Why I Diaper Report

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Some of you may wonder why I am so dogged about not-Diapering. More precisely, dogged about Diapering, generally. What just happened in Melbourne, Australia may help explain.

Armed government thugs – accoutered in Diapers – descended upon the home of James Bartolo – a former soldier who questions Diapering and the “locking down” of the entire population over proved to be false assertions about a sickness that doesn’t kill 99.6 percent of the population.

They smashed in his door and carted him off to a cage for his questioning – and his advocacy of resistance to Sickness Psychosis. Not with violence. Bartolo simply urged people to go outside and live – peacefully – as they once did in Australia, before it became a crime to not abide by the decrees of Gesundheitsfuhrers regarding a sickness that poses no threat (well, no threat of death) to 99.6 percent of the population – most of whom don’t even get the sniffles.

There is no legitimate reason to “lock down” anyone who isn’t in prison – and making it a crime for people who aren’t prisoners to go outside makes them prisoners – which is what Bartolo objected to and urged others to object to on a social media page.

This is now a crime in Australia. Not a ticket crime, either. A full-boogie Hut! Hut! Hut! offense that prompts the same SWAT-style response previously reserved for violent felons.

The violent felons now being the ones with badges and guns – and Diapers.

This is the reality in Australia – where perhaps 750 or so people out of the entire population have supposedly (keep in mind the numbers touted are hugely suspicious) been felled by the WuFlu . . . out of a population of 24.9 million.

It will soon be the actuality here, if this psychosis isn’t treated.

With resistance.

Most especially to the visual of fear – the Face Diaper – which is essential to the maintenance of submission to the fear.

It does not matter whether you personally do not fear the WuFlu – having no reason to fear it, if you’re not very elderly or already very unhealthy. If you wear the Diaper, you give the appearance of fearing it. You assist in the perpetuation of the fear of it. If the population can be pressured to wear the Diaper, it will be forced to wear the Diaper – everywhere. It will become a crime not to wear the Diaper – one enforceable via the Hut! Hut! Hut!

People will become terrified to not wear the Diaper anywhere and become so beaten down by the wearing of it that they will be glad to get the Needle – which will be dangled as their reward for Diapering. The Needle will follow on the heels of the Diaper in the way that accepting mandatory seatbelts in cars led to accepting mandatory enforcement of seatbelt wearing in cars.

If you cannot understand this, you do not understanding anything about this “pandemic.”

Diapering – or not – is the question of our time and perhaps for a generation to come. If we give in to Diapering by tolerating Diapering our children and perhaps theirs will be Needled, as well as ourselves.

There will be no life left for the Undiapered – who will be locked out of everything and locked-down, too.

If you do not want to live like that – the way Australians like James Bartolo are already living – then take off the damned Diaper and throw it in the trash. Stop giving in to the pressure. Stop letting yourself be guilted or browbeaten into submitting to other people’s sickness.

Take a stand, now  – while you still can do it without being SWATTED for doing it.

They are playing for keeps. We are idiots and poltroons who will deserve the contempt of the future if we do not.

. . .

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  1. I can give you an Australasian viewpoint. The woman in the vid is getting free legal help. She offered to retract her farcebook statement but was not allowed to do so. Meanwhile on the other side of the dictatordan city, a prominent tall ex footballer was visited politely by the police when he suggested 250K people march peacefully and take back Melbourne from wanna be hitler being funded by the communist party of china. Due to the steep fines and me being a short elderly male, I do wear the mask only in the stores, and always have my nose free. I also put Andrews face nappy on it. And when I speak I pull the mask away from my face. When I am outside where people are I take the face nappy off. The police here have been given the green light to impose force on non maskers, even though the laws they quote specifically state force shall not be used to impose quarantine. The dictator and his equally dictatorial “health minister” who was unheard of a few months ago, have extended the mask dictate by another 2 weeks. He was seeking 12 months. The independent parliamentarians who held the balance of power on the vote went along with the dictator’s wishes for longer extension. Finally a businessman, a gardener, has taken on the Gulag of Victoria and is suing the state. He is on YT with a great interview.
    The Gulags in Canberra have offered free vaccine shots, as a condition of removing the face nappies (diapers). I now leave my phone at home when I go out even though I have turned off all tracking on it and refuse to update my iphone because the updates containing the virus contact tracker which only provides data to the government not for the virus but to track the people.
    Meanwhile, the other state premiers are acting like drunk hitlers. Having immense powers of destruction they are using it to the fullest. Destroying families, businesses, and freedoms just because of a virus that has killed only 450 old folks. What you do not hear is the immense numbers of suicides, divorces, family violence, neglect of dementia people who cannot get help, all these far exceed the destructive “power” of the tinkly virus.
    What is worse is that so many people are shit scared to say or do anything in opposition to the government. Now Victoriastan is the world testing ground for all the new impositions of the fucked world order so I guess this is not surprising.
    I will warn you this , readers. What is happening in Oz is coming to you. I am warning you. At least you have guns to defend yourselves. Ours were taken away by the false flag operation at Port Arthur in 1996, well except for the police, who are now more heavily armed than our soldiers in the moozie countries. And the police want even more arms.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycuWnNruAmQ&feature=youtu.be

    By What Authority

    Charges: Florida officials

    “• Abusing your power by shutting down Palm Beach County (this includes and not limited to, schools, churches, small businesses, nature centers), mandating sovereign healthy people in Palm Beach County to stay at home and issue a mask mandate. County Officials and Governors do not have the legal authority to create laws and mandates. They are administrators of state agencies, not lawmakers.
    • County Officials mandating masks is providing medical treatment without a medical license and is 100% a violation of the law.
    • Mandating medical treatment for healthy individuals who do not require treatment is also against the law.
    • Forcing medical treatment and ignoring the right to refuse medical treatment is against the law.
    • Civil Citations for fines on violation of mask mandate is unconstitutional and illegal as Florida receives Federal funding and money cannot be made on fines for mandates that are not laws.
    • Lying about the facts of illness to a patient, fabricating an illness that does not exist within the patient, or giving them false treatment, is against the law.
    • But MORE importantly, the Palm Beach County Mayor and Palm Beach County Commissioners cannot advise, implement treatment or force you to abide by the specific doctor they are getting their information from because people get second opinions of diagnosis all the time.
    • It is also a violation of the constitution and HIPAA to force anyone to publicly disclose their medical history for exemption purposes as it forces the patient to waive doctor/patient confidentiality and their private person.
    Has stated above so stated below:
    This is an official notification of your violations. Palm Beach County Officials you are mandated to come within Florida State and U.S. Constitutional compliance in the next 10 days or give a lawful rebuttal for your actions. Your non-compliance signifies under a tacit agreement of acceptance. If you fail to come into compliance we will file complaints on your bonds with the State and have you removed from office. (No Bond, No Office!)”

  3. The WHO has had to acknowledge that the vaccine Bill Gates was pushing in Africa is causing a coronavirus outbreak. I saw this on zero hedge this morning, but here it is from a Marxist source so that Bolshevik trolls can’t say anything.


    • “… in Afghanistan and Pakistan; both countries also are struggling to contain outbreaks of vaccine-derived polio.”
      The stabbers are doing this all over the world.
      The article insanely flip flops between ” they need more [quackcines] to stamp out the polio”, and ” the [quackcines] are causing people to become paralyzed and get polio”. HUH?!
      American media always says that polio was eradicated in the early 1900’s from the quackcines. But other countries say it’s not. HMMMMM. So which is it?

  4. “In the 12th Century, Pope Innocent III banned masks as part of his fight against immorality; and in 1845, New York State made it illegal for more than two people to wear masks in public, after farmers wore masks to attack their landlords.”

    Masks Make You Stupid

    • We now live in a world of opposites. Up is down, hot is cold, war is peace, freedom is slavery, healthy is sick, etc. It’s now comply, or die.

