Diaper Report 3/4/21

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Something weird – something depressing – is afoot.

For the past ten days or so, I’ve been the only one showing his face at my local Kroger supermarket. I go there almost every day, to go out of my way to show my face – in the hope that by showing mine, others will feel less afraid to show theirs.

I’m a large man radiating an anti-Diaper/pro-sanity vibe; the Freaks leave me alone for that reason, I suspect. I know for a fact that the cowardly Freaks will accost others who aren’t large men, like the slightly built older woman who approached me several months ago to thank me for showing  my face, who also told me she was reluctant to show hers because she dreaded being accosted by a Diaper-pushing Freak.

It is much akin to the way hard-core Islamists force their women to wear similar religious vestments.

Anyhow, the weird thing I wanted to report – and get feedback about – is the discontinuity between the cases! the cases! – which have miraculously plummeted since Joe was selected president – and the now near-ubiquity of the Holy Vestment of the Sickness Cult, the Face Diaper – at least in my part of Southwest Virginia.

It does not compute!

One would think that a 50 percent decline in the cases! the cases! combined with what to be the obvious paucity of people keeling over and the dialing back of enforcement of the tenets of the Faith would cause at least some of the people who’ve been Diapering to reconsider their Faith.

Instead, the opposite. Which raises the question as to why?

It could be several things, including what they are watching – and hearing. I – being sane and being someone who cannot abide infantile emotionalism – do not watch the “news” nor listen to it, both being unendurably infantile as well as disingenuous. It annoys a sensible brain to listen to adult children hectoring other adults as if they regarded them as idiot children.

The cases! The cases! Sans context.


So it is possible, I assume, that the people who are watching and listening are Diapering because that is what the TeeVee and Radio tell them to do. The why being a question infantilized/neuroticized adult children serially fail to ask themselves. It’s appalling to a self-respecting adult but it may explain the phenomenon.

Another – worse – explanation is that the religion has been established. Just as there is no law requiring the ardent Catholic to cross himself, nor the Mormon to keep a year’s supply of food on hand, so also the members of this new Faith wear the vestment of their Faith because they want to wear it.  They have committed to the tenets of the Faith and wish to express it – and show solidarity with other members of their order. This includes the training of their children in the ways of the Faith via what amounts to the same thing as circumcision or Payot – the braided sideburns that identify the orthodox/observant Jew.

It meets their psychological and social need to belong.

I suspect it is here to stay, too.

Even if the “mandates” to feign observance are rescinded, the religion isn’t going away. A new Faith Community has been created. A vigorous one. A large enough one that it will be pandered to, just as other Faith Communities are pandered to. This will have consequences for those who do not share the Faith, as this one is militant – like Jehovah’s Witnesses, weaponized. They won’t just go door to door spreading their Faith – they will continue to agitate that doors be closed to the Unfaithful.

Not just their doors, either – which would be ok.

Just as there are Kosher delis and Mennonite bakeries, it would be fine in the sense that no one’s rights are affronted by businesses that wish to cater to the Faithful  . . . provided the Faithful do not demand the Unfaithful hew to the “guidelines” postulated by their rabbis and priests and so on.

Ideally, the members of the Sickness Cult will form up like the Amish and leave the not-Amish out of it. Those who want to wear black clothes and go without electricity – or wear a silly facial girdle to evince their Faith – should be as free to do so as the rest of us should be free to not do so.

But things will only gel out in this relatively harmless manner if it is made quite clear to the Faithful that their faith is theirs – and theirs alone. And most of all, that it is a Faith. A belief system that doesn’t depend on objective reality; that one simply “believes” in as a matter of Faith.

America is – well, was once – a free country and it can be so again. Once people are free to practice their religion and not empowered to force others to feign belief in it.

. . .

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  1. Vin Armani. Talks about what he borrowed/calls “the dim ages” (as opposed the dark ages.) Says that’s the point in the cycle now. A return to magic, mystery, religion (well, more occludedly occultish religions, anyway…& what’s in your wallet, religion-wise, among the bitcoins?) as the current western roman empire falls, whilst the Byzantine/ast gets curlier. The compulsion to “meaning.” And who are the jews now, to be judas’d & jettisoned, this time? And getting the hell out before it was too late – to Saipan, in his case. He was just a gigolo ♪♫♪, but maybe he was never just a gigolo…


  2. I’m 5’4 and my spouse is 5’2. We don’t wear the Covid-Burqa at the local corporate stores here in very rural WNC. Of course, our ‘I dare ya’ body language likely dissuades the Gulag types. We haven’t worn them since March 2020, and often we are the only practicing heretics. This is 80% voted Trump country, so to say we’re disappointed would be a crushing understatement. The GOP/Conservative/Christian/Trump types are every bit as herd-like as any wild-eyed fanatical progressives. Let’s just say that our experiences supply plenty of anecdotal information to say ‘our side’ has no courage of their convictions.

    • Excellent, Ross!

      I tried to put on my riding leathers today. I’ve swelled to Red Giant proportions! There is no way I’m getting in them again, even with some axle grease and a shoe horn. The upside is – per Joon Rhee – nobody bothers me.

  3. Thanks to Lew Rockwell for posting this link:
    Actual science (as opposed to “The Science”), demonstrated by a First Responder (a semi-holy person).
    Natch, it would have been better if demonstrated by a Doctor God (a true Holy Man or Woman), but at least it is a Very Expensive Instrument.

    That is known as science, folks.

  4. Hi Eric I’m in South Dakota (moved from colorado) so there is no “mandate” here and in the town/area I live in and when I go out I say 75% of people do not wear the “diaper.” I have to tell you it’s been great being up here I go this cafe for breakfast about 3 times a week and nobody wears the “diaper” not the servers, not the cooks, you can sit anywhere you want, and there is not even any of those stupid plastic screens.

    • Thanks for relating this, Brian – it started my day off right!

      One of the things about this site is it keeps us sane – by letting us know not everyone is crazy!

  5. Az Gov. Doug Douchey finally opened the state to 100% capacity, as it applies to gyms, theaters, restaurants, etc.

    They, unfortunately, continue with the rather duplicitous practice of have no official state diaper mandate, except for gyms, bars and restaurants, who can have their business licenses yanked for not enforcing The Rag.

    And I want my gym back, Goddamnit!
    Also the movies! I don’t want to sit in the fucker wearing a diaper in between bites of popcorn. And I don’t want to play. Just drop the idiotic requirement!

    • Even after all this time, I – Still can’t imagine people going to bars, restaurants or,… movie theaters?! while wearing a face diaper.

      This sure is some seriously fucked up weird Sci-fi flick we’re living though.

      • Helot,

        Neither can I, so I don’t. I’ve been to two dine-in restaurants the entire time, and diapers weren’t required for customers at that point.

  6. I saw a pod person in a store today wearing a face diaper which had a lifelike cigar wielding face printed on it. A mouth and nose. I found it to be a bit gross. It seemed like more normalization of the theater of the absurd, or perhaps something worse?
    The checkout guy tried to sorta joke about it, saying, “You gotta have fun with it.”… in Iowa, with no state decree, amid county decrees which are meaningless for the most part. Wtf?
    I dunno, to me, it seemed like joking about a nest of rattlesnakes at your feet. It’s like, don’t joke, take the mother off.
    And, I’ve been noticing a whole lot more face diapers just covering the mouth. When I see ’em, I’m thinking, “why wear it if… psft!”

    On the plus side, came across some nice natural smiles today.

  7. It’s not getting any better here in Las Vegas. I am the only one in the one grocery store I can go to that doesn’t wear a diaper. Only once did a man scream at me for not wearing one. Usually I just get mean looks. I can also go into Lowes and Walmart no problem. Thats it though. And so many people wear the diaper outside while walking, jogging, bike riding. I used to go to the store everyday just to show my face but now I stay away because I come home so depressed seeing kids and babies and everyone wearing diapers. I don’t think it’s ever going away. I felt better when I went to Florida over xmas in that I never wore a mask but seeing others still makes me depressed and angry.

