is not looking to stay out of my way.

          • Practicing avoidance is the only practical recourse right now, as you say. Hateful as it is.

            Hey, Eric, picture this: Superbowl Halftime Show featuring somebody singing that nauseating Greenwood song: Proud to be an A-MER-ican — while the whole arena is surrounded with security scanners.

            How’s THAT for surreality?

            It wouldn’t be any loonier than so much else going on nowadays.


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