      • For now. The problem with that type of approach is one never knows what the consequences will be. Attempting to rule, rather then govern has serious draw backs. Some of which don’t become obvious, until its much too late.

    • And turn in your guns for your safety! But it’s OKAY for moronic retarded brats to run around in the cities terrorizing everyone with damage and brandishing their guns, that’s completely SAFE!

      Good thing we didn’t turn in our guns yet!

  5. Did anybody see that?! Just watched the Kentucky Derby, and all day I’ve been bitching at the TV about all those owners and trainers (and even jockeys, though it’s kind of understandable with the dirt being thrown about) wearing face diapers. Well, as much as I dislike Bob Baffert, he was the only one I noticed not wearing one. He didn’t even pretend and have it dangle under his chin! And he won the Derby! If that’s not a way to stay “stick it right up your ass” to our communist governor here, I don’t know what is. Congratulations Bob!

    • Jim, I wonder if Matt Bevin had been re-elected, if he would have issued a mask decree like Beshear has? One never knows- but I tend to think that he wouldn’t have, given the fact that he manifested some sanity and at least some fidelity to some of the basic principles of liberty. But thanks to the teachers union, we unfortunately ended up with the blue guy. Civil Service unions: They ruined NY….now they’re doing the same to KY. They seem to be following me!!! Pensions seem to be the only promises that the public are interested in holding the politicians to…… “Take my liberty and the chillin’s future, but as long as I can retire comfortably I’m good!”.

      • I once talked to a pizza delivery guy who had a Trump sticker on his car. He claimed to know a member of the Bevin family. According to him, if Bevin was still in charge, the shutdown would have lasted the original two weeks to “slow the spread” then pretty much would have ended. Based on that, my guess is that yes, there would have been a shutdown, and possibly some restrictions, but it might have looked more like what Florida did with no statewide mask order. Of course, Louisville and Lexington would have had one, maybe a few other places, but it would have been easy to circumvent.

    • Last night I left a comment on the Paulick Report web site (horse racing). Didn’t use my name, as they use Disqus and I have a pseudonym on that platform. I said pretty much the same here without calling them “diapers” or mentioning my distaste for the governor. Just pointed out Baffert’s lack of mask and for that reason, I’m glad he won. Got a range of responses and started some heated discussion. My post got 7 upvotes (27%) and 19 downvotes (73%). A couple of replies were supportive, the rest were vitriol. Unscientific sample, I know, but I think it about fits – something like 70% of people in this country are whacked in the head. True believers. “We’re all gonna die!” What the hell happened to the country I grew up in? It’s gone.

      • Jim, it was never really the country we all grew up in. It just appeared to be, due to the illusions/delusions most of us have been victim to. That is why we’ve lost so many of our people, and so much treasure, in endless, pointless wars. That is why we’ve lost so much of our tech base and manufacturing jobs. That is why the Progs have been allowed to infest and subvert so many of our most basic institutions. It is also why the ethnocide attacks against whites are so far advanced.

        It is also why the next six months to a year are critical. Phase one of the Great Reset has to be stopped. Other wise, the future for our children and grand children is very dark. The hour is late, but we are far from defeated.

        • **” it was never really the country we all grew up in. It just appeared to be, due to the illusions/delusions most of us have been victim to.”**

          That is true, BJ. Also, as kids, we were ignorant of many of the workings of the world, -we had a limited view of life, as our experiences and knowledge were largely limited to what we saw immediately around us.

          BUT, the thing is, that blissful ignorance made us appreciate the freedom we had/thought we had, after we saw it eroding. And that erosion was a combination of getting out into the world (Driving, engaging in a trade or occupation, dealing with the day-to-day responsibilities of adult life) and the actual erosion of our liberties by the ever-encroaching police state and ever-expanding size and scope of government.

          I was reminiscing with my 95 year-old mother earlier today about my glorious childhood- Damn! What a glorious existence it was! (It was such a rarity to see a police car in the late 60’s/early 70’s where I grew up, 60 miles east of NYC, that I don’t even know what kind of cars they had…and I was a car guy from a very young age!- I still remember the cars my relatives drove from that time! First time I ever even saw a cop, was on a visit to NYC to visit relatives!)

          • Morning, Nunz!

            All you and BJ have written is true. But it is also true that, in terms of everyday life, there was vastly more freedom in this country when we (Gen X and older) were young. I could cite many specific examples; but among the best memories I have was being free, as a kid, to ride my bike anywhere I felt like riding, without a helmet, without anyone hassling me. Of not having to worry about “safety checkpoints” when I began driving in the ’80s – because there was no such thing. This was America, not East Germany. Of getting a job without having to piss in a cup to prove I wasn’t a dope fiend. Getting to the airport 10 minutes before departure and running through the terminal to the gate, handing my ticket to the lady at the door of the airplane and settling into my seat. Of not having to worry about how much cash I withdrew or deposited at my bank – because banks were not adjuncts of the government. Of being free to not buy health insurance I didn’t want because I didn’t need it.

            Just a few snapshots of a world that existed as recently as 30 years ago.

            • Eric, These are my memories exactly. I knew every dirt road for miles from riding my bike everywhere.

              I think this is the beginnings of another good EPAutos post. What else do you remember?

            • Exactly, Eric- that is the point I was trying to make- it’s a combination of all of the above.

              I remember my first experience flying when I was about 8 years old. You went to the airport, got on the plane (Sans any Soviet intrusions), and it was the height of civility and culture! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzpeople were dressed nicely and behaved courteously! You were treated like a VIP.

              Everything went to Hell shortly thereafter. I was sure glad that I got to experience that glimpse of the height of what our former culture could produce. It was like being treated to a few hours of how the other half lives. These days, I’m sure it would be a few hours of seeing how the other half lives!

              The stark contrast is a perfect illustration of how everything else has also crumbled into tyranny and the treating of everyone as the lowest common denominator.

              Now, instead of being treated with the respect accorded to VIPs…one is treated like a common criminal.

            • Eric, I remember that world. I suspect I’m quite a bit older than you are, and lived through it. ^^ But it was also the world of conscription (another word for slavery). The IRS still had its tax courts, and the reign of error and corruption of J Edgers American Stasi was on full display (and ignored by the corporate mass media of the time). In many small details you would be correct. But the over arching corruption, and out right evil, was present then as well. Its just become more in your face, as the velvet glove has slipped off the iron fist. Generations of indoctrinated people has made our Over Lords lazy, in terms of the pretensions. That may well turn around and bite them.

              • BJ; Guys,
                I think one huge contrast between then and now, is that then, even though there was already a lot of tyranny…it was much easier to avoid.

                Easier to avoid for several reasons:
                *People were more likely to mind their own business.
                *”They” didn’t have all of this technology, which makes surveillance and instant sharing of info among government pricks. (Papers could be forged with a copying maching and some White-out; If you didn’t narc on yourself or do something with an entity that had to file reports…no one would know; etc.)
                *There were still a lot of people who abhorred tyranny/socialism/government interference/ etc.
                *Media was not as dominated by a few, as it is today, nor as ubiquitous. (NYC area in the 70’s- we had 5 TV stations; many more rural areas had only 3, and many were not even on 24 hours a day. No one constantly had a screen in front of their face 24/7- People actually did things in the real world.)

                I hate to say it- but even a fair percentage of cops were decent people who actually wanted to help, rather than harm you(That statr5ed changing in the 80’s)

                ____Some Of My Memories___
                Walking alone (or sometimes with a friend or two) deep in the woods for hours from age 9(Now there aren’t any woods or even an empty lot where those woods were- and even if there were, if any kid were caught alone in any woods…..Gawd help the parent(s)!

                Taking the bus alone when I was 10 to go farting around in a bigger town an hour’s ride away.

                Buying and lighting smoke bombs!

                Going ALL OVER town on my bike, from age 7 or 8.

