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Do “private businesses” have the right – morally – to require that customers wear Face Diapers as a condition of entry? And are customers morally obliged to respect such conditions?

If they do – and if they are – then it seems logical that “private businesses” also have the right to require that people submit to medical procedures as a condition of entry, such as being injected with whatever’s in those Needles practically chasing Americans around like something out of a Bugs Bunny cartoon – but without the humor.

Many conservatives and even some libertarians have answered in the affirmative – taking the position that “private businesses” have every right to insist upon the former and – therefore – have already answered in the affirmative regarding the latter.

But are they right?

It is important to define our terms before we proceed to debate.

What is “private property”?

And what does it mean, today?

It is generally taken to mean land, physical structures on the land and things of that nature lawfully (and morally) owned by the private individuals who acquired the property by free exchange and who therefore have the exclusive right to possess and – the other side of the coin – to control it. Including the prerogative to restrict or deny others the use of it or access to it on the basis of the moral principle that it isn’t their property. Because others did not pay for it. Therefore, others have no right to it. They may be allowed to use it or have access to it, at the discretion of the owner, who grants such access and use as a conditional privilege – according to whatever terms he sets forth.

As distinct from what is styled “public” property – taken to mean land, physical structures on the land and things of that nature that the government controls and which the public is compelled to finance via taxes and fees and for that reason is considered to have a legal as well as moral right to avail themselves of.

The problem is there’s no longer much distinction between these two things – especially as regards private businesses.

Their “private” status is denied by the government, for one thing. They are not the true owners of their property – in other than a technical sense – because they do not control it. The government does – via the setting of mandatory “terms and conditions” backed up by the force of government. So-called “private” businesses may only do business with the permission of the government and only as the government allows.

They are “private” in the sense that you are a “customer” of the DMV or the IRS.

All businesses operate under duress because none are free to set their own terms and conditions.

And all of them are compelled by the fact of this duress to set terms and conditions that are by definition affronts to liberty, both that of the putative owners as well as that of their customers.

For example, the nominal right of the owner – if private property existed and was respected – to not do business with anyone, for any reason.

Clearly, the supposed owners of “private” businesses in this country have no such right. Or rather, that right is not respected. Indeed, they have a legal obligation – enforced by government – to do business with everyone the government says they must, even when it is contrary to their own wishes – and often, at their own expense. As for example in the case of being compelled to modify their “private” property to accommodate disabled customers, even if the cost cannot be justified by an increase in business – which if it were so would mean no government force would be needed to compel the business to make the accommodation.

In that case – and many others of a piece – the “public” has acquired the legal right (via the force of government) to impose terms and conditions upon the owner, who is really more of a custodian.

Conversely, the putative “owner” of the business is obliged to impose the government’s terms and conditions upon all who wish to transact business with him, even if he personally opposes such terms and conditions.

In effect, the “private” business becomes – and this is the precise term used – a public accommodation.

Which means it is no longer a private business in any morally meaningful sense.

This does not mean we should accept or respect the “terms and conditions” of the statists who’ve transformed what was private property into what has become public accommodations. Libertarians especially should refrain from using the ugly principles established by the statists to impose their terms and conditions on what remains of private property. As for example by using the force of government to compel a business to do business with them.

It also ought not to serve as the justification for obvious violations of private property, such as the theft thereof.

But are libertarians and others who respect private property as a moral principle obliged to respect the use of private property by government as tool to undermine their rights? As by forcibly denying them the option to lawfully transact business anywhere unless they accede to the government’s terms and conditions, imposed by the fictionally private businesses, which are acting under duress?

This was – and to some extent, remains – the situation with regard to Face Diapers and is becoming the situation, with regard to Needles.

There is a qualitative difference between a private individual deciding, on his own, to engage in a business transaction with another private individual, neither of them acting under duress and both of them free to transact business with others, if they cannot arrive at mutually agreeable “terms and conditions”  . . . and the Potemkin facade of “private businesses” – all of them acting under duress and acting in concert via the obeying of government’s terms and conditions, so as to eliminate the freedom to choose different ones.

A truly private business has every right to post a Face Diapers Required – or No Blacks Allowed – sign by the door and those who respect private property are obliged as a moral matter to respect those signs, even if they regard the sentiments expressed or the actions demanded as loathsome.

But such presumes other businesses are free to not post such signs.

Which, of course, many would – were they free to do so (especially as regards the Diapers). Which would mean that no one’s rights are affronted. The businesses that post objectionable-to-customers signs would not have the power to force other businesses to post the same signs. And customers would be free to do business with the businesses that did business in a way as acceptable to them as to the owners thereof.

But that is not the situation as it exists in this country right now – in which “private business” is a sick joke, on the owners and on us.

We – as customers – are no more obliged to obey or respect the government acting through proxies under duress than we are obliged to obey or respect the government itself. Is there a moral obligation to tell the truth to a government agent with a gun on his hip – out of respect for the principle of not lying?

It is suicidal to liberty to “respect” what isn’t – i.e., “private business” – especially when it is so obviously being used as a weapon against the very concept of rights. Those of the business owner – and those who wish to transact business.

This idea that people are honor-bound to “wear a mask” – or take the jab – or accept that they cannot rightfully shop unless they do, out of respect for private property, is as blinkered as the viewpoint that Jewish people in 1930s Germany were obliged to Heil Hitler! (or wear a yellow star) as a condition of entering a shop to buy their daily bread.

Evade, ignore. Shuck and jive. Ignore the signs. Walk right by. Make them tell you to leave. Don’t just mindlessly obey out of some misplaced sense of obligation.

Whatever it takes to protect your rights. And also for the sake of theirs.

When private businesses exist again, their right to set their (as opposed to government’s) terms and conditions should be respected again.

But not until – and not unless.

  .  .

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  1. 5-19-21 Diaper Report:

    NOTE: The last word of this post is exactly where I had left off- was just about to hit the ‘submit’ button, when my power went out and my ‘puter went down until I fixed it just minutes ago…and it had actually saved this for me! So here it is: (CMOS battery was half dead…so I just had to re-do some BIOS settings….duh…took me this long to figger it out…)

    Had to take my mother’s cat to the vet yesterday to get her nails trimmed (Would rather pay the $10 than DIY). I found a new vet (Nice older guy with a small office] because I will never patronize my former vet again (Even for someone else) due to the Sickness Kabuki they practice(d).

    I get to the new vet’s office 10 minutes early, and he’s not back from lunch yet- so I just stand outside and wait- and I notice, on the locked doors, there is not one, but TWO “Properly worn mask required to enter” signs! I think to myself: “This is going to be good, I’m probably going to end up literally telling the guy to GFH”. A few minutes later, the vet drives up and proceeds to open the office. “This is going to be good!” I think, “Here we go”.

    To my surprise, the guy just invites me in and says he’ll be with me in a second, as he went to don a mask! He clips the cat’s nails- as we talk- and I mention that it’s my 96 year-old mother’s cat- snip, snip, done in a few seconds- and then he says “Have a nice day”. I pull out my wallet and ask what I owe him, and he says “Nothing. Just tell your mother happy belated Mother’s Day”!

    So I’ve got a new vet! My former vet, who makes customers wait in their vehicles, and will not allow them in when their animals are being treated, unless they play full Kabuki, never once in nearly 20 years did anything for free!

    Maybe the Kabuki is a good thing- It separates the wheat from the chaff, and makes it obvious who is who. Since I’ve never worn a mask, I kind of liked the fact that being bare-faced identified me as a member of the .02% who refuse to comply, as well potentially identifying others of like mind. While I do not go around seeking to advertise my beliefs, I did enjoy the fact that the Kabuki certainly did blatantly identify the compliant slaves, and served to set us non-compliers apart as rare but brightly shining beacons of liberty, self-ownership and truth. As the masking [temporarily] subsides, we become indistinguishable from those who just obligingly do as they are told- or could even be mistaken for for those who have vaxxed[yikes!].

    • Morning, Nunz!

      This is happy news; I am glad you’ve found a sane vet. Mine is similar, thankfully – because I (like you) will not be leveraged into playing their sick kabuki. Not to see my mom. Not for myself (to get my shoulder looked at). It’s tougher for my cats because I am responsible for them; they’re like my kids. So I get the awful pressure being applied to people with children. It is enraging.

      Like you, I am proud as hell to be one of those who has not given in. I hope to god I never give in to these bastards. I generally refrain from profanity, but sometimes no other word will do.

      Sending a scratch on the head to your mom’s cat!

  2. So many comments but here’s my take:
    1) Private business do NOT have the right to require customers to wear masks (or anything else except to not be nude) because that is a human rights violation.
    2) If ANYTHING were to become a law, it must be voted for by AT LEAST 75% of the people — and NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON in America (or any other country) has been able to vote on any of this stupid LIErus nonsense and any of the “mandates/suggestions/requirements” surrounding it !!! All this LIErus & QUACKcine nonsense is pure treason & human rights violations & death penalty crimes. We people have let unelected pirates run wild and they are totally out of control now. We have no representation or law enforcement anymore in America — this country is under hostile takeover and WROL.
    Thank you, have a nice day. In America, you don’t get to vote on pretty much anything at all, and when you do, the election machine votes for you. WHAT A JOKE.

  3. All businesses are beholden to the big banks, which are beholden to the Federal Reserve cartel. Before 2008 investment banks were still somewhat independent. Once they were “allowed” access to FED bailouts they became part of the cartel too. Control the money, control the businesses, control the people. Pretty simple.

