Diaper Report 1/9/21

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With so many places either requiring that everyone who enters wear the Holy Rag or at least pressuring them to wear it, you’d think the wearers of the rag would be content to leave the handful of places that don’t require it or enforce it alone.

But because they are religious fanatics they cannot abide apostasy anywhere.

Try not wearing a Burqa at Mecca – the difference being everywhere is Mecca now.

I observed one of the Faithful hector the woman behind the counter at my gym today. She was wearing the Holy Rag desultorily – as all employees are forced to do – but that was not good enough for the double-Diapered man at the counter, who turgidly pointed out to her all the apostates working out without showing faith.

She explained that wearing the Rag is optional once on the floor. This inflamed the Believer as violently as a Catholic mass in Henry VIII’s England. I caught some of the conversation.

“But there is a pandemic and these people should be wearing masks all the time!” His eyes bulged above his bandana – which suffices as the religious token it is.

The woman tried to explain that people are free to choose and that anyway the gym staff isn’t  empowered to determine a member’s health status or medical condition, which entitles them under the law to not wear the Holy Rag.

This did not satisfy the Jehovah’s Witness of Sickness – who probably phoned in a “tip” about the gym.

I know the owner of the gym and she has told me that several of these Holy Rollers have done just that. She is doing her best to not become a Diaper Priestess but faces the prospect of what amounts almost literally to the prospect of conversion by the sword – especially now that Pope Fauci XVII is guaranteed a lifetime appointment by the side of the putative head of the Sickness Cult – courtesy of CNN and Dominion – for as long as he may live.

Come a week or so from now, once formerly enthroned, these people will do exactly as Henry VIII did to the Catholic Church, except to us. It’s what they voted for, after all.

If they weren’t fanatics, there wouldn’t be a war in the making. The Sickness Witness at my gym could go literally 2 miles down the street to another gym where Holiness prevails. Why can’t there be different churches?

Or at least, no demand that everyone must pray. And to the same god?

Whatever happened to religious freedom in this country? It went the way of freedom of speech and freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures. Now there is only One True Faith  – and all must genuflect.

The faith is so strong it hardly needs to be enforced – though enforcement is coming, because any show of heresy cannot be tolerated as it might cause heresy to spread. New faiths are like this, which is part of their attraction. They aren’t milquetoast social rituals but righteous causes and so many haven’t felt passion in so long that this diseased variant of the healthy thing has infected their hearts and sickened their minds.

Jim Jones didn’t allow backtalk in the line for the Kool-Aid, either.

But that doesn’t mean we should just stand in line and await our turn to have a drink.

I’ve urged my friend the gm owner to simply tell these Holy Rollers that perhaps this gym isn’t the gym for them. That they might find the one down the road more to their liking – and there’s the door, which you’re just as free to use as an exit as an entrance.

It works the same as telling a Witness no thanks – and if he persists – to get the hell off your property.

Business owners need to remind themselves of this. And act accordingly.

. . . .

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  1. Got signed up for Gab! It’s late or early, so it was not too difficult to do.

    An ISP in Idaho removed/blocked Facebook and Twitter, the ISP doesn’t like censorship, so the ISP faded them to black.

    Looks like battle lines have been drawn.

  2. WHY they demand mask compliance!

    Wowwwwww, joo guys! I had never heard of this before- Milgram’s Experimemnt- conducted in the 1960’s with random citizens, proved that when the average person was ordered to administer an electric shock to a subject, for no good reason other than that they were ordered to, almost all complied!

    When a person (actor) who resisted following the command was present, most of the participants then relented about following the orders. Conversely, when an authority figure was present, participants were even more willing to inflict electric shocks on their fellow citizens!

    THIS, though something we’ve long ago figured out, really allows us to see just how effective the charades we see being played-out daily indeed are- such as with this crowning achievement of theirs, the ‘Rona Theater.

    Interesting informal video about Milgram’s Experiment: [Not inm the context of masking though]

  3. Unfortunately, what I see coming down the pike is that not wearing the holy rag or getting the holy jab will be considered an act of domestic terrorism, which will of course be punishable by “law.” At that point we will all be outlaws.

    • “Law”? We don’t need no stinking law!

      You may have noticed that the “law” is whatever the Armed Porcine says it is for the last couple of decades. The courts have their back almost every time and give equal fucks about the “law”.

