How Do I Get Groceries?

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A reader asks an important question regarding Diapering:

I always hear you speaking about coffee shops and gyms. I must wear the mask to get my groceries here (WA state). I wonder if one of your excellent articles might address how you get your groceries? Thanks from one of the non-diapered (I love your term “face-diapered, I use that term since it makes sense). I am so  angry about this that I’m getting desperate!

I walk right, through the door (Jane’s Addiction reference).

Here in VA, the Diaper Decrees are – so far – just “policies” and not enforceable, other than by turning people away. Which the big chains have mostly stopped doing, though they still pressure people to Diaper by posting large, Soviet-style signs indicating “Diapers Must be Worn” and so on.

I defy these decrees as often as possible and encourage others to do precisely so that they will not become legally enforceable. Also to encourage others to not Diaper by the sight of others Undiapered. The more of us who defy Diapering, the more others will be emboldened to also not Diaper. This is precisely why there is now so much pressure being applied to impose Universal Diapering. To cement Diapering as the “new normal” and something that must be accepted by everyone; to make it appear that everyone does accept it.

To literally stifle any sign of opposition. Ask yourself why they need to do that. The answer is not to “stop the spread.”

I always approach and speak with others Undiapered, too – and say something along the lines of: It’s nice to see I’m not the only sane person left! 

I’ve done this at least 25 times to date and in every case have made a new friend, or at least an ally in this fight. I encourage them to stand fast – and I am encouraged to stand fast.

The power of this cannot be overstated.

I also give as much business as I can to businesses that do not push Diapering – and refuse my business (forever) to those that do. They shame us – we shun them. Refuse to accept their terms of the debate. Refer to the Face Diaper – not “mask.” Give this not the slightest benefit of legitimacy or respect. Ridicule as well as defy.

I will continue to defy the Diaper – which is to say, refuse to be trained by the Diaper –  even if laws are passed imposing Diapering with the threat of fines/arrest for not Diapering.

Let them come. No Diaper will ever cover my face. Just as I would never wear a yellow Star of David or a Nazi armband. I’m not in this cult – and its membership rules do not apply to me.

Anyone else who refuses to join the cult – or merely defends the right of anyone to not be bound by its bizarre, evil rules and rituals – is a friend of mine.

Those who aren’t – who demand everyone join the cult or obey its evil rules and rituals – are enemies.

This is my personal hill I’m willing to die on, if need be. It is the last thing I want but it is something I will make my stand over because I am certain that Diapering is training – that once trained (general acquiescence to the Diaper) people will not only accept Needling and Tracking (including a cashless economic system) they will beg for it as relief from having to Diaper.

I love being alive as much as anyone else – but existence at any price is no longer living and I’d rather die than become a thing allowed to biologically exist but only so long as I do exactly what I am told, think precisely what I am told and punished for standing outside the line.

I recommend mass – peaceful – defiance of Diapering in states such as yours. Find other people who are sick of Sickness Psychosis who are willing to show it by taking off that filthy god-damned rag. In public. In numbers.


It will take a little courage, that’s all. This is not – yet – life and death. It is not – yet – standing in front of a tank that very well might run you over. It is merely a question of risking a fine, perhaps arrest.

If people aren’t willing to risk that, then – frankly – they deserve to be trained.

. . .

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  1. I neglected to complement you on your choice of images for this piece. People forget that Peoples Temple was a *liberal* cult with ties to the prominent leftist politicians of the era in San Francisco, including Saint Harvey Milk and Dianne Feinstein.

  2. Tried to go shopping at a local food store in OR (whole f’s), they wouldn’t let me in without a mask. They had ‘guard’ guy at the door, looked like ex-military, in good shape, had lots of tattoos on both arms. I asked to see manager. Spoke with manager for a little while. I showed proof of my disability and briefly explained how I have low-oxygen/breathing issues, which is absolutely 100% truth. Manager couldn’t care less. Told me no exceptions. I told him I just called the store a couple of weeks ago and I was told I would be excepted. But manager says there’s been NEW orders since then [I doubt it but I’ll check on that], told me governor made “executive order” [BS] and that it’s “the law” [also BS]. Told me I could get curbside pickup, but I have to order via their website — I didn’t try it yet, not sure if that even works. Also said I could try “Instakart” — a shopping service, I DID try that recently but they don’t deliver to my home because I’m not in their delivery area, also they charge money for that service of course — something poor disabled people don’t have, AND GET THIS — the website did NOT have the same items that are in the store, so you CAN’T really order what you want online!!!

