A Prionic Drive

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They say the Jabbed are leaching “prions” into their surroundings and that these whatever-they-are’s (I’m not a biologist) can infest nearby people and make them sick, too. I don’t know about that. Or at least, I know that so far, so good. I remain healthy in spite of having been in proximity of the Jabbed, who are now as unavoidable as sunlight (unless you want to live in the basement, forever).

Another unavoidable thing may be a function of the prion thing.

The cut of the average driver’s jib seems to have markedly deteriorated since it became hip to roll up your sleeve. They say these “prions” cause occlusion in blood vessels and that stroke-like symptoms are one result. The victim seems dazed, torpid. Reactions dulled.

The diagnosis fits.

As in this case.

I found myself behind the car in the video accompany this story the other day, as I was driving on a road with a 55 MPH speed limit that most people ignore (in favor of higher speed) by at least 5 MPH, unless they’re driving a tractor. It’s a speed limit that hasn’t changed in 30 years, notwithstanding that cars have.

And so have drivers, unfortunately.

This one was driving around 32 MPH when I began video recording – a speed that is arguably reckless driving given it is more than 20 MPH below the posted speed limit and for that reason is just as dangerous – using the same logic – as the actually statutory definition of “reckless” driving in my state, which is defined as any speed in excess of 20 MPH faster than the posted speed limit.

It is considered – by the law – to be “reckless” to drive 76 MPH on a road with a 55 MPH speed limit because of excessive speed variance – a term referring to the differential speed between the lawfully operated car doing 55 and the “reckless” car doing 76. The thrust of it is that the car doing 76 presents a closing speed threat to the car doing 55 and also is just “too fast” for the road, given sight lines and so on.

Well, 32 is too slow.

Dangerously so. A car operating 20-plus MPH below the speed limit is a slow-moving target for being read-ended by another car entering a blind curve with that slow-mover suddenly appearing ahead and not enough time for the driver doing the speed limit to brake to avoid it. Such a slow-mover also occludes the flow of traffic, as the prions may be occluding the blood flow in the brain of its driver.

It is hard to imagine anyone who isn’t a stroke victim or prionically addled driving that slowly, on purpose – on a clear fall day, on that straight stretch of road. Yet there she – as it turned out – was, doing exactly that. Oblivious to her speedometer and the speed limit, too.

As I passed her, I saw that she was older and that may account for it. But how to account for the drivers of the two cars that were behind me?

These were not older folks. I knew because I saw them in my rearview as they bunched up on my bumper, as we all waited – so I assumed – for a clear line-of-sight to say sayonara to the enfeebled (by age or prions, who knows?) lady ahead of all of us.

But when I passed her, they didn’t.

I watched the conga line recede in the rearview. The old lady, prions possibly coursing through her veins and arteries like chunks of bacon fat – with the other two also apparently prionically addled, still behind her. They made no attempt to get around, even though a safer place to pass would have been hard to conjure.  I passed the old lady on a stretch of road (see the video) that is at least a half mile long, a legal passing zone, with excellent sight lines and no oncoming traffic in sight. They could have passed her easily, too – and with plenty of margin – by lazily increasing their speed to exactly the speed limit.

But they didn’t even try.

The three cars just continued on their slow-motion way, like a herd that picks up new cows along the way – and just keeps on wandering in whatever direction the lead cow is leading; the lead cow having no idea where she’s leading.

She just happens to be there and so the others moo, too.

Is it the prions? Or is just the inevitable side effect of at least 30 years now of Safetyism and its tenets of passivity, its dogma that anything that smacks of speed – even if legal speed – is, ipso facto, “unsafe”?

Ask your doctor.

. . .

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  1. I notice it too. I live on 221 just a bit further south.

    There were always a lot of slow drivers around here for whatever reason. But, what I see now is lots of people who can’t stay in their lane on 2 lanes, and people who not only drive way below the speed limit on underposted roads, but who can’t even maintain 1 speed.

    It’s as if they’re in some kind of fog, drifting over the yellow line, speeding up to 10 over the SL the back down to 15 under.

    I once had a great aunt that had alzheimers/dementia (back before they called it that) and she would drive like that in her 440 ci Chrysler New Yorker.