  4. My county, Santa Clara county in California, has gone bonkers. They can’t let this vaccine thing go.

    They now have made the following set of rules:
    – Employers can allow vaccinated people to return to normal
    – They must isolate and protect unvaccinated people
    – They many not leak personal health information, such as vaccination status.

    These rules are self contradictory. The only response which can be consistent with all is masks and social distancing for everyone, or work from home, which is what they’re doing.

    The county also doesn’t allow stores to allow masks to come off. Despite national chains like Costco and Trader Joe’s dropping their mask mandates, in our state and county, they’re in full force, as are capacity limits.

    I’m starting to question whether it might not be time to violate the non-aggression principle.

    • Hello OL,

      Wasn’t Santa Clara County where “contact sports” were banned “because Corona” last year/early this year? I seem to remember the pro football and hockey teams having to “relocate”.

    • Nitpicking here chief, but you must get your head clear on what the Non-Aggression principle (Sacred Feminine) is: It being never moral to INITIATE aggression against a sentient being or their property.

      Once aggression has been initiated, then the Self-Defense principle (Sacred Masculine) comes into play: ALL beings have the RIGHT to defend themselves against all beings aggressing against them or their property.

      Do no harm & Take no shit.

      • “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson

        Over at Citizen Free Press three females were assaulting a person in their vehicle. All of a sudden a Good Samaritan intervened and knocked the three females to the ground.

        When you are having trouble defending yourself, it always helps when someone is there to rescue you from the predicament.

        Three against one is no fun when somebody comes along and settles the score.

        Instant karma does happen from time to time.

  5. Yesterday was the best I’ve felt in over a year! My state (NC) dropped the mask mandate last week and almost immediately, several major retail chains followed suit. To test the waters I went to Barnes & Noble (one of the biggest mask Nazis in town). Shockingly, they not only dropped their “masks required” signage, but nearly every one of the employees was unmasked! Yet I was still one of the few unmasked customers.

    Went back yesterday and, lo and behold, a goodly percentage of B&N patrons were also unmasked. Ditto for the local Walmart (first time more customers were unmasked than masked since last May!). What had changed in just one day? The weather — it was hot as blazes yesterday. This leads me to believe that hotter weather will lead to the gradual removal of masks nationwide.

    • Over in my neck of the dunes in NC, despite persistent “diaper/distancing” signage (didn’t they get the memo?), diaper compliance in the supermarket (Kroger/Harris Teeter) is down to 60% diapered, the lowest since Spring last year. 0 diapers at the ABC store (diapers recommended sign only now) out of a dozen customers. The remaining diaperers seem to be mostly really overweight old people who think the dirty rag on their face is some kind of talisman against what they have to know is truly their problem (hint: not a virus) and hive mind young people trying to outdo each other on who can be the most obedient, compliant and virtue signally. There is still a thick layer of medical authoritarianism over the land. Maybe it’s receding, maybe we’re in the eye of the hurricane, so to speak. Time will tell.

      • Agreed, it’s too early to tell. But for the first time in over a year I’m genuinely hopeful. I’ve noticed the elderly around the Cape Fear region are roughly 50/50 masked. And yes, the young Gen Z crowd (especially girls) are still dutifully masking even when they don’t have to.

      • Hi Zek,

        I’m extremely reluctant to believe the people behind this are just going to let it peter out. I think we’re in the eye. I think THE CASES! THE CASES! will reboot this fall, perhaps because of immune system suppression caused by the Holy Jab. Regardless, the result will be that a massive hate juggernaut will spread across the land, toward all who objected to Diapers, toward all who advocated taking them off and resuming normal.

        I pray I am wrong. I don’t think I am. We’ll see, in any event.

        • Perhaps you’re right, Eric. But as someone has pointed out, after “giving” back the people their freedoms, millions of Americans are going to be very irate if they’re unceremoniously ripped away again this fall. The PTBs may well try to continue the scam, but they’re treading on very thin ice at this point.

        • Some folks have been suggesting you take a vacay. I’m gonna agree. I know you’ve got chickens and ducks and it might be hard to get away. Some sun and salt may be just the ‘ting. Check your email.

    • That’s good to know about NC. I have been going over state lines to do service calls in NC mountains. I have been sans-diaper the whole time except when I went to a location out by the reservation. I dunno if there was something special about being by the res, but EVERYONE was diapered there, unlike the hill folk surrounding whom seem to be pretty tired of it all.

  6. I love coming here for the robust debate.

    Here is the next thing that is appearing.

    I would like to pay for this with Federal Reserve Notes.

    I’m sorry, we don’t accept “cash.”

    But it is LEGAL tender for all debts, public and private.

    Sorry, nope, to you have a credit card?

    • Hi Mister,

      I thought about it – I wish I could – but I’m just too wiped out right now to deal with a 12 hour drive. If it were closer….

        • Eric, I agree with Mister Liberty. It would do you a world of good. Florida is a completely different place than VA. The change of pace will refresh you.

          Just remember this: Guys that work too much die young.

          • Yeah, I know it… but it’s the getting there that’s daunting. I’m wiped out. A 12 hour drive is not for me right now. I need heavy duty horse tranquilizers – or at least, some gummies!

            • If you can’t do Florida how about something a little closer to home? The Inn at Warner Hall in Gloucester is beautiful and overlooks the river. It is only about a 20 minute drive to Williamsburg. Also, try the Northern Neck…Kilmarnock, Irvington, Colonial Beach, etc. Also, Nags Head isn’t too far. Take the girlfriend and make it a road trip. Us, gals need to be wined and dined every once in awhile. Get away for 3-4 days. Look at water and a bunch of undiapered people. Enjoy a couple nice meals out. Relax. We will still be here when you get back. 😊

              • Morning, RG –

                Good suggestions! The weekend looks nice, at any rate – and we’re definitely taking one of the bikes out. She likes that, a lot! Which is a strange thing for me as my ex did not. I’m still getting used to having someone behind me who wants me to “hit it”!

                • I think you should take the longer trip Eric. In the confines of your car, away from all the nonsense, you can unwind. Take your gal with you and the 2 of you can get some hard earned break. Years ago, we would take our schoolboys out of school, during the teaching season, not during school holidays in which all the prices tripled, but during class time. They had lessons, and the teachers told them that the travel would be more educational than the classroom. Both body and mind will benefit from this break. For both of you. And being in October, you will get a break from the cold weather. Can’t tell you how important that is.

  7. Hey everyone.

    So much is improving here, and I think, across the country. Multiple cities here have dropped their mask “mandates”. Phoenix may follow, unless they’re stubborn idiots. My gym no longer forces their employees to diaper. And guess what? None do. About 95% of the gym patrons are undiapered, too.

    They grocery stores are apparently the only hold-outs, and it seems ever more bizarre to enter them and have me be the only or nearly the only bare-faced person.

    With regards to “private businesses”, we need to go on the assault, now. We can start with the abolition of business “licenses”. It would do us great justice to untangle Leviathans tendrils from business. I know that will be very difficult, in many cases, particularly as larger corporations benefit greatly from this “partnership”.
    But it easy to see now, that authoritarians are making their play by using the corporations to impose upon us all manner of horrible things that they, themselves, are prohibited from doing. And they must be stopped.

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      Today every single grocery store in my town (total of 8) have no signs up, none, nada. People are still walking around diapered. I am actually going to the grocery store tomorrow morning for the first time in a year and am going to evaluate how bad this is. There is no sign even about vaccinated vs non vaccinated. The only businesses that still have signs are some small shops on Main Street and several restaurants.

      The restaurants and retail stores are freaking out though and will not go back to full capacity. The reason….not enough workers to be able to handle the demand.

      • Morning, RG –

        I went to Lowes the other day; they have taken down the signs altogether. But almost everyone within was Diapered. This sickness is not going to go away. The damage will take years – perhaps decades – to undo, if it ever is undone. Also, I suspect this is a brief “eye of the hurricane” respite. Wait. As summer proceeds into fall and the cases! the cases! of people getting sick again – this time perhaps because of the “vaccine,” which may have destroyed the immune systems of millions – it will all come back, with a vengeance. Directed especially at people like us who have not Diapered or played Kabuki. We will be blamed for the “outbreak.” And it will get very ugly.

        I pray I am wrong.

        • Hi Eric,

          I believe it will gradually go away. It isn’t going to be overnight. I hit the grocery store this morning (mainly a beer run). I have to travel out of town later this week and I know better than to leave hubby with no beer or Haagen Dazs.

          Good news – No signs! I was one of the few undiapered, but I went in very early (they were still stocking shelves). A few of the employees were unmasked, which was nice to see. I smiled at everybody and wished everyone Good Morning. One can feel the vibe though. There is still an element of unsureness surrounding the whole thing. You walk in expecting someone to go bat shit crazy seeing your naked face.

          Conclusion – most people were still masked. A few young guys (in their 30s) and a few older women (in their 60s) seemed to be the majority of unmaskers. Walking across the parking lot old dudes (in their 60s and 70s) and women (around my age) seem terrified of removing it even wearing it from their car all way into the store. 🙁

          • Yup – same here.

            I also went to Earth Fare yesterday; they have quality stuff such as grass-fed beef. Just a pathetic sign off to the side of the main door – but no Diaper enforcement. Yet I was the only Undiapered within.

