Solo Diapering

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The following video shows that intelligence and affluence do not necessarily correlate:

A Diaper and gloves. Alone in his Porsche – which might get him sick, apparently.

This is the apotheosis of Sickness Psychosis. Weaponized hypochondria, on wheels.

Remember: If it saves even one granny . . . no matter how hypothetical.

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  1. I don’t so much mind seeing a lone adult wearing eine Gesichtswindel. That can be shrugged off as sheer stupidity. What really galls me is parents making their kids wear the damn things. That is pure child abuse.

    • Hi Mike,

      Indeed. The Diapering of kids – too young to understand – is outright child abuse. These kids are being conditioned to terror as a way of life. They will need years of therapy to be able to deal with life, which comes with risk. The frightening thing is these kids are being conditioned to regard risk as intolerable – and not just for themselves. These engineered neurotics will vote one day. Imagine that.

  2. We saw an old couple come out of a supermarket. They kept their masks on in their car. Then they sprayed the bottom of their shoes with something (my guess it was Lysol). I hope they weren’t planning on licking the soles of each other’s shoes.

    • Hi Insanity,

      It’s gotten so pathological that anyone who coughs – or sneezes! – in public might as well as ululate “death to America! Allah Akbar!”

      Which is of course just what was intended by the pathologizers – who meant to terrorize the population; intended to make everyone afraid.

      I hope – as the saying in German goes – that der tag kommt. Which loosely translates as someday these bastards will pay for what they have done.

  3. I’d rather look over to see the guy in the Porsche swilling a beer, and maybe a gal pops up from his lap and puts on some replacement lipstick. …Actually, I wish that guy were me.

  4. Gloves in this context increase the spread of…everything. Very well known and established. They have to be changed like every minute to have a salubrious effect. Your hands actually have chemicals on them that chop up micro organisms, the gloves just get progressively nastier and nastier.

  5. Are you sure that was the vehicle owner? Might have been an employee of the dealership doing a concierge pickup. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the company policy is to always be wearing PPE in customer vehicles, and besides with the fear of “the other” imposed on the workforce it probably doesn’t take much cajoling to get front line employees to mask up anyway. I know I’ve been in a few customer homes that made me want to take a dip in the Purell pool after. The potential for bad press for a business if a customer were to play Eyewitness News on Facebook with footage of an unmasked employee would probably bring swift retribution from the poor sap’s manager. You posted video to YouTube mocking the man for (if my hunch is right) following company policy. In a different situation, say an angry ex-wife or coworker with a grudge, if he hadn’t been diapered that version of the video might get him fired.

    What hill do you die on?

        • As we all are!

          Was just curious since we’re geographically close and I need an actual sparky. Sharing ideology seems as good a qualifier as anything…

        • You know ReddyKilowatt, I’m a fan of Sir Thomas Crapper, in addition to my local Arcs and Sparks linemen…hmmm. Maybe I should update my avatar with one of those neat Japanese self-flushing jobs! Kinda does summarize my thoughts on the whole WuFlu mania.

        • Speaking of the people who keep the lights on, my vote for the true heroes of America goes to those electrical line workers who go out and repair downed lines in snow and ice conditions. Lord knows how many lives they save at the cost of facing great discomfort and not a little danger.

  6. I saw two young kids walking past my house today donning face diapers. Of course, they live in one of the McMansion developments nearby. Those places seem to attract NPCs.

  7. I have noticed a positive correlation between those who display their diaper on the rear-view mirror or dashboard and how shitty/inconsiderate of a driver they are. Those that mask while driving tend to be just normal slow/safety clovers.

    The hypochondriacs, they all like to show off how virtuous they are, and get a little shot of glee when someone notices. An attention seeker. A destroyer. Someone who enjoys stressing out others. Some have lives of such insignificance that they enjoy the change the fake virus (response) has brought to the world. So they want to remind viewers that this is still a thing, to perpetuate it. Lest things go back to the real normal.

    I do think the mask wearing has some sort of link to a sexual fetishism/fantasy for some of these people and that many people wearing them get some sort of psychological pleasure out of wearing them. For sure some do it for the pleasure they get out of the misery of others. Even if things go back to normal, some of these people will be diapering for the remainder of their lives.

    • Hi Brandon,

      I wonder about that, too. The sexual/fetish aspect of it. It is possible some people like the Diaper; enjoy the anonymity it confers – on themselves and others. Like being an NPC player. I find it abhorrent. I have to steel myself to go out – even though I’m not hassled, per se. But the sight of these freaks really depresses me and I increasingly dread having to walk among them.

      • Like you, Eric, I’ve not really been hassled much anywhere for not diapering, but it’s still anxiety inducing to go out. Everyplace I go, I’m wondering if/when I’m going to be hassled or forced into a confrontation. You get the dirty looks and the occasional whack job that makes a production out of “avoiding” me. It’s tiring, and it makes me just want to stay home.