    I think the vaxx is causing this premature degeneration of peoples’ health. I know of more people who either died, suddenly ‘came down with’ Stage 4 cancer after getting the jab and who are now dead, and people who simply act different after getting the shot, than I do people who had any severe issues with covid.

    If you’re not metabolically unhealthy, covid is not much of a threat to you. Far less than riding a motorcycle on the street or operating a chainsaw for example.

    • Indeed, NC!

      I’ve lived here almost 20 years now and things have changed – literally, all of a sudden. A year ago this time, there was the occasional old lady (or man) but by and large, most people drove at least the speed limit, kept in their lanes and didn’t randomly accelerate/brake for no apparent reason.

      Having read about the mechanics of the “vaccines,” it seems they tend to cause blood clotting – which could trigger ischemia (strokes) and stroke-like symptoms in the victims.

      All I know is no Jab for me. Notwithstanding this “highly infectious” respiratory bug which hasn’t affected me at all, despite my never having “practiced” any of the bizarre rituals that supposedly ward it off.

      • Either I’ve lost all patience with the idiots not having to deal with them much in a year or they are much worse or both.

        There is an aggressive slowness going on like never before. People are just slower and dumber than ever but they must be FIRST. And as usual they speed up to block anyone passing. It’s not like these things are new, but they are much more common.

    • Time for a vacay, Eric! Everyone needs to unwind and rejuice their batteries. Hit the beach, the mountains, the desert, whatever your thing is. Grab the SO and a suitcase. Hire a pet sitter for the kitties and chickens. A few days, a week, just escape. Life is too damn short to work all of the time. Hire a few volunteer writers to guest host for the week so you can get away.

      Picture it….

      A beach, a few lounge chairs, the SO and you enjoying the end of summer sun, waves crashing, a cooler full of alcoholic beverages, a few sandwiches, a couple fresh baked cookies from the bakery down the street, a good book or a few of the gazillion magazines that you haven’t gotten around to reading yet. It is quiet since all of the kids are back in school and the only thing you need to worry about are the seagulls trying to steal your sandwich.

  2. In a similar vein: Stupid Tesla Drivers (forgive the redundancy). https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbMoDtZ6Ani-eyHzCvxeVCw
    I used to really get irked whenever Elon Musk blamed his own customers for their careless driving.
    Several thousand dashcam videos later, I am inclined to agree with him. The Tesla owner/driver is fast outdoing the BMW “pricks”, at least by video standards. You really can’t blame Musk if his carload of technology toys attracts some of the most irresponsible non-drivers outside of BMW. On one hand they make ridiculous claims about how “autodrive” just saved the day, otherwise they try to blame it for not “driving the way it ought to” and causing their wrecks. Want to know who owns a Telsa? Don’t worry, they will tell you. Lol!

  3. My 90 year old mom just bought a used car. She said the most important thing about the car is that it has fast acceleration when pulling out onto a road or merging onto a freeway. Her old car had a Trump 2020 bumper sticker on it.

  4. Prions aren’t contagious unless you ingest them. Your body is made of proteins – large molecules folded up on top of themselves. A prion is just a protein which has folded incorrectly. We all have some number of prions in our bodies, because nature and physics make it impossible for everything to fold properly every single time.

    Some prions, such as those that cause Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, are “contagious”, in that when they encounter a properly folded proton, they nudge it into the wrong shape, turning it into a prion. This doesn’t always happen, but happens enough that you have an exponential replication of the prion, and eventually you end up with a horrific disease.

    New Guineans used to practice cannibalism, and since we all have prions in our bodies in some amount, eventually, someone ate enough of them from others to creath the chain reaction in their own body, leading to mad-cow like disease named Kuru (Google it).

    So, as someone who studied some amount of medicine, I know the following. First, there is no known prion disease which spreads via any other mechanism than eating significant amounts of the flesh of a creature that has the prion. If Covid19 vaccines induce proteins to fold into prions, then the only threat to you is that it becomes a bit riskier to eat Covid19 infected people.

    There is no substantiated study which shows a causal relationship between covid19 vaccines and prions. Prion diseases take many years, decades sometimes, to show first symptoms. It’s too early for any of those to have happened, and the reason for this are the laws of chemistry and physics – non negotiable ones.

