Reader Question: Conversation With a Diaperer?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Dave writes: Herewith a conversation with a face-masker: Why do you not where a mask? Why should I? To protect other people from the virus you might have.You might me a murdering thief, but I am still standing here.

My reply: I’ve addressed this at length in previous columns, but in a nutshell: The Diaperers insist people behave – and dress – and be treated by others on the assumption that they are sick. I see this as no different in principle than assuming everyone’s a thief – or a rapist or some other fearful thing conjured by the imagination.

And I do not see how someone else’s fear entitles them to impose an obligation on anyone else. 

The fearful person has every right to act as he deems appropriate for himself; for example, a person who is fearful of young black men has every right to avoid them, as by walking on the other side of the street or by walking in the other direction. In my opinion, he even has the right to decline to interact with them, both personally and in a business setting – i.e., to not sell/buy from them, including deny them entry into his business – on the basis that  private property is precisely that. I do not understand the argument that a privately owned business is a “public accommodation” – as the courts have held – but that is a subject for another rant.

He certainly has the right to hide under his bed, or walk around in dread of others, wearing a piece of medically useless cloth over his face – or even a medically useful Moon Suit. he has a right, as well, to refuse to enter stores that do not require these items be worn by employees or customers – and a right to require them at his privately owned business.

But he does not have the right to demand that other individuals adopt these ritualistic kabuki theater practices at their businesses, or in public areas or anywhere else that is not his personal property.

In sum, people have the right to be aberrant – but do not have the right to impose their aberrance on others.

Hope this was helpful!

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