Locked Out is the New Locked Down

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Last year, they “locked down” the country, so as to condition the populace to living as prisoners within their own homes – like lower-tier criminals similarly allowed, just sans the ankle bracelet.

And, of course, the conviction.

Now comes the ankle bracelet – if the would-be Wardens of the Homeland are successful – in the form of the vaccine passport you will not be allowed to leave your home without.

You will be locked out rather than locked down – if you are one of those people who continues to put the health of the community “at risk” by refusing to pretend you are sick – and unwilling to assume the very real and very serious risks of being injected with “vaccines” that have already made tens of thousands of people extremely sick.

This places the healthy – those who wish to remain so – in an interesting position. The mugger’s demand – your money or your life  – has become your health – or your job. As well as a number of other things, including – very likely – your permission slip to drive. Or to own a car, even if you don’t drive it.

Some states – New York, for instance – are on track to make such permissions conditional upon the supplicant having been Jabbed.

Those without Proof of Jab are already barred from entering “public” (but actually privately owned, nominally) venues such as restaurants, bars, gyms and so on. As yet, the actually public venues – government-owned temples where supplication is mandatory, such as the department of motor vehicles – do not yet debar the Unjabbed (though all must wear the Holy Vestment during supplication).

This is an interesting juxtaposition. Because it amounts to a confession of sorts.

On the one hand, the government can and has made “private” property a laughingstock by decreeing how the not-owners may use what isn’t in any meaningful sense their property, except as regards the tributum (i.e., “taxes”) they are expected to hand over at regular intervals (as well as collect on behalf of the government from customers) as the price of being allowed the fiction that they own the government’s restaurant, bar, gym and so on.

The legal authority for this usurpation and perversion of private property derives verily from the perversion of language; i.e., the re-definition of a once-privately-owned restaurant, bar, gym and so on into  a “public accommodation.”

As is the case with all such oily redefinitions, there is an element of truth in this, used to empower the perversion and then the usurpation.

A restaurant, bar or gym does accommodate the public, in the sense that unlike a private home, people who are not family or invited friends are offered entry and service. But it does not mean – well, it didn’t mean, once upon a time – that “the public” had an unlimited “right” to be “accommodated.”

It was understood that the owner could decide who would be accommodated and under what conditions; those who didn’t meet his criteria – or who were uncomfortable with his criteria – could be denied entry and service or simply deny him their business.

This is private property, as it was – before private property became a “public accommodation.” Before the government assumed de facto ownership of what was once private property.

But one thing remains the same as it was. No one is compelled or under duress to enter any restaurant, bar or gym. You do not have to eat or drink there.

You can work out at home. Or in your friend’s basement.

It is a denial, certainly, of your ex-right to freely associate (and do business) with whomever is willing to freely associate (and do business) with you, as well as a violation of the ex-rights of the restaurant, bar or gym no-longer-owner – who has become a kind of  custodial unpaid employee of the government.

But you’re still “free” – so to speak – to go about your business.

What happens when you’re no longer that? When the government decides to require not only face-effacing (the wearing  of the Holy Chin Hijab) but also Proof of Jab as the condition of not being locked-out of government temples it requires you to enter? You do not have the option to walk past the door to the DMV – unless you agree to forfeit your government permission to drive or even to own a car.

You cannot legally drive without a license – i.e., government permission – which you cannot get (or renew) without personally supplicating at the Temple of Government; i.e., the DMV.

You also cannot register (note the etymology, especially the predicate reg – as in royal) a vehicle or get title to it without personally supplicating.

In other words, you are under duress. The government does not allow you the option of not entering – by imposing punishment for not entering.

Or at least, it will probably try to.

The interesting legal question is whether the government will be able to do so – legally – and get away with it. Since places like the DMV (and courts) are the very definition of public places – and also places the public is expected and told it must enter.

Or else.

Probably, it will get away with so decreeing – given what it has gotten away with so far. But this may just push people too far.

It is one thing to told you may not enter this restaurant, bar or gym without a “mask” (or Proof of Jab). It is quite another thing to be told you must enter this DMV – or court – wearing a “mask” and with Proof of Jab.

If the government so demands, it will free us from any obligation to further supplication. Because it is one thing to fill out forms and hand over money; it is quite another thing to be told you must put your health at risk in order to be allowed to live. That if you don’t submit, then you will become an outlaw. Someone without permission.

So be it.

We don’t need it, anyhow.

This may be just the way to cure not only this sickness, but the source of all of this sickness – this diseased idea that anyone is obliged to beg permission from the government to simply live.

Or, for that matter, to eat at a restaurant that is willing to serve you.

. . .

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  1. Good point, Eric. I’ve been watching for this kind of connect-the-dots analysis.

    It was the Civil Rights Act in the ’60’s that created the concept of “public accommodation” out of whole cloth. It was very popular at the time, and basically gave government the authority over private businesses about their basic human right of association.

    Fast-forward 45 years to the Americans with Disabilities act. The ADA depends strictly on this re-definition of private property. So if I have a shop that sells high-performance mountain bikes and my shop is on the second floor of a building, I will be fined if I don’t have an approved ramp for wheelchairs. Not a single one of my customers will ever come to my business in a wheelchair, but the one-size-fits-all regulations require it.

    But it is even worse, as anyone can snitch on me and share a portion of the fines that the government imposes on me. This is really evil.

    Add another 10 years to that, and we get the “second-hand smoke” lie, that allowed the government to ride on the “public accommodation” definition to require that all businesses restrict smoking on “their” property.

    And now, this same legal precedent is being used to justify masks and jabs. Except now, it’s OK to discriminate based on some arbitrary observation.

    Rule #73 for tyrants: a) Find a popular injustice (racial discrimination), b) pass a law and get popular support, c) use this fantasy to justify further legislation. d) repeat and amplify.

    • Indeed, Baxter!

      There is also a false premise – i.e., that if government does not “act” the putative injustice will continue. This is easily shown to be nonsense. Because – as an example – it makes no sense for a business to turn away customers, especially when a competitor will not turn them away. Or when there is an opportunity – as for example (absent government) an opportunity to open a smoke-free restaurant, assuming there is sufficient market for one.

      These are not complex matters. They only require a little thought – and that is the big problem. Many people have been trained not to. They react – emotionally – to simple-minded demagoguery. The task, then, is to revive the habit of thinking – which is something most people are quite capable of doing. They only need to develop the habit!

  2. Guys – you ready to get your jab ? Sleepy joe has been very patient, but his patience is wearing thin…. 😉

    But jokes aside is anyone worried about this? Personally from the UK its quite depressing seeing that sort of shit coming from the US of all places….

    • Since Xiden is, unfortunately, my penultimate boss (my “Top” boss being the US taxpayers at large), I may have to face telling him, “with all due respect, sir (meaning NONE), GO FUCK YOURSELF!” and put in my retirement papers a few years before I’d figured it was actually time to “hang ’em up”. This is a matter of FREEDOM. Yes, it’d be somewhat inconvenient, but (wo)men have risked far more to stand up for their principles. Time to put my ass on the line.

      I have legitimate reason(s) to refuse the “Jab”, the greatest being that it IS “MY body, MY choice”. Doing so has NOT been proven to pose a significant threat to my co-workers and/or contractors, and I’ve taken reasonable precautions since all this BS broke out, and have gone beyond insofar as to assuage even the less than reasonable; understanding that perception is involved. Mine own health, provided that I’m fit to perform my duties (certainly more than this PHONY POTUS, whose salary is almost 4X what I EARN), is the concern of NO ONE ELSE. As for the risk of carrying on, as with so many other aspects of my existence, I’ll take my chances, thank you very much. Mr. Burden put it so well when I was about six years old…


      • What a great song, Doug. The Animals don’t get the recognition they deserve. Think I will play ‘We Gotta Get Out of This Place” while making breakfast.