    Color me skeptical.

    • RE: “there is no known prion disease which spreads via any other mechanism than eating significant amounts of the flesh of a creature that has the prion.”

      Whitetail deer and elk are said to be sources of prions, and they don’t seem to be eating significant amounts of the flesh of a creature that has the prion.

      I haven’t looked into the subject. It should be on my list of things tp do, but I’m swamped with To Do and twenty minutes from sleep.

      Crazy mixed-up world.

    • So, what your really saying is that these morons who insist on driving 15-20 miles under the speed limit on rural highways are actually cannibalistic zombies?
      Ok, I’ll buy that, lol!

  5. I have been going on about this very thing. The average driver has always sucked, but the situation has been notable worse around here since the world went nuts for Jabo.

  6. Lucky for all of you people I mowed today. When I mow, I usually fix all the worlds problems and plan how I am going to take over the world. Mowing is full body armor, long pants, long sleeves, big hat, old glasses for goggles, mask, still gets all over you. The mowing takes three hours plus to do, so I have plenty of time to think. I’m pretty sure I cut down a big patch of prions out in the field–looks better.
    When I take over the world, there will be no yoga pants (unless covered correctly) in public, no man buns and no face wrinkles. I will abolish most laws, regulations, mandates, executive orders, government departments, etc. You get the idea. Eric will be in charge of the car companies. Tesla will be gone.
    I agree with Ernie–and like Eric has said in the past. Most of the people dying are not dying from ‘Covid’, it’s age and poor health.
    I know of a young woman that died this past Tuesday. Did not know her, but do know a lot of her relatives. Her and her husband had gone to Vegas a month or so ago on a buying trip. They both tested ‘positive’ for Covid, got stuck in Vegas, couldn’t fly home, had a hard time even finding a place to stay. Both ended up in the hospital, husband not in very long, got better. She ended up on a ventilator, had a stroke—just all downhill once in hospital. I wonder if she would still be alive if they had just rented a car and drove home. She was 47 years old, the only health problem I know of was she had some kind of autoimmune problem–not sure what. I would also like to know if she had been vaccinated and which one. There is no one around here I can ask as most everyone I know are believers.
    I think being in the hospital just hastens your departure.
    I could possibly be embarrassed about the top paragraph after I post this, but lucky for me none of you know me. I also may have had that mask on too long, lol.

    • Hi Elaine,

      If I could add an additional request as you plan to overtake the world…..please, please, please outlaw skinny jeans. A man could look like Thor, put him in skinny jeans, and my libido just crashes and burns.

      How do you plan to banish face wrinkles? I would prefer that you banish face masks. I don’t have any face wrinkles….yet, but I much rather see a happy wrinkly face than two glazed over eyes peeping out of a mask.

    • Funny post, Elaine. Not too terrible on the surface, kinda. Whenever someone mentions stuff like, “When I take over the world” I’m reminded of this cartoon I once saw, imagine a giant all-powerful weaponized robot, but inside was this tiny hamster-type critter with a squeaky voice saying much the same, “When I take over the world!”. It’s been too long since I saw it to remember his exact quote. …

      Anyway, mowing your lawn sounds a bit like mowing mine. I hope to get goats and/or sheep someday with a fence very close to the house. I heard about a homesteader guy online with a big spread who said he didn’t even own a mower. … Imagine that?

      • Hey RG and helot,
        Tried to answer RG several hours ago and just when I hit ‘post’, the internet went down, I’m thinking MIB, lol. I live out here in the middle of the woods and have to do all the mowing now. Husband wonderful man, died in 2016, was a mechanical engineer, born with grease under his fingernails, could fix anything. I enjoy it out here, but if I was younger and Mike was still here, goats maybe, but I don’t mind mowing.
        Yes RG—skinny jeans for men are out, so are weird beards, regular beards are okay. I couldn’t list everything I’m going to do, not enough space and I’m planning on being a dictator/world domination, so I can’t divulge everything I have planned.
        Wrinkly faces? We could iron them out, but that might be painful. I may let that slide. I agree about the faces, would rather see a full, smiling face than just the eyes. You are a lot younger than me, am old enough to be your mother or grandmother probably.
        And thanks helot, I have to find something to entertain myself with. I do ‘get out’ and socialize with friends and to make sure I’m not the only one left on the planet. But generally I find plenty to do. Oh—there was a cartoon that used to come on—way past my time, but the kids watched it, Pinky and the Brain. It was actually pretty good.
        Eric, cheer up, the guy at top said you were feeling burnt out. Hang in there. Would hate to see you do it, but step away from the internet/computer for a while. This stuff will wear you down, that’s one reason I just have to laugh at all of sometimes.

