The Dolchstoßlegende

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An interesting thing happened after I posted the little notice about not having much luck getting people who use anti-social media (e.g., Twitter and Facebook) to start using Parler instead. I more than doubled the followers I had there.

And then another interesting thing happened.

I just lost about a third of them, overnight. After I posted my Orange Fail column. Apparently one cannot speak ill of the Orange Man on Parler without the Parler room getting emptier. That’s fine; people have every right to stay or go, as they prefer. I just think it’s an interesting commentary on the affliction which afflicts both sides of the aisle.

The left cannot deal with diversity of opinion . . .  and neither can the right.

Just as one must worship at the altar of BLM and Wokeness if one wishes to remain in the good graces of the left, so also one must prostrate oneself before the radiant orange glow, even if now much diminished and on the verge of being extinguished.

Was the election stolen? Sure, probably – it seems likely. But the Orange Man helped steal it. Shall we count the ways?

The most fundamental way was by agreeing with Sickness Psychosis. By letting Pope Fauci XVII become the president. The Orange Man just stood there – for months – while the ultimate swamp creature lectured and terrorized Americans. The Orange Man is not only complicit in this terrorizing of the populace, the man was apparently not smart enough to see that Sickness Psychosis was the means by which “the steal” was arranged.

The boxes were stuffed with absentee ballots. PA changed its voting procedures because of Sickness Psychosis.

Had Orange Man called a halt to this weaponizing of hypochondria – the cases! the cases! – we’d have had mostly in-person voting and the Orange Man would likely be trying on his new suit for the inauguration.

Instead, we are about to be ruled by a rabidly psychotic Sickness Cult, led by a relentless wearer of the Holy Rag, who will probably order every man woman and child in the country to wear the Rag.

And that is on you, sir.

The Orange Man also performed as the left characterizes him in the first debate; i.e., as a bullying narcissist unable to form coherent sentences, spouting insults and making a figure as grotesque as Joe Biden seem  . . . presidential.

If only you’d conducted yourself in a manner befitting the office, you might not have lost the office.

He fought giving Americans a petty $2,000 check – which Biden will now give them and get the credit for giving them. And now we have two more Bidenite senators and nothing to stop the Bidenites, in terms of the now-defunct “checks and balances.”

Everything is balanced one way – their way – thanks to you, Orange Man.

Yes, yes, yes. Dominion machines. A rabidly antagonistic media. All true, all there. But at the end of the day, you lost – and so did we because of it.

Not by the numbers lost, perhaps. But that doesn’t matter, does it? What matters is they won – meaning, they will be in charge, soon.

Irrespective of “the steal,” which you didn’t act to stop before the steal.

Orangites had better come to grips with this rather than bitch about this.

I wrote about it and lost a third of the people who had “followed” me over to Parler. These people apparently can’t handle dealing with inconvenient truths or even debating them. You must say no ill of the Orange Man. You must adhere to the doctrine of the Dolchstoßlegende – the stab in the back that the disgruntled of two generations ago bear-hugged as the basis of their lockstep (and goose-stepping) support of another leader, who eventually failed as well.

Though not before taking down a country and much of the world with him.

Orange Man could have been a transformative figure – and may still be so. The tragedy is what he could have transformed – as opposed to what he has set in motion.

. . . .

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  1. Hey! What is the Covid shit? What is this bullshit? It don’t matter to Jesus!

    “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom: it is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” – William Pitt the Younger

    speech, House of Commons, 18 November 1783

    Hard to disagree with the wisdom of some crazy nut’s astute observation.

    “Wear your mask!” – the creed of the millions of masked slaves

    Tyrants demand it!

    Not only do you need to wear your mask, you will wear your mask, even if it drives the nation to ruin, always obey. Regardless of what happens, obey like a good obsequious slave and wear your mask, even if it kills you.

    Any good compliant complicit freedom-hating slave won’t argue, they’ll submit with alacrity. Tyranny rules, you are the masked slave. Submit or die! har

    Of course, it is necessary to submit to slavery, for your own good.

    What difference will it make if you have no freedom?

    A thousand years of slavery won’t be all that bad, you’ll have a lot of company.

    Solzhenitsyn said men have forgotten God. Sure looks like these bleak dark winter days are becoming godless for sure..

    Are we talking about Joe Biden or Joe Stalin?

    Let the pogroms begin!

    Feed those Covid-infected Trumpers to the crocodiles while the holier-than-thou whatever they are anymore shed their crocodile tears.

    Just another ship of fools, nothing else. A dark comedy of errors, oh well.

  2. The next two years will be all about one thing: Total War Against Trump Voters.

    The deep state, democrats and republicans, never want an outsider to ever get elected again.
    The main demographic that voted for Trump will be punished. White men, white women, and Asians, and Jews.
    You really think the B/K administration is going to enforce the Civil Rights Act in our favor?

    Open season on your job, your bank account, your ability to travel and your ability to make medical
    decisions. Look at China’s social credit system; its already happening here.

    The Deep State is going to make an example of half the country. I would expect that small business will be crushed even further. Employed whites had better purge their social media and toe the line, otherwise find themselves out of a job and dependent on the government for their daily bread. A government that will tacitly approve of discrimination against whites and any other person that turns traitor….any courageous blacks that openly support limited government and the constitution had better watch out, too.
    We are about to enter hell on earth.

    And no, your guns wont save you. Only your willingness to die for your faith will save you.
    Think very hard. Draw your line in the sand. Then never cross it, even unto job loss, arrest, death.

    May we all survive the coming two-years hate.

    • All the enemies of the Left need to go Galt. ASAP. Think of how unhinged the Left were all year without ‘their’ man in the big chair. They know they were pretty much untouchable before, so just imagine how emboldened they will be now. It’s going to be Brownshirts and untermenchen all over again. Only this time the stars go on anyone slightly to the right of Pelosi.

      I just read a particularly good comment elsewhere,

      “Yeah, my retirement and hopefully, expatriation can happen quickly. At least this way, I can choose the third world country I want as opposed to living in one that was created for me by insane people.”

  3. And now Amazon is throwing Parler off their server tomorrow.

    They are just going to shut down any opposition by whatever means they can.

  4. Hi Eric,

    “…who [Biden] will probably order every man woman and child in the country to wear the Rag.”

    Neither Orange Man nor Dementia Man have the legitimate authority to order much at all. Unless that Constitutional issue is addressed, there will be no respite from tyranny.

    To his dishonor, Trump pardoned criminals but not freedom fighters Snowden and Assange.

    • yes trump pardoned hard core war criminals who committed massacres in iraq and afghanistan killing unarmed children. getting a conviction by a military court against a US soldier is exceptionally difficult. Yet prosecutors poured thousands of hours into it and succeeded with many soldier witnesses. And Trump said eh fuck that.

    • Thanks, Eric, for eloquently expressing my frustration with Trump.

      Several people have told me that Trump is a typical New Yorker. Whether that is true or not I cannot attest. Regrettably, I find him arrogant and illiterate. He really should have taken a public speaker course years ago.

      Trump just had to go to every fight to which he was invited. Often, he ended up looking like a buffoon or a bully. Even creepy old Joe looks slightly more presidential.

      But his biggest problem was failing to recognize that he was out of his league when selecting members of his administration. Almost all were swamp reptiles. Even I knew some of them were backstabbing traitors. If these were people with whom he agreed, I regret voting for him.

      But as awful as Trump was, I fear we will want him back. The totalitarians are in control.

      • Thanks, Nancy!

        Like you, I am frustrated and angry over what Trump did – and didn’t do. As a writer with a decently sized audience, I always defended him when he acted in a way that served to increase liberty or at least stymie to some degree the taking of more of it. Examples include his ending of the monetary enforcement mechanism for Obamacare, his attempt to reign in federal fuel economy regs, his support for energy development in the US, etc. But then he just stood there and let Pope Fauci XVII take over his presidency; let the hysteria spread – and even egged it on by agreeing with Fauci that “millions would have died.”

        Either he is a imbecile – someone not smart enough to look into the facts or too lazy to look into them, which is a form of imbecility – or he is overtly complicit.

        But regardless, he’s complicit.

        Whatever good he did has been undone by Sickness Psychosis – and he did nothing to treat it.

        • eric, I don’t want to show my hand but don’t count Trump out just yet. The way the oligarch’s have set this thing up it’s probably going to become violent yet……but maybe not. Either way, I’m up for it for what that says. I’d just like to be 40 years younger.

          • I am with you, Eight-. I think ‘The Plan’ (yes, I am a Qultist) is rolling out perfectly, as intended. I am confident Biden is not inaugurated on Jan. 20. Maybe it will be Trump, maybe it will delayed by an Executive-Ordered interim military government. Who knows, but we will find out within 10 days!

            • John, even if such an absurdity should magically occur…that would not be a good thing either. Trump has shown his true character, and this nation being run by a military dictatorship would be as bad or worse than the prospect we face on 1/20.

        • Complicity is the only thing that makes sense.

          The poster above mine thinks there might be one arrow left in the quiver and that is what he is supposed to think. There is no arrow, only a carrot. Ask yourself Eightsouthman, aren’t you tired of waiting for the “winning moment” from Trump during all of this and at every turn never getting it?

          This move to other platforms seems to be part of the plan. Somehow Trump will get a “supportive” platform or make his own in which the base will migrate. Once the migration is complete, dual echo chambers will exist for each side of the political aisle in which they will divide and conquer. Trump is merely a Pied Piper.

          Eric, what you are dealing with the opposite of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Apparently, conservatives need “safe spaces” too.

  5. one last comment and i’ll quit. Trump was sure fast to condemn his own supporters to the maximum sentences possible for some relatively minor vandalism but didnt mention the murder of ashli babbitt – a decorated veteran with 14 years in the air force. gee I wonder why that is

    • Yes, he is.

      I don’t believe any of us should be taking talking points from the guy from Mr. Pillow. This election is over. The only question we should be asking ourselves in “What is next?”

    • Methinks Mr. Lyndell is deluded if he thinks this political travesty can be reversed. I’d be pleasantly, but HUGELY astonished if it were.

    • Trump is going back to NYC.

      Being a speed bump on the way to the one nation company town is about all he managed to be because he didn’t understand what was going on.

      It’s sad we have people like Ron Paul who understand everything intellectually but don’t have the ‘show’ to win or people like Trump who have the show but no intellect. (Trump has street smarts, but he wasn’t in the sort of low level street brawls of politics he faces as a real estate developer). It showed most where he was most successful as president, getting two opposing nations to talk and work out a deal, but that’s the street smarts, not understanding what the so-called elite have been working on for a 150 years plus.

  6. The Republicans war strategy sucks, it always has.

    Why can’t all Republicans and Independents infiltrate the Dems camp? Destroy them at their own game? The Republican Party is dead. Every Republican in Congress needs to become a Democrat. Instead of going to vote R, D, or I each election we need to look at the more moderate Dems and push them further. In 2016, Jim Webb ran for the Democratic nomination against Hillary Clinton and was trounced in the polls. Why? He was a decent guy. In 2020, Tulsi Gabbard ran for the Democrat nomination. I would much rather have her than the moron we have entering the White House in 10 days.

    Let’s destroy the two party system. Let’s become one party. The Republicans have no one, and I mean no one to run in 2024, so they shouldn’t run anyone. Let’s all become Democrats and take out the far leaning left. This would also stop from from anyone focusing on a candidate’s political party. We were then be focusing on the person and not the institution.

    There is no greater time than now for us to do this. Why are we trying to save what doesn’t work? Penetrate and devastate.

    • That’s the “strat-gedy” I’m pursuing during the remainder of my stay in the People’s tyranny of Cali(porn)ia. Besides screwing things up for the Democrats from WITHIN, it’s starve the OTHER beast, the other side of the same statist coin, the useless GOP.

