Untruth in Advertising

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Would you leave your home – even if you weren’t ordered to stay home – if you actually believed the Black Death (or something comparably serious) was in the air and that you stood a very real chance of being killed by it?

Would you trust your life to a dirty old bandana? A disposable “mask”? Feel comfortable because you were standing six feet apart from a possible plague carrier?

Probably not.

Shopping isn’t worth dying. A paycheck is of less value than your life. Yet people shop and work and send their kids to school – Diapered – because they want to pretend they are worried about sickness.

This is the real sickness afflicting America.

The Diaper is a prop.

Kind of like the blanket Peanuts character Linus carried around with him – except not cute.

No one in their right mind – in possession of the facts – would risk the Black Death or something even an eighth as serious for any reason shy of absolute necessity. The evidence – in the form of the bodies, in the form of every third person they know falling mortally ill – as opposed to the cases! the cases! – would keep them hunkered behind their doors until the plague had passed and never mind a dirty bandana over their mouths.

But people out of their minds are out and about, doing pretty much what they were doing before they lost their minds – with a Diaper on, which is the medically useful equivalent of flapping your arms when your parachute doesn’t open.

Cloth bandanas do not bar entry to viruses.

Neither do disposable “masks.”

The point here is that very few people actually believe the assertions made about the Wuflu.

If they actually, really did believe it they would only go outside their homes with serious equipment on – and not just a rag over their faces. They would suit up, as in a bio-lab. At the least, they would not risk wearing anything less than a respirator that actually can prevent a virus from being inhaled.

The trouble is these cost money.

A box of disposable “masks” costs a couple of bucks and a dirty old bandana costs nothing, if you happen to have one lying around. A medically useful respirator costs $40 or more and not just once – but almost none of the sickness pretenders are willing to spend that much.

Which tells you something about how much they really fear this virus.

Would you put your hand into a rattlesnake’s cage if you were given a yard glove to wear? How about going for a swim in shark infested water with a social distancing sign? Or would you keep your hand in your pocket – and stay on the boat instead?

Of course you would.

Just as you wouldn’t go outside – and forget the store – if you believed even half what you are being told, Diaper or not. Which leads to the conclusion that people do not believe it, because they do go outside, to the store and pretty much everywhere else.

They want to play-pretend  – and force you to –  for reasons that are sick.

Pretending everyone is sick generates Fear and Fear is useful. It can be used to get what you want and make others afraid not to give in to it. It provides an excuse to preen as the virtuous, concerned person you aren’t, really.

Because if you were, you’d be home.

Either that or these people are exceptionally gullible, on the level of the Medieval gypsy who thinks a vial of tears worn around their necks will ward of wizards – or the aborigine who shakes a rattle at the clouds in order to coax rain from the clouds.

This is quite alarmingly possible, given the obviousness (by now) that WuFlu is not the Black Death or even less than than half a percent of it. Which is no figure of speech. The “science” and the “experts” themselves say so – openly.

That 99.6 percent of the healthy/not-elderly population do not die from WuFlu; that only 6 percent of the reported total deaths – and this “reported” number is itself extremely dubious given the appallingly loosey-goosey methods used to tabulate it – can be laid at the feet of the Wuflu. The rest died from old age and the things people always die of, such as diabetes, heart disease and accidents (viz, the guy in his 20s in Florida who was killed on a motorcycle and tabulated as a WuFlu “victim”).

People know this – as demonstrated by their willingness to act in accordance with this. As by going outside of their homes, to the store and work – with nothing more than a dirty old bandana over their faces, or an equally useless (medically) disposable Face Diaper. Because they can see the bodies aren’t stacking up and are confident that neither will theirs.

But they pretend otherwise – by wearing the Diaper in the manner of Linus and his blanket, for reasons that are very sick indeed.

Either that or they are almost unbelievably willing to do anything they are told to do, no matter how absurd, disgusting or servile.

Simply because they have been told to do it.

. . .

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  1. How many are wearing and actual N95 respirator? Very few, almost nobody. While N95’s are 23 times the cost of the typical disposable masks worn by most N95 respirators are only about $7.00 each when bought in bulk. But the cost adds up quick. $7 x 30 = $210 per month x 12 = $2,520 per year. This assumes one per day is sufficient, which it may not be if you come in “close contact with … any[one] … infected with an infectious disease requiring contact precautions.” https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/hcwcontrols/recommendedguidanceextuse.html According to our tyrants, I mean leaders, everyone should be considered infected with and infectious disease requiring contact precautions. So we are talking a substantial financial cost for those that take the dangers of C-19 as claimed by the PTSNB.

    Either most do not believe the claims or are too cheap or cannot afford actual protection.

    Of course a N95 doesn’t address the rest of a person’s body and what else we wear when we go out into the C-19 wilds. If you are not fully covered from head to foot and then, prior to entering your home, properly disrobe and disinfect any part of your body that has been in contact with the outside parts of your garments, you are bringing the plague into you home. Simply put we would all have to live as though our homes are surgical theaters if we were to take seriously what has been spewed out by the public health bureaucrats, politicians and their criminal corporate media accomplices.

