The Prions Are Strong . . . Again!

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The prions are really doing a number on drivers – if that word can accurately be used to describe people like  the one I encountered yesterday. Who was driving 36-ish MPH on a road with a 55 MPH speed limit, indifferent to or oblivious of the clot he had created. He just sort of gimped along  . . . at about 20 MPH below the posted speed limit.

Which is interesting, given that the basis for arresting drivers who exceed the posted speed limit by 20 MPH in my state is that the speed variance they create is reckless to others.

Why this doesn’t serve in the other direction remains mysterious.

At any rate, here he is:

I’m seeing more such, regularly. Practically every time I go for a drive. Are you seeing it, too?


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    • This story also reminds us of Ms. Jessica Turner. The 34-year-old Massachusetts woman had a seizure while driving in August, five days after the Pfizer mRNA injection. Luckily nobody was hurt in the incident

    • Hi Larry,

      Just a quick thank you for taking the time to post these things; I try to keep up as best I can but I am only one man. I appreciate the help!

  1. Watch out, these bastards will crash into you, be aware…….

    NOTE:……..Road deaths up 18% in first half of the year
    Could this be from cognitive impairment from vaxx induced micro clots in the brain?

  2. shearing isn’t talked about much, it is a feature of the new soft kill machine they injected into you, sometimes called the mrna vaccine to deceive you.

    NOTE: researchers got 1000 vials of the mrna injections, among other things they found various metals in the injections, japan threw out 1 million vials because of this (japan stopped all vaccines and are using ivermectin now, they quit cooperating with the genocide agenda.)

    another cool feature of the injections:
    the combination of injecting metal nano particles and then applying high intensity 5g emf which makes the metal move around to cause shearing (shearing rips apart your organs).

    if you turn 5g up to 60 ghz (some people call this the kill switch) it makes the metal bits move around, oscillate, causing shearing, tearing your organs apart, it is like a ball bearing flying around inside a watermelon, but it is your brain or other organs. these satanists are sick bastards, now they want to do it to children.

    so if one of these injected morons is driving down the road and 5g is turned up and their organs are ripped apart, they could crash into you, watch out when driving.

  3. from a nurse of 40 years…
    I’m gonna tell you what’s happening in hospitals down south.

    Those that are vacc//in..ated and present with Co//vid are now being given, wait for it, ivermectin. Ivermectin they’re giving them and they’re surviving the Cov//id and walking out of the hospital. And they’re going and saying “Look the vac// saved me!” It wasn’t the vac// that saved them it was the ivermectin.
    save the vax//xed to prove va x works

    And those that are unva//cc..inated and are presenting with Co//vid, because of a fake, fraud, useless pcr test, guess what they’re doing to them? They’re putting them on ventilators and ventilators are the wrong treatment for people with Co//vid.

    It causes pulmonary edema and they drown, a death sentence, but the hospital gets $35,000 for putting them on a ventilator….. This is what happened in America last year that’s why all the thousands of people died in America last year. And this is what they’re doing in Australia to our fellow Australians in Victoria and New South Wales.

    ATTENTION: it looks like if you go into a hospital and you are unvaxxed a pureblood, they will give you a fake, fraud, useless pcr test, it will for sure test positive, that is a death sentence.

    The WHO and the CDC have recommended treatments virtually guaranteed to kill. they give you Remdesivir.

    Remdesivir was approved as part of a deadly protocol even though Fauci et al knew it causes Kidney failure – he knew because he had tested it in his Ebola studies.

    Knocking out the kidneys means the lungs fill up with fluid and then you have to put the patient on a ventilator. ventilators are the wrong treatment for people with Covid. It causes pulmonary edema and they drown,

    you die and they say the unva//xx..ed died because they had co//vid.

    another quote
    I give the con maybe 6 months before even the most devout pro va//x starts to deprogram,…”
    By that time the pro va//x won’t have any energy left to harass anti va//x. They’ll just die alone and get eaten by their cats.

    at least they don’t waste the organs…..

    Hospitals in America Have Become Organ Harvesting Killing Fields!

  4. I’m proud of my companions on this forum. Richard Greene did all he could manage to gain an aggressive profane response. And FAILED miserably.

  5. Perspective:

    Sven Henrich

    Today $TSLA has gained $100B in market cap on a $4B revenue order while Elon Musk has added $29B to his personal wealth as a result.

    Alexa: What part of the cycle are we in?

  6. Save for a few instances of consistent left hand blocking and crap driving in general, I don’t notice much difference here in Oklahoma and Texas, though I do see the occasional mask in car motorist. That is probably because these states are freer than most, have quite a bit of jab skepticism and at least in the case of OK a lot more open road. I see the route you travel to town and the road has a fairly low speed limit and line of sight compared to here, so, I dunno.

  7. It’s bad here in Eastern WA, I end up using the center turn lane to pass coming into town likely will get pinched by the bacon for that soon. Today it was a new Caddie SUV doing 28 in a 40, so slow it wasn’t a problem to pass in the straight but “no passing” zone. F Em. Temped to ignore the cops anyway, recent state law changes they don’t chase any longer unless known felony, as I understand it. Daughter called the cops some strung out nut job in town screaming and dancing sidewalk to road and back. Cops told her “he’s agitated can’t do anything “.

