Reader Question: Air Quality Alerts and Diapering?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Chris asks: The past few summers, Ohio has been issuing “air quality alerts” on summer days. Today was one such day, temperature in the high 80s, certainly warm but not at all unusual for summer in Ohio.  Those digital “billboards” along the highway read “air quality alert – refuel after 8 pm.”

I looked online and the reason given was that the hot air causes gas fumes to evaporate faster and pollute the air more. I couldn’t help but think in the “Face Diaper” culture, what would keep the government from declaring an “air quality emergency” any summer day and “locking down” driving or even business itself, because “it’s too hot today”? After all, the precedent has been set that governors, mayors, etc., can just unilaterally order shutdowns for any reason — what’s to stop them from doing the same thing for any activity they declare “dangerous”, for any reason at all?

Have you seen these “alerts” and signage in your area, and what is your take on it?

My reply: My take is that we’ll almost certainly see Shutdown Culture expanded. After all, if it’s legitimate to shut down the country because granny might die from WuFlu then why not apply the same sick idea to hot weather?

Granny might die… .

How about cold weather? And snow? It’s also a threat to granny. People might die! Ergo, everyone must “shelter in place.”

I’ve been warning about this for decades. Now it’s here. And I am certain it will be expanded upon unless there is extreme resistance – as in refusal with the refuser being willing to back it up with action, if need be.

Make no mistake. We are now at war – and the uniform of the enemy is the Face Diaper.

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