                Sitting on an adult’s lap and steering the car…on a public street.

                Going downtown at night…alone, in my single digits.

                Exploring abandoned buildings and walking on railroad tracks- without being hassled, even if a cop saw ya! (He migtht say something…but if he saw you were not up to any mischief, he was cool)

                Buying cigarettes for adults, and later for myself…..

                Riding in the back of the station wagon. “Child safety seat? How about no seat at all!!!! (And riding in the bed of pick-ups, as the adult driver tried to break a land speed record…or as close to it as possible between the traffic lights….

                tl;dr; Basically being left alone if you weren’t bothering anyone! I seem to remember there being a few other people of my own age in that world at the time- I deo not understand why they too are not Libertarians!

                • Well said, Nunzio. As BJ said, the government was already oppressive when we were growing up, but now the nanny-state and the generations of people indoctrinated to think we need it has become increasingly oppressive.

  6. Posted earlier for anyone who is interested in an economic/financial opportunity:

    Google search “slave mask 1800s” and guess what pops up? Imported african slaves in masks. I don’t understand why black folks are NOT flatly refusing to wear these things and if forced by, let’s say a leftie starbucks employee, begin calling them a racist bigot to their face with a discrimination lawsuit following.

    Masks, (especially certain colors) are symbols of slavery in the democrat controlled south from before and during the Civil War. They are just as racist as a democrat confederate stars and bars.

    Any african-american who is only slightly ambitious could easily end up making six figures in the next few months just by being refused service for not wearing a slave-mask. Just add a greedy, sleazy lawyer into the mix (better call Saul), and it’s off to the races. (no pun intended) Know what I mean?

    • OMG. You can’t even make this stuff up. It’s so offensive to blacks, and women too. Where’s the BLM and the feminists? Oh right, they don’t really care about their causes because they’re phony liars.

      BTW, just reading online some excerpt from a book below, shows that Africans weren’t kidnapped by ‘white people’ like they want you to think, their OWN AFRICAN PEOPLE captured them and delivered them to the slave ships.
      … “Hurston’s book tells the story of Cudjo Lewis, who was born in what is now the West African country of Benin. Originally named Kossula, he was only 19 years old when MEMBERS OF THE NEIGHBORING DAHOMIAN TRIBE captured him and took him to the coast. There, he and about 120 others were sold into slavery and crammed onto the Clotilda, the last slave ship to reach the continental United States.”

      And I wonder if maybe some/all of the slaves were actually felons in prison, and the Africans gladly handed them over to get rid of them?

      Also BTW, I’ve seen diagrams of how the slaves were stacked up like sardines in the boats. The diagrams I saw are literally impossible. If they really lined up the slaves that close to each other, they’d be so uncomfortable they’d have injuries from the boat ride, plus their urine & feces would make them all sick. If they were all chained together then how did they urinate & defacate? It would be a mess and they’d all get sick, and be unable to work on the plantations/etc. Plus how did the slaves get fed while on the long boat ride — if any abductors got near enough to the slaves to feed them, the slaves could grab the guy and beat him up. You say their hands were chained, well if that’s true then how did they eat if their hands were chained? Maybe the abductors just threw food down an aisle? How do you throw bowls of beans/rice/etc… IDK what they fed them, but it must’ve been able to be thrown down an aisle? Plus they didn’t have beds/cots to sleep on, the slaves would’ve been very uncomfortable during that long boat ride and the sometimes up & down bobbing of the boat.

      Bah, I’m not buying this whole slave thing as we are all told — there’s more to it. Plus there were other slaves as well, from a comment: “You see, in the colony of Virginia in 1619, four different people were on the auction blocks: White women, Irish boys, Native Americans, and Africans.” So I guess white women should be on the streets rioting, they can call themselves White Women Lives Matter, also Irish Boy Lives Matter, also Native American Lives Matter.

      UGH — so many LIES and STUPIDITY going around nowadays over things that happened OVER 200 FREAKING YEARS AGO (I mean, come on, get a grip and realize what CENTURY you live in), it’s sickening to the power of infinity.

    • sm777 – puh-leez… your ignorance of the South, the War of Northern Aggression and the slave trade is impressive. Public schools and lots of televisoin, huh?
      Keep drinkin the koolaid – any attempt to educate you would be, I fear, casting pearls. Leave it to the adults who know a little history and can reason.
      But dont wear the mask, for whatever reason works for you.Clover

      • Luke,

        Many of us who don’t wear the Diaper don’t wear it because we aren’t sick. We oppose being treated as if we were sick. Is this a reasonable proposition? If not, why? We also do not wear it because we are not worried about getting sick – or rather, getting seriously sick – because the facts support not worrying about that, if you’re healthy and not elderly. We also do not wear the Diaper because Diapers do not serve any medically useful purpose as regards preventing a person from getting a virus – any virus. And there is definite evidence that Diapers increase the person’s chances of getting sick, by making them less healthy.

        Those are reasons that work for me.

        • “We also do not wear the Diaper because Diapers do not serve any medically useful purpose as regards preventing a person from getting a virus – any virus. And there is definite evidence that Diapers increase the person’s chances of getting sick, by making them less healthy. “

          The only reason I can think of behind the mask mandates (aside from obvious social control) is that we’ve been sold to the Chinese manufacturers and the CCP. In other words, they’re using this “pandemic” as an opportunity to line their pockets. And what better way to do so than to make an offer that one cannot refuse, provided they wish to continue living in society? Force everyone to constantly purchase disposable masks or whatever and…CA-CHING! 💰

          • Blue,
            The reason for the masks is to make this PsyOp seem “real”- The same way they had to implode the WTC to make “terrorism” appear real. I’ve actually heard relatives say “Look! Everyone’s wearing a mask, this MUST be real!”.

  7. An interesting thing happened today during our weekly grocery store trip. We were in the produce section which is close to the store entrance. I notice another couple entering the store with masks in their hands, getting ready to strap them on. I make eye contact with the dude, and he turns and says something to his wife, and they both put their masks away! Seeing me and my wife maskless was all the encouragement they needed!!

    Please people, charge forth into this chaos with courage and set the example for others who may be on the fence!

    P.S. I saw many more maskless people in the store today than I saw last weekend. Encouraging!

  8. Ok. I’m seething mad again.

    I just went through the CDC’s numbers (via Armstrong Economics). Get this: The total number of “deaths INVOLVING covid” through September 2, 2020 in the entire U.S. (of 327 million), which would include deaths FROM and WITH covid, for ages 0-24 (i.e students through college age), is . . . . . . . . . . wait for it. . . . . .360! Yup, 360 deaths in total. Yet there’s a national kerfuffle over whether schools should resume and all students appear to be required to wear masks.

    For those 0 – 55 years old, the total number (with inflated CDC numbers) is less than 15k throughout the entire U.S.

    Please feel free to verify this for yourself: https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/COVID-19-Provisional-Counts-9-2-2020.pdf

    • I am so mad, there is no more madder I can get. Mad to the power of infinity. I hope these rotten devils burn in hell for a billion years each. I’ll personally vote to sentence them to that. I think it’s already their destiny though. And if they’re robots, then whoever created those robots is going to burn — SOMEONE is going to pay for all of this suffering & murder done to the entire planet’s peoples.

    • Hi Mister,

      Yup – in the the deaths attributed to this sickness. A school-age kid stands a much greater chance of dying in a car crash – but (while sanity prevailed) it was never seriously suggested that no one under 24 be permitted to get near a car.

  9. WTF happened to Australia? I use to think they were a hardy bunch of hunters who loved their guns and country. That news report had the reports and anchor talking as if that guy was guilty as a *covid 19 conspiracy theory nut* and how dare he have samurai swords in his house.

    Coming to country near you…

    Looked like East Germany without the Germans.

    • If they ever do that to my neighbors, … well you know. And I don’t even like some of my neighbors, but compared to this trash… they’re gold.

