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Imagine a red light that never goes green – unless you obey.

The speed limit. Whatever it is.

And sends you a ticket via mail if you don’t.

Say hello to FRED – feu de ralentissement éducatif – which the French Canadian government is testing out as an “educational traffic calming light” that does more than “educate.”

FRED has built-in radar that “educates” itself about the speed of an approaching car; if the car is going faster than whatever the programmed in speed limit is, it turns red – and stays red – stopping the car (and traffic) for no other reason, such as cross traffic. These FRED lights are installed in the manner of speed bumps.

Which is to say, they are designed to annoy – and mulct – drivers.  

If the driver ignores whatever the speed limit is – or the light – FRED mails a ticket to the registered owner of the car. It knows who that is via the plate reader system that is at the heart of FRED.  

It is another etiolation of panopticonic enforcement. Obedience – everywhere. Or else.

Jalopnik – a “car site” financed by the Huffington Post, which was financed by leftist heiress Arianna Huffington, who made off with a lot of her ex’s money – seal-claps approvingly. It says “good drivers” “keep to the speed limit” and that FRED “forces fast drivers to stop and gives them a chance to really consider their life choices.”

Italics added.

Try to image Brock Yates or Patrick Bedard typing out such a sentence.

This is the sort of writing – and commentary – one finds at most “car sites” nowadays. (More about that here.)

This mostly unquestioned tautology that “good drivers” ” keep to the speed limit” really ought to be questioned as it lies at the heart of much of the serial abuse of drivers who aren’t bad.

Are professional race car drivers bad drivers?

How about the cops who enforce speed limits who serially drive faster than whatever they are? Often much faster – in order to catch the “speeder”? Is that not also, ipso facto, “bad” driving, too?

If not, why?

The Jalopnik writer does not even ask such questions, let alone answer them. This is to be expected given the writer is a former “web designer” for GM, who regards transportation as a “civil rights issue.”

Instead, she seal-claps approvingly about FRED being installed to deal with a “plague” of “throttle-happy” drivers in Quebec. She does not explore whether these drivers have caused any harm; instead she assumes – reflexively, as if on cue – that to drive any faster than the speed limit is, ipso facto, synonymous with “bad” driving.

It is an obvious idiocy openly admitted-to by the cops who enforce these limits – who routinely do not enforce them if the driver is only “speeding” a little bit, as for example five or so miles-per-hour faster than whatever the limit is. Who also “give breaks” to those who go faster by reducing the cited number to something less than what the radar gun said – but still enough to generate the “ticket” (and, of course, the fine).

In fact, many cops regard it as “suspicious” to drive at – or below – whatever the speed limit is and will sometimes use that as the basis for a pretextual fishing expedition stop. In any case, the point is that driving faster than whatever the posted limit is does not mean one is a “bad” driver. All it means is that one is driving faster than whatever the sign says you may.

Well, so what?

How is it that signage became religious? Something akin to a totem pole that must be kow-towed to because otherwise the gods will be angered?

Well, just that. The “gods” – that is, the government – will be angered. But instead of darkening skies and thunderbolts, tickets rain down upon the sinful.

The Jalopnik-GM woman seal-claps some more:

“You can see FRED in action in what is by far the jauntiest free music ever to grace a traffic light in action.” Because it makes you want to dance and clap your hands to be forced to apply the brakes.

Well, it makes certain kinds of people want to do that. It’s just unsettling to find them writing for car sites. But then, such sites are more interested these days in “transportation,” which is something that can be provided by a bus or a train that goes exactly as fast – or as slowly – as the government says.

FRED “… does more than just slow down thoughtless speeders. It relays important statical information back to the city about traffic and driver behavior on the road.”

Italics added.

Cue the seal-clapping.

. . .

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  1. Back in the late 90s, Commerce City, Colorado leased several minivans from Lockheed (yeah, that one) equipped with video cameras and speed RADAR that would capture the license plate numbers of vehicles that violated the speed limit and tickets were mailed to the registered address. One man got one of those tickets and set the ticket for trial. At the trial, the defendant called for a witness to take the stand. Because there were no human witnesses, there was no one to testify for the prosecution and the case was dismissed.
    The former defendant spread the news widely in the local media, leading to over 200 mistrials, and the cancellation of the leases.

  2. Thanks…another way for my government to hate my existence other than to pay taxes and fines. Next will be the traffic light that won’t let you go forward unless you have a “vaxxed” sticker in the windshield or it reads that info off your license plate possibly connected to the DMV.

    Besides. I only speed when I need to go to the doctor’s office when I here they have released another mRNA booster. Gotta beat the rush ya know, before they are all sold out.

  3. If there is a silver lining to this piece of the nanny state, it is that the albatross population that does more speeding and reckless driving than the rest of the population that is treated as a pet of the regime will probably go insane when this system hits their streets. That will open more eyes that need to be opened. It will also give these compassionate psychopaths something else to tear their hair out over – perpetually vexed by their denial of human biology. Don’t get me wrong. This is ridiculous and nefarious in erecting a system of total control and endless hectoring. I am looking for a small vein of silver here.

    • Any eyes not opened by now will remain forever closed. Anyone who voted for Justin thinks this is a great idea. Me? I’m suing for defamation of character.