    • Hi Jen,

      You and me both. I stay out of stores for the most part. I have been to a few restaurants. I abhor seeing the kids in a mask. It is one thing if the parents wish to suffer from some mental affliction, but to put the kids through it. Don’t they realize they are damaging the children’s psyche? Their feelings of self worth and confidence in themselves? This is going to take our country a generation to come back from and that is if they put a stop to it now. The only people that going to get through this is are the mentally tough. Those that have enough conviction to not cave to peer pressure.

      My sister sent me a text earlier with a variety of T-shirts that have recently come out “I Am in the Herd” “Hug Me I am Vaccinated” “Team Vaccine 2021” She asked me which one should she get me (sarcastically). I suggested the one that reads “No Vaccine Needed, I Have an Immune System”

      We live in a sick world.

      • This need for validation of their vaccination (t-shirts, stickers, fellating each other on social media, etc.) is rationalization at best, and a twisted affirmation of a religious rite at worst. These people are sick in the head. The fact that they need such affirmation is proof they know deep down they’re unsure of what they’re doing.

        I saw a picture of the classrooms of our local school today. Since my kids are not there, I had no idea. Each desk had a three-sided plexiglass shield, behind which sat a diapered kid. Little surprises me, but this shocked me. This is psychological child abuse, nothing less. It will be permanent scarring in some of these poor kids. And their diaper-freak parents obviously have no issues with this, and think it is just peachy. God damn them all.

        • Hi BAC,

          Only the public schools seem to go to this great length. Hence, the poor kids in Washington state playing their musical instruments in tents. My nephews are in private school and they just recently just celebrated 100 days of school with no closures. They also don’t wear masks and play around other little kids who also don’t wear masks. They are in a normal school environment – at desks with no plexiglass and a teacher whose face they can see. Most people heads would explode if they learned such a thing existed.

          Then of course, there are the homeschooled kids, which absolutely nothing in their life has changed, except seeing a bunch of crazy people walking around looking like a duck billed platypus.

            • Thanks helot. I had not seen this, but kudos to Liv for making this. Every parent, teacher, school official, and government administrator should be forced to watch this.

              We (society) are divesting children of their lives. Meeting with friends, attending classes, proms, homecomings, pep rallies, sports, concerts, relaxing weekends, jobs, spring vacations, etc. We have taken it away from and we have now declared “you must ostracize yourself away from the world to save grandma and grandpa who have lived a full life.”

              Seriously, does anyone think our kids are going to look back at this and say, “Thanks I enjoyed being isolated for a year, two years, indefinitely for a virus that I had a 99.99% recovery rate.”

              Parents are our children’s only advocates. If we don’t fight for them who else will?

            • I just watched that. Quite depressing. My GF is a teacher and they’re FINALLY going to begin hosting in-person school in a couple weeks.

              • It would take me an unbearable paragraph to unpack my thoughts on that heartfelt comment, BaDnOn.
                Becky Ackers kind of covered it with this opening line, “Will the Buckeye State soon return to the usual tyranny under which Americans suffered pre-plandemic?”

                And, this:
                “Hey! Teacher! Leave that kid alone!”

                • Haha, yes, I fully understand, Helot.

                  We have MUCH different ideas about what school should be than the status quo. But my GF, for now, keeps her job, and tries her best to shape young lives best she can, for now.

    • Hi Jen,

      Hang tough. Try to imagine what it must have been like for sane/decent people living in Germany circa 1936. They probably thought it was forever, too. The armbands and lunatic adulation of Der Fuhrer. But it wasn’t forever. And this, too, will end. Maybe not next year – maybe not in tens years. But one day, it will – because it must. And it’s up to us to work toward that day.

    • I feel quite the same, Jen.

      My stepson turned 21 and went to Vegas with his mom to “celebrate”. I didn’t go, because I knew it wouldn’t be the same, and had other things to do. And yes, Fremont Street was just a depressing shadow of itself. But, as Eric says, it WILL end. And these charlatans can say anything they want, but the truth is plain and apparent: None of the diapering or locking down or the ubiquity of fear did ANYTHING to help anyone, but was instead deleterious in many ways, some of which we don’t even yet quite understand.

      I hate it too, but think of yourself as one of the Few and the Proud as you wade through the throngs of faceless imbeciles. You ever see the old meme featuring a crowd of Sieg Heiling Germans, and there’s one guy in the crowd not participating, and the meme says “Be this guy.”? Well, you’re that guy. We here at Eric’s Speakeasy are all all that guy. 😉

    • Jen,

      Same here in Fargo, ND. They won’t let me into Walmart without one. I have 1 grocery store I can go to, that’s it. In a state without a mandate, no less.

      • Hi Anon,

        It’s miserable they won’t let you in without a Face Diaper but it’d be even more miserable to wear the thing. There are always options – and I’m glad you have found at least one. I’m certain there are others. Perhaps not as convenient. But always preferable to wearing that got-damned Rag.

  8. Hi Eric, seems the same way here, at the local food lion yesterday my wife and I and a lady with her doughter were the only maskless people we saw. I am thinking the same thing.. how can this be?

    Thought this might put a smile on your face. Don’t let the kids listen.. it is George Carlin on immunity. 🙂


  9. I don’t like to comment on one of your postings if there are already 100+ comments, but I think I have something useful to contribute here.

    In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how many of us (entire states, even, see SD) go without a muzzle and don’t die. That’s not going to change anybody’s mind. They’re just going to look at us as if we’re reckless or even suicidal because they so deeply bought into the bullshit that they can’t see straight.

    I’ll give you an example from an email my now former boss sent out in January. I won’t mention the name of the company, though it’s quite recognizable. I worked there for only 2 months before quitting. Why did I quit? Covidiocy was one reason, but there were others (and one even more compelling). That now makes two jobs I have quit because of the virus lunacy. Is there actually an employer in Kentucky who doesn’t abide by the nonsense bullshit where I can work for a couple of years before retirement?

    About the email. In January, my old boss sent an email about “safe work practices”, explaining his extensions of company policy (which was bad enough). His email ended this way:


    Caps are his, and it was also in bold. After seeing this, I was ready to quit right then and there, but gave it another month before I’d had enough and called it a day.

    What am I getting at? Some, or even many, people are so heavily invested in this bullshit that not only are they not going to give it up, but they’re going to make the rest of us miserable in the process. And most importantly, we’re not going to change that, at least not easily. Sure, we can go into a store without a muzzle. We can do it in groups (see Utah) and raid a place, daring them to try to kick us out. We can gather in large groups without muzzling (see Sturgis, the Super Bowl and national championship celebrations, etc.) and prove that we don’t die. We can have entire states with no mandates (16 and counting, I believe). It doesn’t matter. As you said, Eric, it’s a religious cult. The programming is deep. And it will be extremely difficult to change their minds. If anything, we should be studying cult deprogramming and putting that to use. That may be more effective than setting the example that they’re not going to follow anyway.

    • Mind control is REAL, especially TRAUMA BASED mind control. You nailed it; I don’t know the deprogramming techniques, but I have read accounts from Cathy O’Brien (much more intense than just MSM brainwashing) about how she and her daughter escaped their MK programming.

    • Point well taken. I agree that it is mind control.

      I don’t resist the idiocy in order to set an example (other than for my children). Rather, I do it because I prefer to live as a free and sovereign individual, without encroachment from anyone. If my free breathing and refusal to treat innocents as potential threats to my well-being sets a good example for friends and strangers to follow, that is a great side benefit, but not my motivation.

  10. Just a note for anyone with one of the six newly banned Dr Seuss books….If I Ran the Zoo is going for $400 and To Think I Saw It on Mulberry Street can be yours for the affordable cost of $326.

    Of course, I have the Sneetches, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, and 23 others, but none of those have been “cancelled” yet. I may hit up a few used bookstores this weekend though. I may get lucky and be able to pay for my kids braces. 😜

    If you do have them they are worth holding onto to.