    • They arrested that lady for “inciting a riot” or whatever… HAHA, those trash ppl should come to America — we got riots going on all over the country over nothing, plus Europe has a bunch of riots over this shutdown nonsense… can’t even make this stuff up.

    • Hans, I’ve been mourning for Australia and NZ for decades. As a kid, I always pictured myself moving to the “outback”- Ah! Glorious freedom and self-reliance and rugged individualism! Sadly, Down Under started ramping-up socialism long before we did…and long before COVID- and what we’re seeing now is the result. Damn shame; Now, I wouldn’t even want to visit there. RIP life-long dream!

    • What happened Mr Gruber is they allowed themselves to be disarmed. This sort of tyranny follows directly on the heals of such action.
      Ammo up my folk.

  10. Well, it is possible to test your theory.Clover

    Lots of libertarians can get together and have big singing contests in an air conditioned bar.

    Nothing like a little data.

    • Well, Pat – that’s effectively been done.

      Many places, but here’s just one example. My gym, Crunch Fitness in Roanoke. It has been open for more than two months now; no forced Diapering so almost no one Diapers (except staff) and no one “practices” anti-social distancing. Probably 200-300 people work out there every day; usually there at at least 30 people on the floor at any given time. Breathing hard, shaking hands, talking normally with one another at close proximity.

      Not one person has died. Not one person has gotten the sniffles.

      This jibes with the known fact that WuFlu doesn’t kill 99.6 percent of the healthy population. That it doesn’t even get most of the population mildly sick. These are facts, Pat – why won’t you acknowledge them? Why do you focus on the most lurid assertions instead?

      This is a mass hysteria situation being exploited for political and financial purposes.

      Nothing more.

      • “My gym, Crunch Fitness in Roanoke. It has been open for more than two months now;”

        Nice little two month experiment.

        I suppose it’s a little late for you to have a booth at Sturgis but I am sure there are some nice large venues in South Carolina that aren’t too far away.

        Georgia is probably a bit far for an experiment.Clover

        I personally suggest the mask-deniers all get together and sing camp songs weekly in a nice air conditioned room. Big old keg of beer and sing the Horst Wessel song.

        Lets’ run the experiment for 6 months.

        • Pat,

          Two months-plus is certainly – medically – more than sufficient time to determine whether an allegedly highly contagious and allegedly generally dangerous respiratory virus is in fact either thing. If anyone at my gym people had this virus, they would have transmitted it – and by now, at least some of the members would have manifested symptoms of it, at least. No one has. Not a blip – much less a “hot spot.” Almost none of the people at this gym wear a Diaper. They are all still as healthy as ever.

          I myself have never worn a Face Diaper anywhere and have been defying the “guidelines” since this began. I have been in close contact with hundreds if not thousands over the past year and not even the sniffles. The same goes for every single one of my friends here. None of us know a single person who has died from the WuFlu.

          How do you explain this? I mean, if WuFlu is the threat to otherwise-healthy/not-elderly people it is claimed to be?

          Viruses do not take two months to manifest symptoms. The “science” and “experts” you say you base your position on say 14 days or so. At what point will you concede that people – healthy people – are not dying? That WufFlu is not a mortal threat to the literally overwhelming majority of the healthy population (i.e., 99.6 percent, give or take a fraction) and thus, the extreme measures imposed are gross impositions that cannot reasonably be justified any more than outlawing cars because “people die” would be reasonably justified?

          These facts are indisputable.

          Your position is based on hysteria – on what seems to be a desire to assume the worst. Why?

          • Morning Eric,

            You can’t reach people like Pat. He is ignorant, has obviously done no independent research and, as is typical of his type, wishes harm on those who disagree with him. He also trots out the “denier” label, a term employed by either malicious or ignorant people against those they are incapable of engaging with honestly. It’s funny to note that, until very recently, both the CDC and the WHO were firmly in the “mask denier” camp.


            • “It’s funny to note that, until very recently, both the CDC and the WHO were firmly in the “mask denier” camp.”

              What happened is that the PPE manufacturers saw this as an opportunity to line their pockets.

            • Morning, Jeremy!

              I know; I still try – up to a point – to engage on a rational level with these people, not so much in the hope of changing their minds but to show others who may be watching that we’re not the ones being dishonest, that we are open to talking – based on facts.

          • Either “Pat” here is dumb as hell, or (s)he is using this PLANdemic as an excuse to living on the dole and never having to work again. Hell, why do you think all the teachers’ unions were lobbying to keep the schools shuttered indefinitely?

          • Well, if you think you are better at the math of epidemiology then
            the professionals, keep up your experiment.Clover

            It’s too late to go to Sturgis, but you can always get together and sing songs.

            Aside from your gym in Roanoke, are there large events? Maybe in North Carolina?

            • Pat,

              It’s not my “math” – it’s theirs.

              They say that a person who contracts a respiratory virus – any respiratory virus – will either manifest symptoms or not within 14 days. Hence the 14 day quarantine. This is conventional medical wisdom, by the way – and I agree with it because there is evidence to support it.

              My gym has been open for pushing three months. If people were going to get sick – as sickness psychotics assert – they’d have shown symptoms of sickness by now. They haven’t. No one has died.

              Not one person.

              A reasonable person would take this as good news. It supports the other evidence – mark that – not mass hysteria assertions – that this “sickness” doesn’t even make most people sick, let alone dead.

              An unreasonable person would continue to assert that even after nearly three months of Diaperless interaction on a daily basis without any mass sickness let alone mass death people were still going to dieeeeeee and appearing to hope that they do dieeeeee.

              You seem to have a desire for bad news – even in the face of good news. Why?

            • Pat,

              Does it bother you at all – raise any questions in your head – that literally almost all of the “cases” being reported in the mainstream press aren’t people actually sick? As in – no symptoms? Why this hysterical fear of something most people don’t even know they have (or had) unless they “test positive”?

              A sane way of evaluating the risk of Corona is: How likely is the average healthy person to manifest serious symptoms – i.e., symptoms serious enough to warrant medical attention? The answer to this question is known. It is essentially nil.

              Why the mass panic over this?

              It’s a serious question.

              Can you provide a serious – non-hysterical – answer?

              • “How likely is the average healthy person to manifest serious symptoms – i.e., symptoms serious enough to warrant medical attention?”

                It’s an interesting question. Clover

                You need to define Average, Healthy and serious symptoms.

                • Clover,

                  It has been defined. The “science” has defined it. You, like many hysterics, continue to ignore it. In simply terms, the “average healthy person” is just that.” Someone who isn’t already suffering from a serious health problem, such as COPD, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and so on. People in this group – often compounded by old age – are vulnerable. To everything. Is this really news to you?

                  If you’re not already very sick – or very old – this “deadly disease” isn’t likely to even produce symptoms – again, the “science” – in something like 80 percent of those who are “infected” and 99.6 percent of them do not die, even if they do get sick.

                  The sickness being transitory and not requiring hospitalization.

                  This used to be part of normal life until Sickness Psychosis descended.

          • “I myself have never worn a Face Diaper anywhere and have been defying the “guidelines” since this began. I have been in close contact with hundreds if not thousands over the past year and not even the sniffles.”Clover

            Well, nothing like a little data.
            Personally, I wish the states would let people register as “Free Libertarians”. They get a nice little endorsement on their drivers license
            and can avoid all the rules for CoronaVirus. However they waive the right to call EMS or get treated at the ER under Medicare/Medicaid/VA/Tricare.

            Run a little social experiment. See what happens.

            • Clover/Diaperer –

              I’d agree to such a contract at any time! The problem is, you won’t agree to leave us sane people alone. This includes “contributing” to the programs you mention.

            • So Pat, you imagine that Libertarians participate in those welfare schemes? (Maybe some do, since they’ve been forced to pay for them, thanks to people such as yourself who demand such programs, and thus force everyone to fund them involuntarily …but many of us don’t).

