A Reader Vents: Diapering and Laptops

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A reader sent in the following; my reply . . . follows!

Anonymous writes: As the school year begins, although it is “virtual,” I have had yet another issue (and probably will again, all year long). My kid will have online classes for at least the next month – probably more, because “the cases!” I needed a Chromebook and the principal at the school and I locked horns over sending a courier to drop it off or I’d have to pick it up in person (a 4th trip to the school). I emailed to ask if he would be there, as I’d like to shake his hand and make sure we get along because we should for the sake of my kid.

When I arrived, I sat in a line of cars for about 20 minutes before I got out and asked the staff what was going on. I did not wear a Face Diaper and they all backed away from me like I had the literal plague. Then the principal came out with the whole “sir” thing, telling me to get back in my car. I said I would not and he requested I put a mask on. I said “No, I don’t wear masks and I’m not getting back in my car.” He had the computer in his hand and got in my face (he was masked) and, of course, because I bridle at being treated like a dick, I coughed like crazy.

I told him I just wanted the computer, which he had in his hand and told him that he could give it to me or not. I was completely non-threatening, with my hands behind my back. Then the threats started. He said if I “kept this up” they would issue a do not trespass order. And I laughed. Then, the cop came out to try and intimidate me. I was polite because I don’t need a hut hut hutting over a friggin’ laptop.

This whole WuFlu nonsense is predicated on control and fear. They hated that I had the gall to exit my vehicle and speak face to face. They wanted me to acquiesce and do whatever I was told to do, which I certainly will not if it doesn’t work for me. I have 19 inch arms but I’m not violent, I just want to get things done. I was not physically intimidating, I was polite up to a point. That point was when I had enough and told the principal he was a snowflake and laughed at him. I recorded the whole thing and posted it.

Personal conflicts aside, this whole WuFlu face mask nonsense is complete bullshit. It’s not about protecting people from some malady that’s going to be deadly; it’s about control and making people do what they’re told without question. I’ve taught for many years and been tenured, etc. I’m really glad that I’m not in that system anymore. It would kill my soul to have to deal with this bullshit. Anyway, rant over, thank you for every article; they are all amazing and insightful and I share them on FB (when I’m not banned), Twitter and Parler without fail.

My reply: Indeed. Fear – to control.

They have succeeded in making us fear – or hate – one another. People addled by fear hate those not addled by fear (people like you and I and others still sane). The government no longer has to do much; the people do it it each other.

Civility is gone, alienation reigns.

It will be – it is – a Herculean task to recover the sanity of this country and it may not be possible. Tens of millions of people are literally deranged by fear; mental illness is being normalized. Sanity – and the decency which flows from it – pathologized.

Yet, it is a fight that is more than worth undertaking. It is a fight that must be undertaken. For our own sanity, even if – in the end – the lunatics end up running the asylum for a time. It will not last forever.

I don’t have kids but I feel an obligation as a human being to give in not one inch to this sickness for as long as I am able to draw breath.

I applaud you for doing the same!

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  1. They must not have any way of transporting these laptops to children. If only they had some sort of large transport vehicle. It could be painted yellow and have a distinctive look so that students could recognize it when it comes at a scheduled time and place to deliver the laptop. No, that’s way too hard to coordinate and probably costs a small fortune. Better to make the parents drive to the school, wait in line for hours (on their time) and get everyone’s blood boiling before issuing the laptops. Making the teachers into Amazon warehouse workers helps insure everything goes smoothly.

    I guess I’m not cut out for government work.


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