Reader Question: Forced C02 Inhalation?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

David asks: I’m calling from South Africa where they have gone for the Flu BS in a very big way, predictable really as the local government (I use the term loosely of course) is Venezuela/Cuba/Zimbabwe on steroids anyway. This dotgov is really Diaper crazy and one cannot enter a mall or anywhere without a Diaper under threat of a massive fine. Now here’s what I keep asking and getting no response: What peer-reviewed research has been carried out to study the long-term damage that must surely occur if humans are being kept in a cloth covering that forces them to inhale CO2 for hours on end? In South Africa the poor no-choice-in-the-matter employees are coerced into wearing these CO2 traps for hours and hours, in addition to being, once more, forced to wear them in their twice daily minibus taxi commutes to and fro from their township homes. This is beyond insane and will surely lead to a massive health crisis of its own in the years to come. So Eric, have you come across any type of long term CO2 inhalation research either by the WHO or CDC or anywhere really?

My reply: It’s not insane; it is calculated policy designed to achieve very specific ends. These include psychological demoralization intended to habituate the populace to acceptance of a “vaccine” as not only necessary but a relief from “having” (read, being forced) to wear a Diaper. 

Your point regarding C02 is very apt. Because it is likely that people will suffer health problems from being forced to breathe through a Diaper – and re-breath their own exhalations. It may not present much of a physical threat initially but – as you note – it is unprecedented for broad swaths of the populace to wear these nasty things for extended periods of time.

I do not know of any studies – probably because this is so bizarre no one thought to study it before all this was imposed.

Even if there is no physical harm attending the Diaper, there is no question about the psychological harm – and that by itself ought to be reason enough for people to refuse to wear these damned things, even at the risk of fines and such. The fines lose their power to intimidate if enough people get fined because the fine becomes unenforceable. The government simply can’t hit say a third of the population with fines and enforce them. It would mean locking up a third of the population, which presents logistical and visual problems. Unless the government goes full Soviet – and then it’s time to fight in other ways.

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  1. Main side effect is hypoxia. Low blood oxygen levels causing increased cortisol, decreased cognitive ability, decreased transfer of oxygen via hemoglobin ( funny isn’t that how wuflu works?) and suppressed apoptosis.
    Good fun ahead.


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