    Anyways, so I couldn’t buy food there. Real nice people we have in this country, eh? They couldn’t care less about disabled people. I’m going to email my senator today and ask him what the law really is, because I suspect that store is violating ADA AND Oregon law too. That manager wasn’t mean, but everything I said went in one ear and out the other — he’s a zombie-robot, all he cares about is DOING WHAT HE WAS TOLD, that’s it — seems like most ppl are pathetic rotten mouse-people now working for evil criminals without even getting paid by them, everyone’s a minion now. I have lost 99% faith in humanity as of today LOL. Now I see what the average people are like — total MORONS that will betray their fellow community members for almost NOTHING — all they care about is to appease the local dictator/boss. They aren’t even humans anymore, they’re BELOW animals now. ZERO compassion, stone-cold heartless automatons. Now I want to move to a warmer latitude so I can grow all my own food, because here in OR you can only have a garden for 2-3 months a year.

    I hate this world. There’s WAY too much evil in this world, and all govts are now 99% pure evil. What is the point of all this? How can the people stand this crap?

    • Your post got me thinking. Perhaps this is about pushing the everything as a service model on top of everything else. Don’t go along? Get denied service.

      As to your last paragraph, I get much the same feeling these days. So much evil and so many people going along with it. The thing is so much was done in sci-fi and such to clue people in. But it didn’t stick. Now I know why leading up to this the SJWs destroyed all the biggest sci-fi franchises. They cut off the feed of material that inoculated people. It was the last media source that was still warning people. It was also the first.

      • Well-said, Brent – in re sci fi.

        As a kid, I read everything written by Dick, Heinlein and Clarke; I also watched shows like Star Trek, UFO (BBC), Dr. Who and Twilight Zone reruns. Very thought-provoking as well as entertaining stuff. There have been a few cable series recently that were in the same vein; Altered Carbon was one. But I can’t think of anything mass-audience on regular TV. But then, I stopped watching regular TV about 20 years ago!

        • there are so many stories and bits and pieces of stories that are applicable to the last few months.

          One of the more obvious ones is this episode from the next generation:

          These days the only things I watch on TV are old movies (usually pre-1960) and star trek, not much else. And the else is generally other old stuff, pre-1980.

          • Morning, Brent –

            Same here. Over the weekend,I watched Trading Places with Dan Akroyd and Eddie Murphy; it reminded me not only of better times but better movies.

            The most striking thing to me about all that’s going on right now is how passive – and aggressive – so many people have become. They are utterly cowardly when it comes to defying any orthodoxy but can be belligerent as a hyena when they come across anyone heterodox.

            • I watched “Dark Passage” a Bogart and Bacall movie from 1947 on sunday night. Film noir deals with human nature honestly instead of today’s SJW fiction. Even “Trading Places” couldn’t be made today even though it follows an environment determines outcome belief system.

              What people are like today… I call it reversion to the human mean. It’s a nasty brutish thing. Why people want it and go with it I’ll never know. I feel like I’ve seen it many times over thousands of years.

  3. Ah, yes. How’re ya gonna EAT if you don’t do what the Bolsheviks say? Stalin had this figured out in the 1930s. Don’t do what we say, and you STARVE.

    I used a neat little gimmick just today — the medical exemption. (It is, in fact, true — I have a prescription for allergies).

    Anyway, as much as I hate playing the “disabled” card, if you are in a “mandate” zone and don’t want to get arrested, tell them you’re medically exempt.

    I was in the grocery store today and some female Stasi employee says “Sir, do you have a mask?”

    I replied “No, I don’t.”

    “Well, I’ll get you one.”

    “I’m not wearing it, I’m medically exempt.”

    Now here is where it gets interesting: “Do you have a note from your doctor?”

    “I’m not required to disclose any medical information to YOU”… and I walk away.

    She tracks me down in the cashier’s line and proffers a mask.

    “I’m not wearing that.”

    She says: “Then you won’t be able to shop here any more.”

    Anticipating this very thing, I brought a notepad and a pen, which I now whip out.

    “Are you denying me service? I’m going to sue you under the Americans With Disabilities Act. Give me your name.”

    “My name is Michelle.” I write that down. “I’m just following company policy.”

    “You’ll be a defendant in court anyway. Last name?”

    From what I can see (she is wearing the mask) she looks both fearful and disgusted. “I’m NOT giving you my last name!”

    “And I’m not wearing that mask!”

    She stomps off, defeated.