  2. The real reason for masking, social distancing, lockdowns and isolation is not to keep you from contracting the fake killer virus. The true reason is to keep you from exposure which might allow you to develop normal immunity…the same way your taken-for-granted immune system does for most germs and viruses that are everywhere. The main impetus for the introduction of the fake virus is to scare billions of people into begging for a supposed life saving vaccine. This is ultra big money for Big Pharma, Gates and Fauci. This is the opportunity for the insane drop-out billionaires to have RNA/DNA altering vaccines injected into billions of people for God knows what purpose. It sure won’t be to save lives. If herd immunity develops, that means the vaccine might not be needed as the virus will likely mutate anyway. That means the super-greedy clowns wanting to implement the Great Reset, might be thwarted to some degree. Multi hundreds of billions of dollars are on the line. Sorry, but your health going forward is of little concern to the medical mafia. They are not talking about natural immune support supplements like vitamin D and have suppressed the use of various drugs that actually work well in combating Covid. You are not only submitting to masking, but submitting to allowing Big Pharma to murder you with poisonous vaccines that will not be thoroughly tested and that will have no track record. Why would you need a vaccine if you have a healthy immune system? The vaccine will only weaken your natural ability to fight off infections. You have been scared all your life into accepting whatever the medical community says and thus never question their advice. That is why you will always be sick…you exist to pad the pockets of the medical system which comprises 20% of the economy.

  3. Oh happy day, I got permission from my employer to refuse service to “mask holes” (I like that term used in a previous reply). I will refuse the diaper mandates and tell them they have to wait until I get one of my “virtue signalers” to come to site and service them. Which is precisely the point of your article. They know the masks mean nothing, its virtue signalling. And in my opinion, that’s what makes diaper mandates more dangerous, when facts mean nothing, only the fad matters.

    I intend to politely push back and let them decide what is more important, the diaper or their equipment running. They will get their service, within contracted time, as agreed, but are they willing to wait? I’m here now.

  4. A standard plot element in UFO and pandemic sci-fi movies is the government/military/scientific community hiding the truth about the space invaders in order to avoid a public panic.

    Nonsense. Public fear is the source of the government’s power. The more we believe we are in danger, the more we look to those in authority to ameliorate the threat.

    The 50 cent masks at Dollar Tree (made in Mexico) are marked on the wrapper that they “are not a medical device”. Just this year’s fashion statement. Hanes is selling masks at Wal-Mart in the same packaging and cardboard stand that they use for tee-shirts. Someone expects this craze to be around for a while.

    The second round of “stimulus money”, which the politicos would rather have as a campaign issue than actually send out, contains a provision relieving the pharmaceutical industry from liability for their “warp speed” vaccine. Guess who picks up the tab when the “side effects” start kicking in.

  5. I have prepared in my (female) mind a lot of statements re entering commercial establishments. Kinda of a fun mental game. At this point though, I don’t even plan – I don’t have to provide any info to “them”. AND – what I do now is wear my hat I got from conservative Anthony Brian Logan (has site/utube channel): navy blue ball cap that has “We The People” in white. Hey, in passing some people can get a clue.

    • Frankly, I find it hard to believe that our nation, supposedly once the land of the free, home of the brave has morphed into “land of the wimps, home of the limpwrists” so readily, willing to wear idiotic and utterly useless face-masks that provide zero protection (except possibly inhaling a fruit-fly), and following idiotic and embarrassing mandates from our “betters” down in DC. I can’t help but wonder whether this isn’t a vast sociological experiment designed to measure how much abuse “we, the peasants” are willing to endure before areas of our nation erupt in armed rebellion.

      • You can thank two key events for this:

        1. Two centuries of government indoctrination of the youth in the form of publik edjewkayshun, and

        2. Mass immigration over last two centuries from countries with no shared history of the concept of liberty upon which the U.S. was founded.

        It took time, but here we all are.

      • Most discouraging to me is the army of “mazkis” and snitches who voluntarily enforce this crap. They all seem completely blind to their hypocrisy. For instance, can they not see that forcing compliance with their concept of what is morally righteous in this case is equivalent to disallowing abortion on moral grounds? I mean outlawing abortion would save lives, right? We have to do it for the vulnerable, for granny, for the children! This country is doomed because most groups seek to use the tyranny of the majority to make everyone else comply with their stance on a given issue while trying to dress it up as “what’s best for everyone”. Individual rights are almost dead, and identity politics and virtue signaling are the last rites.

        • Hi Some,

          Agreed. The arrogant idiocy astounds me.

          For example: Restaurants that insist on Diapering – and any old rag qualifies – to enter but you can take it off once you’re at your table. This “deadly respiratory infection” is only catching when walking through a door and to a table. It doesn’t get you while you’re sitting at a table, in a confined area, with lots of other people around (Undiapered).

          If we were dealing with a “deadly respiratory virus,” such gatherings wouldn’t need to be outlawed – people would avoid them voluntarily, their survival instinct kicking in. But they don’t – because they know it’s for show. Or because they’re that submissive to authority.