              Why not rather advocate voluntary participation? Oh…that’s right, because such Ponzi schemes would collapse much faster unless you forced those who don’t need nor want nor use them to pay for those who do.

              I view people such as yourself as the most vile creatures- even worse than common criminals and bank robbers- because you don’t have the guts to commit crimes personally, so you instead use the illicit power of the state to perpetrate widespread crime, and then turn around and legitimize it because it’s legal, since some leeches in suits signed a piece of paper declaring such robbery “legal” and making resistance to said robbery a “crime”.

              • Nunz, you keep forgetting about the Social Contract! You remember, that ever expanding, invisible set of rules, that allows people to delegate the wearing of the Funny Hat, to the gang of thieves and murders writ large. Other wise known as government. When one robs Peter to pay Paul, one can count on Paul’s continued support.

                Remember, its all for the Greater Good!… ^^


                • Darn, BJ! If only I hadn’t signaled my consent to that contract by reason of being born! What was I thinking? (I had a sweet life in the womb…..but NOoooo! I just had to leave!)

              • Well-said, Nunz!

                I don’t need or want Social Security and even at this late date (I’m middle aged now and have been “contributing” for more than 30 years) I would happily forfeit any claim to “benefits” (i.e., to receipt of stolen goods) in return for being allowed – god! – to simply keep the money I earn and take care of my own retirement.

                Do you suppose Pat would agree to that deal?

                  • Clover,

                    I’m not joining a religion to avoid being forced to practice one. And – note – the way you avoid addressing the specific question. You demand that people who don’t Diaper lose their eligibility for various “benefits.” I agreed to this, happily – with the proviso that people also be absolved of any obligation to pay for these “benefits,” which they never asked for and aren’t interested in.

                    How about it? Do you agree?

              • “you imagine that Libertarians participate in those welfare schemes?”Clover

                Given Ayn Rand got on social security and medicare yes, I believe Libertarians participate in welfare schemes.

                http s://ari.aynrand . org/issues/government-and-business/individual-rights/ the-myth-about-ayn-rand-and-social-security/

                • Clover,

                  You clearly know nothing about Rand – who loathed Libertarians. She described her philosophy as Objectivism. You might at least try to learn something about what you’re talking about before you do.

                  And: Even if she were a Libertarian, it says nothing about the beliefs of other people, such as myself. Note – again – the way you collectivize everything. As with WuFlu. Your fear of risk becomes binding on others, who do not share your fear. You want government “programs” and “benefits” – so others (who don’t want them) must be forced to pay for them.

                  • Well stated. You got to them before I did. Ayn Rands dislike of libertarians is quite well known. Thats what lead to Rothbard being exiled from her cult. She had quite a few insights, but her various hatreds blinded her. Its a shame, but such happens.

                    By the way, many of us use Libertarian for those associated with the Libertarian Party (power seekers with few to no basic principles) and libertarian for people of principle.

                  • Hey Eric,

                    WHY are they always so ignorant?!

                    I guess that’s why they’re clovers…..eh?

                    (I love too, how I said “most Libertarians”- so Clover mentions one person…who was not even a Libertarian- LOL)

                    • Its not early for me, its late, Eric. ^^
                      Nunzio if Progs didn’t have doubt standards, they wouldn’t have any at all…

      • No offense eric, but your anti-diaper crusade while noble and spot on, is not the most important issue you should be focusing on at this time in history…17 year-old Kyle Rittenhouse currently sits in a jail cell for the “crime” of defending himself from violent antifa attackers in Kenosha. I have seen your articles about second amendment issues in the past, particularly in Virginia, but I have yet to see any columns about Kyle Rittenhouse and the shameful way he is being portrayed in the media.

            • Sad truth. I’ve NEVER understood the point of destroying the homes and businesses in your own community. Many of those business people are members of their own side.

          • Why the very idea that WLM is RAYCIST!!… ^^ Its sad that so many white people have been brain washed with BS about “white privilege” and taken in the nonsense about “white guilt”. But its all part and parcel of the nonsense that is Identity politics. Known in earlier years as Divide and Rule.

            Its darkly ironic that the party of slavery (democrats) are the ones claiming to be “protecting” minorities. When in fact, its their welfare traps, that have done more damage to black families, than their past slavery ever managed to. Fortunately, some are waking up to that fact.

        • Hi Bill,

          I agree the Rittenhouse business is serious business – and it’s of a piece, fundamentally, with Diapering, which is the symbol of everything. Rittenhouse stands accused of nothing… in terms of any moral offense and arguably, event statutory offense. He defended himself from imminent and very clearly likely lethal harm. Those of us who do not Diaper are expressing the same thing, self-preservation against an attack. More on this soon.

          • FWIW, the prosecutor’s filing in the criminal complaint against Rittenhouse before the court actually very clearly and immediately makes the case for self-defense under WI law, based on the sequence of events and material facts the prosecution claims as true. Not sure if the DA there is incompetent, or deliberately shuffling the political liability for prosecutorial failure/case dismissal off to the judge in a cynical political maneuver. (Both are elected positions, anyway.)

            Assuming Rittenhouse has competent counsel, I fully expect a pre-trial dismissal based on the charging documents alone, barring any heretofore unknown evidence (or claim of evidence) from the prosecution. (Self-defense isn’t even an affirmative defense requiring trial argument in WI- it requires the prosecution prove it *isn’t* self-defense in that state, once the defense claims it *was*.) If that *doesn’t* happen, then I’ll be more concerned, as the judge is then either unfamiliar with the law or is trying actively to make new law.

            Expect a bevy of rage and foam and would-be righteous indignation when that happens. Right around the end of October, early November when it starts, if his lawyers don’t cede the right to a speedy trial and if it’s on a typical timetable.

            • Hi Mike,

              Indeed. I wonder, also, whether the prosecutor is hoping for the question to be not whether Rittenhouse is guilty under the law but to bring into question the law itself. Once upon a time, that would have rightly been seen as a gross breach of procedure as well as a general outrage and without a chance of resulting in any sort of conviction. But we live in a different time and “the law” is whatever those wth power claim it is – or isn’t.

              If Rittenhouse is found guilty, then we are in trouble.

              • That depends. If he is found guilty, it WILL go to appeal. Now, depending on the quality of his lawyers, it can go several ways. But given the evidence involved, an even semi decent lawyer is going to make the DA look like a political hack. You should check out Robert Barnes on You Tube, for an example of the type of experienced lawyer he needs.

    • Pat, I would suggest then that you provide empirically proven data for the opposite supposition. Extraordinary suppositions require extraordinary proof (Carl Sagan paraphrased), and the morbidity suppositions for SARS-COV-2 appear to me to be quite extraordinary! A bunch of libertarians in a bar is not an extraordinary supposition, neither is their continued health after singing (hopefully good old Irish drinking songs!) in said establishment.

      • Considering that alcohol impairs the immune system’s abilities…..regardless of COVID, I’d say bars are not the best places if one wants to remain healthy!

        • Nunz, a good brew does more for the spirit than any damage that might accrue from the ethanol content…ask Benjamin Franklin!

          BTW, anyone see what is going on in Rochester, NY right now with smash-em-up and protesting (but I repeat myself)? Formerly staid, formerly peaceful, Eastman Kodak and RIT, ROCHESTER NY for crying out loud! Last time I was there 30+ years ago, the biggest controversy was Bills or Giants (Bills of course)…the whole state of NY is circling the drain.

          • **”a good brew does more for the spirit than any damage that might accrue from the ethanol content…”**

            True, Crusty. I think, in moderation, some alcohol and or nicotine wont do any harm, and will likely even do some good, physically and mentally (Seems people were a lot more friendly and relaxed when smoking was more common, and allowed in public).

            Trouble is, many people exceed moderation- and then incur harm to themselves. Even water or carrot juice can kill ya in excess. (Seriously- there was a guy who actually died because he drank a large quantity of carrot juice in like an hour!)