      • Hi Douglas,

        I don’t see any other way around this, at least as an alternative to violence. Might as well beat them at their own game.

        • Violence will inevitably ensue once the Loony Left overplays their hand. The key is to not be seen as the instigator.

      • Tulsi wasn’t just “ready for Prime Time” this past year. I recall seeing her billboards in the MidWest about a year and a half ago on Interstate highways in the Midwest when travelling about, especially along I-74 when my #2 son and I drove its length from Iowa to Cincinnati to see my then-beloved ‘Gints play the Reds (remarkable comeback effort in yet another dismal season). How things changed SO MUCH in such a relatively short time. But what did NOT change was the ability of the Deep State to reassert itself and bamboozle the American public, what HL Mencken termed the “Great Boobsie”, yet again. Or, as Walt Kelly’s “Pogo” cartoon put it, “We have met the ‘enemy’…and ‘he’ is ‘US’ !”

    • And NO rioting or shrill calls of “No justice, No peace”, because the young woman that was blatantly executed for daring to break into a HALLWAY was WHITE, and the executioner was a plainclothes Capitol Police officer, detailed to protection of Senator “Chuckie” Schumer. I’ll bet dollars-to-doughnuts the executioner is also a J-O-O, likely with IDF experience, especially in handling “troublesome” Palestinians.

      Things are getting like they were for unfortunate Germans in the Soviet occupation section as of May, 1945, especially those who were imprisoned in the re-purposed Oranienburg concentration camp. No one can inflict cruelty like a Jewish political commissar, free to indulge his psychopathic whims. The great-grandsons of those that tortured many in the immediate post-war era may yet ply their cruel craft HERE in the next few years, in what used to be America. We shall see. I hope that I’m dead wrong, b/c I’ll be “alive” if I am, but “dead” indeed if I’m “dead right”.

  7. Eric: 100% agree Trump pissed in his own nest and here we are. Even though I generally like him and find him hilarious (it’s mostly theater anyway. I pick funny crazy over creepy hair sniffer crazy personally.)

    Trump can’t save us and biden cannot stream roll us. Hell, that blithering old geriatric doesn’t know where he crapped last. Yes they have the enforcer class and the propaganda machine, but for how much longer? I see this slowy unraveling but the people’s response is what will matter. (dont have a ton of confidence in THAT right now). However the world has seen darkness and oppression before and there is always hope and always a remnant of goodness. Politicians in and of themselves are little more than sociopathic wizards scribbling on paper and standing behind a podium.

    I’m not sure who I find more amusing, the trumpster Q-tards or the blackpillers who predict mandatory vaccinations and gun confiscation AGAIN.

    Yes things are going down hill. My life will not be what it once was. Then again everything is a temporary situation. Now is the time to be strong, build, imagine what you CAN do, then do it. Piss on despair and any body who brings it.

    Love the blog, the insights and visit often for the posts and comment section.

    • Well said, Switchblade!

      “Now is the time to be strong, build, imagine what you CAN do, then do it. Piss on despair and any body who brings it.”
      This is the only protocol that has ever gotten me anywhere.

  8. I know of no institution, pubic or private, that has succeeded in accomplishing its goals better than Public Education. We are in the exact situation it planned for us more than 100 years ago.

  9. #1: For those who were paying attention to Trumps tweet yesterday morning and video yesterday evening, nowhere did he concede. In fact, Trump didn’t even mention the name, Joe Biden. There was no name on “Peaceful transition” and “New administration”.

    #2: They are absolutely terrified. From Hollywood, the MSM, the Social Media, the House and Senate, the entire Globohomo. Less than 2 weeks. Impeach Trump! Article 25 Trump! We want him out now! Arrest him! No one acts this way who has nothing to hide, or fear. Not when you believe he has nothing on you, and will be out the door in less than 2 weeks… to then be their literal punching-bag.

    • Hi Elder,

      I have some friends who make the same argument but – and I mean this without any intention to ridicule; I am on your side in the sense that I am hugely sympathetic and loathe all that has happened and who is coming – I see nothing to indicate other than OM is baked and done. He can’t even Tweet anymore. The EC has affirmed the fraud; Biden is officially president elect. Nothing has come of any of the facts raised about the fraud; facts do not matter when they are not acknowledged.

      Lin Wood has not backed up any of his wild assertions. Flynn keeps saying and saying… nothing is being done . . . well, other than Biden moving closer each day to moving in and Trump moving out.

      It’s wishful thinking to think otherwise – unless something epochal occurs over the next week to reverse everything. Do you really believe such a thing is likely?

      • The “steal” has always been in place, it just hasn’t always worked. There was evidence that Democrats got caught off-guard in 2000; believing they didn’t have to do much as they thought Al Gore would easily win; the whole “hanging chad” thing in FL’s Broward County was a desperation move when they’d realized they’d screwed up. Likewise in 2004, when their attempts to do same in Ohio failed and Kerry, too, flopped. These idiots never learn; institutional memory is SHORT. In 2016, believing the GOP was ineffectual (they wuz RIGHT) and that Trump’s campaign was a farce, again they failed to invoke their backup plan in key states, and OM snuck in an otherwise unlikely victory. By all rights, he ought to have fared no better than Romney had in ’12.

        I’m convinced that the true vote count is more like Trump got about 90 million votes and should have walked away with about 375 electoral votes; this time, with the unexpected “shutdown” in the middle of the night, the shenanigans weren’t even subtle. But to do so also requires that the appropriate members of the GOP opposition, many who hate Trump just as much as the deranged Dummycrats, be bought off. We KNOW the truth, the hell of it is PROVING it, especially when no one wants to touch it over the sake of re-electing the one man more than willing to upset the apple cart.

        “Gawd” forbid those in the privileged class that have been leeching off the hard-earned backs of the American taxpayer actually be held to account!

        • Hi Doug,

          I agree – and it’s worse. Facts no longer matter and not just about the election. People – even when told – do not care that “masks” don’t stop viral particles; that people who aren’t sick can’t get people sick; that 99.8-something percent of the healthy population doesn’t die from WuFl. It doesn’t matter.

          Faith and feelings do.

          We live in a new Dark Age; the sun has almost set. The barbarians are at the gate.

          • It is utterly useless to appeal to reason and morality in dealing with ideologues. They are convinced that reason and morality are on their side and that their enemies are irrational and immoral simply because they are enemies.

            Thus, WAR! The time for words is over and now pointless. The other side simply won’t listen, never mind compromise or agree to separate peacefully.

            Sucks but I see no other path now.

            BTW, not my war. I am going to sit on the sidelines way out in the sticks. I have lead fights (union) before, at the urging of others needing leadership. If they can’t lead themselves, they won’t follow you far either, once it gets difficult. Learned the hard way.

            Good luck y’all.

            • Exactly, Anon. Not our war, ’cause our side is not represented. It’s the war between the communists and slightly-less-communists. Neither one works for me- that’s how we got here to begin with. Time to go.

    • They want to impeach him so that he can’t run again in ’24.

      People so want to still believe that he is going to do something…. Someone sent me a video yesterday that claimed that everything we have been witnessing has been allowed because they are just a “military sting operation” giving the Democraps all of the rope they need to hang themselves, and that they are going to swoop in any moment now and mete out justice! (LOL).

      And I’m sure that those who are deluded enough to believe such things, even NOW, will still be waiting and believing that Trump or someone is still going to do something “any minute now” 6 months from now as Uncle Joe roasts marshmallows in the WH and feeds them to the Kamel.

      • Morning, Nunz!

        Trump in ’24? He’d be 82 years old… an American Brezhnev. Besides which, there will not be another election after this one. Not one that can be won by anyone who isn’t an American Brezhnev.

        • Hey Eric!
          Far as I can reckon, he’d be 78 in 24- same as Uncle Joe is now. Hey…all he’d have to do is maintain the new status quo that the commies erect, by essentially doing nothing…deja vu! Have to say…he’s got plenty of experience doing that, now. That would keep the peace….his worshipers would be euphoric and hopeful (Hopeful that he might actually do something..any day!). 🙂

          Heck, there was no election THIS year!

          This is really the political theater that keeps everyone (even many of us!) pacified and participating.

          Of course there’ll be nothing left; there barely is now- but if I whip out my Leftist-to-English translator, that translates to “Things are better now than they’ve ever been!” 😀

  10. I’m no longer amazed at the people who have done nothing, have nothing, and attempted nothing seem to have the loudest voices when it comes to Monday morning quarterbacking the shortfalls men who are exemplary. Now I suffer at the droning of some broke ass grumpy idealist in bunfuck VA telling me with great authority how things should have been done by a man who gave up a lot to serve a thankless and mostly clueless people.

    Eric your analysis lacks grace and perspective. You seem small and petty. If only you had conducted yourself with the circumspection and candor befitting a journalist…..

    • Hi Auric,

      Grace? Toward a man who could have achieved so much but instead has succeeded in completely empowering everything he supposedly opposes? This man – who I supported ardently whenever he acted in a way that supported freedom, even if imperfectly – did worse than nothing about the orchestrated campaign of fear that destroyed him – and freedom in this country. Worse than nothing. He enabled it. He amen’d it. The man practically fellated Pope Fauci XVII. He let the governors take away legal rights and impose “mandates” and “guidelines” in their stead. He permitted weaponized hypochondria to spread such that states changed their voting procedures and enabled – and even mandated – mass absentee voting. Imbecile!

      He then behaved like a buffoon on national TV during a presidential debate.

      Are any of these points arguable?

      Yes, he did some good. He raised hopes things might actually get better and in some ways they did. And while I understand the forces arrayed against him, he helped them along by doing things totally unnecessary that made them worse.

      I feel betrayed. It showed in my column. Because I meant it to.

      PS: In re “done nothing”:

      I’m a writer; I am in a position to write and speak and do so. I have no power to do more than that, but what power I have, I’ve exercised fully. There is not much else I can do.

      Trump was in a position to do something. He had the power to act – and instead, he talked. Or he acted in ways (per above) that undermined everything we hoped he would achieve. The country is about to be ruled by a pedophilic Soviet-style bureaucratic apparatchik who has the backing of both the Senate and the House.

      I understand you’re disappointed. But why you are with me rather than him escapes me.

      Caveat: He still has a few days todo something. He could cross the Rubicon and if he does, then god bless him. If not, then god damn him -for he has abandoned us to wolves.

      • Eric nobody thinks Trump handled COVID perfectly. I’m persuaded he acted on bad data and was out maneuvered. Flanked actually. His Achilles heal was his Germaphobia. To grade his entire presidency on that one issue is flat earth.

        Rather than type for an hour here take a look at these accomplishments
        and tell me he wan’t great for producing America. Hell, just killing NAFTA and Paris were enough to propel the US into a hyper growth mode.

        The man is a self made Billionaire from construction. He almost single handedly revitalized NYC real estate in his 30s. He has more business skill and intuitive brilliance than 10 normal men. He gave up a pampered lifestyle of a king to serve a largely thankless, visionless people who cannot imagine life outside their stupid bubble.

        Trump’s policies have made my life and my businesses better. A LOT better. This is true for millions of us producers. We the productive understand Trump- warts and all. Spectators cannot understand him because they cannot understand producing, creating and becoming- so they criticize. Now they get to enjoy Obama’s 3rd and eternal term. enjoy your $5 gas and your houses dropping in value by 50% again. You deserve it.

        • Hi Auric,

          I agree with all of that – Trump did some real good – and yet, he appears to have pissed it all away. Yes? The WuFlu hysteria undid everything – did it not? And Trump did nothing to stop it. He made it worse. Isn’t it his obligation to look into the facts? And to act according to the facts? How else should we define his presidency given the epic fail on this point?

          He still hasn’t fired Fauci!

          His loss means the ruination of my business, too. Why do I “deserve” it?