      • Hi Douglas,
        Being retired I’m in a better position than most to ride this out but the next step to ensnare us old farts will probably be to make my health care conditional on getting jabbed. Having a heart attack, need cancer treatment? No jab? Sorry, no soup for you!

        • Likely if the “compliance” isn’t to the Fudgy Fuhrer Xiden’s liking, he’ll push an E.O. mandating suspension of Federal benefits (Civil Service and military pensions, Social Security being the bulk of them) to persons not “Jabbed”.

    • Hi Nasir,

      The Biden Administration‘s desperation to get these shots into arms (I hate that saying) is so blatantly obvious one can feel the surface beginning to crack. The more frantic they become the more I think we can ride this out. There are still 100 million adults in this country who have not been jabbed. The longer we hold the line the quicker the narrative will fall apart. History has never been kind to those who push segregation. This is what the left is doing. They are pitting Americans against each other. Almost like they want the powder keg to explode. They are intentionally looking for a fight and we need to ask why.

      • As was said to the lads of the Massachusetts Colonial militia that assembled, in what was likely a clumsy formation, as the British regulars (“Redcoats”) marched towards them in the attempt to seize the Colonial arsenal…

        “Don’t fire unless fired upon, boys! But if they mean to have a WAR…let it begin HERE!”

      • Morning, RG –

        I agree. Biden’s Fuhrerbefehl telegraphs desperation and will – I think – inspire mass resistance. If enough of us hold the line, for just a few months, this will fall apart. And so will more, I think. This could be the Stamp Act of our time. We shall see, soon.

        • Eric, RG, To some extent i agree that if enough of us hold the line this will fall apart. Personally I always thought the pressure will get more and more by autumn/going into winter because thats where they dont want a control group of un-vaccinated to be obvious.

          but do you think it will be so easy – that they will just let un-vaxxed be ? I suspect this is the first attack of many….

          • Hi Nasir,

            I don’t think any of us are foolish enough that they are going to leave the unvaxxed alone, which is all that we want. The Administration isn’t going to cause a comokus (my new combo word for commotion and ruckus) and not continue to threaten and bully us. They won’t come to our homes, but they will force us to be outcasts, unless we get jabbed.

          • It will get even MORE hysterical as (1) the fallout from the Afghanistan debacle descends (2) if there’s some terrorist “attack” on 9-11, which is TOMORROW (real or false flag, I’m putting the “smart money” on the latter) (3) In the upcoming CA recall election, Gavin Newsom is tossed and Larry Elder succeeds him. In the case of the last, do not be surprised if the Phony POTUS orders the Federalization of the California National Guard, placing it directly under his command (which is lawful as MILITARY requirements, such as a declaration of war, see comment (2) above, demand), and, concurrent with assertion of election FRAUD (won’t that be an ironic twist!) in the recall election, declare the election void and either declare by E.O. that Newsom is still the CA governor, or have the purported rightful governor, Mr. Elder, ARRESTED as a “conspirator”. It’d be interesting to see if the Adjutant General of the CA Guard obeys or defies such an order from the President.

        • But to RGs point – I do think they are getting desperate. I suspect not nearly as many people as they expected have taken the jab…. and that will make it worse for them. I think if we get through the winter, things will become more obvious…. but again who knows how that gets…

        • Eric,

          I agree; as harmful as the jab is, word about its lethality and harm is starting to get out. Shoot Oscar de la Hoya was HOSPTIALIZED with COVID after taking the shot! BBC presenter Lisa Shaw died from it. And so on. If we can hang on long enough, the dam will break, and that’s all we need…

      • If they are looking for a fight…why not help them find it?

        I plan to be first in line when the rebel army opens up a recruiting office. I just hope I’m not too old by the time they do. Clock’s ticking…

  3. MAG SCARY TRUTH breaks down Ol’ Snakey-Sleeve Joe’s injection-sentence on the masses:


    At 12 minutes, right when Joe pronounces his sentence, MAG zooms in on the unmistakable reptilian snake eyes.

    At 16 minutes, MAG makes the EXACT same point that Eric makes his trademark: that the seatbelt “saaaafety” law was the precedent for EXACTLY THIS.

    • “Free”, IDK if the “Jab” fulfills that Biblical prophecy or not.

      IAW with my LDS faith, which admittedly I’m not always the most observant thereof, though, it was Lucifer who, when all this got started, proposed that all folks, who’d be going through mortality, be “forced” to obey, i.e., in the interests of their spiritual “S-A-A-A-A-F-T-E-E-E”, if he were given dominion over the Earth, he’d make certain that everyone was “saved”, with no choice in the matter. The #1 spiritual offspring of God, Jehovah (the pre-mortal Jesus Christ), proposed what we term the “Plan of Salvation”, where the possibility of spiritual failure was possible, but with faith in Him to save, all (wo)men could be redeemed, but it’d be THEIR choice. Of course, Jehovah’s plan was accepted, but Lucifer would not humble himself, and he, along with one-third of all the Heavenly host, rebelled, becoming Satan and his minions (and I don’t mean the cute if dorky little yellow guys with one or two eyes).

      At times, we have to go beyond merely pontificating all the live long day, and put our money where our mouths lie, so to speak.

      • The Torah and Book of Revelation aren’t so much “prophetical” as they are predictive programming. They are a script and a playbook passed down by the rabbinical authorities for how they will carry out the final decimation and enslavement of the goyim.

        Whereas back at Year Zero, a viable political method would have been for a despot to simply decree that his mass of slaves be physically branded with a mark in order to buy or sell, the rabbinical authorities now have far more sophisticated tech at their disposal. This tech is both the Mark itself (injectable hydrogel that can be optogenetically linked with the EMF (Internet of Nano-Bio-Things) as well as the military ordnance and bureaucratic apparatus that is being used to compel uptake of the Mark.

        Once the refuseniks are culled, and the Herd is fully linked up, the Great Reset will be complete, and once again it will be announced that we have reached Year Zero.

  4. “This may be just the way to cure not only this sickness, but the source of all of this sickness – this diseased idea that anyone is obliged to beg permission from the government to simply live.”

    Not gonna happen. The dildos LOVE their overlords too much. I mean, if it wasn’t for them, then how else would they get paid to stay at home and watch TikTok videos all day?

  5. Crazy uncle Joe should be careful.

    If he seeks to throw millions out of work, they will become angry and eventually desperate.

    Desperate people have nothing to lose and often take radical action.

    Will any of this survive the courts? Maybe.

    But removing millions of more people from the workforce will result in a ripple effect.

  6. When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

    We hold these truths to be self-evident:

    That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.

    • Open declaration of…

      “war” really isn’t the right word.

      They’re saying: “We are slaughtering you. Lay down like good doggies, and go to sleep, forever.”

  7. Why do I obey laws now? I want to keep my drivers license, my health insurance, and medical access among other things. If that is taken, what is the point of being obedient? First thing I would do is quit paying taxes.

    • Xiden somehow thinks this will change the subject after his complete clusterfuck in Afghanistan, or will suppress the outrage arising thereof. It will instead prove his UNDOING.

  8. I garner we’ll see more private clubs open when these damn passports become mainstream. It’s a good way to tell big brother to fuck off.