    • I thought of your post for some reason when I saw this bit on EPJ, “can you please tell us when in history the censors were the good guys?”

  11. I have a quite interesting mask story.
    My Father recently died. In my efforts to take possession of his estate, I had to come up with death certificates for all parties mentioned in his will who had died, which leaves only me and my son as heirs. Guess where I had to go to get those death certificates. Why exactly the same agency that imposes all the COVID restrictions, including the masking ordinance, in the nearby college town. I walked in without a mask. There were a half dozen or so “customers” and the guy at the front desk, all wearing masks. BUT, and its a big butt, not a word, not a stare, not a single reaction of any kind to me not masking. After about half an hour I got the death certificates and walked out unimpeded. It appears that the guy at the front desk is not impressed with the edicts put forth by his employer.

    • Good to know. The best policy is to put one foot in front of the other, and don’t hesitate, no matter the sign on the door, nor the ferocious edicts and venomous growls of others.

    • This is excellent, John!

      Sickness Psychosis depends on tacit acceptance by overt appearance. It is exactly like the Emperor’s New Clothes. All it takes is one person not playing along to break the spell.

    • Hi Clay,

      Yup. And – not the verbiage. “Excelsior Pass.” Akin to “Freedom Bracelet.” The exact opposite of the thing being mis-described. It is critical to point out – to mock – this Orwellian language before it gels.

    • So much wrong with this – why would even the most depraved covidiot trust the guy who is (finally) being investigated for deliberately slaughtering the most helpless elderly?

      Putting that aside, based on what TPTB themselves have admitted, the jab doesn’t protect anyone from convid, and at best reduces already mild symptoms (provided you believe that convid is even a thing)…and as has been shouted a thousand times from the rooftops – most people don’t get sick! (If you have to have a “test” to know if you are “sick,” then you’re probably going to be just fine!).

      Preaching to the choir here, I know – but WHAT IS THE POINT OF THE “PASS”? TPTB just keep
      pushing their fact-free agenda, with ever increasing ridiculousness. Shame on all who fall for it, or indulge in it for the sake of “convenience.” There is really no excuse.


  12. Adult diapers are a number one seller in Japan. Go figure.

    I had Redbubble make a mask for me, especially, that has the words ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ stitched across the ‘face’ of the mask. Just kidding.

    It is an oxymoron, but that is the point.

  13. Eric, despite a degree in journalism and the better part of two decades in the news bidness, I haven’t watched the “news” either for at least six months. But I suspect that you and other commenters are correct in your speculation about the current narrative. We’re almost there! We don’t want to take our foot off the gas now!

    I find this “foot on the gas” metaphor hilarious. We are the ones who have had our foot on the gas this whole time, happily zipping past their 12-mph speed limit signs – and living to tell about it. The diapered sheeple, on the other hand, have been too terrified to take their foot off the brake. If their car started creeping forward, they’d crap in their pants.

    • Amen, Roland!

      As a journalist myself, I am amazed by the degree of editorializing in everything. There is no longer any meaningful distinction between the editorial pages and the “news” pages. Everything is political now. I came online (metaphorically) as this transition occurred. When I was a young reporter, the sort of lectury/politically slanted “writing” that is ubiquitous now would not have gotten past the copy desk. At least, not as a “news” story.

      It’s beyond awful – and I’m grateful I got in (and out) before it became what it now is.

        • Hi Anon,

          Indeed – sadly. Even sadder – to me, a journalist – is that most of the opinionism isn’t even clever or well-written. Rather, it is tired, tedious, predictable dreck. The sort of stuff that Pravda published during the Brezhnev era.

          • So I was elsewhere and there was printed copy of the chicago tribune. An article about Joliet hooking up lake water. So I start reading it and they are talking about the deep aquifers running dry and then it goes on about how the water doesn’t even get down there quickly despite the more intense storms due to climate change or words to that effect. I stopped reading and put it down. Complete BS. The storms are no different than they always have been throughout my life.

            Anyway if they were smart they would fill the aquifers back up with lake water.

            C&D articles are littered with climate change and SJW crap now too.

  14. I just realized something. If two people are wearing one mask apiece, then wouldn’t ONE person wearing TWO masks achieve the same “effect”? Perhaps Lord Fauci was onto something.

  15. Eric,
    The picture you’ve been using all this time for your diaper reports is fricking hilarious! Where did you find that? Also loving the Dr. Seuss rhyme.

  16. Went shopping at supermarket today no diaper, everyone was cool. I was the only one without, though. No announcements, no hassle, even the signage has been reduced. The staff (some, not all), especially those that you know don’t like wearing diapers, now seem to welcome diaperless customers. They seem to be waiting for customers to resist so that it will end. Yet, no one else seems to indicate any desire to resist. So it continues. Weird. Also today an elderly guy who walks my neighborhood alone while wearing a face diaper ends up talking to me out front of my place. I’ve known him for a few years pre-diaper and we exchanged the normal small talk. I didn’t acknowledge anything but I’ll admit I didn’t blast him as I have others even though I thought about it. If his ilk would only leave us alone in the same manner….

  17. I live in Virginia. I’ve recently been taking a road trip and have traveled all across the country through different states. I haven’t had a problem with face masks anywhere. The Midwest was particularly easy- there were places there where almost nobody was masking. But oh boy did that change when I got to California. I don’t know if it’s something they put in the water there but they are super hardcore about masks. I got barked at at a GAS STATION with one foot in the door by the cashier, who clearly was watching every person who entered. I still haven’t worm a mask at any point on this trip, and never will. Mask nazis can eat shit.

    • Sounds about right. I live in Santa Cruz area in California and it is really bad here. I hardly ever see a person’s full face anymore. Lots of double diapering also happening recently. Double the virtue! I got flipped off for not wearing a mask outdoors in San Francisco. I am glad to hear the rest of the country is not as bad as California. Gives me more justification to move out of this terrible place. I love the scenery and weather, I just cannot stand the population who values authoritarian government rule over their lives and not personal freedom and responsibility.

  18. My gut reaction Eric is thinking that the freakazoids “can’t relax” even though CaSeS!! are down 50%. If they start to de-diaper then there could be a RESURGENCE in CASES. After all, it’s “people like us” that the restrictions have gone on as long as they have.

    Looking thru the Twitter comment cesspool, many of them are calling the governor of Texas a “sociopath” and wanting to kill his citizens, lol.

    So yesterday at Costco, a boomer was having trouble navigating her SUV out of the rear pump position to pass the front pump car and be on her way. I carefully reversed to give her a few more feet. When I just started slowly moving back, the boomer behind me laid on the horn and kept the horn on. I told her in the rear view to callllllm down. It’s ooooook.

    When I got out I made eye contact and gave her the chill out peace be with you it’s all good hand gesture. Then I realize it was a pissed off boomer lady, driving ALONE WITH A MASK ON. I then yelled to my wife and to the other gas getters, while pointing at the cranky boomer, “Hahahahahaha look at her! She’s wearing a mask on alone in her car!!! Hahahahahaha!” And then gave her the pssshaw forget about you wave to the old boomer lady.

    I then loudly thanked Joe Biden and the Democrats for $3 gas.

    • I usually sing the remake of the 80s song “I’m masking alone now…”. 😉

      And yes with the $3 gas. THAT was quick!

      Also, while driving home, I heard Alabama’s governor on the radio. Sounded like a decrepit Foghorn-Leghorn singing the praises of their diaper mandate, saying they’d keep it because it’s helped. From the data, a more reasonable conclusion might be that the mandate helped accelerate The Cases! The Cases!.

  19. Did the bar/club scene here in Florida last Friday – zero mask wearing, and outstanding, attractive, young women in attendance. It’s repeat time…

  20. The Senate is debating the latest stimulus bill now, so I wonder how much of the latest masking wave is a Pavlovian response to stimulus forever checks? “Keep wearing your masks, slaves, and we’ll throw you a bone every now and then.”