          For defending him – vigorously – when he deserved it? Or for committing the sin of criticizing him when deserved it?

          PS: Anyone who earns an honest living – via free exchange – is “productive.”

          • Trump should’ve canned Fauci the moment that the Imperial College computer model proved bogus. Not only was it written in FORTRAN, a computer language that had been LONG OBSOLETE when I was in college; it didn’t even yieled the same answers twice with the same inputs! IOW, if you put A,B, and C in, you didn’t always get X,Y, and Z out, which you should in a functional computer model. Soon as that came out, Fauci and Birx should’ve been gone! After all, they relied on that POS, and gave POTUS their recommendations based on it.

            I also think that POTUS could’ve and should’ve emphasized therapeutics more, since they’re available now. He shouldn’t have gone all-in with the genetic injected product as he did. Work on a vaccine, yes, but don’t rush it; treat it as normal.

            That brings me to another, albeit tangential, point: the EUA for the genetic injected product is illegal! Why? Because there are other treatments and therapeutics presently available; an EUA can only be used if no other treatment is available, which isn’t the case WRT COVID.

            Those are my random, somewhat disjointed, thoughts…

            • So true! Hadn’t we heard that he had been taking HCQ as a prophylactic for months? Why didn’t he take that again (or ivermectin), instead of (allegedly) the untested wild card – which can’t possibly treat a nonexistent “virus.” It was the perfect psy-op, just like Fauci’s 180 on masks – speak the truth to gain confidence of the public, then reverse course and the public still believes (definition of a con (confidence) man).

              • Agree, Anon. At least he could’ve had the courage of his convictions, and especially when he recovered, he would be glowing with a “told you so” confidence.
                But he didn’t. He wanted to tout the things in which Fauci and others were invested. No big payout for advocating ultra-inexpensive treatments, especially when they don’t require you to visit the hospital to drive up the hospitalization numbers, as is done with Remdesivir.

                • This is one of many reasons why I say he has no convictions. It pains me that he couldn’t even bring himself to be consistent on the HCQ, or for that matter to fire Fauci, end the “National Emergency” EO, etc., any of which could have put an end to this madness that we are now facing.

            • Marky,

              Can’t defend this computer model, and it most certainly could not have justified this global reaction, but don’t go attacking FORTRAN for the failure! Many people and programs the world over still use FORTRAN because it works, and it’s STILL the most widely used language in supercomputers, particularly in physics simulations. 😉

            • Yes, the therapeutics they aren’t using. Still not really using HCQ, ivermectin, or anything else. Lily and Regeneron put out new antibody therapeutics, which the government bought, and which about 15% have been used.

              Imagine this – a disease so horrible that we needed something, anything, right now. Warp speed, Sulu! So we get them and then… keep them on the shelf. Why is that? Something else is afoot. And that something else is why frauds like Fauci are still running things and not in shackles.

          • eric, I see it as Trump waiting to make the Dems start a war. There was nothing violent in the Capitol except for the cops. In fact, the cops helped everyone inside. Those black suits had level 3 armor and communications up there on the neck.

            The Dems want to start a shooting war(it’s all they can talk of) and ramp it up continually till there are 10’s of millions dead and then the war will never be over till there’s just a few left.

            Parler has been taken down rapidly after every time it has increased. There is conversation on Fox with the woman who made Parler and Tucker Carlson.

            They desperately need to start a extremely intense war and put it off on Trump. Trump isn’t gone. Before the Dem’s know what to do he could have this nation shut down peacefully with the military, set up a new election that’s clean and take what happens.

            If I ever get another night’s sleep I may be able to define it more closely. Removing the communications of this country can be caused by DT if you believe it. Odyssey is not going lightly into the night.

            The Dem’s really want to have a terrible killing war and black DT. I believe more and more people are catching on every day. Those that didn’t do anything but watch the Lying Mass Media are catching on. I have told people who are low information voters and they’re totally unaware of what’s really been happening. Otherwise they’d have had Mr. Golden Voice out there every day instead of hidden and saying nothing.

            • I hope you’re right, Eight. God help us.

              PS: I’ve begun to consider the idea of fleeing to Texas… rural Texas. Virginia, much as I love the Blue Ridge and my little slice of it, is Coonman Country now and I don’t have much optimism about the future.

              • I suggest you make your decision quickly. Two weeks ago I would not have thought we would have ‘permission to relocate’ requirements from the government in our lifetimes. Now I have to question all my assumptions about the tyranny timeline. Especially for those who openly have defied the state, such as yourself.

                The new War-on-X is going to be the War on the Dissenter. Love the state and declare it loudly, or you will be severely restricted or jailed as an enemy of the state.

                “you don’t appear to be cheering with enough enthusiasm comrade Peters. Travel permit denied!”

              • eric, out here in west Texas the worst pandemic is Roundup. It helps if you expect to have every person you meet say “Hello” or similar.

                I had no idea everyone didn’t say “howdy” or something else till I’d been to other states.

                After seeing the same people several times they’ll finally ask if you’ve recently moved since they hear that Virginia accent.

                We recently had a couple move to a nearby town and the man said he was grateful to find so few masked people as where I live. You’d have to bid goodbye to your little pickups or drive them slowly without the a/c on. It’s such a well known thing about the head gaskets it’s hard to find even a non-running one these days.

              • Much as west Texas sounds like my kind of place, with so many Californians, New Yorkers, Ill-annoyers fleeing to TX. I see TX. going the way of VA. very soon. Didn’t the vote there nearly go blue in the [s]election? (It’s been the number one destination for fleeing Californians for several years now).
                My “M.O.” when I fled NY, (With the idea of not seeing my new locale go the way of NY in the blink of an eye) was to only consider locales which were not attracting other blue-staters, ’cause most of those escapees are not really seeking freedom, but rather just low taxes and better quality of life…and continue to practice the very same politics which turned their former homes into shit-holes).

                Even though those escapees are not going to west TX or the rural areas…there are enough of them flooding the cities and metro areas and suburbs to out-number the real Texans, just as is now the case in NC, AZ, NM, FL, GA, etc.

                I think even Eight would be heading for Mexico at this point if he could!

                Leave while we still can! If you’re gonna move…make it good! With the stuff that’s gonna be coming down shortly, every state here (including mine) is going to be a blue state….soon!

                • One of my buddies and I have been joking around for a couple years about moving to Mexico. The talk has become a lot more serious in the last couple months. He’s doing some trip planning with an old friend of his who retired down there a few years ago, I’m hoping we can make a trip this summer to check things out.

        • Look, I voted for the clown with no principles other than self-aggrandizement in a lesser of two evils manner. When it got hot with Convid, the guy failed, constantly. Promoted states of emergencies and lockdowns. Talked out of both sides of his mouth about masks. Created the Warp Speed program for quackcines.

          BTW, don’t believe the hype about his business acumen. Trump is a silver spoon legacy who, just like Billy Martin described George Steinbrenner, was born on third base but thinks he hit a triple. Aside from his privately held inherited real estate wealth (itself a symptom of the Fed’s destruction of the currency) almost every publicly traded venture he was involved in left everyone else zeroed out while he got bailed out by the likes of Saudi royalty. He wasn’t a good businessman but played one on TeeVee. He is a “producer” of cheap branded tchotchkes that are made in China as well as voluminous amounts of hot air.

          • I have doubts about him really being a billionaire. For someone who’s generally braggadocious and wants to tell the world how successful, rich, and smart he is, he’s gone to great lengths to make sure nobody sees any of his tax or financial information. Not saying that’s wrong, his finances are none of my business. I just think he’s full of shit.

            • Most folks that HAVE a crap ton of dough are, if ANYTHING, very reluctant to disclose how much. If nothing else, they get targeted for scammers and crooks bringing up phony accusations to harass them with nuisance suits and/or blackmail. And, of course, there’s the time-honored crimes of kidnapping and extortion. Why do you think Sam Walton drove himself to work in a humble Ford pickup which he kept for fifteen years? Or Warren Buffet believing that a decently comfortable Olds was good enough.

            • Those who become wildly successful in the statist economy…especially in NY…especially in real estate, only can do so “playing the game” and greasing the wheels of state for favor. To think that such a person who was raised in that environment, and who has been operating in it and using it successfully all of his life, is suddenly going to do a 180 and be the enemy of the very system which he’s used all of his life, is just nonsensical.

              The reality is that he saw an opportunity to achieve the crowning glory of status (Become the prez), and correctly read the market (or hired someone to read it for him, more likely) and played the part necessary to court the segment of the voter market whose niche was not being well served by others.

          • Hatter the self kinged broke guy speaks. DJT did NOT inherit his realestate empire you fucktard. His father left exactly the same amount to each of his 4 children. it Only 1 became a billionaire. One a federal judge, one a bitter old hag and the other a alcoholic failure.

            Trump took over the family business in 1974 which was worth about 200mm then. Each child does not dispute a $40mm inheritance which came in 1999- 15 years after DJT took the helm. The trouble with understanding who got Fred’s $ is that 1) Donald built a massive personal net worth with the among others The Grand Hyatt and Trump Tower projects 15 years before he inherited Fred’s money. (of course to a moron like you going to work for your living Dad is the same as inheriting his money) Moreover Donald grew the family business agressivley and that inured to the benefit of all 4 siblings and a number grand children. DJT didn’t get all that money- he got less than 1/5h of it and well after he had built 5 skyscrapers on his own. (BTW what have you built fuckwhit?)
            Hate Trump? fine. Just don’t be a craven little prick making up falsehoods because your life sucks and you imagine you look less like a bitter looser when you pout about men who you don’t deserve to speak of.

            • Your man crush on Trump is amusing. Writing checks off daddy’s account doesn’t mean he built anything. How many times did the self proclaimed king of debt go bankrupt? 3-4? Was it Prince Bandar who bailed him out in 90-91? Oh, right, that was his “strategy.” Tell me again about the publicly traded entities he owned and operated that didn’t go to zero.

            • Hi Atlanta,

              We’re fundamentally on the same side here, so – please – let’s not attack each other personally or our motives; it serves no purpose other than to empower those who hate us.

              I’ve defended Trump’s actions when he acted in a way that furthered liberty, even if imperfectly. But I won’t defend him when he doesn’t act – or acts in a way that is contrary to liberty.

              Isn’t that reasonable?

              • Eric- Couple things for the record. One, I’ve never used an Anon handle. I know folks use it for many reasons, but I’ve seen Anon used in a few contentious debates and believe that, in those situations, it adds a layer of strange edginess to things that I don’t prefer. Second, I understand your point here and respect the spirit of your request to Atlanta. Just to be clear, I don’t mind the rough and tumble of comments like Atlanta’s, and actually come here for the free wheeling comment sections (and your trenchant articles, of course).

                That being said, my last thoughts on OM are this. Isn’t it odd, that with respect to OM and certain of his followers, the mythology is more important than the reality? I mean, it’s not enough to vote for the guy with your fingers pinching your nose, you gotta love him and believe all the legends, too. Kinda like Big Bro. You can’t just obey, you have to love him. To me, that has to be one of the most significant and troubling aspects to Trump’s 4 years as prez, especially with respect to the most recent.

        • Hi Auric

          I hesitate to engage here but I think it is important enough to try. Please try not to take any of this personally. Please indulge me. Try to do the thing that’s hardest for all of us. Be honest with yourself.

          Have you thought critically about the praise you offer Trump? Do you sincerely believe that what you attribute to Trump he has actually done? If you answer yes then there probably isn’t much reason to have a discussion. If you answer no or maybe then a discussion may be worthwhile.

          Regardless, you may want to consider this:

          I don’t know what your political ideology is. I won’t assume anything. What the above link represents to me is the final word how U.S. federal politicians can be measured. That link represents the summation of their accomplishments.

          Productivity, opportunity, quality of life, stability, purchasing power and freedom stolen from tomorrow to pay for politicians accomplishments of today.