    • True, Mr. Jones. …and more than that. Google search “slave mask 1800s” and guess what pops up? Imported african slaves in masks. I don’t understand why black folks are NOT flatly refusing to wear these things and if forced by, let’s say a leftie starbucks employee, begin calling them a racist bigot to their face with a discrimination lawsuit following.

      Masks, (especially certain colors) are symbols of slavery in the democrat controlled south from before and during the Civil War. They are just as racist as a democrat confederate stars and bars.

      Any african-american who is only slightly ambitious could easily end up making six figures in the next few months just by being refused service for not wearing a slave-mask. Just add a greedy, sleazy lawyer into the mix (better call Saul), and it’s off to the races. (no pun intended) Know what I mean?

  11. The massive protests against coronaphobia mandates that have recently occurred in several European cities has gone completely unreported among the CIA infiltrated Mockingbird Media in the US. There is no report of them at all, much less how large. So, it appears that Europe is now the “land of the free and home of the brave”, while the US has fallen to the “land of the fee, and the home of the slave”. Where real community has disappeared, to be replaced by a completely artificial one based on submission.

  12. All the while these same sheeple are either ignorant of, or willingly oblivious to, the by far most dangerous disease mankind has ever faced. Government. Compared to government, common criminals are just an inconvenience. These monsters are setting the stage for MASSIVE poverty, which is by far the most dangerous plague. In fact, a great deal of the credit for our improved health that is claimed by the Medical Industrial Complex, is more a result of general prosperity, wherein we eat better, and have more effective sanitation. Polio, for example, was well on its way to oblivion BEFORE there was a vaccination for it. Because we were more prosperous.

  13. This is why they wanted to get everyones’ guns so badly. Notice how the raid team has guns. We still have our guns in America — we still have our guns!

    • Indeed, Harry –

      The fact that millions of people in this country have millions of guns is why the Diaperers proceed more cautiously than in Australia, where millions have none or very few. The most awful thing to contemplate having to decide whether to just submit – or take the next step. It’s a choice the Russian “kulak” faced. It is a choice the “asocial” (people like us) and the Jew faced in Germany. It is the choice we may face very soon, if this sickness isn’t remedied by other means.

      • While we have no idea how oppressive China is in reality, we do know that Australia is either the most, or second (to China) most oppressive in its insistence its people participate in this fraud. New Zealand is likely in the top 5. Ten years ago, one would not believe such was possible, much less likely. New Zealand was an idolized target of expatriation to avoid tyranny. It was the preferred destination of seekers of liberty. Australia was considered a liberty leaning nation. Both are perfect demonstrations of how fast things can go quite badly. And all it took was disarming the population. As long as there is a risk of armed resistance, the enforcers of tyranny show at least some restraint. They prefer to go home tonight, alive and well. One of the critical points made by Solzhenitsyn.

        • Exactly JWK. Without the support of the Enforcer class (the big men with clubs/spears/swords/guns). All those who wear Funny Hats can do is rant and rave. Once the enforcers start to take non trivial losses, they start to be more interested in survival, than following the orders of those wearing Funny Hats.
          One of the best ways to speed that process up, is to have a heavily armed population. That way, if even 1% take *intelligent* counter action, this country would become ungovernable.

        • It wasn’t fast, JWK. They’ve been instituting the leftist BS Down Under for decades now. In the 80’s when we were still relatively free, Aussieland already had nationwide Orwellian CPS/”social welfare” tyrannies operating which are just as bad or even worse than some of ours currently are.

          If one was cognizant of what’s been going there in recent decades…it’s basically the same play-book that we’ve adopted- the same charades- only instead of blacks, it was Aborigines and Maoris- but the very same BS- riots and protests; fatwas against “racism”; Seat belts…drunk driving….gun-control, don’t prosecute violent criminals, but persecute average people who haven’t harmed a fly for every little infraction of some statute supposedly aimed at curtailing “crime”…etc. etc.

          Seems every country is using the same play-book- but people somehow think the results will be different in their country…and never acknowledge what’s happening until it’s literally at their front door.

          ‘Straya took away everyone’s guns…”to reduce crime”…and of course, crime skyrocketed- but yet how many Americans still preach gun-control as a crime preventative? Worldwide instant communication- and we can see what goes on all over the world….but for some reason people are unable (or unwilling) to learn, even when they see their cherished ideologies implemented everywhere else, and achieving the exact opposite results of what they promote….. “But it’ll be different here”.

    • I have the same problem in Lexington, KY. I’ve seen delivery drivers not wearing them. Or others who work outside (construction, lawn service, etc.). But I’m too old for that crap. I quit a job earlier this year because of all the virus nonsense, and I’m not working outside the home for the rest of the year. Currently taking a tax prep class and hoping to get on with HR Block next January. And hopefully the diaper mandates will be gone by then, but I’m not holding my breath.

  14. Enjoying your posts and feeling encouraged. I REFUSE to wear a face diaper. I’ve already been kicked out of one grocery store in my small community. They didn’t care that I claimed I was exempt. I set my basket down and said I would shop elsewhere and walked out. I will never submit. Most places don’t say anything to me or when I say I am exempt they grudgingly allow me to continue my business. I hate going anywhere though because it’s horrifying being the only sane person in a sea of zombies.

    • I have become so accustomed to shopping in retail establishments without a mask, that it’s become routine and I hold my head up just a little higher because I’m proud that I don’t feel the need to conform to something as ignominious as masking which I consider to be worse than nonsense. Dealing with store monitors has become increasingly easy for me and I have yet to be confronted by a government enforcer or another customer, even though I wear a body cam, just in case. For various reasons, dealing with the medical establishment is a lot more difficult, but that’s a whole other matter.

      But one of the reasons that it’s so easy for me, is that I’m pretty confident, that not wearing a mask is not going to have any really serious consequences for me. However, if the kind of enforcement measures that we see in some of the videos like this one become more commonplace, then it would be relatively easy for them to focus their attention on just a few nonconformists like me. If there were even a little more resistance, I think it would make a big difference, so I think it’s very important to encourage other resisters whenever we can.

        • Hi Polly,

          I don’t hug them – but I do smile and usually approach and talk with them. Us Big Goose Loonies – some will know the reference – have got to stick together!

        • Shopping around faceless people is disturbing, so I grab what I need and get out. I used to love hanging out in Meijer’s for an hour or so, shopping around all the departments, occasionally finding something new and useful. I miss it.

          • Ditto, Snap –

            Even at the new place I sometimes go to work on the laptop and drink coffee, the sight of almost everyone but myself Diapered is disturbing. The only reason I even go is to show my Undiapered self. I have to fight the urge to just stay away from anywhere these sad people congregate.

            • Like other commenters here on your site, I’m grateful you’re willing to prioritize and ‘face’ this issue. Hopefully persistence pays off!

          • It IS disturbing to see all of the masked zombies. I don’t watch TV or modern movies…but I’ve heard the phrase “Zombie Apocalypse”- and we certainly see tons of zombies around us now!

            At least it makes it realize whose side they’re on…and how rare sane lovers of liberty are.

            • My daughter calls them the Zombie Plague. Thats because they flee from the socialist hell holes, that their votes helped to create, and take their socialist mentality with them. Thus infecting yet another place. That is how red states turn purple, and then eventually blue. In search of their “perfect society”…
              Speaking of which, you may enjoy this new video. Let me know what you think.

        • I use a Cammpro 1296P HD Police Body Cam, 128G that I’m very happy with. ($150 at Amazon but you can get one with less capacity for less money) It is virtually the same thing (just a different brand) as the Miufly 1296P HD Police Body Cam.

