Diaper Report 10/3/20

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I was able to get some booze yesterday, without Diapering.

This isn’t easy to do because of the belligerent enforcement of the Gesundheitsfuhrer’s decree that everyone must wear a Diaper – a “mask” – in order to enter a state-run alcoholic beverage dispensary.

In Virginia, you can’t buy liquor anywhere else.

The state’s residents have long been treated like outpatient derelicts under a state-supervised maintenance regime. Try to imagine going to the DMV to get a bottle of tequila and you will have some idea. The prices are high, the selection poor and the service terrible. It can be all of those things because there’s nowhere else you can go to buy booze – at least, not within the state.

Anyhow, I was out for a ride on the bike to clear my head of Orange Fog. To dispel the image of the country’s Decider, Diapered – and what that implies will be the lot of the country’s people.

Who probably won’t get to decide for themselves. Such things being tolerated in free countries only.

At any rate, I thought it would be fun to enter the store wearing a helmet – another item of state-required gear but which isn’t a “mask” – and – does it really have to be stated? – is as effective at blocking viruses as a wire mesh boat is buoyant. My face is also visible – including my unobstructed nose and mouth.

But I had something over my head – and that was enough to gain unopposed entry. It probably could have been a colander. I walked among the Diapered, winking at some. A couple winked back. Others looked blank, not knowing what to think.  The third or fourth cow in line before his turn at the stun gun likely has the same look.

I breezed through the aisles – my breeze wafting into the surrounding air through my open flip visor. Grabbed a few jugs of the cheap stuff – after the first drink, it’s all the same – and went up to the counter and handed the government worker the necessary pieces of paper and walked away.

I’ve done the same before CoronaMania and attendant Sickness Pyschosis – because I didn’t want to leave my expensive helmet on the bike while I shopped and it was easier to wear it than carry it. But I never imagined that wearing a motorcycle helmet would qualify as a “mask.”

But it does, because this is – need it be said, again? – theater.

These “mask” decrees show the contempt of the decreers for the intelligence and self-respect of the cattle they order about. Intelligent people wouldn’t put up with such idiocy. They would first laugh – and then get mad – if told that the only way to”stop the spread” of a deadly respiratory virus is to place an ill-fitting porous cloth rag over their apertures. They would know it was a farce, as far as health. They would understand it was something very serious – as far as something else.

But they see no humor in it. And worse, don’t see the danger in it.

So long as as you are wearing a “mask” – it can be literally almost anything, even if it isn’t actually a mask – you are behaving socially appropriately.

The same goes – pre-Corona – for the wearing of a helmet. Ostensibly, this is decreed because it keeps your head safe. But what about the rest of you? Exposed limbs, unprotected torso. Flip flops, shorts and a T shirt (even no shirt at all). It’s all green light.

Your face will look good in the casket, apparently.

This is not an appeal for a decree that motorcyclist should be force to wear full gear – armored leathers, boots and gloves in addition to the helmet – much less an appeal that everyone walking about ought to be forced to wear at least a respirator of some kind as well as goggles and possibly a Moon Suit tethered to its own portable/closed-circuit oxygen supply.

It is an appeal to common sense.

If there is indeed a horrendously dangerous to everyone – or even most everyone – respiratory virus wafting in the air then it is imbecilicly reckless to pretend that a “mask” – or a helmet – serves any meaningfully palliative purpose.

Might as well take them all off and breath – or go the full monte and mandate equipment that assures no one rebreathes anything others have breathed out.

But justifying that kind of imposition would be expensive as well as hugely inconvenient; it might entail the presentation of evidence that there is  a horrendously dangerous to everyone – or even most everyone – respiratory virus wafting in the air.

The fact that a loosely fitted old bandana hastily pulled up over one’s apertures at the entrance to the store, the wearing of a “mask” that warns the wearer right on the box it came in that it doesn’t protect against the spread of viruses – or a motorcycle helmet that shows the clearly exposed nose and mouth of the wearer – makes the “PPE” cut tells you what this show is really all about.

Might as well go for a three-hour cruise in that wire-mesh-bottomed boat.