  6. Don’t tell me that folks didn’t see the connection between the “unmasking” of the WuFlu and the end of that circus that was the failed impeachment of the President. Most of the draconian “lockdown” measures and overt violations of Constitutional rights, along with all the recent riots over the deaths/wounding of Negro felons whom run amok when arrested and came to grief as a result, are in Democrat-dominated areas. Not that Republicvnts haven’t been suckered in as well…

    Whether you support President Trump or not (FWIW, I voted for Gary Johnson in 2016, b/c in the People’s Republik of Calipornia, what else could I do other than at least inflate his otherwise meaningless popular vote tally, but I may cast my ballot, assuming the Post Office doesn’t shit-can it since I’m registered Libertarian and not “Dummycrat”, for Trump anyway to give the local libtards the ‘Finger’), the circumstances of all the fun and games of 2020 make it clear that those that intend to rule us no longer even put on the ‘Mask’ of “benevolence’. If somehow, via a rigged election or an outright coup, the Alzheimer-addled Biden and/or that evil cvnt, VP candidate Kamala Harris, gain power, it’s going to be open season on us “white boyz”, be assured.

    Am having to largely stay indoors, can only take my morning walks and get in a workout at my gym under the tent until the air quality goes to shit by the early afternoon, thanks to all the NorCal wildfires…which may not be entirely due to “lightning” or other inadvertent causes. Certainly a hypothetical State of Jefferson could deal with managing its forests and grasslands better…www.soj51.org

    Read the “Turner Diaries”. Though I disagree vehemently with a lot of its racism and Antisemitism, it’s predicted our times with an unnerving degree of accuracy, save that it’s twenty-five years later. Conserve your ammo and HIDE it, along with your firearms (“Stolen”). Have a plan to “bug out” and be on the road in case either the “Gubmint” or the mobs run amok, especially once Trump wins re-election and they won’t have it.

    We are assuredly living in “interesting times”. But along with other Chinese (Communist) sayings, the same character for “crisis” can mean “opportunity”, it will depend on OUR respective character.

    • If somehow, via a rigged election or an outright coup, the Alzheimer-addled Biden and/or that evil cvnt, VP candidate Kamala Harris, gain power, it’s going to be open season on us “white boyz”, be assured.

      I can’t speak for Commifornia, but for most of the rest of the country it will mean civil war. It will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, the point at which those who have guns and ammo are going to start using them against live targets in defense of their very lives.

  7. This ends one of two ways-a culture wide credibility correction that affects medicine, education/credentialing, information/infotainment, politics, governance—every institution that impacts our lives OR the dream, promise & possibility of America dies because there will be no more individualism, no dissent, no incentives, no choices-the goal of TheState will be laid bare and we will no longer be able to deny it or do anything about it-human capital goes chattel.

  8. We are in a dream or nightmare world, depending on whom you consult.
    The whole COVID HOAX is a political agenda that depends on the concept, from the Red Pill manosphere, of: “In whose frame do you live”.
    Before the inversion of our social hierarchy, men would not tolerate the pussification of reality. We ate in one room, women and children ate in another. I am old enough to remember sitting at the child’s table.
    This kept the BS in check, and it insulated us from the female world of fantasy and hysteria.
    Enter the eastern revolutionaries beginning in 1890’s: female suffrage, carry and smoke cigarettes, claim victimhood, and seek promiscuous sex, birth control, and ultimately state provided protection for hypergamy and divorce rape.
    Women were awarded control of the Frame.
    Men sat down to piss, and the whole thing went to Hell.
    Vast majorities seek female approval and permission. She defines reality, and this is the root cause of this Plandemic Hoax: Fear, Safety, Compliance, and “Take a Knee, Honey”.
    Who controls the Frame, controls the picture, and where you are in it….

    • Hi Jack,

      You reminded me… of the kids’ table. I am old enough to remember that, too. We – the kids – ate separately from the adults, so that the adults could engage in adult conversation. Today, it is routine for kids to sit at the table – itself not necessarily a bad thing, depending on the kid’s level of maturity. But the conversation is often directed by the kids – or limited by the presence of them. I find this intolerable – and I like kids. But I also like being able to discuss adult things among other adults and not have to baby-talk all the time for the sake of parents who refuse to separate the world of adults from the world of kids.

      I remember wanting to be “grown up” enough to be allowed to sit with the adults. It encouraged me to stop behaving like a child.

      • I remember that too, Eric, that the “kids” were set apart from the adults at family gatherings, so the little ones could be themselves, with often the teens enjoying that the most, while the “grownups” could just RELAX.

        Of course, men also acted like MEN and not overgrown boys. They didn’t have to demand respect from their women that hysterical feminists would have a pink fit over giving these days, they’d already EARNED it.

    • Jack, I remember sitting at the kids’ table, but there were no women sitting there with us kids. The men and women (the adults) sat together at the big table. You appear to have invented the separate “women and children’s room” in support of your theory that only men are adults.

      • LMFAO !!!!
        Great reply, but you are just not old enough to have been there.
        Even funnier, only Blue Pill men think women are other than children.
        Ever watch the Hilda-beast, PeLousy or Michael Odumma….?
        And you still thing they are adults ???

  9. A virus so extremely deadly that you need a fake test to know you have it.

    When you don’t have a say (vote) in important issues, and you’re just told what to do, then you’re a SLAVE or a PRISONER. NONE of our lives matter nowadays. America is now officially a sh**hole.

    • Funny, Harry- but I’d been saying that America is now worse than a third-world country…and that fact was corroborated to me today when I went shopping! I was looking at the shelves in the ice-cream section; looking to get some Mexican ice cream (It’s not disgustingly sweet, like American ice cream, and uses real cane sugar instead of HFCS)- The shelves were more than half empty. My mother had wanted some strwberry (American) ice cream a few weeks ago…I still haven’t been able to find any (But if you want ice cream with bits of candy in it, or bubble-gum flavored ice cream…no problem!)