  4. Far too many speed zones are for revenue. Many small to very small cities incorporate to use their new police forces as a means for revenue. Every one of the other higher incorporated forms of government get a cut of each ticket, County and state. Never mind bogus tickets issued even the ones that are clearly criminal by corrupted police departments bringing in the dollars to feed the local parasites who refuse to get real jobs. Those criminal police departments better known as, Highway Men, pay their protection money to the state and county and have the blessing to continue. People who get speeding tickets that are not speeding and have all kinds of negatives happen to them like insurance rates go up. For them and everyone on the policy. I know all of this for a fact having got my first ticket in my life at 70 years old because I was an easy mark driving an expensive pick up truck. I had rock solid proof the ticket was a criminal scam by cops working together, small town revenue scam. When I say rock solid I mean it by using my dash camera which shows my speed and location and the cops calling in my plate twice 12 minutes apart. Seeing the expense truck to see if the driver was local or not. No government department was even interested in knowing what proof I had and treated me like dirt so I would go away to keep the scam rolling on. Follow the money to all the government folks, all the way to the insurance lobbyist giving the elected campaign bucks. The entire system makes money on the racket so it’s not going to stop. Even if a person does the driving course to keep the ticket off public record, it’s still on record for all government to see it. Try and get a job where a complete driving record is demanded where the job applicant has to release their complete driving records, there are the listed bogus tickets listed for all times going back. What about a person’s Constitutional rights against a Bill of Intender? Doesn’t apply because driving is a privilege.

    • Hi Mark,

      That’s why I cut to the heart of the matter. Which is that punishing people for harms they have not caused on the basis that otherwise they might is profoundly unjust and leads to injustice. Our society is becoming a prison because so many do not understand this.

      I wish they could understand that there is far less risk to all of us in being free to assume risks – and much more justice in holding accountable those (and only those) who cause harm, leaving the rest of us alone.

      • Yesterday I thought of your exchange with Richard and thought of the film, ‘The Darwin Awards’

        I wonder if people such as Richard have eager support for the idea of laws requiring everyone to wear helmets while taking a shower or bath?

        Maybe even require bungie restraint devices attached to the ceiling to prevent bathroom falls?

        Even a camera surveillance system so the police can monitor compliance?

        If not, why not?
        …It’s the same thing as laws requiring helmets, seatbelt use and FRED’s.

        More and more, I wonder if the film, ‘Idiocracy’ was a documentary.

        • Seatbelts are easily proven to be revenue scams by the fact that the governent bus’s children twice per day without seatbelts. If a cop pulled over a mom with a minivan full of kids and none of them were buckeled up. That cop’s eyes would like like a 1-arm bandit in Los Vegas hitting the Jackpot.

        • The slaves should start their own narrative…..which would be…..
          don’t listen to or co operate with the slave owners, the new aristocracy…the globalists
          penalize any slave that co operates with the slave owners or spreads their narrative….like greene does

    • Driving is a privilege that one surrenders one’s right to travel for.
      The only reason for issuing traffic ticket is revenue, because the drivers seldom improve their driving.
      I stopped getting tickets as a lead-footed teenager by becoming better at spotting cops.

      • Driving “for hire” is a privilege. Commercial use of a motor vehicle is considered to be a “privilege”, not “personal carriage not-for-hire.
        The concept of getting from place-to-place by personal conveyance has been “commercialized” in violation of the concept of freedom to travel.

  5. A technology version of using stop signs as speed control devices. The problem with this is causes even more disrespect for traffic control devices.
    This is why underposted speed limit and stop signs for speed to control were not to be used. They undermine their meaning when there’s an actual need for them.
    The safety cult and antidestination league never understand these things nor take the time to. Which is why roads in north america are so very often so very painful to use.

  6. I remember years Go Hot Rod Magazine sold polarized licensed plate covers that to the naked eye looked like a slightly tinted plexi but would somehow block the ability of a traffic cam to take a picture of your plate. Don’t know if they actually worked. I have however seen people make lense covers out of computer screen privacy filters since the amgle of traffic cams is usually enough to be blocked by the screen filter deafeating tolltand or red light cams. Also a guy put infrared LEDs around the plate cover to sort of “wash out” the night cameras ability to get a good picture.

    Why not make them play whack-a-mole?

  7. Eric – I never realised Jalopnik was owned by Huffington Post – but makes sense now…. I suspect its the kind of car magazine where most of the “journalist” take the bus to work….

  8. A bit off topic, but in the U.S., there’s something called e-verify that government CAN & likely WILL use against its citizens. While it’s framed as requiring employers to verify that prospective employees are in this country LEGALLY, it could also be used by the Biden Thing to REQUIRE employers to verify that employees have the latest mRNA “vaccine”, or that that employee has loyalty to the regime, or something far more sinister….

      • Moved and seconded, resolution adopted. A1 shall be succinct in his posts and stop repeating stuff all of us that are regulars know. 1 or 2 points per post. Get with the program A1.

        • Indeed, if I want to read a book, I’ll open one. Looking for succinct comments here, not burgeoning novels. A1 makes some excellent comments, if you can dig through his efforts and find them.

  9. watch this video…see your future…..

    15 min city prison camp future…..animation….the reality…..

    the controllers…the wef/ccp/globalists…..decided man was the invasive destructive species…. destroying the planet….so will to be banned from the wilderness and countryside….confined to 15 to save the planet

    Within the political deception which surrounds WEF’s Great Reset/Green Deal, we find a starkly obvious case of theft. To be precise, theft of the early ecological movement’s long-term holistic agenda for the bio diverse trusteeship of the land.

    The WEF’s vision consists of distorting this environmentally friendly vision and turning it into a global political tool for enforcing Klaus Schwab’s fascistic brave new world of synthetic foods, robot-mechanised farming, ‘rewilded’ gated private forests and 5G powered ‘smart cities’ for disenfranchised country dwellers and redundant farmers.

