Dating and Diapering

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One of my Undiapered friends is a young guy who – like many young guys – is interested in young ladies. But how do you find one when you can’t see one – their face obscured by a Diaper?

But that’s just the point, I counseled my young friend. You do not want to date the Diapered – assuming you could tell whether they were smiling or frowning at you. These women have done you a favor by saving you a lot of trouble. If they’ve got a Diaper on, especially if not under duress (as at work) you already know something about them a great deal more important than whether they’re smiling or frowning at you.

You know, first of all, that they are herd creatures – afraid to show they aren’t by not swaddling their face with a disgusting piece of cloth because the government – or Wal-Mart – told them to.

You can infer, second of all, that they have bought the Brooklyn Bridge – or would, if it were offered to them for a really good price. Evidence for which is their having bought – at incalculable cost – the ludicrous idea that draping a dirty bandana around their face is “stopping the spread.”

Any woman who – or man – who thinks that is a woman (or man, if you’re female) you don’t want to date.

They are either no very smart or are very lazy. They listen to TeeVee. They are not very good at math. They do not look into things for themselves – and act according to their judgment, based on the facts they’ve evaluated. They stampede with the herd; whatever bovine virtues it has – they signal.

So as to blend in to the herd. Mooooo! 

If that’s what you want, have at it. Lots of contenders – if you could tell them apart.

Snow leopards aren’t as easy to find – but they are well worth looking for until you do find one.

What’s said about lemons and lemonaid applies here.

The Diapering of the populace is perhaps the most enraging and pitiable spectacle imaginable. Pitiable, because of the deliberate push to demoralize the population and reduce it to a state of beaten submission to whatever the government-corporate nexus requires of it; enraging because so many have submitted to it before a gun is put to their head.

Because the government-corporate nexus – because a sign – says so.


But also enlightening. I told my young friend that when he sees the face of a woman, that’s a woman to approach. It is almost a mathematical certainty this woman will be a strong woman, one with a brain – who uses it. Who doesn’t just do as she’s told because she was told  to do it. Who defies those who try to tell her what to do when what she’s being told she must do is loathsome or idiotic or both, as is the case with walking around wearing a filthy bandana over your face.

Think of the time you’ll save – and the pratfalls you’ll avoid. Before Diapering became the in thing you had to go out on several dates to begin to get-to-know who were dating and what you might be in for. Sometimes, it took longer. Sometimes, you didn’t find out until after the Honeymoon – by which time, it’s too late.

Or at least, too late to get out without cost.

People could hide their baseness. Thanks to Sickness Pyschosis, they no longer can. They wear their defectiveness. It is a kind of truth-in-advertising much needed among the young and single.

Particularly now – because of what’s in store.

Diapering is just a prequel. The conditioning of the herd to keep its head down and travel in an orderly manner down the chute. Which the Diapered will do, having already shown they’ll do anything the government-corporate nexus says, just because it said so.

You do not want to hitch your wagon to such a person. When push comes to shove, they will shove you.

But a woman – or a man – who refuses to put on that got-damned Diaper has already shown you who they’ll shove. And it won’t be you. The person whose face you can see when you can’t see anyone else’s is a person you want to know – even if you don’t want to date them.

They are islands of comforting sanity in a sea of roiling neurosis.

But they could also be someone else – the right person not just to date but to pair up with for the times ahead. Having someone sane and steady – who isn’t easily controlled by fear; who does not listen to TeeVee. And who has your back, just as you’ve got theirs. That’s worth a Brink’s truck full of gold double eagle coins vs. someone with pert breasts and a great smile  . . . if you could see it underneath that got-damned Diaper she’s wearing.

Plus, you can actually touch her. Without her freaking out – and breaking out the hand sanitizer.

Sickness Psychosis has made it much simpler to find a quality person; like double eagle gold coins and snow leopards, it’s just that there aren’t that many of them around.

But hasn’t that always been the case?

Now, you just see it better.

. . .

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  1. I’m not in the dating pool, but talking to other customers who aren’t wearing masks is a great conversation starter. There aren’t many non-diaper wearers out there but when you see one, you automatically have something in common. The people I have talked with, both male and female, have all seemed to genuinely enjoy the interaction.

    • Morning, Greg!

      I’ve had the same experience; every Undiapered person I have approached has been friendly and sympathetic. There are good – sane – people still out there. As always, they are in the minority. But minorities – for good or evil – always determine the course of events. I hate to say this, but the bulk of the population are herd animals. Cattle who follow the direction of the stampede. Our battle is not with them but with the minority who is behind the stampede. And our allies are the minority who despise the stampeding.