  8. I think they’re either 150 years old (so good excuse) or they’ve been vexxed, medicated, & toxic food-ed into brain damage. The dictators & assorted corrupt criminals have ruined this entire world and poisoned all of the people. It’s time to get rid of the dictator system worldwide. Heck, even the companies (dictatorships) are corrupt — they should be employee-owned companies so the employees get to vote because the owners of these bad huge companies nowadays are evil.

  9. A maximum speed limit is not a minimum speed limit.

    Older drivers with slower reaction times, and vision not like when they are young, need to drive at whatever speed they can handle safely.

    If that speed is too slow for you, that’s tough.

    The goal for any drivers is to get where you need to go without an accident.

    Some blowhards here probably exceed the speed limit plenty of times. And brag about it.

    Reminds me of a George Carlin joke:

    People who drive slower than me are idiots !
    People who drive faster than me are maniacs !

    • While I do tend to agree with one part of your statement, that people need to drive at whatever speed they can handle safely (and I’d go one step further and state that there is no requirement to drive at or above the speed limit), that old Clover was being a dick. I saw several places where they could have pulled off and let people pass. I always make sure to do that if I’m going to go much slower than the rest of traffic (and I run deliveries, so I’m in that position a lot).

      One thing I was taught when I was a truck driver is to not outdrive your vision. If the road is curvy with trees along the sides, or hilly with little line of sight, then I don’t give a crap if the speed limit is 55, I’m not going to drive that fast.

      • You make too much sense.
        A responsible driver.
        You are hereby banned from this website !
        This website is for speed demons !

        • Hi Richard,

          Please – stop it with the “speed demons” stuff. It is tiring – in the way it is tiring to have to point out to people who think it is “anti-Vaxx” to choose not to get “vaccinated.” The issue as regards the latter is choice. Take the shot if you wish. But don’t try to force me to take the shot.

          Just so with “speeding.” I don’t demand that you drive faster. Only that you don’t use your vehicle to force others to drive slower.

            • I never feel guilt; why would I? I’ve not harmed anyone; in fact, I’ve not so much as scratched anyone else’s paint.

              I sometimes ride my motorcycle in excess of 160 MPH. How does that make you feel?

              It makes me feel damned good!


              • But Eric, you MUST feel guilty if you don’t obey. Richard has determined how much you may exceed the speed limit, and you must comply, or else.

        • In normal weather, I don’t consider 10% faster than the speed limit to be “speeding” — that’s the typical average speed for drivers here in Michigan. Clover
          I consider people driving 25% or more above the speed limit to be “speed demons”.

          • Hi Richard,

            You realize – I hope – that your categorizations are entirely arbitrary. You don’t “consider” people who drive 10 percent faster than the posted limit to be “speeders.” The law says they are.

            I don’t consider people who drive 25 percent faster than the limit to be dangerous, either – provided they can do so competently.

            What makes your opinion more valid than mine?

            • Crickets. It appears Richard wants to be in charge of how fast we drive. Because he considers his opinion superior to yours.

    • Hi Richard,

      Driving slower than others isn’t the problem – using your car to impede others, is. If you’re driving 15-20 MPH below the speed limit (which is almost always well below the usual free flow of traffic) and don’t yield, then you are a behaving inconsiderately.

      And: Yes, I almost always drive much faster than whatever the speed limit is. Because speed limits are just least common denominator totem polls by the road. But if someone is overtaking me, I always yield.

      Because while I do (usually) drive fast (and always safely) I am not a dick!

      • Are you the Eric who wrote the article?
        If so I love the articles here, as a libertarian since 1973. I’ll still give you a hard time about this article, of course — that’s mandatory on the internet. I first thought your article was about a Torota hybrid car. My next door neighbor has had a Prius for about 15 years with the license plate “Oil’s Gone” A real dork.

        Was the driver really too slow for his abilities?
        Maybe he should just stay locked up at home 100% of the time because he might cause you to be delayed by a few minutes for an important life or death meeting with the old geezer who pretends to be President?

        There are far more people who speed, and drive recklessly, compared with slow pokes.

        I’ve been driving since 1969.
        Not one accident.
        How about you?

        Were the road conditions perfect?
        Was visibility perfect?
        Was it raining or snowing?
        Rear wheel drive cars don’t handle
        as well as front wheel drive or AWD
        in snow or rain.

        If it was at night, many seniors and
        teenagers do not have good night vision.

        In the bright sunlight some seniors do not have normal vision because of cataracts. They should be wearing sunglasses in the day and probably not driving at night until they have eye surgery.

        When I was young, driving at the speed limit seemed slow — now that I’m old, driving at the speed limit seems fast enough. And I no longer collect speeding tickets, which are very expensive these days.

        The faster you drive, the lower your margin of safety. That is a physics fact.

        Here in Michigan I drive 40mph on one winding two lane suburban road almost every day. The speed limit is 35mph, which is slower than almost everyone else on the road wants to drive. I don’t care if there are five cars behind me for that one mile stretch at 40 mph — I’m already exceeding the speed limit, so don’t have to pull over for them to pass me. This is in the Detroit suburbs.

        When I moved to Detroit in 1977 there were a a lot more reckless drivers speeding and weaving on the freeways compared with mu home state of New York. I gave one reckless driver a one finger salute when he cut me off at vert high speed on a freeway while weaving though traffic like a lunatic. He slowed down right after he passed me and then I saw him holding a pistol outside his open driver’s window, challenging me to pass him. Of course I slowed down and we both ended up on the shoulder, with his car one block ahead of mine. Where we remained as I calmly explained to my girlfriend that if that guy left his car, and came toward me with his gun, I would be running him over at high speed to kill him. He never got out of his car, and left after a 10 minute stand off. Detroit is a tough town.

