Farce or Freedom This Fourth?

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This weekend will either be the Fourth of July or the Farce. You will know by whether you see Americans celebrating their obedience or their freedom. You will be able to tell which it is by whether you can see their faces.

Free people look the part. They do not wear the same government-decreed uniform. A sea of the Face Diapered Demoralized, standing six feet apart on X marks the spot – perhaps with plexiglass partitions in between – isn’t a picture-portrait of freedom. To describe such a pathetic spectacle of fear-induced obedience as people “celebrating their freedom” is like describing a quadriplegic as “differently abled.” Not even the dignity of editorial honesty – much less the dignity of men, which is being systematically attacked for reasons which by now ought to be as clear the July sun.

Free people are free to smile – and be seen smiling. They do not obediently stand on X marks the spot or stand six feet apart just because a sign said so. For the same reason they wouldn’t do jumping jacks because a sign (or a government Gesundheitsfuhrer) said so.

What meaning does “freedom” have if you are not free to get together with friends and others who choose to get together with you to peacefully enjoy each others’ company – and see each others’ faces?

Livestock are examined for signs of “sickness” – corralled and forcibly injected with various substances. They are chuted along the desired path, which isn’t one of their choosing. They have little to celebrate and so do not.

We have an opportunity celebrate this weekend – if we can find the independence to assert our freedom. By not allowing ourselves to be treated like livestock, corralled and herded and everything but actually gelded – which we might as well be, if we do allow it.

Assert your right to smile – and to see others smile. To breath freely. To shake the hand of a friend – or give a friend a hug – if the two of you aren’t afraid to. Without fear of what the fearful feel when they see you do so. Let them get therapy. Do not permit them to organize your reality around their psychological debility.

Let the uniform gather six-feet-apart and X marks-the-spot, looking the same and conveying the same without expression. Their faces hidden but their souls revealed.

Obedience uber alles.

These are the people of the Farce of July, who will celebrate it in their own pathetic way. In the same way that the people of North Korea tear their hair out whenever a Dear Leader departs – while also looking all the same, having the same uniforms and the same expressions. In the same way that Stalin’s chicken ran back to Stalin after its rough plucking – Stalin’s crumbs being more desirable to the pathetic bird than its self-respect.

Self-respect requires deciding for oneself. If one submits to every decision of others then to speak of the “self” is absurd. You haven’t got one.

It requires standing up for yourself by not tolerating the abuse of yourself, nor of others by dint of your manly example. Which isn’t a trait that only men can summon. It is a trait asserted by free human beings of both sexes – and one lacking in the moral eunuchs of the faceless, who stand where they are told on X marks-the-spot.

Free men and women stand wherever they like. They get-together with whom they like, whenever they like and as close as they like. They look at one another and can see one another. They smile and they laugh – visibly, openly.

This is how they celebrate their freedom.

It is how Americans once did – and can, again.

Which – if they do – will mean their children can.

There is no law, duly passed, compelling them to stand six feet apart and X-marks-the spot. Nor to efface their faces by donning a Demoralization Diaper as the price of being allowed to stand on X-marks-the-spot and six feet apart. Just the orders of the Gesundheitsfuhrers and the timorous tyranny at second-hand of the accomplices of commerce – the stores and other adjuncts of the government (what they have become) demanding six-feet-apart, X-marks the spot and the uniform demoralization of the Diaper.

Ignore the Gesundheitsfuhrers. Ignore the signs in front of stores and elsewhere that insist you are obliged to do as you are told just because they say so.

Say otherwise.

Do otherwise.

Gather with the not-uniform this weekend to mark the Fourth. Stand and sit where you like. Light fireworks, if you have them. The real ones that fly and explode. Free people do that sort of thing to. Don’t just remember what it was like. Bring it back to life.

Do not participate in the farce. The pathetic pantomime of doing-as-you’re-told in order to be allowed to do anything. This unmanly going-along to get-along. We don’t want any trouble here, said Ned Beatty.

But he got some.

Let’s give it instead.

. . .

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  1. Videos showing the skyline over California full of fireworks on the 4th was a sight to behold! Defiance in red white and blue!

    • Excellent, Matea!

      I think it’s important to remember we are not alone – and that there are more of us than they think. Don’t give in to the Diapering. The more of us who don’t, the less power the image of Diaper’d uniformity. Which they must maintain for this to succeed.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more on this whole issue Eric. Was going into my local Home Depot yesterday, it had been a while, and saw the, “Local regulations require a mask to be worn in this store yada yadda yadda BS”. I just thought to myself, FU, it’s not law or my regulation so I just went in. Everybody in there had the face diaper on except for me. Made me feel like I was the sole one with any independent thought or spirit. Was waiting and almost hoping for someone to say something to me. Nobody said a word. Made me feel like I was the only sane person when I was walking out of there. It’s amazing how the sheep are all bending over for this BS.

    • Hi Paul,

      Yup. I had the experience at Earth Fare the other day (it’s a back-to-nature grocery store that sometimes has good deals on grass-fed beef). Huge billboard sign out front about Diapering. I walked right in without one. I was the only one in the joint not Diapered. I periodically hit “play” on my sail fawn and let the Diapered here this while I shopped: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8-8WsYj9FU

      PS: I make a very deliberate point of referring to them as Diapers. To ridicule them and those who wear them. I learned this from Lenin. Smart bastard. We should be, too – if we want to defeat today’s Lenins.