  9. Eric,

    Here’s a report from the ground in my corner of the world. My corner of the world is in eastern PA near the river. I live next to one of PA’s cities, but I don’t live IN it; I live in what the policy wonks call an “inner suburb”. Yonkers, NY is an example of an inner suburb, located just across the line from the Bronx, NYC; Cicero, IL is an inner suburb of Chicago. I’ll come back to that in a bit…
    PA, unlike neighboring states, has a divided gov’t. Our governor and his appointed department heads are Democrats, while both houses of the state legislature are Republican controlled. While most of the legislators are of the RINO (i.e. Dem lite) variety, they’re still enough of a retarding force to rein in Governor Wolf and his inner fuhrer. Unlike neighboring NY State, there’s no talk of a statewide pass here. NY State has their Excelsior Pass, Gov. Cuomo’s parting gift; we don’t. I think Philly MIGHT have vax passes, but that’s it. They’re a Dem controlled hellhole anyway, and no sane person would want to go to Philly anyway!

    The GOP controlled state legislature passed a bill banning passes in PA, but Gov. Wolf vetoed it. What’s interesting is WHY Wolf vetoed it! He didn’t veto the bill because it banned vax passes from gov’t buildings; he vetoed it because it also sought to rein in his power and the power of the PA Health Secretary to institute lockdowns and other restrictions. Anyway, the passes are in a stalemate here in PA.

    That said, the GOP bill to ban vax passes in PA is what David Knight calls a head fake. The bill, had it become law, would’ve only banned vax passes in gov’t buildings and schools; private businesses would still be free to require passes for entry. That is to say that it wouldn’t have been a total, outright ban of vax passes; only one or two states have laws like that on the books. Most of the GOP controlled states have only passed laws banning passes from public, i.e. gov’t, buildings. IOW, DMV would have to let you in to do your business, while a privately owned bar hosting a live band wouldn’t have to; they can demand passes if they wish.

    David Knight discussed this last year, and he still does so now and then. He cited an article from the New England Journal of Medicine from last year that discussed the matter of vax passes. The NEJM article was in favor of vax passes-no surprise there. However, they said that the wrong way to implement the passes would be passing a law requiring them, since, even in today’s corrupt courts, such laws would quickly be struck down on due process and constitutional grounds. The NEJM said that the way to roll out passes would be via private companies and corporations; if they were rolled out by the corporations, then court challenges could be avoided. Since many people work for and conduct business with large corporations, this would be a de facto universal rollout of the passes. What good is it if you can go to DMV, yet not be able to work or go anywhere without the pass? Ergo, the NEJM favors the indirect, surreptitious approach of rolling out vax passes via the private companies and corporations. I think that that’s how things will play out for most.

    Getting back to where I live, the inner suburb where I live is a small town; it’s small in both size and small in population. We have our own police department, but there are only a dozen officers in the PD; some of those are part timers. Because the PD is small, the officers have a call volume that’s 2x-3x higher than the PD in the city next door to us. The adjacent city has a larger PD, but the officers have about half the workload that our officers do.

    Between that and the other side of town being next to our neighboring city’s high crime area, our police have better things (read real crimes) to attend to. Our PD doesn’t really bother us that much; over the past year, I’ve only seen them in the neighborhood a few times. During the peak of the scare last year, I was out on a beautiful day enjoying the sun. I was not only out on the school athletic field, as were others; I was not only outside when I wasn’t supposed to be; I was flying a kite, so I could be easily seen by passersby. One of those passersby on that beautiful day was a town cop; he kept right on going, and he left us alone on the athletic field to do our thing, whatever our thing was. Where I am, if you’re not causing real trouble; if you’re not committing real crimes; the cops will leave you alone.

    That said, I havne’t been taking chances. David Knight said, and I agree, that the screws would be turned a lot tighter come fall. All of the low hanging fruit (i.e. those wanting the jab) has been picked, so more forceful measures will be needed to deal with us refusniks. With that in mind, I renewed both my license and registration yesterday. Though my DL didn’t expire until March, I renewed as early as I could, i.e. six months early. When I renewed my car’s registration, I opted for two years instead of one. I did so with the intent of buying time, so I can figure out how to work around this creeping dystopian society.

    What’s encouraging about my DMV visit yesterday is that I didn’t have a mask on. Did they even have a sign up? I don’t remember, because I didn’t notice one; I wasn’t looking for one though. Anyway, I walked in like I owned the place, did my business, and I left. NO ONE gave me grief about showing my face! I’d say that 2/3-3/4 of the patrons and all the DMV employees were masked; however, I wasn’t the only maskless person in DMV yesterday, and that’s an encouraging sign for me. Here I was, maskless in a place I HAVE to go to, yet no one hassled me about the lack of a mask-YES!

    The grocery stores haven’t hassled anyone about masks in a while. I think that they have a sign saying that the CDC recommends one, but that’s it. The same goes for the Wawa I go to; they have a sign about the CDC recommendation to wear face diapers, but it’s ignored. Again, that’s a good sign.

    Another thing I noticed is that the ethnic restaurants I go to haven’t been sticklers for the mask. There’s a Mexican restaurant I like, and there’s a Peruvian one I like too. Both are in Latin neighborhoods. I would wear a mask early on in the scamdemic, so I could pick up my food. Soon after that, I decided I wouldn’t wear it, and they didn’t give me any grief about it. I like their food, and they like the money I give ’em on a regular basis. If one goes to ethnic places where illegals are likely to be, I don’t think passes will be checked. After all, it’s politically INCORRECT to even check illegals for proper papers! Do you think that they’ll be checked for vax passes? I don’t…

    Finally, when I was talking to my pet sitter about a race I went to recently, I jokingly said that I wanted to enjoy my freedom while we still have it; I told her I was worried about lockdowns coming back, etc.. She flat out told me that she didn’t think people would stand for that again. Keep in mind that she took the shot, and she wears the mask when she and hubby have to fly somewhere; IOW, she’s not a refusnik like we are. Even so, she doesn’t think another round of lockdowns will fly; she seems to think that people have COVID fatigue.

    Anyway, that’s my on-scene report from a small, inner suburb in PA. There are some glimmers of encouragement. I believe we have a window of opportunity to stop the BS, but it’s closing; we have to act now. We need to do like the French, and engage in MASSIVE civil disobedience! We need to live our lives as if it were 2019 and before. If we do those things, we can stop the oncoming tryanny. If we can even slow things down, word will get out (and I believe it already is) about how dangerous the jab is, and people will, at that point, rebel.

    • Why settle for life in 2019? At this point Americans should go for broke. I want to live like it’s 1819 America. No more licenses to travel or do business. No more registrations of your private property. No more taxes on private property. No more violating the 5th by threatening us into reporting our income or show your papers or else. The usurpers have to go. Any less and we’ll be right back here with another manufactured crisis. Remember what happened to Mussolini? Thats the only way we get left the -F- alone.

      • RE: “Remember what happened to Mussolini?”

        No, I don’t. I wasn’t even alive then.

        I did not know that (according to the notoriously unreliable Wikipedia) “since the end of the war, the circumstances of Mussolini’s death, and the identity of his killer, have been subjects of continuing confusion, dispute and controversy in Italy. …

        The dead bodies of Mussolini and Petacci were taken to Milan and left in a suburban square, the Piazzale Loreto, for a large angry crowd to insult and physically abuse. They were then hung upside down from a metal girder above a service station on the square. The corpses were beaten, shot at, and hit with hammers.” …

        Heavy stuff.

      • Yes. I read a short chapter on the ‘wild, wild west’ in America from Tom Woods in his book 33 Questions About American History. Everyone carried, everyone was polite, everyone self-governed, and IT WORKED. Looking at the mix of people, the lack of ‘authority’, etc it SHOULD have been a disaster. But the crime then and there was miniscule. Obviously gubbermint edge-ya-cay-shun has lied about this, and pop-culture wants to sensationalize it and make it sexier, but it was as close to a libertarian, anarcho-capitalism dream as you can get.