        And you complain about some old geezer driving too slow? Try driving in Florida where many geezers drive too slow, most of their time with their left blinker on for miles. Then they turn right into the first diner they see with an early bird special sign.
        If it’s a red Chrysler mini van, that would be my father in law, with me and his daughter in the back seat, very thankful that he drives so slow.

        • “I’ve been driving since 1969, not one accident…”

          Well, BULLY for you. Anything ELSE you care to signal your VIRTUE over?


          • People who ignore speed limits tend to have more accidents and deaths. I lost a few close friends in high school who were speeding and destroyed their cars, and their lives. You obviously are an expert on a-holes because your insult is a perfect example of an a-hole comment. Your mother would be proud of you.

            I think I will stop commenting here.
            A rude, rough crowd.
            Congratulations, you won.

            • Hi Richard,

              Almost everyone “speeds” every time they drive; i.e., they drive at least a bit faster than whatever the arbitrary number on the sign reads. That’s point one.

              Point two is that driving faster than the speed limit is not – as such – “unsafe.” Merely unlawful. The difference is important. Your assertion that “People who ignore speed limits tend to have more accidents and deaths,” is simply not true although a common misconception. It is driver error – not speed – that is the cause of most “accidents.”

              The friends you mention in HS who “destroyed their cars, and their lives” were almost certainly inexperienced and driving beyond their skills. That is the real problem. Not “speed.”

              Characterizing it in that way is like attributing the “spread” of ‘Rona to healthy people who don’t wear “masks.”

              • Driving faster is more dangerous than slower due to physics. Alcohol is a big problem. Clover

                The friends I lost in high school were speeding. Two dies in a Jaguar XKE 12 cylinder (rich parents) going so fast they hit a tree and split the car into two piecces The author drove his TransAm off a cliff into a river, while failing to get around a turn near his home, that he drove on every day. Both accidents ar t grossly excessive speed.

                You bragged about driving fast most of the time. I asked about your accident record, and you ignored the question. That is not an unusual question to ask.

                • Richard,

                  You’re reciting serial boilerplate pabulum.

                  “Driving faster is more dangerous than slower due to physics.”

                  No, it isn’t – as such. If the driver is skilled and the car is capable, speed is just a variable. It does not make “driving more dangerous.”

                  Loss of control does.

                  Inept drivers operating below the speed limit regularly lose control – and cause accidents.

                  Let me tell you a story. I’ve been in a Ford Econoline van with the ex-race driver Bob Bondurant. You’d be surprised how much “safer” he is behind the wheel of that van – with a few beers in him, even – running 100-plus than the typical Clover doing 47 in a 55.

                  PS: I haven’t had any “accidents” … yet I drive much faster than the speed limit practically every time I drive. Does that answer your question?

                  • “The faster you drive, the lower your margin of safety. That is a physics fact.” But NOT necessarily a psychological fact. An accomplished driver may actually drive WORSE at excessively slow speeds because of the lack of challenge allowing less focus and more distraction.

            • “I think I will stop commenting here.
              A rude, rough crowd.”

              You are the one that started the name calling in your initial post, “Some blowhards here probably exceed the speed limit plenty of times. And brag about it.”, Dick.

                • Richard,

                  I state (as opposed to brag) that I ignore most speed limits – because they’re well below my capability to safely operate a vehicle. I also run – because I am able to. Should I only walk – because some cannot run? Wear a Face Diaper – because some are afraid I might be sick?

                  I drive within my limits – not those of the least common denominator. Or – for that matter – above my limits. I’m a pretty good driver, with track time and a lot of experience. More than probably 99 percent of the general driving public. But I’m not a professional race car driver and so would not attempt to drive at that level, either.

                  You characterize this as being a “blowhard” – and then get indignant when people call you on your disparaging of them. My finger hovers over the Clover button…

            • You touched a nerve. The most comprehensive study of driver behavior done by the Federal Highway Administration in the 1960’s showed that people traveling 8-12 mph above the average speed on the road had a fraction of the accident involvemen rate that people traveling the same amount below the speed limit. That study has never been refuted, although they have tried. Traffic engineers used that to establish the 85th percentile speed for the speed limit. It is based on what the reasonable majority of motorists are doing on the road. Raising and lowering speed limit doesn’t change the travel speeds by more than 1 or 2 mph. Year after year, the fatality rates on US highways have dropped. The only exceptions were in 1976-1980, 2015-2017 and maybe a slight bump in 2005. 76 to 80 was marked by a tightening of enforcement of the 55 mph speed limit. 2005 was an unexplained jump and 2014-17 marked significant changes to the vehicle mix. I blame the increasing use of on board driver assistance and telematics for a decrease in driver skill. In addition, the poliferation of government mandated side impact and rollover “protection” has increased the number of blind spots, making cars more difficult to drive and avoid accidents in the first place likely led to an increase.

              Of course, these things might deserve more scrutiny, but won’t get them as this country is headed to bankruptcy. In addition, they can’t be explained in a two second sound bite like “speed kills”, slow down and maybe a George Carlin quip.