  21. Well, I’m officially pissed off. The best annual car show put on by a local restaurant is cancelled this year. The owner wanted to do it but government parasites wouldn’t “allow” it. It’s outside, FFS!!!

    It would be nice if we all got together independently and just did it anyway, without permission.

    • Hi Philo –

      Amen; God-damn these pathological maso-sadists. Any of us who have land should make it available for a car show. I’m game.

    • Plenty of empty parking lots around movie theaters and strip malls these days.

      Or, organize a mobile car show. Maybe 20 cars at a time roll from one gas station to the next on a planned route. I prefer to see metal in motion. And hear it.

      People need to stop asking for permission and just do it. Just because everybody does something on the same day at the same time does not mean you need permission.

        • “People need to stop asking for permission and just do it”

          That’s it. It’s not like the authoritarians ask for permission.

      • A great deal of the tyranny we suffer is because some tyrant told us we had to ask permission, and we believed them. Civil disobedience works, and not just for left wing causes. It’s simple math. They don’t have either the people, or the resources to force anything upon us that we choose not to abide. If there is a financial penalty, and you can afford to pay it, refuse to comply. Consider it a donation to the cause of liberty. If you have been bankrupted by the Church of COVID, you have nothing to lose anyway, so refuse to comply. If you can find any loophole through which you can escape penalty, refuse to comply. If you are in a position where you can’t afford to refuse to comply, delay compliance until it is forced upon you. Make them expend the effort to do so. A major component of most tyranny we face is that it cost the tyrant nothing. The simply espouse their latest edict, and far too many simply go along with it voluntarily. Perhaps they may impose force (the threat of murder) upon you to empower their edict, but could they come up with the resources to impose such force if nobody volunteered to comply?
        Tyrants don’t create tyranny, submission does.

    • Car shows here in The Villages resumed last month.

      Oh yeah, The Villages is a retirement community IN FLORIDA.

  22. Excellent analysis, as usual. I think this diaper cult is most like Islam in that it wants to force others to adhere to their religion. I also had an older lady say how happy she was to see me without a mask. I said to her “why don’t you take yours off?”. She wears it out of fear of getting chewed-out. I told her “Do not live by lies” is my response to screaming banchees.

    • Thanks, Lara!

      I just came back from Lowes – where until today I always saw other faces. Today, nothing but the faceless. It made me ill – and then, angry. I look at them – and they look away. It’s as pathetic as it is disgusting, like seeing people walking around with a brown wet spot on their rear ends.

      • I can accept that someone had a trouser accident. It happens to some beyond their control.

        Masks are a choice. I find them (and those who embrace wearing them) far more disgusting.

      • Eric, we live in Ca, sadly, and we have NEVER seen a mask-less person in Lowe’s. (except each other!) I think since this all started we’ve seen a total of 10 people diaper-less. It IS awful. People are turning themselves into non-persons. I could carry on a better conversation with a cow than most people nowadays. I had a lady in the grocery store, upon seeing me coming down the isle, turn toward a fully-stocked shelf, and push herself into it as much as she could (her face in the cans of beans), until I passed by. Have also been screamed at and permanently kicked-out of Whole Foods by the manager. She was so afraid of the rona that she got right up into my face to spew her screaming spittle right into my mask-less face. These people are psychotic to one degree or another.

        • I went to Lowes in Irvine California a few weeks ago. When I walked in, I was asked if I had a mask. I said “Yes” and kept walking. The employee said, “OK. We’re not the Police”.
          Oh, and fuck Whole Foods. Stater Bros. has never said anything to me.

          • Stater Bros. on Border Ave in Corona: manager refused to sell me food in Jan. because I refused to wear a face diaper. I came very close to decapitating the SOB. Was dissuaded by sage advice to not waste a martyrdom.
            I have not set foot in a Stater Bros. since then, as a matter of self preservation.

      • Lowes is one of the few big chain stores in which I’ve actually seen EMPLOYEES bare-faced. I’m assuming they’re “not allowed” to, but perhaps their heresy is tolerated to some point. Also, I usually see 1-2 other heretical customers there. Same with Home Depot. The local ACE hardware doesn’t dick with me either. Very happy for that.

        Oh, not sure if anyone saw my Valentine’s Day comment, but Lowes had inexplicably put up a “exit only” sign on the Garden Department entrance. They’d put flowers outside this “exit”, and after settling on some, went to purchase them for my GF.

        Instead of going around, I simply walked into the “exit” backwards, speaking in faux reverse, in order to make the clerk think he was in a time warp of some kind.

        Unfortunately, the teenage kid behind his polycarbonate shield paid no attention. I had to knock on the shield to check out with my flowers. ;p

        • There are plenty of ways to have fun with this scamdemic! So much rich material! I have never laughed so much in my life as I have in the past several months at all of the witty mockery made of these oh-so-serious LOSERS on this site and a few others!

          • OOPS – reread comment – didn’t mean losers were visiting this site but commenters here are mocking the losers !

            • Speaking of fun. Had to take the youngest to the orthodontist and this is one of those forced diapered situations against both our wills. Anyway i get lucky no parents inside so he goes in and comes out a little later to go home. Anytime we are forced to diaper we treat the threshold of the building as like the blue line in hockey the instant your foot crosses the line rip that diaper off your face. This is a shopping center where 99% of the people from the instant they park their car till the instant they pull back out are diapered. Well my son comes out rips the diaper off and starts walking to my car. There is noone within 100 ft of him minimum, about halfway to me some obese karen runs up to him and starts yelling at him about being undiapered. He being 9 didn’t know why she was yelling at him so he ran to daddy and the car for safety. I get out and she must have thought i was going to take her side, she starts in with kids need to learn…. to which point i cut her off and said yeah and adults need to learn too. Her eyes went wide and i’m sure if i could have seen her face the expression of shock would have been priceless. I then tell her that there was noone near him till she went running up and that had she touched my son i would have forgotten my rule to never hit a lady. I also say she was lucky it was me and not my wife because my wife would have made you eat that diaper on your face. I didn’t think her eyes could go any wider but when i called her holy of holy rag a face diaper they did. At this point she mutters bbbbbut he’s putting my life at risk, to which I reply after looking at the bags she was carrying – I think the ho ho’s and snickers bars did that a long time ago. At this point my son who had a terrified look on his face when he ran to the car was laughing hysterically. Then i see the she demon fumbling with her purse not sure if she was pulling out a phone or pepper spray to punish us for our wrongthink we got in the car and took off having a wonderful laugh the whole way home.

          • Anon,

            Yeah, I got ya.

            There are serious “Clovers” on this site from time to time, as Eric calls them. (I will be using that term from here on out as an inside insult, BTW)
            And yes, there are also such brilliant people who frequent this site! As I’ve said before, EP Autos draws the finest people! 😉

            This whole farce SHOULD be the subject of serious comedic ridicule. Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke! (Or understand one..)

      • This is indeed a strange situation. I’ve noticed the same here in SW FL. Everything is open, kids are in school, people are getting their vaccine, seems like the whole pandemic BS is starting to dissipate. And yet………. all of a sudden everyone is wearing a goddamn diaper! Home Depot, Publix, etc., used to see at least a few faces. Now it seems there are no faces. What the hell is going on?

        • Hi Floriduh,

          I’m working the problem but so far have no explanation for the uptick in Diapering. It must be something on the “news.” I don’t watch or listen to it, so I am not sure what this “news” might be. Possibly the “news” is hectoring the imbeciles who watch/listen to it that the sudden drop in the cases! the cases! is due to Diapering and now if only they can just keep on doing it, “we” will “beat” this thing…

        • It is the new “variants” that the MSM is promoting. Apparently, there are four now. They sound quite scary until you realize that this information is being regenerated to keep the fear going.