  10. Perhaps mutual property defense alliances may begin. Those who sign up agree to defend each other’s land and property from marauding city/county “officials”. Then, they cease paying property taxes. Maybe a decent, yet humble, beginning.

    • I could see this happening in southern and midwestern states and in the bigger red enclaves of blue states. I think some pd’s would refuse to enforce the mandates in red enclaves.

      Just a small example, scout dad and friend is a county swat officer. He was asked to assist with security when pedo joe visited Manville nj earlier in the week. He declined the request. I have never heard of him declining a request before when security was needed. He isn’t one of those guys that would enforce this bs.

  11. Warning

    I have read mention that the flu shot and kill shot are the same. It’s said the kill shot is ‘safe and effective’ for both diseases.

    Be advised this is at present Conspiracy Theory but I wouldn’t put it past them. Personally I would be suspect of any vaccine today. I personally won’t wait until its Conspiracy Fact. I’m not taking anything,,, pills or needles.

    Trust No 1

    • There’s only one true way to tell. Ask to see the vial the flu shot was extracted from. Especially if they have prepared hypodermics to inject into you. If they won’t show you the vial then run like hell. Also ask to see the package insert. Vials produced under Emergency Use Authorization currently have blank package inserts. Doctor’s are requested to reference the FDA website for the latest updates concerning adverse events and/or other issues.

      Want to know more: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2021/09/no_author/the-mrna-experimental-gene-altering-poisonous-jabs/

      Discusses the possibility that flu shots may be mRNA jabs. Although, I would think this would open them up to all sorts of litigation.

      Once they can finagle full indemnity for the Comirnaty shot it’ll be put on the market and it’ll have a filled out package insert as all FDA approved drugs are required to have.


      Discusses there is currently no approved mRNA shot available for purchase on the market and that current biologics are still only listed under Emergency Use Authorization.

  12. Eric,

    One thing that those august “guardians of truth”, aka the MSM, have kept silent is that the passes are BEING IGNORED IN NYC! Many are refusing to get them, and many restaurants aren’t enforcing the requirements. Thanks to the “brilliant” idea to defund the NYPD by a billion dollars, NYPD can’t even keep a lid on crime, let alone do petty BS like checking vax passes. The videos of this are all over Twitter.

    The same is true in France. Yeah, yeah, I know that the MSM showed Parisian police checking restaurant patrons’ vax passes, but that was the day or day after the rollout; since then, they’ve been ignored. The French people, bless ’em, aren’t HAVING the BS! They’re protesting by the hundreds of thousands in France! One of their protests as having mass picnics in front of the empty restaurants! That’s right; by the thousands, the French people held mass, impromptu picnics on the sidewalks and in the streets in front of emtpy restaurants. The restauranteurs, unable to sustain a 80% loss in business, are now looking the other way; they’re not checking patrons for the passes.

    As in NYC, the media are totally ignoring the pushback in France. I still listen to Bloomberg Radio, since I can receive their NYC flagship station here. I like to hear business news. I also like to hear what the MSM is saying. There’s nary a PEEP about the pushback in either NYC or France-nothing! It’s dead silence. If you want to know what’s happening, you have to get the truth from social media. The state’s propaganda mouthpieces, aka the MSM, surely won’t tell you.

    I think THAT’S how we beat this-mass civil disobedience! WTF are they going to do, arrest all of us? There isn’t enough room in all the jails and prisons in the land.

    I’m going to devote a seperate post to what’s going on the ground where I am. I think that, depending on where one is, the restrictions aren’t uniform; some of us have more freedom than others. That’s coming up!

  13. I realize that the courts are just echo chambers for the naked emperor but this seems to be a clear violation of the 14th amendment. Bout time that legacy of lincoln’s tyranny be of use.

  14. Whoever came up with such a hare-brained scheme needs to spend a night on the Rack. Gain of function schmunction, has to be all illegal, hence criminal.

    It is an exercise in futility to continue the vaccination programs. The poor souls who have been vaccinated probably have to worry about future potential adverse reactions. The unvaxxed just want to be left alone, don’t bother me, I’m okay.

    You’re sick in the head if you think I’m going to get sick and maybe die, I could and will someday, but I’ll take my chances and not be voluntarily possibly a self-extermination by fatal choice If I willingly take the jab. The consequences can be dire, apparently.

    The culprits who think they are in charge are soon to realize that not many are going to pay attention to the obvious deception, it ain’t about covid nor any covid vaccine, they are coming for you at all times from every angle, you are in their sights, dead center.

    You should know by now who the real outlaws are, and it ain’t your cynical unvaxxed local yokel.

    The usual suspects need to be rounded up and corralled indefinitely. You know they are incorrigible recidivists.

    Got a nice crop of tomatoes this year, didn’t expect much, now it is bumper category. Gotta pay attention to the real world once in a while.

  15. This whole charade is becoming more and more insidious. Israel, where records are meticulously kept and evaluated, has perfectly demonstrated that these vaccines simply do not work. Period! They do nothing to prevent infection or transmission, and were in fact never designed nor intended to. The entire foundation of any need of a vaccine passport is totally absent. Founded on the constant lie of calling the vaccines by that name in the first place, which is a marketing gimmick. How many millions simply assume they provide immunity because they are called “vaccines”? How many “experts” and “officials” pretend they do and openly lie to those who look no further? There have been a number of such locally who have flatly stated that the DO provide immunity.

  16. Since I’ve been an outlaw all my life to one degree or another this seems like the perfect end to the final chapters of my life. All this bluster and blow coming from these weak assed control freaks shows the true fecklessness of their position. Its not so much that they cant cash the huge checks their egos write. Its that they cant do it without assistance from the local psychopaths. And the local psychos can be easily checked by a handful of people having nothing left to lose.

    Top down bottom up is their operating system. And we the people control the bottom up part. 90% of the population are stupid sheep, preferring to hide in the middle of the flock, f**k them. Of the other ten percent 1-2% are .Guv and their henchmen. The other 5-8% are those of us who just wanted to be left alone. Stop having any respect for their illegitimate authority. Every local bottom feeder who agitates for lock downs and internal passports has played their hand. Their is no going back. Identify them and let everyone know who they are. It will come as a shock when they finally realize Uncle Joe doesn’t have their back, and when they realize the local po-po cares more about their family than putting their necks on the line for a bunch of degenerate control freaks.

  17. I’m not hugely worried about this. I think we have more Patrick Henry’s than Benedict Arnolds in this country.

    I hope I’m right. This is a hill I’m willing to die on and take those who intend to impose their will on me, with me.

    • With you, James – amen.

      I won’t abide this. I will do everything in my power to avoid a confrontation. But if they will not leave me be, then a confrontation it shall be.

      I’m not sick. I’ve not been sick during this whole “pandemic.” I have not gotten anyone sick. And I’m sick of being harassed by sick people.

      • Eric- The threats need to stop as well. Who could’ve ever imagined politicians, including the president, literally pledging to make some large portion of the population’s life harder or to “put the screws to them,” to take a medical treatment? To fire them from their jobs! To exclude them from society! To lock them out! It is borderline, if not actual, terroristic incitement on the part of the gov’t.

  18. New EOs coming today, one possibly requiring all employees of Federal contractors to be vaccinated.

    Unless the White House is simply floating trial balloons on CNN.

    • It gets worse by the minute:

      ‘Biden is expected to announce that the Department of Labor will compel employers with over 100 workers to mandate vaccines.’ — ZH

      Appalling. This is straight-up fascism, in Mussolini’s original sense of corporations serving as unquestioning enforcement arms of the state.