          • Hi Jody;

            Per your questions and thoughtful post:

            I am persuaded tat critical thought and thorough factual analysis is the foundation of defendable positions. Do I really need to explain whether I am capable of the same and whether I have bothered to research, analyze, collate and conclude my position on Trump in a scientific way?

            Respectfully I wholly disagree with the idea that US Debt is the “final word” on how a politician is measured. This idea presumes that the pol is autonomous. He isn’t. Congress holds the purse strings NOT the executive branch. We have debt and deficit because Congress whats it. We have profligate spending because Congress wants it. No single man is responsible for the US Debt. Laying that on the President is puerile and indicates a misunderstanding of the 3 branch system of governance we were granted by our founders.

            “Productivity, opportunity, quality of life, stability, purchasing power and freedom” arise primarily from individual rights and freedoms, especially the right to private property. Making money and keeping it. Lots of it.

            Debt is horrible and is a symptom of a sick society. It’s symptom though, not the illness itself.

            As for my gratitude for Trump and my admiration of him:

            Not one man of his class, of his accomplishments, of his convictions, his skills has bothered to sacrifice his lifestyle and freedoms to stand up for American men like me. None. Zero. Not since Ronald Reagan has a single privileged man put himself in harms way for me. None. In fact from the chattering class all the way to the top men these often gifted and talented men spent their days enriching themselves- usually at my expense. Then the snickered at me- while they forced my daughters to use gender neutral bathrooms, threatened me with unemployment if I used the wrong pronoun, mocked me for my traditional marriage and my lovely children. “Breeder” they call us. “Muppets” and “Deplorables” “bigot” and “troglodite” were terms used in national discourse to describe me. My profession, my family. My pride in America and all her good were sneered at. My hero Jesus became a vulgar expletive. I was chortled at for wishing someone a Merry Christmas.

            One loud mouthed Yankee street brawler moved onto a smaller house in a black neighborhood, gave up his larger jet and chopper, placed his business into a blind trust out of his control, and subjected himself to the raw sewage of hatred and banishment from places he was worshiped so he could become president and represent me- the forgotten man.

            Was trump the perfect president? No. But he was a great president all told, and an excellent moral leader. His sacrifice of public service made my life a far cry better. In fact about $4,000,000 better. It was safe to take risk in 2016- 2020. I went all-in For me it paid off big. Millions of men are like me. Businessmen. Risk takers. Producers.

            I well remember the lousy Bush years and the much worse Obummer years. Malaise, doldrums, the boycott of licensure, financing, and opportunity. Entire industries wiped out, and shipped abroad! Ghost towns, vacant steel mills and textile mills. Crappy cars and $5 gas. Cheap crap from China replaced quality American goods. Worse, American men were muscled into serfdom- told they were no longer valuable to society. Obama’s “new normal”. It took a dangerous toll on White Men and their families. It hurt all of us in flyover country.

            One other thing that was lovely was the 200% increase in my retirement accounts. My house had equity again (after depreciating 50% in 2009) , and fixing it up had a payday attached to it. Life sucked in the USA from 2000-2016. Then came MAGA. And it worked.

            If none of this makes sense to you who read this, I’m sorry. You’ve missed the point, and the 4 years of opportunity we had. You may be happy in your sameness having never taken a turn at bat. I’m sorry for you, and I hurt for you. But pulling down a man who tried and succeeded in reversing or at a minimum stalling the globalist agenda was a breath of fresh air to me and I am grateful for him and his successes. It felt great to be an American for the last 4 years, and I got rich. So there’s my personal experience with Trumpism. I’ll take another 4 years, thank you.

            • Auric

              I appreciate the response. I’m unable to see Trump in the same light as you. I do try. From day one I prayed that he would surprise me and be the man that you see him as.

              I think our divergence in understanding may begin with Trump’s desire for the presidency. You see it as a noble act of self sacrifice by a wise and righteous man. I see it as a bid for self aggrandizement by a reckless con man fool who never understood the implications of what he was doing or what he was getting into.

              Trump may indeed end up a martyr of sorts. In that regard, if I understand you correctly, you are of the opinion Trump foresaw this and valiantly embraced the opportunity to serve us and the world, accepted his likely martyrdom and discharged his heroic duty in that effort. I contend he hadn’t a clue how badly this could turn out for him, and still probably doesn’t, even now.

              In the final analysis I see the Trump presidency as an unmitigated disaster, by every metric that counts. What you see as Trump bringing an economic boom, I see as a continuation of the everything bubble that began under Obama. I mentioned the national debt to illustrate this. Some small sectors have seen prosperity increased today. This was accomplished by stealing from the future. The erosion of the middle class continued apace. You are correct to point out Trump is not solely responsible for this crime, which has been ongoing for generations. He is complicit. I contend if he was the man you think him, he would have stood in opposition to this crime, which is central to the function of the entire evil empire. Of course, if he had had any inkling of moving in this direction, he would have quickly found his brain outside its case, and I’d have been proven wrong and love him more than you.

              I will give Trump credit where it is due.

              He did put a stop to subjugating U.S. citizens to the Trans Pacific Partnership. That was a legitimate win for us.

              He did cut taxes for certain sectors. I am sincerely happy you benefited from that. That was a legitimate win for us.

              He did attempt, and I do believe his attempts were sincere, to cut regulation and make a better environment for business in this country, small businesses and entrepreneurs. It sounds like you benefited. That is a legitimate win. In spite of your situation improving, I can’t see that he made a dent in the overall situation. The improvements are superficial and or temporary, and or primarily benefiting already powerful, politically connected corporate and special interests. Regardless, he tried. I give him credit for trying.

              Finally, he did also, although I think mostly accidentally, cause the true nature of this global mafia empire to be exposed. His erratic, unpredictable words and actions and his disregard for all of the other apparatchiks and organs at the top of the dung heap caused many a telling reflexive over reaction. I think a lot of us unassuming slaves were red pilled, or at least began to be. That could prove to be the beginnings of some real winnings for humanity. Even if it doesn’t pan out, I will always give him credit for that.

              Trump can still prove me wrong. I hold out hope he will. With his little remaining time in power and his access to the immense hell of hideous truths the empire is hiding, he could yet strike a magnificent blow at the heart of the beast, if he is of a mind to. Think nuclear Wikileaks. That also will certainly earn him his martyrdom. I’m still hoping he will. Nothing would make me happier than to come back here and apologize for all of my vile slander and say Auric, you got me. Instead I fear he will do what he has always done, over promise and under deliver. He will likely expose some insignificant tidbit, enough to damage Biden or some other of his political enemies, without doing any real damage to the empire itself.

              Hey Auric, though there is an ocean of difference between us regarding our views on Trump, I suspect we have more in common than not, and more to unite on than not. I wish you peace and continued prosperity in this new year.

    • I find no intent to accomplish anything by Trump other than the massage of his ego. He ran for the office on the basis of draining the swamp, and immediately started handing appointments to permanent swamp residents. He has received a lot of support because the alternative is utter chaos and destruction. Which it appears we’re about to get anyway. He has been an adamant supporter of the Military Industrial Complex, the Medical Industrial Complex, and Israeli apartheid. None of which serve the interests of the people of this nation. Was he far better than Hillary Clinton? Absolutely! My dog would be as well, and she’s been dead for a year and a half. In my well considered opinion, he has gotten far more praise than he deserves.. Which clearly demonstrates just how bad things are in this nation. When compared to the rest of the Psychopaths In Charge, he appears to be a saint. Absent that comparison, not so much.

      • If anyone was still unclear about what Trump really is, witmnessing him pardoning a bunch of convicted criminal politicians and their (and his family’s) associates- like The King Of Medicare Fraud, AND not pardoning those who should be pardoned (Like Assange), but instead, even enabling their persecuation, says it ALL.

        One would think that such would speak to even the most ignorant dim-witted Trumpster.

  11. Wow, looks like the whole speakeasy has turned on Trump. I’m going to have to channel Sgt Barnes, “I am reality. There’s the way it oughtta be, and there’s the way it is.”

    I voted for him. I supported him. So did a record number of American voters.

    He’s human, and he did some really stupid and counterproductive things.

    He was foolish enough, as was I, to believe there was such a thing as a fraud proof majority.
    There is no such thing- when you’re fighting communists, if you get 51% of the vote, they’re going to use their propaganda and claim 52%. They believe the end justifies the means, so if you have to lie, cheat, steal, or murder to gain power, then you’re justified.

    Our future is bleak- backbiting friends and allies does not become us.

    If nothing else, Donald J Trump was a “Hobart’s funny” panjandrum (look it up) aimed toward spreading fear and chaos among the enemy. At that he succeeded. And he forced the statists of the R variety to show what they are, to formerly loyal R voters. That’s worth something by itself.

    Now the battle is coming. Joe Bidet just declared 75 million Americans seditious domestic terrorists. He has vowed gun confiscation and the gov in New York is legislating concentration camps for those of us who don’t put up with the great covid lie.

    It’s time to quit bitching about how one man didn’t live up to being a saviour. Donald trump was NEVER going to be the second coming.

    There are honest to god communists in power, and as bad as it’s been for a long time, it’s about to get a whole lot worse. Kneeling in front of a ditch worse. Be afraid. And start figuring out what to do next. When they’re at the door it’s too late.

    • I’m more concerned about the continuation of what may as well be termed “Trumpism” than the political fortunes of one Donald John Trump. He’s a big boy and can take care of himself. Honestly, he should not bother to re-enter politics; what he set out to do he’s already accomplished by, as an OUTSIDER, getting elected at all in 2016 and managing to serve out his term. Was it “perfect” IAW Libertarian and/or Conservative ideals? No. Did you EXPECT it to be? If so, that wasn’t realistic. IMO, his greatest accomplishment is that he showed the utter corruption and downright silliness of the “Deep State”, and why Americans need to re-take their country.

      • He did force the deep state to expose itself. Which in my mind is his one redeeming action. It is indeed a virtuous one. But like the Libertarian party, the Trumpers assumption that we can use the established political system to defeat the the established political system is somewhat of a delusion. Which was blatantly on display for the past 4 years. The established political system will resist all efforts to reduce its power and control, regardless how much evil and deceit is required. Such as the complete fabrication that people opposed to a criminal government engaged in a “riot” at the capitol that did not happen, and even if it did would not be significant in any way compared to the BLM Antifa riots that went on all summer, with the full support of the established political system. Rapidly emerging evidence of an Antifa false flag will be ignored by most, if they happen to see that evidence. Which the technocracy along with the MSM is doing its best hide. We lost our last chance when Ron Paul was last defeated by the established political system. Trumps defeat is the last glimmer of hope evaporating. I cannot recall a single historical incident when tyranny was defeated without violence. Even then what results is often more tyranny. It’s getting awfully dark.

    • I wish I could believe that the Democrats are going to repeal the second amendment. But everyone who wants to be reelected loves the second amendment. It’s one of the core values of the parties. The Democrats run on taking guns away, the Republicans run on “letting you keep them” (as if they had a choice). That duality probably makes up 25% of the core voters on either party. Abortion is probably another 30% or so. Get rid of guns and and abortion and then what will they run on? Allowing you to own pit bulls?

      • RK, getting rid of 2A is NEVER done in the straightforward manner of a bill to effect same, to pass with a 2/3 majority of both House and Senate and then ratified by 3/4 of the state legislatures. Rather, what’s passed are various “wee” infringements, touted when they’re being put forth as “common sense” measures. What happened just before OM took office was a push for “Red Flag” laws, as a means of an end run around due process requirements otherwise needed (like arrest for a violent felony or domestic violence, or adjudication of mental incompetence or illness), wherein anyone, be it a “concerned” relation, co-worker, or acquaintance, could contact law enforcement, who would then get the “Ex Parte” (meaning the served party receives no prior notice or warning) court order, which typically have been rubber-stamped by judges anyway, and the cops show up at the target’s home to confiscate the firearms. Fortunately, not used as often, if a California study of application of its RF law is indicated, as one might fear, as in 2016 and 2017, some 900 times they were in this state of almost 40 millions. Still, almost 800 of those orders, i.e., about 85 percent, were initiated by law enforcement THEMSELVES. Need I remind folks of the dangers of law enforcement being able to arbitrarily do that?