          It comes with a 360-degree clip and works best if you clip it at chest height, but I just clip it to my belt because it is more comfortable and unobtrusive. I usually only turn it on for a couple of hours when I go out shopping, but fully charged I think it is supposed to operate for up to about 10 hours. It has a 2-inch display to view recorded videos or you can use the included usb cable to download videos to your computer. The video quality is good and the audio quality is fair. It is easy to operate by touch if you want to activate or deactivate the video. If you have it on standby and then press record, you can set it so that the recording includes up to 60-seconds of whatever happened before you pressed the record button. It also has night vision, but I haven’t actually tested that. Let me know if you have any questions.

    • Hey Polly,

      My wife refuses to diaper up. I have the utmost respect for women that don’t diaper. The diaper pushers at the store are more emboldened to go after women. It irritates me that some 25 year old male never says a word to me at any store I go into, but my wife sometimes gets harassed. Never kicked out, just barked at by someone that acts no better than a bully. My 88 year old grandmother has had the same treatment. It makes me want to go there and string them up. It’s like they can sense it, so they completely ignore or pretend they don’t see me unmasked.

      The whole thing is depressing for my wife but she stays strong. There needs to be women that stay strong in the face of the bullies. Those women are scarce. I congratulate all women that stay strong.

      • If I was a single dude (thankfully I’m blessed with a wife of noble character) A magic face diaper would be my first clue not to talk to a girl. That would cull out a big % of females that would turn out to be useless or worse screaming Marxist banshees worshiping ghetto goons like Geo Floyd et al.

        I had a no ghetto language and no tattoo policy. I wound up with a lady MD who loves being an adoring wife and mother and loves being a successful self employed Doctor as well.

        She told me an interesting story: When single and approached by an interested guy the inevitable question of her employment would come up. She learned to avoid it as long as possible. When she answered “A Doctor” the dudes couldn’t get away from her fast enough. Apparently wussie boys were intimidated by her profession! That blew my mind. I couldn’t imagine a more attractive kind of woman- independently affluent (that filters out the gold diggers), proven self discipline (that filters out lazy ass babes), a self-starter (that filters out the indolent), member of an intellectual eco-system and fraternizes with the same (that filters out looser friends trying to wreck her romance and the stupid, inane, petty and generally destructive chicks)

        Through the years I’ve met MANY single lady doctors who echo the same experiences. Some were smokin’ hot. Some were just girl next door average looking. In the end pretty is a pretty does, and as time rolls on high functioning women tend to look better than worn out former high school hotties with drooping tats.

        Moral of the story- If you have a young man in your family let him know that high functioning single girls are lonely. Apparently the average douche nozzle wants a Pamela Anderson tatted and plastic enhanced type bimbo with an 80 IQ. One caviot: The young man has to have a quality character. Greasy tatted up dipshit looking mouth breathing mumbling boys trying to ape the cultural Marxist ideal will be dismissed out of hand.

        BTW: If class envy is your hangup, my Dad was a janitor. I’m a college dropout. I’m a medical moron. I’m not very good looking. I’m not an athlete. We have zero commonality in profession. I’m a hands on fix it up guy with dirt under my fingernails. What she saw in me was rugged individualism, self-discipline, and a will to treat her like a gentleman is supposed to treat a lady:With respect, dignity, and fidelity. With dedication to her and our children.

        Tell the young bucks that they can marry up. It works.

        • An excellent tonic, Auric – thank you!

          I had a similar conversation a few weeks ago with a friend of mine, an older guy who is quite a character (which is another story). Anyhow, my friend and I were talking about how a Diaper instantly ruins an otherwise attractive woman. You just know she’s a goner and probably a never was’er. If there is any upside to the Diapering, it is a literal sign on the girl’s head that you ought to wait for the next one.

        • Auric, I don’t know about the wussie guys, but if I were in the dating market, I’d abstain from any woman who was a practicing professional, mainly because I’d want one who did not come with the time and commitment obligations to a profession, because I’d expect any wife to have those commitments to me and our home. (Medical professionals would be a double whammy, as I am strenuously opposed to most of the practices of modern medicine!)

          Hey, I did see a babe on my last visit to Walton’s Third-World Bazaar & Circus Of Weirdos a few days ago! Gorgeous (To me…probably not to many other men)- a little plump, but with fine features and small appendages…and no mask! Such are becoming rarer and rarer. She was even dressed femininely…a rarity these days for the under 30 crowd! If only I still cared…. (Hey, I’m probably not too much older than her father)

          • Hi Nunz,

            When I see a fellow sane person – an Undiapered – out and about, I always approach and greet. I did so yesterday at Lowes. Saw a young couple, Undiapered – and told them how nice it was to see I’m not the only person in the place who isn’t a member of the Cult. We all had a good laugh!

      • Ancap,

        Thanks for the encouragement. Glad to hear you have a wife with courage! Unfortunately, those types of women seem to be rare.

        On the one had, I wish there was a place to escape to for ancaps, and on the other, I don’t want to have to run away from these petty tyrant meddling bastards.

  15. Please keep doing this! There’s no more important issue for me right now. I’m hoping people are just slow to realize what these diaper edicts represent – total control over literally every aspect of their lives.

    I think resistance will build up. Here in Michigan, there is a statewide petition drive to overturn a 1945 law that gives the governor unlimited emergency power with no checks and balances from the legislature. It will have no problem getting the 340,000 signatures needed. They expect to gather 500,000 by Labor Day.

    Parents of school age children are annoyed that in-person school has been delayed for at least a month – teachers are pushing back by saying “We’re not a babysitting service”. Parents not happy!

    • How did Michigan come to pass such a law during WW2 or just after? Was there an emergency event of some sort? I’ve heard of that law and it is absolutely tyranical how it places this power in the governors hands without declaring marshal law. Just curious?

      • It was passed May 24, 1945; if I remember correctly, the war had formally ended earlier that month. I’m also curious and will research it. Michigan is my adopted state; any state history I learned was in Virginia, where I attended high school.


      • Ok, here’s the best thing I could find so far:

        A History of Michigan’s Controversial 1945 Emergency Powers Law:

        Apparently, at first glance it has nothing to do with wwII – a Michigan State Police district commander from Detroit felt restricted in controlling a riot that had occurred two years earlier –

        Interesting also, when you read about governors since Governor Kelly, who signed the law- tempted to use the thing for all kinds of situations (floods, etc) – but in practice wasn’t used for the first time until 1964 under Gov George Romney. He used it several more times during his tenure.

        The thing that jumps out at me is the willingness of government to micro-manage everything, if given the opportunity. Several governors were tempted before Romney, but declined to use it.

        Also, it passed after six weeks from presentation; (I don’t know, is that a long or a short time for this type of bill?) overlooked was the abuse that could happen with this law; it seems it could have been written more carefully.

      • They used WWII as an excuse or distration to impose all sorts of tyrannies on us, as we “made the world safe for democracy”- including the withholding of taxes directly from one’s paycheck before one even sees it.

        WATCH OUT any time a politician proclaims that “we are fighting for freedom” or “They hate our freedom”- LOL.

  16. Hey Eric,

    “…a sickness that poses no threat (well, no threat of death) to 99.6 percent of the population”.

    Your case is actually better than that. It’s important to understand what is meant by the overall mortality rate, the crude case fatality rate and the infection fatality rate, as willful misrepresentation (not on your part) of these has fed the fear machine.

    – The mortality rate is deaths per total population.
    – The crude case fatality rate is deaths per confirmed cases.
    – The infection fatality rate is deaths per estimated cases.

    The current mortality rate in the US, based on reported numbers, is somewhere between 0.0033% and 0.054%. So, your above claim could read, “…to 99.95% of the population”.

    In the early days of this madness, the WHO claimed, without context or definition, that the CFR of Covid was 3.4%. This was the crude case fatality rate, known to be some orders of magnitude higher than the infection fatality rate. While it’s true that the data did not exist at the time to make an accurate estimate of the IFR, it was known at the time, that it would be far lower than the crude CFR. This incredibly important distinction between the crude CFR and the IFR was never made by the WHO, the CDC or the mainstream media. Instead, the false, irresponsible and destructive idea that Covid was wildly more dangerous than the seasonal flu (34 times more deadly!) was promulgated.