  4. Nice report Eric. Thanks. Gave me a few good chuckles. I don’t know if you think so, but there really is a spiritual element to this. It’s along the same lines as the global warming kookery. These are religions for people that are too enlightened and sophisticated for the traditional ones. These give people cause, meaning and purpose where they would otherwise have none. Though you may make your analogies in jest, I see a very real element to it. I’m of the opinion we are inherently, inescapably, spirituality seeking creatures. Contrivavirus and climate kookery are just good old garden variety paganism at the end of the day, albeit very damaging and dangerous ones.

    • Given that there are so damn few real facts supporting this charade, and what few there are often change, a thing real facts simply cannot do, it can only be supported by faith or belief, as in religion or cult. Many, if not most, do indeed need such faith. Much of the world is hard to decipher with critical thought, and so they prefer a dogma to explain it, which involves a lot less effort. Much easier if you are forced to follow the dogma they have chosen. As we have seen many times throughout history, the results are often not good, to say the least. Next comes the inquisition, and then the burnings. Unless you are one of the lucky few who are only banished.

  5. Jacksonville/St. Augustine residents

    I take one big vacation a year for 7-10 days. How are the mask mandates near Jacksonville? I would like to take the familia away for a week and rent a home on the beach. I found some pretty nice houses, but I don’t want to get there and feel locked down. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the Jacksonville area (also happy to travel elsewhere in the state), but since we are driving I would like to keep driving time under 12 hours. I am looking for some semblance of freedom. We did Isle of Palms last year, which was nice, only one restaurant gave us a hard time, but we treaded carefully.

    • The Outer Banks of NC aren’t FL from Jan-Mar. In addition, at the moment in NC, we are under Hosni Mubarak style emergency rule until at least 1/29/21. However, if you, or anyone else on this board wants to rent a beach house operated by Hatteraszek’s family please visit: http://www.salvostarrynights.com.

  6. Diaper Report, Phoenix, AZ:

    Went to See’s Candies with my wife. Signs aggressively worded but adhering to the See’s style guide on the door. Empty store. Wife sometimes wears her mask (to warm the air up and was doing it years before all this horseshit began). I had my V mask on my fingertips.

    Spoken quickly, with feeling and loudly: “Sir I’m going to need you to put on a mask!”
    “Oh ok no problem, I have one here. But I have a medical condition that makes it really hard for me to wear this, and since there’s no one else in the store, it’s alright if I stay away from anyone who comes in and just stay here, right?”
    “Ok it’s ok because no one else is in the store, but if someone comes in, you’re going to need to put it on.”

    Wife told the girl the candies were for people in China. She said she’d look in the back because they get special Chinese New Year’s candies. She started for the back and then turned and stopped and said proudly, “Because our store values diversity and inclusion we get special Chinese new year’s candies.”

    My wife didn’t understand this last part, because the girl said it out of the blue and it’s just a bunch of stupid words, no MEANING at all. I told her in the car what she said and wife laughed and said, “I don’t care AT ALL about that.” And I said that See’s candies gets Chinese candies in because Chinese people spend mad money, to which she agreed.

    Back to the story.

    When she came back, I worked to build rapport with the now two girls helping us fill the boxes, talking about manga comics they liked and Asian culture. The mask thing came up and the original girl said that she asked me to put one on because she didn’t want to get in trouble, because she had 3 puppies to feed (she has 3 dogs). It clicked afterward. These shit head appendages of corpgov are putting the fear of God into their employees to “MAKE SURE EVERY CUSTOMER WEARS A MASK OR IT’S YOUR ASS.” The Whole Foods employees said this to me too. That might explain some of the militant diaper enforcement at these places.

    About 10 minutes after that, an old boomer couple walked in, sunglasses on inside (why do so many of them do that?), one baby blue mask and the other a dirty white cotton reusable one. They announced they were there for sweets.

    My wife and I were the only others in there and I tried to remain inconspicuous because I was almost done. It was a BIG store too. When the boomers checked out, I quietly overheard the original girl, who was militant at the beginning, tell them “He said he has a medical condition, so that’s why he’s staying 6 feet away over there.”

    “Okay” the woman said, a bit peevishly, I thought.

    So I had a small victory today, but I reckon some of the militancy of the low-level employees comes from them afraid that they will lose their jobs. No mask = GET FIRED, thus tougher to accept the medical condition.

    What do you think?

    Over the next 10 minutes

    • Oh, Michael, this diaper report breaks my heart. I love See’s Candy and it is depressing how militant the top corporate staff is. It puts a bad taste in my mouth that dark chocolate buttercream could fix. 🙁

      I don’t understand these stores. Do they think that if this is ever over we are just going to view them the same? I have a list of stores that I will never shop at again.