              • There is no way the exact speed of an accident would be known in the 1960s. And the peak speed before braking would not be known either.

                Cars are much less deadly today thanks to air bags and other safety devices.

                Here in Michigan I don’t know where you find people who drive 8 to 12 mph under the speed limit for a study.

                You’d have to search through the senior citizen homes.

                Here you can get the finger for driving AT the speed limit !

                • Clover, Sure, but you could get a pretty good idea. You can extrapolate all of the above. I stated 8-12mph below the average speed for the road, not necessarily the speed limit.

                  If you are traveling a significant amount below traffic flow, you deserve the finger.

                • “There is no way the exact speed of an accident would be known in the 1960s. And the peak speed before braking would not be known either.” Male bovine organic fertilizer! Both have been more accurately determined by vehicle damage and skid marks than one might think, or even believe.

              • Dawdlers, when driving below the speed limit, feel safe, because the gubberment has declared that driving over the speed limit is dangerous. So because they feel safe they do not drive with the required attention. So hence they have more accidents.
                Just look around and notice slow vehicles; people on their phones, chatting to fellow passengers etc.
                Speed is an easy metric to fine you for. Your speed was larger than the legal maximum – pay us.
                Where as dangerous or careless driving is what really kills, but it is difficult for the feds to rob you for this, because the decision is subjective and the action is momentary, and especially if you didn’t have an accident.

            • “I lost a few close friends in high school who were speeding and destroyed their cars, and their lives.”

              Well, there you have it. Dick lost some friends to racing muscle cars and doing irresponsible shit in the 70’s. He seemingly feels like that means “speeding” is always dangerous and one size fits all laws harshly enforced must fix it.

              Luckily for all of us he’s going away soon or has already left.

              • Mocking high school seniors who lost their lives driving at grossly excessive speeds is a comment that could only be written by a true j-e-r-k. I came back here to remind you that incredibly rude comments get repaid.Clover

                • Hi Richard,

                  You aroused some anger by characterizing anyone who drives faster than an arbitrary number posted on a sign as a “blowhard. You impute to these people “dangerous” driving. Both charges are simply untrue. I’m sorry you lost friends in high school; I did, too. But “speed” wasn’t the reason for it.

                  Driving in excess of their abilities was.

                • We all lost friends in highschool. I didn’t make fun of highschool seniors. I stated that they acted irresponsibly. We all did it at times. Some lost their lives. There’s much more to it than ‘speeding’.

            • And WHAT, pray tell, did I “win”? Telling off some self-righteous “Clover” (Eric’s term, I can’t claim it)?

              I hope you’re happy in your smug sense of self-righteousness, Richard. Else, “Be Well” (I’ll place a ‘burger bet’ you won’t get the reference).

              • One insult after another, with no valuable information for others in your comments. Unless your comments are intended to instruct others here that non-consensus opinions here should be attacked, to keep these comments “pure”. I hope you are proud of yourself.Clover

                • Richard,

                  You are behaving like the typical Leftist authoritarian who insults – and then gets upset when insulted. Who believes his arbitrary standards are the only right ones… that people who disagree with his view are some concatenation of stupid/dangerous, etc.

                  It’s quite something, psychologically!

                • Richard, you inspire insult with your arrogance and condescension. Don’t get all weepy when you get some. That’s what your looking for so diligently.

              • Never mind that by far the most accidents are at slower speeds? “Don’t be a science denier.” Which clearly demonstrates you have no concept of what science is. Settled science is an oxymoron, since science is the ongoing questioning of EVERYTHING.

              • So don’t crash.
                Problem solved.
                Engineering showed as long ago as the 1930s that going faster and not crashing was safer than going slower and crashing. But that doesn’t suit the control freaks. So it’s dumb everything down and go slow and because of it actually cause crashes. This has been known for decades. Nobody cares because the goal is control, not safety. Sounds familiar to a more recent topic, control sold as safety but it’s actually more dangerous.

            • Being accident free can just as easily be an accident of fate as it is “safe driving”. As I’ve pointed out elsewhere in this thread, my Mother was one of, if not the worst drivers I’ve ever ridden with, and never involved in an accident, much less being the guilty party, in 60+ years of driving.

              • Mr. Magoo is a real thing where driving is concerned. They cause havoc to those around them but are never involved in the carnage themselves.

        • Hi Richard,

          I think we’re not communicating. I’ve been trying to convey that the problem – as I see it – isn’t that some people drive slowly. I sometimes do the same – as when hauling a heavy load in my truck. There are a number of reasons why a person might be driving well below the flow of traffic. The problem is when such a driver makes no effort to yield to faster moving traffic. At that point, they become deliberately obstructive and that is obnoxious. It used to be taught that slower traffic should keep right and that if you are being overtaken, the proper thing to do is to yield. This business of just driving along – in whatever lane – at whatever speed – oblivious to other traffic – especially traffic stacking up behind you – is a primary reason for the unnecessary tension on the road. Everywhere else, most people understand intuitively that it’s good manners to not block sidewalks or shopping aisles and so on.

          As regards the rest: I’ve also not wrecked – even though I “speed” regularly. Bear in mind that the car companies don’t loan brand-new vehicles to just anyone. I drive according to my abilities – which are higher than those presumed by least common denominator speed limits. The same is true, by the way, for most people. The typical speed limit is set below even the 85th percentile, which is supposed to be the way speed limits are set.

