Calling the Marquess of Queensberry

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As bad as Facebook and Twitter, et al are, “conservative” talk radio “is much worse. Without exception, the hosts urge civility and acceptance. Like the rest of Conservatism, Inc.

Which is why conservatives lose.

They do not understand the nature of a fight. They imagine it to be a gentlemanly affair, no low blows and such. The problem being that in a fight like this one, there are no rules.

Assuming you don’t want to lose.

Trump is losing – almost lost entirely and us along with him  – because he pinned his hopes on fair play with people who fight dirty. He apparently believes, almost like a not-bright child, that his adducing of evidence about illegalities matters when all that matters is what the Germans call macht – power, applied. The use of any means necessary to win.

The left understands macht. 

They are prepared to act – and do so  . . . while conservatives talk.

And then, submit.

We wake up to find that not only has Trump been silenced – his Twitter and Facebook accounts frozen or locked or whatever the term is – so have ours. Or so they will be. Because Trump has done nothing. He hasn’t issued an executive order rescinding section 230 – which the Authoritative Sources have been using to avoid being responsible as publishers for anything while claiming the status of publishers and suppressing everything.

Anything not approved by the Authoritative Sources – about to become very authoritative, indeed – will not only be silenced  it may well be prosecuted. Expect some extremely  authoritative executive orders regarding your soon-to-be-ex right to keep and bear arms.

The left is not fucking around. The left never fucks around.

Which is why the left wins.

Leftists governors seized upon weaponized hypochondria to not merely to crush the economy but to control all economic activity. They used it to crush the spirit of the population, now largely walking around willingly with Holy Rags over their faces, the outward expression of their submission. A few brave individuals aside, what did politically organized conservatism – i.e., the Republican Party – do about it, other than amen it?

What did they do about these leftist politicians who used The Terror to organize mass absentee balloting?

Now they want a “count” – after the fact.

They pathetically expected the courts to hear them. They actually believed they would be allowed to make their case and that the process – cue the Marquees of Queensberry and his rules for gentlemanly pugilism – would carry the day.

It’s as laughable as it is tragic.

And now these losers urge – among other things – that Trump have a nice sit-down with his replacement to exchange civilities and that the rest of us should simply carry on. Be sure to call your representative! Urge him to vote . . .

This is a recipe for more losing.

Everyone who opposes the left should understand the left. Ought to read its various bibles, including Rules for Radicals, which contains their recipes for eye-gouging and kicking in the balls. You do not “cross the aisle” to “work with” such people, who are your mortal enemies and (per the Terminator) absolutely will not stop, ever…

Until they win.

And for them, winning means everything. Total control. No dissent. Absolute obedience. One fights like a gentleman with such people like one coos to a rattlesnake. These are hard times and it is time for hard truths. People – decent people – recoil from them precisely because they are decent people.

It is hard for them to imagine. Better start.

Decent people despise violence and will do practically anything to avoid it. They just want to live – and let live. They want to raise their kids and go to work and be left alone, so long as they play by the rules – and when the rules are reasonable, this is feasible.

But what happens when there are no rules? Or when the only rule is – do as we tell you, shut up and sit down?

Do you imagine that the people who just silenced Trump (as well as other prominent supporters of Trump) are not going to silence everyone as soon as they formally posses the macht to do so?

And more?

Idiots believe they can vote themselves out of slavery. And slavery is the apt word for “House” you-know-what conservatives who believe precisely that. They probably believe the chains won’t be laid upon their shoulders, so long as dey be good boys and such. This is the thinking of people like opponents of Lenin who walked out of the Russian Duma (the legislature) in protest of the tactics and actions of the communist thugs led by Vladimir Ilyich.

Who, of course, won – because his opponents had no idea who they were up against and for that reason lost.

So did an entire country and hundreds of millions of people.

The same applies in our here and now. We have a dwindling moment to understand what we are up against and fight – by their rules – which is the only way we don’t lose everything.

It’s not nice, but neither are they.

. . . .

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  1. Eric,

    I don’t know how COHERENT the left’s principles are, either. Why else are they ALWAYS miserable? Have you ever seen a happy leftist, even when they control the whole show, e.g. during Obama’s first two years? If you ask your typical leftist how much is enough; if you ask them what it’ll take for their Utopia to be achieved; they can’t give you a good answer by saying when we have accomplished X,Y, and Z. In that respect, there’s little difference between them and conservatards.

    That said, the left does have ONE objective, one thing that guides everything that they do: the acquisition of power. When it comes to power, they know that they want it; they’ll do whatever it takes to get it; and they know what to do with it once they have it. Power is the left’s raison d’etre.

  2. The rich left is convinced that the marketing from China is accurate. That one party rule is better. That the new-style Communism, which is basically rebranded Fascism, is the way to compete with China. Not just here, but in Europe, Africa and South America. One part of the world that knows it’s all bullshit is Southeast Asia, they see firsthand what’s going on.

    The poor left is convinced the rich left wants to help them. They will be the most disenfranchised when they’re sent to the gulag. Or maybe they’ll continue to praise the state, right up to when the surgeon cuts out their kidneys so that Nancy can be speaker of the house for another few months.