    I don’t know how well that would work with the cops, though. They’d probably just beat the fuck out of me.

    Face it, we live in Soviet Amerika. 99% of the population is already going along with the hoax. EVERY time I shop without a mask, I am the ONLY ONE without it. In Old America, people would respect you for being different, even if they thought you were wrong. Not in New Soviet Amerika, though… these people — these SHEEP — will keep clapping indefinitely for Stalin after you get made an example of.

      • Hi SM,

        He’s not my friend and I don’t know him, but Daniel J. Crandall in Roanoke has just the right reputation. I have been considering a consult.

        • A GREAT attorney is like a junkyard dog…they have their uses, but they commandeer whatever they want, crap where they want, and are generally nasty and can TURN on you without warning. As long as you understand that and give them leeway, then they’re GREAT at what they’re employed for. Just don’t fool yourself that your attorney is your “friend” anymore than that JYD is a loving pet.

  4. I don’t diaper even though my county has a “mandate”. There is an exception to those with health issues anyway. Only been challenged and asked to leave once in the last 4 months.

  5. I live in se Michigan – went to physical therapy yesterday for a neck issue, and the gal that treated me allowed me to take the mask off because we were in a private room for the first consultation. She kept hers on, however.

    Today, I ventured out to a small pet store, undiapered – two employees, one other customer, all wearing masks, noone challenged me – I spent close to $100 and left, no problem. Next stop, Kroger’s – walked in, no mask – the alarm went off as I passed thru! Made me more nervous, but I charged ahead to the back of the store and picked up what I needed, paid at U-scan, and left.

    Last stop was a local nursery and I entered the outdoor area, noticing signs that say masks required – started looking around and was greeted warmly by a partially masked employee who asked if I needed help. I wandered around for a long time, being that it is a gorgeous day. More than half the customers were masked, a very jarring sight, being that we were outside in an area easily 3-4 acres or more. I saw the friendly employee again, and engaged in some conversation about all the craziness. She despises this governor as many of us do; she specifically referred to the latest edict to pronounce “systemic racism” as a health crisis. I thanked her for allowing me to shop without a mask.

    All I can say is – I’m rebellious and hate this stuff, but I’m not confrontational – I just pray others gain courage to peacefully resist.

    • Dragon,
      Rebellion takes courage- but it does get easier with practice. Many brave and good men have died for us to have liberty, it is on US now to stand up to tyranny. Also, the time to stand up, to practice resistance is now, while consequences are minimal and it is still very possible to win the day. I believe this is their battle of the bulge- throwing one last ditch, all the marbles offensive because they know that many are aware of their propaganda and more are becoming so.
      Courage, friend.

    • But that dingbat of a Governor NOW deigns to allow you Michigan folk to GARDEN, right? Sheesh…you’ve got a real PSYCHO in the Governor’s mansion, I’m sorry to say.

      • That edict was like a stake through my heart. This is a beautiful state, but the winters are cold and long, and I look forward to summer and getting outside. My husband went to Costco after that pronouncement by the governor, and a whole aisle of plants and garden supplies was covered in shrink-wrap. Basically, you can buy from this aisle, but not that. Insanity.

        She also forbid lawn services from operating, using the logic that they would spread the virus around at the gas stations. Now, how does that make sense? One person that mows 50 lawns goes to the gas station, or fifty homeowners go? Our lawn service guy was grounded, so we were forced to rent a machine and do it ourselves. Not mowing wasn’t an option – our lawn is well over half an acre, and growing rapidly back in May.

  6. Eric, thanks so much for this. You are an inspiration for so many of us. Your eloquent explanations of your principles gives voice to isolated “deniers” like me.
    In WA there may be light at the end of the tunnel. Culp won our primary on Tues. A Karen in our HOA sent this link:
    This rally was undiapered!
    My takeaway was Culp’s invocation of our state constitution:

    No person shall be disturbed in his private affairs, or his home invaded, without authority of law.

    I don’t like the “get out of jail free” provided by the exclusion at the end, but principled law-men like Culp see that Inslee’s decrees are unconstitional and thus invalid.
    Steady brothers!

  7. Here in Austin, off duty APD heroes enforce the diapering at the stores near me, including the Lowes, Home Depot, and Sam’s Club. The swishy mayor has a special dispensation from the Governor.

    • Hi Roscoe,

      And this – among other reasons – is why I despise AGWs. The same creeps who manned “checkpoints” now manDiaper Points … and will be the same American SA that come door-to-door to Needle you or worse.


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