    By twisting the true ecological approach to land management into a thoroughly distorted and fake look-alike, the word ‘Green’ has been 100% hijacked by the New World Order/Great Reset cabal. Tried and tested Real Green approaches have been usurped, in favour of macro scale industrial and digital mechanisation programmes for achieving the hallowed goal of ‘zero carbon’.
    ATTENTION… If there ever could be such a thing as zero carbon– none of us would be able to breathe.

    watch the video….15 min city prison camp future…..animation….the reality…..

    • Environmentalism has always been about CONTROL. Private property rights have been so diluted that a body of water on your land (and only on your land) can be commandeered by government and environmental groups (that are funded by the government) you, the owner being told what you may or may NOT do. In addition, environmentalist group lawyers receive funding from the government as well. talk about a one-sided system against private property…

      • And the real hell of it is, REAL environmental issues are glossed over. Here are just a few:

        I remember the big fuss over plastic straws—Why is no one saying anything about the pollution from masks? I see those suckers everywhere on the ground.

        Some 50 years ago, we were told that the USA couldn’t handle more than 200 million people and the world couldn’t handle more than 3 billion people. Here we are at more than 330 million people in the USA and closing in on 8 billion people in the world—nothing but yawns.

        We must drive electric cars and eat bugs because gasoline cars and cows pollute. But why is no one talking about the pollution from Big Pharma? In fact, two of the worst offenders, birth control pills and antidepressants, are disproportionately taken by people on the Left.

        Elon Muak touts his Teslas as the way to save the planet. Yet he ordered his employee to drive to work. The only way to reduce pollution from driving is not to drive, after all.

        Russia and North Korea have openly threatened to use nuclear weapons, and Iran forges ahead with their own nuclear weapons program. Nothing, and I mean nothing, ruins the environment like a nuclear war. Yet it’s all tough talk and no action.

        • You left out the chemical industry, which is barely regulated at all. Which I have long suspected is the purpose of “climate” alarm. To distract the greens from the ongoing poisoning of the planet. I would be curious to know how much DuPont, Bayer/Monsanto, etc. spend on “climate change” promotion.

  10. Playing the game against them

    Fighting against paying property tax (council tax)…an illegal tax

    Where does the money go?….the roads aren’t fixed, homeless everywhere, over paid useless councillors….the money goes to fill the agenda of the wef, an unelected entity, like the coming 15 min city/camps….no parking, cars banned, all bike lanes, a huge number of high density apartment buildings in the city center…..

    @ 7:10 in video…this method goes after the individual

    @ 14:00 in video the law the council is trying to enforce is illegal and they will lie when dealing with you…if you know the law you can entrap them in their lies…they are personally liable so will give up, stop….

    @ 33:20 make it expensive to chase/prosecute you…

    @ 43:22 mass non compliance

  11. the globalist/tyrants have taken complete control and are now…..

    The leftist/globalists/marxists are using a fake science narrative about CO2 to completely re engineer your whole world for the worse and re engineer all the people in it to conform to their concept of how the world should be ….a marxist/globalist nightmare with a one world central government run by them…..they will control everything and everybody….

    …..this CO2 narrative was just set up to make money….they don’t care about CO2…only as a money making narrative…

    They are completely changing your world right now…agenda 2030, 15 min cities, banning cars and land ownership, C40 cities, UNDRIP, CBDC, mandated Digital ID in order to live, complete control of all food sources and energy sources…shutting down all small businesses and restaurants, their complete control of all media….

    At the same time through propaganda/complete control of all media they are re engineering everyone’s mind……so they will think this is normal and a great idea……

    cbdc 15 min city lockdown drones

    The final lockdown….

    @ 18:30 in video drones flying around as the new police, doing policing…. AI and tech will police the 15 min. city…

    digital Id the ticket to the digital prison…

    geofencing limiting moving around in the real world and the metaverse..

    ignoring reality is not a good stategy for survival

    smart city…no more rural living….off to the 15 min city……limited mobility, no more travelling…..weaponized surveillance and control….water rationing…speech surveillance…..mobility tracking…rationing clothes, gas, heat, electricity…

    control of food supply…no more cooking/food ownership… hoarding/stocking up or growing/independent supply… will be a service delivered daily by the government…with your meds included……..if your social credit score/cbdc balance is too low or cut off…no food for awhile…till you comply….

    there will be no more food stores, restaurants or retail stores…everything will be supplied by the government…if you comply…

    All the prisons will be closed…the prisoners will instead be housed with everybody else in the 15 minute city ghettos, they will be your neighbours in your soviet era, closet sized apartment…along with all the mental patients they turned out onto the streets years ago ……where it is easier and cheaper to watch/control them/you….every body will be drugged to make control easier….

    going from a debt slavery system to an identity slavery system

    AI is the beast….@ 59:05 in video….starve the beast…

    Who funded, approved, installed, the smart city surveillance infastructure?

    The longer term agenda for the countries with the 15 minute cities…who governs them?
    A UN government…. The UN managing the land…the government for the indigenous owned land (the country given back to the indigenous)….in the whole country……..the army and police would all be UN soldiers….that was the reason for gun control legislation…UN the only armed force allowed….replacing the existing armed forces….

    in other words everyone in a huge homeless camp….which is the height of the lefist/marxist/woke society….everybody’s future….except the billionaire control group at the top….who will live like the gods they think they are….

  12. the globalists…..the kings/rulers and the billionaires have a common bloodline…brandon/clinton/obama/trump are part of it….a big club and you aint in it….

