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In the way of a first-aid kit to break open when dealing with Sickness Psychotics – the people who harass the well for not pretending they’re sick – I offer herewith a choice rejoinder to the injunction to “wear a mask”:

But I’m not a member!

This will throw a Diaperer into a kind of cataleptic state as they are more used to dealing with medical exemption! – a tactic that often works but is itself a degradation in that it concedes legitimacy to this disease; i.e., that Diapering is fine for most people (it isn’t) and that you would Diaper except for the “medical condition” (which is really just sanity and thus nothing that ought to require an exemption from).  I understand it’s a hack and have used it myself – but have decided not to anymore because I feel  . . . degraded and foolish using language that conveys I don’t actually disapprove of Diapering and would if only I could.

When in fact I despise Diapering – not so much the Diaper itself, which is merely idiotic and embarrassing – but rather the use of the Diaper to transform the populace into a herd of faceless submissives as well as dangerous aggressives toward the few who won’t submit to this sickness.

The Diaper pushers are the capos of our time. The reference is to Jews who persecuted their fellow Jews on behalf of the Nazis, making the Nazis’ job that much easier. In exchange for a few bread crusts (rather than the crumbs standard inmates got, if they got anything at all) the capos were willing to participate in the torment of their fellows – but much too craven to challenge their true tormentors.

Sound familiar?

The help at stores who rush at the Undiapered, screeching at them to Diaper – barring them from the store or forcing them out if they got in. The creatures standing by the door pressuring you to put on “your” Diaper – as if any sane person would possess such an item, let alone wear the thing.

Well, here is the perfect response to these people:

But I’m not a member!


Of your cult (said loudly, so that everyone in the vicinity can hear you).

It may not be necessary to say another word. You have gotten the point across – or at least, gotten the satisfaction that comes of not pretending it isn’t a cult by claiming a “medical exemption” from it.

This is our Solzhentsyn Moment. The opportunity we have – right now – to refuse to kowtow to any of this vicious garbage. To refuse it the slightest polite toleration. To make it crystal clear that the sane aren’t about to let the deranged establish their “new normal.” That we are on to them and tired of them and they’d better damned well get a grip – get off our backs – and get therapy.

Or just go away.

. . .

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  1. Another excellent article Eric. Perhaps it has already been mentioned somewhere, but it seems to me that this is not just a cult but a sex cult. Many folk find stimulation in asphyxiation both of themselves and others. Many find erotic the idea of anonymous sex – thus the masked ball. Not my cop of tea, and one could never prove this – yet after looking at say Harris and Bidden prancing about in their black masks – one is forced to go hmmmm?

    • John, along those lines, the bulgy form-fitting black masks are the most repulsive to me. They call to mind a male stripper’s underpants. When I see an otherwise attractive woman wearing one, I imagine pulling it down and a big hairy member flopping out.

      • Um thanks I think. Not sure I enjoy the visualization. Not my cup of tea – perhaps I was hoping for a more um refined discussion of my point.

  2. Great article Eric. I as well don’t wear a mask and NEVER will and I’m excited to finally be leaving Colorado (or Cali-rado as some of us here call it) I bought a place out in the country of one of the few states that is still sane and doesn’t make people or business diaper.

    • Hi Brian,

      Thanks for the kind words! If I may ask – which state did you pick? I’m in SW Virginia, not far from the NC border… and it was a great place until recently (like Colorado – and for the same reasons). I’ve considered SD but it’s too cold for me. I’m not looking to escape lock-downs by locking myself down for six or seven months out of every year!

  3. “The help at stores who rush at the Undiapered”Clover

    Somehow I thought private businesses had the right to establish dress codes and conduct rules
    on patrons?

    • Hi Pat,

      If a store rushed at black people and ordered them to leave would you also assert that”private businesses had the right to establish dress codes and conduct rules on patrons?”