    • That people can’t see what’s happening and what’s coming is what I find the most distressing. Or worse, cheering it on. Cementing their slavery, and destroying their birthright and future, and that of their children in the process, with a smile on their diapered faces. Borrowing from Ecclesiastes, this too, is hopeless.

  3. It’s impossible to argue with the insane. I can’t think of a single historical example of tyranny being stopped without violence or bankruptcy, and damn few of them by bankruptcy. The USSR being the only one I can think of. Previously, the US had the advantage of a cultural resistance to tyranny. No more. We are fast becoming China, which has little if any such cultural resistance. The ONLY solution I see is secession. Which would likely result in violence as well. It certainly did in 1860. Tyrants cannot abide people going their own way. It would instantly expose the utter failure of tyranny. As the Confederacy was about to expose the Union. Most of the Union was fine with the South’s secession, until they realized that tariff free Southern ports would put high tariff Northern ports out of business. Which tariffs the Union was using to extract wealth from the South, without offering any benefit at all to the South. So, the Union decided it was necessary to get 650,000 Americans killed to prevent it. More than all other wars combined. Likewise the Blue States can’t function without the production and revenue of the Red States. I suspect they would resort to the same solution as the Union did. How curious it is that the very same morons around the world who proclaim the beauty of democracy, refuse to allow self determination. One of the very few benefits of democracy.

    • The Republic that the “Founding Fookers” thought they’d established as a VOLUNTARY association of SOVEREIGN states, hence the name UNITED States of America, was fatally attacked as of July, 1861, when Federal forces met those of the Confederacy under command of General PGT Beauregard at the First Battle of Manassas, VA, with the Confederate “patient” being pronounced dead by the “coroner”, General Ulysses Grant, at Appomattox Court House, VA on April 9, 1865, under command of the chief “murderer”, “Dishonest Abe” Lincoln, our 16th POTUS, who would be assassinated by well-known actor and Confederate sympathizer John Wilkes Booth (“Sic Sempre Tyrannis”). Ever since, we’ve had a NATIONAL Government out of the “District of Criminals”, which was sponsored by international banking/financial interests and has expanded its grip on the American people.

  4. Hi Eric,

    “Which is why conservatives lose.”

    Conservatives/Republicans lose since they’ve become Democrat light. It started in 1971 when a split occurred. The proper Republican Party became the Libertarian Party while the old Republicans carried on to what we have today – Democrat light, including passing anti-2nd Amendment legislation. Republicans fought to exclude their own – Ron Paul, can’t have truth in elections. Ross Perot scared both corrupt parties and you’ll never have, other than Rs & Ds, in the controlled presidential debates again.

    We have the candidates today through the teamwork of Democrats and Republicans to exclude anyone else from participating, so there is only the choice of the lesser of two evils.

    • Hi libertyx,

      Very true in re the GOP. But I’d cut a little deeper. What are the core principles of the GOP? I cannot find any. Not any that aren’t amorphous, I mean. What does it mean to “conserve,” politically? To desire “limited” government? Where is the hard line that one cannot cross without renouncing what one stands for?

      The Left, on the other hand, has clear principles: It desires equality. It desires collectivism. It supports taxes, heavy, in principle and in fact. It denies the individual’s ownership of himself.

      One cannot effectively fight such people without clear contrary principles one is willing to defend forcefully and proudly. Republicans are reflexively apologetic and seem always ashamed of themselves (e.g., fall all over themselves to prove to the Left that they are not “racist” and that they “care” about the things the Left care for).

      • Eric,

        This why I always put “liberal” and “conservative”, as well as “left” and “right” in quotes. They don’t REALLY mean anything, which, I believe, is why they are used.

        The true axes of the political spectra might include:
        Libertarian vs. Authoritarian
        and maybe
        Individualist vs. Collectivist

        You might add
        Fiscal Conservatism vs. Fiscal Liberalism (gov’t spending)
        Social Conservatism vs. Social Liberalism (micromanagement or not)

        …But truly, only the first division is needed.
        Some of us tend to do things more individually, and some more collectively, but the truth is, we all do both. It’s just a matter of if it is done voluntarily or not. And if we are libertarians, we let people control their own money and purchases, and thus are inherently “fiscally conservative”. Also, if you are libertarian, you let people alone with their decisions, and are thus “socially liberal”, and don’t make laws against homosexuals, or requiring hijabs or face diapers.

        • The problem is the human species is now digital not analog. Our technology infected us. There is a wide spectrum but only the absolutes are considered. 1 or 0, with us or against us, D or R,……….

          Robots of flesh.

      • Eric, liberty I think the problem is with the whole concept of a modern politics. What benefits a left wing politician is the same thing that benefits a right wing politician, ie more power, more control, higher taxes for the workers in society. And it becomes very difficult to resist for most. Yes you have the odd black swan like ron paul who may come in for genuinely good reasons, but as you mentioned his own party conspired to keep him as far from power as possible.

        Incase anyone follows UK politics, there was an interesting article today – our current right wing “conservative” government is being advised by none other than the Tony Blair on matters relating to controlling Covid !! So the man who pushed the con of Saddam having WMDs is now pushing another con on the country !! But ofcourse it benefits the pelicans because it gives the more power over us, creates more jobs for them, increases budgets and slush funds…. etc etc….