    Richard Vobes and Justin Walker – How the Bankers Rule the World

    @ 23:32 in the video a meme…. people vs the globalists…no freedom…. total slavery…the globalists are communist/fascist…a feudal system…they are the kings…the 8 billion people on the bottom are slaves…

    @ 41:30 the BIS the bank of international settlements…the central bank of central banks…controls 95% of the world’s money, it has 63 central banks, it is based in basil switzerland…switzerland is the head office/headquarters of the globalists…WEF, BIS,

    @ 45:08 a massive engineered economic collapse is coming to frighten people into accepting the CBDC central bank digital currency….the derivative bomb will blow up…the solution will be the CBDC…the current OTC derivatives market is in the neighborhood of $1.5 quadrillion …global GDP amounts to about 85.44 trillion U.S. dollars…a quadrillion = 1,000 trillion…

    @ 46:45 there is a solution for the economic problem today, a debt free, interest free solution…the reality……people are hurting today

    @ 51:00 8000 globalists on the top run the planet…on the bottom there are 8 billion slaves…the slaves should boot out the globalists…
    the globalists…..the kings/rulers and the billionaires have a common bloodline

    @ 51:40 all the ideoligies were created by the control group to get the slaves fighting each other….. democracy, communism, facism, liberal, conservative, capitalism, left vs right, black vs white vs bipoc, woke, LGBQT, all pushed 24/7/365 by the globalist owned msm…if the slaves co operated with each other they could boot out the globalists…

    the globalists plan…the next step is herding everybody into 15 min. city/prisons…where they can be watched and dealt with….

    the future there is…

    turning people into appliances plugged into an all-seeing internet, more transhuman robots than people, dutifully following orders but unable to produce anything beyond what is programmed into their quantum microchips, bereft of the sparks of inquiry, innovation and joy in a electric panopticon that’s sterile and joyless, you are better off dead.

    they implant an operating system in you and connect you to the grid, they also connect an AI robot to the grid, this is so you can train the robot to do your job. you won’t be needed then = soylent green.

  13. So many roads already are under-posted to begin with. So you are “speeding” almost everywhere.

    An interesting side note. Some folks in my “community” are freaking out because in a rare moment of sanity, the town has actually raised the speed limit on most residential streets from 20mph to, get this 25! Oh my, the humanity!!!

    Never mind its still ten too slow (most people are probably going 35ish).

    This in a town where there isn’t a legal speed limit over 35mph! Even the highway (which should be at least 65mph) is 35. Another side note, the local fire department posts picture of roll over accidents on social media. There seem to be lots of roll over accidents, which is weird in a town where nobody is going over 35mph…….. Thank you government for the top heavy easy to roll modern crossovers.

  14. Anyone recall the concept of “shared space” traffic zones? Though I somewhat loath the term, I agreed with the premise:

    ‘“It defines a public space where movement is subject to social protocol and informal regulation, not traffic rules.” Monderman pioneered the idea in the Netherlands claiming if traffic rules are taken away, people behave more carefully.

    Road signs, traffic signals, roundabouts, crossing points and curbs are done away with and replaced by flat, smooth roads without markings, on which cars and people interact regularly. They may feel confused, but that’s exactly the point.’

    “Shared space, where the streets have no rules”

    (Sorry about the CNN link, but I did like the title of the article.)

    FRED is just continuing in the wrong direction. With regards to “Jalopnik”: Who reads this smut?

    Also, it’d be a shame if someone with the proper vehicle and sufficient disdain decides to make a quick swerve over the curb and lay FRED down.

    • Indeed. My thought is of the beginning scene of “Cool Hand Luke”. Or the black bagging sand necklacing of traffic cams in England when they started that crap there.

      • Yes, Ernie! I love that scene.

        Also in Phoenix some years back, “Santa Claus” came around to put present boxes over the speed cameras. Heroic.

    • “if traffic rules are taken away, people behave more carefully.”
      In fact, speed limits give lesser drivers permission to drive beyond their capabilities. I’ve encountered numerous drivers who cannot drive safely at 60mph, much less 70. But since the “speed limit” is 70, that’s how fast they drive. I never begrudge those taking curves slow in front of me, as long as they stay between the lines, since at least they are not exceeding their ability.

      • Amen, John –

        I am all for advisory signs. As for example “curve ahead” (and even a suggested speed, for those unfamiliar with the road). But this business of enforceable signage is dirty business as a “violation” has noting – as such – to do with anything, beyond not abiding by whatever the sign says. So what? What sort of ninny regards a “speed limit” sign as holy writ?

  15. There are two states a person can be in this world: you are either sovereign or a slave; the choice is only yours to make.

    Sovereign Pete, from the Sovereign Project, talks about freedom, car tax, property tax, government oppression and the constitution.

    @ 4:26 in video law versus legal meaning

    @ 19:50 the constitution doesn’t protect you

    @ 21:15 the national debt is what the government owes the people

    @ 22:05 property tax

    @ 26:45 15 min cities…easy to defeat…

    @ 35:26 petitions are useless…start serving notices today…

    @ 39:00 agenda 2030…you will own nothing…that already happened…

    @ 41:25 do you own your car?