    Before Covid, the IFR was used to compare the virulence of different respiratory infections, viruses, etc… No responsible scientist would have used the crude CFR, at least without explanation, to describe how dangerous was a particular virus. Yet, this was done with Covid, to disastrous results. To this day, the average American believes that Covid is hundreds of time more deadly than it actually is. It is hard to believe this was unintentional.


    • Thanks, as always, for the back-up Jeremy!

      I wish this debate were based on the facts rather than the hysteria; of course, if it were, there’d be no hysteria. And then, no “crisis” in need of “solutions.”

      • ALCON, I write from Hershey park, where Covid fever is still in full insanity. Masks, for all, or be thrown out of park, must social distance, even on rides, so rides remain half empty, masks while riding rides, etc. Apparently, this is driven by the “authoritahs” requirements for the park to even remain open. So the government’s agenda is the real criminally driven problem, not so much the businesses seemingly obsessing over your mask. Its the government’s criminal behaviors, again, sigh….if not for the wife and.kids I wouldn’t be here though.

        • Hi Saxons,

          What a depressing image of what used to be a good time. I can’t imagine going to an amusement park under such circumstances. I’d much rather just stay home…

    • Jeremy,

      To your point about Americans believing COVID is much more deadly than it is, here’s a very good and interesting survey done by Franklin Templeton-Gallop that documents just how badly the average American’s misconceptions about COVID are: https://us.beyondbullsandbears.com/2020/07/28/on-my-mind-they-blinded-us-from-science/

      Just one example from the survey:
      “Americans overestimate the risk of death from COVID-19 for people aged 24 and younger by a factor of 50”

      • Hi Greg,

        I’ve also read that the average person believes the total number who’ve died (supposedly) from the WuFlu is in excess of 1 million. But the aspect of this which disturbs me the most – because it is the basis of all the rest – is that so many people have been taught to regard (and treat) people who aren’t sick as presumptively sick. It’s j’accuse – without the slightest evidence – and conviction/punishment as a matter of course.

        With innocence being irrelevant.

        Approach a store. Wear a Mask!


        I am not sick.

        Well, you might be. And so, you must.

        I’ve written about this at length previously, but if a person who isn’t sick can be compelled to wear a Face Diaper because he might be sick, then I see no logical basis for objecting to a mandate – in the name of public safety – that every person who owns a firearm must turn it in since he might harm someone with it, too. Everyone must be presumed a “tax cheat” as well, since anyone might be one; cash must be replaced by electronic currency. Any white person could be a racist; therefore all white people must be presumed racist and made to pay reparations and attend re-education classes to understand their “privilege.”

        Wuf Flu is a disease, all right. The disease of authoritarian collectivism – repackaged (again) in a form with a higher IFR rate than plain ol’ Marxism ever managed.

        • Hi Eric,

          I agree. As heavily propagandized as everything related to COVID has become, I’m still dismayed at how little of it is questioned by the general public. And one of the things I like about the survey is that it documents how far off some of the perceptions are from reality.

          And of course, you’re right about the presumption being that because you MIGHT be sick, you should have to wear a mask. During our lifetimes there have been a lot of things that used to be treated more as “rights” and are now treated more as “privileges”. (Driving, owning a gun, practicing certain trades, etc.). And the burden of proof has been turned on its head – rather than having to prove that you are a threat before being required to do something or being prohibited from doing something, you have to somehow prove that you are not a threat. It’s not too hard to imagine a time in the not too distant future that in order to exercise the “privilege” of not wearing a mask, you will have to produce your vaccination identification card.

          • Hi Greg and Eric,

            I found another survey that claimed that many Americans believe that Covid has killed 9% of the population, that’s about 30 million people! This would mean that everyone in America, except a modern day Zarathustra, would personally know dozens of people who have died.


          • Hi Greg,

            “…I’m still dismayed at how little of it is questioned by the general public”.

            Yes, one would think that those who are genuinely afraid of this virus would do SOME independent research. The fact that they are terrified is prima facie evidence that they have not.


    • ML, its a bit more complex than that. Its not so much weakness, as thoughtlessness. All too many people have been damaged by exposure to the public indoctrination (“educational”) system. During that time, they are taught to be obedient, docile, ignorant, consumerist sheep. Then their “opinions” are created, shaped, manipulated and misinformed by the corporate mass media. They are taught to react to emotions, rather than reason and logic. Critical thinking and analysis are beyond their ability. That is the reality that we are confronting.

      Couple that with tens of millions being thrown out of work, losing the ability to keep a roof over their heads, get food for themselves and their families, and no health coverage, and the only wonder is that matters aren’t even worse. Yet.

      Eric is right in regards to dealing with this hysteria now. This is just early phase one. Later on it will take out right major violence to prevent its advance. If it reaches that point, matters will not end well for any of us. As for phase two and three. Thats a nightmare most people are not capable of imagining at this point. Lets hope we do not see that.

      • BJ:

        Like I said, weakness.

        WEAK wēk
        adj. Lacking physical strength, energy, or vigor; feeble.
        adj. Likely to fail under pressure, stress, or strain; lacking resistance.
        adj. Lacking firmness of character or strength of will.

        • Yes. But as I said, the reality is a bit more complex. Understanding the reason for the failure, is important if we seek to avoid it in the future. I regard most of these poor people as victims of a insane/evil system. While mercy can not rob justice, justice requires understanding of context and intentions.

  17. This is chilling. As egregious as it is, notice how the news media are obviously biased in favor of the police because after all they are acting according to the law and the guy being arrested has encouraged resistance to lockdowns and mandatory masking. Obviously they’ve already eliminated any real crime in Australia and have plenty of time on their hands, because as they explain in the video officers from the public order response unit and the highway patrol will be able to devote the resources to be out in force to enforce social distancing and masking and to monitor transport into the city for people who may be coming to protest.

    • Hi Greg,

      I noticed the same thing; their contempt for James Bartolo was palpable, their glee at his punishment obvious. Sickening that the country of my birth has fallen so low.


    • Hi Greg,

      It’s terrifying – because inevitable, if this is not beaten back somehow. The first step is refusing to give it any legitimacy. If that can be done, the rest becomes easier…

  18. “Stop giving in to the pressure. Stop letting yourself be guilted or browbeaten into submitting to other people’s sickness…”

    Or at the very least, if you’re giving in to the pressure, give in to *actual* pressure. I get that some folks want to avoid confrontation, but so many slip on the mask because of a sign. Try walking in without a mask and at least make them ask you to put it on. If they don’t ask, they probably don’t care. They put the sign up to keep the government off their backs.

    • I’m sitting in a car dealership lobby right now, while brakes are being put on my car, unmasked. No one’s said a word, though I’m the only undiapered currently. So, to your point it’s always good to try.

      It does get much more difficult when it comes to work, at least for me. I’m the sole income for my family (wife + 4 kids), so quitting on principle or forcing a firing isn’t a responsible option. Still trying to figure out how to work around that.

      • Dave,

        My biggest complaint about governments’ response to covid is the crippling, and in many cases, destruction of the economy. So where you have the one job, and you don’t want to disrupt your family’s cash flow, I get it and I support you 100%. Where you’re the consumer, and there are multiple options, and you push the envelope on mask-resistance, I support that 100% too. At the end of the day, we all perform some kind of cost/benefit analysis and choose our actions accordingly. Needing to try a couple of other shops to get brakes is a much lower cost than quitting a job without having something lined up. That being said, if your employer is heavy with the mask mandates, you might consider this a warning shot and start planning an exit strategy while maintaining that cash flow. Easy for me to say though, I don’t have that situation. Good luck!


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