See you on Gilligan’s Island!

Good news addendum! Today I went to Kroger and saw four other Undiapered shoppers, which may not sound like much but it’s a lot more than the no Undiapered shoppers I saw the last 2-3 times I went to Kroger.

The Diapers are coming off – just slowly. Keep on showing your face and they’ll come off faster!

. . .

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  1. The diaper wearers are weakening, maybe?

    On 1 Oct, I had to go to my church office for some business I could not do over the phone. I did not want to terrify the older/kinder women working there, so I wore a “Half- Diaper” out of courtesy to them. A Half-Diaper does not cover your nose, so you can still breathe in clean air, and not the recycled air expelled by your lungs, while giving the illusion you are in compliance with the local diaper fatwa. Much to my surprise, as I entered the office, both the older secretaries were diaper-less! I could not believe it! I ripped the half-diaper from my face in disgust, and told them how stupid it was to wear those disgusting things. They agreed with me! What a wonderful day!

    On 3 Oct, I took my 15 year old daughter to a local clothing store here in St. Petersburg, Fl. My daughter and I entered the store diaper-less. As I got farther into the store, I spied the store owner and her daughter at the back of the store also not wearing face diapers. I thought for sure they were going to duck behind some shelves in shame, and don the face diaper, but they didn’t. Instead, they gave us a shout out, and told us how they appreciated us not wearing the diaper into their store. Sadly they said we were the first customers in months who dared to enter the store without diapers. The owner said she never forced any customer to wear a diaper if they did not want to. Everyone wore one obediently. Since the Fl. Governor “Out Fatwad” the local Nazi governments ability to fine non-compliance of the diaper, she took down her diaper signs, and does not wear the diaper at work.

    If only there were more places like this. The clueless clovers still seem to highly outnumber “us”, for now.

  2. Halloween masks also work very well. I have had to wear mine a total of three times. As long as they think your mouth and nose are covered, anything goes.

    Good news to report in Central VA: a Saturday trip to the large home improvement store, a total of 9 non maskers, including hubby and myself. We were greeted three times by various employees asking if we needed assistance. Nothing said about our lack of masks. Got a few questioning looks from other patrons, but no comments. A trip to to the local farm to pick up produce and fresh eggs (a total of about 50 people there – it is pumpkin picking time and the farm has hayrides and a large corn maze) 90% unmasked! Kids laughing and running around picking out pumpkins. It felt like last October. 😉 Stopped by two gas stations in town. Around 75% were non masked including the cashiers. A few of the large national chains and restaurants in town are still requiring them, but I don’t think they are pushing them. All in all, it seems people are apathetic to it. With the Prez being diagnosed and hospitalized, most individuals thinking is “Why bother, if the President got it, the rest of us are screwed.” Did buy a few shares of Gilead this morning just in case, Remdesivir really works.

    • Excellent, RG!

      I just got back from my new dentist, Undiapered. Got a sour look from an old frau in the waiting room, but the staff were wonderfully friendly and so was the doctor himself, who fixed my cracked toof, too!

  3. Was in NH (the “Live Free or Die” state) the other day. A couple of interesting things happened.

    First, I flew via commercial airliner without once wearing a mask. I just walked confidently into the airport and plane with a smile and nobody bothered me. One flight attendant asked me to put one on and I told her I was eating (a bag of peanuts, one nut at a time).

    Second, despite not having a statewide mask edict, virtually every person in NH was masked both indoors and out. This applied to parents playing with their own children on a swing-set, individuals walking down the sidewalk and individual hikers in the woods. It was mind boggling. I though New Englanders were a hearty stock. Not so much.

  4. I’m sure it will take a lot more than the 6 months it’s taken to get us to this point, but I’m starting to see the pendulum swinging back in the right direction.

    My local grocer used to have signs “mandating” masking, but now they simply say “please” wear one.

    Still plenty of drones in there giving me the stink eye because I’m not playing their game of sickness Kabuki, but I invite and relish the confrontation; an opportunity to maybe pull the wool off of someone’s eyes that this WuFlu nonsense has tarred and feathered the population with.