      • Indeed, America already has severe, draconian, totalitarian gun control in abject defiance of the US Constitution.

        It has had it since the NFA was installed in 1934?. Every free man (regardless of if he’s been convicted of something) has the right to own and posses without restriction any weapon of war. Every single one of the hundreds of thousands of statutes and restrictions is in defiance of the USC.

        You can argue about outliers like felons and the mentally incompetent being well armed, but in fact it is impossible to prevent absent totalitarian rules, enforcers, and complicit judiciary handing down draconian punishments to discourage the exercise of the right. A true mental case or a violent criminal shouldn’t be running around loose to make trouble. And government is only checked by the fact of countless untrackable weapons of every description in private hands.

        So yes, they are surely going to try to do it using laws they’ve already put in place. They’re calling the bluff of anyone who hasn’t thought through the implications of “from my cold dead hands”. If they win the bluff, everybody loses.

  12. Speaking of orange, until America (and the world) start naming the juice as the enemy of humanity, the only squeezing that will be done will be the needle plunger down into the arms of the dumb, dumber and galactically stupid, to change their DNA forever and become a subhuman race to the juice and shabos goyligarchs.

  13. Orange Man was in office to act as the last pressure valve necessary to hold off the conservative and libertarian movements against the Gestapo State/USSA. There to play a role…talk tough, blow hard, and make sure the 3 card Monte can keep going. All the while the deep state commies and oligarchs put their final touches to their master plan. Donald J Trump…the great bamboozler, 45, last president of the USA.

    And now onto the final act…Beijing Biden and Komrade Kamala to usher in the USSA and the Great Reset, build back better, and get your COVID19 shot. We are all communists now.

  14. Bravo Eric. Great analysis of Trump’s loss and his failure to reign in Fauci (and Birx) from the beginning. His failure to fire these charlatans immediately likely cost him the election and certainly cost us a lot of unnecessary suffering.

  15. The reality of this all, the Trump presidency was going to come to an end. Most of us were hoping it was going to be 2025, with much more swamp drained, not 2021 with the swamp striking back hard.

    The Democrats were going to win the WH after Trump was term limited. Because what do the Republicans have to follow him up with?


    Pence would have had no chance (as VP the most likely candidate), even if the Trump Administration had been enormously successful. He just isn’t electable as most of the major Republican players are also unelectable on the national level. They may do well at home, but when you come to DC, forget about it!

    They have nobody that can take on the battle, and yes it’s a battle, and it can’t be just one. Eric is 100% correct in saying that the right is all talk. They all know they will get bad press and they don’t like it. The hate it that they will be cast as villains no matter what they do (even if its something the left likes!). They want the fluff piece in some lame magazine (that ironically enough nobodies really reading anymore anyway) that the Democrats take for granted. If anything they should take Trump’s “Who gives a fuck what the press says” attitude and wear it as a badge of honor.

    I think that so many people got on the Trump train, because it was the only train leaving the station and their only real hope for any action outside of “tough” talk.

    Frankly I don’t see any candidate able to even take on even the lamest Democrat candidate. Both Biden and Hillary were terrible candidates, and frankly they don’t need to do better then that. The Democrats are the party of “default”. They “win” even when both parties lose, because the offices must be filled no matter what. Why? Because their people are the civil “servants”, the people working there every day no matter what party is in “power”.

    We are not just fighting the political parties, we are going against the entrenched and battle ready civil service. The real power is being put in their unelected and unaccountable hands.

  16. Eric,

    I’ve gotten down votes on Parler for pointing out what you have; give it time, you’ll get followers back. I can’t tell if I lose any, because once you get over 1,000, they just put 1.0K or in my case, 1.6K. I’ll echo your stuff when I can though.

    Secondly, while OM didn’t HELP his cause by the factors you mentioned; while he didn’t help his cause by pushing 5G and the COVID injected genetic product; while he didn’t help his cause by signing the first COVID relief bill that made Barack Obama look thrifty; I think that The Swamp was going to get him out of there no matter what. I think that, as soon as he won the GOP nomination, they (Dem and GOP Establishments) all started working on getting him out. Therefore, I think that, even if he’d done everything right, he’d still be gone; he’d still be leaving office on the 20th.

    • I’m somewhat surprised he survived his presidency. The CIA has no scruples when it determines an election didn’t go the way it preferred. Here or abroad.

        • Methinks you NAILED it, Eric. As you well point it in decrying outrageous calls for mandated automotive “S-A-A-A-A-A-A-F-T-E-E-E-E” fatwas which defy common sense (i.e., they have to be forced on an unwilling consumer market, never mind the cost-benefit tradeoff just isn’t there), due to not just the insurance mafia (the primary lobby for such mandated nitwittery), but also self-appointed safety “advocates” like Ralph Nader who make a living by shaking down manufacturers with frivolous lawsuits, write and sell books, and make the talk show and “rubber chicken” circuit. These opportunists well understand the nature of the beast, as did the fictional Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), in making his final pitch to James Edwards, Detective, NYPD (Will Smith)…

          Edwards: Why the big secret? People are smart. They can handle it.

          Kay: A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it. Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you’ll know tomorrow.

          I fear that soon pointing out that the Sun is at the center of our Solar System or that the Earth isn’t flat will soon not only get you bounced from any social media (big whoop), but will also get you bounced from most ability to transact ordinary business on the Internet, effectively rendering one a “non”-person as practiced by Communist regimes, rather than the old-fashioned Nazi “Nacht und Nebel” methods of disappearing a troublesome person. No, they want you ALIVE and just well enough but miserable, forlorn, and soon FORGOTTEN.

  17. Mornin’ Eric!

    Two things:

    a)The Parler thing- or anything else by which we seek to appeal to the masses will have similar results, because we live among a society of collectivists who have been evangelized into two cults which may have some superficial differences, but which in the end are basically the same thing- much like Catholicism and Protestantism, which have their practical differences, but ultimately have little to do with Biblical Christianity because their practitioners are ultimately followers of their respective institutions, as opposed to the source from whence their beliefs are supposed to originate.

    So in like manner, we have D’s and R’s; libtards and conservaturds- but the conservatives are not really any more supporters of liberty than the libruls- they are just opposed to the leftists because they prefer a different “brand” of tyranny/collectivism.

    We’ll never have “the numbers”- not as long as we maintain the true principles of liberty in honesty, because such things simply do not appeal to the masses- least of all to those who have long been programmed by the forces extant in our world today. The best we can do is hope to hope to attract the few who care; those who yearn for liberty, and who reject the status quo which is the mainstream society around them. All we can do is offer such fellowship and encouragement, because we’re not going to convert the world, ever…much less NOW. We can hope for a Galt’s Gulch- or rather a Gilligan’s Island, if there be even a few among us who care enough to break free.

    b)In all fairness, regarding the Trump/Falsey…err…Fauci debacle: I don’t think that anything Trump could have done would have worked to stem the sickness-psychosis tide. Even if he had handled Fauci; even if he had have taken steps to oppose the ‘Rona nonsense, and it’s political and pharmaceutical tyrannies, it would have done him as much or more personal harm, because the media controls the narrative- and thus he would be blamed for the phony flu/deaths/etc. as he even now already is for “not doing enough”.

    Get that? THAT is what people believe- that “He didn’t do enough”- They would be happy with MORE tyranny; Heck, they even voted for it- even if the election was a fraud, STILL, a whole lot of people did vote for Bidet- the fraud was just in manufacturing enough fraudulent votes over and above the real ones for Bidet, to give him the edge. Tens of millions of people still voted for the prick. People getting the government they deserve.

    There is no overcoming of popular opinions which are instilled in hundreds of millions of people by the media (And as much as many here refuse to admit, we know damn well who owns and controls that media!). We are just the few- the remnant- who have managed not to be swallowed up by what is all around us; those who can still think functionally and independently. We are the smallest of minorities. And if we seek to cajole/appeal to the masses, we’d become what the Libertarian Party has become- compromised and ineffectual.

    • Nunzio,

      I think that, especially when the daily press conferences were being held in the spring, had he gotten rid of Pres. Fauci, a difference could’ve been made. He could have put Dr. Scott Atlas out there; he could’ve put America’s Frontline Doctors out there too. AFD is comprised of doctors who’ve successfully treated HUNDREDS of COVID patients with commonly available therapeutics. Since he had the platform, he could’ve put out the sane perspective, and not pushed the vaccine. That also would’ve tamped down the panic too, rather than adding to it with Dr. Fauxci and Dr. Scarf Queen…

      • Don’t think it would have mattered, MM. The media would still have convinced the average schmoe that we are in the midst of a plague…and they would have merely viewed Atlas or anyone else appointed by Trump as extensions of Trump, and would have screamed that “they are not doing enough”….because most Americans are brain-dead assholes.

        Heck, Trump could have openly stated that this whole COVID thing is a scam, and is the implementation of world communism- and he would have been laughed off the stage and probably declared insnae, because that’s how the media would have portrayed it, and the majority ultimately believe what the TV, radio and Goo-ghoul tell them.

        • Yup. It’s not D or R leadership, it is Mockingbird.

          Predictive programming, indoctrination and social engineering have brought us to this point. There will be no fixing the system. It will have to be absolutely destroyed and replaced, if there is ever to be freedom of any meaningful sort. Even then, it will just start the downhill slide to tyranny again.

        • Nunzio,

          Maybe that’s so later on, but when POTUS and Fauxci were doing daily pressers, they had the eyes and ears of the whole nation on them. If Trump had put forth a Dr. Atlas or featured America’s Frontline Doctors, I think it could’ve made a difference early on; since they’d have been part of the presser, it would be a lot more difficult to censor them. They could’ve talked about the therapeutics they’d used with great success, which would’ve undermined the vaccine narrative.

          So, that begs and obvious question: WHY did Trump stick with Fauci and Birx? Why did he push Operation Warp Speed? I can only conclude it’s because he WANTED to do so. Given his media savvy (remember, he had a popular, award winning reality show for years), he could’ve gotten a more TRUTHFUL narrative out there.

          • Oh, I agree with the last part, MM- Trump WANTED to do as he indeed did (Because he is just another servant of the globalist masters…even has a Jew in his own woodpile)- plus, he isn’t very bright. But I was just saying…even if he had wanted to do/had done otherwise, you can not escape the fact that the media controls the narrative, and they would have had “experts” condemning “Trump’s tin-foil-hatters’, and interviews of people on the street and or actors screaming about little old ladies dying and how it’s ‘all Trump’s fault’- just as surely as they NEVER mention how Comrade Cuomo killed off so many oldsters by filling nursing homes with people who had the flu- instead, I’m sure they paint him as a ‘hero’…and that is what so many believe. So in the end, it really makes no difference.

            • Of course he wanted to. He probably saw Warp Speed as a political opportunity, to show how Amerika’s bio/pharma industry could rise to the task and save the world with good ole Amerikan innovation; MAGA and all. Plus, he and the whole rotten crew stood to have their stock portfolios gain bigly, as the government literally threw billions at Pfizer, Moderna, Lily, et al and watched their stocks soar, along with the S&P.

              But how could all that take place if there suddenly wasn’t covid, or if it was deemed the nuisance it is as opposed to the death plague it’s billed to be? No pandemic, no threat, no need for Pfizer, no need to pump them full of billions of tax payer money, no stock market rally fueled by bio/pharma. Thus, Fauci and company could not be removed from the stage, or replaced/supplanted with true experts.