      • Hi Eric,

        “What are the core principles of the GOP? ”

        Rs & Ds are in politics as a means of living off others (taxpayers) – it beats being productive for a living. Republicans are a more polite thief compared to an impolite Democrat. The other side of the Rs and Ds are the useful idiots, who work feverishly, and robotically, at the behest of their despotic, pathological, leaders.

        “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to office.” -Aesop

      • The GOP, although many in its can mouth the ideals of “conservatism”, limited Government, free enterprise, and defending the Constitution, especially OUR civil rights as PARTIALLY delineated in the Bill of Rights, but when the rubber meets the road, they turned out to be “Dummycrats, Lite”. Even OM, whom at least was the first GOPer since Bush 41 back in ’88 (who drove me OUT of the Republican Party with his two-facedness) that I voted for, never seemed to fully grasp the concept.

        I may leave also the Libertarian Party, as although I believe as strongly in its ideals as ever, has proved utterly ineffective. Since actual political party registration is meaningless insofar as voting on Election Day, likewise demonstrably proven meaningless as well, I’ll just register again as a DEMOCRAT, in honor of the fictional Louisiana Sheriff JW Pepper (portrayed by the late Clifton James) that appeared in two Bond films in the 70s. His sense of being a “Suthun” Democrat extended to even guffawing at his lovely bride, while they were vacationing in Bangkok (Oriental City), as she sees some elephant figures, carved in teak (“Elephants! Mabel, we’re Democrats!”), so I’ll do same for the time being, and do my utmost to fuck things up for them while still in Cali(porn)ia.

    • Not to quibble in any way with your good thoughts, but the event horizon for leftish thuggery started a lot before the 1970’s. As some have noted, the 1860’s had their share of bankster and big business pushing for silencing Southerners via war. One might also choose 1914 and Wilson and his “progressives” as an inflection point. You can tell who is really getting the “progressive” panties in a wad by their attempts to silence the offender. Witness Nixon in 1960, Barry Goldwater in 1964, Ronald Reagan in 1980…no matter what one makes of their character or policies, just by the fact that the “progressive” mob went after them speaks volumes. You can also tell who is very likely a very bad actor by the “progressives” and their media shills/accomplices…who are they spreadin sum of that good ole commie loovin around about? Wilson was the darling of the yellow press in his day, so was Kennedy, LBJ (until they discovered he was a Texan by birth, if not by character), et. Al.

      What is to be done about it? Those of us who have not been converted to the Doublethink of the left need to keep this discussion going, and figure out what can be done to reverse the evil that now stalks abroad in the land. Kudos to Eric for this sane little corner of the Interwebs, and the opportunity to keep the discussion going.

  5. ‘The left is not fucking around.’ — EP

    They also close ranks without question, even if they personally don’t like each other. There is no love lost between the Obamas and Clintons, but they don’t publicly feud because it could help the Republicans beat them.

    Hillary, I am sure hates Barry with a passion. One, for not letting her have her “turn” in 2008. I am sure there was a conversation during the primary in 2008, where Hillary probably ordered Barry to step aside for her. She probably even offered the VP spot to him then and there. He probably refused, saying it was time for the younger generation to take over (his isn’t wrong on that point). He also knows the longer he waits to run for president, the less likely he would get elected. Another four or eight years of people digging into his still murky background would find skeletons in his closet. Plus he would be in his fifties and less likely to be seen as “young”.

    Two, he then he beats her and becomes president. She probably hates how he can have people in the palm of his hand in ways she could never do. Then, to top it off, he insults Trump at that dinner in 2011, which probably made him decide to run for president. So she hates him for putting Trump in place to beat her in 2016!

    But you would never know they hate each other unless you look for it. It was probably extra galling for Hillary when Obama stayed on the sidelines (in typical Obama fashion) during the 2016 primary and endorsed no one until it was crystal clear she had offed the rest.

    But yet, she would still prefer Obama be in office than have a Republican, even one like McCain have it (McCain should have switched parties in 2000 and run as a Democrat, but that is a whole other story).

    • Had McCain gone over to the Democrats in time to run for POTUS in 2008, he’d likely have beaten BHO and HRC in the primaries. Given his actual policies, he’d have been credible as a “moderate” Democrat, ala Jimmy Carter.

      However, what needs to be pointed out is that even if the President is genuinely “moderate”, that doesn’t mean whosoever he appoints to the cabinet and the judiciary are. Witness Clinton’s first two years, and the cast of idiots in his cabinet, including that psycho, Janet Reno, as Attorney General.

  6. Another thing is it is impossible to have a rational, factual argument with a leftist or statist or anyone who is dominated by the social and emotional. They are always introducing new things, arguing against things you never stated, and eventually name calling and ridicule. Facts literally do not matter in their universe. It’s all perception and feelings.