      • I can think of 2 reasons off the top of my head: The top corp staff is getting their titties twisted by the FDA, CDC, et c. to comply or say sayonara to their business, OR the top ones are in on it too, and they’re enjoying the suffering they’re causing, peeing their pants laughing at how their little employees are doing their dirty work for them, while they’re happily unmasked in their offices.

        Otherwise, judging from the ultimate NPC app Nextdoor and the clowns inhabiting it, there are posts warning and complaining about grocery stores or other stores NOT requiring their customers to participate in the pestilence and death-worshipping ritual.
        So See’s etc. might fear the wrath of the NPC and worry about THEM not viewing them the same after this.

    • “…An old boomer couple walked in, sunglasses on inside (why do so many of them do that?).”

      Well, some of those stores have obscenely intense fluorescent lighting that really gets to you when you’re good and rocked on pharmaceuticals.

      As for Nextdoor? Yeah, I could see that. I thought it might be interesting at first, but it just seems to be mostly a forum for bitching about your neighbors. (Though they did send out alerts about where to find toilet paper when that was an issue)

      Mostly, I think the diaper requirements are an insurance CYA maneuver, though if enough noise is generated, the state might threaten your business license. Not sure how that’s legal, but they seem to suggest that they can pull your license if they don’t like you. Fuck business licenses, by the way. What a crock.

  7. The Russian proverb says: “Well fed horses don’t rampage.” As long as most Americans are fat, happy and geeked up with stimulus money, the masquerade will continue. There won’t be any serious resistance to masks until the people feel genuine hunger.

    • Quite true Jim. No revolution was ever started by fat people. Hungry people, on the other hand, have gotten out pitchforks, built gallows and/or guillotines, and used them. We might be on the verge of a “let them eat cake” moment. If food becomes difficult to acquire, the thin veneer of civilization disappears in just few days. Hunger, thirst, and pain are the only human motivations that exceed sex in their effect, and they exceed it quite a lot.

      • Very good points, John. Which is why I suspect the incoming administration will do everything in its power to keep the stimulus coming and the people “fat and lazy” until this thing is ready to full-on explode.

    • And don’t forget about the “goodies” (smartphones, anti-social media, etc.). Why revolt when you can spend the rest of your life watching Tik-Tok videos and taking “selfies”?

      • Hehe….imagine the revolt: A big crowd all holding up cell phones recording videos of what’s happening, but nothing’s happening because no one’s doing anything except trying to take videos! 😀

  8. The Russian proverb says: “Well fed horses don’t rampage.” As long as most Americans are fat, happy and geeked up with stimulus money, the masquerade will continue. There won’t be any serious resistance to masks until the people feel genuine hunger.

  9. I am wondering if we mask resisters are going about this all wrong.

    Maybe we should take it over the top. Out crazy the crazies. Wear a P100 mask, gloves and Tyvec suit. Verbally attack anyone wearing less than for their inconsideration to others. Have the P100 vs. surgical mask data on a sheet to hand them showing exactly why anything less is useless. Embarrass and shame them for “putting the old and infirm at risk” because surgical masks, rags, scarves are not good enough.

    What would the establishment do? Fine you? Arrest you? For doing what the fuckwits are doing already without penalty?

    Maybe we can get some selfish action from the sheep if we make life miserable for them in the same way they are doing it to us. Face it, Boobus Americanus is not going to give a shit what you want, but they really care about themselves. Let’s make them demand an end to the stupidity.

    • That’s a pretty clever angle, Anon. Only problem I foresee, and there is a high probability of this, is that they will believe you and you will launch a more extreme Orthodox Diaper Cult!

    • Hilarious. Satire often is a very effective way of communicating a point that couldn’t be received otherwise. The best part of it all is, logically, all fomite freaks really should seek to attain anonymous’ standards, if they really honored their sacraments. If this germ’s bite was a tiny fraction as bad as the psy op bark says it is, everyone would be literally going about in some kind of space suit, if they went out at all. The fact that no one does, again, just demonstrates the absolute absurdity of it all. What a mind bender this existence is. I vacillate between sardonic laughter and despondency. Unless I’m reading epauto’s, then my spirits lift.