      Such a tyrannical policy has but one conceivable merit: encouraging employees to flee corporate evildoers such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and the mainstream media.

      • I think we have some time, because the rule has not yet been written. But, it’s getting real quickly.

        I think I need to force them to fire me for noncompliance. After that, what then?

        No one is coming to the rescue, folks. It’s up to us.

      • I just read that – mandated vaccines or weekly testing for all employees for businesses with over 100 employees. The violation is $14K per incident. Obviously, this is how Congress is going to pay for the $3.5 trillion dollar infrastructure bill.

        All we are doing is biding time. Every few months the number will decrease. In November it will be employees with a staff of 50 and more, than it will be a staff of 25 or more.

        Americans didn’t want to fight when this hit 20 months ago and here we are….if it isn’t on our doorstep it is pretty damn close.

            • I’m not sure how to avoid the testing.

              I have set myself in a relatively better initial position by this far declining to officially declare vaxx status.

              I may have to be fired. But, also, my company can’t really afford to lose me right now (or at least couldn’t until yesterday) and I’m pretty good at my job.

              I have no idea how this is going to shake out.

              I pushed back on masks, and lost, but couldn’t find any employers without a requirement at the time, or suitable alternative employment. So, we shall see.

            • Update: There are at least a few who will fight this, by continuing to refuse to disclose medical status and by doing everything else the company wants, except the vaxx/nose rape.

              This will force the company to back down or fire us. This puts the employees in the best possible legal position, and sets them up to at least get unemployment if necessary.

              In the long run, this will not stand. In the short run, everyone has to muddle through as best they can.

              God it sucks having to be on the front lines.

              • The only trouble is that either the states or the Federal Government, which guarantees their Unemployment Compensation funds, could just arbitrarily change the eligibility rules to deny benefits to those fired due to refusal to get the “Jab”.

                • Yes, but that hasn’t happened yet.

                  Firings also typically involve paying out accrued vacation time, and severance. Which the .gov does not control (although it taxes). And hiring replacements is also expensive, typically 10% of the new person’s annual salary.

                  It is entirely possible, actually quite likely, that the risk of a $14000 fine (which might not be assessed and might not be collected if assessed) is not enough to make it worth it for the company to do the firing.

              • There is another way…if you like your job and your employer…
                Screw up the “system” and help your employer out by obtaining and using fake “proof of vaccination” cards. Fill out the card yourself and present it to your employer as “proof” of “vaccination” (actually DNA modification). You can usually find someone who has taken the “jab” willing enough to show you their “proof of vaccination” card. Take a picture of it, notice the type of “vaccine” and the “lot numbers”. Change a few numbers around but preserve the format of the “vaccine lot numbers” and you should be good to go.
                Who is to know?

                • Anarchyst,

                  This is not the time for that.

                  That would be to concede that it is appropriate to share medical info with one’s employer.

                  It would also involve an unhealthy amount of concessions to the globalists.

                  I refuse to concede that.

                  This is the time to stand up, to fight, and maybe to die.

                  Better to die, than to live the way they want us to. Mere existence is not life.

                  “He who would save his life shall lose it, but he who loses his life for my sake will find it.”

                  • I tend to agree with you that total civil disobedience is the preferred action, BUT, there are those who desperately need their jobs due to certain circumstances beyond their control such as the need for continuous medical insurance due to pregnancy or other serious medical condition. I would not blame anyone for using a fake “vaccine card” in such cases. Best regards,

  19. I’m about F’n sick of all of the threats these f’ers continue to issue from their teleprompters. Someone’s gonna have to say this ish to my face and be prepared to back it up. No human being I’ve come into contact with, irrespective of their medical treatment decisions, wants this diaper/passport ish in their lives. No one. Then again the guy with the serpent popping out of his cuff issuing the threats is “not a human beeeeeing!” h/t Mag the Bitter via commenter FP.

    • ‘Joe’ hears you … and ups the ante:

      ‘According to CNN, ‘Biden’ will no longer allow workers to get tested weekly instead of taking the vaccine. Instead, he’s signing an executive order Thursday requiring all workers to get the vaccine or face indefinite suspension.

      ‘What’s more, Biden’s order will extend to employees of government contractors.’ — ZH

      I die each time I hear the sound
      They’re sayin’ here he comes
      He’s Pfizer’s Clown

      — Reba McIntyre, Cathy’s Clown

      • Senile Joe: if you or any of your praetorians or 3 letter agency tards are reading this: The threats need to stop. It is an illegitimate use of gov’t force. One among many these days.

        That being said and I’ve said this before, but I have very little sympathy for gov’t workers and single client gov’t “contractors” in this regard. Perhaps with staff and contractors made up purely of loyalists, the next steps they are likely considering will be free of any objections of the conscience.

        I just want to be left alone to make medical/health decisions based on my own counsel and that of medical professionals I freely contract with. If “They Live” make that impossible, then IDGAF anymore.

      • Welcome to the Dark Winter Uncle Joe has been promising. If we focus on masking and vaxxing this saves the White House from having to explain his f’up in Afghanistan, high inflation, an anemic economic recovery, increase in crime rates, millions of non Americans crossing the Rio Grande, foreign allies loss of confidence in our country, and that bitch of a hurricane, Ida, where looters are stealing gas and food, because SHTF and FEMA can’t be found.

          • Corn Pop (you can’t be cereal),

            That might backfire. It gives “I didn’t vote for this bullshit” a whole new kind of punch, when the votes and/or counting are fraudulent.

            • He isn’t cereal, Publius. He is Uncle Joe’s foe from his old lifeguard days in PA. Uncle Joe yelled at Corn Pop for not wearing a water cap prior to jumping off the dividing board. Corn Pop promised to meet Uncle Joe in the parking lot and slice him real thin. Uncle Joe took on five men with a part of a chain link fence while they held switch blade knives.

              I am disappointed in you Corn Pop. You could have saved us from this hell. I don’t believe death was necessary just enough damage to keep him out of politics.

    • You hit on the really strange part – no one, apart from a small handful of crazies, is asking for any of this. Every person I talk to, every place I’ve gone, people are just doing what they normally do, offering service with a smile and engaging normal human interactions in the community. Yet, all of this other shit is being ram-rodded, fast and furious, FU to anyone who objects, without a care or regard to the consequences to anything. Now we have the senile pedophile, with plummeting poll numbers, moving to tighten screws on an angry population who is growing ever more tired of all things covid. They’re literally going for broke. At some point, they just might get what they seem to be asking for, and I’m not sure whether to wish for that or be scared shitless at the prospect.

      • ‘Now we have the senile pedophile, with plummeting poll numbers, moving to tighten screws on an angry population’ — BAC

        Will Biden’s executive order exclude Congressional staffers, who are federal employees?

        It may seem like a minor point. But the executive branch treading on the hiring prerogatives of the legislative branch will raise hackles in Congress, as it should.

        Almost surely, Members of Congress (also federal employees) will be exempted from the vax mandate. Subjecting their privileged personages to an executive decree would be just a little too obviously over the top. Rand Paul would howl.

        And what about nine hacks in black, also collecting federal paychecks?

        It’s not the order itself, but its carve-outs and exemptions that will show who’s untouchable in the fedgov’s shaky hierarchy.

    • Oh Hatter,

      You know how this will go. Pedo will talk big behind his teleprompter and armed protection then he will hide in his basement while local armed goons go about fulfilling his requests. Those armed goons will eventually run into a group bigger and more motivated then themselves and the rest will be history.