      • “If a store rushed at black people and ordered them to leave would you also assert that”private businesses had the right to establish dress codes and conduct rules on patrons?””Clover

        Are you saying that being black is part of a dress code?

        • Clover/Diaperer –

          It’s not a dress code to insist upon the use of a medical device and the refusal to serve is exactly of a piece with the methods use to keep blacks in their place.

  4. On Friday I had to troubleshoot a client’s network. When I arrived Covid Kyle asked if I had a mask and I informed him I couldn’t wear one. He then informed me that Covid 19 was a very serious issue and that people were dying. I replied, actually no they weren’t but that was a different discussion. After a scowl he apparently decided the Internet was more important because he let me in after opening all of the windows and doors and turning on the fans of the home which was a small cabin with a couple of additons.

  5. Brilliant, Eric; I will use that if I have to. I like it a lot better than the “I cannot safely wear a mask” that was my plan.
    I went to Lowe’s today. It was my first visit to a Big Box since they all became dens of the diapered. There was a sign at the entrance telling customers to please wear a “face covering,” and to pick up a free one if necessary at Customer Service. The non-diapered were a small minority, the most memorable a guy with a big beard and a “Bikers for Trump” T-shirt. I barged right in as I usually do with my notes, tape measure and pen in hand, focused on my project. Nobody gave me so much as an unapproving look.
    The only problem I had, aside from having to wait 10 minutes at one of the two open checkouts (why the hell do they have all those self-checkouts if they’re never open?) was with the credit card reader. It was on a short cable inside the cashier’s plexiglass cocoon, with just enough clearance under the shield to stick your card in it. The cashier said it was asking me whether I wanted a printed receipt, an emailed receipt, or no receipt, but because of the reflections from the shield I couldn’t read it. I tried to tilt the reader, but the cashier yelled “Don’t pick it up!” This one is usually a little grumpy, but eventually she offered to enter my preference for me, and I was out the door with four bucks worth of commie metric screws and my dignity intact.

  6. Wearing a face diaper makes you more suggestible, more likely to follow someone else’s orders and do things you wouldn’t otherwise do. Diaper wearing switches off your executive function – your conscience. People who are fond of wearing face diapers, and especially those who demand you wear one too, have fewer restraints on their behavior and impulse control. As we’ve seen, some of them can be very irrational and at times even dangerous.


    Recently Ontario Provincial Police followed a 73 year old man to his home and executed him for the crime of diaper refusal, proving that an encounter with the gesundheitsführers can be deadly.

    Saigre (1989) wrote that face diapers ‘short-cut’ conscious defense systems and encourage “massive regression” to a more primitive state. Face diapers lower intelligence and increase suggestibility by decreasing oxygen to the brain.

    Wearing a bitch cloth inculcates both stupidity and compliance: through a bombardment of lies, contradictions, and confusion, the state overwhelms one’s ability to reason clearly.

    Theodore Dalrymple wrote, “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.”

    Thank you Eric for being a voice of reason in a world gone mad.

    • To Eric and all readers,

      I am in the smallest state, Rhode Island. It is fascinating to see the stratification of the population into the diaper cult and the sane. Many may not know that Rhode Island, especially my county (Washington County), there are many red blooded Americans who survive amongst the sea of blue pussies.

      In Exeter, a free enclave, defiance was fierce from the start. The Middle of Nowhere Diner never shut down the entire time. Tho they have signs requesting diapers they don’t make you since once you sit down you can be undiapered anyway. Town pizza of Exeter is similar. The truck stop does not enforce diapering on its employees nor it’s customers,. Same with another gas station on the other side of town.

      However just down the road 15 minutes in almost any direction the situation is much different. In Providence, the Capital,. The cult has a strong following. Signs to instruct the undiapered on how selfish they are.

      I find this argument fascinating myself. I am a carpenter and have used the N95 mask many times when an alternative was unavailable. Those masks are practically useless, especially for those with facial hair such as myself. A proper respirator is cheap ($35 – $40)! The reason those have gone unrecommended by the revenuers (aka State) is that it is impossible to communicate while adorning one!