    I’ve even tried to help them prove their arguments by pointing out the simple work that is required to prove what they are arguing and instead they go into strawmen, make up stuff and assign it to me then knock it down, gaslighting, ridicule, etc. I didn’t even say they were wrong or argued with them. I simply told them the simple bit of work they needed to do to prove their case. Do some simple factual work and they can convince me. But they won’t do it. It’s all mind f**kery. That’s all they know how to do. This social game play. Maybe that’s why they are so prone to socialism and hate merit. Maybe they think if the world was entirely run on social bullsh*t they all would have an advantage over the competent. As if they could out do the sociopaths and other professionals and gifted individuals in that sphere.

    And never mind what happens to a society run on social BS or what happens when the sociopaths rise to the top and there’s nothing to throttle them.

    There’s no way for factual, rational, logical, or real scientific arguments to work with such people.

    • “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

      Mark Twain

  7. I was in a store recently and found myself standing next to a young guy who had a mask hanging from one ear, but bare faced otherwise. So I struck up a conversation with him. He knows it’s all bullshit, but he wears a mask because his wife won’t give him sex if he doesn’t.

    This is going to have to change if we have any hope of surviving. It may offend some to hear, but I don’t care. It needs to be said. Males need to become men again. Once upon a time men knew that part of their job in life was to spot bullshit and put an end to it. Once upon a time men knew how you deal with bullies. You knock them on their ass. You’ll take your own share of punishment, but ultimately you’ll win.

    A population of cowards deserves slavery. That’s why we are where we are. Men disappeared.

    • I agree, Anon –

      The sight of a Diapered woman,no matter how attractive otherwise, makes me lose all interest in her. Any woman who tried to get me to Diaper would be out th’ door the next moment.

      • How about people who are masked-up in their social media profile pictures?

        I understand if you want to mask-up while in close contact with the public, but to don a mask and snap a “selfie” to use as a profile picture? What practical purpose does that serve?

        • Hi Myles,

          I am glad I am not the only one bothered by this. It is virtue signaling to the nth degree.

          These people are up there with the idiots that wear a mask in their car. 😜

          • I fear these people will do *whatever* they are told – as long as it’s coming from their preferred brand of “betters” (the “Left”, in this case).

            I think it’s going to get really ugly.

    • Yes, sir. And I agree with Eric. That would be the end of that relationship. Even without the diapering issue, I know that woman and I would never have any future. I’m very lucky to have a rational and freedom-loving woman at my side. She’s the kind of girl who likes ACTUAL men, and I think, though it’s not “popular” these days, most (heterosexual) women do.

      • BaDnOn,

        All straight women like “actual” men, the problem is they are in short supply, so she settles.

        I was 15 when I met my now husband. Early when we started dating I saw him rip out an entire auto speaker system and rebuild the whole system to what he wanted. We were 17. I knew I wanted to marry this guy. It was the best decision I ever made. When other women have to hire other men to fix what their guy can’t, I secretly smile internally. I can get a renovated bathroom, recessed lighting, or a garden planted just by asking.

        I never understood why many women look down on blue collar men. There is nothing sexier than a guy who can work with his hands.

        • Raider Girl,

          Yes, I think you may be right about short supply. I have a stepdaughter who hasn’t yet found a guy who’s worth a damn. I can understand being young and stupid, but these boys are utter failures. Not one has had a car and usually not a job, let alone having mechanical skills. Now she’s a good looking girl and could have a decent man, but it hasn’t happened so far. Part of that is her horrible taste, to be sure, but I think some of it is the aforementioned lack of abundance.

          • I am sure it is hard to find a rose through the thorns, but too many women look for perfection. Us women are not perfect, but for some reason we expect our partners to be.

            A good stable man who knows he has to work for a living and makes you laugh should be a given, but most women seem to prefer the bad boys, at least early on. I have yet to see a woman turn a bad boy into husband material except in romance novels.

          • Those that find marriage to be completely undesirable are less likely market and position themselves for it. This is common with both sexes in my generation (millenial-zoomer).

            We have to remember the social pressure to get married is nearly non-existent. That is one of the reasons why more men aren’t as industrious as their grandfathers. Why bother to work hard when you don’t have a family to support? The other reasons are the ramifications of feminism and the sexual revolution (career-focused women, hook-up culture, porn, etc.).

            • Maybe because we have a culture that punishes the responsible, productive, and prudent. The culture has been sending me hard signals against doing any of those for the past 25+ years. The last 12 years have been just pounding on productive people as “privileged” and “evil” and interest rates at nothing is just punishment on being prudent. If someone is 25 or younger today, that’s all they know. They don’t have any reference to the before time. They largely didn’t grow up with family members from the first half of the 20th century still alive.

              They have no reason to be hard working or anything else. So those that have turned out that way it’s because they are made for today’s world.

              • Morning, Brent –

                I’ve lived in both urban and rural areas and there are some striking attitudinal differences as regards debt/saving, at least in my experience. In Northern Virginia, driving an old beater car marked you out as odd. Here in rural SW Virginia, many people who could easily qualify for a new car loan still drive beaters.

                Smaller, more ramshackle homes are common, too.

                But this is changing – because of the influx of people from places like Northern Virginia and also because it’s so tempting – and so easy – to get “stuff” on credit.

                I wouldn’t mind so much if this profligacy only affected the profligate but it affects the prudent. A good example being the cost of housing, which goes up as “McMansion” replace the ramshackle homes or are built near them, driving up the price of real estate and real estate taxes. Same as regards cars. While the government has raised the cost of new cars via regulation, the cost has also been driven up via financing. People buy more car than they can afford, causing cars to become generally unaffordable.