  20. Slightly O/T but relevant to the actual risk of one’s health, as opposed to the perceived risk (to others’ health, of course):

    Just learned of ANOTHER potential injury from the con-jab. A lady in her 70’s mentioned in a private conversation that she has had 2 rounds of antibiotics (taking even 2 pills at each interval several times per day), and still has a “UTI.” While it seemed improper to press her for details in this delicate situation, she did mention that her only symptom of the “UTI” was “cramps.” No burning, cloudy urine, etc. Also mentioned extremely dark urine (don’t know if that is still the case).

    I mention this because I believe she may fit into that category of post-menopausal women who are actually having menstrual issues (she has been jabbed).

    I am adding her to my personal list of known jabbers with serious impromptu health conditions, which now includes two people with lymphoma (one “stage 4” and the other T-cell), both of which arose within a short time of their jabs, 5 deaths within weeks or months of 2nd jab (one labeled a “co[n]vid” death), two mysterious internal bleeders requiring transfusion, one temporary paralysis, and at least one brain fog.

    None of these are reported in VAERS, you betcha.

    At this point, I am not only proud to be an outlaw, but glad I (and thus far, my immediate family) have the wisdom to be so.

    • Hi Anon,

      I am not at liberty to mention names or be specific (yet) but a person I know well has told me that nurses and some doctors at the hospital in his area are refusing the Jab… after noticing an alarming uptick in stillborn babies all of a sudden. I hope to be able to say more, soon.

      • Health care workers are among the most vigorous of the refusers. Many have seen first hand the adverse events that are so egregiously under reported, and many of them are truly horrific. Many worse than death, in my personal opinion. They’re educated enough to to know they produce no immunity, in spite of being called “vaccines”.

        • You know who are now vigorous refuses of the jab? Postal workers. Mail carriers. They know about all of these adverse events as well.

          • Oh yeah, Senile Joe exempted them but is trying to shoehorn them in by defining them as private company employees for DOL purposes or sumpin’. Sure. He doesn’t want to upset his partners in the next scheduled mail in voting fraud.

      • These types of experiences have made me question the entire program of vaccination. Where I once didn’t see what was the big deal, I now realize that the concept of vaccination is a scam at best, and life-altering (or life-threatening) at worst.

        In the case of the con-jab, it is not only a colossal scam, the jab contains a whole new level of poison/toxicity.

        I am glad that my eyes have finally been opened. Never was interested in a flu or shingles shot, but I will never again voluntarily take any “vaccine”. I have told my kids that even if I am in a coma, my express wishes are NOT to be jabbed.

        • Anon, bear with me:

          As part of my job, I scrutinize hospital charts to try to determine the root cause of bad outcomes, including, often, for newborns. Studying the chart of a baby who was healthy at birth, and then two hours later went into “mysterious” convulsions and is now a vegetable at age 6, I discovered what no doctor had appreciated.

          Comparing the medications timeline to the nurse’s note of the first seizure, guess what happened exactly two minutes before the newborn went into convulsions?

          Ah yes, the child had a “vaccination” for the Sexually Transmitted Disease Hepatitis-B. (A two-hour-old infant, getting plugged with a big dose of potion containing bovine serum, fetal cells, viral fragments, bacterial by-products, aluminum, etc.) Quite literally, the nurse who administered the shot marked in one part of the chart that she had administered the shot, and then turned to another part of the chart to enter in her observation–immediately afterward–that the baby stopped crying, went “dusky” in color, and lost all muscle tone. Then she called a doctor to take the baby to the NICU, and moved on to the next newborn in the nursery to administer more shots!

          Neither she nor anyone else–except me–could ever dispel the cognitive dissonance as necessary to make the connection. Nurses in her position have probably severely injured and killed dozens of kids with that shot, but they just keep on, in a state of hypnotic suspension of disbelief. This self-defensive hypnosis grows stronger every time they injure or kill a baby with a brutal and barbaric injection of magic “science” potion.

          The “banality of evil” pervades our doomed species.

          • P.S.: the fact that the shot crippled the kid is a legal non-event. No expert testimony could ever be admitted that claimed such a connection, and no jury would ever accept an argument by any lawyer that the kid was crippled by the shot, because that would be “junk science” and “crazy anti-vaxx conspiracy theory.”

            So everyone’s experts had to cook up wacky, exotic Rube-Goldberg explanation for why this healthy newborn became a cripple within two hours.

            No one except me–including the parents–will ever know why that kid will never walk or utter a word.

              • I was (am) ethically prohibited from telling the parents, because they were somebody else’s clients, adverse to mine.

                Plus, it wouldn’t do them any good even if they believed me…and they wouldn’t believe me.

            • RE: “This self-defensive hypnosis grows stronger every time they injure or kill a baby with a brutal and barbaric injection of magic “science” potion.”

              That’s some more Heavy Stuff. Wow.

              Seeing that all up close has got to really tear you up inside.

              I imagine Godzilla, as he thrashes about, the destruction is widespread.

              One more victim, on top of another, side by side, where it stops, no body knows.

          • They are searing their consciences with a hot iron.

            I have read in more than one source that newborns have likely the best immune systems of all humankind. When followed up with breastfeeding, that powerful immunity continues.

            This is actual science. As opposed to the evil notion that God-given immunity needs to be “enhanced” with poisons.

    • At my parents assisted living place, one of the staff who was leaving that job mentioned she wants no part of the vax. Why you ask? This staff member mentioned: multiple residents having balance issues post vax, one lady had to have an emergency histirectomy (sp?) as she started bleeding profusely post vax. None of these people had a history of these problems pre vax. My moms best friend had a stroke after her 1st dose, and dr. Dumbass gave her the 2nd dose on schedule. When pressed he felt it wasn’t necessary to report this adverse reaction. WTF is wrong with these monsters? This is just from one facility of about 75 residents.

      A local friend posted her actual experiences with covid on FB and FB had a pop over message about disinformation and helpful links to the truth on all of her posts. I guess people don’t get to have their own truth after all.

      • Hi Todd,

        I don’t use FB, but I have heard about those that have experienced side effects are being banned (or warned) by media. How one’s first account experience can be considered misinformation shows how low we have sunk in wanting to dilute the truth.

        Many of the people I have spoken with who have taken the jab (especially the 2nd one) have experienced being out of work for 4-5 days, headaches, severe joint pain, etc. I cannot recall speaking with anyone who has not experienced some symptoms (even if they were mild).

        I have been watching a bit of Joe Rogan lately (at least his podcasts on COVID) and a few of his employees have gotten the shot and they try sharing their issues online and their posts have been removed. I can’t take the doctors seriously. He recently had on Dr. Rhonda Patrick and she is telling Rogan about the misinformation that is being spread and how she wants to correct it. Rogan asks her what kind of symptoms her clients have been experiencing and she says (I am paraphrasing) “Everybody has been fine, maybe a headache or some arm pain.” Rogan is asking her about myocarditis, joint pain, blood clotting. Apparently, no one she knows has had any of that. Nobody? Not one person has shared major complications with her? Apparently, more people talk to their accountant than their doctor, because I know of a handful that have had symptoms that have not relented since their shot.

        • Dr Sean Brooks PhD Oxford has a message he says:
          Anybody who gets it will be dead in 6 months to 3 years. It destroys your immune system and you die. Everybody gets blood clots and is sterilized,

  21. Maybe I have watched Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves too many times, but I don’t see becoming an outlaw as a necessarily bad thing. Stupid laws should always be rejected and if that makes one a law breaker….so be it.

    There are so many laws already on the books that anyone from 3 years of age to 100+ have transgressed some arbitrary injunction on a daily basis. We are all criminals and the only thing stopping us from rotting behind bars is the lack of enforcement of the crime committed. In Singapore chewing gum is a crime, it is illegal to build a sandcastle in Spain, one cannot have their fortune told in the State of Maryland, and it goes on and on and on. The point is rules are trivial. They are nothing more than precedents established by the oligarchy to maintain control of the serfs (aka everyone else who isn’t in charge). So what if we break them? Embrace your outlawism.