      So this Mexican woman strikes up a conversation with me- she was equally disgusted by the bare shelves and paltry selection of garbage- and she ends up saying: “I thought the streets in America were paved with gold. What is this?! I’ve never seen anything like this in Mexico! We had good food in Mexico, and you never see empty shelves.” She said she is going back! (And she was one of the few customers, other than myself, not wearing a symbol of submission on her face!)

      • Morning, Nunz!

        Hey, I am curious about the Mexican ice cream. What is the brand? I’d like to get some next time I venture to Wal Mart among the Diapered…

        • Hi Ya Eric!
          The brand is Helados. I get a box of “pelatitas” (Ice cream pops- in three flavors: Coconut, mango, and strawberry- flavored with real fruit- not chemicals- and <$4) and "bolis"- They look like short fat "pop ices"- The only flavor of them they carry locally is "rompope" which is Mexican eggnog- and these things are SO delicious…and refreshing- they actually cool you down! -Also under $4 for 6 of 'em- but they're quite massive. (I had no idea what they even were the first time I bought 'e- "WTH is 'rompope'? But they're orange- how bad can they be?".

          I had given up on American ice cream- was so glad that I found these! The difference is night and day.

          • Don’t forget Mexican Coke, Nunz! Great stuff made with cane sugar instead of toxic corn goop, it’s the way Coke was here in the U.S. 60 years ago. Also it gives me great pleasure to tell cops (if I’m unfortunate enough to be around one) how much I like Mexican Coke and that my connection for it is at the local supermarket.

            One thing the beaners have gotten right is not putting a lot of poisonous crap into their food.

            • Jason, I recently tried the Mexican Coke. What a difference! WoW! I don’t often drink soda…but darn, now I remember why I used to like it so much when I was a kid!

              Hey, next time ask that cop if he’s looking for his pet donkey: “I’ll bet you’re looking for Dixon The Ass”. I’m sure hilarity will ensue!

      • Helado mexicano: ¡muy delcioso, y más sano que las marcas estadounidenses!

        Yes, Mexican ice cream –Mexican grocery product in general– is FAR superior to the “Frankenfood” American brands that they try to shove down our throats.

        And what the HELL is with this bare shelves nonsense? Are the REALLY trying to induce artificial shortages of everything? Something else the Lamestream Media organs aren’t talking about.

  10. I’ve taken to laughing out loud when I see the masked among us in patently ridiculous behavior, such as today: out at the park a mother with two toddlers walking along the path on a windy, sunny day…she was diapered her kids weren’t. I thought of how stupid she looked, exposing her kids to something she believes is SO dangerous that SHE puts on a mask, so funny! So I chuckle when they pass me by. Coronacrazy.

    • …she was diapered her kids weren’t. I thought of how stupid she looked, exposing her kids to something she believes is SO dangerous that SHE puts on a mask, so funny! So I chuckle when they pass me by. Coronacrazy.

      I think we can call this incident an example of “Coronapocrisy.” The Wicked Witch of the West (ak.k.a. the Speaker of the House of Reprehensibles ) was guilty of a particularly egregious instance recently.

  11. One of our local politicians has said that the mask mandate is symbolic, like the plastic straw ban. It’s good, because it keeps the issue at the forefront of people’s minds, so that they make accommodations in other parts of their life, so it doesn’t matter whether the mandate itself is effective.

    There was never a time in my life that I wanted to burn someone at the stake as much.

  12. You can’t make this stuff up.

    A woman in Tennessee who died in February received a letter that in June she was tested and that she was Covid-19 positive. It’s on the news down in Tennessee, I included the link, but the spam filter got mad and refused the post. har

    I am beginning to think the people in charge don’t know if they are afoot or horseback.

    • I am beginning to think the people in charge don’t know if they are afoot or horseback.

      The people in charge are so full of hubris that they no longer care that their lies and incompetence are so brazen and shameless.

  13. There’s a political angle as well, emanating from the secular religion of leftists. These self-deluded “progressive” fools are more likely to believe the numbers (after all, the case numbers are promulgated by their church, the government) or to believe there have been more deaths than the over-inflated numbers represent. They, who could not articulate what science is (a process of trying to disprove a hypothesis through empirical investigation), are the ones to yell “because science” when challenged about the actual efficacy of a diaper. Their house organs (google, fb, Twitter, etc.) censor truth and countering views and evidence. Not to mention their chief priest nominee and her pervert senile figurehead have made diapering a campaign issue. How the hell can diapering seriously be a campaign platform unless it is aimed at the primal political urges of their supporters?

    For true believers, it’s political, it’s religious/cultist, it’s ignorance manifest, and it’s part sadomasochist, mixed in with an element of hatred, zeal, fear, envy, and shame.

  14. While I agree with what you wrote today, I have to take exception with the idea that everyone doesn’t truly believe we’re facing the Black Death. I wrote after another of your articles that I commented on a horse racing site about Bob Baffert (the winning trainer of the Derby yesterday) as the only one who wasn’t wearing a muzzle, and I’m glad he won for just that reason. Well, here is some of the vitriol I got in return for that comment:

    “Yeah, let’s get the people with weak immune systems sick and possibly have them die!
    Your comment is completely uneducated and fueled by some stupid, political agenda. Face masks aren’t political, they’re related to health.”