          But I opposed speed limits – as such – since they are by definition one size fits al and such things are by definition a poor fit for most. And this goes in both directions.

          My ex mother in law was a terrible driver. Even though she almost never drove faster than the speed limit. Multiple at-fault accidents. By any objective measure, I am a much safer driver than she, as I have had none – despite my driving much faster than the speed limit.

          • Give him the clover signal and then cancel. My tolerance for repetitive speed kills nonsense is finished. If he has been driving since 1969, he’s probably ready for the same home Biden will occupy soon.

                • Hi Henry,

                  Yup; I tried to reason with him. No luck. We are “blowhards” and “dangerous” speeders!

                  Doesn’t it make you nostalgic for our Original Clover?

                  Maybe he/she is back?

                  • I don’t think this is the original. All though authoritarian statists like to disguise themselves, the original didn’t claim to be a libertarian. This is a peculiar strain of clover.

          • Recently, until I finally had to yield to being “old”, I caused a spate of minor (less than 5 mph) accidents after YEARS of trouble-free driving. Turned out, all I needed was eyeglasses, and driving got better. One thing that happens as you get older is you compensate for deteriorating motor skills and eyesight, but eventually that only does so much. Not a bad idea, if you find yourself having a “damn, close call”, once TOO OFTEN, and you know you nearly screwed up, to get your eyes checked.

            • Indeed, Doug!

              Getting older can’t be helped. But we can help becoming problems – for other people, as well as ourselves. I gave my dad a lot of credit for hanging up the keys when his glaucoma made him unable to drive safely. I intend to emulate that example, if it should become necessary.

          • Sorry, I just read your response to my “any accidents” question after I accused you of not answering. No ability to edit my comment now !

            We definitely are not communicating and I have to assume it is your fault. Because none of my faults are my fault.

            Your short article did not say anything about a slow driver ignoring opportunities to pull into the right lane to let you by, without pulling off the road and stopping.
            If a slow driver pulls off the road and stops, one minute later he will be back on the road blocking other cars.

            I can’t remember the last time I was behind such a slow driver here in Michigan — probably over five years ago. It is hard to believe you get stuck behind such slowpokes “practically every time I go for a drive”. unless you drive 100,000 miles a year on local two lane roads. If “practically every time” is true, not an exaggeration, I understand your comments.

            So the next time you get stuck behind a slowpoke, imagine he or she is very old, and driving his spouse to a hospital for his or her chemotherapy treatment. Because that may be true. And be thankful that is not you driving cautiously at the best of your ability. That is called compassion.

            PS: I’m not COVID vaxxed and never intend to be ( since you often bring up COVID)

            US average COVID deaths per day, per 100,000 people in 2021 are 16.9% higher than in 2020.
            That’s not a success !

            Details on the +16.9% here:

            • Hi Richard,

              Again, you are missing the point. It is a basic principle of courtesy on the road to yield to faster-moving traffic. To not make any effort to do so when you are driving well below the flow of traffic and the posted speed limit is a passive-aggressive and grossly inconsiderate act.

              Do you also demand “compassion” for people who just stand in the middle of a busy public walkway, making no effort to get out of the way of other people?

            • You seem to full of unique characteristics, but I appreciate your comments on the COVID vax. Your blanket characterization of fast drivers, not so much.

        • “I’ve been driving since 1969. Not one accident. How about you?”
          And my mother drove her entire life without one. In spite of being one of the worst drivers I ever road with. Getting my drivers license was not so much about freedom as preservation of my sanity. I didn’t have to ride with her anymore.

        • “as a libertarian since 1973”. I think that “L” should be upper case, since you sound like a member of the Libertarian Party, who thinks the system is just great, if only THEY were in charge. This small “l” libertarian doesn’t even think the state should build and own roads. If they are privately owned, I’m perfectly willing to abide by the limits they impose on their own property. The state being mostly a criminal organization in the first place, has no moral authority to decide how fast one can drive, nor to extract funds at gunpoint from those who exceed their suggestions.

          • Indeed, John!

            The government seizes what was the public right of way and then has the effrontery to impose terms and conditions on its use. My own internal conditions are simpler: I act in a manner that causes no harm to others. Whether this is “legal” or “illegal” concerned me not at all.

            Only that I do not cause any harm to others.

            • Likewise, and fortunately for me, it’s been more than a year since I’ve seen local “speed limit” enforcers on the road. My major restriction on speed is that my car burns a LOT more fuel once it gets over 75 mph.

        • “Rear wheel drive cars don’t handle as well as front wheel drive or AWD in snow or rain.” Which indicates I MUST be an exceptionally talented driver. Every time we get 2-4 inches of snow on the road, I drive my rear wheel drive SPORTS CAR by a number of SUVs, nearly all of which are either front or all wheel drive, in the ditch.

    • Have Grandma surrender her license and have the nice young man at the old folks’ home (“It’s a RETIREMENT community, Ma!”) drive her and the other oldsters around. If their reaction times and confidence are THAT shot, they don’t belong on the road…especially wheeling a huge RV!

      • Which is what I usually conclude after following someone who is pretending to drive for several miles. “If that’s the best you can do, you need to park it. SOON”!

    • Since I was a child I’ve been told I must be throttled to the ability level of others in everything I was ever good at. Meanwhile in everything I am not good at, well sucks to be me, I’ve just got to deal with it. So quite frankly, this line of reasoning is garbage. It’s just control freakism.