        • Nunz,

          I agree with you. It wouldn’t have mattered who Trump hired to handle the COVID conferences the media had a narrative and they were going to stick with it. Trump’s approach at first was the right approach. This flu is not something to get fearful about, but instead he completely dismissed it (saying such things like it will be gone by April, instead of reassuring the public) while the MSM did their part stoking fear and apprehension. The Chinese and the rest of the world going on extreme lockdowns did not give the American public much hope that this was just an ordinary virus.

          The other thing to consider is the psychological impact. Most people love drama. They thrive off of it. When this sucker hit in March (although it has been here since September/October 2019) people loved the chaos. Most people were happy to stay home for a few weeks (yea two week vacation), kids were happy they were out of school, everyone was walking around with no masks, and our ultimate goal was where to find toilet paper.

          Nobody in this country even wore masks until about 2-3 months into this “plandemic”. If you bring this up to people they find it hard to fathom, that they actually had been walking around for about 5-6 months with zero protection on and were still alive.

          Fear factoring always works and most people will look at any situation through the eyes of a pessimistic rather than that of an optimistic. Which goes back to my original point that most people love upheaval.

          • Great points, RG!

            The drama; the fear-mongering! Remember when, last winter when this was first beginning, the media were telling people that “People were just dropping dead on the streets in China, with blood running out of their mouths” and there was even a report of an off-duty pig in NYC who suffered the same fate? LOL- Of course, we recognize the BS when we hear it…but the masses buy into it, hook, line, and sinker…but then quickly forget the absurdities and lies, and believe whatever the current BS is…. Truly amazing!

          • Although at times I put on the accursed face diaper if I MUST enter an establishment, as it is the rules of same, I simply shop less anyway. My #2 son is more truculent than his mellowed-out old man, and he will NOT enter a “Walley World”, but if he must procure from same, will put in an online order and have the clerks plop it in his “pick-em-up” truck. Same with procuring some hot chow…he usually puts in the online order and hits the drive thru, or engages Doordash or Uber Eats once in a while (but as that adds about ten bucks to the cost, with charge and tip, refrains most times and gets off the couch to jump in his ride). If you’re familiar with Henderson, NV, and Eastern Avenue off the “215”, almost every place one would shop is there, not unlike Sunrise Blvd between US 50 all the way to I-80 in the suburbs east of Sac town. It’s quite practical to take the “contactless” procurement thing and turn it on its head into avoiding impulsive spending by this tactic.

            Still, I prefer to dine at “hole-in-the-wall places” and patronize local, small businesses, what few are left after this plan-demic hoopla. Hence why I put up with the accursed face diaper; I don’t want to have some “health” Nazi fink on them if them let me slide for NOT wearing it. But I still don’t believe in its efficacy, nor in “Jebus”.


          • It’s not just fear mongering, it is that fear sells! At least to the remaining audiences of the cable and broadcast TV networks, most of whom are in the 60+ age group. This rapidly aging demographic went from having unprotected sex on motorcycles to worrying about incontinence faster than anyone expected. A few trips to the doctor’s office, a few “procedures” to fix problems and suddenly they realize they might die someday! Better do whatever they can to prevent that!

            So once again, the snake-oil peddlers come out of the woodwork to sell magic beans that might keep them alive just a little longer than their parents. And along comes the high priests of science like Ray Kurzweil, presenting their Powerpoint slides showing how mankind is heading toward immortality, but only if you can hang on for a few more years. Never, of course, explaining exactly how that last discovery will happen, but just like reading the tea leaves, extrapolation from the past. Helps that they already thought they’d live forever. This has the effect of scaring everyone who’s a true believer (IE The Davos crowd) into seeing everything as an existential threat. Yesterday was bad, today is perfect and the future better be just like the past, but with more LCD screens.

            Of course the fix for this is God. Belief in the afterlife and ultimate judgement will bring you peace. But after a lifetime of mocking faith (not that the church didn’t help by committing countless sins), there’s not much chance of that happening.

            • We LDS have a saying that comes from a work of scripture we term the “Doctrine and Covenants”, section 38, version 30…”If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.” Hence a reason the storage of essential foods, toiletries, medical supplies and other sundry items is encouraged. There are several benefits:

              1) We realize that true wealth is more than mere numbers in some bank or investment account; it’s what those “numbers” can buy and/or maintain for our needs that constitutes actual wealth.

              2) In times of emergency and/or panic, we don’t necessarily have to venture out and duke it out with the panicked yahoos. Did we not see a bit of that in the past year with folks snapping up TP and other paper products, and essential VITAMINS? The “latter”, pun intended, is where I did get caught short, but I’ve corrected insofar as men’s (geezer version, i.e., over 50) multivitamins and the “Charley” (C) vitamin wafers are concerned.

              3) What is stored should be a normal part of one’s diet, indeed, since I don’t handle rice or pasta well, have to rely on beans. Works well anyway to keep me preparing meals which are better nutritionally than merely going through the drive-thru at “Jack in the Crack”

              4) The backlog of supplies becomes itself an emergency “fund”, to either pay off the credit card bills as they come due, or even allow for “targets of opportunity”. How many folks out there can’t crap out, say, $300 to nab something that’s a deal, because they don’t have any cash on hand and their credit cards are maxxed out?

              5) Although, due to differences in laws between countries and even states within the USA on the subject, the Church itself doesn’t take a stance re: firearms and/or ammo, believe you me, folks, I ain’t been ignoring THAT need for “logistics”. Leave it at that.

              However, the BEST preparation, IMHO, is to keep one’s health up to “snuff”. Just as Eric has been hitting the weights and packing on muscle, so I’ve, especially since the election farce, have been hitting the “gyme” (Simpsons) religiously, and taking my daily walks (usually 45 to 75 minutes duration) to maintain general fitness and also get fresh air and time to MEDITATE. Have seen affirmative results even in that short interval!

  18. Eric,

    I left you Parler commentary, but I’ll add this here: I’ve seen this strange cultist anointing of the Orange Man ever since he said “Build a Wall”, and so many people got a hard-on and lost their minds.
    That didn’t sway me, of course. That said to me “Build a stronger police state!”. I figured he was a terminator meant to infiltrate and divide the “right”, and I think I was correct. I WAS pleasantly surprised that he didn’t quite start a new war (though Soleimani was assassinated, and Orange Man commented we “terminated him”, vindicating my suspicions).

    I’ve seen so much of people being divided when they aren’t truly all that different. I have no choice to not talk to people who believe differently than I, because I’d nearly always be talking to myself, otherwise. 😉

    Before the Orange Man, I believe there was a movement within the “right” in the direction of freedom and smaller government. There was the Tea Party, which appeared to be corrupted after some time, but then there appeared to be a growing “Freedom Caucus”, and things were clearly migrating away from the Neocon model. Trump bit that in its Achilles Heal. There was a bit of a divide among this group regarding some things, such as immigration, and Trump hit that hard with his Big State wall project. Nothing “small government” about it. Truly, a wall at the Southern border might have been inconsequential to most of us, but the surveillance systems and rampant armed government workers that would follow were most certainly a concern. Luckily, not much was done there.

    Now, some of Trump’s rhetoric was in the right direction. But he was either ignorant and feckless regarding all of the vampires and swamp things around him, or he was complicit in the continuation of much of the modern governmental horrors. I would have been much more persuaded if he had staked Fauci and denounced unequivocally the whole COVID response. But it seems all he EVER did was equivocate.

    Trumpism is over and his supporters are now marked for “cancellation”. That was the effect of his Presidency. Most Trump supporters are good, freedom-loving Americans, and let much of his BS slide. But, without him in office, the Sun sets on them, and the vampires begin to stir.

    • Mitch McChao, via is Machiavellian skulduggery, neutered and undermined the Tea Party. You can read about that at the two CNN articles I’ll post below…


      The first article is more about how the Tea Party was undercut by McConnell. I added the second one for good measure. When you read both of them, you get insight in to how McChao WORKS…

    • If the political defeat of one Donald John Trump would “cancel” conservatism, then it wasn’t much to reckon with anyway.

      We’ll see if indeed “Sleepy Joe and his Hoe” are smart enough to not provoke yet another “Republican Revolution”, as happened in 1994 after the first two years of Clinton and his cast of idiots, or 2010 and Obama and his gaggle of morons. I see much to look forward to in ’22. However, I dunno that we should get “fooled again” by the GOP THIS time. It seems there’s a cycle of outrage and moral indignation, then the Dummycrat in the White House is rendered somewhat impotent (but, strangely enough, NEVER impotent to reduce taxes on we ‘proles’ nor withdraw our military from the many foreign ‘entanglements’), but again, gets RE-ELECTED as his next GOP challengers is even more of a buffoon. Might just be part of the overall orchestration, designed to keep us interested…just enough to believe that it actually makes a difference!

    • This should have been a landslide. The RNC needs to fire their ad agency and get one that knows what the hell they’re doing. Hell, I’ll give ’em an ad for free:

      Fade up: Footage of the Speaker of the House tearing up the State of the Union speech.
      Loop that for 30 seconds.
      VO: This is what the Democratic Party thinks of you.
      VO: This is what the Democratic Party thinks of you.
      VO: This is what the Democratic Party thinks of you.
      VO: This is what the Democratic Party thinks of you.

      • Can’t agree more. IMO, the GOP should be abandoned, in DROVES, and left to die out as did the party it emerged from, the Whigs, in 1854. For all practical purposes, it should be a latter-day “Anti-Federalist” party, which is a bit contradictory, as TRUE “federalism”, rather than nationalism as has been in practice since the Tyrant Lincoln, in effect, presaged Queen’s ” No…we will not LET YOU GO!”, is where the several states are sovereign, the Federal government their SERVANT and accountable to them and the People. What we’ve had for some 155 years is a NATIONAL government, with the several states in effect rendered into provinces, in a latter-day form of feudalism, with enforced fealty to the Leviathan in the “District of Criminals”.

      • So RK, where do you think Trump was yesterday. Right in the center of some of the largest bases in the world. He was in Abilene, Texas for at least a good while. It’s one of the few that has huge defensive power and was revamped 30 years ago to be THE B1B Place.

        We had so much trouble with the sound to begin with we had the heads of Dyess AFB right here at the county seat more than once. So they went to other parts of the country to practice and did it much higher. A couple of really tiny towns turned out in numbers it was hard to believe. We soon didn’t have to chase our cattle and horses to other places. Dyess has a huge amount of defensive missilies.

        Right now Salty Cracker is saying the quickest way to get people to Texas is just what seems to be happening now.

  19. While I will always resent the theft of this election and always believe Trump to be the greatest President ever, I agree with your thoughts on this. I always say We only got 10% of the Donald I voted for.

  20. The gullibility of voters will never cease to amaze me. Consider the absurdity of this entire enterprise: A lifelong elitist democrat billionaire NYC real estate conman puts an R in front of his name and he magically transforms into a Christian man of integrity who is going to put his fortune, his family and his life on the line and undo the global corporate fascist empire.

    What you say Eric about Trump failing on all counts is the truth. And no, he did not fail in spite of valiant efforts. No he did not go down fighting. He went down talking out both sides of his mouth, promoting enemies, betraying supporters, and just being generally incoherent and irrational throughout, displaying neither understanding or principle, on anything. What a surprise, a lifelong neoliberal NYC real estate con man acting like a neoliberal NYC real estate con man. Who could have known?

    Never forget, it was Trump that shut down his own effort to bring integrity to the U.S. voting system.

    I understood from the moment I saw that his voter fraud commission was going to amount to a half baked, half assed, non serious gesture, that he would have essentially zero chance of winning another election, unless the establishment preferred it. The Trump cultists will make the valid but largely irrelevant point that Trump met opposition in all his efforts. Sure. So what? If he was serious about any of his incoherent rhetoric then he was his own worst enemy.