  7. “Well, I’m not a , I have never played one on TV, and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but here are some simple thoughts.”

    I read somewhere that some docs are concerned that the prion from the jab will wind up in the brain and cause the early onset of Parkinson or Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. That’s really scary stuff.

  8. As far as the bad driving goes, it’s been around for years, probably because a lot of people should never have a license. For years I have noticed young females driving way below the speed limit in the left lane, no awareness at all of any traffic around them, just poking along. And of course so many old people that should not be driving, but they keep on until their kill rate gets so high, their keys have to be taken away. Also, most vehicles do not come with turn signals….or lets just make a sudden stop, then I’ll use that little blinking light. The good thing about the no signal people is you can usually tell what they are up to. Now, like Eric, if I am only one on road, no one anywhere around, I don’t signal–but definitely in traffic. The other reason I think/guess for the bad driving is (like I think Eric has mentioned) is all the playthings in the vehicle, the screen, radio, maps, etc—plus I also think like Eric–people have had safety drilled into their head all of their life so much about everything, they have to drive slow—to be safe. The bad thing is, so many people I know love all those systems, the ASS, pass lane–whatever, so instead of paying attention, they rely on their vehicle to warn them. Danger, danger Will Robinson.
    Now, for the virus. Read two good articles: today on Bayou Renaissance Man—-As if we needed another reason to distrust the CDC, very good short article. The other on Lew Rockwell yesterday by Jon Rappoport—The Quack Theory of Vaccination; Idiot’s Delight.

    • Dedicated texters have discovered that driving slow in the left lane exempts them from the need to pay attention to what’s in front of them, for the most part. Leaving them free to text to their hearts desire.

  9. These types of drivers are 99.9% on their ‘training’ and the car’s ‘saaaaaafety’ features preventing them from understanding HOW to drive. Plus her age doesn’t help. Regarding the sheep following her and not passing… it’s just that. They’re sheep, and they’ve always been. Plus they also don’t know how to drive either. I think you’re reaching with the Jab affecting their brains and their driving. I think it’s plain ol’ decades of gubbermint edge-a-muh-cayshun.

    …I hope. Though I wouldn’t put it past the Jab to do just that soon. And if it does, perhaps you’re the first to make the connection. But I need more proof first.

    • Agreed, Andrew…

      Though I will say that – anecdotally, in my experience – it (lethargic/ultra-addled) “driving” seems to have . . . spread greatly all of a sudden. The only explanation I have for that is the Jab.

      • I can’t quite make that connection… as much as I want to. But *finger-snap* now that you mention it… I have noticed some very, very odd behavior on the roads. I don’t drive as much now, but I used to drive a lot in high school (mid 2000s) and in the 2010s and hadn’t noticed anything strange then. Perhaps it’s the ramped-up fear/brainwashing psychosis the media has spoon-fed these people for the last year? Those who got the Jab are definitely lapping it up. They obviously aren’t thinking straight or focusing on the road. Lots of factors here. But the Jab surely hasn’t helped in and of itself. And it wouldn’t surprise me if that it soon renders it’s subject even more pacified and pussified.

        Keep looking for other ‘spikes’ of odd behavior… this will be interesting.

    • I have personally known at least two drivers that I can recall that would not ever pass anyone on a two lane road, for any reason, and stated so to me. Knew one that would NOT drive in the left lane of a divided highway for any reason as well. I assume that person never drove in a substantially large city with 6+ lane traffic.

  10. Was on a state highway with no highway patrol going to be there during the time of day, open road, a driver was going maybe 62.5 mph, oncoming traffic prevented a passing situation. Got through the small town, still didn’t move above a hundred klicks, finally had an opportunity to make a mad dash, passed at 75 mph, moved it up to 80 or so until the highway intersection and stop sign. Then turned onto another state highway with a highway patrol presence, drive the speed limit, there are deer out there too along the route, just have to be careful and drive with more care. Plenty of trucks, you slow down some.