    @ 55:40 car emissions scam

  16. Learn your rights in 20 seconds

    @ 1:32 in video what they teach at law school now is not law

    @ 8:59 in video telling you to wear a mask is violating your inalienable rights……not capable of being taken away or denied…also tell them to show proof that the mask works…they are making a claim…make them prove that claim….confront them…whoever makes the claim is responsible nobody else…

    @ 11:22 in video…you have to fight for peace…peace is another one of your inalienable rights….but you have to fight for it all the time…you have to get into conflict and confrontation…(you have been taught not to in school, etc., because it would solve all the world’s problems if we did)…

    @ 12:20 whoever makes the claim is responsible nobody else……think about suing them…

    @ 16:00 it is your responsibility to confront people violating your rights

    @ 20:00 in video the constitution and bill of rights say you cannot suffer fines or forfeitures without a trial by jury…this isn’t taught at law school..

    @ 21:40 the legal system and legislation is what facilitates what happened to you the last 3 years..

    @ 28:40 re: speeding ticket fines..

    @ 31:30 city put clamp on vehicle wheel on private property for 70 days…because of speeding ticket…..the defendant sues city for $1.2 million…

    @ 38:50 legislation doesn’t apply to you without your consent…

    @ 41:00 write in your own words don’t use a template…

    @ 41:20 when you enter a court they have made 12 or maybe 20 presumptions (something taken as being true or factual and used as a starting point for a course of action).. about you…you have to say…I rebut all presumptions made about me when you enter…

    • democracy means the right to trial by jury by your peers…that is long gone…it is near impossible to get a trial by jury and it sure won’t be by your peers…….and if you did it is all manipulated, tilted and controlled….

      someone said you can’t even drag these bastards into a court of record now….all that is left is a corrupt ccp style court where they decide when to harvest your organs….

      • Trial by Jury will stop 15 Minutes Cities

        Law and legal definitions…

        The difference between law and legal..

        @ 2:10 in video…. law applies to people who are alive….the legal system applies to corporations that are not alive….in the legal system the law is in legalese language….in law the language is english….

        @ 9:45 in the law people get a trial by jury by their peers… the legal system you might get a jury trial which is a different animal….

        @ 12:33 in law everyone has the following inalienable, inherent rights and freedoms….right to life (which includes bodily integrity), right to travel, right to speech, right to privacy and private property,

        @ 13:38 in law…anyone administering an injection to someone is personally responsible for any injury/negative effect of it…

        @ 15:00…the law is very simple….act in honour and do no harm…this is 100’s of thousands of years old…all the indigenous practiced these laws…physicians and pharmacists have an obligation to know the law…

        @ 15:50 in the law a physician is operating as a physician….in the legal they are called a doctor which is a corporation….

        @17:06 the simple rule for everyone is don’t harm anyone, you can’t go around murdering people….

        @ 1:04:00 right to travel

        @ 1:13:00 people 100,000 years ago knew more about the law

        @ 1:23:05 Cahill threatened to charge the police with malfeasance for interfering with people’s right to travel

        Malfeasance…… is a wrongful or criminal act perpetrated by a public official or other person of authority. An act of malfeasance is done intentionally, disregarding the fact that the action is morally or legally wrong and will cause someone harm

        In a trial by jury there is two steps…
        1st step.. determine if the law is legal, if it is not the case is dismissed and the law nullified…
        2nd step.. if the law is legal then the jury judges whether the accused is guilty……

        • person went to court to support a friend over a parking offence last week, and we insisted upon a trial by Jury in accordance with A39 of Magna Carta. Instant uproar – and case dismissed

      • Well, for the record, Anonymous, the U.S. USED to be a Republic. Democracy is nothing more than mob rule, and sadly, these days, it shows. Two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for lunch….

        • The WEF/GLOBALISTS who are they? where did they come from? what are they?…satanist monsters…slave owners…

          the globalist/ontrol group on the top needs to have all their money and assets seized and distributed to all the slaves around the world as reparations………..

          the pharaonic control group genocided all the white tribes in europe then they went to the americas and did the same thing to the indigenous….but…the white slaves in the americas are being blamed for the genocide and enslavement of the indigenous and black slaves…and tax money will be stolen from them to pay reparations to the indigenous…..assign the blame to the guilty group….. the control group…not the white slaves……..the white slaves have been slaves longer then anyone….2000 years….where are their reparations?

          Arrogance is the Mother of Ignorance by Dr. Sean Hross Phd.

          The pharaohs had their feudal king with slaves system from 4000 BC to 30 BC when they were defeated by the Romans…the pharoah kings then moved to the Roman empire…when Rome was defeated they moved to France around 1000 AD……..they built the castles and became kings in europe, the european royalty….they founded switzerland as their home in 1291..they were pushed out of france in 1307…..during the crusades from 1095 to 1291 they went back and removed their treasures from their pyramids…they hide their wealth in their new homeland in switzerland…

          The old pharaoh kings are now…..The Swiss/globalist/davos/templars/freemason/vatican/banksters/ control group at the top….which includes the WEF, the IBIS, the IMF, the U.N., NATO….which are part of their machine….

          switzerland is the base of the old pharoah kings, the nazis, the templars…this is where they hide their wealth…it is always neutral in wars….their safe haven……the templars are the military wing, the freemasons are the political wing, the vatican is the religious wing, the financial wing is the swiss banks, they are the banksters….they invented banks and fiat money……switzerland was founded by the templars in 1291.
          the freemasons are the political wing……. all USA presidents have been Freemasons except JFK

          @ 1:18:29 the white man has been in slavery longer then any other race…..
          @ 1:22:00 only the white man was stupid enough to remain a slave that long…

          @ 1:37:33 the white slaves on the bottom are now accused of racism..but…….it was the pharaoh blood/elite ruler slave owners on the top that are to blame

          @ 1:39:00 rape and torture in the elite nobility ruler’s castles….pharaoh blood/elite rulers look white on the outside now…… but they are different then the white slaves on the bottom….and they are satanists…….the problem is the white slaves on the bottom are getting blamed for all the world’s problems now….because of the actions of the pharaoh blood/elite ruler satanists……the pharaoh blood/elite rulers hate the white slaves and so do all the other races….the white slaves are the most hated people….