    Let’s face it. Steve Bannon masterminded Trumps appeal to populism and Trump being the preeminent con man that he is played it to a T. That defines the sum and substance of the Trump presidency. A well played con that the con man didn’t even develop on his own.

    • Spot-on, Jody! I’m copying sand saving your post, as it ids the most concise and yet easily digestible summation of the reality!

  21. Spot on, Eric.

    The cold hard reality is that conservatives are cowards. They’re addicted to hopium. Rather than stay clear headed and address the world as it is, they want someone else to make it all better. They claim to be patriotic because they support our wars. Except they won’t encourage their own kids to enlist. Nah…they’re patriotic because they support sending someone else’s kids off to die. That isn’t patriotic. That’s cowardly.

    They cheered W for rolling out the police state following 9/11. “Yay! We’re safe from teh terroritz!1!!” Except they were too short sighted (and stupid) to forsee how that ends when their enemies take control. Now they’re being brutally punished by that very police state so that their enemies are safe from “teh COVID!1!~!”

    Now we have to listen to them bitch and moan about how everything wrong in this world is the left’s fault. Too blinded by their hopium addiction (and stupidity) to see their real enemy staring at them in the mirror.

    Hard times make strong men
    Strong men make good times
    Good times make weak men
    Weak men make hard times*

    * We are here

    • “…they want someone else to make it all better.”
      It’s not just the conservatives, it is a depressingly large percentage of the population. Nobody wants to take personal responsibilty for anything so they abdicate to authority. Blaming another is for sheep.

      • Oh absolutely. I was singling out conservatives since we’re transitioning from them to the left.

        COVID is sure to be the left’s “9/11”. They cheer for the healthcare police state that The (S)elected One is rolling out. Too short sighted (and stupid) to forsee how this will backfire on them.

  22. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, nobody ever appreciates it.

    You can’t get a Democrat to appreciate the sunrise, they curse the light of day itself.

    President Trump was up against entrenched ensconced government apparatchiks.

    They’re going to do it their way, nothing else is going to matter. Donald was a burr under the big gov/mil saddle for 48 months, just have to wait it out, then get him gone.

    Just a matter of time for them.

    How can the Democrats operate like they do? Isn’t it illegal? Somebody has to do something, good lord, you’d think they would look in the mirror and see the monsters they have created all by themselves.

    Must not matter to them, just gain power anyway they can, by hook and by crook, works the best, apparently.

    I guess Trump could have done better, but he was obstructed from doing so from day one, never really given a chance, when he stumbled, the Demonrats were there to give him a good kick in the head.

    Trump maybe made a halfhearted attempt to upset the apple cart, must be sadly mistaken.

    He did get elected, he tried somehow, have to give him credit for that. Just couldn’t get any help at all.

    I’m not liking any of it one bit.

    Now there is a president, illegally elected, who clearly has no brain at all, probably can’t remember his own name.

    Can’t remember his name myself at the moment and doubt I can think of it anytime soon. har

      • Eric, to use my religion analogy (as I did in my long post above):

        The left is like the Catholic Church: They are militant and controlling- actively infiltrating and destroying/converting institutions they oppose. The Protestants, while rejecting many things Catholic, just essentially react to what the Catholic organization does…but ultimately never fully returned to the supposed source of their beliefs…but instead, just offer an alternative- but ultimately, Protestantism sprang forth from Catholicism, and has been in a slow march to return to that from which it sprang. Same thing with D’s and R’s.

  23. trump allowing assange to be tortured to death and ordering the murder of foreign citizens by our brave troops and the torture of palestinians is enough to put him in hell forever. if he thinks hes safe from the communists out of office hes really wrong.

    • Hi Mark,

      I am so disgusted with Orange Man that, unless he somehow produces the “kraken” he and his people have been hinting they have – I hope he is dragged out of the White House, feet first by the left. They’re winners. Trump is a – say it now, with the right OM inflection – loser.

      • At the very least, he should pardon Assange and Snowden.

        However, someone may have threatened his family with harm or death, so maybe that’s what’s keeping him from doing so.

  24. Those of us that “supported” him were programmed to receive Trump, and then tried to make the best of it. He is a “former” Democrat, after all, pals with the Clintons, Epstein, etc. (Just like Bloomberg, who tried on the D, I, and R hats.) Maybe he did an about-face on some of his former positions and associations, but perhaps we put too much trust in him because, as some have mentioned, he was all we had? (Or so we thought…)

    No moral compass, no clear convictions, and even though it was and is so maddeningly obvious that the convid thing is a scam, he continued day after day to let Fauci, Gates, et al., run the show, destroying or attempting to destroy as much of our freedom as they possibly could, and laying the groundwork for the final sweep in the coming days and months. What happened to his EO regarding firing senior level employees? Was that to take care of the Fauci problem? Didn’t happen. Cut off funds to the WHO? Great! But go ahead and fund GAVI instead. And the worst EO of all, the “national emergency,” is still in place, providing cover for all of the other petty tyrants below him, across this country, and perhaps even around the world.

    If he was controlled opposition, he couldn’t have done a better job for the other side. Despite all of this, I still voted for him. It was much more difficult personally, as I had to run the gauntlet of maskholes, a situation which never should have been. But I still voted for him, knowing that there is only a miniscule, almost imperceptible, distinction between the “lesser” of two evils as this point.

    • Anonymous, I sympathize with everyone that voted for Trump. I really do. But at some point we’ve got to get hip to the fact that the lesser of two evils schtick is a control mechanism. Well meaning D teamers are equally susceptible to the same trick. We need to be smarter. Are you going to do the same thing again in 4 years? Lend validity to the system enslaving you? The sooner you can come to grips with the fact that a true enemy of the global fascist empire will never be allowed to be a dog catcher in D.C., let alone president, the sooner you can start focusing your energy on other means of obtaining your freedom. I don’t pretend to have all the details worked out about a more productive way of obtaining our freedom. However, I am certain that voting for evil (by your own definition) only produces one thing – increasing evil.

    • Anonymous, I sympathize with everyone that voted for Trump.  I really do.  But at some point we’ve got to get hip to the fact that the lesser of two evils schtick is a control mechanism.  Well meaning D teamers are equally susceptible to the same trick.  We need to be smarter.  Are you going to do the same thing again in 4 years?  Lend validity to the system enslaving you?  The sooner you can come to grips with the fact that a true enemy of the global fascist empire will never be allowed to be a dog catcher in D.C., let alone President, the sooner you can start focusing your energy on other means of obtaining your freedom.  I don’t pretend to have all the details worked out about a more productive way of obtaining our freedom.  However, I am certain that voting for evil (by your own definition) only produces one thing – increasing evil. Let’s commit to trying to work together to find a way to undo some evil, going forward.

      • You are right. We get what we vote for, and what we allow. We have allowed our freedoms to be usurped steadily for decades, generations. Although I voted for OM, my vote was more of a vote against Biden. I didn’t think it worthy of my time to go any farther in supporting OM, e.g., when he was hawking T-shirts recently (what a laugh). I remember also seeing a vid of the last Stop the Steal rally where he drove by on his way to the golf course, so it was clear that even he couldn’t be bothered. Of course I knew it would be a waste of time to attend the rally, buy the t-shirt, contribute to the legal defense fund, etc. I can’t defend OM, but I also recognize that “we” are presented with our choices by the PTB, not by our own designs or preferences.

        In the meantime, I have resisted the convid nonsense from day one. I smelled a rat immediately, and have devoted myself since March to educating myself and attempting to educate others (if they are interested – I will not waste breath on a True Believer, except for a brief rebuttal). I don’t blame a political party; all are self-serving psychopaths, with very few exceptions.

        My uncovered face and self-confidence in a sea of masks, and my diligent pursuit, encouragement, and support of modern-day “speakeasies” is my personal way of fighting back against the tyranny. What do you suggest?

        • Anonymous I am encouraged by everything you describe, the masklessness, the attempt to seek truth and share it, your natural instinct for agorism, your appropriate disgust at all the evil besieging you from every direction. What you do and have done describes my own approach. My comment above was merely to make the point that it is illogical to think that a system designed to enslave you is going to offer a remedy to slavery. It can only be offering the illusion of that option, to keep you tricked, and trapped. Many can’t grasp this concept but I understand you do.

          I am currently in the process of seeking out community with like minded individuals. I am early in the process. I should have done this long ago. The events of this year have helped me to overcome inertia. Here is a link to a Tom Woods podcast that I found intriguing.

          My expectation is that to the extent that voluntarist communities develop, they will be ruthlessly repressed. So perhaps one of the most important things we can all do is count the cost now. We need to steel ourselves for what is coming if we resist. Many are not going to want to pay the price. Many are going to seek the comfort offered with compliance. There is such thing as comfortable slavery. So community will be essential. The isolated will be the first to roll over, get distracted, seduced. And, if a better society is to emerge on the other side of this, we’ve got to change minds. We’ve got to reason with those we can. Convince them to opt out of the rotten system they are participating in and enabling, and join us.

          • Totally agree! We can’t expect a broken system to fix itself. And in light of the past year, we must focus on the fact that this is a war- but eventually there will be an aftermath. Preparing for things to come means swallowing a bitter pill, but the sooner we do this, the more motivated and imaginative we will be in readying ourselves and each other and lessening the inevitable blow. And so true, there is strength in numbers! Individuals can and do make a difference, but it becomes discouraging when yours is the only uncovered face (although yesterday in the store I did see a young mom with two little ones, all unmasked 🙂 ).

            • Encouraging story about the mother and children. I was in the grocery store today. I probably saw near 200 people there. Every one with the fomite strapped on obediently. I was the only one without. So painful to live through. I should be reading about situations like this in some fictional work. Keep showing your face and I will too. Remember too, there are people that have submitted but aren’t into it. Some of them are going to see you, unashamedly wearing your face, and it could have some positive effect on them.

  25. I was speculating that the reason Trump listened to Pope Fauci was not for saving American lives, but for pure political reasons? Perhaps Trump’s political advisors told him he better not have a *Katrina* type event on which he could blamed on his watch, so he turned his presidency over to a corrupt swamp creature.

    Another mistake Trump made was not firing the swamp thru 5-7 levels of management. They all hated him and worked OT to foil and defeat him. He should have known what he was in for. This wasn’t some development deal where everyone works for their piece of the pie but political war.

    I’m really sorry how Trump jackassed himself out of office, not for him but for everyone including myself who saw him as the last bulwark against the woke culture and Marists. Now his personal riot will be used against us to silence us and take our 2nd amendment. Trump was deeply flawed man but most of us knew this, but sometimes these type of archetypes rise to be heroes while their own faults drive their demise. (A Greek tragedy we all now get to live thru. Where’s Socrates?) PS: Another Trump fault; he was a spendthrift

  26. “Orangites” true believers consist mainly of douchy republican types who pump their fists in the air when listening to Rush Limbaugh/Mark Levin. Who know nothing of liberty, who don’t respect it, and only use it as a catch phrase. Who don’t understand self ownership. Who hump flags, uniforms, and police. Who just want Team Red in charge of loot distribution because it assuages their psyche, rather than actually promoting freedom. They can’t handle the truth. So they cling to shiny orange objects, which perhaps will soon be orange flames.

  27. Trump usually had good initial instincts on issues, but would later overthink his position and ultimately do the wrong thing. The holy virus is a good example. He initially publicly dismissed it as the flu (which was correct), but then did a complete 180, declared a national emergency and let Fauci take over. Another example was his talk of ending wars and normalizing relations with North Korea. He then hired the ultimate war monger, John Bolton, who completely sabotaged his plans. I suspect Trump thought he was playing some sort of long-game jiujitsu with the deep state, as if it were some sort of NYC zoning board. Being so cocksure it never occurred to him that he might be outmatched by a global, multi-trillion dollar evil empire.