      One morning a few weeks ago my coworker and I went to a local coffee shop for our coffee break near URI (University of Rhode Island). A scene unfolded there that opened my eyes to the problems of our culture.

      I may offend many with my viewpoint but just like Bob Marley said: “Me no care what the world think!”. A large, mildly obese, woman was bringing her two children into the coffee shop. One child was a momma’s boy, the other son was a boy after my own heart. The mother of course had both of her children asphyxiated for the cults wishes. She proclaimed to the 6 year old boy he had to wear the mask to get breakfast. That boy was kicking and screaming that he could not breath. No matter the whale dragged them both in to burn up her partners money at 8 dollars for a breakfast sandwich instead of giving those boys an apple and some hardboiled eggs.

      I ride a gsx-r600 to work everyday. Needless to say I see a lot of in car diapering, and diapering while jogging/ walking. I make fun of these people at every opportunity by holding my hand over my face as I breeze by them in their cages.

      When I go into the forest the people are petrified of me undiapered on the trails. Small young girls screaming at me to diaper while their parents jaw at me. Gas station diaperers giving me the evil eye for not diapering while pumping.

      To all these people I proclaim they are want to be dentists and continue about my day. I have been a patron of a few package stores here ever since I achieved 21 years of age. One of them shouted at me that my full face bike helmet with closed visor was not enough and I needed a mask. I told that proprietor I would never patronize his business again and would tell others to do the same. I guess Exeter is a better place anyway. I am a part time farmer and we will continue to grow food so people can live, no diaper required. Many around me are proudly proclaiming their excitement to be needled. It’s a good thing my dirt bike is rather quick and I know where to camp.

      This has become very serious and Eric is not rushing to judgement nor exaggerating how sick this cult is. The students at URI are already forced to “self certify” they are well each day on their smartphone, forced testing upon arrival to move into student housing.

      Beware the needle. Beware the new normal. Stay frosty brethren.

      Crackah Gerald

  7. Living in Alabama where we still have a state and county mandate, I’ve been going unchallenged this entire time except for my one visit to Walmart where I had to tell the enforcer at the cattle chute that “I was told it was OK if I didn’t wear one”, but I believe this will get harder soon as we move into the flu season.

    I’ve noticed the signs at Publix are becoming more demanding. It’s gone from “Please wear your mask”, to “Customers are required to wear a face covering over their mouth and nose according to the LAW” (my caps). That’s the first I’ve seen referencing the law.

    I’m looking forward to trying “I’m not a member” if I ever get challenged.

  8. I’ve noticed an increase in both compliance and attempts to force it on others here in my neck of the woods. It’s wearying. What were once pleasant interludes around people who were smile-and-nod acquaintances are now tense and very unpleasant. No smiles, I assume since I can’t see their faces, and no nods.

    The manager of the grocery store I use came up to me a few days ago and said “Sir, do you need a mask?” I just looked at him and said “no”. He looked like I slapped him. “You don’t?” “No”, I repeated without breaking eye contact. Not hostile, not angry (though I felt it growing) just direct and very plain. He went away without another word.

    But that still set the tone for the rest of my shopping experience. It wears on you, which I suppose is by design.

    • Hi Bill,

      It does wear; and it is by design. They want us all tired – and alienated as well as fearful. It’s the most disgusting operation since Stalin’s campaign against the “Kulaks” (small freeholder farmers who opposed collectivization).

    • I am wondering why the manager of that grocery store even wanted to make an issue of it. Is he afraid of his higher ups? Is he jealous that you are not wearing a mask? Does he not have enough work to do except mess with the customers?

      In my job, no mask is required but if it were, I would always “not notice” folks who don’t wear them.