            I am not as optimistic as you. I think millions of people have been permanently damaged by this; or rather, were damaged and now we see just how badly.

            I’d be willing to bet you a case of your favorite suds that a year hence, there will still be Freaks everywhere – prolly at least 25-40 percent of the population.

            • I will take that bet. 🙂 I believe 5-10% can’t be cured, but sheep follow the herd. The herd slowly starts unmasking the sheeple will remove theirs, as well.

              If you right, a year from today, the 12 pack is on me.

            • The damage done by the mask mandates has an analog in the damage to two generations of drivers done by the National Maximum Speed Limit imposed in 1974. It took beyond 21 years to the real damage done to driving. Since 1996, though, lane courtesy has arguably improved since speed limits have been relaxed.

              • “lane courtesy has arguably improved since speed limits have been relaxed.”


                Not sure where yoy are located, but I’ve been driving since 1991, mostly in the eastern states from ny-NC and if anything lane courtesy has gotten far worse over those years. Especially with all the new gadgets people have to distract them from their sole purpose when behind the wheel.

                • I think a great many have discovered that driving slow in the left hand lane leaves them free to ignore traffic in front of them so they can text at will.

              • I think most of today’s “drivers” are not AWARE of lane courtesy. Let alone practicing it.

                So many meat sacks plodding along unaware in the left lane at a speed much lower than the traffic flow. Often lower than the already under-posted “speed limit”. Making people have to pass on the right. Creating road rage during “rush” hour.

        • Eric,

          Just curious. Why do you think the vaccine will destroy peoples’ immune systems. I (and no one else) really knows what the long term effects will be, but do you have a specific reason for thinking this?

          I ask because my aunt sent me a video from some Johnny Jackass stating in summary that if people have an antibody response, suddenly their innate immune system will quit working. Which, of course, is nonsense. If that were the case, we all would’ve gained adaptive immunity to our first pathogen, and then died shortly after from the next.

          • P.S. Sorry that sentence came out confusingly. I mean, I don’t know what the long term effects might be, nor does anyone else. 😉

      • Hey Raider Girl,

        Yep, the hurting for workers is ubiquitous and visceral for so many businesses. This is the direct effect of paying people to stay home. Or just do drugs and hop hotels like some we know. It must stop.

        All of our grocery stores still have the “Diapers Muss Sein!”. But I’m not surprised. There are people who’ve just been hardwired. They probably were no good at thinking for themselves before this mess, and now they’re so hopelessly traumatized, it will take a good deal of time before they remove that muzzle. If ever, like Eric says.

  8. So,Private Businesses have so much power now…

    Will they still be forced to bake cakes for homosexuals?

    Can they ban Homosexuals from entering and/or tell them not to kiss or hold hands..

    Seems they can kick them out for being gay after-all its a private business and if you dont like it,go somewhere else as they say now!!

    • Hi question,

      Yup. I’m indebted to a regular poster here – Brandon – who pointed out that these “private businesses” are only free to do as the government says, almost always in a manner that diminishes their liberty or that of their customers. Your Gay Cake thing is a case in point. The bakery must bake the Gay Cake; must enforce “mandates” and “guidelines.” But isn’t free to refuse to bake the Gay Cake or deny service to the Diapered.

      Yet some don’t see this duress – and how it obviates the entire basis of “private business” – and (in the context of a free market) respect for the right of truly private businesses to set their own terms and conditions.

      • The “problem” arises when these homosexuals decide to “make a point” and bypass numerous businesses that would not have a problem making a homosexual themed cake and purposely target a Christian business for harassment. This was the case with the Masterpiece Cake shop. Even the state came after the business owner as the state official was himself a homosexual. Vindictive behavior to prove a point is just wrong.
        Live and let live” is a principle that far too many times is ignored.

        • Amen,

          The rule of civility used to be – don’t force yourself on others. The new rule – of barbarism – is to use any means to force others to deal with you. In other words, make them your slave. That word is strong but it is accurate. A slave is compelled by threats to perform work or act in a way demanded by another who wields physical power over him. Forcing someone to bake you a cake qualifies.

          It is truly despicable.

          I don’t have anything against anyone on account of their sex, the type of sex they like (provided it’s consensual adults), their color, ethnicity, handicap – what have you. But when people insist others must deal with them then I begin to hate them.

          • indeed, creating prejudice where there was none.
            Just as affirmative action has. Someone spends a lot of time and effort qualifying for a position or opportunity, and succeeding. Only to learn they are disqualified because they have the “wrong” skin color. Which breeds resentment for those of the “right” skin color.
            I myself am a victim. In years past when I met a person I noticed the color of their skin, the same as I noticed the color of their hair, or their clothes, and took no further notice of it. Now, with the open hostility directed towards white men, I have an inclination to become defensive when around people of color. Avoiding any social contact possible, and looking for an exit.

  9. Update on diaper/jab for 16 yo son:

    He told me today that he will not wear the diaper tomorrow (his first day of work), as he confirmed that they can’t verify jab status. (Of cours, that is why the next step is the convid passport, but for now, I’ll take what I can get! Just glad he is willing to shield his person from this assault.)

  10. Let’s take the “business” aspect out of the equation for a moment. If you come onto my private property, that’s not a business, whether I ask you to or not, I am still at least civilly liable and maybe criminally liable for any harm that I may cause you.

    For example, say the neighborhood HOA staff are leading a new mower around and inadvertently (or even purposefully) walk across my yard. That doesn’t entitle me to go and punch them in the head, i.e., I cannot knowingly (or even negligently) cause people harm — even on my property — outside of perhaps being under assault myself. Even that is debatable in a state like MD.

    Further, (AFAIK) it is not allowable for me to say anything like, “you can visit but if/when you do, I get to punch you in the head.” Because, no, punching in the head (again, outside of defense) is still a criminal act never mind a violation of the NAP. Punching in the head cannot be a lawful precondition for access to my property.

    What if every grocery store in the entire state had a policy of “We get to punch you in the head at any time on our property”?

    I know, start my own grocery store, right?

    This entire regimen of masking, social distancing, guilt tripping, germophobe bullshit, *is* causing harm on everyone. Just because, they can “punch” 99 out of 100 people without complaint or even that their actions are allowed by the state, does not make “right” IMO. Never mind the fact that every single licensed business operates under the terms dictated by Uncle.

    • Well-said, Eure!

      I feel for these businesses; I myself could not stand to be in business on that basis. But sympathy for the pressures they’re under does not mean I respect or condone the way they’re offloading that pressure onto me – and others. Nor do I consider myself honor bound to respect such.

      • This, this all day.

        It’s one thing if some small business owner’s genuine policy is that you must play kabuki or leave their establishment

        It’s another thing if it’s just a sign with zero enforcement after you buck it

        There should be an allowance for a dialogue either way, we’re fuckin human beings, they should have a good answer ready for explaining why they would insist we all go along with our own destruction, or at least be able to ask themselves how they know what they think they know, and whether it actually reflects reality.

        And the face covering basically is a punch in the goddamn head, it’s disorienting and soul crushing, everyone I talk to about it has admitted to experiencing the resulting lightheadedness and cognitive impairment, and children are in tears from it, it’s purely abuse masquerading as public health which by the way isn’t even a fuckin thing because “the public” is an abstraction just as much as a government and its authority wouldn’t even fuckin exist if it didn’t have people so terrified into believing in it.

    • “Further, (AFAIK) it is not allowable for me to say anything like, “you can visit but if/when you do, I get to punch you in the head.”

      If a contract is drafted and the terms of the contract are mutually agreed upon and signed by participants who are legally able to make such contracts and be bound by them, then yes, it is allowable.

      • True, Philo –

        But what’s being erected is a kind of company town, on a grand scale. A national scale. The company town was “private property,” too. The problem now is we’re all in the town – and there’s no realistic way to get away from it.

    • Wait, you are telling me those anarcho-capitalist NAP memes about nuking your neighbor because their leaves blew onto your property may be inaccurate?

  11. Since we are living under “civil-rights”, “public accommodation”, and ADA “laws”, it’s time to use their own laws against them.
    The new “Jim Crow” is alive and well in today’s COVID fear society.
    Those of us who cannot wear masks are being discriminated against.
    We are told that we cannot enter businesses, are harassed by some business owners and employees for not wearing a mask, and in some cases refused service for the inability to wear a mask.
    It gets better. We are told that we can order on line, request “curb service” or home delivery. We are still being denied the ability to walk into a business establishment and being served without harassment or outright refusal. This is just WRONG.
    All of these “compromises” are no different than “Jim Crow” laws–in the past, African Americans being refused service, or confined to “carry-out service”, or being unable to walk into a store without being harassed or even being denied service.
    Those of us who are unable to wear masks are being discriminated against, “Jim Crow” style.
    The 1964 Civil rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of race and of medical condition. Public accommodation is a necessary right that cannot be abrogated.
    Both Acts are being flagrantly violated by ANY business that harasses or denies service to those of us who cannot wear masks.
    Where is the enforcement of the Civil Rights Act and the ADA?
    Wait till ((they)) require the “jab”…

    • That’s great, but the people who aren’t enforcing that stuff are the same ones who want them to violate that law.

      Might is, apparently, right in the modern world.

      Last time, it only stopped because society had moved on past it, and TPTB were basically shamed into acknowledging that.

  12. Unfortunately the determined statist isn’t going to be stopped by anything. There is no law that may have held sway for centuries, a piece of yellowed paper written by an old dead white guy 200 years ago, even their own made up rules, people protesting, an argument they clearly lost……. That won’t stop what they have decided for us all and will use the force of government.