  10. Two holy rag incidents that frosted my ass recently, both involved photography.
    I am doing a feature article about a local soccer club for one of our magazines at work (newspaper editor). I visited their “Friday Night Futsol” to get pics. I got lots of nice shots of kids running around playing, maskless of course. I asked the coach to pick four kids so I could pose them for a cover shot. Then they had to be masked. I objected, saying they were just running around in close contact without them, so where’s the danger? Why do they need masks now? I learned, it’s really for appearance. The club would “look bad” having them posed shoulder to shoulder without their fearmasks. I went ahead and shot the photo, but I can’t use it on the cover.
    The next day, I went to an exercise class at my city’s community center for its annual “free week,” which is to get newbies to come and try the classes. You have to wear the stupid thing when you enter and sign in, but you can take it off in the actual exercise room. We did our routine, which was fun, then the instructor wanted everyone to gather for a pic. And put your mask on, of course, so we don’t get in trouble! I tried to hang back but I got called out. I said what’s the point of taking people’s pictures if their faces are covered? What are you photographing? A piece of cloth and some hair?
    In both these incidents, I never heard a person comment that it was “for our safety.” I think most everyone knows that’s bullshit. It’s for appearances. A photo shows up on a magazine with unmasked kids, 99% of people would think “oh, that’s cute!” but you’d get that one Karen, the enabler of the state, the stick up the ass “it’s the rules!!!” person who would freak out and make trouble. It’s a mystery to me why we kowtow to such people. You can, you know, just tell them to fuck off; even if you are a business you can do it and it might be better to shed yourself of such a customer. I guess then, though, Karen would sic the AGWs on you, which actually IS a problem.

    • Hi Amy,

      I hate seeing people in photographs with masks on. I agree with you, it is all virtue signaling. “Santa and Mrs. Claus” visited our town a few weeks ago to talk to the kids and spread some holiday cheer. They were maskless, of course. They posted a pic in the local paper with the Clauses and 3 or 4 kids, also all maskless. Some people threw a hissy fit. I am so damn tired of these Karens. They are unhappy bitter women whose husbands probably haven’t tapped their ungrateful asses in about three years since all they do is bitch constantly. Their lives suck so they feel the need to tamper with the rest of ours. Personally, I am sick of.

      • you think thats bad – out here our dear worshipped holy NHS ran an ad campaign before Christmas that Santa got covid and couldn’t get the kids gifts ! so unless everyone masks up theres no santa !! Man its disgusting at times…

      • When the mask mandate went into effect in my state, our HR director discovered a game called “Name That Masked Coworker.” She probably saw this puke-inducing activity on an HR website or something. It was way too creatively awful for that dimwit to have invented on her own. (She also posted a sign on the doors saying “Masks required. Help us slow the curve.” I tried to explain to her that you can flatten a curve or slow the spread, but you can’t slow a curve, which is a line on a graph. My efforts were greeted with her typical bovine blank stare.)
        Anyway, for the contest, we were to be photographed in our fear masks, pics would be posted in the break room and whoever ID’ed people the most accurately got a gift card.
        I decided right away that this is not happening. I wear the stupid thing at work as required because I need my job, but you’re not going to make me see it as cute or fun. When HR came over to get our pics, I left. When someone else was getting those they missed, I escaped to the restroom. Then when I was told to come get my picture taken, I just said No thanks.
        Fortunately, she dropped it. I was ready to walk because of it. I don’t like wearing the mask, but I also understand how CYA corporations can be. They’ve made our requirement as nonintrusive as possible while still following the unconstitutional mandate/nonlaw here and I appreciate that. But wearing it for “fun” is outside the scope.

        • LOL, I’m going to start using “slow the curve” with my friends that try to debate the efficacy of the mask mandates with me. I’m sure they already think I’m confused or dumb, may as well troll them a bit. Sorry you have to deal with this at work though. Hang in there.

  11. It’s easy to get get depressed over this shit. The best remedy is to steadfastly remain defiant.

    Don’t give an inch and always pushback. Negative reinforcement really does work. It may not seem like it at the time, but if a mask enforcer hassles you and you push back, he (my experience is that it is usually a she though) is less likely to do it to the next person. People really don’t like conflict and will try to avoid it if there’s an option. If we change our mindset to thrive on this conflict, we’ll have the advantage.

    I used to avoid places that “demand” a mask. I now see it as my responsibility to go there and make them become unreasonable in their efforts to enforce it. With maybe one or two exceptions they have folded like a wet paper bag. Learn to love the fight!

    • I’m not sure I’m up for the “make them become unreasonable” part, but I do need to get out and try more places than my usual “safe” haunts. Maybe create a map of businesses and their mask threat level. Sounds like the AT&T store would be “red” — no service. Yellow would be “you have to claim a medical exemption” and green is “no hassle.” Could be fun to do with a friend. Like playing live action D&D, opening doors and seeing what’s behind them.