    There are too many deer out there on the road at night, you have to drive a slower speed so you can react in time so you don’t have a collision.

    In dense fog, 100 feet of visibility limits your speed to 25 mph, you’re a fool to drive 65 in dense fog. Road conditions dictate your speed.

    You make it to your destination, you also want to make it back home.

    The celery just stayed alive for two long months, didn’t grow at all, no rain, too much heat, then six inches of rain fell, moderate daytime temps, the celery is a good foot tall now. Celery is frost tolerant and gains more flavor after a light frost. 20 days more of growth, the celery will be awesome. lol

    The lawn is greener than St. Patrick and any leprechaun out there.

  11. I have no idea if the vaccines are causing this lack of rational awareness in drivers, the virus, safety addiction, or the simple psychological damage many of us have suffered from the insane restrictions. Perhaps all of the above, but it is a thing, and we need to watch for it.

  12. I think I’ve started to notice that same thing here now that vax rates have increased. On one occasion, I was driving in an avenue, and I had a guy in front of me braking for no apparent reason (two-lane road inside a city with a limit of 40 mph, but mostly straight so you can easily go a tad higher if there isn’t much traffic). It was so frequent it was annoying. I somehow managed to look if there was anything in front of him. Nothing, zero, zip, nada. We were moving around 20 – 25 mph.
    Unfortunately for me, there was significant traffic coming in the opposite lane, so I was trapped until reaching an intersection.

    About the prions, that doesn’t seem to be an issue, from what I’ve read and also being around jabbed people (maybe I have been lucky). The vax does seem to mask symptoms in many folks, while having the same viral load as someone without a jab. So now we indeed have asymptomatic transmission (that could explain why I’ve been noticing more super spreading events).

  13. I used to live in Minneapolis, back when it was still a decent place to live (1993-98). Once when I was returning home from work, I got in behind a group of cars doing 50 in a 55 zone. And it was a freeway, with two lanes in each direction. We were all in the right lane. I saw the lead car of the conga line was a cop, so I sped up to 55, put on my cruise control, and calmly passed the line of cars. Nobody followed me. WTF? The cop isn’t going to pull you over for going the speed limit!

    It wasn’t prions then, and it may not be prions now. Or it could be. I’m not a biologist either.

  14. Eric,

    I have to say you have got to be on to something here. I have found myself over the last 8+ months seeing things on the road that would have been absolutely unbelievable in years past. And its more than just cars driving 20 mph under the speed limit. Yesterday i was in a left hand turn lane with a 2nd left hand turn lane just to my left. There is a brick median separating the turn lanes from the lane for oncoming traffic. I watched in amazement as the women coming across the road wandering into the turn lane just to my left. I stared slackjawed looking at her. She had a dazed anf confused look i just smoked an entire bowl, drank a 5th of vodka and dropped acid as she drove up the road into oncoming traffic. Thankfully noone was coming at the time and she just completely ignored my reflex action of laying on the horn to warn her……… and this was only the 3rd or 4th craziest thing i saw this week. The ass that decided to stop completely dead in the middle of the road to make a left turn when a center turn lane was available took the cake. That road had a 45mph speed limit, which people exceed all the time, how everyone behind him managed to stop without hitting him or each other was nothing short of a miracle.

    • I watched a lady stop right in her lane on a two lane road, get out, move a turtle, then waddle back into the opposing land and reenter her car, of which she left the door open the whole time

      • I once popped over a hill on two lane black top and lo and behold, not only was a car stopped in the middle of the road for no apparent reason, but was BACKING UP! Possibly looking for a particular address they weren’t familiar with. In which case one drives on by and comes back to it. Not back up on the other side of a blind hill.

    • Dude, come to think of it…for the first time in my life, I saw a car driving the wrong way into oncoming traffic, on a smaller street circle near a shopping mall and a Costco…

      Other cars were ahead of me, but still. I was thinking to myself, no I haven’t seen anything too crazy driving lately. But I have! Shit.