    “You can’t know who has COVID and who doesn’t, which is why you wear the masks. He could be a carrier and is risking weaker people’s lives for his own comfort, which is disgusting. Your comment about staying home is equally uneducated. People with weak immune systems don’t deserve to shop or go to the doctor? Even if that wasn’t the case, they’d have to have people bring them things to survive and if no one wore PPE, then they’d still be at risk, because no one else is being cautious. Wearing a mask makes you feel a little warmer but oh well. People’s lives are more important. Do more research and maybe you can stop adding to the death toll.”

    (For the record, my comment was decidedly NOT political – I easily could just plain think that muzzles don’t work – and I DO think that, no politics needed. And the second remark was in return for someone else’s (now deleted) comment, which probably said that if you’re so scared, then stay the hell home!).

    This doesn’t sound like someone who doesn’t truly believe it, it sounds like an absolutely brainwashed, deranged person who has no ability to read, do math, or do anything besides listen to the propaganda on the nightly news. And believe every word of it (he/she probably also thinks the protests were “mostly peaceful” as well).

    At least some of these people truly do believe we’re dealing with the Black Death. They’re probably also the biggest diaper Nazis when we go into stores without them on. I just wonder if they’re waiting for the governor (emperor, Fuehrer) to tell them it’s safe to leave home without a diaper again before they’ll actually do it. What, the governor has a magic wand that will make the virus go away with an executive order? These people are sick in the head, and as gullible as the day is long. And there really isn’t any arguing with them or talking sense to them, they’ll never get it. Who’s really being political here?

    One thing I used to joke about when I still worked at the store and customers started coming in diapered up is that I wanted to buy some string from the hardware department and fresh garlic from produce. Figured if I could tie some garlic around my neck, it would keep the evil spirits away. I was careful who I told that joke to, some people are too easily offended.

    • I agree, Jim –

      Many do beeelieve (in the religious mania sense). And because they beeelieve, they feel righteous. Which makes them very dangerous. These are exactly the people who burn witches, seig heil and so on.

      The second comment you reprinted is telling: “You can’t know who has COVID and who doesn’t, which is why you wear the masks.”

      Which amounts to – you might be sick ergo you should be treated (and act) as a presumptively sick person. The danger of this argument – far beyond the parameters of the Wuflu – ought to be obvious but only assuming a functional brain that can apprehend and apply logic.

      These people must be corralled and rendered inert in some manner lest they kill us all.

      • Hi Eric,
        I’ve used the line “why aren’t you wearing a flea collar- you might have fleas and fleas carry the plague” a few times to whoever gave me grief for not being diapered. The reaction is always the same – stunned silence and then backing away like I was radioactive 😆 . Kudos to the poster who suggested it.

      • If we’re lucky the quackcine will kill them all off. But I fear it’s not going to be strong enough to do that — I fear it’ll just make them even more insane & brain damaged.

        • It’s scary to think about, Harry! Imagine the majority of people around us- all the ones we now see wearing the fear diapers….being altered by that vax- there’s no telling what physical and mental manifestations they’ll end up exhibiting- and people are already crazy enough these days, between the destruction of our culture; everyone being on some kind of pill/phsych drug/’roids/etc. and imagine the potential for the vaxxed to spread new diseases, or what might manifest itself in their spawn, with DNA being altered.

  15. Follow the money. I just perused the NC state budget that the govking signed into law a few days ago. The amount of Wuflu related money that the Feds printed then showered on just this one state is staggering. There was/is obviously more money for govt’s at all levels via the scamdemic than via the collection of taxes. Cronies are smiling and laughing behind their diapers.

    • In Idaho last week the legislature convened and voted to end the governors “state of emergency”. The Senate refused to have a hearing because they don’t want to “lose” the federal money that would come in.

      It’s all about the money. So what if small businesses go bankrupt. Will just throw some free federal funny money at them for losing their income.

  16. Eric: My wife and I were in Nashville, TN for two days this past week as I was getting a booster stem cell treatment for COPD ( which incidentally has been very effective–instead of being on oxygen full-time which I was predicted 10 years ago to be by now, I’m still able to cut and split wood, do some welding and repair work in my shop, and generally do more than most of the other 78-year olds I know), and we were sickened (not literally) by the number of ” mask holes” we saw out and about, even though the county mask mandate had supposedly expired the previous Sunday! Anyway, we ate at a local Cracker Barrel (unmasked) and I made it a point to thank at least 6 other people for not wearing a face diaper, much to their amusement. The ensuing conversations were encouraging to all concerned, I believe, especially when I remarked that ” I never expected to be spending my old age in an open-air insane asylum…with the maniacs in charge”. Not everyone has gone crazy, but we need to reassure all the non-maskers we see that they aren’t the sick fools the MSM tries to make everyone think we are. In addition, the proper reply to anyone demanding we mask is:”I cannot wear a mask safely”; end of story, no further explanation offered. Just my 2 cents’ worth, and keep up the good work!

    • Excellent, Mike!

      Reading accounts such as yours is . . . curative. Or at least, restorative. It makes one feel better. More such are wanted. I will have some of my own soon!

  17. Most masks handed out now have disclaimers about their effectiveness (or more accurately lack of ANY effectiveness). They don’t want to get sued when you get sick anyway…… This is the one that was with the masks handed out at work last week. I s### you not, this is what was on a little piece of paper with it.