  2. It is bleak out there.

    I believe younger people, the yutes, are going to rebel from this masked madness first.

    ‘Enough of this shit, I’m taking this stupid mask off permanently and all of you dipshits can go to hell in a hurry, ya dumbasses!’

    Words to that effect anyway.

    Daycare has done the damage, the brainwashing is complete, sooner or later, young people will begin to think of how stupid mask wearing is. If the yutes have a lick of sense, that is what they’ll do.

    Anyhow, I hope they do. It will only make sense for once, good gawd almighty, for stupid what is going on.

    Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

    Never attribute to stupidity that which can be adequately explained by malice.

  3. Either I’m of exceptionally sound mind, or I’ve lost my mind. It’s beyond my comprehension that anyone with two or more brain cells that get along would swallow this pile of male bovine fecal matter. If there’s any truth in it, it’s damn scarce. Just like nearly every thing the Psychopaths In Charge and the CIA infiltrated Mockingbird Media put forth. There is definitely an agenda in play, and it has not a single thing to do with your health. Just read Dr. Mercola’s article on Lew Rockwell’s web site, and since the corona flu struck, premature births and SID deaths have declined precipitously, with at least a correlation with a reduction in vaccinations of pregnant mothers, and infant vaccination. If one appreciates such, they won’t be buying Bill Gate’s vaccine.

    • Morning, JWK!

      Stand fast. The tide is high but will recede. I get down, too. We must encourage one another to remain sane. I know it is often not easy; that seeing all these sick (in the head) people everywhere is demoralizing. That is precisely why it is being imposed. Fear is the mind killer (per Dune).

      Let it wash over us. And lose its power.

    • Hi Handler,

      I am blessed – I use the word even though I am not specifically religious – to have met a good woman who is as adamant about not Diapering (and Needling and all the rest of it) as I am. She has been a great comfort during this unraveling of the American mind. So I can attest that there are a few snow leopards out there. But they are harder to find than cattle…

  4. I went to a get to gather of old friends that I have not seen in a while saturday nite. Thank god in a crowd of about 50 people not one got dam mask. These are my people !

    • Hi Zane,

      My gym – Crunch, in Roanoke – remains an oasis of sanity. The staff are forced to – reluctantly – Diaper but are openly contemptuous of it. 99 percent of the members do not Diaper. The joint is full of people whose faces you can see, working out, talking – being normal. I have told the owner, whom I know personally, that I and others will support her in any and every way – including physically – if the bastards try to force her to make the members Diaper.

  5. I call this process islamization of the diapered. This is because western political idiots love these moozies due to their slavish worship of the state, which in islam is the same as the religion. This islamization of the diapered is being done to prevent people from attacking the jihadis. To make us look like their genetically twisted and deficient selves that the politicians want us to be. To blow ourselves up for their dirty big environmentally devastating wars they they get out of but “recruit” you to do their dirty work. To get us to worship their sick and twisted ideology called new world order.

    • Hi Joe,

      I think you’ve nailed it. Islamicization of the Diapered. Note the conversion by sword aspect of Diapering, too. This is about religion – obeisance before the god, the state.

    • Yes, Joeallen. It IS a religion, I heard the term Secular Sharia the other day…fits perfectly. The Mask is the New Burka.

  6. It seems the Libertarian Party President is trying to destroy itself. I would have thought they would have tried to steer clear of the whole stinking mess. IMO it’s giving REAL libertarian folks like you a bad name. I can’t imagine any libertarian… or any sane person,,, praising a company for firing someone that said “All Lives Matter” on their private farcebook account. We’re sinking fast!

    “Libertarian Party presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen praised a company for firing an employee who had posted “all lives matter” on her private Facebook page as an example of the free market standing up against “systemic racism.”

    • warmed over republicans were one thing but now the endorsement of marxist groups because you have to in order to get invited to the parties is a new low. The LP is dead to me.

        • Morning, Nunz!

          I stopped considering Republicans allies a long time ago. The doctrine contains no principle I can discern that is fundamentally opposed to government; i.e., to coercive collectivism. Just slightly less. Or slightly different. Our “plan” is better than their “plan.” Witness “repeal and replace” Obamacare. Not repeal it.