    I think its sad they have made it so that it’s seen as greedy and selfish to want to keep your own earnings, property and determine your own future.

  13. Since libertarians don’t seek statist solutions like laws to outlaw diaper requirements, what is the remedy? Exactly what we’ve been doing all along. If a sign is posted, ignore it. Don’t ask permission. If the business is truly under duress and wants to do business, they will. If not, they won’t and you’ll be asked to leave and potentially arrested for trespassing if you don’t. Subjectively and selectively deriding property rights because you don’t like a policy just sounds like the “no fair!” whining of your typical low info leftist. It also sets you off on a slippery slope. You may not like what you find.

    To quote Malcolm X regarding the tactics used by those involved in the Montgomery Bus Boycott: “I don’t think having an opportunity to ride at either the front or middle or back of someone else’s bus dignifies you. When you have your own bus, then you have dignity. When you have something of your own, you have dignity. But, whenever you are begging for a chance to participate in that which belongs to someone else, on an equal basis with the owner, that’s not dignity, that’s ignorance.”

    • Hi Zek,

      Ideally, if we had a free market that respected private property, the solution would be just that. Let each business – and individual – decide for themselves. There’s no problem in that case because freedom of choice means there will always be alternatives.

      But – to state what ought to be painfully obvious – we don’t have a free market and it’s bizarre to me (as well as self-destructive) to not acknowledge the fact and pretend otherwise. Indeed, freedom itself is rapidly becoming a non sequitur. In part, I submit, because it has been raped by the government using “private business” as its 10 inch dildo. As Brandon rightly observed in another post, this only works one way – the government’s way. “Private business” cannot forbid the Diapered. Cannot – legally – posit any terms and conditions that enhance liberty, if they run contra “the law.” Yet there is this idea that we must always respect “private business” . . . even when it acts to take away liberty, at the behest of government.

      Because it’s “the law.”

      My attitude toward this is the same I’d have in a fight. I don’t hold myself to Marquess of Quennsbury rules for the sale of false etiquette against an enemy trying to do me harm.

      This is a concerted, organized, systematic assault on the individual – as well as on the very idea of “private property.”

      • And it begs the question, particularly in the absence of a phony “mandate”, WHY would a business deliberately shoot itself in the foot by choosing to deny a significant portion of customers the ability to purchase its products and services?

        • Anon- now that the mandates are gone here in NC, some businesses are doing exactly that. From what I’ve observed it’s mostly small businesses, probably still full up on PPP loans, run by absolute true believer diaper head collectivists (mostly women… don’t tell Moose, though). Sounds odd, right? In my experience as a micro biz owner for a decade who interacted with numerous other micro/small/single person biz’s 9/10 were leftists who would be offended when they asked why I ran my biz and I said profits instead of passion or the community or “others.” They were ripe for this scamdemic and love representing their “team.”

          • These types live their entire lives at the expense of others. They will probably NEVER get it, that operating a business for profit is not only NOT evil, but absolutely necessary, else there would eventually be no business at all (and their source of sustenance would then also dry up).

        • Anon,

          At this point it’s fear. Until the go along to get along crowd starts removing the diaper these businesses Think that diapers is what most of their customers want so they are not removing the signs of kabuki because they assume they will loose most of their customers then.

          • Hi Antilles,

            Yup. And the fear – of government – is what drove it. Fear of the ‘Rona… and fear of being “locked down.” Now it is the lingering fear of the Diapered that maintains the whole thing. But none of it just happened, organically – according to free choices made by free-to-operate “private” businesses.

          • That’s where simple logic could play a part. Anyone who still wants to diaper is welcome to do so. They can wear full PPE and a moonsuit if they wish. Just leave the rest of us alone. I’ll be happy to keep 6 feet away – or better yet, they can keep 6 feet distance from me!

        • The thing is, with 99 percent compliance with masks in the beginning of the mask mandates, a business could afford to lose business since they were probably secretly getting a stash and a push from the US government and other “private business”. They were all too happy to deny and deprive and dehumanize the lone unmasked of their constitutional rights. CV completely changed the relationship between the “customer” and provider and placed everything above the customer. So yes, they could afford to lose a significant portion of their customer base, which amounted to virtually no one.

          • Hi Swamp,

            You raise a very important point – about how this WuFlu hysteria utterly destroyed the former relationship between customers and businesses. The former used to be “always right” – and the latter sought to make the customer happy. Thanks to this hysteria, the customer has been transformed into a sort-of pleader for alms. Can I please come inside? Ok, I will stand here. And stand apart from others . . . etc.

            It’s all viler than finding a gorilla with diarrhea was let loose inside your house.

            • Perhaps because many were made whole with government cheese – airlines come to mind. Take that away, and businesses may begin to regain their senses (well, those not led by wokesters and other assorted leftist slime). Never could understand how any business would turn away paying customers en masse, or shit on them, and expect to stay in business. How would any respectable Board tolerate that?

              Separately – a gorilla with diarrhea rampaging through my house? Can you imagine??? How would that even come about? I like how your writer’s mind works.

        • Because there is no competition that operates differently. If people know that applies everywhere, the customer cannot punish that proprietor by going to the competitor, because the competitor is doing the same thing. Get it?

      • Just like property, the “market” is impaired but not entirely unfree. Even during the height of the madness and especially now, with mandates (duress) gone on businesses, certain stores. have chosen to forego the kabuki while others are doubling down. You had and have a choice. People are separating, bifurcating along these lines and you know what, good. I don’t wish to “integrate” with them. That being said, I acknowledge we are in an existential battle but I don’t think that we’ve reached the point where the situation requires the abandonment of fundamental libertarian principle, the promotion of which I really hope you don’t consider “sale of false etiquette.” Things might go there but as far as I know they haven’t. Not trying to be a jerk but is there something else you have done to “fight” this enemy beyond shopping without a mask and inveighing against the State’s tyranny on this site and in other venues.

        • Hi Zek,

          I apply the armband standard. Germans also had a “choice” about wearing them. But what sort of “choice” was it? And would we defend a “private business” that insisted on armbands… knowing full well the business wanted to avoid any trouble with the government?

          This Diapering (and Needling) business is not only evil, it is orchestrated evil – using both government and government power over what is nominally “private” businesses to advance it.

          I respect private property. I don’t respect evil.

          I won’t force myself on – or in – a store. But they’ll never force me to respect their Diaper, either.

          • Evil use of gov’t power – yes. No respect for evil – yes. Respect for private property – yes. No forced “integration” or respect of diaper – yes. I’m with you on all of these!

            • Amen, Zek!

              I’m trying to defend “private business” – by excoriating the duress they are under and which is applied to us, by dint of that fact. I would like to see truly private business – totally free to transact business however they like, without any form of compulsion applied to them or their customers.

              Voluntary free exchange.

              It’s a shame that hardly exists any longer.

          • I think a strong argument could be made that Diapering (or refusal to Diaper) is a form of speech and, as such, can neither be required nor forbidden (possible exception for use to aid in committing a crime).

            After that, I believe the rest will be able to work itself out.

            • I agree, Publius –

              The Diaper is a literal form of expression, visually expressed – of agreement with the premises of the Sickness Cult. This is ok when done by free choice, but when coerced amounts to the same thing as being made to wear an “I love Taxes! shirt by the EyeReSS.

    • Hey thanks for the shoutout Hat, I’m glad you would risk watering down your own argument by reminding your audience that viewpoints opposing your own also exist and thereby triggering the consideration that maybe it’s not one gender pushing this agenda, even though we historically love to blame those damn women and all their witchcraft for how everything in the world went wrong.

      Dunno how ya can’t see by now that your qualms arent with women, it’s with statism.

      • Not an argument, just an observation. Can’t/won’t water that down but was making a funny out of trying to protect ur feelz. The unexplored irony is that most of the small biz people I dealt with (actually my wife and I) were couples or single women and rarely single men. Just another anecdotal observation. Please feel free to ignore.

    • Always insist a store manager tell you to leave. A clerk, bagger, stocker, etc. has no authority to throw you out. They are not an accredited representative of the business.

  14. I just had something happen for the 1st time and it worries me that the true beleivers of the fraudci religion. Driving to my local pizza joint taking advantage of the nice weather i had all my windows down. I passed a car going the opposite way with what was clearly a true beleiver. Windows up, diaper on in the car by herself. Normally i pay these things no mind anymore but i could see the anger in her eyes as she was looking right at me. Next thing i know she bangs a u-turn and starts following me to the pizza place. I pull in aware that she pulled in behind me. She started to lower her window to i think start shrieking at me, saw my NRA shirt with an ar-15 on it, and then sped off without saying a word. But it was the absolutely crazy eyes, knowing i did not subscribe to her fear religion that kind of got to me. I have no idea why she chose me but my opinion is it seems like as these diaper mandates are being lifted the holiest of holy seem to becoming more militant against the non-beleivers.

    • And the evil creatures behind this know that is what will happen with at least some of the population – they will soon BEG for the convid passport and try to unleash hell on those of us who will not comply.

    • I see these all over South Jersey too. Mostly old folks who can hardly see over the steering wheel as it is. I just shake my head at them. I think they must’ve just been so dumbed down to begin with that they never miss the oxygen, their body has no use for it.