    “Masks are not designed or intended to prevent, mitigate, treat, diagnose or cure any disease or health condition, including COVID-19/Coronavirus. Masks are intended for general public use only. They are non-sterile and are not intended for use in any clinical or surgical setting or where exposure to bodily or hazardous fluids may be expected, where the risk of exposure through inhalation is high, or near intense heat or flammable gas. Masks are not surgical masks, personal protective equipment, or filtering respirators (such as N95 masks).”

    If anything, these masks are giving a false sense of security.

  18. Hi Eric,

    “…that only 6 percent of the reported total deaths… can be laid at the feet of the Wuflu. The rest died from old age and the things people always die of, such as diabetes, heart disease…”

    As I wrote earlier to BJ,

    “They died with underlying conditions, not necessarily from underlying conditions. Or, at least, it’s impossible to know exactly what they died from. I think it’s important that we don’t misrepresent the with/from Covid distinction that the hysterics use to terrify people into submission. It is likely that Covid was a major contributing factor for many of those who died with comorbidities. Thus, it is inaccurate when some claim that “only 9,000 people have died from Covid”. Doing so reduces our credibility, is unnecessary and counterproductive”.

    What the data does show is that Covid19 does not pose a significant risk to the otherwise healthy. We should emphasize this, not the false claim that “only X amount of people have died from the Covid”. This is just the reverse of those hysterics claiming that hundreds of thousands have died from Covid. We don’t need to misrepresent the data in order to make the claim that the draconian lockdowns are unnecessary and harmful. The data, as it is, shows that more effort should have been made to identify the vulnerable and help them, but otherwise healthy people should have been given accurate information, and otherwise left alone.


    • Hey Eric,

      Another thought that is at least consistent with the data is that age may simply be a proxy for health. In other words, the elderly are more likely to be sick and have underlying conditions. I suspect that a fit, healthy 80 year old man, with no serious underlying conditions, is at similar risk to you or me, and at much lower risk than an obese, unhealthy 40 year old man.


      • Jeremy,
        I think you’re mostly right and I like the way you summarize it by saying that COVID isn’t a significant threat to the otherwise healthy. However, even though I can’t prove it, I suspect that a healthy 80-year old is more at risk than a healthy 50-year old because one’s immune system tends decline with age even without underlying conditions.

        Here’s a quote below from Statnews: https://www.statnews.com/2020/03/30/what-explains-coronavirus-lethality-for-elderly/

        “It is not chronological age alone that determines how one does in the face of a life-threatening infection such as Covid-19,” cautioned geriatrician and gerontologist George Kuchel of the University of Connecticut. “Having multiple chronic diseases and frailty is in many ways as or more important than chronological age. An 80-year-old who is otherwise healthy and not frail might be more resilient in fighting off infection than a 60-year-old with many chronic conditions.” Reason: She may have a younger immune system.

        • Hi Greg,

          Thanks. I suspect you’re right, other things equal, a fit 80 year old is likely to be more at risk than a fit 50 year old. My point is that overall health is probably a much more significant risk factor than mere chronological age.


      • “I suspect that a fit, healthy 80 year old man, with no serious underlying conditions, is at similar risk to you or me, and at much lower risk than an obese, unhealthy 40 year old man.”
        I am one of those 80 year old’s, healthy, fit,(except for my knees), and still cut my own firewood and grow my garden.
        I don’t wear diapers or anything else on my face for anyone or anything. I have yet to be confronted by anyone and am still waiting for the first one to challenge me about it. They may wish they hadn’t bothered.
        It is very mind-boggling to see so many people masked up, and one has to wonder just what they are thinking and why. I’m not college educated or of high IQ. But I know that if I put my hand into the fire, I ain’t gonna like the result. For me, that’s all it takes to know the truth about this whole scam. If that is an indication of the amount of common sense most wearers have, then this country is already toast. I think it’s toast anyway, but that’s an arguement that can’t be won here.
        I like what Eric is doing and trying to get done. I just wish that it would work like he believes it could. Unfortunately it is the wrong fight. I fought that fight several decades ago and had the ammo to win it, until I found out that I would still lose in the end.
        I think Nunzio might understand what I’m talking about, but few others will because it’s not what’s most important to them.
        I don’t know how old you are, but when I look back over 80 years I sure do see a lot of change and it ain’t for the better. How do you legislate morality when it’s gone?

        • I’m a fit 40 year old. My grandpa–and great friend–died at the age of 89 last year. He never would have worn a face diaper. My grand mother is 88. She refuses to diaper up. I’d say that the percentage of non-diapered is highest among people over age 75. Perhaps because they are most inclined to have individual thoughts and can remember when things weren’t so ridiculous in this country.

          It’s easy to have the pessimism that you and Nunzio have, but what else are we supposed to do? Perhaps going to the gulag loudly or silently makes no difference in the final outcome for me, but the sliver of a chance that it could make the difference in the future is all one can hope for. If that’s the last hope one can have, I guess that’s good enough for me, maybe Eric and a few others.

          That’s why we fight. I’d bet that’s why you and Nunzio fought. Your time may be winding down, but some of us are in the thick of the fight. I’m not going to throw my hands in the air and say, ‘whelp I’m fu**ed’. I’ve got 5 kids, a wife, a few friends and extended family that I can’t do that to.