                If I had a do-over the one thing I’d have done differently would have been to buy a cabin far out in the hinterlands and equip it with everything needed to ride out a 20-year “dead zone” such as the one that’s likely coming soon…

            • One need look no further than divorce court to discover why men have become uninterested in marriage. Virtually all “law” is against men once they subject themselves to marriage. A thing that used to be beneficial for both parties. Now it has been weaponized against men to extract their wealth. All of it. For the slightest reason, if any. God help them if they have children. Why bother when there is an abundance of women who will accommodate one’s “needs” without it?

          • I am certain she has found them. All pretty young women find good men with skills but modern young western women don’t want them. These men are considered boring and worse. And that attitude doesn’t change, but they they will start considering such men when the pretty, dangerous, exciting men don’t want them any more and/or their debts, bills, obligations, children, etc need to be taken care of. Then they become interested in good men.

        • On the speaker thing…. You’re an outlier or some remnant of an earlier age.

          One day when I was maybe 20-21 years old I was replacing the passenger side upper ball joint on my car and a couple girls by brother knew stopped by. I can still remember the look of disgust I got. Here I am dirty, working on an old car in the driveway. That’s been pretty much my experience. I’ve never found a woman my own age or younger impressed with my long list of practical skills. Ever. If I ever get a reaction it’s the opposite.

          IME women really don’t care until they are older and need someone to do stuff for them for free who’s stupid enough to think sex might be available if he does it. Otherwise it’s all about having the money to call someone and paying to have it done. Doing stuff myself means I’m “cheap” or worse “poor” and that’s bad.

          • Hi Brent,

            I am older, I am in my mid 40s so the younger girls of today, may not initially be attracted, but I also grew up blue collar. The guys in my family could fix anything. I grew up in the country so there was no such thing about picking up the phone and calling someone. It would take weeks for someone to show up. You learned to fix it yourself or did without.

            I don’t know how anyone could look at someone with disgust who is mechanically inclined. I honestly can’t fathom that.

            Maybe I am strange. My husband tells me I am spoiled. If a guy can tell me the difference between an AC capacitor and a contactor, I am impressed.

            • Being mechanically inclined is sooo passé. I mean, there’s probably an app for that anyway. Or, just throw it away and get the latest and greatest.

              A few years ago, Home Depot found that they did not have a proportional market share from millennials. Reason, they found, was that this generation at large did not know how to use tools, and wasn’t buying them accordingly. So HD offered free workshops on basic fix it stuff. Not sure how that ultimately panned out. But geez, imagine being mesmerized by a tri-square or level.

              • Hi BAC,

                I had a client a few years ago whose friends were affronted that her child was going to trade school and not a four year institution. My client was embarrassed and very upset. After telling me the story I looked at her and said, “Good for him. He will be able to get a job anywhere and will be able to stand on his own two feet. He will likely be making six figures if he is good at what he does.” I remember she looked at me shocked. She asked me, “You think this is a good idea?” I said, “Absolutely.”

                It has been a few years, but this is the only one of my clients kids standing on his own without parental support. He left home at 19, got himself an apartment, and a good job.

                I am quite proud of the kid and he isn’t even mine.

              • Hi BAC, here in the UK we have a chain (B&Q) and they realised the same thing, so started a series of youtube videos for millennials. It started with “how to use a hammer”…… shows what we’re dealing with here….

            • Then you’re a couple-three years younger than me, RG.

              There’s no way I am joining the ‘call someone’ cult. so well it will be the way it will be.

              • Hi Brent,

                No one became rich by spending more money. Labor is one of the most expensive things there is and good labor, lord have mercy. Nope, at my house we do our own painting, planting, repairs, and renovations.

                Actually the only time we hired someone in 20 years was to replace the roof. My husband said if he was 10 years younger he would, but at our age, he was more fearful of falling off than saving a few thousand.

    • Yup. Men need to quit selling out for sex and money. With human nature being what it is, I doubt that will ever happen unfortunately.

    • Oh geez, what is it with some of these ladies? I wouldn’t give my husband sex if he wore a mask. It is a huge turn off. Who wants to be married to some guy who is scared to show his face because of a virus with a recovery rate of 99.8%?

      • Hi RG,

        For fun, I look directly at otherwise pretty women who’ve made themselves hideous by wearing that Rag. They seem unable to compute a man who shows his face!

        • Do you point and laugh at them? That is what I would do.

          The rest of us girls are trying our best to keep Clinique and Lancôme in business…..otherwise, the lipstick business would declare bankruptcy!

          • Morning, RG!

            Nah 😉

            I just shake my head and radiate contempt. So far, no men have bothered me. It may be because men don’t Diaper. And the not-men aren’t inclined to bother a large man radiating hate for them!

            In that vein: At the gym the other day, there was a Diapered Millennial near the rack of barbells. I made sheep noises at him. He didn’t look at me.