      • Sunday i was first car in line at a light the car next to me in the left turn lane gets the green arrow and doesn’t move. Cars behind start honking, still nothing. Cars begin laying on horn, car still doesn’t move. I look over, normally i expect to see an idiot looking down at their phone but this time i see 2 people just stairing blankly out the front window. Eventually the car moved but only 1 car behind them was able to make the light before the arrow went red. It was extremely strange site.

  15. Not to pick nits – prions are misfolded, infective proteins that cause the destruction of brain tissue – Mad Cow Disease, Scrapie, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, etc. are examples. The Spike protein seems to have a few motifs common in prion proteins. But the issue of brain fog is probably due to clotting in the microvasculature, as the Spike protein seems to activate fibrinogen (Factor I) of the biochemical blood clotting cascade. Either way, bad juju.

    But the point about odd driving is well-taken. Just this general malaise or lack of situational awareness, moreso than usual, of late on the road. I was recently trapped behind a Porsche driving 25 in an underposted 35, with the driver (not an old coot far as I could tell) also randomly hitting the brakes every quarter mile or so. Weird.

    • Hi BAC,

      I have been reading quite a bit on leaky vaccines. Do you think this is plausible on what is occurring? It is almost reminiscent of what transpired with the vaccinated chickens and Marek’s disease. I found a peer reviewed study by the Public Library of Science (PLOS) from 2015 that makes very rational arguments on how this can happen. This seems to ring true to what is panning out in this day and age except it isn’t with chickens, but humans.


      • Hi RG

        The Marek effect relates to the inability of a vaccine to produce a neutralizing immune response (what they call “leaky”). Effectively, it creates a situation where the vaccinated person becomes a bioreactor that is favorable for virus replication without the host getting sick. The vaccinated host can and does spread viruses, but doesn’t show symptoms. And in the case of a highly mutagenic virus, sustained replication creates a favorable environment for variant creation and transmission. (RNA viruses like coronaviruses tend to mutate more because they lack solid DNA templates for repair during nucleic acid replication when the virus is doing its thing (nucleic acid polymerases are error prone, so the body has sophisticated DNA repair mechanisms to compensate). This is both an evolutionary advantage and disadvantage for an RNA virus).

        We see some evidence of the Marek effect for covid, with some publications showing a higher virus load in infected vaccinated individuals. This is problematic in that if the vaccine only suppresses symptoms while at the same time promoting virus replication, the vaccinated can become super spreaders – walking around with no or low level symptoms while actively shedding virus.

        Not sure it is happening here, but I’m of the opinion that where there’s smoke there’s fire. More studies are needed to see if this effect occurs in humans – we’ve never been so careless as to create a situation where it could happen.

        • Is anyone asking why we need to suppress the symptoms of Covid? Aren’t symptoms our body’s way of telling us, “Hey, there’s something wrong with you and you should take remedial action!” Symptom suppression seems tantamount to putting electrical tape over your car’s flashing oil light so you don’t experience the discomfort of seeing it, all the while ignoring the trouble building up in the engine.

          • If I had to guess – giving them the most generous benefit of the doubt – it’s intended to keep people out of the hospital. Some people do seem to get really sick, even if they don’t ultimately die. So the theory goes, let’s reduce symptom severity and keep people from taxing limited hospital resources by keeping them out of the hospital in the first place, maybe even prevent death. BUT… it’s not working out that way and it’s even causing hospitalizations where it probably wouldn’t have – from the side effects of the vaccine itself and from making covid more severe in some patients.

            Symptom suppression for diseases is not necessarily bad – it’s why we take pain relievers, or cough suppressants, for example. But to do this via a vaccine (or whatever you want to call these) is just dumb and carries all kinds of other potential bad effects or outcomes we are seeing.

            • But this is not what they promised, so I will guess not what they were shooting for.

              I guess they could have been lying since no one would line up for an experimental shot simply to reduce symptoms.

              • Bingo, Dan. Pfizer and Moderna’s clinical trial end points were set at symptom reduction from the get-go and actually remain so today. From the political level, however, that got transmogrified into prevention – of disease and of death and of transmission. This has been the message despite what the clinical trials (limited and fraudulent as they were) and the data provide. But you are spot on – who would take an experimental potion just to reduce symptoms. Couldn’t sell that or mandate that. So the lie persists. Propagated and perpetuated by a stupid and an ignorant and uninformed populous.