          Also, for most people they have become a second skin. They feel comfortable with them. What scares me is these people’s immune system is shot. After living in a mask for over a year there is no going getting back to normal without getting very sick first.

          • Morning, RG!

            In re: “What scares me is these people’s immune system is shot.”

            Yup. I’m struck by this every time I go out among the Freaks. Almost all of them are significantly overweight, stooped/shuffling creatures who look sick physically as well as mentally.

            I have been pining for the opportunity to engage one of these in a discussion. Wanting one of them to say something about my face-showing. And then advising them to lose 50 pounds and maybe go for a run as that would improve their health a great deal more than my wearing a Diaper.

    • I have a quite interesting mask story.
      My Father recently died. In my efforts to take possession of his estate, I had to come up with death certificates for all parties mentioned in his will who had died, which leaves only me and my son as heirs. Guess where I had to go to get those death certificates. Why exactly the same agency that imposes all the COVID restrictions, including the masking ordinance, in the nearby college town. I walked in without a mask. There were a half dozen or so “customers” and the guy at the front desk, all wearing masks. BUT, and its a big butt, not a word, not a stare, not a single reaction of any kind to me not masking. After about half an hour I got the death certificates and walked out unimpeded. It appears that the guy at the front desk is not impressed with the edicts put forth by his employer.

  23. Put this in the “masks aren’t going away anytime soon” file. Fake Mask USA.com just got cancelled by PayPal and is threatening to prosecute Fake Mask for violating their leftist policies. Not a good sign.

    • It is kind of a shame. However, I really wish that the sanctimonious maskholes would take this approach to ‘protecting others’. Remember “my mask protects you, your mask protects me”. Logically they should kill themselves to protect me. Same premise.

      PSA: If you think you might have ‘Rona, do the socially responsible thing and kill yourself.

      I could support that.

    • Hi Nasir,

      I feel conflicted. Normally, I’d feel sad about such an act. But I feel almost glad – because these people are weaponized and no longer merely self-destructive. One less of them now.

    • Jesus. You could think of this as Grandma killing Grandma, instead of us heretics doing so, as we are always told we are doing. But what really killed her was the relentless fear-mongering. Yes, that’s right. The Fear Cult killed Grandma.

    • I’m very suspicious that they actually know grandma’s motivation here. The article admits: “Her death came without any warning and she left no suicide message of any kind, the Gloucester inquest was told.”

      The headline appears to be sensational nonsense being utilized to support the BS Covid narrative.

  24. The National Ad Council has a web banner ad floating around right now that says something like, “If you want businesses to stay open, wear a mask.” I suspect that some of the mask zealotry is because some are genuinely afraid of another lockdown.

    But there also seems to be a silent conspiracy among the sheep that “until we get through this” and everyone gets jabbed, they’ll keep it on “just to be safe and considerate.” That said, I’m still hopeful that the onset of spring will witness a bit of unmasking among the fed-up.

    • One of two things is going to happen IMO.

      1. A large enough percentage of the population will say “enough!” and stop wearing masks. (very unlikely)

      2. Not a large enough percentage will say “enough!” and the maskholes will be further emboldened to attach the resisters. Mask will be made permanent, or at least ‘temporarily’ mandatory any time more than two people sneeze in the same week. (Or a politician gets caught with a dead girl or live boy)

      There is no way TPTB are going to let go of such an effective, universal and apparently beloved by the slaves tool to control the herd. The one thing I am absolutely sure of, we are never going back to NORMAL, as in pre-2019.

  25. My county has removed their mandate to have a mask outdoors. I didn’t wear one whenever I could get away with it, but there was no option when going to my downtown area, because cops enforced mask wearing, and if I wanted to enter a store I needed the damn thing.

    So, now, I happily don’t wear a mask outside. I appear to be the only one. Today, I went on a nice 2 hour bike ride along the bay, and in these 2 hours, I passed maybe 2 people, since is was just barely dawn. One of them jumped to the side of the nice 10′ wide trail and yelled at me, “where’s your mask, asshole?”. People have lost their mind. They’re living in fear psychosis.

    Thank you Eric for making me not feel like I’m alone in thinking this is all bullshit.

    • “where’s your mask, asshole?”

      When I was young calling a random someone ‘asshole’ was a pretty good way to get your head kicked in. At some point I see myself shitkicking some mouthy prick before this is over.

      A warning to the sanctimonious, rude and mouthy assholes out there. The difference between the sentences for ‘assault with intent to commit bodily harm’ and ‘manslaughter’ are so little that leaving them breathing will not be considered.

      • Indeed the very foundation of Heinlein’s statement that an armed society is a polite society. You simply do not call people derogatory names if they have a Redhawk on their hip.

    • Hi OP,

      Dammit, that infuriates me. The ““where’s your mask, asshole?” I will not abide this if it happens within hearing of me. Whether directed at me or some other person. It’s time to be intolerant of these people and their sickness. They get away with it for the same reason people felt emboldened to torment Jewish people once upon a time and to call black people “niggers” and such in another time. Because it is implicitly condoned and cowards feel strong.

      I won’t have it anymore. Any of it.

  26. “Just as there are Kosher delis and Mennonite bakeries, it would be fine in the sense that no one’s rights are affronted by businesses that wish to cater to the Faithful . . . provided the Faithful do not demand the Unfaithful hew to the “guidelines” postulated by their rabbis and priests and so on.”

    This is the problem though Eric, I can go to a jewish deli and they will serve me regardless of the cross around my neck or lack of Yakima on my head. I go to mennonite and amish stores all the time and have never been refused service. But the faithful to the new “religion” cannot allow any blasphemy. You must follow their religion or you will be shunned, have the authorities called on you,won’t be able to live your life, and in some cases be physically assaulted. It’s like the taliban have been moved from Afghanistan to the US but were given a new religion to enforce on the population. Also this is getting worse not better in some areas. Just look at ny, now they are demanding vaccine passports to be allowed to live. The ny rangers are “testing” this new vaccine passport at their next home game. Only the most faithful will be allowed to partake in the state approved entertainment venues. This is disgusting on so many levels. “Your papers please.” Comes to mind as one, the other being that the leftists proclaiming that voter id is “racist” because poor minorities don’t know how to get id’s and you would be disenfranchising them! Well guess what they will be using for those vaccine passports, your id. I guess those minorities who don’t know how to get id’s for voting are much better at getting id’s for vaccine passports. This insanity is not going to end. We need to start creating the alternative marketplace now.

    • I have said before,

      At some point the only option is to take away from them, that which they deny us.

      Do you have any use for, or interest in seeing remaining standing, places that won’t let you enter them without a holy rag?

      • Anon,
        I am ready willing and able to give up on many businesses, states, friends and family who demand adherence to this bastardization of a religion. There is no reason i would ever want to go into that craphole of a city in ny, save for one and it will be one i will miss.
        I still live in nj and one of the small father/son bonding pleasures with my now 12yr old, has been our annual trip to 1 ny rangers hockey game per year. My oldest loves hockey and has been a ranger fan since he was 6 and they made a run to the cup finals,he used to try and stay up till each game ended. Normally this game is my birthday gift to him and we leave mom and younger brother at home. This will be tough to give up but only for the memories with my son. He is also very smart, thinks covid and diaperiny are bs and would rather never see them play again than allow himself to be jabbed. This is a kid has outright refused the flu shot since he was 5. He picks up too much from his old man.

        • Since none of the states in the east division have sanity, take him to a game in Tampa or Miami. Next year it can likely even be against the Rangers if the league gets back to normal. You guys will have the extra benefit of seeing sane people as the majority.

  27. In a deep blue state here and I’m observing a change. I am in a somewhat rural county relative, most would call suburban (i do, even though people here that haven’t seen the country call it rural).
    My wife and I eat out a lot, and in the past few weeks, even though our restaurant limit was 25%, recently changed to 35%, haha. .. is not being followed at all.
    We have learned to go to the ‘off the main road’ places and no one except the staff is wearing.
    We saw a bunch of people we know and it was like a party atmosphere with everyone having a great time that has been missed for so long.