            • You think stuffs crazy out there – here in the UK the BBC is recommending you to wear a mask before having sex, and have positions not facing……

              • The government needs to stay out of the bedroom. Sex is an intimate act. I think we can all appreciate an occasional doggie style or reverse cowgirl, but the whole point of sex is to able to connect with some one. They are screwing with our heads by establishing these rules or “recommendations”. By making sex robotic and aloof one does not have any type of intermediary with their partner. This isn’t healthy, but I have no doubt that many are adhering to the new sign of the times. It truly is pathetic.

    • That (1) he’d be that “pussy”-whipped and (2) he’s not man enough to keep it PRIVATE, between he and his wife, speaks volumes. What a cowardly POS.

  8. Trump and his team act as if they never even fought a traffic ticket before. Let alone a ticket in an area controlled by democrats. They don’t care about what the law is. They don’t care about evidence. None of that matters. It’s about power and deals. Of course Trump thinks he’s the best at deals and maybe he is when political power isn’t in the mix, when it’s bringing two sides to the table and having them get along, but this battle over a fair election isn’t like that. It’s like a unjust revenue shakedown traffic or parking ticket.

    The judge doesn’t care what the law says. The judge doesn’t care what facts are or what the evidence is. It’s just pay. Pay the damn ticket. Pay or else. If you want to waste more money, appeal. Get the same treatment. After you spent many times more money than the ticket in court fees, filing costs, lawyers, etc the government will likely drop the ticket if your case is good and will harm the racket. But they got what they wanted and then some.

    The democrats had Trump framed up as a crybaby wanna be dictator for life long before the election. Long before the election they had set the perception of his objecting to their cheating. He was screwed months, maybe years before the election. They set it up so they could cheat massively and any perception of objection would be met with ridicule at best.

    But notice something about this past week. Notice their reaction to their building being violated. They are scared of the people figuring out the “they drained four of phasers and kept on coming” sort of situation. They also seem to be acting like the bad guys in a 1970s detective/cop show. The hero is closing in on solving the case and they go crazy doing panicked things to stay out of prison. Actions speak very loudly.

  9. I saw last night that Goo-goul had removed Parler from its “app store”. Good. People at Parler can wear that like a Medal of Honor.

    I’ve never so much liked twonkies (what many people call “smartphones”) and I’ve made no secret of that. People are endlessly addicted to these technological parasites they hold in their hand as they drown in the fluorescent screen for hours on end. And make no mistake, they are systems of control.

    What is worse is that, there have been only 2 purveyors of twonkies for the last 13 years: Google (Android) and Apple. Some people say there is strength in diversity, and I believe that! But for many, that seems to only (superficially) be applied to race, and maybe culture, so long as you principally believe whatever you’re told.

    Diversity DOES make a nation strong. There must be diversity in THOUGHT, in action, in talents, desires… And that applies to fora, operating systems, and other technological idiosyncrasies. But I’m sure as fuck that THIS type of diversity, this non-uniformity, is heavily discouraged. Thus, the free-thinking heretics at Parler need purged!

    But this is good! The Tech Lords right now are weaving the rope with which they will hang themselves! With their iron fists, they are hammering out weapons that will be used against them. By their insistence on uniformity, they are raising camps around their ivory towers. These camps are beginning to flourish with outcasts, and sooner or later, those ivory towers will be under siege!

  10. “I want no part of it.” – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    Didn’t Alexander say that when he rejected his opportunity to become a US citizen?

    Then returned to Russia soon afterwards, not going to live in a country that perceives his homeland as the enemy.

    It was the zeitgeist at the time for Solzhenitsyn.

    Trump isn’t going to attend the inauguration.

    He wants no part of it.

    I am wondering if Biden will be sworn into office or if the Capitol grounds will swell with protesters until it is called off, doesn’t happen at all.

    Won’t surprise this old fool at all.

  11. eric “We have a dwindling moment to understand what we are up against and fight”

    No offence intended but, BWAHAHAHAHAHA! ROFL

    That was years ago when we hit the iceberg. Best you can hope for now is a life vest.

  12. Eric,
    Very good pointing out how inept so called Republicans behave when confronted. Most are part of the other side anyway as RINO’s.

    Did Moonbat Nancy issue a written order to the military to disregard President Trump as commander-in-chief? Is that not a full coup de tat?

    What to do? (I’m going to ramble a bit)

    We may, in ten years from now, look back at the capital hill riot and lament that we should have executed a full revolution and restored the country back to a representative republic under the Constitution, because we had nothing to lose. We may lose the county in 10 years to full Marxism. I hope not but look at history.

    In martial arts when you want your opponent to attack you a certain way so you can exploit his attack, you leave an opening. That’s what the Swamp-left did in Washington last week by putting the weak capital police as the only visible defense of the capital building, inviting Trump supporters to behave badly in front of the media. This was well played and beyond the mental capacity of the DC Mayor to contrive but right from the swamp creatures who contrived the Russian hoax from behind the scenes.

    Gandhi used peaceful protest while putting people in harms way so the British would attack them and look as tyrannical brutes. Gandhi made sure he was arrested and tried on trivial charges to make the British look like a dictatorship not a democracy. This eventually worked and the British withdrew however it only worked because there was a media willing to publish these events and international pressure on the British to behave as a civilized democracy. If Gandhi lived in the Soviet Union he would not have stood a chance since they had total control of the country, the media, and had no obligation to behave as a civilized country internally.