      I thought this one older guy at the Wawa was gonna yell at me last month, braced myself as I rolled down the window, but it turned out he just wanted to talk about the Genesis Coupe 😎

      • Also just a friendly reminder to all.. heading into the summer months you’re gonna wanna be extra vigilant while out on the roads and be watching out for these freaks, they will be susceptible to heat exhaustion and no doubt are gonna be asphyxiating behind the wheel again like last year.

      • Moose,

        Except this freak appeared to be, at least from the eyes up, mid 30’s. I keep hearing that millennials are some of the most fervent to the diaper religion. I guess that might be right.

    • I’m a bit of a homebody so maybe I’ve missed this particular edict… you’re saying that there’s a written or unwritten “rule” that “none shall drive with windows down without a face diaper”?

      • Aparently with this diapered freak i was breaking some rule she must have made up in her mind. I was just enjoying the fresh air and not using the AC in my car. This is probably the type of freak that would accost you if she saw you outside with noone around you with no diaper on.

        • I keep hoping one of these Freaks will accost me. It’s an opportunity for some fun.

          Freak: Where is your “mask”?

          Me: I am not of the body.

          Freak: What??

          Me: Here’s to swimmin’ with bow-legged wimmin!

  15. Hi Ya Eric,
    If you owned a business, should you have the right to require that people NOT wear masks while in your premises? Do you have the right to bar the vaccinated? Of course you should! (Whether you do, under the present tyranny, is another matter….)

    Would a mask-wearer or vaxxed idiot have the right to demand that you accommodate them? Or, would their remedy be to merely not patronize your business?

    Why should it somehow be different for us?

    If a mask-wearer or vax-taker questioned the legitimacy of your business actually being yours- maybe because the store you were renting had been built on land acquired by eminent domain, or the building had been built by captive leprechauns who were paid $1 per day, does that then give them the right to disregard your ownership and to instead assert some claim of their own over what they would style “your claim of what is yourprivate business”?

    Maybe they’d claim that you are under duress, and or acting as an agent of the government, since you collect sales tax and pay income tax and have a government-mandated exit sign. Does that then give them the right to usurp your property rights?

    You know, even if we are not in business, our vehicles, and our houses (etc.) are not truly ours, because they are all taxerd and regulated…. Our cars even carry a government-mandated registration pl;ate, and we are under duress when using those cars to obey certain laws. Does the fact that Uncle has usurped a good part of our right to truly private property give others the right to negate the terms we set for the use of that property?

    If you live in a state where you can be pulled over by an armed government goon and ticketed for having a passenger not wearing a seatbelt, does a passenger have the right to refuse your request that he wear a seatbelt while insisting that you allow him to ride in youir car, citing the fact that your car “is not really yours” because it carries a government registration tag and operates on public roads which ARE built upon property acquired by eminent domain and constructed with extorted money; and because your request that they wear a seatbelt was made as a result of you being under duress (of being pulled over and ticketed)?

    Why are Libertarians arguing AGAINST property rights, and using the fact that we are not free/are under the duress of tyranny to further add to disrespecting of others property rights?

    If we don’t like a property owner’s terms, we are free to leave- which in reality is exactly what we do if we can not convince them to let us stay despite our unwillingness to comply with their terms. If we feel that someone does not possess legitimate title to their property, then we shouldn’t be enriching such a person by patronizing their business in the first place- our remedy is not to say “Well, you don’t really own this, so somehow, that gives me a say in what goes on here”.

    I have never masked and never will- but I will defend property rights, even when I am not in agreement with how the property owner chooses to use those rights. If a property owner decides of his own volition (As Walmart and other did indeed do) to require masks or where there was no mandate to do such- or if they abide by some ludicrous decree, because they agree with it; don’t care; think it’s good for business; or because they don’t care to fight it/think the cost of fighting it too high, it makes no difference. The only legitimate beef WE have is with the tyrants who impose this BS on business owners- and thus they are our rightful enemy. If we choose to fight that enemy through a third party(Property owners) we are going down the same path as the “Occupy Movement”/leftists.

    • Hi Nunz,

      I’ve addressed all of this at length in the article; you’re not addressing the fact of duress and how it obviates “private” business at a fundamental level. Moreover, you appear to equate refusal to respect “private property rights” when these “rights” are used by government, to undermine rights, with a denial of property rights as such, in principle.

      Obviously, we disagree on this point.

      One could also say, though I do not, that in a fight to the death, one does not play by the Marques of Queensbury’s rules. I simply say that “private business” is an oxymoron in an era of “public accommodation” and that we show more respect for the concept of private property by refusing to respect duress applied to it – and to us, thereby.

      • Sorry, Eric, but Nunz is right on.

        When libertarians stop supporting the rights of the individual because they are angry at the government institution that created the mandates, one is no longer a libertarian, but an anarchist and honestly, no better than Antifa, or as Nunz, stated above, Occupy Wall Street.

        Paul’s Paint Shop has a mask sign on the door. The mandates have been lifted. Paul is a sole propertiorship (hence an individual) who owns the building that he houses his paint store in. Paul is not under duress. You have zero right to tell Paul how to run his business. If you don’t like Paul’s rules, you don’t do business with Paul. The end.

        • Hi RG,

          I don’t insist I have any right to tell Paul how to run his business; I assert that I am under no obligation to obey Paul’s actions as agent of the government, which places him under duress. Every business owner is under duress – from the “business license” up. That is my point.

          Yes, the “mandates” – some of them, regarding Diapers – have been lifted. Many others – regarding myriad other things – are still in force.

          It does not offend “private property” to acknowledge this fact. Nor to disregard with extreme contempt the use of “private property” to undermine it, as I tried to explain in the article.

          • Then every property owner is under duress, Eric. We have to follow building codes and be issued permits to erect a home, a barn, a garage on something that should be ours to solely do with what we want. Why do I have to call Ms. Utility before I pave my driveway? Why the hell is Ms. Utility

            Does this mean I just show up at your place and demand that you see me or hell, that I move in? Did you want to get the permits, or how about the paying of RE taxes on an annual basis? It is clear you are under duress so I should not have to follow any rules, what is mine is yours, what yours is mine, right? Hell, let’s throw up our hands and just go full commie.

            • Sorry – phone call came in and I hit submit too soon:

              Why the hell is Ms. Utility even on my property? I don’t have a landline telephone at home, but my neighbor’s landline runs through my property. Unfortunately, I found this out the hard way when digging one day.

              In essence, we have no property rights, none of us.

              • Hi RG,

                Yup. Apparently, even if I were to erect a solar rig to power my own needs, and so no longer need the utility, it is illegal to disconnect/remove the meter they installed on “my” house!

                • Eric,

                  Off topic but my B-I-L heats mostly with wood in the winter so he doesn’t come close to the nat gas usage a normal house his size uses. The utility co came out and changed the meter 3 times then accused him of finding a way to block the meter from reading the gas flow. They wanted to bill him for gas he never used so he would be in line with the rest of the neighborhood. He fought them for 2 years, finally a Utility guy comes out and he physically shows them the wood stove and how the thermostat just outside the room with the stove is never going to kick in when he has it set at 58 and it’s 82 in the room. Utilityman’s solution, reccomended the home owner move the thermostat away from stove, home owner refused, inquiry closed. Energy independence and living off the grid is the last thing tptb want because then you are out of their control.

                  • Hi Antilles,


                    I am probably going to have to deal with this issue myself eventually as I intend to make provisions for self-sufficient power at my place.

                    My understanding is that even if you use zero grid power, they still charge you at least $20 per month for the meter.

                    • Really gotta wonder what the hell’s wrong with a company to come on someone’s property three times to replace their stupid meter and then accuse the customer of committing fraud, being proven wrong, only to then have the gall to feign some sort of authority in the man’s home and suggest he relocate his own fuckin thermostat. Oooh they had to be so buttmad over all the wasted manpower on that case too.

                      There’s so much scumbaggery in action there, it could only have been made possible by the type of entitled mentality cultivated from all the help and reassurance their business has had from their friends in gov over the years.

                    • Hi Moose,

                      Yup. And a utility company is an excellent example of the creature that is both a “private business” and a “public accommodation.” They are for-profit yet they have the power of government to compel people to accept and pay for their “services.” Insurance is another such.

                      This was the general theme of my article. Defending the “rights” of these hermaphroditic entities is bizarre to me.

            • Hi RG,

              Indeed. We are – I agree. But there is a difference – as I tried to explain in the article. I am under duress to pay “taxes” on my land and home. I am under duress as regards what I may and may not do with “my” land and home. But this duress is different in that I am not acting as an agent of the government, imposing vicious, specious claptrap on anyone.

              As I tried to explain in the article, these “private businesses” are in functional fact organized cartels, serving as the de facto agents of the government – to abuse and deny rights, to destroy the very idea of them. To admit this fact in no way assaults the ideal of “private businesses” or “private property.”

              I can’t legally just open up The Unwoke Cafe in my outbuilding – because I haven’t got a “license” to do so, which requires me to become an agent of the state. Just like every other “licensed” business. So the choice is – become a state agent, be complicit in the destruction of the very idea of “private business” – or don’t be in business. No such thing applies to my private home – though in principle, it could, on the same basis.

              To object to this – to refuse to “respect” it – is in no way to “go full commie.” It is precisely the opposite; it is a fight for respect of rights, including the absolute right to property and free exchange.

              This is what libertarians favor.