      Related text from a meme:

      “If you think government will ever give you an ‘all clear’ to go back to normal, they will not. You have to go back to normal first, and then they will pretend they were always going to let you go back to normal.”

    • Mister Liberty you have your mind right. Embrace the struggle. Embrace the opportunity to be on the right side of history. Embrace the opportunity to counter madness and evil.

    • The source of my depression isn’t the mask mandate, its the critical thought free acceptance of it. To see so many acquiescing to, if not embracing, the destruction of what little liberty we had left is heartrending. Which causes me to lose hope of ever escaping it. Can a population so subservient ever regain any liberty at all? Perhaps this is because of my elder age. I simply don’t have the energy to fight this fight, other than what I write here and elsewhere. My greatest thanks and praise to those of you who do.

      • Nonsense, John. Display your free mind and face for all to see. I force myself to do it everyday. It never takes as much effort as you think and it feeds the soul. It’s like exercise. It always seems a chore at first, but you’re always glad you did.

        I saw a fellow non-masker in the grocery store yesterday (first time in about a week). The sight of each other immediately lifted both of our spirits. We exchanged big smiles and a few encouraging words. That experience made my day. Make somebody’s day by displaying your freedom.

        • Hello ML, same here. I pray, then go forth to engage the enemy on his turf. Today at the store where there is a BIG sign in the doorway about not entering without a mask, I walked in, shopped for an hour, and the only encounters I had were with pleasant (masked) store people who smiled and nodded or otherwise treated me with the dignity I (and all of us) deserve. Of course, I was the only one uncovered, but I would like to think I am somehow encouraging others by my actions.

          • Thought I would also share that even if one encounters a maskhole in the wild, one can survive the encounter with a stern “Don’t worry about it- it’s none of your business!” A maskhole and her daughter confronted me last week, with “WHY AREN’T YOU WEARING A MASK?” Although I usually ignore these types, I started off politely answering that I have a medical exemption (that I am a healthy person – but I never say this part bc I don’t want the store mgr feeling like he/she has to expel me). She responded with PFFFT! So I fired back with the above statement, and went on my way. I saw her again in the store, but she never said another word, although she did sic a (very kind) manager on me. (He said “several people have complained”, I told him a woman was very nasty to me). I told him I would not be able to wear a mask, but I would like to get the item I came in for. Nothing more was said, even the checkout cashier said “Have a nice day!” Prayer works!!

            • Last time someone asked me “Why aren’t you wearing a mask” I replied “Because it’s not Halloween”. Next time, I will add: “Would you mind telling me where you got [choose one] Ruth Buzzi/Wicked Old Witch/Whoopi Goldberg/Janet Reno mask you are wearing, madam? I’d like to get one for my dog”.

              • I am going to start asking, “Why do you think it’s your business?” Anything about the “virus” will be met with, “What virus? The one that 99.8% of people get over just fine?”

                That is, ONLY if I feel like engaging with someone over this nonsense, which isn’t very often.

      • We all have our part to play. Some of us encourage, some of us prepare for war and for want, some engage the enemy, etc. Each person here who is helping others in this fight is necessary, whether the help is through words or actions.

        • Exactly, Anon. Teams are made up of people with complimentary skills, talents, and tolerance for the challenges that the team faces.

  12. The new “Jim Crow” is alive and well in today’s COVID fear society.

    Those of us who cannot wear masks are being discriminated against.

    We are told that we cannot enter businesses, are harassed by some business owners and employees for not wearing a mask, and in some cases refused service for the inability to wear a mask.

    It gets better. We are told that we can order on line, request “curb service” or home delivery. We are still being denied the ability to walk into a business establishment and being served without harassment or outright refusal. This is just WRONG.

    All of these “compromises” are no different than “Jim Crow” laws–in the past, African Americans being refused service, or confined to “carry-out service”, or being unable to walk into a store without being harassed or even being denied service.

    Those of us who are unable to wear masks are being discriminated against, “Jim Crow” style.

    The 1964 Civil rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of race and of medical condition. Public accommodation is a necessary right that cannot be abrogated.

    Both Acts are being flagrantly violated by ANY business that harasses or denies service to those of us who cannot wear masks.

    Where is the enforcement of the Civil Rights Act and the ADA?

    • The enforcement for these Act’s, like all others in this hoax republic, is selective. Here the law is a weapon used to subjugate those that are politically weak.