      • Most stores I walk into past the mandatory signs saying you gotta wear the Face Diapers TM don’t enforce it. The ones with people at the door enforcing this diktat buy about 10 seconds of mask time before I take it off.

        If anyone were to insist on it once I was inside: if employees I’ll leave. If customers, I’ll walk away.

  3. I watched a Mark Dice video today, where Mark asks passerby’s what the Fourth of July was about. It was funny, but sad, pathetic, alarming, and scary as to how little these people know about U.S. history. Dice even threw out fake names (such as Jesse Ventura), and not a one of them even knew that they were fake. I would say “God help us”, but we rejected and kicked Him to the curb a long time ago.

    • Hi Shadow,

      Idiocy leads to tyranny; people who can’t think are ready to obey. Millions of Americans have demonstrated the truth of this axiom. Government schools have done exactly what they were designed to do, which is to cripple and demoralize the young; to turn them into herd animals who do as they are told reflexively.

  4. ‘To the woman HE said “I will greatly multiply your pain in childbirth; yet your desire will be for your husband and he will rule over you.’ (Genesis 3.16)
    ‘If you do well will not your countenance be lifted up. And if you do not do well sin is crouching at the door; and its desire is for you but you must master it.’ (Genesis 4.7)

    My favourite colour is grey.

  5. Guns are the defense of freedom. Fireworks are the celebration of freedom. Buy lots of both, while you can. Get a few extra to celebrate next year when it will be an even bigger act of defiance than today.

    With most of the public firework displays cancelled, the media are in an uproar over folks lighting up their own this year. In most parts of the Kansas City metro area, fireworks have been banned since the 1950’s. This ban is marked every year by noisy protests and flashes of light. Appropriate, considering what is being celebrated.

    The Wyandotte County Sheriff doesn’t want the sort of viral outbreak in his jail that killed a couple of guards and several inmates at the State Penitentiary in nearby Lansing. So no one is being arrested for anything. Such enforcement of mask regulations as occurs, falls on the employees of local businesses. Most have the common sense and decency not to stir up trouble.

    A police officer stopped by a friend’s business yesterday on another matter. He was wearing a plastic mask with removable filter. I heard him say “social distance”, then back away before he started talking.

    My definition of “paranoia”: being afraid of something I’m not, then trying to convince me I should be.

      • That’s what we did!! We’re probably all going to jail tomorrow night. At least weed is a little more legal now.

      • Hi Blue,

        Of course. Stalin pulled this trick also. Pathologize Wrongthink. If you did not love Comrade Stalin or questioned the motives of the Communist Party, you were ill.

        The tactics of these people are brilliantly evil – which is why they must be given no quarter. Cede not an inch of ground – and if it comes to blows, no mercy.

  6. I am going to the family 4th of July party and there will be 40-50 people there, about half the normal turnout. While I do not fear covid or the fake pandemic, I fear this may be our last 4th of July or Independence Day. If the Democrat Marxists win the election by cheating enough, they will ban Independence Day and make every month some celebration of one of their fake platitudes. All outward signs of our history will be erased and only contained in our minds. Only another revolution, complete with blood and death, will free us from the Marxists and it’s racism and terrorism.

  7. Sure, I take the day off, drink, eat, blow things up, but haven’t celebrated “independence day” for 35 years or so. That was about the time I became aware of how little freedom we had left, and its only gotten worse in the meantime, geometrically. Why would I celebrate freedom from King George, only to be enslaved by King Dem/Rep? On the other hand, I won’t let an opportunity to flip off the Psychopaths In Charge pass by. I will continue to go where I please, with my not so beautiful face exposed, until I’m forced to assume room temperature. In the Declaration and the Constitution we were shown a near perfect method for maintaining our freedom, and we pissed all over it.

  8. The retarded parasites will do themselves in this November. Make sure your passport is valid and you have an escape plan. Remember…The white male will be the new nazi germany jew when the democrat terrorist organization takes over. Publik Skewl and TeeVee did just what the political terrorists planned…they turned men into women.

      • Turned women into the warriors we’ve been. Men, however, have become pussified. It is gross.

        What’s worse? Capable woman, or incapable man?

        • Hi Anon,

          It’s a general sickness. Men afraid to be men; women expecting men to behave like women and resenting them for it while pounding away at anything “masculine.” Not all women, of course – and not all men, either. But the general cultural stream flows in this direction. This being a crucial synergy intended to help effect the disintegration of the West.

          The Diaper shows. What I mean is that the people – of both sexes (there are only two; “gender” is a greasy word designed to efface that fact) who voluntarily wear the Diaper and demand others do are wearing the uniform of the enemy. They might as well be dressed in Union blue (to make the point) while the Diaper refusers are in Grey.

          • I can’t stand girl men. I certainly don’t expect a man to behave like a woman.

            Problem is that men have become so feminine, that women have to compensate.

