A Reader Vents: Menards and Such

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A reader sent the following, which I publish with my comments following:

lowbll writes: I just wanted to vent a little bit about this Face Diaper nonsense we are enduring, or we’re trying to get around enduring. I am in the state of Indiana, our governor was one of the last to succumb to the pressure of mandating Face Diaper order for all in public back in July; it was first set to expire August 26 at 11:59 PM, but of course it was extended another 30 days until we can  get the cases! the cases! to go down more.  Not that we had a bunch of additional deaths or anything. Even my place of work, a factory, hasn’t kept up with the news that the governor extended his order and decided that we no longer needed to wear the Diapers on the original expiration date; I’m surely not going to correct them.

As an aside from the main point of my mail to you let me tell you quickly that my factory of about 100 people saw two cases of COVID-19 diagnosis, both cases were separate in time over the summer, both people touched much of the same equipment as everybody else worked  within close proximity to many other coworkers; no one else had any sickness after being exposed to these people – which leads me to wonder how terribly contagious is this thing anyway?

To the main point of my contact with you. I wanted to let you know of my experience at Menard’s today. I went there with the intent to spend literally at least a couple of hundred dollars in tools that I need to replace for working around my house. I was immediately set upon by two vultures (employees)  about a Face Diaper being required; I had one in my pocket just in case of such a thing . I said to the vultures, “Ok, thank you”  and begin reaching into my pocket to retrieve my diaper I was further harangued by these two employees and a fellow customer coming into the store as I didn’t have it on quickly enough. I smiled at all of them as I put it on my face and started fake coughing immediately after I had it on.

The fellow customer who was still standing there started freaking out. 😱😵😷🤢,  I told him don’t worry about it, I have a diaper on my face and I left the store, never again to enter or spend a dime there for the rest of my life.  I will say  that I continue to shop at Wal-Mart as they don’t bust my balls about not having a Diaper.

My reply: Brilliantly handled, sir! I also have a plan for my next encounter with a Diaperer. If accosted, I will say – but I’m not a member! They will be baffled and ask what I mean. Of your cult, I will reply.

And then leave, coughing all the way.

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  1. I have typically spent several hundred to several thousand fedbux a year at Menards. This will never happen again. Menards delenda est!
    Hope they enjoy their bankruptcy hopefully sooner than later. Went to Lowes across the street last night, no hasslesomeone needs to needs to tell these morons that the c

  2. **”no one else had any sickness after being exposed to these people – which leads me to wonder how terribly contagious is this thing anyway?”**

    How contagious is any flu? All of our lives, we routinely encounter people every year. -at stores, offices, etc. – without masks [Which are as effective as tin-foil hats] or goggles[LOL] or anti-social-distancing or hand-sanitizer….and how often do we get the flu if we are reasonably healthy and have functioning immune systems? I think I’ve had it once in the last 20 years…and that was ’round the beginning of this year- and it was very respiratory- unlike any past instances; which leads me to believe it may’ve been [read with appropriate ooooo’s and ahhhhh’s in a Ricardo Mantalban voice] Corona (Ole!)


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