      • I have no love whatsoever for Saint Lincoln, but like Obama, he lied with great eloquence. One of his quotes, paraphrased, “The best way to limit laws is to insist on their absolute enforcement”. Selective enforcement is the PURPOSE of the huge catalog of “laws” we have. What’s the number now? How many felonies to we each average committing every day? The last I heard was three.

        • That’s it. The laws are there to be used as needed, like a club or a whip or a noose, for control, extortion and if need be, liquidation. If you’re on the wrong side of power,(politically weak) as all of us are, expect to experience law hard and often.

  13. I went to two places last week- the grocery store and the tire shop.

    Because I didn’t really need the things I was picking up at the grocery store, I wore no mask and slowly went about my shopping trip. I got a few odd looks and several people left the aisle when I walked through. It was quite entertaining.

    I got some really nice smiles (you can tell by the eyes) from some budding diaper dissenters, which was nice.

    Then, as I was about to finish up, an employee came up to me and asked if I had a mask. I didn’t reply and kept on about my business. She continued to pursue me with “Siiirrrrr” and “Helooooooooo-uh!” And I continued to not reply.

    Then she said “Why is he pretending like he can’t hear me?” To which I replied “Because I have chosen not to engage you in conversation”, which always confuses people because they seem to have been taught that talking to someone makes it an absolute requirement that they respond.

    Then I went to get tires, which I do need so I wore a mask in. Nobody inside was masked, so I asked if they did masking and they said no. I replied “Oh good, I fucking hate these things” and waited for my tires.

    While I was waiting and shooting the shit with the other dudes, a guy with a mask opened the door and by his eyes you could see he was gasping as he said “Nobody in here is wearing a mask?” We all replied no.

    He began to talk about how it’s a law and all the stuff that the ignorant go on about. So, of course I told him that no, it was a mandate and that’s not legally binding. He persisted that because Cuomo said it, we have to do it. I explained to him that such is not true.

    Then as he railed on I told him he’s wearing a mask, so what’s the problem. He went on some rant about how he was protecting us from him but we weren’t protecting him from us or some bullshit.

    I told him we live in a dangerous world and the other guys all gave him comments along the lines of don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

    Good stuff.

    Even better is the guy behind the counter told me how the state health department has been haranguing them off and on. They also insisted that masks are law, so the guy asked to see the law and the frustrated worker said she had it at her office. “Then go get it” was the employee’s response.

    Because she couldn’t go get it because it doesn’t exist, she returned with a deputy Sheriff for intimidation…who finally had to admit there was no law and nobody was required to wear a mask.

    Makes me glad I’ve bought my tires from fine upstanding people not willing to roll over for a nonsense population control exercise for the last 30 years.

    • Haha. Wonderful stories. That tire shop sounds like a small redoubt of sanity, intelligence and courage. Absolutely fantastic they stood down the government goons.

      As far as the you protect me and I protect you fantasy circle jerk, my response is that science just stated that scratching an x in your forehead with a dull piece of gravel is the best way we can protect each other. You first since your belief in science is a little stronger than mine.

      • “As far as the you protect me and I protect you fantasy circle jerk, my response is that science just stated that scratching an x in your forehead with a dull piece of gravel is the best way we can protect each other.”

        Someone needs to mention on Twitter that they heard dry cleaning bags, tightly sealed around the neck, prevent the wearer from catching Covid 100% guaranteed.

        If I am right about critical thinking skills decline in this world, just think how much better the next day could be for the rest of us.

    • Indeed, I read some time ago that the WHO, or was it the CDC, or both, had recently changed their definition of pandemic, so that the severity of the illness was no longer a factor. They could declare a pandemic of acne, or dandruff, or bad breath.

  14. I want to scream and am generally apoplectic about this face diapering bullshit. Today an AT&T store wouldn’t serve me without a mask and wouldn’t offer curbside service either. The manager said they’d consider it if I presented a doctor’s note affirming my medical exemption. WTF????
    I hate supporting the big corporations but because I hate going out amongst these masses of poltroons, I order as much as I can online. This is just like every other government program; you’d have to be insane to believe they’re ever going to roll it back.

    • Hi Polly,

      Same thing happened to me at AT&T. I needed a new phone and the employee and I were the only people in the store, she refused to serve me. So I left. I don’t like wishing bad things on people, but if this particular store went under it wouldn’t upset me.