              When businesses are truly private, and when I (and everyone else) is free to decide for ourselves, then we have a different state of circumstances and, of course, everyone is bound to respect the private property of everyone else.

              But no such things exists now – and it is existing less, because of the false argument that people who respect “private property” in principle are honor bound to respect it when it has become something that is not “private property.”

              • What business license are you referring to? Some counties require business licenses, in which, they tax you on your gross revenue, other counties (yes, even in VA) do not require such a license. RG’s Accounting does not have a business license. Why? My county does not require it unless you are in town limits. I am not in town limits so I pay nada. Does this mean I am still an organized cartel? How about you? Is your business an organized cartel?

                Even in the midst of a mask mandate I had no sign on my door or enforced such an idiotic mandate. The individual that entered my business CHOSE to either not wear a mask or wear a mask, but they did not get to decide if I wore a mask or if I enforced compliance.

                I think you are unjustly painting the business community with a very wide and broad brush. Not every business stepped in line and some businesses mandated mask wearing well before any government intervention. The grocery store that I used, for one, had a mask requirement in early April, 45 days before Governor Black Face issued one. The day they issued it is the day I stopped shopping there.

                • Hi RG,

                  I was under the impression that every store/cafe/restaurant must have a license to do business. Must transact business according to the government’s pleasure – else be out of business.

                  That was the context meant for purposes of this discussion.

                  I should perhaps have been more clear about that.

                  You and I – as independent contractors without a storefront – still enjoy the freedom to transact business without permission, without having to become adjuncts of the government as the condition of being allowed to work.

                  For now.

                  • Hi Eric,

                    I have an office building, it isn’t a store front, meaning I am not in a shopping center, but I don’t work from home.

                    All of the businesses around me also have buildings that they work out of (construction, landscapers, etc.). No county/state mandated business license. Now, we all have other licenses – contractor’s licenses, accounting licenses, etc. Technically, those are not required though.

                    Restaurants are different. I do not have any restaurants near my business and yes, those are regulated, because they involve food preparation, space requirement for air flow, etc. They have zoning and occupancy permits and a bunch of other garbage associated with them.

                    The counties (mainly Fairfax, Loudoun, Arlington, etc.) establish the business licenses as revenue generators, nothing more. They threaten to take them away for not complying, but it is prepaid. How do you take away something that has already been issued? I guess they would not have to reissue next year’s license, but honestly, it is mostly talk. They aren’t going to do much because they don’t want to lose the cash flow.

                    It would surprise you the amount of businesses out there that don’t even know a business license is even required in their county to do business. 🙂

                    • I have also noticed that some licenses (such as CCP) aren’t affirmatively issued, but instead are “not denied.” That way the state avoids liability for any harm or activity that could result from the issuance of a state license.

                    • Good stuff, RG!

                      I just wish none of us had to beg leave to be in business and could do business freely, according to the ancient and excellent principles of voluntary free exchange!

            • Ahhh. The libertarian student becomes the teacher. Give EP hell on this one, RG!

              I’ve got to agree with you on this one, RG. If the business owner is not subject to a gubmint mask mandate or other masking coercion, but nonetheless insists on masks to enter, I see him having a private property right to do so. I may first attempt to tell him to pound sand, but if he absolutely insists that I leave the premises, his wishes really have to be respected.

              Ultimately, under such circumstances we have to rely on market forces to change his mind. With competing non-mask alternatives, he may realize that he has fewer customers than he needs for his business to be profitable. So long as there is no mandate or government coercion, the business will be subject to these market forces, which may need a little time to have an impact. While the experience is certainly frustrating, I think we liberty minded need to be somewhat patient to let those market forces work.

              • Hi Mister,

                Yes, agreed – if we take out of the equation the duress applied to make these businesses apply the Diaper, which was (and remains, in may areas) extreme. They were force-closed for months, then allowed to open… provided they didn’t anger the government too much. As by not applying Kabuki.

                To deny the reality of that fact makes no sense to me. To insist we have an obligation to pretend that “private businesses” aren’t become creatures of government is curious to me.

                If we had a free market – if property rights existed – then of course I would respect and defend any business owners decision to insist on any idiotic policy he wished to set forth.

                Bu that’s not what we’re dealing with – and it seems self-evident to me.

                • Agree. The evil PTB have inverted the customary rules of engagement between free people, and have inserted a diabolical undercurrent. Now that they are “removing” it, those who would like for business to resume in a gentlemanly way are being forced into what you have aptly termed Sophie’s Choice – respect the artificial “choice” given to diaper (and/or jab) or do business elsewhere, which taken to its logical end may result in not doing business at all. The evil PTB created this wicked dichotomy, it did not erupt organically. Therefore, I believe it is null and void.

                • And all the mandates put forth that violated property owner’s Constitutionally guaranteed rights are illegal. I’ve only read the Constitution a few hundred times, but I don’t recall there being an “except for plague” clause anywhere in it. The US Psychopaths In Charge are the largest criminal enterprise in the history of the species.

            • “We have to follow building codes and be issued permits to erect a home, a barn, a garage on something that should be ours to solely do with what we want.”
              None of which apply to the county I live in. In fact, I had quite a time with contractors doing work for me telling me that it couldn’t be built that way because of building codes. I had to explain that this county has none, which leaves me in charge of how you build it. Lenders can get in the game of enforcing building codes through mortgage requirements, and often do. I don’t have a mortgage either.

          • I really appreciate your calm responses.
            Fundamentally, there is no such thing as private property. Stop paying your property tax and you will soon find out who really is the “property owner.”

            • No kidding, Mark. I want to plant a tree. First, I have to either call a 1-800 number, or fill out a detailed form online, then wait 48 hours for permission to dig a hole using a shovel.

            • So if you own a home as typically understood (i.e, you pay property tax) you won’t mind several homeless people from your local downtown area area claiming themselves the right to be housed there with you. Because you don’t own it. Sure. Impairment of property doesn’t equal negation.

              • Hi Zek,

                What you’ve written worries me – because I see the possibility. If a “private business” can be made to enforce Diaper “mandates” and is considered a public accommodation then surely the same logic (such as it is) could be deployed to Dr. Zhivago “private” homes. And I precisely because so many have defended or acceded to this one-sided, very strange conception of “private businesses” – when they are obviously not “private” any longer, except in a legal sense. As is also true of “private” homes.

                • That’s the danger of pushing so hard on making the perfect the enemy of the good with respect to property rights and markets. Again, impairment doesn’t equal negation and IMHO libertarians should never concede anything on property rights and should only be arguing to diminish and eliminate the impairments.

        • Nope. It’s pretty simple. Just because you appear at a “private company,” say a Target, Best Buy, Walgreens, CVS, Home Depot, Lowes, Wal Mart, or any of the other myriad “local businesses” named above, doesn’t mean that you check your constitutional rights at the door. Since they are operating in the public domain, subsidized by collections from our paychecks and bank accounts, they are obliged to respect the US constitution. That means don’t fuck with me as I enter to buy your cheap plastic shit. Don’t demand I wear a medical tyranny hajib, scan some QR code to gain access. Of course arguing with some teenager on that issue is tiresome and draining. There are laws against coercion and extortion and these assholes are required to abide by them. Just because a business is “private” doesn’t mean that they can deny and deprive you of service. Don’t get into the lesbian or fag wedding cake either. That’s not the issue. No business is required to make a fag wedding cake. It’s certainly not the same as denying a person access. If they don’t offer a fag wedding cake, you have the option to buy a cake with nothing on it and put your own fag couple on it. That’s America and that’s the way it’s supposed to run.

          • Well-said, Nixon!

            Especially as regards the fact that many of these “private” businesses are, indeed, subsidized to one degree or another by the government as well as all of them being the de facto enforcers of government. Refusing to respect “policies” that are vicious, evil – and government required – in no way compromises respect for legitimate private property.

            I hope that, some day, it will exist again.

            Meanwhile, I will ignore all Diaper signs and go about my business unless I am told to leave. I’ll do that – but never respect it. And I’ll devote all my energy to denouncing them for their despicable actions – for their poltroonish go-along/get-along complicity with evil.

          • Sorry, Nixon, I do not agree. As a business owner why am I forced to do business with people that I don’t want to? You are demanding because it is “private company on public domain” that they must accept your money.

            What happens if they don’t want your money? I don’t feel like I have to roll over for or take on every person that calls me seeking business. Within a five minute conversation I can tell if someone and I are going to click. If we don’t then I let them know I am not the person for them and it is best that they seek services elsewhere. I have done this long enough that I know who is going to give me a hard time, who is going to be hard to track down for payment, etc.

            Individuals should have choices on where they shop, but this flows both ways. Millie’s Manicures does not have to accept your business just because you walk in the door.

            If a place of business have principles different than my own I shop elsewhere. Why would I want to give money to such a place?

            • Hi RG,

              The elephant in the room here is that Diapering and all associated Kabuki are evils of unprecedented degree and danger. This is not the usual “no shirt, no shoes, no service” stuff. This is evil. Businesses that are complicit are furthering evil. And many do so for the same appalling poltroonish reasons that businesses in Germany did so, once upon a time. In both cases, the thing which casts great dubiety upon the “private business” argument is that it is employed in defense of compliance with the government by businesses that have become agents of the government.

              If we had a truly free market – if private businesses weren’t agents of the government – then of course we’d be obliged to abide by whatever terms and conditions they set forth as a condition of service. But it’s much more complicated than that.