          @ 2:20:43 man is a bred race….the control group is breeding out the warriors…

          @ 2:24:30 getting rid of the patriarchy….the men…only beta men…wimp men will be left….all men are being demonized….the straight whites the most targeted….straight whites being blown up daily in the current war….the real agenda there…

          @ 2:53:00 freemason hand signals

          @ 3:00:00 destroy the patriarchy….the men…

          @ 3:50:30 eliminating the men that can push back against the control group…LBGQT etc. is working with the control group….the goal is getting rid of fighting capable men….Russia and Ukraine are not very LBGQT so the war there feeds their fighting capable….non LBGQT men into the meat grinder….then the control group can finish their agenda 2030…no fighting men left to resist…

          @ 8:19:10 the new immigrants are the ally to the new world order horizontal rule leaders…the presidents……instead of the old world order vertical rule feudal system kings….. we now have so called democratic voting…but….all the presidental candidates are pharoah descendant control group/freemasons…so nothing changed…the vertical rule feudal system kings had the nationalists as an ally…

          @ 8:30:30 we are now pretty much back too the old vertical rule feudal system….the king at the top and the slaves at the bottom…

        • we now have so called democratic voting…but….all the presidental candidates are pharoah/bloodline descendant control group/freemasons…so nothing changed…

          we are now pretty much back too the old vertical rule feudal system….the king at the top and the slaves at the bottom…king brandon….lol….

  17. >unquestioned tautology that “good drivers” ” keep to the speed limit”

    As I understand it, the way speed limits are set on surface streets here in California is to:
    A) Conduct a traffic study for a specified length of time, which uses electronic equipment to measure the actual speed traveled by all drivers, as well as the volume of traffic,
    B) Apply the legal presumption that *most* drivers are driving at “reasonable and prudent” speed,
    C) Set the prima facie speed limit at a legally prescribe percentile of the speeds recorded by the traffic study. I am not certain, but I believe the specified percentile is 85%,
    D) Re-do the traffic study at an interval prescribed by law, which depends on traffic volume. Heavily traveled streets require more frequent traffic studies,
    E) Adjust the p.f. speed limit per the most recent traffic study, if required,
    F) Recognize that “reasonable and prudent” may be less than the prima facie speed limit under certain conditions, such as a torrential rain storm. Driving “too fast for conditions” is a legitimate bust, but is a judgment call by da Po-leece (as it once was for *all* speeds on open highways in Nevada).

    One thing which mystifies me is the temporary “informational” radars with lighted numerals which inform the motorist “Your speed is_____”, but which are set up out of sight of any speed limit sign, thus rendering the “information” they provide TOTALLY USELESS.

    As for avoiding speed busts, cruise control is invaluable, IMO. Cities hereabout with surface streets that attract “cut through” traffic of drivers avoiding a congested freeway often aggressively enforce speed laws on those streets to discourage the cut through traffic. Nohl Ranch Road in Anaheim is one notorious example. But, you only get to bust me once. After that, I will be traveling *exactly* the posted speed limit, to within the accuracy of my cruise control.

    I suppose if you wanted to f* with the local yokel, you *could* set your cruise control for 1MPH over (say, 46 in a 45) and see if he bites, but I never tried that. 🙂

    • Well, Adi, you will always have that one prick of a state trooper (or sheriff) who will pull you over, because he is having a bad day, or is late in the month in meeting his quota. That is the one who will be more than happy to pull your butt over and give you a ticket because he can. All because he has a stick up his a** and a power trip going. I surmise people like me are screwed, as I usually go 5-10 miles over the speed limit on the two highways we have, which is posted at 60 mph on the one, and 55 mph on the other, but reduced down in the one construction area-and yes, I will slow down in that area, with the double fines and such. There will always be that one who bites, because they simply will not be able to help themselves. But try to get them to pull a left-lane lugger over on said highways? I think hell would freeze over first.

      • >or is late in the month
        [Sexism warning]
        Or the “Dickless Tracy” for whom it is the wrong time of the month.
        >I usually go 5-10 miles over the speed limit
        Ah, a “15%er”, eh? 🙂
        Possibly even a “1%er”, depending on the width of the Gaussian (bell curve).
        Maybe rates a patch…. 🙂
        >There will always be that one who bites
        Which is why I never tried it. Better things to do with my time than annoy dumb animals. “But, Your Honor, my cruise control was set to 45.”
        “Take it up with FoMoCo, Son. Our equipment is always right, because we say so. And we never lie. You can pay the cashier on your way out. Next ‘case.'”

  18. A nice can of piano black “rattle can” to use the British term will fix up FRED nicely.

    My question is: Who voted for this? What Canadian politician ran on a platform of FRED, removing the native people’s right of self determination and tyranny? Quick answer: None.

    We are not voting our way out of this mess. The system that created FRED, unrestricted immigration, jailing of political opponents and rigged elections MUST be replaced. Until that happens, things will get a lot worse.

      • Ooh, now that’s an idea! Put a face diaper or two on FRED, he is obviously in need of some WuFlu muffling! Muy appropos, that.

        As for voting our way out, yeah, I’m afraid the banana republic corruption has been there too long to root out via old school means. So, what will it take to root it out? If I knew that answer…

    • That’s what I like to ask liberal family, i.e., “who voted for this?”, “did you vote for this?”, “did anyone vote for this?”, “is that the ‘sacred democracy’ they’re always bellyaching about?”, etc.