    We have now our own George Floyd. Her name is Ashli Babbit. G Floyd was breaking the law and deserved his day in court, but his life was taken by some stupid AGW’s. Ashli was wrong to join in trespassing and disrupting congress but she did not deserve to die and she was entitled to her day in court just as G Floyd was. She was un-armed and killed by a stupid AGW. Perhaps her picture needs to be our poster girl for the first whom died protesting the new tyrants.

    We need to start by what the left did when Trump won…resist. We need Civil Disobedience as our calling. We need to encourage opening restaurants and stop the fear masking. We need to document by video any tyrannical behavior from the left as the try to enforce their new rules. Especially resist by not participating in gun buy-back or confiscation even at the risk of prison.

    We need to be peaceful as we resist. If the left is successful in voiding the constitution and attempts full tyranny they will have one shot at full take over, and if successful, the western world is over. This would be the time to raise arms and fight to our last breathe.

    Until then peace is our profession.

    • That was some pretty eloquent “rambling”, Mr. Gruber.

      I believe I agree with everything you stated. It was sad, yet expected, how little attention was given to the killing of Ashli Babbit, at least by the mainstream media. No universal outcry about police brutality or excessive force, just a glazed overtone seemingly suggesting she got what she deserved. Then, if you saw any of the filth propagated in “social media”, there were people thinking her death was outright laughable. Even in “conservative” circles, I didn’t see anything like that regarding George Floyd.

      • Thank you for the compliment BaDnOn,
        Yea, Ashli is going to be trashed them memory holed by the Socialist Media.
        The Capitol Police officer who allegedly got killed by Maga protesters is about to knighted the Congressional Medal of Honor. So how did he die again? Somehow he left the scene then later needed to be taken to the hospital where he died of his *wounds*? I find this hard to believe that Trump supporters who mostly were full on police supporters would so much as even raise a hand in front of police officer. This smells of propaganda. Did this man have a health event and now Socialist Media has their mauter for the new order?

  13. I think people are mostly in denial that this is really happening. Others are doing the ostrich thing, hoping that things will blow over. Others still don’t understand what’s going on and is about to happen, and probably never will. Many of these same people, as well as those in the residuary, cling to the Christian doctrines of turn the other cheek and leave the vengeance to God.

    Not sure these attitudes/outlooks apply when you are at war for the survival of your way of life and, likely, for many, their lives themselves. Just because formal shooting isn’t going on, en masse, yet, doesn’t mean there isn’t a war going on. And make no mistake, the political left is at war with us.

    The first step in any course correction is the realization that you are off course to begin with. Good people, moral people, and those who truly cherish what we have had, better figure things out right quick. Start simple and small, and just say No! As easy as ABC:

    Back each other up
    Civil disobedience

  14. I remember reading Rules for Radicals when all the conservatard talking heads were losing their minds over it during the Obama regime and thinking, damn, this is simply a recitation of tactics (the book only contains a tiny sprinkling of leftist ideology, really only an afterthought). Many of these tactics would work in any direction.

    Regarding the media and it’s demonization campaigns and incessant leftist collectivist propaganda, I’ve heard it said that while propaganda can fill empty heads, it cannot fill empty stomachs. The rubber will be hitting the road in all directions this year.

  15. Correct analysis Eric.

    Politicians are the lowest form of human scum (at least murderers do their own dirty work).
    Why would anyone think fair play would bind the ruling scum?

    Know it for what it is – a giant mind f*ck. They tell us it is all about us, but the actions show different.

  16. ‘The left is not fucking around.’ — EP

    Indeed. In a chilling editorial, the WaPo calls for a martial law crackdown on ‘white supremacists.’ That’s the WaPo’s non-judgmental label for arrogant ghost people who wantonly flaunt their insufficiently pigmented skin, or (far worse) defend the deplatformed non-person, Orange Man Bad.

    Listen up to this leftist dog whistle, which between the lines is a provocative call for oceanic bloodshed:

    ‘The third [federal enforcement] act allowed president Ulysses Grant to declare that actions that sought to overthrow or defy federal authority constituted a “rebellion against the government of the United States.”

    ‘The best course of action, attorney general Amos Akerman argued to Grant, was to choose one state as a target to serve as an example.

    ‘In October 1871, Grant declared that the most violent of South Carolina’s counties were in a state of insurrection and suspended the writ of habeas corpus. Military forces fanned out across the countryside, arresting suspected Klan members. Federal attorneys successfully prosecuted hundreds for conspiracy.

    ‘As Akerman understood in 1871, CONCILIATION IS NOT AN OPTION.

    ‘On Thursday, in his introduction of (((Merrick Garland))) as his nominee for attorney general, Biden noted the role the Justice Department played in prosecuting the KKK and argued that “this original spirit must again guide and animate its work.” ’

    Is your state in line for federal reconstruction, comrade?

    Yes, the statues of your leaders from the past have been demolished. And your Congressional reps, even the R-party ones, have bent the knee to Xiden. But that’s not sufficient penance for centuries of goyische-kop Wrongthink.

    As the warm and cuddly Megan Kate Nelson notes, ‘Conciliation is not an option.’