            Who is going to fix things when they break? Girly man, who doesn’t have the wrist strength to turn a wrench? Hard pass, I’ll do it myself, with my finely tuned muscular arms I’ve developed by fixing things for myself. I won’t round off that nut with an incorrect socket. But fragile masculinity Nancy boy gets his feelings hurt if corrected. Leaving rounded nuts, figuratively and literally.

            The modern man expects to be taken care of. Modern woman GETS IT FOR HERSELF! Because gone are the days of the male provider.

            Furthermore, women aren’t for shitting out farm staff any longer. And thank fuck for that. Women get to do as we please. Maybe we do you this week. Maybe we buy a motorcycle with our job money. And give not one solitary fuck about what level soy-boy-beta-cock reached on the Nintendo. We have shit to do, because men fall short.

            I’m no feminist. That crap disgusts me. Feminism ruined men for women. Women have to do all of it now, including peeling yall’s drawls out of your jeans, raising your children, making money, dinner, and love. Men play Nintendo.

            I love observing men be men. I’d never shun a man for doing manly things. Because that’d mean I could relax a bit, let my guard down and be a woman. Novel idea.

              • I’m not waiting for a reset. I’ll assume whatever role necessary to remain free. Even if it means a little compliance here and there. I will also remain single and childfree.

                Well (self) educated individuals capable of independent thought and action are on the endangered species list at best. The real issue is that most people choose blissful ignorance. This is not a man vs. woman problem. This is a lack of freedom issue, and only the switched on are feeling the pinch. The rest choose to ignore this because problem solving requires effort. And risk of failure their delicate egos can’t withstand.

            • Well,,, This is the result of women dominated schools, and single mums raising boys to be girls. If they act too boyish in primary schools they are drugged into zombies. If they play Cowboys and Indians they are arrested. If they walk around with a BB gun they are killed. Nope,,, no more men,,, just males.

          • ‘To the woman HE said “I will greatly multiply your pain in childbirth; yet your desire will be for your husband and he will rule over you.’ (Genesis 3.16)
            ‘If you do well will not your countenance be lifted up. And if you do not do well sin is crouching at the door; and its desire is for you but you must master it.’ (Genesis 4.7)

            My favourite colour is grey.

            • I don’t get it. I like green and orange. Men and women.
              “It is one’s spirit that is attractive. After all, we’re are spirits driving a meat covered skeleton through space and time. It is about what is between the ears, not the thighs.”

              -bitchicus 1.1

    • (Cat stepped on my keyboard) I haven’t worn one yet. I would at a doctors office or if I visited a nursing home or something like that. I’m not 100% anti-no matter what just because Trump,,,, But I’m not putting one on just to put one on, that’s for damn sure.

      Last weekend I played guitar/sang at a graduation party for a local who’s off to college on a scholarship, it was a benefit to help out with what isn’t covered, so he doesn’t have to take out loans. (He’s becoming a linesman/electrician) We had a couple hundred people there, not a mask in sight. I got hugged a hundred times and had another hundred arms around my shoulders. Passed about 50 joints and bowls as well. And I’m actually a bit of a germaphobe and don’t really like people in my space to begin with. But you know what? It felt damn good and fuck anyone who doesn’t like it.

      I had planned a protest for the 4th and was going to light a big bonfire next to the township hall and invite everyone to use that parking lot while I blast fireworks and whatnot. It wouldn’t be a protest though, not locally anyway. Our sheriff would stop by and hang out, that’s about it. He said months ago, publicly, that he’s not using jail or fines or threats to enforce any of it. So I’m off to the lake where we blast them off every year instead, a good time will be had and again, Fuck em if they don’t like it.

      • Excellent, Brad!

        My policy on Diapers is: I’d wear one if I needed one. If I were sick, for instance. But I’m not putting one on because I might be sick or because it make someone else feel better or because “it’s the law.”

        As I’ve written about serially, if we allow ourselves to be browbeaten into Diapering because of might then we might as well give up any objection to anything they demand we do or don’t do. Because there is no longer any basis for objecting. Anyone might be or do anything. In other words, nothing limits what they can demand we do.

        I say no to that. The Diaper is just a particular manifestation of the principle that’s at issue.

        Of course it’s possible “someone” might be sick and (assuming the Diaper is effective; another rant – because it’s not) a Diaper might have prevented transmission. It is also possible a “speeder” might wreck; that a powerfully built man will use his right fist to knock your teeth out. But he hasn’t – so insisting he wear a strap preventing him from swinging so that people who fear he might take a swing is to completely reverse moral cause and effect and upend perhaps the most basic foundational premise of Western legal tradition; i.e., that it’s wrong to punish people preemptively and particularly for harms they have not caused.

        • Well said, we Might do any number of things. I might shoot someone too, there rule would leave my wife unarmed and what about the rapist? Isn’t every man a possible rapist? Do we need male chastity belts to go along with our diapers now too?

          • Hi Brad,

            Yes, precisely. I’ve made the same point. The Diaper pushers argue every person might get sick – and that a Diaper might prevent you from getting sick. Using the same principle of presumptive guilt and pre-emptive restraint, every functional man might rape “someone” – ergo, every man should be required to wear a lockable codpiece.

            If a man forced to wear a codpiece doesn’t rape anyone then the codpiece prevented rape. Etc.