  10. Try driving HWY 340 in Page County. This stretch of road has to be the slowest in the state of Virginia. From cell phone use to lost tourists to inconsiderate drivers to retards in general …ect., driving this road will leave you wanting to “declare clover season” and carry out road rage in mass order.

    • Same w/rte 55 John Marshall hiway in Warren county. Most infuriating is the repainting of dashed lines w/solid one! I have stopped paying attention to lines. NEVER give up an opportunity to pass. ALWAYS drive as fast as you possibly and safely can.

      Really pisses me off in the snow, whereby if there is a downhill then an uphill, people go too damn slow on the downhill, nor realizing the momentum can help on the uphill side.

      • In my neck of the woods, it’s pretty much a fact of life that on snow covered roads, if you don’t start up a hill at LEAST 30mph, you won’t make it, and will block or slide back into those behind you.

      • 95% of people on the road don’t understand momentum in snow and should stay home. They also have this incessant need to move in front of anyone who knows what they are doing and making reasonable forward progress. Can’t have that, there’s snow! Stop and go slow everyone. Ug.

        • Understanding momentum is critical in snow. The reason you need to start up a hill at 30mph is so you will still be going 5-10mph at the top as you let off the throttle to keep from spinning out.

    • Allen and Tom, both of those roads are pretty drives. Zero phone service (which I don’t mind) and pretty farmland (at least until one reaches Haymarket on 55). I guarantee there is nothing pretty on Route 3 outside of Fredericksburg (at least until one makes it to the Orange County line). The farmland has been eaten away with concrete buildings and transplants from North of the PW County line. It is now a cluster of traffic lights, ambulances, and clovers trying to weave in and out between Dunkin Donuts and crossing the highway to get to BJs. Downright depressing.

  11. Eric, methinks at times it’s a form of passive-aggressiveness. These CUNTS, some ostensibly with factory-original (and obviously UNUSED) genitalia, seem to have some obsession with CONTROLLING others, hence this game of “I can slow YOU down, just TRY to pass me!”. There’s no reasoning at all with these morons, just get AROUND and LEAVE them, and if you have to give a gentle “nudge” (or a hard “body check”), so be it.

    That’s why during that time of actual productivity on my part, once baseball season ends, with the daylight hours shorter, I still enjoy watching the “fights” and live in dread that a HOCKEY game will break out.

  12. Speaking of prions, covid jabs are now known to be a magical tonic of immortality, providing people with massive protection against death from any cause other than covid. No, I’m not making this up:

    ‘adjusted relative risk (aRR) of non–COVID-19 mortality for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was … 0.34 (95% CI = 0.33–0.36) after dose 2.

    ‘The aRR of non–COVID-19 mortality for the Moderna vaccine [was] … 0.31 (95% CI = 0.30–0.33) after dose 2.’

    Get vaxxed, cut your non-covid death risk by two-thirds, says the CDC.

    That’s incredible, literally.

    You don’t need no PhD Epidemiology to see that something is drastically, terribly wrong with their data.

    Most likely reason: hundreds of thousands of deaths ‘with’ covid (or even without it) were erroneously classified as covid deaths. Exclude that mountain of misclassified deaths, and abnormally few non-covid deaths remain. The data is hopelessly polluted.

    This article, I predict, will go down in history as a scientific joke. Nothing — NOTHING — cuts mortality by two-thirds. Only complete ‘intellectual yet idiots’ would fail to perform a sanity check on such a bizarre, patently impossible result.

    And these are the same deluded charlatans pushing vaccines on little kids. 🙁

    • 17,503 DEAD, 1.7 Million Injured (50% SERIOUS) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots

      Here is the summary data through July 3, 2021.

      Total reactions for the experimental mRNA vaccine Tozinameran (code BNT162b2,Comirnaty) from BioNTech/ Pfizer: 8,426 deaths and 632,623 injuries to 03/07/2021

      17,754 Blood and lymphatic system disorders incl. 99 deaths
      14,858 Cardiac disorders incl. 1,165 deaths
      126 Congenital, familial and genetic disorders incl. 12 deaths
      7,951 Ear and labyrinth disorders incl. 5 deaths
      324 Endocrine disorders incl. 2 deaths
      9,319 Eye disorders incl. 19 deaths
      57,599 Gastrointestinal disorders incl. 388 deaths
      173,572 General disorders and administration site conditions incl. 2,510 deaths
      558 Hepatobiliary disorders incl. 33 deaths
      6,948 Immune system disorders incl. 42 deaths
      19,780 Infections and infestations incl. 834 deaths
      7,204 Injury, poisoning and procedural complications incl. 124 deaths
      15,281 Investigations incl. 296 deaths
      4,721 Metabolism and nutrition disorders incl. 164 deaths
      88,638 Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders incl. 103 deaths
      386 Neoplasms benign, malignant and unspecified (incl. cysts and polyps) incl. 26 deaths
      114,125 Nervous system disorders incl. 902 deaths
      478 Pregnancy, puerperium and perinatal conditions incl. 18 deaths
      124 Product issues
      11,148 Psychiatric disorders incl. 117 deaths
      2,005 Renal and urinary disorders incl. 132 deaths
      3,597 Reproductive system and breast disorders incl. 2 deaths
      27,121 Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders incl. 989 deaths
      30,404 Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders incl. 79 deaths
      979 Social circumstances incl. 12 deaths
      392 Surgical and medical procedures incl. 21 deaths
      17,231 Vascular disorders incl. 332 deaths