    • Hi Mike,

      I rail against all manifestations of imbecility! Why not wear a traffic cone on one’s head… to protect against meteor strikes? Wearing gloves in one’s car is especially imbecilic since – assuming “the virus” is gonna get ya – those filthy gloves are what touched the virus-laden outside world and now you’re touching the inside of your car with them. Though of course, the neurotic will probably “wipe down” his car after every dive, too.

      I wonder how he handles going to the bathroom at home? Is there a peroxide bath after he does his business, since a particle of fecal matter may “spread” the virus…

      • Germophobia isn’t new, but being so widespread in the population is. In years past, those who were so adamantly engaged in it were viewed as a little off, like Howard Hughes. So now, insanity is viewed as sane? There is a similar trend that wasn’t even considered not too long ago. Before one of the major bathroom fixture makers, I forget it it was American Standard or Kohler, put forth the propaganda that a person should bath every day, no one had the slightest inclination to do so. This happened in late 1940’s to early 1950’s. Now there are a number of us that might call 911 if they can’t take a shower tonight, or tomorrow morning.

        • Specific Phobia DSM-5 300.29 (ICD-10-CM Multiple Codes)

          Diagnostic criteria for specific phobia
          For a specific phobia to be diagnosed, a number of criteria need to be met, namely:
          The individual suffers from a persistent fear that is either unreasonable or excessive, caused by the presence or anticipation of a specific object or situation
          Exposure to the stimulus usually results in an anxiety response, often taking the form of a panic attack in adults, or a tantrum, clinging, crying or freezing in children
          The sufferer recognizes that their fear is disproportionate to the perceived threat or danger (not always present in children)
          Individuals take steps to avoid the object or situation they fear, or endure such experiences with intense distress or anxiety
          The phobic reaction, anticipation or avoidance interferes with the individual’s normal routine and relationships, or causes significant distress
          The phobia has persisted for a period of time, usually six months or longer
          The symptoms cannot be attributed to another mental condition, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder4

          Types of specific phobias
          Phobias can be categorized into simple/specific and complex groups. Types of phobia that fall under the simple/specific umbrella include:

          Environmental phobias – including deep water, heights and germs
          Animal phobias – including a fear of dogs, snakes or spiders
          Situational phobias – such as flying in an airplane or visiting the dentist
          Bodily phobias – including blood or having shots


          • Hi RK,

            The Malady afflicting the Covid hysterics differs slightly from this as none of them “recognize that their fear is disproportionate to the perceived threat or danger”. So, they suffer from specific delusion, as well as specific phobia.


    • As Eric rightly should. Your immune system is like a muscle. If it doesn’t get exercise it will stop working. There is no faster way to guarantee illness than to put yourself in a sanitized environment. In just a few weeks you will be highly vulnerable to any organism that gets past your sanitization measures. Bacteria cells in your body outnumber human cells. We would die without them.

      • Excellent point JWK, I wonder how many of the OCD sanitizers will make themselves actually sick by their sterilization of everything. I’ve read that the reason so many kids have allergies nowadays is due to their parents obsession for cleanliness. When I was a kid we all played in the dirt, and I had all the usual childhood diseases; great workout for the immune system.

        • In a scientifically honest world such underlying reasons for the rise in autoimmune diseases would be studied. Even the seemingly innocuous use of antibacterial soap daily, not to speak of all the shots and drugs that at root just suppress the immune system attempting to fix one problem but surely creating untold others.

  8. It’s quite common here in Victoriastan, land of the wanna be communist dictator Dan Andrews completely out of step with the other states of Australia. People in their cars diapering or nappying in local vernacular.

  9. I recently drove past an older woman (probably named Karen and visiting coastal NC from Noo Yawk) walking her dog with no one around her anywhere wearing a mask. Unlike a store or gov’t building where the wearer is under duress from unlawful gov’t decrees and busybody chivatos, such a choice in such a setting makes it clear that the mask is a purely political virtue signaling act. It basically says “I hate OM so much.” So much that I am willing to support the gov’t destroying the economy and humanity, as well as the children’s future on the basis of an unproven assertion of potential sickness constantly amplified by its captive Mockingbird media. As medically useful and appropriate as a red “Chavista” shirt in Venezuela or a black armband from some European fascist movement 100 years ago.

    • I hear ya’ Hatterasman. I’m in coastal NC, too, and nothing grinds my gears more (other than seeing face masks) than seeing all these NY license tags everywhere. Talk about invasive species!

      • If you lived in Highlands, NC you’d see all the NY/FL Porsche Panamera’s in the summertime…it’s a flipping plague…with money to spend.

    • Hi Jeremy,

      I would so do that. I was in SC last month, but it may be worth another drive. Plus, I like cookies (they better not be raisin though, don’t like raisins).


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