Reader Question: Keep Bike – or Buy Gun?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Mitch Asks: I’ve been following your articles for many years and always enjoy them. Especially the bike articles since I am more into them than cars which for me are basically appliances I buy because I need them more so than because I want them. Anyhow, I was wondering about your thoughts on the following…

I have two bikes, which I haven’t ridden much most of this year because of the lockdowns and because in my state (PA) there’s isn’t much worth riding to anymore because of the Face Diapers and all the rest. So I am thinking about selling them and using the money to get something I may get more use out of . . . a pistol or maybe two of them.

Do you think this is crazy? What would you do?

My Reply: I do not think it’s crazy. Because we are living in crazy times. I’ve given thought to selling one of my four bikes – the sport bike, which is the least practical of the three – and using the proceeds to buy ammo (the items which need the ammo having been addressed already). 

Because things could get crazier – and the election hasn’t even been held yet. It doesn’t take a prophet to see where things are trending. Especially if you’re a Diaper Dissenter and Needle Refuser.

I regret not having bought a rifle when they were selling for 50 percent less than they are now. If you can find one.

If things calm down, there will be time – and money – to get another bike. If they do not, you may regret having a bike you haven’t got much use for and not having the thing you may have a lot of use for.

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  1. Not at all unreasonable to trade off a bike or whatever fill in the ____ thing for a self defense tool.

    I will say don’t stall around too much. If you see a gun you want and have the cash buy it THEN I ‘ve seen local retailers get a shipment of a dozen AR’s or handguns in, and theyre gone that afternoon just a couple hours later. Make sure you can acquire the ammo also many deals are fresh out or have strict limits on how many boxes they will sell. can be a good site for used firearms bought from individuals also. Recently got a nice Deer rifle in like new condition there for under retail.


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