      This is why I liken the current political system to a pseudo-monarchy that we vote for. In other words, we vote the “lords” into power and then they do whatever they fucken hell they please. Completely unbound by the same laws that we are, zero respect for their oath related to the Constitution, and go about implementing laws outside of any input from their so-called “constituents”.

      Try writing to a senator or congressman in The Communist Republic of Maryland — I have! They don’t give one little shit about what you say about anything. They respond with the same canned talking points you see in news clips on the internet.

      “We do what we damn well please” is what is really going on under the guise of “democracy”.

    • Hi Mike,

      It sure looks that way, doesn’t it, from states like Oregon, California, New York, etc., to the U.S. government. However, it also appears that governments in other countries, such as Canada, the Netherlands, & France, have become the enemy of their citizens. Just look at the draconian COVID policies they’ve enacted against their own citizens.

    • Hi Mike,

      Government has always been the enemy of its citizens. There may have been a few that started with good intentions, but they never last. Power breeds corruption and most people are so narcissistic (or psychopathic) that they cannot believe that everyone does not see the world through their eyes.

      This stupid Orwellian traffic light is nothing more than a continuing programming of the sheep. Where is the traffic light located? In a suburban neighborhood. Can anyone imagine leaving and arriving home each day having to pass this stupid piece of polypropylene plastic?

      SSB had the right idea. A good 20V DEWALT reciprocating saw should do the trick. Every time one goes up it should immediately come down. Maybe after replacing it 3 or 4 times our authoritarian regimes will get the idea these are not wanted.

  19. Is it just me, or does it look like that FRED video was made by the World Economic Forum or perhaps some special interest linked to them? The WEF has put out videos the past few years advocating their sinister goals like “The Great Reset”, complete with creepy sounding music. The only thing this video lacked was captions about how FRED would advance “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety” or “Let you know if you’re driving too fast”. And I didn’t see any EVs in that video either.

  20. That sort of “reporting” is much like most financial/market “reporting” these days, i.e., they are not just talking about “what is”, they’re trying to steer the situation by pretending their opinion is “what is”. The theory of that being that enough people will believe them and they can then steer the situation in the direction that they like.

    “Everybody knows…” or “Everybody does…” sort of word manipulation.

    Nonsense. Take a look at the DC or Baltimore beltway. The fucking hell if anyone but a slim minority is trying to obey speed limits. Most people on every freaking road that I drive on in the DMV area is getting away with as much speed as they think they can.

    I’m certainly no exception! Like yesterday, when two piggy-boys were unhappy with how I whipped around a turn and escorted me to work, I purposefully drove 56-57 mph just to piss them off. “Go ahead, write me a ticket for 1-2 mph over the speed limit.” And then I whipped around the final turn (like 10+ mph) over the speed limit as I departed their kind assistance on the road (my favorite curve TBH). “Suckers!”

    Lastly, the day I give the slightest fuck about what some liberal cunt (male or female) thinks about my driving is the day I’ve lost my mind. Fuck yes I’m bad. Suck it.

    • Amen, XM!

      I’ve lost my capacity – or rather, willingness – to politely abide these “cunts” (of both sexes) as you rightly describe them. Bad enough that the woman who produced that bit of keyboard fellatio is a . . . well, you know.

      She can’t even write well.

      • Now these days in the world of lunacy, Eric, does she really identify as a woman? Hell, we now have a U.S. Supreme Court justice that cannot give the definition of what a woman is! Now we have “preferred pronouns” and all other sorts of madness. As for that idiot FRED device, it will not take long for someone to figure out how to disable the stupid thing. If the Canadians even know how to fight back, that is. I remember reading years ago, of a driver in the UK who got a speeding ticket, no proof. Said ticket was merely based on the fact that said driver reached the next camera (from passing the last one) “too fast” for what it “perceived” was too fast for said speed limit that was posted on that road.

      • before paying any fine you have the right to trial by jury by your peers…demand it…they might dismiss the case then because it causes too much trouble and if the law is unjust it can be eliminated by the jury…the law is on trial too…..

        • Not true, at least here in Michigan. Traffic offenses that used to be “crimes” have been redefined as “civil-infractions”. The bar is set so high that police officers have “carte blanche to do whatever they want. A “trial by jury” for a “civil-infraction is not an option.

          • If I’m not mistaken, “any suit at common law that exceeds $20 is entitled to a jury”, paraphrased. I forget which one of the Bill of Rights this is. Of course, the only one of those that are not being blatantly violated is the third. We don’t have troops quartered in our homes, YET.

            • True, John, but they COULD force us to house illegal aliens. They are pouring in by the millions. Europe has been kicking people out of their homes to house the illegals pouring in for the last several years. I can see our corrupt government doing the same. At least until they get to some red state, and someone says “hell no”, and shoot back, anyway. It would not be a “quartering a troop in ones home”, but it would be pretty darn close”.

    • My take as a libertarian driver is that I do have a responsibility, to my fellow motorist, to not cause him to suffer any damage. To include the health of his body, and certainly any property loss to his car. But aside from that, I OWE HIM NOTHING! So, if his feelings get hurt, he gets pissed, he doesn’t like me, that’s his problem. I owe no courtesy whatsoever to him. Now, to be a “nice guy” on the road, and a courteous driver insures that I meet my obligation to my fellow motorist. But if I have to/want to bust a move, and it pisses him off, that’s his problem.