          • ancap
            I’m not telling you to give up. As I said this is not the place for a discussion of the fight I’m talking about.
            I just had my first great great grandaughter about 6 months ago.
            I don’t know what the future holds for any of the dozens of my little ones other than that it will never go back to what it was, and with morality almost non-existant, how can one honestly maintain a positive outlook for anything physical? I have a tendency to stay positive and hopeful, but reality does not allow it to go too far. Facts are facts no matter how someone tries to distort them. If you honestly believe that this is all there is to life then have at it. But if you believe there’s more than just three score and ten, then maybe you should consider that because there is no way you or yours and me and mine are going to get out of this world alive, and then what.
            If I’m wrong about that what have I got to lose? I won’t be somewhere regretting all I didn’t do because of some scruple or silly belief. But if I’m not wrong?

          • I’m certainly not advocating anyone give up either! I’ve been fighting all of my life- from the time I was forced into government skool- and I will continue to fight until the Kingdom comes…or I die.

            We’re not going to change the world….but I’m certainly not going to let them change me!

            • nunzio
              That Kingdom came a long time ago. If you are an elect christian that Kingdom of God is within you.
              Doesn’t mean we should quit fighting but know Whom we are fighting and What we are fighting for. One of Satan’s biggest and best weapons is the fact that so many don’t believe he even exists. So of course they don’t fight against him or his armies.
              “Many more are the children of the bondwoman than of the free.”
              Hang in there brother.

              • Anon (BJ?),

                You think Christ has returned and “And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.”?

                In this current world, we see just the opposite- The kings of this world have all but destroyed and broken in pieces any vestiges of the manifestations of Christianity.

                Was Jesus telling the Pharisees that the Kingdom of God was within them? (“Within you” = “Among you” in the Greek- Jesus- The King, was indeed among them- But He rejected reigning on earth at that time, because that is reserved for His second coming)

                  • Aww, we may well be, Rog- Some would just have us believe that the physical Kingdom has been “spiritualized away”.

                    Just think about the physical aspects of it next time ya go through the Scriptures. We are just the “firstfruits” my friend…until “the restitution of all things”. We’re just the foreign emissaries right now….proclaiming the good news of that Kingdom, and that it will indeed come (and the time is at hand!).

        • Hi rog,

          “I’m not college educated…” Well, that’s not a point against you. Today, the college educated are among the stupidest, least informed, morally deranged and self righteous hyenas ever to plague this land. One could see signs of the emerging left totalitarian religion, even when I went to college in the mid to late 80’s.

          Anyway, thanks for your response. I’m 56 years old and I hope, and expect, to be fit and healthy if I make it to 80. I wouldn’t have said that about 5 years ago. Back then, I was obese but still pretty fit (I know many think this is impossible, it’s not). I rode my bike 3 – 5 times a week and could hold my own with other, lean cyclists. I ate what the “experts” told me to eat (low fat, high carb) and still steadily gained weight. When I hit 280 at 6′ 1″, I knew I had to do something else (calorie restricted high carb diets do not work for those prone to obesity, they make the problem worse).

          Well, I discovered Keto/Primal/Paleo (through libertarian sites, of course) and now, eating high fat meat, cheese, eggs and leafy green veggies, I weigh 190, 5 pounds lighter than my high school weight. It’s remarkable, but if the government endorses and promotes a particular “scientific” position, it’s almost certain to be wrong.


          • Hey Jeremy & Rog, et al,

            **”“I’m not college educated…” “**

            One of the best in-person conversations I’ve had in decades was with a local c.60 year-old guy who has never set foot in a school of any kind! That man could think for himself! He definitely had a leg up on me, ’cause I had to waste 10 years of my life (K-9) in government indoctrination camps. (It’s easy to remember the guy’s name, as it is the same as a Peanuts character! I was wishing I had a football handy…. But then again, unlike his eponymous cartoon character, I doubt he would have fallen for it! 😀 )

          • jeremy
            When I was in seventh grade this is how my math teacher taught us to add, subtract, and multiply. She would stand at the front and say for example; “15 times two, minus 10, plus 20, devided by 4, times 3, times 3, minus 40, answer? 50.
            She would recite this just as fast as you or I can read it off. We had to do it in our heads because we could not do it on paper fast enough to keep up. And we could. And I still can. This was teaching. How to teach children to THINK. And we did. And we can still think. She was nothing short of a genius and her name was Mrs. Short.
            Imagine that.

          • **Ah, BJ, I never know when you’re serious or when you’re pulling my leg! (Unlike that ‘other BJ’ BrandonJin- he’s always serious! 😉 )**

            Believe me Nunzio, I get that feeling many times in conversations with you, on several topics… ^^

    • I’m pretty sure that it is simply natural causes. The clues are the overall death rate and the exponential increase with age.

      Having said that the government and the quacks have killed a hell of a lot of people, probably enough to account for the slight increase in the total yearly death rate.

      Our immune systems have a mental and spiritual component. When you lock up and isolate already frail old people with pain and loneliness in their lives already, a lot of them will give up, wither away and die. And the ventilator not only damages lungs if used improperly, the fact that ventilated patients are pharmaceutically paralyzed and induced into coma/unconsciousness also leads to deaths of despair.