      • Hi Raider Girl,

        High five! I commend the courage of people who refuse to submit. I don’t like wishing ill on others either, but damn, this is getting so old! When I do go out, I am still the only un-face-diapered human. Only twice in the last 10 months have I seen a few people without, when they’re indoors. It’s beyond dismaying to me that it appears we are to live forevermore in a world where people are forced to cover half their face. I can’t stand it. 😩

      • Hi Raider Girl,

        High five! I commend the courage of people who refuse to submit. I don’t like wishing ill on others either, but damn, this is getting so old! When I do go out, I am still the only un-face-diapered human. Only twice in the last 10 months have I seen a few people without, when they’re indoors. It’s beyond dismaying to me that it appears we are to live forevermore in a world where people are forced to cover half their face. I can’t stand it.

        • Hi Polly,

          My shopping has crawled to a minimum. I use a ton of curbside so I don’t have to visit the stores, but even then, I am picking up things I need, not things I want. I do miss stepping foot in a HomeGoods and seeing the new household collections, but it just isn’t worth the hassle.

          I do visit the local farms and everyone who works there are usually mask free. That is the little bit of sanity I get in this crazy world.

        • Hi Polly,

          Even though I am introverted by nature and need my “space,” I used to like to venture out – as to the coffee shop I used to visit regularly – just to be in society and exchange a few words with people I knew casually. Now – with the exception of the gym – I mostly stay home because I cannot stand the sight of these – let’s be frank – imbecile submissives walking around with that Rag on their faces, especially in places where they know it isn’t required, except by a sign on the door.

          They are offensive. They are like people with a brown stain on their posteriors carrying a lump there, too.

          And who wants to see that?

          • Same here.

            But I have experienced a VERY sharp uptick the last couple of weeks from total strangers accosting me about not wearing a mask, and this is in formerly “safe” areas where I had been mostly left alone for the past NINE MONTHS.

            I even got fired from a part-time job for questioning the COVID policy, which ironically did NOT require me to wear a mask but DID require me to report my body temperature and swear every day that I had not traveled to a quarantine jurisdiction or come in contact with anyone who had COVID.

            I said that this violated my Constitutional rights. I got canned with 12 hours.

            This shit is going to get ramped up a LOT worse when Orange Man is gone and Dementia Man issues a national mask edict.

            Did ya see all those “traitors, insurrectionists and seditionists” at the Capitol last week WITHOUT MASKS while the masked Congress-scum were cowering in fear under their seats?

            Heaven forfend…

    • Thanks for the heads up. I currently use AT&T also. No need to go into the store any time soon, but looks like I should start shopping for alternatives. Half tempted to go back to land-line.

      • Hi cjm,

        I have a landline for work, but I am seriously thinking of getting one for the house again, too. The cell is no longer worth it.

      • Hi cjm,

        I am considering dumping dey sail fawn as well. I no longer need long distance and my radio work is done when they call me on the hard line. Yes, it is convenient to text friends from anywhere but it is also a narcotic that comes with a price. It might be time to do a burnout on dey sail fawn and be done with it.

        • Not to mention the fact that an i-phone spits your GPS coordinates to a satellite in outer space, and then into the NSA computers every five seconds…

      • You might want to check if you already have a landline via your internet service unless you have specifically un-bundled it from your service package. Sometimes you just have to ask them to set you up with a # and get a wired phone plugged into your router. Except for some very old legacy customers it’s all VOIP now. The crazy thing is that nowadays I have to tell people my phone is a landline and doesn’t accept text messages.

        • The house still has POTS, I just haven’t been using it for work. Most of my work “calls” are zoom or similar anyway, so I don’t really need a phone at all for those. When out and about, there’s so much wifi out there that I can still “text” (telegram, discord, element, whatever) with people with any wifi capable device. In fact, I have an older phone without cell service that’s already set up that way. A client wanted to install a root kit to protect their email/chat so I set up an old iphone 5 for that purpose — wifi only. Idk, with everything going on, it might be time to experiment a bit.

      • >I currently use AT&T also. No need to go into the store any time soon, but looks like I should start shopping for alternatives.

        You don’t have to go into the store to buy your next phone. My last few phones have been purchased unlocked from Amazon, Fry’s, or whoever. Move the SIM from the old phone to the new one, power it up, and you’re up and running.

        (At least that’s the case with AT&T and T-Mobile. Verizon may be different, especially if they’re still using CDMA, but as I’ve never used Verizon, I can’t speak from experience.)

        Then again, AT&T’s ownership of XiNN may be reason enough to switch.

    • By requesting you to present a doctor’s note affirming your medical exemption, THEY have violated the law. HIPPA forbids requesting personal medical information, except by medical practitioners, and perhaps insurance companies and such similar who truly need it.