            The principle is dangerous almost beyond articulation but the useful idiots do not grasp it. Wrongthink might spread the “virus” of bad ideas… and we can’t have that, either.

  9. Well said Eric! In my little corner of the world, most people I interact with are doing the diaper dance only because others are. One on one they lose the FD’s soon. I wear a diaper only when I meet people (initially), in my business I have to, then after introductions and pleasantries to determine degree of need to not breathe freely the FD’s are doffed, 100% of the time. My business is a small one on one service industry.

    Keep up the good work. As an aside the biggest single problem (they) have is sports. Not just pro they are gladiators/entertainers they will be on the tube. High school and children’s sports. That is where the revolution will come from. Kids need to play.

    • Hi Ugg!

      I’m in a better position to be an insolent Diaper Refusnik as I work for myself and because I’m a pretty large guy – and (my working theory) it’s generally women and small men who willingly Diaper and get “anxious” in the presence of a non-Diaper’d person. Other large guys don’t Diaper willingly and so are allies in this. The small men and women don’t even look at me – the 6ft 3 redneck-looking dude with the mullet (I haven’t had a haircut since this mess began).

      I almost want one of these SOBs to get in my face.

      • Wow, and I thought I was the only one who wasn’t getting a haircut because of mandates! Yes, I look like a total dirtbag, but sometimes when you’re a man you have to take a stand. Sadly I can’t refuse at work (the joys of working for lower 48 megacorps; a coworker with severe claustrophobia already tried to opt out on the grounds that having anything over his face gives him panic attacks and was told that there was no excuse, so instead he just stands at the cash register all day and has panic attacks), but once I’m off the clock, the Oxygen Deprivation Device comes off and stays off. Wish I could work for myself so I didn’t have to wear one at all, but unfortunately I’ve wasted the first 7 years of my legally-adult live bouncing from entry-level job to entry-level job and don’t have actual skills. If only writing political rants were a marketable skill…

        • Hi Chuck,

          ” If only writing political rants were a marketable skill…”

          It is, as long as it serves the interests, and boosts the egos, of politicians. C’mon, if mediocre hacks like David Brooks, William Kristol and Paul Krugman can make bank, you can too (although, it might leave a bad taste in your mouth).


        • Hi Chuck,

          In all seriousness, you and your co-workers can assert ADA “privilege” – or rather, that your company is discriminating against you/endangering your health by forcing you to Diaper since you have a medical condition that makes it a hazard/unsafe, etc.

          You can sue them over this. They cannot legally force you to wear a Diaper.

          PS: You’re obviously bright and articulate, two things in short supply. Also seriously. You would be surprised how many college graduates cannot compose a coherent/grammatically correct sentence… As a onetime editor at a newspaper, I’d hire you sight unseen to be a reporter over the imbeciles who came my way, BA in hand.

          • Hey thanks, and sorry I took so long to respond.

            Honestly, if you were offering a job, I’d take it in a heartbeat. I enjoy writing, and since the path to my Veloster Turbo involved test-thrashing 20+ different economy cars under unsupervised Corona Circus conditions, I’ve picked up a bit more of a talent for feeling out the limits of cruddy cars, along with honorary PhDs in Manual Transmission Studies and Advanced Computer Interference Identification. You could palm off all the cars you didn’t feel like driving yourself, and I could write articles bemoaning how nothing you can buy today is as fun to drive (particularly in terms of clutch and shifter operation, which feel like literal afterthoughts in many modern cars) as an early-1990s Chevy Cavalier.

            • Hi Chuck!

              It’d be great to have a Libertarian-themed car mag; I’d be grateful if I could afford a full-time computer guy and copy editor. The upside to our time is that almost anyone can compete for readers with The New York Times. The downside is almost no one makes the money The Times does; most of us who do this are only able to do this – economically speaking – because we live Cheap Lives. Per Nunz, the smartest thing I ever did was leave an expensive area and move to a relatively inexpensive one. I recommend this to anyone who can do it. It may be even smarter to further divest and live in an EV, as one of our regulars here does. If I were 25 again, I’d give this serious consideration.

      • Most folks try to avoid conflict. It would be rare that anyone would challenge a non FD person UNLESS they had a small position of Authority, like a TSA drone. Don’t find too many of those in grocery stores, hardware stores, beauty salons, barbershops or most of the myriad other places people patronize. Even the big box stores say nothing. They have all the PC signs, warnings etc. Anyway I am enjoying the celebration of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 by renovating our cottage on Lake Huron. Sans FD.

        As an aside my neighbor on Lake Huron is a Detroit Metro area cop. His department was told to wait and see whenever peaceful demonstrations/riots occur. He is not a happy camper. I suggested he do what I did and seek a new career.

        • Amen, Ugg –

          Today, I’ll be working on my coop and yard and then meeting up with unDiapered friends for some “illegal” fireworks. I think if we can hold the line on Diapering for another few weeks, Diapering will have been discredited – and that may discredit the whole thing.