    Tom Luongo limns the WaPo’s grim banquet of consequences: ‘Her name is Ashli Babbitt.’

    Comply or die.

  17. Eric:

    I agree with your analysis, but what should the resistance do at this point?

    Look at what happened in DC. Those protests were pretty mild (especially compared to what we saw last year in many U.S. cities last year). Yet the mainstream media is calling it sedition and an attempted coup. Trump tweets a request that the protesters leave peacefully. Yet Twitter removed it and shut down his account claiming he incited violence by it. The lies are just so bold now.

    It seems to me that the media propaganda is what really permits this power grab to occur. Perhaps that’s where the resistance should be focused, not directly at the politicians.

    • Hi Mister,

      Well, first we say no – and refuse obscene orders. Peacefully, if we can. We refuse to accept their unctuous moralizing; refuse to be gas-lit into obedience by manufactured guilt for things we haven’t done. It can begin with refusing to wear the Holy Rag. Refusing to be lectured that you “might” be an “asymptomatic” spreader of death.

      And so on…

      • Can someone explain this section 230 rule issue? I don’t know much about it, but from what I can gather, if it’s rescinded, then “publishers”, like Facebook, Twitter, magazines, and (!??) EP Autos could be liable for whatever content they supply, doesn’t that make it worse? Eric, you really wouldn’t want to held responsible for my stupid rants, would you? Maybe I’m completely off base, admittedly I don’t really understand the whole issue. By the way, you did a post about Parler, I just read that googul has removed it from their App Store and Apple will likely do the same. So much for competition

        • The biggest issue is one particular piece of section 230. The rule indemnifies distributors (*that* is the legal analogy, not “platform”- they’re literally treated like a book store would be, as opposed to a publisher or author) from third-party comments that may be libelous or slanderous. They get to make good-faith efforts at censoring some specific content- mostly on the grounds of legality or sexuality- but also sneaks in the category of something like “or otherwise offensive”.

          That’s damn nebulous, and has been regarded as carte blanche by both the beneficiaries of this provision as well as the courts. Remove that language, and most of the dysfunction it created could have been mitigated significantly.

          Good luck getting substantive revision or reform to that end instituted now; there are major entrenched businesses and political interests who won’t want it, with hordes of lobbyists who would likely be the ones to write any new legislation on the matter. Expect any earnest effort to do good here to instead end up as hilariously blatant regulatory capture instead.

          • Hi Mike,

            Yup; what’s occurring is a “securing” of the Internet, which for about 20 years nullified the lock that major media (e.g., The New York Times/Washington Post; CBS,NBC and ABC) had on public conversation. People were able easily to find alternative media and alternative media could compete on equal terms with major media, in terms of a web page being a web page and just as easily and inexpensively “distributed” vs. the impossibility of a small operator distributing a physical newspaper to hundreds of thousands, daily.

            Well, they want that control back – and more.

            • Indeed. I suspect that you will soon need a license to have a website. Enforcement will of course be selective and only ‘bad’ authors will have the law applied to them.

              People will move their websites to offshore servers, so the next piece of legislation will be for the Great American Firewall, to keep bad people from polluting the minds of those good an pure flock.

      • I second Foriduh’s issue.

        As far as I can tell, Section 230 SHOULD NOT BE removed.

        I’ve been telling people for many years to STAY THE FUCK AWAY from Apple and Google.

        Always have a back-up. Always have alternatives, at very least.

      • Compassion when fighting the those without compassion = suicide

        Fair play when fighting the those who won’t fight fair = suicide

        Reasoning when fighting the those without reason = suicide

        Or, why the Left will win. Sorry.

    • I think we need to stop looking at the big picture politics. Congress, Senate, Supreme Court, we’re never gonna change that, because they just don’t give a shit about we the people or the country. And clearly, voting, writing your representatives and even peaceful protest accomplish nothing. We need to look at the small picture government. Your local tax collector should be afraid to go to work. That building inspector or code enforcement asshole should be sent off running for his life any time he sets foot on someones property. Cops, IRS agents, all the AGW’s should worry that their house might burn down every time they leave for work. As Solzhenitsyn wrote, we should be waiting for them with pitch forks (does anyone have those anymore?), baseball bats, whatever ya got. We’re not gonna get to a senator or governor, but you can sure as hell get to a lot of the low level functionaries who make it all work. Once they fear for their lives, and those of their family, an awful lot will decide their job isn’t worth it. And I have no qualms about involving family, cuz they sure don’t. They wouldn’t hesitate to shoot your innocent grandma in the head when they bust down your front door looking for a bag of weed.

    • @ Mr. Liberty
      “…media propaganda is what really permits this power grab to occur. Perhaps that’s where the resistance should be focused, not directly at the politicians.”

      Agree. The politicians are puppets and actors. Even more sinister and powerful than the press, however, are the individual multi-bullion donors to both parties, 90 % of whom belong to a nepotistic tribe that prints our money, owns or control most of the media and all of Holloywood, and advance whatever agendas, whether, left, right, or superficially libertarian, benefit their tribe and a certain ME nation-state, hell-bent on hegemony, whose unending wars we fund and fight. .


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