    • Pfff, yeah, I especially love that level of micromanagement.

      “Good news! We’ve determined that restaurants can now increase capacity to 43.7%.”


    • “We saw a bunch of people we know and it was like a party atmosphere with everyone having a great time that has been missed for so long.”

      The best revenge is living well. This is how I piss off people I hate. Refuse to submit to their weaponized misery.

  28. “A belief system that doesn’t depend on objective reality; that one simple “believes” in as a matter of Faith.”

    This is what has gone wrong with the western world. Belief.

    Extremely few people ‘know’ anything anymore. They believe. Worse, the idiots don’t know the difference between belief and knowledge, so the will demand you accept their belief as knowledge.

    Until facts and reality are understood and matter again, we are on a trajectory towards a new dark age/inquisition/feudal type society. Hell, looking around, we may already be there.

    • > Extremely few people ‘know’ anything anymore. They believe. Worse, the idiots don’t know the difference between belief and knowledge, so the will demand you accept their belief as knowledge.

      On top of that, those types are the people most likely to scream at you that “the science is settled!” on any number of matters. They have no idea how actual science works. They’ve completely lost the plot.

      • Anyone who has even the slightest understanding of the sciences knows that the science is never “settled”. Best working theory is the about as close as we can get.

        One only needs look back at things ‘absolutely known’ in history to see that.

        I am old enough that I was taught atoms were the smallest thing and that the night sky was entirely stars in our galaxy.

    • This is one of the many reasons it’s important to rebel. Parents that mask are teaching their children to submit to bullying. Seeing some adults unmasked forces these kids to stop and think.

      Kid: “Mommy, why isn’t that man wearing a mask?”.
      Karen: “Because he’s a selfish jerk that hates grandma.”

      Many kids will accept the answer, but some won’t. Some will build critical thinking skills and learn to think for themselves.

      • I have conversations with the kids all the time, especially about their liberal teachers to not accept 100% what a teacher or someone on tv tells them about a subjective topic without researching it for yourself. I’ve even assisted them in this. The only advantage i see from weaponized hypochondria has been my ability to de-program, in real time, the leftists agenda of the teacher’s. Since i get to work from home some days while they are attending virtual school. Oh and short of the revolution and civil war they haven’t learned anything of US history in public school other than what i have taught them. They had never heard of the bill of rights before i showed them. But hey, much easier to trample on rights you were never taught you had.

    • I was on the elevator going to work one morning undiapered of course, and a women and her son probably about 5 or so got on behind me. She was on her phone oblivious, but the kid who was diapered backed into the corner and was scared to death of that unmasked man. I could see in his eyes I was as scary as any late night movie monster. Are we going to have a whole generation of germ-a-phoebes?

  29. They truly believe they are effective. They believe “scientific studies” (which ones they never say or cite to, just that studies exist, somewhere) show efficacy. CVS released a statement in response to Texas stating they will keep diaper requirements for their stores because science shows they are effective. Hey, CVS – citation?

    It’s a religious-like faith. The difference from actual religion, though, is that faith is not required here. Face diaper efficacy has been debunked, in multiple forms. Counter evidence abounds and is overwhelming in amount, consistency, and accuracy. This can be revealed to the curious in an hour or two of research, but the faithful just can’t/won’t be bothered to expend that effort. Easier to just believe, with blind faith. Easier to just be told what and how to think and act than ask questions and seek to answer them. It’s the apotheosis of intellectual laziness.

    This is not going to be easily countered or overcome. For some, that won’t be possible as their minds are fatally warped and closed.

    • Again with the stupids. You can show a dozen studies backing your assertions and they will claim all are BS, usually without even bothering to read them. But their completely without backing assertions are demanded to be accepted as true, because the TV said so.

      I fully believe our species has split. Homo-credulous is a the new and dominant sub-species. Homo-sapiens is going extinct.

      • I did the same, showed two dozen studies on why masks don’t work. The response was that studies don’t discourage wearing diapers.

        The are lost.

    • Its even worse. Send a beleiver of the faith an article or study that debunks their faith and they don’t read it to open their eyes,nope they respond with rage. Even when you show them reports from a group they claim their faith is derived from, like a cdc report on the ineffectiveness of face diapers their mind closes faster than a 13th century christian being told the Earth is round and it revolves around the sun.

      • They cannot accept they were lied to and believed it.
        Most won’t even accept their grade school teachers told them things that weren’t true. They were children at the time and weren’t responsible but none the less they are invested in the lie. The stuff people believe as adults is only going to be more strongly held not to accept they were duped.

      • What is that sound, like rolling thunder?
        That is the deafening roar of minds slamming shut, ’round the world.
        Regrettably, we may not see them re-open in our lifetimes.

      • I think that’s a pretty good analogy – the “settled” science of the Middle Ages. We get a taste of how Copernicus and Galileo must have felt trying to challenge the prevailing orthodoxy. More recent examples include spontaneous generation – that life just appears on inorganic material. The rage a challenge invokes in the faithful, even when based on repeatable empirical testing, is sad as it is dangerous. As technologically and scientifically advanced as we have become as a species, it’s a shame most people still haven’t progressed beyond a rain dance or cutting out hearts to Huitzilopochtli.

  30. From the radio, as I drove to work…

    “What we have learned is masks should be the first to go on and the last to come off (in a pandemic, regarding restrictions/reactions).”

    -Some Asshole on the Mike Broomhead show (KTAR)

    Yeah, when the fuck did “we” “learn” that? What a fatuous crock.

  31. An update from Montana. Several weeks ago the governor lifted his predecessor’s mask mandate. Most major counties have local dictates in place so the stupidity persists. But my county is not one of them. Still, about 50% cling to their emotional support rags. Some trips I find myself surrounded by 95% cultists, other times just 20%. But never 0%. Some stores still mandate the codpiece. I’m okay with that because I simply walk up to the door, read their proclamation, then turn around and take my business elsewhere. I have more time than they do.

    At this point I don’t even care anymore. Some people are hopelessly lost. They’re slaves by their own choice. Like Charles MacKay said, people go mad in crowds and recover one by one.

  32. The religious fervor here also has not cooled, Eric.

    The Cases! have decreased by about 90% in Az, as I had forseen when the Gaussian curves began to take shape at the beginning on the year.

    The cultic plebes pay the data no attention, however. Only the orders from the Gesundheitsfuhrers. Since Texas was “liberated”, some people have been asking when this condition will arrive here.

    The state mouthpieces have been voicing this half-truth that we have no statewide mask mandate. Sure, not nominally, but most cities and counties do, which wouldn’t be an issue, as those “mandates” have no teeth. BUT, if your business violates of these Writs of Vestment, the STATE will pull your business license, citing public health risk. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

    Now, someone did ask the head Gesundheitsfuhrer in Az, one Dr. Christ (not kidding, pronounced with short “i”) when the horrors would subside. She quipped some nonsense about a crystal ball and equivocated about data, etc.

    No bitch. The answer is “right now”.

    • Here’s what that dumb bitch said last year:

      “As a public health professional and as a physician and a mom, influenza is one of those things that scares me the most. It can spread quickly, it can cause complications, and in some cases, it can be fatal,”

      The flu is one of the things that “scares” her the most…

      For her to not be laughed out of the room means this has to be the WEAKEST FUCKING COUNTRY AND PEOPLE TO EVER FESTER ON THE EARTH!!!!

  33. Texas is a good example of the holy faith in the cult. Walfart and Target have said they will still require the holy rag in their stores there in defiance of the releasing of the people. Now, I have found at least Walfart they will not accost you…I don’t really go to the other place.

    I agree on the propaganda out there. I listen to a conservative talk station here in the NC Triangle and we are constantly bombarded by some Wilfred Brimley sounding aw-shucks like commercial preaching at us about how the rag works. I am getting sick of the thing, but I am afraid to turn elsewhere considering there is probably even MORE propaganda coming from other stations.