      • Two of them got into mine at the grocery store this week. I wear earbuds with white noise playing—a misophonia adaptation—so I couldn’t hear what they were going apeshit about and didn’t think it was directed at me, anyway. I went past, got my item, and turned around and went past them again, and they were still at it. Gesturing wildly, pointing at the floor, pointing at their masks. I totally ignored them—this was all peripheral vision—until one of them stepped in front of my cart and grabbed it to make me stop. Then *I* went apeshit. I said, “Try that again and I’ll kick your fucking ass,” so she let go. I still couldn’t hear what she was saying, but she pointed at the floor (at the arrow tape, I guess), so I said, “The germs don’t know which direction you’re walking, you fucking moron!” That got her to back up; sincerity and instant rage can be convincing. I’d have probably lost a physical fight, but I was ready to go. Stupid bitches probably sit around wishing they’d been born 70 years ago so they could have led struggle sessions. Who’s the sociopath in that scenario? The chick trying to find the Bordeaux cookies, or the freaks who accost a total stranger?

        • Excellent, D!

          I’m ready to go apeshit myself. I’ve had enough of being pressured to look/behave like a neurotic for the sake of neurotics. It’s becoming unbearable just to see the legions of dolts walking around like Michael Jackson. Having these freaks attempt to turn normal people into Michael Jackson is just a bridge too far.

          • There’s enough tragedy to go around with all this crap and everyone here can cite some, but I’ll tell you what else makes me mental, and that’s the utter–and utterly unnecessary–waste of human greatness this manufactured panic is causing. There were the Olympics, of course, but my personal investment is in tennis, and it’s just excruciating to think of the athletes whose already short careers are being destroyed over nothing. *Nothing.* The Masters 1000’s, the French Open, Wimbledon: cancelled. These are guys who from single digit ages do nothing but focus on that single skill and bring it to a pitch of perfection that life-hating, germ-fearing twats can’t even conceive of–but it’s the life-hating, germ-fearing twats who get to dispose of those athletes’ careers: We’ll, we’re not sure. We might let you play again, but then again we might not. We’ll just have to see how afraid we are in a couple of months.

    • Ug…. Went into Harley to buy some parts and they all were wearing masks mandated by the owner. All those tough Harley guys… Even they’ve been pussyfied. I had no mask on but they left me alone.
      Now to get my wife to do the maintenance work….

      • Hi Ken,

        It’s depressing, isn’t it? And it’s exactly as intended. Part of the reason for all of this is to demoralize people; to make them feel sad and helpless and in thrall.

        Even more reason to never put the damned thing on.

    • Hi Blues,

      This will be unenforceable if defied by enough, if only on economic grounds. People are broke or struggling and this will push them over the edge. It’s of a piece with exorbitant traffic fines people can’t afford to pay – and so, don’t. At some point, people stop caring. What are they going to do? Lock everyone in up?

      They’ll try, perhaps – but that might lead to something they haven’t anticipated.

      PS: Never give them the dignity of “coverings” or even “masks.” They are Diapers. Always refer to them as such whenever the subject comes up.

      • Actually, the “face diapers” are only costumes.
        “All the world’s a stage, and we but players on it.”
        Ergo, *all* clothes are costumes.
        I refuse to wear a “doctor costume,” because I am not a doctor.
        When confronted by *ARMED* *GUARDS* at the grocery store, or the bank, my chosen costume is “Arab terrorist,” i.e. black full head covering, sometimes a black t-shirt with Allahu Akbar in white Arabic script. black neoprene gloves halfway to the elbow (concrete placing gloves).

        I actually had the bank manager follow me outside and tell me I had scared her and her employees. Good. I didn’t make the rules. If I had showed up dressed like that a year ago, the police might have been called, and the guard might well have unholstered his weapon.

        The times they are a changing.

    • What “freedom?”
      Or is that “free dumb?” Stupid is always free, smart requires some effort.
      As Henry Ford said, “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason so few engage in it.”
      Here in Commiefornia, we are living, if that is the word, from Führerbefehl to Führerbefehl, courtesy of the Gabbin Nuisance in Sacramento.

      At least, here in Riverside County, Sheriff Bianco has publicly stated he will *NOT* administer a “police state,” and deputies still wear a seven pointed star. Ironically enough, our Gesundheitsführer is named Kaiser, so we will see what happens.

  10. I’m trying to be positive here…
    The dictators may have doubled down, but at some point, even the dumbest sheep has to wonder… how long can a killer lie-rus continue to be a threat? At some point they’ll just GIVE UP and leave it to natural selection — they’ll either die or they won’t, but they’re going to stop worrying about it. These sheep just think it’s no big deal to wear a mask, but they’re gonna get sick & tired of it sooner or later and take it off. They won’t ratchet up their defenses by getting a real actual dual respirator because those are even MORE uncomfortable so they won’t do it — they’re going to give up on the whole thing soon. The sheep don’t like to work hard. They only do things if it’s convenient enough. Nonstop fear & terror lies can’t go on forever, because it just wears out the suckers — they’ll burn out soon. Eventually the inconveniences will outweigh the TV’s fear & terror. But in the meantime, we’re being tormented.

    • Same here! I, too try to stay optimistic, but it’s very difficult when logical, sane people are now labelled “psychopaths” for not giving into tyranny.