    My local auto parts store shocked me when I walked in with my mask and suddenly realized I was the only one wearing one- I asked if they had a mask policy, they said they’d put one on if I wanted them to. I said no thanks, I think the whole thing is bullshit and took mine off too. It was strangely liberating for me, I’m a car guy and I felt instant kinship with these other car guys who also don’t fall for this panicking nonsense.

    But larger organizations like schools are still an issue. I was banned from my kids school because I refused to wear a mask and bristled/ squared my shoulders when a finger was pointed at me and I was *told* to get back in my car. Imagine a school administrator treating a parent liked that. Good stuff. One battle at a time, I suppose.

    • Hi James,

      This is good news- and I’m seeing similar here. People still Diaper. But Diaper mania is declining. If we can just hold fast for another month or so, it may become very hard to keep most people terrified. And therein lies the key. There will always be a certain percentage of neurotics. But keeping a majority neurotic may prove impossible to sustain. Here’s hoping!

  5. In the very few places I must go that require a mask on pain of arrest (directly threatened by a cop btw) I’ve taken to wearing a full Israeli military gas mask. Oddly enough I can actually breathe better than through a rag.

    I’ve noticed that a minority of people love it and understand the meaning behind my wearing it. Others ignore me. But the interesting thing is the number of people who become instantly hostile. Mask wearers and virtue signalers every single one. I tried to ask one of them what made her mad about it. After all, if she was wearing her diaper-burka because she really believed, then she’d have to agree that my mask was superior and therefore a good thing. She, and others I tried to discuss this with, rolled her eyes and stomped away in a huff.

    It’s clear that the thing that makes them so angry with this display is that I demonstrate how absurd it all is, and that I will not join their cult. The ever-present cop in this venue, incidentally, just looked at me without expression before going back to what he was doing.

      • To be clear, JG, I’m talking about a quasi-gov building with off duty cop security guards. The average store doesn’t have them, though a fair number of manager Karens have threatened to call the cops on me for being in their place of authority without a face covering. One actually did.

        BTW, I suspect that it’s kinda a good thing that many of these Mrs Kravitz cultists cover their faces! Who’d wanna look anyway?

    • Great idea! Thank you–this is a much better eff-you than the Guy Fawkes mask I keep for emergency cases.

      I think I can not upset my conscience too much if I hang one of these around my neck and put it on when they make me, if–God forbid–I ever have to break down and fly on a plane or do the restaurant seating ritual.

      Since the de-humanizing naked body-scanners went in around 2010, I have been able to justify flying to my conscience by forcing the Barking Nazi’s to scream “We Gotta an Opt Out!” and then having them send over a Paid Government Homosexual to rape me through my pants. Same principle here.

    • I have a great idea, gosh I should be a governor or something… if people don’t want to wear the stupidity mask, then we could allow them an “opt out” by hiring the mentally ill street bums to grope them (pat down) to make sure the virus isn’t hiding in peoples’ cracks & crevices. The gropers can be specially trained to recognize when they feel a virus. Then, if a person is found to have the virus, they can go into a specially designed spray booth, where they’re sprayed down with pure laundry-grade bleach (but not the safe food-grade bleach because that costs 1 cent more per gallon) and we can also spray them with liquid nuclear waste too because that’ll help solve our nation’s nuclear waste disposal problem, and the special spray booths will cost $trillions so that will help the economy. Plus I’ll get multi-million dollar kickbacks for me and many other govt leaders. I’m simply BRILLIANT! I’m running for office — vote for me! Or don’t vote for me — it doesn’t matter — because I count the votes HAHAHAHAHA!

    • Had you done this last year (pre-covid that is), I would fully expect that you would have been immediately arrested on some sort of terrorism suspicion. Funny how covid has eliminated all of the terrorists and mass shooters, huh.

  6. Perhaps the saddest thing is that we will not return to “normal”. Normal has been deliberately destroyed. Which of course is the one and only reason for this psyop, the extraction of wealth from the middle class, delivering it to the bank cartel, which buys up distressed assets with “money” created out of thin air. At least those they can’t acquire by simple foreclosure.