              • Hi Eric,

                But it is not. I will not shop places that enforce Diaper Kabuki. I also don’t understand why others want to. The greatest incentive that us consumers have is the boycott. If a business has stupid rules (and I consider masking stupid) you aren’t getting my money. If enough of us feel this way then the store’s bottom line takes the hit and they change position.

                We need to let the free market be a free market. I realize that is somewhat of an oxymoron, but you get my drift.

                Stop patronizing stores that don’t want us. Support stores that do. Our money speaks volumes. We need to stop seeing ourselves as victims and realize the choices that we make do matter. Buying items or services from a business that does not share our moral beliefs proves nothing except we are a bunch of idiots.

                • Hi RG,

                  In many parts of the country (we’ve been lucky) people have no real choice. All the retail outlets Diaper. A boycott is fine, but pointless when the government is backing the “private” business – and all of them are serving as the government’s poodles.

                  • Eric,

                    I drove 650 miles (and 12 hours) last month to spend a couple thousand dollars in peace. I understand the lockdowns. NOVA/Washington DC has not been any great oasis of freedom or liberty. True, I have been able to visit the farms and farmer markets with no great pushback, but today was the first day I stepped foot into a grocery store in a year.

                    I will not give my money to a business that forces me into doing something that I don’t want to do. If they want my business bad enough they will work with me. If they don’t f’ them.

            • RG, there are private businesses and government partnered businesses. Most large corporations are government partnered. A real private business is stuck with the taxes and the laws just like you and me. These partnered corporations negotiate tax rates. Some, like the Walmart in the town I grew up in RECEIVE taxes. That Walmart keeps a portion of the sales tax for itself. Other corporations get subsidies, favorable regulation, and so on. They are partners with government.

              So I don’t accept this “but it’s a private business” crap 90%+ of the time it’s applied because it is mostly applied to partnered corporations not actual private companies that have no more pull with government than you or I.

              So the small bakery that didn’t want to make the cake? Sure private business. Today’s Walmart or Amazon or Youtube and so on? No.

              • Morning, Brent –

                Exactly. These “private” businesses have leverage over government – via their economic power – and use it to get favorable treatment from government (as witness the big chains not being “locked down” by the government) and use the power they get via government to impose tyranny on the populace, which is dragged along by the rip tide.

                As you’ve pointed out before, the end game is a national “company town” in which the company is the government and the government is the company – and the people are enserfed, owning and controlling practically nothing. But some will abet their own enserfment, defending the “private property” of the company town.

                PS: Check out the video in my latest article about the Ford Lightning; you’ll love it, I promise!

          • I agree that no one should be forced to conduct business in a way they don’t agree with.

            In the case of stores, esp. the big boxes, many haven’t done a lot of enforcing of the phony mandates. The smaller ones that do will soon begin to feel the effect of the “invisible hand,” and if they are wise, will do what the marketplace calls for, esp. now that there will be competition from businesses that don’t apply the phony (and now non-existent) mandates. It takes time for things to unfold.

            Lots of people are fed up with this foolishness. I have been encouraged to see many people barefaced that only a week ago were hiding behind a diaper, or perhaps were not conducting much business in the public square at all.

      • Hey Ya Eric!

        Yes, I did address the “duress” point, in my seatbelt analogy. Unless I’ve missed something, no one has yet refuted it the several times I’ve used it.

        Just to rehash (Apart from the seatbelt analogy):
        *A property owner who is under duress still has the ultimate right to determine how others may use his property.

        *We have no way of even knowing if a property owner’s wishes are a result of being under duress; or if they agree with the Kabuki (As many did and do, before and now even post-mandate, by requiring Kabuki when/where there was/is no mandate to do so; or if they simply don’t want to fight the tyranny because they simply don’t care, or think the price is too high, or would rather please the majority who want to “feel safe”- but regardless, such is none of our business- It is our right to accept or refuse the invitation to use their property, having been apprised of the terms of use in advance. (See also my mosh pit or fancy restaurant dress code analogy in the Used Face Condoms thread).

        But to add one thing to the seatbelt analogy- to further address “duress”: Does it matter if the car owner is enforcing a government decree by requiring you to wear the seatbelt, for ferar of being stopped and ticketed, or if he is under no such duress and merely requires you to use the seatbelt of his own volition? No, it doesn’t matter. It is his car- he doesn’t need a reason or justification, and you as a passenger don’t have a right to demand he carry you as a passenger- in either scenario- but merely to refuse the ride, lest YOU become a source of duress.

    • Hey Nunz,

      “Why are Libertarians arguing AGAINST property rights, and using the fact that we are not free/are under the duress of tyranny to further add to disrespecting of others property rights?”

      I, at least, am not arguing against property rights. I am arguing about what “private” means in a libertarian sense. Your entire argument is predicated on legitimate property, but denies us any ability to determine legitimacy, I am arguing that we do, and must, question that legitimacy when “private” businesses are acting as State agents. When doing so, the ARE an arm of the State and should be treated accordingly. By engaging in civil disobedience against a colluding company, I AM protesting the State.

      Your position on this renders us defenseless against the predations of GovCo, the simplistic “but…private” mantra is empowering the State, allowing them to outsource tyranny and destroy our liberty. You cannot convince me that a “private” business, acting on behalf of the State, is meaningfully “private” in a libertarian sense. It DOES matter what a business does; when acting on behalf of the State, they ARE the State. When a business colludes with GovCo to attack our liberty, it is legitimate to protest that collusion with civil disobedience. As America becomes increasingly Fascist, it is essential that we can protest the encroaching tyranny; directly at the State AND at the “private” businesses acting as an arm of the State. Your position renders us helpless. I know I won’t convince you, and you won’t convince me. I will endeavor to terminate this conversation as it has long ago ceased to introduce anything new. Alas, I will probably get sucked back in.


    • Well-said, Kent!


      Libertarians are often accused of being “utopian” – but what could be more utopian than insisting on absolute respect for “private property rights” when the “property” in question not only isn’t “private” but used to undermine rights?

        • Hi Moose,

          Yup; and – I see no necessary contradiction. We don’t compromise our respect for private property by refusing to pretend that such a thing exists when it manifestly does not. Some will say – well, that means you’ve accepted the premise of the statists. This is untrue. Rather, I am refusing to accept – much less respect – a duplicitous catch-22.

          Also: These so-called “private” businesses are qualitatively different from, say, a privately owned home. Yes, both are under duress. But the private homeowner has very little, if any, power over others. He can (rightly) tell them to get off his property – but he cannot (in collusions with others, as is the case with so-called “private” businesses) impose disgusting behavioral requirements on others, who are free to avoid him and his property.

          But how does one avoid buying food when literally every store – at the behest of government/under duress – imposes disgusting, evil “terms of service”?

          This isn’t to say, as some will, that one is entitled to food. That is silly. We are not talking about theft or anything of a piece. We are talking about defying government-imposed tyranny, using “private” businesses to accomplish it.

      • If cannabis killed anyone, nobody would use Colorado Cabbage.

        I want to see more commercials advertising various prescription medicines prescribed/manufactured by the pharmaceutical conglomerates, damnitanyhow.

        Calypta is the latest snake oil available.

        More cowbell.

        Drugs? What drugs? We don’t need no steeeen-king drugs.

        Vioxx was removed from the market, those aged 65 and older had a decreased death rate of 50,000.

        Drugs kill, especially the wrong drugs.

        It can be more obscene, just not enough vaccine propaganda.

        More of everything at once. I want some Entrusta. Now!

        Hopi medicine men fed Jimson weed to unruly braves. Got to use every means necessary.

    • Hi Kent,

      I disagree. Not all corporations are publicity traded companies. There are many corporations out there that are owned by one stockholder or only a few stockholders, these are called closely held corporations. Most of these are not established as a front for government, but a way to get around government, usually by using the same system (established by the elite) to get around government rules usually in regards to taxation.

      The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in 1978 in the case First National Bank of Boston vs Bellotti that corporations have the right to first amendment speech. Over the last four decades this rule has expanded establishing corporations as “people.” I agreed with Judge Rehnquist who actually dissented and stated that corporations are “artificial” people and not “natural” people who should not have the same rights as the individual. Unfortunately, five of the Supreme Court justices stated that they do have individual rights per the Fourteenth Amendment. This ruling has opened Pandora’s Box and has since provided the corporation many of the same rights as the individual. One can say it is not fair or not right, but when has fairness ever been a factor in the interpretation of law?

      • The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in 1978 in the case First National Bank of Boston vs Bellotti that corporations have the right to first amendment speech.

        Why would I care what the Supreme Courtjesters say or what lies they tell? I know corporations (of any size) don’t have rights. The opinions of government-supremacists can’t change that reality.
        A business owner has rights, the business does not. Yes, the individual who owns a corporation has equal and identical rights to mine– but no one ever has the right to violate natural human rights. It simply isn’t a thing. YOu can’t have the right to enslave or rape someone if you “only” do it on your own property. Nothing can create such a right.
        If I ignore a “agree to your enslavement” sign at a door, I do it because I don’t believe the owner or manager could actually be that evil. If he comes to me and admits that, yes, he really is, and he wants me to leave, I will do so without complaint.

      • Doesn’t matter if there’s one stockholder or a million, the corporation is a creation of the state. Period. They do not occur naturally. It does not matter for what purpose they are formed. Not being born, they have no inalienable rights, only those the state gives them, or takes away, at its pleasure.
        The SCOTUS determined corporations were “people” sometime in the late 1800s I believe, relating to a railroad. It’s not worth looking up though. They’re still not people.