  11. Sorry, but itll be ‘farce’. So few left in this country have any idea of what the word ‘freedom’ means, or even implies, that they will be marching lockstep to whatever their (((overlords))) say, wearing their uniform. They dont even know what July Fourth is, or means. And most of them under 40 think its a terrible thing anyway if they do know, cause, ya know, like, its just, like, ya know, about a bunch of racist white guys who didnt want to pay taxes ya know…oh, and its rayciss too…
    People, we are toast.

    II Chronicles 7:14 still applies tho.

    • Hey luke,

      Whew, for a moment there I thought I might need to criticize my own tribe. You know, the entirely white, entirely not Jewish governors that currently assume the mantle of state “overlords”, or the not Jewish Fauci, Birx and Ferguson, or the mostly white petty bureaucrats serving as foot soldiers to that, entirely not Jewish, group. Also, the mostly white Kens and Karens, signaling their superior virtue and shaming us for disobedience. Good thing I don’t need to worry about any of those people, I just need to worry about (((them))).


      • Amazing, isn’t it Jeremy? ((((Those morons)))) – note quadruple parens to indicate white supremacist/aryan warrior chuckleheads – go on and on and on about “(((them)))” while white Christians all around them continue to do the exact same things laid at (((their))) feet. This has been he case throughout history.

        Anyone with a functioning brain has to be mind boggled by such ignorant and inane prattling. Frankly, it’s an embarrassment to be sharing any of the same DNA as ((((them)))). I’d love to go with (((them))) instead, wonder if (((they’d))) take me? I’m tired of scratching out a living and could go for some of that World Domination stuff!

        Luke and the other idiots that pop in here (I’m looking at you, Annie, Markie, and Bubster!) are a motley tribe of malicious bigots and phony bible-twisting “Christians”. Even if these guys got their wish and got rid of the Jews they would of course still be in the same boat with “overlords” looking to pound them into the dirt. People are just people regardless of ethnicity, with the same capacity for good and evil.

        As far as the 4th of July is concerned I’ll be off to a family BBQ today, much smaller this year than usual due to some fearing the mighty China virus that has a fatality rate of under 1/2 of one percent. A plus is the ones who don’t show up will likely be the most brainwashed government-loving flag-wavers. Those who do attend won’t be wearing face diapers or Socialist Distancing.

        • Hi Jason,

          Sigh, I know I shouldn’t bother as ((((club parens)))) have demonstrated that they value expressing their hatred of Jews more than anything, more than promoting freedom, persuasion, etc… I mean, one would hope that we are trying to influence opinion and alter outcomes here, right? Sure, it may be a doomed, quixotic gesture, but why guarantee failure by inserting the supposed JP into almost everything? Are members of ((((club parens)))) so deluded that they think this is an effective strategy, that it boosts their credibility in the minds of others? If they don’t care, then they don’t care about promoting freedom, they are doing the opposite, they are merely cementing the all too common belief that libertarians are really just a bunch of racist, anti-semitic shitheads who don’t actually care about freedom, but cynically use the rhetoric to advance their “real” agenda.

          I personally don’t care what they believe, but I do care that they feel compelled to poison libertarian sites with their obsession. I mean if they have to vent, why not do it on a site dedicated to that? This is a libertarian site, not a white power site. While I admire Eric’s commitment to open dialogue, and don’t want him to change it, it’s still important to call out this crap (also open dialogue). Blathering on about the Jooos on a libertarian site does nothing but discredit libertarian ideas to anyone curious enough to come here. Do we not care about reaching these people? If we don’t, then how do we expect to even have a chance of altering outcomes?

          So, to ((((club parens)))), we know what you think about the Jooos, we don’t care. We, or at least some of us, do care that you value expressing your obsession with Jews more than promoting liberty. You have a chance of reaching hearts and minds, you often write sensible, compelling things and then destroy all of it (to those interested in, but not yet committed to, libertarian ideas) by insisting that the Jooos are the real problem. Do you not care? Does it matter to you that the effect of your obsession works against liberty, not for it?


          • Jeremy, it really is a waste of time trying to enter into a reasonable or rational discussion with the ((((parens freaks)))). They are consumed with hate. I have been dealing with and studying these kind of guys for over 50 years in pretty much the same manner as one would study a breed of loathsome insects. I do enjoy kicking them in the rear end and rubbing their noses in their own crap (a character flaw, what can I say), and contrary to some of them here who bray “keyboard warrior” I have done so in person many times back in the day.

            There is a connection between the kind of people who become aryan warriors/white supremacists and those who become cops – both attract bullies like files to excrement. Being bullies, you will find many if not most in both arenas are cowards. Those attracted to the blue costume are in a position where they can inflict harm on others to their heart’s content and only in the most extreme situations are they ever held accountable. A perfect setup for violence-prone cowards. Likewise, aryan warriors typically are cowards who target what they believe to be helpless victims in sneak-attack fashion in order to avoid accountability – shooting an unarmed adversary in the back in the dead of night is the aryans’ highest notion of “honor”. A motley bunch of pathetic pussies.

            As you note, they frequently come off sounding sensible and reasonable – at first. If you have accounts on some of the white supremacist sites as I do, you will find that is part of the strategy they discuss, ways to bring their “message” to the “normie web”. (I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve seen some of the very same screen names posting word-for-word the same material found here on such sites.) That thin veneer of reasonableness evaporates very quickly though once the seething hatred pours out. They really cannot help themselves.

