Reader Question: Dodge Charger GT AWD

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Dave asks: Why haven’t you reviewed this car? I purchased one recently. Best car I ever owned. Amazing value. Bought new, which is highly out of character for me but considering costs of repairing cars these days, especially, cars like this, I had to have it. Also, I found that this car is unusually scarce and pricey on the aftermarket so why not buy new? I know about your reviews of the 300 and my Charger has a number of close similarities but would have enjoyed seeing one of your expert essays on the Charger. It’s late but not too late, ya know!

My reply: They haven’t seen me one yet!

But, I agree – it’s a helluva package. Especially for the price. It would be even more wonderful if they offered the Hemi with AWD. I love burnouts, but I also like acceleration and once you get over a certain hp threshold, it gets harder to make use of the hp you’ve got, except to go sideways – or up in smoke! Which is fun, of course… but…

A few months back, I had a chance to drive and review the Jeep Trackhawk. Same engine as the Hellcat in a heavier vehicle, but with AWD – and the Jeep was just as quick on a dry road and much quicker on a wet one. Hurrah!

At any rate, I’m hoping to get a new Charger to review while they are still making new Chargers. Should be getting a 2019 at some point and possibly a 2020 (next year) before they finally turn the lights out.

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