  15. If he’s so worried about getting sick, WTF is he doing going to a gym? Why not just exercise at home? In my amateur opinion, he’s already ill…mentally ill.

    That’s not to say I think this disease caused by a novel human corona virus (I refuse to use their hokey jargon) is a hoax. A young, otherwise healthy guy I work with has been at death’s door in the ICU for weeks.

    I think there are different strains going around, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they’ve been released on purpose. Have you noticed that lately, our betters have been spotted wearing two masks (N95, covered by a cloth mask). They used to appear in public with only cloth masks. Think they know something we don’t?

    • Hi Myles,

      It is very hard to know exactly what’s afoot because the information available is partial/sketchy and so on. But – in general terms – we can confidently state that if you aren’t elderly and already chronically sick (some major underlying issue, such as COPD) then you – as an individual – stand almost no chance of dying from this whatever-it-is.

      We also know that a bandana or neck scarf or “mask” – as commonly used – serves no purpose other than theatrical.

      I regard this whole thing much as I do swimming in the ocean. Yes, there are sharks. There is a chance you might get bitten and an even smaller chance you might get eaten.

      I’m still going swimming.

    • There are abundant diseases that can put one in an ICU, but now they are all COVID. Because COVID has cured influenza and TB. Likewise medical error can put you in one. Like putting you on a respirator when breathing isn’t your problem, Oxygen uptake is. Which is exactly what happened to a great many who died in NY.

      • You are so right John. We will never be able to obtain true numbers on the deaths of malpractice, malfeasance and probably in some instances, murder. The ventilator misuse has been and remains still, central to a great many untimely deaths. Consider also the suppression of ivermectin and suppression and outright banning of hydroxychloroquine, a drug in use for decades globally, never before considered dangerous anywhere by anyone. It’s all a historic scandal. I can’t think of anything comparable.

  16. Mask mandate = jackboot on your throat for the rest of your born days.

    You stupid useless eater and subhuman must obey, that’s an order!

    “Okay,” says Joe Bidet, the most useless useful idiot masked eater since God’s creation.

    Simple solution: No masked customers allowed entry.

    All masks must be removed before entering.

    The door will remain locked until you do.

    The unmasked demand it!


  17. Please do give her this advice, Eric! This guy is wearing 2 diapers: One for each of ya. Why is that not good enough?!
    Of course, I know, as you’ve said here and many times before, it’s just a uniform, an arm band, a symbol of your submission and faith in the New Order of the Ages…
    But, Christ, have I seen a number of detestable trends and even dangerous behaviors emerge in my life, and never do I go to businesses or call AGWs to have them discontinued. The worst of these, however, is this rampant cult of sycophantic groveling and submission to edicts having no reasonable substance. Quite dangerous and malicious indeed.

    • The correct response to such militant and aggro diaperers may be: Shut the fuck up.

      If the continue with their horseshit, the response is simple and never varies: Shut the fuck up.

      This can be applied for other horseshit arguments as well.

  18. I can no longer stand the sight of these freaks anymore. I just recently just discovered Instacart – a grocery delivery service. No more of having to see dozens of diapered NPCs in one building!

    I know I’ve relegated myself to being somewhat of a shut-in, but I figure my mental health will deteriorate at a much slower rate this way.

    • Right, Handler?! I’m so disgusted every time I go to a store and see everyone having their faces obscured, walking around like zombies- wearing “the uniform”, that I am GLAD that these suckers are getting the government they deserve! (Just sucks that WE have to get the government they deserve, too!).

      What’s next? A ‘regulation’ head covering to protect from the sun’s rays/LED lights? A reflective body suit, for “saaaaaaaftey”?

      We live amongst cows, festooned with face masks and tracking devices, and plastic payment cards…..

      The battle was lost long ago. Such people aren’t capable of rebelling, even if they cared enough to.

      • “What’s next? A ‘regulation’ head covering to protect from the sun’s rays/LED lights? A reflective body suit, for “saaaaaaaftey”?”

        It will have something to do with an alien-related event (you know that’s in the cards). Of course, the dumbfuck proles will buy whatever Swiss cheese narrative they push.

        • Of course it’s in the cards- why else do “we” have a Space Weather Agency and a Space Force? And of course everyone will lap it up- just like they fell for War Of The Worlds in 1938- which was just a radio program….. (My mother was 13 years old then, and her family was starting to head for the river just as they found out it was just a show). It was likely a propaganda experiment.


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