Latest Radio: Reveling in WrongThink! 7/7/20

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Here’s the audio of my talk earlier today with Bryan Hyde, who hosts The Bryan Hyde Show in Utah. Bryan is also a new advertiser here; I encourage people to support him as he supports the right ideas in a world turn’d upside down.

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  1. I got fed up with all of this and bought a used Cadillac CTS-V. The thing has terrible gas mileage and has a theft proof manual gearbox. Admittedly I do not to go 160 and would rather have a normally aspirated, but that is the way it breaks when one wants a Tremec.
    They still are a bit of a stealth vehicle.

    • As for as stealth vehicle, the SOB is black on black with black guts. May I get some points for that even if I am a cracker? I promise to carry a mask in the glove compartment at all times.
      Forgive me if I worry more about what my engine inhales than what is worn at the diner.
      Driving might get to be fun again if I do not tell the wife what is under the hood.

  2. She’s definitely more moderate about this issue than I am. When we shop, she’s likely to wear a mask (even though she hates it) but I never do. All things considered, it’s a pretty minor disagreement.

    • Hi Bryan!

      I suspect my ex would Diaper up. I still care for her a great deal and always will – but I am grateful we’re apart now on account of this as I know it would have created huge friction between us. I suspect many couples’ relationships are being strained by this. I’ve lost several friends over this. Not because they choose to Diaper; I respect anyone’s right to Diaper – just as I respect anyone’s right to become a Bronie (look this up, if you’re not hip) if that’s their choice. But I will not submit to becoming a Bronie myself, to placate them.

    • I have been asked why I don’t wear a mask. I reply that I have an old school mask and pull out my handkerchief. It catches far more than a mask. There is no need for a covering when normally breathing.

        • You’re correct Anon but I have always carried one. When / where I grew up it was customarily used to not cough or sneeze without one. This was considered etiquette and courteous of a time gone by. It also works to prevent the spray they seem so concerned about,,, with no need for a mask. Of course courtesy today is definitely out of vogue and would probably be considered racist.

          • Hi Ken,

            Indeed. It’s common courtesy to stay home when sick. Now we’re supposed to pretend everyone is sick – which is pretty sick.

          • Ken, my wife wants to have something on her back that is only a minor annoyance and a reference to Quasimodo. I am still agog at Maureen O’hara in that mooovie. She who must be obeyed is no Maureen but it all suits me just fine.
            She is petrified of going into hospital to have a quickie procedure that they will not quote a price.
            I think that all car sellers should refuse to give a price to hospital administrator types. If they think it should be 25k, they must pay 109k. Fair is fair and the car sales guys will be gay. (in the old sense)

    • The only friction I’ve had with my wife so far about masking happened when we were out of state on a road trip and the restaurant we wanted to eat in (AQ Chicken House in Springdale, AR) required masks (from the entrance until the food was served, stupid!).

      We had called ahead to ask about their masking requirements, so we knew beforehand what we would be facing. We have been making this road trip for the last 20+ years and it’s sort of a tradition for us and it’s important to her.

      She was willing to put on a mask to get into the restaurant, while I wasn’t. I have 3 kids and I left it up to them whether or not they wanted to mask up.

      The kids and I decided to wait outside until she was seated, then she would call me and we would walk in and sit down, sans masks. It worked. The employees said nothing as we walked right past to our table.

      She made the sacrifice to her dignity and common sense to get us in. (She’s on the same page as me about the mask being an affront to sanity.) Needless to say, she was a bit perturbed about the whole incident and thought that she shouldn’t have been the only one that had to sacrifice her self respect, and that I hadn’t been appreciative enough of said sacrifice.

      I apologized and made sure she knew how much I appreciated what she did and all was well. And I was super proud of my kids on their decision.

      I still haven’t touched a damn mask since this whole charade began.

  3. Bryan, what was that about your wife having different opinions on masking? That certainly doesn’t sound right to me.


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