            Kind of amazing that any of ((((them)))) even try to pass themselves off as libertarians while indulging in collectivism of the worst kind that through the ages has resulted in mass murder and oppression. If they’re libertarians, then I’m frigging Elmer Fudd.

            • Hi Jason,

              “…they frequently come off sounding sensible and reasonable – at first… this is part of the strategy they discuss, ways to bring their “message” to the “normie web”

              Well, as a strategy, that’s absurd. Libertarians, at least the principled type, are a tiny minority of the populace, aryan warriors who purport to be libertarians, a tiny minority of that. While libertarianism doesn’t preclude holding all sorts of asinine ideas, it certainly is not built on such ideas. Given that members of ((((club parens)))) have demonstrated that they value spreading the “message” more than promoting liberty, I hold no hope that they would not embrace authoritarian collectivism if the opportunity arises.

              Still, I hold out some hope that many of them respect Eric and value this site, which is why I asked those questions in the final paragraph of my post. So, to ((((club parens)))), what are you trying to achieve here? If it is to promote liberty, persuade people and build a stronger community, your obsession with Jews is anathema to that. If you goal is to recruit people to your “cause”, despite turning an unknown number of curious people away from libertarianism, and this site, then you are selfish opportunist, no better than the conniving Jew that exists in your head.

              Again, this is a libertarian site, not a white power site. You will not succeed in turning it into one, but you may have already succeeded in convincing many potential libertarian allies that we’re all lunatics, congratulations. This site has one of the best comment sections on the web, a lot of intelligent discussion, history, insight, etc…, including much of what you say. So, if you want to promote this site and respect Eric, why do you feel compelled to insert Jooos into so many conversations? Do you think this helps? Do you think you will attract more people to this site than you repulse?

              Again, I admire Eric’s commitment to free and robust exchange and do not wish that you be censored. But, sane, mature adults censor themselves all the time. By blathering on about Jooos so often, you are working against the purpose of this site, can you not see this? I have many friends who are curious, but not “there” yet, that I won’t send here because they will likely be repulsed by your rants and reject all of libertarianism because of it. Again, congratulations.


    • As Voltaire observed, it is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere. The typical American really believes he is free. Until something somehow penetrates his school-thickened, propaganda-filled skull and makes him realize the truth, he will fight to the death to keep from becoming truly free.

      • Hi Mike,

        Your point is well-taken.

        Why does the typical American believe he is free even though it’s obvious (to us) he’s not? Because they average American has probably never considered what the word means. He just knows he’s “free.” Because they tell him so.

      • I hafta say. This is the only place I EVER read comments. And it’s because of the quality of comments, like yours, Mike. And bc Eric.

        The level of intelligence and well-thought-outed-ness, which I only find HERE.

        You all are awesome!!!

        • Absolutely, the same here. Logic, reason, UNcommon sense… doesn’t get better than here. Thank you, Eric. I’ve been away for awhile, but not happily, one bit. Great thoughts. I LOVE the reality of the damn things being FACE DIAPERS! Some, race toward bondage, others, naturally flee it no matter the cost. The latter will always be my favorite people on the planet.

      • I think they’re afraid of being free. I think they resent it and the moral and intellectual labor it demands. They repeatedly vote for the politicians who promise to lift the burden of being men. They sometimes parrot words supporting freedom because they know it’s expected and because they attach no importance to ideas, but when they’re offered a chance at servitude they can’t stampede into the pen fast enough. They embrace the muzzles, they’re terrified of making their own judgements, and they want to be told what to think, where to go, when to go there, and how to stand once they arrive. The devolution of this country into dictatorship is a relief to people like that.

  12. I have long had a lighted Betsy Ross flag flying 24 hours a day to commemorate the brief time we were free 1776 – 1789.

    I now fly the flag upside-down: a distress signal.

  13. The people who really make me physically, violently angry, even more than the running mouths on TV saying things like “Oh look at these extremely smart and righteous Europeans who wore masks and stayed home! They’re all repulsed at you not saying ‘how high’ when the authorities say ‘jump’!”, are the ones on the internet who say things like “I’m loving this lockdown, I have more hours, better pay, less traffic, and an excuse not to go anywhere! I hope we get a second wave and the lockdown goes on forever!” For the sake of Pete, we are currently staring down permanent UBI, online elections, vaccine-based internal travel and employment restrictions, human microchipping, and maybe even the literal Beastmark, and these selfish, shortsighted people are signaling that they will happily flush us all down that toilet just so they won’t have to put up with traffic or go into the office for a little bit longer.

    “The Powers that Be” are evil incarnate, but they wouldn’t be able to function without vast herds of people like this.

    • Hi Chuck,

      The people who say, “I’m loving this lockdown”, regardless of race, are actually privileged; they’re outraged when a mentally ill person is “misgendered”, but have no sympathy or understanding of the plight of the many millions of people who are not privileged, again, regardless of race. Fifty million people forced into unemployment, ah “they’re just white trash” and don’t count. Who cares if a lot of those people aren’t white. The arrogance of these people, firmly convinced of their own superior virtue, is astonishing. It’s almost the defining trait of our times, that the pettiest, most narcissistic, who obsess over trivialities, while ignoring actual outrages, dictate what it means to be virtuous.