    • This is the one and only reason i have paid for satellite radio. There are no commercial on the music channels and the only other channel i listen too is occasionally the conservative talk channel. But some of the dj’s at least on the country music stations,that i usually frequent, have taken it upon themselves to talk about the diaper and distancing so now as soon as i hear a dj’s voice i station jump till i find some active music which on satellite radio takes like 3 seconds. I don’t think i’ve listened to a local station in like 6 years.

      • I don’t listen to ANY radio in the car anymore, have not done so more more than a couple times in the past year. One of the better features on newer cars is the USB port on the entertainment console. A thumb drive with over 6,000 tracks means no more being subjected to idiotic babbling. Rock on!

        • Ditto, Metal –

          Nothing for me but the music I have on my iPod, which I pipe through the system in the car. No TeeVee, either – except for streamed shows that have no – zero – ads of any kind. I dump any that try to force feed me such immediately.

          This may be why we are not “sick”!

          • This is the social divide. Those who willingly consume the ‘programming’ and those who actively avoid all of it. The consumers become the NPCs we see all around us.

            I am not talking about the shows themselves (often still overt propaganda), but the advertising.

    • I believe (and stand to be corrected) that that spot is provided by DHHS and/or The Ad Council. In other words, GovCo Propaganda. It shows that their ad inventory is not sold out.

      The station I used to work at in Charlotte has a tv station in the building. I got to know folks “down the hall” and came to know how they did some of their work, like live shots on the morning news. It’s nauseating to seem them doing live shots, alone, from the parking deck at the station while wearing the Holy Diaper. Said diaper, of course, has the company logo emblazoned on it. I guess their face is now just so much ad space.

  34. Last weekend at the grocery store, I swear I have never seen such a high percentage of people not wearing a mask. I get the feeling people around here are tiring of the charade.

  35. You should never question public policy, no matter how absurd it all becomes. Do as they say, you’ll be better off and others will thank you for it. Wear your mask. Stay home. Remain isolated incarcerated. Get vaccinated. Do it for others. If you happen to die after being vaccinated, too bad. You’ve done your part, your job is finished. Never question authority, period. har

    Gotta love sarcasm.

    … People around every corner
    Seem to smile and say
    We don’t care what your name is, boy
    We’ll never turn you away

    So I’ll continue to say
    Here I always will stay

    So ferry, cross the Mersey
    ‘Cause this land’s the place I love
    And here I’ll stay

    Ferry Cross the Mersey by Gerry and the Pacemakers

    Word scriveners scribbling melodic musings during the best of times.

    Now it is a mostly peaceful break between the most senseless bickering you’ll ever hear but not able to understand a single word of it. lol

    You know it is that way when you try to listen to President Biden, the most un-electable illegally elected president in modern times who can’t speak one sentence coherently.

    Life goes on day after day
    Hearts torn in every way
    So ferry, cross the Mersey
    ‘Cause this land’s the place I love
    And here I’ll stay

    People they rush everywhere
    Each with their own secret care
    So ferry, cross the Mersey
    And always take me there
    The place I love

    Difficult to love any place when all you see are masked fools thinking they live in a paradise.

    Way the hell and gone from there.

  36. Please feel free to repost this:
    COVID-19 was a brilliant tactic used by the world oligarchs to facilitate “the great reset”.
    Trump was hated by all world oligarchs because he was an impediment in their “great reset” scheme. Putting “America First” had to be destroyed, hence, the COVID scam was implemented.
    Trump had to be defeated–the corrupt election process was the solution, being bared for all to see. It didn’t make any difference because the courts refused to rule on cases brought before them.
    What could not be done by government fiat on an individual government basis was repackaged as a worldwide “health crisis” with heavy hitters like bill gates, fauci, the CDC and WHO leading the charge.
    The “scamdemic” could still fail, there being a considerable amount of “pushback” to the draconian “lockdowns” and poisonous DNA-changing “vaccines” that are being pushed on the world population.
    The best thing to occur now, would be the COVID scamdemic to just fizzle out. In the USA, some states are rejecting the “health mandates”.
    One can only hope…

  37. Something I knew, but couldn’t face was that most people listen to the “news”. I could tell myself that the news is just something the cruel people who program airport TV’s inflict on anyone waiting who doesn’t have head phones. Korona is a daily reminder that no, I am at the mercy of the “unendurably infantile and disingenuous”.

  38. In my opinion this will never end. They might ease up a little, (Oh thank you great and powerful politicians.) but there’s always that new mutation, that new strain, that new virus that will kill us all.
    Then of course there is climate change, which causes tornadoes, hurricanes, forest fires, and a whole host of scary things that are killing us and the planet, and if we only get used to living in little cold hovels and eating bug sandwiches we can reverse the course of nature.
    It seems what the powers that be have done is take natural occurrences that have taken place for millennium such as virus’s and weather events and weaponized them through mass media propaganda. The sheeple cower in fear because the new religion is government. There is no higher power beyond government and the politicians and their mouth pieces in the MSM are the high priest.

  39. We must continue to mock them because I believe that the sickness psychosis is permanent. I also think that it will be re-visited yearly by the PTB’s now because it’s specifically linked to vaccination and population reduction. Gates has stated publicly that the “next one” will “really get our attention.”

      • I agree – i try my best to mock it as much as possible. Like once when I was running into a shop un-masked (was running late for something). A store guard and clerk stoped me and asked me to put on a mask. I told them I dont have one – and am going to the store to get a mask and be safe as soon as possible – why else do you think im in such a hurry…. The kid had a laugh and waved me though, though a Karen leaving seemed distressed as I was mocking her faith…. hope she didnt get the kid in trouble….

    • The current round of “vaccines” is to prime the population (tagged as it were) for death when their immune systems are challenged again. A “virus” will be blamed, rinse and repeat.

  40. ‘A belief system that doesn’t depend on objective reality’ — EP

    The Arizona House voted 31-28 on Wednesday to strip the Arizona Corporation Commission of its power to make rules about clean energy in the state, following regulators’ move to require electric companies to get all of their energy from carbon-free sources by 2050.

    Opponents to the bill include Lucid Motors, which just built an electric-vehicle factory in Arizona; Tesla Motors, which considered building a factory in Arizona; and a host of environmental groups.

    “At a time when customers are most depending on reliable affordable power, lawmakers are creating uncertainty over electric power generation in Arizona,” said Shelby Stults at Advanced Energy Economy, a national clean-energy group, in a prepared statement.


    Telling, ain’t it? You might think RELIABLE electric power would be EV makers’ top priority. That would mean having plenty of fossil-fueled generating capacity to backstop the intermittency of solar and wind sources.

    But no: Lucid and Tesla realize that their fedgov subsidies and regulatory compulsion depend on rigid adherence to anti-carbon, warmunist ideology.

    Avoiding neighboring Commiefornia’s descent into Third World blackouts is now inverted into “creating uncertainty over electric power generation” – by the very activists pushing to CLOSE DOWN power plants.

    Decarbonization is this century’s version of collective farms, which starved millions.

    Environmentalists cry out in pain as they turn your lights off.

    • Meanwhile, here in the PRC, the beat goes on:
      For anyone interested, California Air Resources Board is holding a webinar this PM:
      >The measures are part of an executive order issued by Gov. Gavin Newsom to have only zero-emission trucks and buses — most would be electric — on the roads by 2045. The changeover would impact 2 million medium- and heavy-duty trucks operating in California, including about 500,000 in Southern California.
      Anyone can attend. I plan to do so.
      Der Fuehrer’s face, indeed.

      • Good luck getting anything shipped to souther commiefornia if they ban diesel trucks. I can see the adds now. Flatr shipping rate of $15….. except souther commiefornia,shipping rate.is $75.
        purchases over $100 free shipping…. except southern commiefornia. Etc etc.etc.