    • Exactly JWK. Look at Blackrock (7.4 Trillion (not a misprint)) under management) for example. Think of the various major banks, and hedge funds as the class of Lords. Below them, are their lackies the politicians. Below that are the technocrat “priesthood”, and the “court intellectuals”. Below them of course is the great unwashed (us peasants). Oh, and above the Lords, is Evil Incorporated™ of course… ^^

  7. Eric…great report. ! You just gave me an idea. Back in 76, I was stationed at NAS Bermuda (rough duty). Most of the locals and Bermudians rode “mopeds”. At the exit to the base, there was a sign that you were required to wear a “head covering” if leaving the base on a motorized scooter. I watched as one of the CPO’s , who had forgotten his helmet, put his softball glove on his cranium and rode past the guard at the entrance. Maybe there should be a contest as to the stupidest thing that passes as a mask ?????

    • Hi Blues,

      Good stuff!

      The helmet thing occurred to me on the way down the mountain; I figured – what the hell! – let’s see what they do. And they did noting at all.

  8. Local take-out pizza place tonight was 100% maskless workers! Most customers were too. Massive super Kroger one day after work this week was full of people – 200 maybe – and I counted 5 of us being normal. It was weird and depressing. Tonight’s pizza run was so much better.

    • Hi Jetta,

      I was giving up hope on the Krogerites – after three or more successive shopping experiences as the only Undiapered in the store. But yesterday, at least four. A sanity thaw may be happening….

    • OMG, making pizzas without a stupidity mask on — OH THE HUMANITY! The sanity virus is going to go viral! There’s gonna be a spike in common-sense cases! Everyones’ ignorance might DIIIIIIIIE!

  9. Odd minds think alike Eric. ^^ I’ve also used my helmet, for exactly that purpose. Its like the one the woman in the picture is wearing. Not a word was said by anyone, and I also didn’t get the usual stares from the Karen’s. This is as funny, as it is pathetic.

  10. Eric, that truly sucks about your liquor store. The liquor laws in some of the eastern states are ridiculous. I remember first visiting Tennessee and running into the fact that no store bought beer was above 6%, and to get wine you had to go to a winery. They also had state liquor stores.

    Luckily for me, my neighborhood liquor store is one of the few places in which the employees don’t wear masks, and you can still have a chat with a friendly face. The neighborhood Family Dollar is another. Mostly, however, the stores are completely diapered with nearly 100% compliance. I’m usually the lone undiapered face. The only other exception is the hardware stores, in which there will usually be another maskless face.

    Remember, if they can see your smile, you ARE the Resistance!

    • Hi BaDbOn,

      Virginia – home of Jefferson – has some unusually authoritarian laws. No radar detectors, for instance. Anything faster than 80, anywhere – even on a highway with a speed limit of 70 – is “reckless” driving. And state-“controlled” Liquor sales.

      PS: Your “If they can see your smile, you are the resistance! ” will make a great bumper sticker!

      • Do they let you go in the store and shop around? I know for awhile you couldn’t go in, you had to tell them what you wanted at the front door and they’d go get it for you. That sucks when you’re not sure what you want. By the way, Eric, do you find and choose the graphics and images for your articles? You always manage to hit the nail right on the head!

  11. Masks are a weapon of mass economic destruction. As long as people wear them, the economy will never fully heal and small businesses will continue to be crushed (which perhaps is the reason they’re being pushed so hard by the corporate state).

    Also, as long as masks are mandated, there will be a constant need for more federal stimulus packages to keep big companies from failing while the little guys are swept away.

    • Hi Jim,

      Diapers are the road to needles. The whole point is to cripple the economy – and life – until people are so browbeaten that they line up for the shot. It should be as obvious as a neon flashing sign in the bedroom at night by now. It has nothing to do with “health.” The whole WuFlu exercise has been about getting the populace to accept being Needled – and tracked – and thereby kept under 24/7 control.