    • ‘Embrace your outlawism.’ — RG

      If Virginia’s western counties wanted to secede, how best to go about it? To join West Virginia, for instance, would require permission of Congress and both states, which ain’t gonna happen.

      Consider, though, an internal revolt: western VA counties and towns announce that they no longer will enforce the state’s auto registration law, including the hated personal property tax. Rather, the new district of western Virginia would sell its own reasonably-priced registration stickers, valid within its borders.

      What could the state do in response? The Virginia State Police could issue a few random tickets. But they just don’t have the numbers and the vehicles to replace the local police and sheriffs who do the bulk of motor vehicle enforcement.

      Tax revolts have been an all-American tradition since Pennsylvania’s whiskey rebellion in 1791. Often as such stones rumble downhill, they turn into major landslides.

      Starve the state.

    • Ever since I read Walden and Civil Disobedience by HDT in 2016, I became as big of an outlaw as I could be. I just wish the ‘nature loving, hippy’ types of today like Thoreau would hate government like he did. I just wish the supposed ‘government hating’ conservatives would actually distrust all military and police and Pentagon like he did… or would have.

      • Hi Andrew,

        I remember reading quite a bit of Thoreau’s work in college. My literature teacher was a fan of both Thoreau and Emerson and our class had many discussions on their writings.

        The hippy liberals and government hating conservatives toe the line because they naively believe they will come out the other side without being scratched. They don’t realize when Big Brother has desecrated the critical thinkers they will turn their beady little eyes on those that stand with them. The problem with authoritarian regimes is mistrust is a given. The people in charge are constantly looking over their shoulder because a knife in the back shall always be expected. They have no issue killing or harming someone that does not follow the ideology at 100%. A differing opinion or thought will find them in the crosshairs of TPTB and the outcome will be the same as the critics that they chose not to defend early on.

    • Indeed, when laws are unjust, where should a just man be? When Emerson visited Thoreau who was jailed for conscription resistance, Emerson asked “what are you doing in there” to which Thoreau replied “what are you doing out there?” Whether one is imprisoned by strict obedience or cell bars is of little difference.

  22. ‘The government does not allow you the option of not entering’ — eric

    Likewise, truancy laws compel children to attend public schools. But you can guess what’s coming. Headline in today’s La-La Land Times:

    All eligible LAUSD students would have to be vaccinated by January under board proposal

    The L.A. Unified Board of Education is expected to vote on a student vaccine mandate at a special meeting Thursday.


    ‘Eligible’ means children 12 and over, according to the US fedgov’s current vaccine EUAs.

    Those would be kids at near-zero risk of death from covid — kids who probably face greater risk from vaccine side effects than from coronavirus.

    But in neo-communist Kalifornia, such kids aren’t their parents’ kids. Rather, they are wards of the all-powerful leftist state, to be molded into good little socialists from the cradle onward.

    One escape route remains from compulsory jabbing of children: home schooling.

    Public schools already are bleeding students, as their adolescent human livestock just wandered off the reservation by the millions during last year’s remote instruction by Zoom meeting.

    With mandatory jabs, LAUSD could find its schools half-empty. That would be just fine with the pampered teachers union, halving its workload, while no one (of course) gets laid off.

    Stay tuned, folks, for tomorrow’s exciting episode of L.A. Looney Tunes.

    Got laughing gas?

    • Hi Jim,

      I wholeheartedly agree with you…pull the kids out of public school. The teachers union would feel it in the lack of dues and power lost by having half of their members jobless.

      • Home schooling has doubled in the last year.
        My grandchildren included. What my Son and his wife have discovered is that it’s far easier than they expected, as I told them it would be. Children WANT to learn. They don’t want to be indoctrinated. Teach them to read, and leave reading material lying about, and they will largely teach themselves. Some encouragement and even coercion may be needed in more difficult subjects, as in math, but then again may not be in some cases where the aptitude is present. The by far greatest lesson my Son and his wife discovered is how little time it requires. One only needs to stay one lesson ahead of the student.

      • Hey RG, if I’m not mistaken, you’re in Virginia aren’t ya?

        My best friend’s very bright 8-year-old has been dragged through enough govt-induced trauma for a lifetime, and I’m reading the VA state website’s homeschool requirements trying to help make sense of Da Rules to see what we can do for her.. I think I get the gist, but I’m wondering if they’d actually need to take a proficiency assessment at the end of each year, or if they still need a licensed teacher around in some capacity to be able to officially sign off on their progress for them.

        They clearly make this stuff just convoluted enough for most folks to easily give up on the whole idea. Any advice you’ve got is much appreciated.

        They’ll be comin’ for my >100 employee count job before very long, but after seein a photo of my favorite littl’un sobbing in front of her school laptop after being shunted back to virtual class again today, I figure 1099 gigs should come easily enough, I’ll be alright, gotta prioritize helping my fellow organic people rescue these suffering keeds asap ✊

        • Hi Moose,

          If there is one thing I do know it is the VA homeschool system. 😁

          She will need to take a proficiency exam at year end. Her mom can oversee the test and it can be completed at the kitchen table. It does not have to be overseen by a teacher or administrator. There are a few places she can purchase the test from. I use Seton Testing out of Front Royal. You can order it from their website and pick what week the test should be given to the student. They will mail it to you a week or two prior to the test. The testing book is a rental. There is a fill in the bubble exam that the child uses for the test. Once the child completes the test all materials are returned to the testing center. They grade the test for you and upload the evaluation to their website where your friend can print it out and send it to their county’s Superintendent on or before, August 1st. Our family uses the Terranova/Cat series. There is a test for every grade level and it covers a variety of subjects….Reading Comprehension, Math, Social Studies, Spelling, Vocabulary, Science, etc.

          I would also highly recommend the HEAV.org website. This covers all about homeschooling in Virginia and is an excellent resource. I would recommend becoming a member. They are excellent at keeping parents abreast of new changes in the law, they have a multitude of videos available on how to navigate the system, and also send weekly emails which include worksheets the child can use and it also provides a list of upcoming dates for homeschool field trips throughout the state. Example, there is a Homeschool Day at Mount Vernon, a Homeschool Day at the Virginia Capitol, Homeschool Day at Luray Caverns, etc. These homeschool days offer tickets at a reduced price than those to the general public. You can pick and choose which trips to attend (if any). We have joined in several of them over the years.

          If you have any additional questions I am happy to answer them.

    • My question to vaxx-resistant parents would be: Why “home-school” either?

      Pretty much all colleges are requiring the vaxx, even for remote-only (online) students. (One student with just one semester’s worth of credits to graduation just recently sued Rutgers over this mandate https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/chd-adriana-pinto-restraining-order-rutgers-blocks-student-failing-proof-vaccination/ . This suit will fail.)

      So if you are really going to shun the vaxx, then you are shut out of college in the end anyway.
      So why waste a kid’s entire childhood learning silly rote crap to satisfy the “common core curriculum” and whatnot?

      Why not just let these kids play and read what they want and enjoy being a child? “Adulthood” is manifestly not in the cards for them if they don’t get Stabbed–so why prepare for it?

      • I agree with your point about college but the term homeschooling also encompasses what you recommend and that is pretty common to varying degrees. Some people see homeschoolers as a monolith. One weird thing I’ve experienced is that there is a small 15-20 percent of leftist, (D) regime loyalist homeschoolers for whom the gov’t schools still aren’t radically leftist enough. Fortunately for me, one of the most rabid of those I used to know and tolerate (before the Coronabuki there was some common non-political ground for the kids) moved from NC to VA. Buh-bye! One reason given was the newly legal weed in VA for her live in baby daddy.