        • By “shipped to” would you also include “by ship?”
          Ports of LA/Long Beach are the largest on the West Coast, by far.
          Oakland & Seattle fight it out for a distant second place.
          The massive container ships, mostly from Asia, get offloaded either onto semitrucks or railcars. Very many Asian companies have their U.S. headquarters here in SoCal. That includes auto makers such as Toyota, Hyundai, etc., as well as other consumer goods. SoCal is also a major center for automotive design, due to
          in Pasadena.

          But, back to logistics & distribution. Warehouses for these global companies are *enormous.* You really have so see one or more to believe the scale. That, of course, requires an enormous number of trucks to service them, as stated in the article referenced above.

          Now, how much electricity will be required to charge 500,000 electric semitrucks, and where is this electricity likely to come from? Hell, SoCal Edison was on the verge of collapse last summer, due to a one week long heat wave.

          • Didn’t even think about that part. You are right. So if cost of shipping in and out of those ports becomes untenable because no more semi’s what is your choice? Either ship to another west coast port, ship to Mexico or Canada and have the goods distributed through there, increased traffic in the Panama canal so shipments can be offloaded in say texas, ot deal with the jacked up costs and time it will take to ship through socal ports. Lose lose for the state and the country.

            • Sure, you can ship to Houston, also a large port, via the upgraded Panama Canal (way cool, check it out), but what do you do with your existing North American warehouse and headquarters in SoCal? Abandon in place? Maybe so…

  41. I’m not sure whether I find it hilariously ironic or just plain depressing that there are so many people around here that drive around with the “don’t tread on me” plates yet they seem happy enough to continue wearing their face diapers as “mandated” by governor blackface (which will probably be forever – and this in a state where prior to 2020 wearing a face covering of any sort, even in the dead of winter, was illegal). The bozos don’t seem to realize that they are capitulating to a tyrant who thinks they can rule by decree and being tread on every time they agree to put that thing over their faces. A large portion will probably continue wearing them even after it’s no longer “mandatory” to use basic services. I think it just proves how idiotic and spineless so called conservatives are that they continue to go along with this and no wonder this country is where it is today.

    Also, it’s more clear than ever that any kind of protest/march does not matter, the authoritarians in power will do whatever they want anyway. Tens of thousands of people showed up last January to protest all the draconian gun control they were trying to push through and most of it passed anyway immediately after. This year? Crickets. I guess ‘sic semper tyrannis’ is just a cutesy, meaningless phrase.

    • Amen, npckiller –

      From bed-wetting Leftists one expects not much. Or rather, expects this. But from “conservatives”? It’s why I am so hard on the Orange Fail. The one person who was in a position to do something to stand athwart the Left’s weaponization of hypochondria abetted it. This would have been vile had a Leftist been the one in that position. But it’s much worse because it was a “conservative” who Tweeted impotently about “America” and how “tough” and “glorious” he was.

      • Even more ironic: a freedom of speech themed muzzle. Or a yoga themed one.

        Seriously, if some people will not so much as allow us to breathe freely the problem lies with them. Not us.

        Plug up the exhaust & you won’t get very far down the road.

        Logical extension of catalytic converter systems.

  42. Those who believe in the new faith are convinced that the recent fall in cases is a blessing from above because of their (and everyones) strict adherence to the tenants of this faith…. the concern they seem to have is that once people stop – the powers above (i guess the word God isn’t woke enough the followers) will be displeased again and spread the plague amongst mankind again…. Hence they have to continue practicing and ensuring others practice the faith…. This view is pushed on by the media and our dear leaders who keep telling them that its too soon to let up now, and that if we do so we will risk the virus coming back and killing us all in the next wave, which will be worse than the others.

    none of these believers in the faith have ever heard of the winter flu season, and it doesnt occur to a single one that around the end of winter, cases of the winter bugs die down and people start feeling better…..

    • Exactly. Facts and logic do not matter to the believers. All the more reason we must freshly determine each day to resist.

      Speaking of God, His Word tells us that “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” II Cor. 3:17b
      That is, IMHO, part of the problem – man believes he is in control of all things. Man doesn’t provide, nor often protect, liberty.

    • The PCR testing parameters were changed the day Creepy Joe took office by the WHO. The falling case numbers have nothing to do with mask mandates or the faux vaccine. Funny how the current regime will be seen as hero’s for beating “the covid” by next year.

      Long time lurker here in SC, I like to check this site every morning. Currently working on a dual battery set-upp for my ’18 4Runner off road TRD.

      • Hi Manse!

        Yup; of course, all the Diapered hear – and seem to want to hear – is the cases! the cases! and when they “go down,” then it’s due to their wearing of the Holy Rag. Notwithstanding that in countries like the UK and Spain, which forced near-universal Diapering for months before the (s)election of Joe, the cases! the cases! kept going up and up…

    • Wonderful. It was pretty good….delicious tater tots. A river of sanity among the insane. :). Kids and I are going again next week.

  43. Great article, Eric.

    In my area there seems to be a little bit less diapering, not by a grand scale, but it has improved.
    Even my trips to NOVA are a bit less stringent. Clients will allow me in, bare face and all! I have several appointments today so I will see if this trend continues.

    I would say 50% of the people are playing along with the charade. They will put on the mask until they are told they can remove it. So it is not fear of the sickness, but fear of retribution to go against the crowd. Another 5-10% of us have never won it so we don’t understand the willingness to belong and not just give society (especially government) the middle finger. The other 40%, God help us, they can’t be saved, but they are the ones that bray the loudest.

    How do you turn back the hands of time? I don’t know. All we can do is to continue to not follow the narrative and the mandates and hope one by one the 50 percenters see our smiling (or grimacing) faces and join us in just saying “Fuck it, I am done with this.”

    • Just got home an hour ago from client meetings…..we’re screwed.

      Visited four out of five houses and the occupants were diapered. All of them got the jab….I didn’t even bring it up. They were excited that they got it. Why are they wearing masks in their houses? Do they wear them at home the entire time or did they believe this was for my benefit? One client offered me a mask. I said no thank you. She offered again. I took the silk scarf that I was wearing with my blazer and wrapped it around my mouth. Apparently this is satisfactory. My first client of the day talked to me through a screen door after seeing my bare face.

      I feel like I am in Bizarro World. All of these clients I actually have sat down at their dining room tables or kitchen counters for years with an average meeting lasting 60-90 minutes. Today I have been regulated to the porch.

      For entertainment purposes I did count the car maskers….24 in just Herndon alone!

      • Hi RG,

        Northern Virginia is lousy with liberals; in other words idiots. I am not surprised to hear so many Diaper. These people love government and what government says, they love. They are a lost cause. It is up to us to wait this out and fight it by whatever means necessary. I am now at the point of almost hoping the Holy Water they Shall Receive via the Instrument of their Deliverance sterilizes them or just ends them altogether.

  44. Nope am seeing the same here in CA. I used to see the odd person not wearing a mask at the store, now never see anyone non masked. The stores instead have posted even more signs ordering masks and some have resumed stationing a mask enforcer outside the door. I think people have gotten used to wearing them now and don’t seem to have issues with it. It is depressing. Some signs have become more militant too. In the doctors office individual patient waiting room the other day, one of the signs said “MASKS STAY ON”. Pretty soon the food at the grocery store will have a tag: Masks protect our food!

    • My husband went to a papa Murphy early on and they said he had to have a mask on because their food was out, I couldn’t believe it, he didn’t order anything, a few weeks ago he walked in, no one else there and the young cashier told him he needed a mask, he said no, and stepped up to the cash register and the kid took his order! We just walk in without and see what happens and lately don’t have a problem, even tho we’re usually the only ones without

  45. At some point it will probably become like a dirty high-visibility vest or hard hat while at the job site even though there’s nothing above you but birds. A requirement for specific functions. So at the doctor’s office yes. At the store or church, probably not. But like when you see a nurse in scrubs at the grocery store a masked person will stand out but not off-putting.


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