      I used to have a big problem with big-time speeders. (say 25+ over the limit). But actually, guys who drive that fast in traffic are *very attentive* drivers! Problem with them doing that is the dingbat guy driving while fiddling with his phone. (Anyway, that’s my theory on the Tiger Woods car crash in Palos Verdes a few years back…)

      • Well-said, MDP –

        Your attitude is the same as mine. I am a fast but very careful driver – substantiated by the fact that my “speeding” (and so on) hasn’t caused any harm to anyone in decades of so doing. That people such as Greene (a troll here) get nervous, don’t like that I drive faster than they like (though of course such people also drive faster than other people like, but that doesn’t bother them) does not concern me at all. Just the same as I don’t give a flip if my not wearing as “mask” upset the mentally ill.

        Of course, that means I am “hateful” – in the bizarro world of the collectivist-Leftists. Even though I want nothing from them other than to be let alone (and leave them alone).

        • In my experience, if I’m forced to drive slow by traffic, I become complacent, and stop paying such close attention to my driving. As I’ve gotten old, such is less the case, but when I was not, I was a much better driver at speed than lollygagging around. Because you have to be, or natural selection takes over.

  21. There is a video out there of a cat out on a four-lane highway armed with a disc grinder and cutting down light poles mounted with video surveillance cameras near the top of each one. He was on his sixth or seventh light pole by the time the video ended.

    The crazed heavy equipment operator was mimicking dot gov and how it operates in places like Ukraine and Afghanistan.

    The electronic modules underneath the traffic light are prone to have a pickax driven into them, at least a rip hammer. Could do some damage. Wasn’t me.

    Where there’s a will there’s a way.

    Then there is the video of the earth mover fitted with plate steel to mow down some real estate out in Greeley, Colorado, even a road grader wouldn’t dare challenge the madman behind the wheel. You lose your day job doing stuff like that.

    Heavy metal doesn’t have to be all rock and roll.

    You will have nothing and be happy.

    Includes dot govs too, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

    • Welder I worked with overstayed his “allotted” time in a city parking lot. This was some decades back, when they chained a barrel to your car. Picked the wrong rig, it was his work truck so he unlocked the canopy, fired up the cutting torch and quickly dispatched that barrel!

      • RFK jr. received a 1.4 billion dollar bailout of BrightSource.

        Plus, RFK jr. wants to jail climate deniers. You go, girl!

        What you call a hypocrite, a fraud, forms a credibility gap. A victim of cognitive dissonance. Doesn’t really play by the rules, you know what I mean?

        Another kartoffelkopf, they’re everywhere.

        Worked with acetylene torches at a beet plant. The beet pile-er arms are about 40 feet long and have inch thick steel here and there. You need a striker, then used the torch to cut through the one inch steel parts, you learn to be careful, hot like the sun.

        You need a honeycombed monolithic mass and acetone to dissolve the acetylene in the tank so it won’t go boom.

        Science behind everything in hydrocarbon land.

        Worked with some Mexican Nationals one day and they offered to feed me some of their lunch vittles. It was like eating food at home made by mom.

  22. Red light camera tickets have been illegal in Texas for several years, but the crazy thing is that a lot of municipalities here signed decades-long contracts with the companies who install and collect the data from the camera systems so, occasionally, I still get a ticket, particularly if I’ve been up in Dallas — lots of puckered sphincters from California transplanted there — or out in the boonies, systems having been sold long ago on the concept of mulcting “city folk”.

    Tolling of surface streets is coming. Whether or not the government entities install FRED type visual indicators of the statistics gathering, the tech is slowly spreading.

  23. Of course after these absurdities are installed they MUST send out tickets to cover their cost, plus revenue.
    Can’t wait for the toilet paper monitor that fines you for using too much.

    • Ugh, do not give them any ideas, John. Or, for those with larger derrières, they are charged more money per square than those with smaller ones. Does that mean us smaller tushed folk get a discount? Hmm, probably not. Like SRV’s (Stevie Ray Vaughn) version of “The Taxman”: “….if you try to walk, I’ll tax your feet….”

  24. So if you drive over the limit you get a ticket but if you drive under it you get harassed and if you drive the exact speed limit everyone passes you. Clown world.

    • LMAO, it reminds me of the one Far Side clip, where the guy is hemming and hawing over which door to pick, and the guy is getting harassed by the devil who impatient tells him “Pick one already”. One door reads “Damned If You Do”….the other door reads “Damned If You Don’t”. As Foghorn Leghorn lamented, “some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed”….

    • Just spray with aerosol black undercoating the camera and solar panel or cut the solar panel connections (looks like the pruner on a cheap pole trimmer would reach those wires) or just hook and yank on them.

      • I’d vote for spray paint on a pole since it would get you there and done faster. May turn into a game of leapfrog; govco will put up cameras to watch the other cameras, rinse and repeat. See if they post an AGW to guard the Eye of Sauron.

  25. “You can see FRED in action in what is by far the jauntiest free music ever to grace a traffic light in action.” — some Jalopnik-GM woman

    One would have to be severely stoned, probably with multiple substances, to watch an entire 1:30 video of … a traffic light changing colors.

    Reminds me of the first time I smoked weed and tried to listen to the Beatles white album. Was grooving to the slight amplifier buzz coming through the speakers for ten minutes or so … till I realized the 8-track tape was plugged into the slot upside down. Doh!

    Into these last nine beers
    I have shed a million tears
    You are on my lonely mind
    I’m gonna keep drinkin’
    until I’m petrified
    And then maybe these tears
    will leave my eyes

    — Hank Williams, There’s a Tear in My Beer


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