    • Well, last week I went into my credit union to take care of several banking transactions. I will wear a mask in there, but not over my nose. Anyway, an older, female teller speaks to me 20′ away and says please cover your nose. I replied, “I called the ______ credit union, and due to my medical condition I was told that I did not have to wear a mask at all. I just put one on like this (pointing to mine) to humor the psychopaths in here”. I then heard another mask wearer start to snicker.

      I actually said that. She didn’t like hearing it either, but then again like most of a certain gender, many of their life’s problems can easily be avoided by just doing the one thing they can’t stand to do, keep their big mouths shut.

  9. If one uses the “medical exemption” strategy, and is asked to state their condition, one might reply “I’m a mammal, and require the absorption of oxygen and the expulsion of carbon dioxide”.

  10. There was a new employee at one of my “safe” establishments tonight. I got the “you must wear to enter” line. I cited medical exemption and was countered with “no exceptions.” I asked if that was an order from the owner (whom I know). He said “it’s a rule from everybody, the ABC, the XYZ….” I asked again if the owner directed this — no response to that question but steadfast in refusing service. I mentioned that those rules were in violation of Federal law, no movement. I texted the owner to confirm, but no reply yet — not unexpected, it was fairly late during a holiday weekend. I’m not going to throw this establishment under the bus for one (new) employee who might be overzealous, so I’ll have to update after I hear from the owner. Regardless, he lost some sales tonight while this question is pending.

    • Refusal to accommodate a medical exemption is an ADA violation. One could also ask to see the manager, and explain to them their liability if you fall over dead.

      • @JWK, yes, I explained the ADA violation to the staff member (who obviously didn’t care). There were no managers on site at the time since it was pretty late on a Sunday. I suspect this conversation with the owner will continue in the future.

    • Hi CJM!

      First depressing post of the day. Depressing especially because the employee – now a little Gesundheitsfuhrer, empowered to belittle and order people about. Keep me posted on the result. I haven’t been to the New Place in a few days but may tomorrow. They have been okay with one exception – an employee who tried to get me to Diaper but failed. Still, it’s enervating to even have to deal with these people at all. Just getting a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich is become an ordeal, like rock-hopping over sewage to get to mailbox…

      • And then there were three….

        Long story short, the owner replied to me and what he said and what he didn’t say painted a clear picture.

        Backstory is that I’ve been at this place 1-2 times a week pretty much the entire previous decade (if not longer). When they first opened after the shutdown, like you at the Donk, Eric, I was there frequently, tipping generously, since the place was empty and the wait staff had gone without tips for weeks. And as more people returned (with their diapers), the staff never asked me about a mask. The signs were up everywhere but there was a “don’t ask, don’t tell” sort of agreement. I visited with the owner there at least a dozen times in the last few months, sans mask, and no problems. Where other places get a little nervous when the owner is around, I literally walked up to the bar where the owner was sitting one night, and instead of asking me to mask-up, the bartender said, “what’ll you have?” — in front of the owner! So this was a place with agreeable ownership and agreeable veteran staff.

        But now there’s a new guy. I don’t know his name, but let’s call him Karl. I guess he believes that the workers run the show and that he should help make decisions. There’s lost revenue when you chase off a bareface, of course, but what does he care? he’ll still get paid the same amount! The unfortunate part in all of this is that Karl has the backing of government and the business is stuck in the middle. Here was a place that a bareface could go get a frosty cold one and everyone would either pretend that he was masked or pretend that there were no mask rules. Karl killed all that with “The Emperor has no mask!” — and now everyone is forced to deal with his do-gooding effort and “the rules.”

        So, I won’t be going back to this establishment until they accept barefaces, but I will go back when it’s safe again — I’m not writing them off entirely. I’m giving them credit for the years of great service during the “Before (Karl) Time” including the last several months under diaper mandate.

        I have three watering holes left on my “safe” list and attended one of them tonight. All was good there, but it would have been nicer to go to this other place. Thanks for nothing, Karl!!