  12. Virginia ABC stores. I sure don’t miss those. It took me months after moving to Arizona to get used to being able to buy liquor in supermarkets and convenience stores.

    As for masktardation, it’s prevalent and enforced with Stalinist rigidity in the urban areas and suburbs here (the current mayorette of Tucson is a Mexican version of AOC), but less so out in the rural stretches where I live. There’s a Speedway gas station/convenience store down the road that, while having a “face diapering mandatory” sign on the door, doesn’t enforce it on the customers at all. Even the employees aren’t consistently masked, which is one reason I throw as much business their way as I can. I occasionally buy lottery tickets there and actually hope I win something big simply so I can kick a big chunk of the money back to the store to thank them for not being Covidiots.

    • Hi Lib,

      I wish I had the means to open a coffee shop for the sane of all persuasions. The Show Your Face Cafe, for example. A place where “face coverings” are prohibited but anything else goes. Bring your donkey, if you like. It’s all good. So long as I can see your face.

      • Good idea! Best to establish it as a “private club” and charge a pittance of a membership dues fee so that it doesn’t fall under the same bullshit nanny state regulations of local government as regular restaurants do. If you want to establish a “coffee club” that requires members to be unmasked while inside and they’ve accepted the rule and the risks associated with it by accepting the terms of membership in the club, then the state has nofa king authority to force its mask mandates or other fucktardation down your throat. This posted on this weekend’s LRC represents a brilliant strategy in that direction.

    • While private businesses in metro areas are being intentionally destroyed, I suspect they may be benefiting in the rural communities. I rarely go to the metro area 20 miles away anymore, instead doing my shopping in the small town 10 miles away. No, they don’t have the selection the metro stores do, and the prices may not be quite as good, but no one has ever said a word to me about a mask, and half the customers don’t wear one, and a few of the employees don’t. But, such has ever been the case. Rural towns are more civilized than metro areas are. Even more so now, since the metro areas are all run by Snow Flake SJW Wokesters. I suspect that a number of folks are likewise avoiding the metro area.

      • This^^! My small town has been dying for 50 years. Suddenly there are no houses for sale and property values ( last year I bought 4 run down properties for 12k) are running higher quickly. Many are flirting with the 100k mark where the average a couple years ago was around 60. The longer this keeps up the more people are going to go rural/local.

        • Ernie, the bad part of that, is that most of those fleeing the socialist hell holes, bring their zombie mentality with them. That means their plague spreads further and further around the country. Watch red counties turn purple, and then blue, because of the zombie plague.

      • That has also been my observation, JWK. It seems that the Masters of the Universe™ share common blind spots. Which doesn’t bode well for the mid to long term execution of The Plan. Especially, in an age of decentralized production. I’ve actually seen several mini production centers (based on advanced CAD/CAM) that fit into the back of a semi trailer. That includes its power, tools and material supplies. A great number of useful things can be produced that way. Its also very mobile. Not only that, but the technology keeps getting more advanced, and smaller as well.

    • Here in SW FL right now, it’s really only the big box stores and supermarkets where anybody’s diapering. Convenience stores, gas stations, and local shops, most don’t bother and nobody seems to care. Even at the big box and grocery, there are WAY more undiapered now than just a couple weeks ago. Only placed I’ve encountered that’s really strict and absolutely will not let you in is Costco.

  13. Kind of a bummer for you. I think I remember you saying you lived in (or near) Roanoke, Virginia. You’re like an hour and a half drive/ride from the nearest out-of-state liquor store in WV (per Google maps). Sounds like something you’d want to take care of on a road trip – stock up on liquor in some other state. I used to drive a semi when I lived in Philadelphia, running the northeast US, and I made sure to stock up on cigarettes whenever I got to Virginia (which was quite often). Tobacco taxes in the northeast can be horrendous, much cheaper in VA or NC.

  14. Motorcycle helmet, hilarious! Here’s an experiment for you: do the same thing, but when you go to check out, remove the helmet and see if the cashier asks you to put it back on.

    • Hi cjm!