      Total reactions for the experimental mRNA vaccine mRNA-1273(CX-024414) from Moderna: 4,605 deaths and 157,802 injuries to 03/07/2021

      2,890 Blood and lymphatic system disorders incl. 35 deaths
      4,491 Cardiac disorders incl. 503 deaths
      66 Congenital, familial and genetic disorders incl. 4 deaths
      1,972 Ear and labyrinth disorders
      110 Endocrine disorders incl. 1 death
      2,498 Eye disorders incl. 9 deaths
      13,626 Gastrointestinal disorders incl. 161 deaths
      42,716 General disorders and administration site conditions incl. 1,928 deaths
      269 Hepatobiliary disorders incl. 17 deaths
      1,349 Immune system disorders incl. 5 deaths
      4,793 Infections and infestations incl. 259 deaths
      3,378 Injury, poisoning and procedural complications incl. 92 deaths
      3,359 Investigations incl. 93 deaths
      1,616 Metabolism and nutrition disorders incl. 94 deaths
      19,416 Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders incl. 88 deaths
      175 Neoplasms benign, malignant and unspecified (incl. cysts and polyps) incl. 18 deaths
      28,239 Nervous system disorders incl. 465 deaths
      338 Pregnancy, puerperium and perinatal conditions incl. 2 deaths
      24 Product issues
      3,193 Psychiatric disorders incl. 75 deaths
      1,061 Renal and urinary disorders incl. 66 deaths
      723 Reproductive system and breast disorders incl. 2 death
      7,268 Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders incl. 438 deaths
      8,400 Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders incl. 32 deaths
      690 Social circumstances incl. 16 deaths
      540 Surgical and medical procedures incl. 42 deaths
      4,602 Vascular disorders incl. 160 deaths

      Total reactions for the experimental vaccine AZD1222/VAXZEVRIA (CHADOX1 NCOV-19) from Oxford/ AstraZeneca: 3,871 deaths and 852,616 injuries to 03/07/2021

      9,950 Blood and lymphatic system disorders incl. 160 deaths
      13,336 Cardiac disorders incl. 454 deaths
      115 Congenital, familial and genetic disorders incl. 3 deaths
      9,712 Ear and labyrinth disorders
      355 Endocrine disorders incl. 3 deaths
      14,641 Eye disorders incl. 15 deaths
      86,515 Gastrointestinal disorders incl. 184 deaths
      227,408 General disorders and administration site conditions incl. 1,009 deaths
      607 Hepatobiliary disorders incl. 32 deaths
      3,359 Immune system disorders incl. 14 deaths
      19,508 Infections and infestations incl. 247 deaths
      8,912 Injury, poisoning and procedural complications incl. 94 deaths
      18,352 Investigations incl. 88 deaths
      10,315 Metabolism and nutrition disorders incl. 50 deaths
      131,547 Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders incl. 50 deaths
      379 Neoplasms benign, malignant and unspecified (incl. cysts and polyps) incl. 9 deaths
      180,575 Nervous system disorders incl. 612 deaths
      279 Pregnancy, puerperium and perinatal conditions incl. 5 deaths
      117 Product issues
      16,000 Psychiatric disorders incl. 33 deaths
      3,045 Renal and urinary disorders incl. 33 deaths
      8,593 Reproductive system and breast disorders
      28,994 Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders incl. 447 deaths
      39,173 Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders incl. 25 deaths
      866 Social circumstances incl. 5 deaths
      754 Surgical and medical procedures incl. 16 deaths
      19,209 Vascular disorders incl. 283 deaths

      Total reactions for the experimental COVID-19 vaccine JANSSEN (AD26.COV2.S) from Johnson & Johnson: 601 deaths and 44,486 injuries to 03/07/2021

      405 Blood and lymphatic system disorders incl. 18 deaths
      659 Cardiac disorders incl. 73 deaths
      16 Congenital, familial and genetic disorders
      250 Ear and labyrinth disorders
      10 Endocrine disorders incl. 1 death
      518 Eye disorders incl. 3 deaths
      4,283 Gastrointestinal disorders incl. 25 deaths
      11,832 General disorders and administration site conditions incl. 150 deaths
      58 Hepatobiliary disorders incl. 4 deaths
      161 Immune system disorders incl. 1 death
      598 Infections and infestations incl. 16 deaths
      413 Injury, poisoning and procedural complications incl. 8 deaths
      2,420 Investigations incl. 39 deaths
      225 Metabolism and nutrition disorders incl. 11 deaths
      7,687 Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders incl. 17 deaths
      18 Neoplasms benign, malignant and unspecified (incl. cysts and polyps)
      9,547 Nervous system disorders incl. 76 deaths
      15 Pregnancy, puerperium and perinatal conditions incl. 1 death
      11 Product issues
      459 Psychiatric disorders incl. 5 deaths
      150 Renal and urinary disorders incl. 8 deaths
      166 Reproductive system and breast disorders incl. 1 death
      1,453 Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders incl. 47 deaths
      1,125 Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders incl. 2 deaths
      91 Social circumstances incl. 3 deaths
      393 Surgical and medical procedures incl. 27 deaths
      1,523 Vascular disorders incl. 65 deaths

  13. I haven’t seen this any more regularly than before. But I hail from the state where only 42% or something have had one jab and 36% have had the second. Those stats had people screaming about why the “cases!!!!” were “sky rocketing”. Now they are flattening. It’s not difficult to know why they are flattening. It’s because the sky rocketing cases were caused by the jab. Now they’re flattening because everyone that was going to get the jab has gotten it. The cases have flattened in the same trajectory as the jab doses have flattened.