          Ed – the poster here who has been defending Diapering – is a case in point. With allies like that, there’s not much work for enemies (of individual liberty) to do.

          I’ve mentioned before the hostility I was met with when I attended a Tea Party meeting about ten years ago and dared to object to real estate taxes and being forced to pay rent indefinitely to “help” finance government schools. You’d think people who claim they are opposed to government would favor defunding government schools. Nope. They practically threw me out for even suggesting it.

          That’s the last time I wasted breath on Republicans.

          • Hi Eric, Matt Taibi wrote a great article back then about attending a Tea Party rally. The cognitive dissonance of all the fatties riding around in their Medicare provided scooter chairs while loudly proclaiming their disdain for socialized medicine was hilarious. You can’t fix stupid.

          • Hey Eric & Mike In Boston!

            Exactly Eric. It’s just two different branches of the same tyranny- -and it appears that the Libertarian Party has become a third!

            Mike, that’s a perfect illustration! Like the Tea-Partier I heard once, demanding “Medicare for Americans!”, Ay! Or the Tea Party lady I encountered once, who was admonishing everyone to run-up credit card debt and not pay it……

            And these are “the conservatives of the conservatives”? 😮

            As Eric and you have illustrated, these people are as much our enemies as are the commies…..

    • It seems any time a group is formed- and especially if it becomes large…..that the ideology it originally represented gets bulldozed.

      Frederick Hayek devoted a whole chapter in his book “The Road To Serfdom” illustrating why only the worst people ever rise to the top of any org.

      Humans were not designed to operate in group dynamics [Says me…not Hayek]- we are supposed to be the masters of our own dominions…not obedient followers of others nor rulers over others. Cats understand this, and operate accordingly. Most people still don’t get it.

      What sucks, is that one never knows what to call themselves these days, to quickly sum up their political and worldviews, because between the media perverting all the labels, like “Libertarian” and “Anarchist”, and these groups seemingly playing along to fulfill the perverted descriptions, there’s really no accurate labels left which anyone would remotely recognize which describe many of us here.

    • The Libertarian Party never was viable. Its fundamental foundation is nothing but a deeply seated flaw. The very idea that a party can change a perfectly corrupt system by joining that system borders on the insane, if not crossing that border. When the system is totally corrupt, no amount of political activity within it can correct it. The only candidates it can attract are the politically ignorant or delusional.

      • Well-said JWK! That too is why I also consider it folly to vote. One is essentially voting for which liar they choose to believe will better run the corrupt system. I would only ever vote for someone who would dismantle that system -something which no candidate ever offers; they only ever promise to make it bigger- and unfortunately, that is usually the one promise they actually keep!

        And if someone would run on the platform of dismantling the system, even if elected, he would be booted out, because the qualifications of the office he is elected to do not allow for that. So it’s a no-win situation, where we are stuck with this BS until either it is overthrown (will never happen) or it collapses under it’s own weight and dysfunction.

        To think, the very EVIL in creating such an entity that essentially can never be dismantled- a monster; a BEAST! I certainly want no part in determining who the head of this beast is.

    • Hi Ken,

      The Libertarian Party is oxymoronic. Libertarianism is a philosophical/moral movement; it is about changing minds. A party is an organization devoted to winning power – anathema to actual Libertarians.

      Ron Paul was – is a Libertarian.

      This creature Jo Jorgensen is something else…

  7. Ha! I think the first picture for this article is a still from the Tom &
    Jerry episode where Tom sings “Is you is or is you ain’t my baby”! Darn, I love that one!

    Great advice, Eric! Hope the guy follows it (Hope that he wouldn’t even need anyone to tell him this!). Wimmins emit a lot of such sings that help one cull the herd. Sad thing is, the ones who don’t follow the herd, and who can actually think for themselves are as rare as an accordion player in the ‘hood!

    Women buy this stuff (propaganda) up almost 100%. These days, the majority of men do, too- so if it’s working so effectively on men….it’ll definitely be far worse among women. I don’t think I saw ONE undiapered woman in the stores today- and very few undiapered men 🙁 And other than myself, virtually all of the undiapered men were old guys (as someone else here observed, below)- and the majority of them probably had “health issues” which prevented them from displaying the symbol of conformity and community. I’d wager that only one or two, if that many, were resisting because they are impervious to the propaganda.

  8. Not sure if anyone else here has noticed – this most likely to be vulnerable to the bug – the old are the ones most likely to not give a shit. And those who are least likely to be affected – the young and healthy are the ones who most take the diapering thing seriously !! My dad hardly seems to care, but many cousins, and their kids take it so seriously !!