                • Bac,

                  I remember a boy scout round table in may where they had a doctor on that swore up and down that the vax was 100% effective at preventing, not limiting symptoms but actually preventing convid, and that they had proven that noone who took the jab would get convid and that everyone should go out and get jabbed. Me knowing that was never the case was shocked by his comments. Btw the council has had a rash of older scout leaders dying this summer. I wonder how many took that docs advice and died as a result.

        • The Fraudchi “gain of function research” canard is a red herring. Too much risk in creating a frankenvirus. Exploiting known “bugs” of MRNA gene therapies as “features” seems to be the plan to rake in the profits for Big Pharma and fracture society to “build back communist.” The idea is probably to create a GMO super spreader regime loyalist “Jem Hadar” population (h/t to commenter on this board for reference) population, who need constant boosters to try to stay ahead of “variants” while being ever more susceptible to “wild virus”, and who will also sicken the disloyal “resisters” they might come into contact with their asymptomatic or low symptom high viral loads. Now I know why my 65% gene therapied county of 37,000 has 250 cases of respiratory illness (still statistically insignificant) this week of this year vs. 20 for the same week last year. They know the therapied are spreading sickness, thus the diaper requirements by the gov’t for the buildings it controls whether GMO’d or not, even though diapers are merely a talisman. When it comes out the GMOs are the spreaders, they will lie and say to their employees, “yes, but we took measures to protect you.”

        • Meanwhile there’s this other treatment that also reduces symptoms, but doesn’t encourage viral growth, and costs a small fraction of what these vaccines do, and produces insignificant side effects. But the Medical Industrial Complex insists we avoid it. Ivermektin I think, or something like that.

          • They will actively block your ability to get it forcing you to get the horse paste. Or they will ignore a court order and just let you die. Anything to block you from blowing the lid off the narrative that your only recourse is endless jabs and a vent.

          • Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are both anti-parasitic meds. I’m beginning to suspect that “Covid” (to the extent that it exists at all, which is not proven) is a psychosomatic illness. As such any odd thing used to treat it will decrease the likelihood of such sickness whether it be garlic around the neck, or a funny named med like those mentioned.

            My personal preventive of choice is nutrition, supplements, fresh air, and activity. At least the vitamins and minerals aren’t going to wreck my immune system as I suspect the quack-cines will.

            • Hi Ernie,

              It is funny that you mention that – hubby and I were discussing how Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were both drugs that fight off parasites. I have also read numerous studies how they have found success in such herbs as turmeric and even blood pressure pills.

              I actually have created a chart because I was wondering if there was any overlay in all of these methods. Even breaking down the ingredients I cannot find a similar link that would be causing improvement. They are not all anti viral or stop the replication of the virus into healthy cells. I would think after 18 months we would not still be tossing the kitchen sink at it, but we are.

              • That’s really the crux, isn’t it? No one thing seems to work because there doesn’t seem to really be anything causing anything unusual. The FUD propaganda machine is quivering with overstress, the safety valves are all strapped shut, and the crapstorm of disinformation is flooding out everywhere.

                All I can find to do is keep my head, pay firm attention to reality (I can name 4 alleged Covid victims and can tell you exactly why none of them died an unusual death and certainly not a “respiratory boogieman virus”. My hard core drunk cancer victim brother in law being one of the more egregious examples.

                And until they fudged the numbers by adding in 250000 at the end of 2020, deaths were actually below normal.

            • Hydroxychloroquine is used in the treatment of auto immune disorders as well. I was given a script for it to treat rheumatoid arthritis, with very limited effect. No one knows why it works at all. Likewise the other script I was given, Sulfasalazine, which is essentially aspirin and sulfa, which was used to treat rheumatoid arthritis way back when it was thought to be caused by infection. It worked, also with very limited effect,, and also no one knows why.

              • I have spent way too much time studying this crap in the last 20 months, but I recall one of the good guys (Bill Sardi I believe) saying the function of Hydroxychloroquine is to be a zinc ionophore- an agent/catalyst to get zinc where it is needed by the body to fight an infection. And that the OTC supplement Quercetin was nearly as effective for that purpose. Worst case, I’ll try it.


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