      • I will answer this as a homeschooling parent. Why do we need college? I can’t speak for others, but I find real world experience and hard work a greater potential for success than any degree. My family’s classroom is an unscheduled and unschooled learning institution. Did I teach my children to read and write? Yes. Basic math? Yes. Otherwise I let them choose the subjects that interest them. We read classic literature which sometimes spurs a discussion of history if we are talking about a particular time period. We also get into vocabulary or geography. We also travel a lot. IMHO children learn better when they are experiencing and participating in real life scenarios than at a kitchen table or behind a desk.

        I have never been a huge advocate for higher education. For some fields of study it may be necessary, but for many careers it isn’t. To me it is something the State dictates as a requirement, which is usually another four years of brainwashing.

        • RG, do you bother at all with the state and federal “benchmarks” and “common core” stuff? If not I’m not sure if I would even call that “home-schooling.”

          I’ve heard the evocative phrase “un-schooling” which would seem to apply to someone who disregards all the governmental standards.

          And if you’re doing that, will your kids even be eligible for GEDs when they turn 18?

          • A test rating my child’s proficiency in math and reading comprehension is required by the state each year. As long as the child is in the 40th percentile or above that is deemed acceptable by Big Brother. My children ace it.

            I also have to provide a curriculum to the county’s Superintendent prior to the start of the school year. I am not obligated to follow Common Core nor do I.

            • It’s funny that they require you, as a home-schooler, to produce 40th-percentile test results, but they don’t hold the alleged “professionals” in the teaching field to the same standard. Imagine how much better the public skrools would be if consistently underperforming “teachers” were shitcanned and replaced with those who would get results.

              • Hi Scott,

                When I saw the 40th percentile as “passing” I almost fell over. This just shows the schools have reduced standards so low that the child no longer needs to have a firm understanding of the subject at hand. It is very easy to see how many countries are kicking our ass when it comes to academics. What I don’t understand is these same countries then want to send their students here for higher education. Why? We stink. It must be some type of spy infiltration scheme.

          • You place an undeserved value on government education standards, and their willing accomplices in colleges. Colleges which have largely devolved into venues for drug and alcohol abuse and promiscuity. At the rate we are going, and it shows no sign of deceleration, of what value a GED or a diploma issued by a prestigious house of ill repute? There are abundant examples of extremely successful people who dropped out of high school, much less college. Education is life. It’s ongoing, and it only stops among those who refuse to participate. The literacy rate has actually declined since the institution of mandatory public education. Many of this nations founders read, wrote, and spoke the classical languages. No one held a gun to their heads to make them learn them.

            • “Colleges which have largely devolved into venues for drug and alcohol abuse and promiscuity.”

              Well, when you put it that way, I’m ready to sign up for another 4 years!

            • “You place an undeserved value on government education standards, and their willing accomplices in colleges.”

              What makes you think that? I think it’s all 100% trash.

              I’m just wondering what people expect their poor kids to do in the world of trash that they have been thrust into.

        • Thank you RG, you’re an angel!

          Gotta admit I do like Freelance_Philosopher’s “smoke ’em while you got ’em” childhood approach too 😅

          But the kid is gonna desire some familiar structure for now, and also to keep CPS at bay (as well as those horrible people wielding the nasal swabs) obviously, so at a minimum for now her family and concerned parties like myself owe it to her to help get her the hell outta this suffocating living nightmare asap so she can peacefully read and learn and grow instead. Apparently their virtual classes are a serious friggin circus, the other students lack her focus and their parents are just nowhere to be found at lesson time when they’re abusing all the buttons and the calling feature. It almost sounds like she more or less got a taste of what my current job is actually like and I don’t wish that on anyone 😂

          • Hi Moose!

            Very heartening to hear you’re pulling your kid out of the maelstrom. It makes me glad that some are refusing to go along and doing what is necessary to not comply. Distance between myself and my sister is increasing because she isn’t willing to do that. My niece – her daughter – is currently donning the got-damned Diaper every day to attend government school in CA. She hates it there; I know – because she told me so. Yet my sister won’t leave the pesthole; she is attached to the weather (San Diego area) and likes the beach – which I get. I also get the reluctance to leave where you live, regardless. But they live in one of the hottest of spots as regards sickness psychosis and her daughter – now 16 – faces being Jabbed next as the certain price of being allowed to attend any CA state college/university. Plus, they live within walking distance of hordes of schizophrenic homeless people living in the vast tent cities one now finds in the area. It is madness, in my view, to pretend it is 1975 and all is well. It is one minute before midnight – and time to get the Hell out. But they won’t. So be it.

      • Freelance,

        My two insignificant cents here, but home-schooling might mean teaching kids some things they might not want to learn on their own.

        I wasn’t particularly interested in working on cars when I was young, for example, but enduring my dad’s little mechanic’s lessons (and the anger, sweat and foul language that went with them) did set me ahead of many when it was actually time to drive, and the other young adults were going to the local mechanics for their periodic extortions.

        • Hey BDO. My point is–and always is–that terrain shifts, and old lessons cease to apply.

          I find it extremely unlikely that anyone will be permitted to self-teach and work on 21st Century automobiles without certificates form government- or corporate-affiliated institutions that grant certification privileges. Those institutions, from here on out, will require injections. That’s just a new thing, that it is parents’ responsibility to work around. Not the kids’. They didn’t ask for this.

          As of today, in the U.S., nobody can work for a company with more than (arbitrarily) 100 employees, without being injected. If parents are going to tell their kids to eschew the injections…they have to tell the poor kids what on Earth they’re supposed to do to feed themselves when virtually all employment is precluded!

          I just don’t see it. To me, it’s not realistic for people with minor children to suggest that those kids will live their entire lives in the VAXX-INFERNO we live in now, without submitted to the Mark of the Beast.

          So it’s not that I think home-schooling (for the purpose of avoiding the Stab) is “wrong” or “lacking.” I just think it’s prolonging the inevitable. WTF are these kids going to do, realistically? Subsist on backyard kohlrabi?

      • I agree with your sentiment, however, as Hatt points out, “homeschoolers” are as diverse as can be, not just in curriculum or type of schooling, but political, religious views, etc. Whenever someone asks me to speak on behalf homeschoolers, e.g., “what do they think about….?” I respond that I can’t answer that question. Expecting HS to think or act in lockstep is like herding cats.

        As to WHY educate, I am glad that our family has embraced a classical education program – my children (now young adults) have studied world history, ancient literature, economics, debate/logic, Latin, etc. Not that they are masters of any of it, but they have been encouraged to research, think, and communicate for themselves, and explore ideas rather than merely accept them. They can build on the work and ideas of others and synthesize and apply them to their own lives, what I once assumed was the purpose of education in general.

        Having said that, yes, we have had them take the yearly “aptitude” and “achievement” tests that are offered for their peers in other school settings. Daughter is now a nearly straight-A student in college, although I question whether, as you point out, it is such a good idea, but it is her choice at this stage of her life.

        I would hope that my children have little use for the “system”, but would know enough to survive and thrive within/despite constraints that they can’t control without becoming ensnared in them.

    • Indeed, Mike –

      Though I would argue there are the useful idiots – these being the ones used, who watch TeeVee and “mask” and roll up their sleeves and are being weaponized, as a kind of sickness Shock Army – and those who are doing the using, who are not idiots at all. But they are evil.

      • The longer it goes on, the more evident it becomes that there is an evil pushing this circus that may exceed the ability to consider, much less comprehend, among the sane. It certainly has not a thing to do with anyone’s health.


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