      Meant to holler but it was spur of the moment. Forgot to ask whether you ride? PS: There were more Undiapered at Kroger yesterday than in weeks….

      • Went to a local Kroger last Thursday, the first time I had been there in about a month. Didn’t know what to expect. While I was the only one in the store without a mask, and there was a repeating PA announcement that “masks must be worn”, I was not accosted by anyone for not wearing one. I was in the store for 30-45 minutes. As I was checking out the cashier asked me for ID to buy liquor, which is absurd since I’m 66 years old, and then she scanned my drivers license. That’s suspicious.

        • I’ve had that same experience, JWK. My grandkids are up in NOVA, visit a couple times a year. Last time, stopped at 7 11 to get some beer, clerk says he needs to scan my license. I’m 69 years old. I said eff that, you’re not scanning shit. I don’t live in VA, and I sure as hell don’t wanna be in any of their databases. Went over to Safeway, got my beer and the cashier never even asked for ID. Definitely something fishy about that scanning business.

  15. Didn’t know Virginia had that state run liquor store nonsense. What a stupid idea that has hung around decades after prohibition supposedly ended.

    Another reason why they have never allowed mail order or online liquor sales……can’t have options and real competition.

    • In Virginia, the alcohol laws are written by the beer lobby and we have goofy liquor laws. In TN, the alcohol laws are written by the liquor lobby and they have goofy beer laws. It’s just your every day rent-seeking which goes unnoticed because people are too busy waiting on the next epic tweet from their heroes.

  16. My wife is taking a cruise this January (if it happens) with her cousins. I’ll have her load up on the good stuff and it is sold tax free and duty free. I went 6 years ago and came home with 2 liters of Jack Daniels for $40. Never get it for that here in Virginia.

  17. I’m sure a catcher’s mask would have sufficed to appease the gods of corona-chan to keep you (and grandma) safe!

    It’s literally no different than dumping sewage through a tennis racket and then pouring a nice healthy glass of clean water for your self. The mask-tards will have none of it though.

    Speaking of booze. I was discussing with my wife the other day about how this whole thing feels like being the only one at a drunken party that isn’t drinking and having to endure the sheer stupidity of your surroundings.

    I’m hoping those who think this whole scamdemic will ease up after election day are at least 50% correct. This crap is exhausting at times.

    Of course there are those that love their chains so much they’ll be sharing stories with their grandkids about how “they all made it through together.” Still playing pretend that it was an actual thing, and not a fabricated economic carpet bombing and power grab.

    Where the hell is my “I survived Y2K shirt at anyway?”

    • No, it won’t ease up after election day, nice as that sounds (compared to now). They’ll use the normal flu season this winter as an excuse to continue their nonsense. The earliest it could ease up IMO is next spring, and no guarantees there, either. Summer, maybe, when the kids are out of school? By then (a year and a half since the crap started), people will forget what normal was, so things possibly will never go back to anything resembling normal, unless you have a decent governor (Ron DeSantis, Kristi Noem, etc.).

      • You’re exactly right. They’re not even hiding from us anymore their intentions to make this bullshit permanent. They consider us too weak and stupid to resist and force them to back down, and unfortunately we (collectively) seem to be proving that they’re right.

      • Hi Jim,

        My worry – one of them – is that henceforth the possibility of giving/getting any sickness – the common cold – will be used to insist on Diapers. Granny might die, after all.

        A couple of weeks ago, I was at Lowes checking out – sans the Diaper – and someone sneezed. The whole place froze. People’s eyes bulged behind their Diapers. It was the damndest thing you almost couldn’t see.

        These neurotics will need therapy to be able to deal with such things in the future. The problem is, they regard themselves as normal – and want to force us to accept their neurosis as not abnormal.

  18. My local Walmart has removed the barriers to entry and did not even have a single masking sign on or near the door. Inside it was about 30 percent serious maskers 40 percent chin maskers and 30 percent unmasked.

  19. The 80s classic “Strange Brew” offers a look inside a state-run beer store of that period in Canada.

    Three decades later, the state-run liquor store near our house in WA State had a very similar look and ambience.


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