Reader Question: Soy Boys in the Snow?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Graham asks: That was very interesting. I have never used Magnesium Chloride for anything but I guess that little chlorine molecule is pretty active. The “preventive” application is interesting. It is my opinion (from a far distant country) that the U.S. is undergoing a very profound cultural change. Everybody is terrified of everything. The political climate is such that one always has to be doing something to appease “them.” It started as LGBTQ, blacks, feminists, etc., and has expanded into any identifiable “group.” For Authority not to do things in advance or to be seen as “not caring” has enormous social implications. Any of the above groups just may have been on that road if it really did snow. Had any any one of them (due to their own stupidity) been hurt the city government would have been branded as Racist or not caring. I see the U.S. as now in a very dysfunctional culture of appeasement for everything. Nobody dares to try to explain reality “after.”

My reply: Several readers brought up the point about “preventive” treatment being a function of someone expressing “concern” about driving in the snow – probably a “mom” but just as possibly a soy boy man, too. It used to be expected that people acquire the skills to deal with exigencies. Now it is expected that the government will “keep us safe” from all of them. Which it does by tyrannizing and mulcting the competent for the sake of the incompetent.

You’re absolutely right about the fear-peddling, which serves the obvious political purpose. See H.L. Mencken’s comments in re this.

I agree, it’s dysfunctional – and go farther. It is suicidal. I see one of two possible outcomes: Either a transition into an outright authoritarian collectivist system, with not even lip service given to the individual’s sanctity. Or a break up and decentralization of political authority. Regional blocs, perhaps.

But it cannot go on this way due to the irreconcilable difference between us and them.

Might as well try to make concrete out of baking powder.

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  1. Not all of us are soyboy’s thankfully.

    Snow tires and not being an idiot make you a better driver than Joe shmo in his awd running factory summer/all seasons

    Yeah, that’s not the sole point, but had to throw that in there.

    Quite frankly, I can’t wait for the right and middle to beat down the radical left, put those bastards in there place


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