    He had so many opportunities to do the right thing and failed, with the recent stimulus non-veto being the most recent. He was just an unprincipled, populist dolt. Unfortunately he was the last best hope to try to preserve some freedom and liberty. We all knew in our hearts he would let us down though. It still hurts to think of what might have been.

    The only good thing that may have come from this is that he got the deep state to finally reveal its evil self for all to see. He has one last opportunity to do something right, which is to pardon Snowden and Assange (pardons for the DC protesters may also be wise idea). That could be the final middle finger to the deep state. I’m sure he’ll fuck this up though.

  28. Trump was always an unlikely savior. Many of the criticism of him were, and are, true. But people rallied to him because no one else — NO ONE — was willing to call out the Establishment as the criminals, liars and grifters that they are, and then directly take them on. You go to the prom with the girl who is willing to go with you, not with the Cosmopolitan cover model of your fantasies.

    Yes, Trump is partially responsible for his own defeat. But what would have been the alternative? President Jeb? President Hillary? War with Russia over Syria? Thirty million more illegal aliens granted amnesty? More free trade with, and more immigration from, Third World shitholes?

    • Hi X,

      I give the Orange Man credit for calling them out – as you say. But I also give him credit for doing nothing about them. Worse, agreeing with them – about Sickness Psychosis. Because he didn’t fight that he lost – and so have we.

      • Trump was mostly a play for time, and maybe hopefully pulling a few irons out of the fire. The 2nd thing didn’t really happen, and now the fix is in and time’s up. Buckle up for whatever’s next, because it looks like things are going to get spicy.

      • Eric – what COULD OM do? Even when he had the GOP with a majority in both House and Senate in the 115th Congress, he had a hell of a time even getting the accursed “Obamacare” jettisoned, and had to fight fang, nail, and claw for the Federal Income Tax cuts and the SALT (State And Local Taxes) caps which are likely the greatest reason so many of the Loony Left hate his guts. However, we can be GLAD for that, as we elect the POTUS to be mainly a ADMINISTRATOR, not the Grand Dictator or Ayatollah putting out “Fatwas” from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The job of proposing and enacting legislation belongs to the Legislative Branch, i.e. the US Congress, and the House of Representatives, i.e., the “People’s” House, has prerogative to propose bills of expenditures and/or taxation.

        Until there’s a greater popular ground swell for folks to demand a huge “downsizing” of government in their lives, especially that of “Uncle Sugar”, and a huge disdain of those criminals that propose to GIVE to you at the expense of others (the essence of the Dummycrat politics, i.e, government-sanctioned theft from those that produce in favor of those that leech), even oddities like OM will be powerless to do anything about it. The fault lies, “collectively”, within us all, for failure to take some Gott-damned personal responsibility for our own lives. As “Judge” Joker put it in a very well-written episode from the 1990’s Batman Animated series:

        Mad Hatter (the ‘Jury’ foreman): We find the defendant…NOT Guilty!

        (The jury and assembled courtroom grumbles. Deputy District Attorney Van Horn gasps in shock, as she’d been kidnapped to defend the Batman at this mock trial held in Arkham Asylum, thanks to the Hatter’s mind-control cards…)

        “Judge” Joker, wearing a British-style wig: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen of the ‘jury’. You’ve helped us see that indeed it’s WE who messed up our rotten lives. And because we’re so rotten, vile, and depraved…we gonna waste you ANYWAY!

        (The ‘courtoom’ of criminal psycopaths erupts in a wild cheer as Batman and DA Van Horn are being hustled to their ostensible doom…)

        I’d say that recent events are an example of life imitating art.

        • Hi Doug,

          I think he could have replaced Fauci before Fauci became the Sickness Pope. I think He could have looked into the facts regarding WuFlu and explained to the public that 99.8-something percent of the healthy population isn’t dying from WuFlu; that a “case” doesn’t mean death or even symptoms. That hysteria is being fomented over a virus that is almost exclusively a threat to very elderly/very sick people and that it is neither necessary or just to treat the healthy population as if they were also very elderly and very sick.

          He could have countermanded illegal “mandates” and “guidelines” – even if only by disputing them publicly.

          He could have refused to tolerate not-peaceful “protests” …

          He could have repealed Twitter and FB’s legal immunities and privileges under section 230 – by executive order and let the liberals squeal.

          Just for openers.

          • Although there ARE things that Trump could have done better in response to the “Rona”, the political discussion was NOT about anything factual, Eric. Where Trump and his supporters went wrong was to not recognize that regardless of who the Dummycrats put up to oppose him, there was the “anti-Trump” element, and simply those that would be “anti” to ANY non-Democrat, Republican or otherwise, currently infesting the White House. These are the types driven by irrational HATRED. The fear over the Covid-19 thing, which curiously came out once the failed attempt to remove Trump from office fell flat in the Senate, but was ignored, as Trump was called a “racist” (big surprise) for signing a “Fatwa” stopping travel from Communist China on Jan 31, 2020, and we had the Whiny J-O-O from “New Yawk” (Schumer) and California’s particular embarrassment as Speaker of the House (Pelosi) both decrying the move and telling folks to MINGLE in those Chinese New Year celebrations. Never mind all the disruptions of meetings and rallies of Trump and/or other GOPers, and that phoniness in Tulsa last June 19th over “Juneteenth” (never mind that the Greenwood riots occurred in MAY of 1921), and the Juneteenth celebration has to do with the post-war occupation of Texas by federal forces landing at Galveston, TX on 6/19/1865, declaring slaves freed via the Emancipation Proclamation. Finer things like actually understanding history and giving a shit about the truth escape virtually all leftists.

            As in my quote above from “Men In Black”, which, IMO, accurately describes crowd behavior, so likewise did the Herr Reichsmarschall, Herrmann Goring, describe it to pyschologist Gustave Gilbert when interviewed during his incarceration at Nuremberg (prior to his conviction, death sentence, and suicide only a few hours before he was scheduled to be the first to go to the gallows):

            “Why of course the people don’t want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally the common people don’t want war: neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But after all it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or fascist dictorship, or a parliament or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peace makers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

            Get folks frightened out of their wits, especially with misleading and downright FALSE information about an epidemic, which, as it turns out, is tantamount at worst to a nasty case of the flu, and of course you can convince them to turn on a President whose administration and policies, while certainly not everything I wanted (and some things I didn’t), did the most to put this country on sound economic footing. The very fact that Big Tech and the Lamestream media were involved in a blatant censorship campaign shows that they have no regard for the truth, save to FEAR it.

            As I’ve said in other posts, we need to ‘secede’, by going “off-grid” as much as is practical. Starve the fucking beast by disengaging, to the extent that is practical, from the taxable economy, and especially don’t patronize those businesses which have sided with China and against America. Most of us would benefit from provident living, growing our own food (regardless of whether it saves money, most of us could use the exercise, and there’s something about getting back to the soil that’s good for the soul), being able to repair our rides, NOT buying new ones, especially these ones designed more by idiotic government “Fatwas” than sound engineering principles and/or free market demand. Just imagine what’d happen if we STOP buying cars, appliances, consumer electronic toys, clothes, and so on. There was a time when folks MENDED their clothes and shoes, if for no other reason than that for many, having a huge closet of “store-bought” clothing that one hardly wears would be a luxury reserved for Rajahs and Pashas! And men, in raising their sons, didn’t plop them in front of the “telly”, to play stupid video games while he face chats with broads or downloads porn, but rather, had chores to do, and often spent an evening holding the Gott-damned flaslight for their Pop while he changed a fuel pump on the family station wagon! At least MY kids all had similar experience as their Dad had little choice but to fix the family iron himself, as that’s what it took to keep their mom home to be a MOTHER to them! To return to basic values AND starve out the arrogant shits that selfishly want to live off OUR hard work…that’s a deal I’d make any day!

  29. I always come here for detached, clear-headed analysis, and today I was not disappointed. Thanks for speaking out and not just existing.

  30. Trump never had a chance. He called out our despicable dear leaders at his inauguration The most bold inauguration speech the world has probably ever seen. Who else would stand in a pit of vipers, surrounded by the enemy of the people, and call them out to their face? That took guts. But, he underestimated the power of the Swamp. From even before his victory, the Swamp, led by the first black president with a white mother, was spying on his campaign, using fabricated stories paid for by the bestial Hillary. He made unwise cabinet picks, and even when he made a wise choice like General Flynn, the Swamp removed that choice. Giving his daughter and son in law so much power was probably not wise either. A relentless barrage of non stop fake news plagued him from day one. Fake Russia collusion. Fake impeachment. Isn’t it ironic Trump was impeached for asking about a crime the Hair Plug Man actually committed? Relentlessly blaming him for the Wu Flu, and his refusal to wear the Holy Rag. Trump was unprepared for the absolute evil of Washington, and was defeated by the very Swamp he swore to drain. May God help us.

    • And his strategy to combat all that was? Send out a few terse Tweets that could be interpreted to mean just about anything? Here’s arguably the best motivational speaker president since JFK, and we got was annoyingly bad Twitter BS. Then, just to make it worse, he brings the swamp creatures into his administration, because he didn’t put any thought into the specifics of who would do what. And regularly blasted people who were on his side while defending the neocon chickenhawks and letting the defense industry get away with no accountability on spending.

      All the while the Trump fanboys read too much into everything he does as some sort of “4 dimensional chess” strategy. Where are the thousands of sealed incitements? Bring the troops home is “bring a few of them back, but leave a garrison behind just in case…” Europe paying for their own defenses? “At least he didn’t start any new wars” isn’t a campaign promise filled, it’s a grasp at anything to save face for the supporters.

      Luck and the Grim Reaper gave him a win with the Supreme Court, but with the screwup in Georgia there’s really nothing to stop Biden’s administration from stacking the court, except probably they’ll just forget about it.

      • Maybe he *can’t* really do anything of any substance without putting his family in harm’s way.

        I have a feeling newly-elected presidents are briefed by a swap creature, as to what they can and cannot do, and what will happen if they go too far. Who knows?

        • I think that people from the CIA (Jesse Ventura said CIA people sat him down when he became MN governor) sit down with the new POTUS; they’re told that they need to take orders from the REAL TPTB; they’re shown the Zapruder film; then asked, “Any questions?”

    • Trump also fired the only decent man he ever had working for him three weeks after taking office – General Michael Flynn and left him to the russia hoax wolves. What a guy

  31. First thing Trump did after inaugurated was to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Was that something that came up often on the campaign trail? Did anyone even know where the US embassy was before?

    Then he made a half-hearted attempt to unite North and South Korea. All he had to do was keep on that and I’d say he would have been successful. But it didn’t test well in the focus groups, and turns out it was pretty hard (huh, ya think?), so it was dropped.

    In an attempt to extract tariff revenue to make up for lost taxes he “plays hardball” with China, when he could have had a token win by just rolling back a few of the “most favored nation” trade rules, now we have a full-on trade war. Trade wars lead to cold wars, which lead to hot wars.

    Where’s the wall?

    Washington still believes that people really liked Trump. He does give a good speech for sure. But it still came down to Hillary being a bad candidate, and Biden was even worse. I mean, how was it so close this time, even with the entirety of media actively censoring the Republican Party? With the Wuhan flu? With cities on fire? Imagine if the Democrats ran someone like Tulsi Gabbard? She’s no Ron Paul, but compared to Biden? If nothing else, at least she hasn’t been in DC long enough to have a bunch of skeletons in the closet.

    • It doesn’t matter if Tulsi Gabbard is clean. If she bucks the line, she’ll find out what the old Soviet saying of “Show me a man and I will show you a crime” very quickly. Going up against the party with a lap dog media ready to attack on command will end her career and possibly her freedom.


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