        • Hi CJM,

          This business of letting – italics on purpose – an employee dictate terms and conditions of service is beyond poltroonery. I suspect that much the same happened at the Donk as the owner there never bothered me about either being there when I wasn’t “allowed” – during the “lock down” – or wearing a Daiper until (I suspect) one or two of the Sickness Psychotics working there pressured her to cave in. Rather than assert her authority and tell them to MYOB while on the JOB, she deferred to their hysterics. That is my belief, at any rate – based on my knowledge of two of them being obvious Diaper Fetishists who made it clear they were unhappy seeing my Undiapered face – this despite my not being sick (physically or mentally) and in spite of the support I had shown the Donk and them personally.

          I’m less generously minded than you. I wouldn’t lift a finger now to help those two people, nor the owner. I hope they lose their jobs – and business – and end up living under a bridge somewhere.

    • You might have noticed that in some of the news reports, articles like, “Non mask wearer shoots mask wearing employee after denial of service” or “Non mask wearer whales on mask wearing idiot with big mouth” or something to that effect.

      Apparently, a lot of people don’t understand that they are in a hazardous position when they get pushy about masks. Violence does occasionally happen. The more more intelligent just look the other way, however, “play stupid games and win stupid prizes”

  11. In my experience, store employees are not a problem. Psycho shoppers who think your sane decision not to diaper is going to kill them are the problem. Since the incident at Aldi that I related several weeks ago, I have thought of another approach to use next time. Ask the offensive twit, “Are you a cardiologist?” After the negative response, continue with something like “Then you have no idea what those things do to my heart”. That should end most encounters. If it doesn’t, a simple “Talk to my doctor about it” and walking away will probably work.

    The point is to take the offensive without getting physical if possible. There will be people watching the interaction, and it’s important to come across as the reasonable party. Using some form of verbal judo is a perfect way of doing that.

    • A huge +1 to this! I’ve had people freak out on me to the point of shouting for not wearing a mask. Our local edicts have changed around this, so I can no longer avoid wearing a mask to stores, and if I need such accommodations, I need to set up an appointment to buy my groceries and do it at a designated time for vulnerable individuals. Bah!

      I have no choice but to wear the diaper now if I want to buy food, but I still don’t wear the damn thing until the moment I cross the store door. Now, the Karens on the street are flipping out, yelling from 20 feet away about mine not wearing a mask – outdoors!

      • Hi opp,

        Sorry to hear you’re being harassed.

        Have you tried just ignoring the edicts and simply walk in and go about your business?

        I’m in an area with local and state edicts, every store has a mandatory mask sign, yet I walk in as the ONLY unmasked and never have a word said.

        It’s kind of exhilarating checking out and looking directly at the cashier with a big smile and they’re as polite as can be.

        Although I’ve grown weary of walking in with a pit in my stomach expecting an encounter every time.

  12. Lately I’ve been reading Hannah Arrendt’s, “The Origins of Totalitarianism.” Regarding the rise of the Nazis she wrote: “uniforms…were useful as a clear indication of the abolition of civilian standards and morals. Somehow these uniforms eased considerably the consciences of the murderers and also made them even more receptive to unquestioning obedience and unquestioned authority.”

    Substitute “mask” for “uniform” and you’ll have an apt analogue for today’s insanity. Membership in the Masked Covidian cult is essentially no different than Nazi party membership.

  13. Eric,

    I haven’t used this specifically–which I now will if it ever comes up. I have yet to have anyone say a word to me for not wearing a diaper. But tell a worker at the grocery store a couple months ago that it was nice to see she wasn’t wearing a face diaper. She replied that she had a “medical exemption”. I replied back, me too. It’s call I won’t wear one. She just laughed.

    I’m excited to use the ‘not a member of your cult’ line. I will go out of my way to bring that to them since they don’t bring it to me.

  14. I’m going to use this if stopped again, which I have been only a couple times. Once I said I was allergic and the other time I just said no thanks and kept walking. I didn’t use the exemption card for the reasons you state. This is much better, thank you.


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