      Paul Krugman, the self described “liberal conscience”, in response to news of a surge in positive tests for Covid 19 among elderly Floridians, tweeted this, “Reality is coming for white supremacists driving golf carts”. Anyone wanna bet if the NYT fires him over this?

      These people make me sick,

      • If it wasn’t for the CON-venience of online-everything-from-home, there would be no lockdown, period! I mean, why fight for your freedom and independence when you can just “Netflix and chill”?

        • There is no way this could have happened (any of it) without the internet. I’m no Luddite, but there are some big-time down-sides to the world wide web. It’s not called that for nothin. And I’ll get a lot of grief for saying this, but I don’t believe it could have happened under any other administration either. One of the reasons why so many have gone along with it is because of who is in that seat. The opposition, had it been anyone else, would have been monumental.

          • Hi Pam,

            I agree the ‘Net has been a mixed blessing; but it does have one very big blessing – which is that it is still a vehicle for the widespread dissemination of heterodoxy. The “mainstream” media is an inbred conglomerate essentially owned by a small handful of corporations, all of them the very foundation stones of the government-corporate nexus which runs the country and is trying to control us absolutely. They have a near-lock on the narrative – what people are told to think, what they are told is Wrongthink. Diapering, for instance, correlates very closely with TeeVee watching.

            But because of the Internet, it is possible to counter the narrative. Not equally and perhaps ultimately not effectively. But it is possible – and without the ‘Net it would be impossible. Recall the ’90s. I can. I was working in the “mainstream” media back then. You only got published – or rather – got an audience of any size – if your stuff was published by a “mainstream” outlet. The average person could not compete at all – forget on equal terms – with The Washington Post. Today, a guy like me can – because of the Internet. Because I can “publish” and potentially reach just as large an audience with this site as The Post can with its site.

            Which is why there is such a strong-armed push to turn the ‘Net into a “safe space” . . . for orthodoxy.

            As regards the Orange Man: Yes, he has been a yuge disappointment. Especially now. Because now we know – and he should know – that the hysteria over WuFlu is far more dangerous than the WuFlu. He has “the science.” He has the mortality stats and ought to know that a virus which has a kill-rate of less than half a percent of otherwise healthy/not elderly people does not justify turning the country into a putative Leper Colony.

            • Yes, I am very glad that fresh air is still being allowed. I just wonder how long before a diaper covers it, too. No matter, I suppose, because it is a rallying point, and I can only hope (with hope’s eternal effervescence) that each of us can hold to truth when it costs far more than words. I am so tired of people who SAY things, but when it comes down to action, they hide in dark corners, covering their eyes. Of all places, this (your site) has more real-ness, more sincere, living-it-out inclined folks than I’ve ever come across. I am very thankful for it.

              I think the OM does know. I think, as anyone in the field of politics knows, the handlers are the ones who call the shots. If you’re not a puppet, you don’t get the job. And though he’s been less one than most, he can’t escape the deciders. It’s good vs. evil. Same old store. Anyway, Happy Farce of July to all, and thank you again for being the most meaningful bunch of firecrackers I’ll ever know.

    • The dildos constantly yearn for salvation (not through Christ, but through man) from any sort of individual responsibility, and will attack anyone that’s against the idea of being a “vegetable”.

  14. The 4th of July should henceforth become a national day of mourning for the freedoms we’ve lost. When I take my daily walk with my bare face hanging out the face diapered cross the street when they see me approaching, as if I was radioactive. Makes me smile, which I do in their direction while they avert their eyes and hustle away.

  15. Independence day for cars:

    There are drivers who still prefer the challenges and potential perils of the machines of the past, feeling that they provide a more pure driving experience.

    Driving older machinery requires an understanding of handling that is harder to acquire now. But there is an appealing simplicity to older designs that do not rely heavily on computers and are “just mechanical engineering,” said Robert Jones, an administrator of a Facebook page for owners of the Toyota MR2.

    “You have to have a much higher level of respect for the car,” he said, “because the car doesn’t have anything to save you. There is no nanny system. It is just you and your steering wheel and your right foot and the road.”



    Don’t know how this shockingly antisocial article got published. How dare they mock saaaaaaaaaaafety?

    Better archive this arrant Crimethink before Nanny Google disappears it … for the greater good.

  16. Hell yes, Eric! Excellent!

    We have an annual family get together, and it will be no different this year except for a few who are in bad health that will not be there. I expect to see no fear masking, plenty of beer and hamburgers, and big booms.

  17. Haven’t heard anyone call it Independence day since I was a young lad. Today it’s a day off for the cubical folks, a regular workday for everyone else assuming they even have a yob. A hamburger, fries. No one thinks to say thank you for our what used to be our freedom. This may be our last Independence Day as the BLM crowd and communists (do I repeat myself) are destroying as much as they can. Between them and the fake virus pushed by despotic government tyrants and their puppet media, one could rightfully think “It’s over” sigh…..

    • Ken, It ain’t over if you’re breathing and have at least one round left. July 4, 2020 would be a great day for everyone to say no to tyranny. It’s Independence Day if you make it be. The lines are drawn- time to figure out what side you’re on.


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