    • That would be me. At 66 years old I fall in the group most endangered as determined by the “experts”. Especially since I smoke too. The plain simple fact for me is that if that’s the kind of life I can expect, then I’m not particularly enamored with it. If life is devoid of any significant value, of what use is it? Without at least a facsimile of liberty, I find no value in it. I’m far more concerned with the life my grandchildren might expect, and anything I can do to improve their prospects, like not masking, I’m most happy to do.

  9. Do younger people still date? How quaint. The last I heard, that was gone and replaced by “hanging out” which used to be called, “one night stands”.

  10. Some good wisdom there Eric. But remember the saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”

    Many resistance groups/persons in wars will act as a cowed citizen to be able to move around and usually women are used in these instances as they look and act sooo innocent. Your most dangerous spies are women.
    Women are funny creatures and act in mysterious ways,,, at least as far as we men are concerned. When it comes to relationships most can out think any man alive. A man will never, ever, win an argument with a woman,,, impossible,,, as the woman is always five steps ahead. That’s not to say she won’t give in,,, if she does,,, watch out! You will pay dearly for it later on.
    I have seen many women don the mask to obtain entry then pull it down, sometimes all the way. Women have always been the weaker sex (physically,,, most anyhow) and have learned how to get around tyranny in any form. So I wouldn’t just dismiss one because she is wearing the diaper. If she takes the mask down you might then approach very carefully, as you would with any well armed individual, and find out how she feels about the mask. Maybe say,,, Yea, hard to breath with these things,,, or whatever stupid line that works. Women like really stupid lines. Remember, she might think your a possible Ken, so she won’t spill her guts initially. Then outside you can maybe comment how silly the masks are. If she doesn’t come at you with her claws out, you’re halfway there.

  11. I have to say, back when I cared about dating, a woman who’d put a ciggie in her mouth, a tat anywhere, or a mask over it would have been considered a gullible mark for some sporting… though never for anything approaching a mate. The wife has plenty of issues, but none of those.

  12. Those at the highest levels of implementing this medical tyranny, particularly Falsey, seem to have, or at least signal, an intense hatred for youth and the young, as well their future. They constantly blame and bully the youth because they won’t, ya know, get very sick or even possibly show symptoms but they might infect and therefore endanger the life of a grandparent or “vulnerable” relative, supposedly. IMHO, this nasty little rhetorical tactic is a play for support for the tyranny from the largest demographic and voting bloc, boomers and older. By appealing to the vanity and fear of death in this bloc, the tyrants can claim support of “the people” and any popular resistance to the tyranny can be blunted by demeaning it as a “minority” view. Diabolical but clever. Methods to counter this will need to be developed.

    • I don’t know about other boomers but this 71 year old says they can take their fake virus and associated bullshit and shove it where the sun never shines.

      • Hi Ken, I’ll second that; just turned 73 and in good health. Had every childhood disease there was back then which gave me a good immune system to this day. Never had a flu shot – or the flu – so I’m happy to take my chances with this particular “virus”. Everything the PTB are doing will weaken your immune system so it’s just setting the serfs up to beg for the “vaccine”.
        They can take their vaccine and shove it, never letting it near me.

    • One can easily counter it with their own “facts”. It was determined, and published, some time ago that asymptomatic transmission wasn’t real. Just like in the real world, if you aren’t sick, you aren’t making anyone else sick. Which is why cancelling or delaying the reopening of schools defies all logic. Not that I favor public schools, but the propaganda is obvious. Kids are in no danger, and most often asymptomatic. A Dr. in Scotland tried to find how many teachers in the world had been infected by students, and found not one single instance.

      • Hi JWK,

        If I had kids in government schools, I’d certainly be interested in knowing whether a serious threat lurked within – I mean, beyond the destruction of the kids’ critical thinking abilities. I’d look into it. And I’d find that the “threat” of a school-age kid dying from the WuFlu is about the same – or less as the kid dying as the result of a fall down the stairs. It might happen. It is extremely unlucky to happen. Accordingly, it is both neurotic as well as destructive to imprison a kid on that basis; it is arguably child abuse. The deliberate terrorizing of a kid to fear everything.

        It is literally true that just a year ago, a parent who locked his kid up at home or forced him to put on a Face Diaper and gloves out of hysterical fear of sickness would have been charged with child abuse.


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