  14. Eric,

    I saw it just this morning! I was coming back from feeding the stray cats and eating breakfast when a guy in an Audi A4 pulled out and did 5 mph below the limit. Then, we turned on to a more heavily traveled road with a 5-10 mph higher limit; the SOB STILL did 5-10 mph below the limit, and he had a CAPABLE CAR! I’m glad it’s not just me…

  15. Perhaps people have simply stopped thinking, since that is what they are constantly told to do by the “experts” and “officials”. How else can we explain why so many are so adamant we take a vaccine with zero long term testing, short term adverse events worse than any other vaccine ever allowed to even remain available, and declining evidence they work at all?

  16. I have absolutely seen more idiot driving here in the past few months.

    I chalked it up to a few things.

    •People stuck in their homes away from common interactions for months with nothing to stimulate their brains, but nonstop fear porn and Xbox.

    •People consumed by fear after being hammered with the largest psyop in recorded history. Leaving them unable to think clearly (if you fell for it I question your ability to think anyway) Cortisol levels through the roof and almost no reasoning power left.

    •Masks. CO2 in the brain, and possible visual obstruction.

    •More recently the clot shot. Who the hell really knows what’s in it? Maybe saline for the puppetician’s photo op, deadly poison, maybe a slow kill dumbing agent like fluoride, we don’t really know

    People have definitely gotten dumber and less competent in general this past year. Personally I think it’s mostly psychological. A huge swath of the population has turned into an OCD fear riddled concerned old woman with no purpose in life other that to control everybody else. The good news is the spell seems to be wearing thin.

    • I agree. People have been successfully trained to acquire safety at all costs, including the cost of deleting their thought process. Leading them to actually believe that a gang of Psychopaths In Charge really are concerned about “keeping you safe” while nothing could be further from the truth.

  17. I am seeing it. Mostly the elderly are doing it. However I am seeing some of the… urban types… and younger types (mostly female) riding my ass while I am going 10 over the ‘limit’ and they refuse to pass too.

    Have you looked up or heard anything about soil depletion? Our typical grocery store foods are not even close to what our parents/grandparents had. I saw a Dr. Axe article that said an orange today has far less vitamin A and calcium than 50 or so years ago. I can’t find the article, but he mentioned other foods as well. I’ve watched an ‘After Skool’ youtube video on the subject too. Very scary stuff.

    This goes along with some Bill Sardi articles I’ve read on Lew Rockwell’s blog about the lack of thiamine and how stress/alcohol/caffeine depletes it.

    I’m wondering if not only these ‘vaccines’ are causing people to slow down mentally and visually, but also our lack of nutrition. There are plenty of, I’d say, 60+ year olds starting to cognitively decline due to years of poor nutrition in this country (just take a look at a random crowd in a store and count the scooter riding fatties). People honestly think that fortified foods and pills are healthy.

    Methinks these types of people are not going to make it through the next few years and will be ‘wiped out’ by any new disease/supply chain issue. Millions.

  18. Los Angeles: It has become infuriatingly common to get stuck behind some vaxxhole going 51 in the No. 1 lane of a four/five-line freeway (posted limit 65).

    This did NOT used to be a common thing.

  19. I live about 2 city-sized blocks from my work — which may very well not be “my work” soon because I’m not doing the poison mandate. But I have to say that, on most days, that drive is one of the most maddening and frustrating. I don’t know if it’s because these people haven’t really woken up yet, coffee didn’t kick in, but they freaking putz along like brain dead morons.

  20. On I95 from Florida to Virginia we were averaging about 85 mph until south of Richmond, where we were forced to slow down to 70 along with various braking all the way to Fredericksburg. For the most part the slow drivers stayed to the right. Maybe everyone was desperate to get where they needed to go, but the majority of us were well above the 70 mph posted speed, even the semis.

      • Hi Roscoe,

        I believe they plan to carry the toll lanes 10 miles south of Fredericksburg, but they have not began road construction that far south. They have brought them down to as far as Prince William County, but to be honest, I never drive north of the Falmouth exit because traffic is usually unbearable. I know to many back roads to sit in all that congestion.

  21. I was behind an older couple (not elderly, just old) sitting at a four-way intersection. The light was red, I could see the heads of both people moving back & forth looking for traffic so they could make a right turn. There really wasn’t much traffic at all. Zero from the left.
    The thing is, we had a green turn arrow.

    I sighed, muttered, “Driving is hard” then honked my horn to see if that would get them to budge. It took a few more seconds for them to go. I wondered if they ever even noticed the green arrow.

    • As oddly as civil engineers control some intersections, it is quite easy to miss such that you aren’t familiar with. One of my favorites locally, is a four lane road turning to two lanes a couple hundred feet past an intersection. Where if you aren’t familiar with the road, and since the sign is too close to the intersection to change lanes in a timely manner, you’re stuck, until someone has mercy and lets you change lanes.


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