      My grossly inflated fiat 2 cents worth…

  19. It’s worse than blindness. It’s the refusal to see. When you live in the “information age,” when more information is more readily available more widely than ever before in human history, and when you insist on operating as though it isn’t, that’s willful blindness. Two clicks of a mouse back in March got me to Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR process, and his opposition to using that process diagnostically. It took half that much effort in February to find out that Italy was reporting that 99% of its fatalities were over 70 and had pre-existing conditions. The truth is readily available and apparent.

    This isn’t about ignorance or about information being suppressed. The promise of being taken care of, the relief of ceding their own responsibility for coping with reality to “experts” is irresistible to far too many people. Real human beings who aren’t afraid of living are a slap in their faces, an intolerable reproach. That’s why they scream in rage and insist that everyone look as stupid and led as they are: because ultimately they know they’re letting themselves be led, and deep down they hate themselves for it.

    • Precisely. I figure the reason is laziness/sloth. They prefer to be spoon fed their opinion from a box, because it takes slightly (barely) more effort to find or believe a different opinion. They have no desire to discover or defend the truth, just to believe and defend whatever is easiest and most comfortable to believe/defend. So, evil. There is no excuse. At this point, you either get it, or you choose to not get it, because you don’t want to get it.

      There is also the element of pleasure these evil people get in having an excuse to, with the apparatus at their back, attack a minority group. Attack someone who stands alone for the liberty of himself and the liberty of those attacking him.

      You can be certain these evil people would not have ever held an opinion contradicting the masses. They would have supported Hitler, slavery, and whatever else, because it would have been easier to do so. Just like today it is easier to be against Hitler, slavery, and whatever else. Just like today they support masks, when the costs of not supporting masks is low. You can be certain in those oppressive regimes, they would not have been even secret dissenters, but instead the loud, adamant, violent supporters they’re like today.

      These same people who spit in the face of an undiapered and call the health department on a business with an undiapered customer, will criticize the good Germans for not doing anything to stop Hitler.

      These people are not only no different than Nazis, communists, fascists, slave owners, schoolyard bullies, or any other oppressive regime, but are in fact worse, since they choose to ignore the history they know occurred regarding these regimes. This history is readily available for them to read, listen to, or watch up on, in an easily digestible format, basically for free. If they know the history, they can see the patterns, and see the similar patterns of today, and take action to help mitigate that potential future coming here. But their actions and inactions show that they aren’t really against that future, but actually want that future here. They value their sloth more than liberty.

      I feel so bad for the people throughout history who got it, who understood things, who were involuntarily swept along by the ignorance/evil of the masses. Of their own countrymen and rulers. We’re beginning to fully understand what they must have felt like, as we start to rhyme history. At least this time we can see we’re not alone.

  20. Or may they actually believe the hype that is promulgated by the talking heads- that the silly masks and arrows on the floors of grocery store aisles weill keep the safe….because, monkey see, monkey do, and they believe whatever the Tee-vVee says……

  21. Doing what you are told is the name of the church. Wearing the mask is the body and the new shot that is coming is the blood of their holy sacrament.

    This is the religion of the world. All of the major “religions” are playing along with it and encouraging their members to do as they are told, listen to the “experts”(priests) of this religion.

    That people cannot see this is mind boggling. But the best frauds are those hidden in plain sight.

    • Hello Ancap!

      Yes, that is what I’ve been thinking too — in the US, at least, it’s become the new “secular religion.” “COVID-19” is the enemy (devil) and the government/medical establishment are the “saviors” whose word we must accept as infallible no matter any opposing evidence. The Face Diapers are the visible and public sign of faithfulness.

      I believe that is why the adherents get so mad at us — they can’t stand the idea of someone being beyond the clutches of their newfound “faith.” No zeal like that of a convert, right?

      • Yes Chris. The religious parallels are all over in “Covid”. Like Eric has pointed out many times. It is a cult. Cults always have strong religious zealots.

        • The combination of religious aspect and psychotic aspect create a climate of submission. Coronavirue, the religious aspect, delivers the believers, in spite of abundant factual evidence, as religions often do. Those with coronaphobia deliver the self appointed policing that the psychotic are prone to do. Both are hard to combat because neither is based in reality. In combination, they represent the complete departure from reality that we face daily. As George Carlin so famously observed, “half the people you see are below average intelligence”. Which is not statistically true, as half the people you see are below MEDIAN intelligence. But it’s a useful observation none the less. Couple the low IQ population with those “educated” not to think, and you get an abundance of compliant sheep, many of which are enthusiastic in their delusion. The ONLY way out is for those of us not deluded to refuse to act as if we are. When we don’t fall over dead, the zealots will have no choice but to realize the error of their ways. And don’t give up your guns, or we will face what the poor suckers in Australia and New Zealand are. Like being jailed for a facebook post.

          • Sorry JWK, but even confronted with hard, reality based evidence, most of the Karens and Kevins will remain in their hysteria. They will continue, because they like the role of self appointed Stasi. That is the really dangerous part of this. As Stasi, they get to order others around, and rant and rave about The Cases! The Cases!. That is one of the reasons they get hysterical, when people either ignore their ranting, or attempt to reason with them. I’ve seen more and more instances of them turning violent. They are typically people with poor impulse control. Couple that with hysterical emotion, and their self appointed status as “defenders” of the Greater Good, and you have a very dangerous situation.


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