        • Hi John,

          How is a corporation a creation of the state, when it is in fact, the individual that creates it? The government did not put a gun to my head and tell me “Sign up as a corporation now.” Actually, the government would love people not to be corporations, not to set up trusts, not to protect their assets. It makes the assets much easier to find that way. They can’t take what they don’t know you own.

          • Hi RG,

            It is the government which creates the legality of the corporation; that’s the thing. And the government endows its creature with special privileges – such as limited liability – at the cost of abiding by government’s rules, which the corporation imposes without the bother of laws having been passed.

            • I mean, the 14th Amendment claims us as their citizens just for being born on their land lol. If we’re to believe everything the government insists at, by their own logic we don’t even own ourselves. We’re registered to them.

              So our parents created us

              And the govt immediately licensed us as their citizens

              And even assigned to us from their own system those unique ID numbers printed on shitty little blue cardstock that “were never supposed to be used as ID” if you can believe it!

              Little girls open up a lemonade stand..

              The health department with their piggy goon tells them they need to register the business and pass inspections..

              So that they give over whats theirs to the government, oh and the insurance mafia too right? You can operate it but you better pay out for our approval and protection so you can keep paying out more than what it’s worth to even run the business, to exercise your freedumbs lol. If you’re actually successful we’ll dole out some power your way to boost your influence over the masses.. but only if you push our agenda ☝️

              Guess they’re better off chucking the lemonade and being welfare moms and livin off UBI like the state wants.

              Also consider how, much like with everything else involving those taxes that they impose on us, government counts on people to have absolutely no idea what they’re doing when they register their own business,

              Just as they have no idea what theyre doing when they decide to pop out more kids to be subject to the will of the State. Lookout kiddos, Bill Gates is comin for those little arms! Fuckin nightmare

              “Statist Corp. just sounded cooler! Hey bro when’s the next bailout”

              • Amen, Moose –

                It is a nightmare. And I think the only way out of it is to stop countenancing it. Any of it. I gibs you an example to illustrate what I mean. Were I to propagate, it would be with a woman who agrees with me that we’ll do it on the “down low” – birth at home, no records of the birth, no “mark of the beast” Social Security cattle tag, either. A freeborn person!

                I endorse under-the-table – “illegal” – free exchange of goods and services. I will put whatever I like into my body. I will not tolerate people who try to Diaper or Needle me.

                It ends when enough of us decide no more.

          • Being a creation of the state, any corporation can have any rights the state granted yesterday rescinded tomorrow. You think you are somehow protected from the state by incorporating? How will you be protected when the state can walk in and take from the corporation whatever it pleases, any time it pleases. If the state did not desire corporations, those protections would not exist. The corporation is a creation of the state because the individual who created it made a deal with the devil, government, to get it created.

  16. The way I look at it is this: “private businesses,” operating in the public sphere have no right abridge the constitution in any form or matter. About 11 years ago, a group of us were outside a walgreens protesting red light cameras. The “manager” called the cops on us. We were not disrupting anything, we were told to remove our cars from the parking lot. Our cars were parked well away from teh actual store and were not interfering with any commerce going on at all. The manager simply didn’t like us and probably had connections with the police department or whatnot.

    These assholes are operating in the public sphere. They are operating under a corporate charter at our pleasure. (yes, we can still burn the shit down). It isn’t a truly private business at all, so, imo, it is subject to the governing document of this country, the constitution. You don’t just check it at the door because you want a stick of gum, a newspaper and some decongestent.

    Same thing with masks, HIPPA applies.

    I know, it’s unrealistic to demand that these assholes observe the law when 99.8 percent of the dumb assed public disagrees, but they have not right to force diapering, no right to throw you off their property unless you are directly violating their business, and frankly, at this point, no right to exist. I’m sick of these assholes

  17. I was just turned away from a well-check doctors appt. They asked if I have been jabbed. I said no but I had corona in Oct. Then, have your traveled recently?, yes. So you will need to quarantine for 14 days and reschedule. When would you like to re-schedule. I said never, good-bye and left.
    I’ve been with this gen care doctor for 25 years, and it’s obvious that he or his staff are scared to death. I feel sorry for these people. So be it. I will find another doctor. The interviews will start today.
    A few days ago, I went to an oral surgeon, same questions, answered same. They saw me, no issues.

    • That is what gets me the most – doctors (and lawyers) who of all professions are in a position of authority to challenge/overrule this madness. Yet, they cower, and try to drag the rest of us down with them.

      • Hi Anon,

        I think that (doctors being among the most fervent of Sickness Cultists) has to do with – once again – government. Government aggressively regulates the medical profession and if that doesn’t do the trick, there’s the AMA and its effects. Very challenging for doctors to risk being anathematized, especially with all the carrying costs that come with being a doctor.

        • Yes, and I am encouraged by the few that do buck the system, so to speak. I wonder if there could be/is a movement of doctors and other medical professionals who withdraw consent from the corrupt system?

        • Along with what you mention Eric – Another interesting think I find in doctors (or most professions in the west) is that things have become so compartmentalised. Most people spend their lives in their little area and dont bother to venture out and apply their skills to something slightly different – even though to us they will be very well placed to do so (well more so than me at least)… then the risk of well being sued to death if they do step outside the official native and soothing goes wrong… plus the fact that most live a very comfortable life anyways – why would one bother !!

        • Although while being heavily regulated by the state, the state also grants mainstream medicine a monopoly. Anybody with two or more brain cells that get along knows that supplemental vitamin D3 will boost your immune system if you don’t get enough sunshine, but you don’t dare say your vitamin D product will treat anything.

          • Hi John,

            Yup. Maybe I’m just “lucky” – that’s what the Coronamaniacs would say about my not having caught so much as the sniffles since this “highly infectious” virus has been on the loose, despite my not once wearing a Diaper nor ever “practicing” Kabuki – but I suspect my being a runner (every other day) which gets me out, in the sun (usually!) and my lungs working full capacity, plus not eating the “food” one finds at most grocery stores has something to do with my so far good health.

            Related: It seems the most belligerent sickness cultists are often very heavy and obviously unfit. I have been wanting one of them to say something to me – so I can say something about the 75 pounds-plus of lard they’re carrying around, which is more a risk to their health than the presence of my healthy, Undiapered self.

    • Try looking around for an open-minded ‘direct care’ doc, they’re less inclined to go along with the bs since they don’t wanna play the insurance mafia game or push pills or expensive and useless tests, and generally understand the importance of leaving govt out of your healthcare.

  18. Eric, I agree that the concept of a “private” business or entity is being completely eroded. I had mentioned on the earlier thread about my 16 yo son feeling pressured by the environment at his new job to admit his lack of the jab by wearing a mask. I appreciate your response, the analogy of being forced by an armed thug to share the combination to one’s household safe. In his case, the contents of the safe are of infinite value – his own life, and future liberty, so the analogy is even more apt.

    All of our God-given rights are being usurped and abdicated, without much of a struggle. These rights, once enshrined in our Constitution, were unencumbered at the time of the writing of the Bill of Rights, but the intervening years since have seen their complete erosion. How long before the 3rd Amendment falls, as well? Perhaps it no longer matters, as evidenced by the armed goons forcibly injecting people – who cares whether they live in your house and eat out your substance if they have already forced you to take a toxin into your body?

    I do not wear a diaper, and have no intention of doing so. I routinely ignore the signs posted at doorways, as this is the only reliable way to test whether the owner/manager is sincere in requiring diapers. Only a handful of times have I been denied service, and I simply tell them I will not wear a diaper, and politely leave. This has been my practice and it has served me well. In a macro sense, however, it may not be enough if 100% of businesses refused service to me. Online and curbside is NOT equivalent to shopping in an air-conditioned store, taking advantage of sales/clearance prices and items not featured on the web. The online items are not even always available at the stores! So, while I don’t argue with a business that denies me service, I can at least shop elsewhere for the time being.
    I believe that I am obeying my conscience, and not violating the remaining shreds of private property rights of a business owner, merely by forcing them to accept (or reject) the gov’s diktats.

    On a bright spot, although most businesses in my area still have the diaper signs up and I was denied service at one yesterday, a local convenience store/restaurant now has all signs down and even the employees are undiapered. I will now very comfortably spend LOTS of money there, without violating anyone’s conscience or “property rights”!!

  19. Indeed, what part of such “regulation” is not involuntary servitude? How is it that forcing someone to bake a cake for a gay wedding is not slavery? I have long argued that corporations being a creation of the state are NOT private businesses, but neither are those owned by individuals or partners, as you have so clearly demonstrated. If you are not free to make decisions on how the property is used, you don’t own it. Which bridges to other aspects of ownership, such as do I have a right to ingest any plant or chemical I choose? If not, do I own my body? Same goes for the prohibition on selling your organs to the transplant industry. I will NOT donate my organs to the Medical Industrial Complex and those who work for it. I would sell them, for the fee that the surgeon charges for the transplant, applied to each and every applicable organ. A bit cold hearted perhaps, but no more so than forcing someone to take a poorly tested vaccine that is killing a LOT of people just to keep your job, or fly on an airplane,

    • Yeah it’s slavery for sure, the business owner’s choice in providing a service or enforcing a regulation is the real defining factor for what type of rule we live under since, much like America’s whackjob idea of freedumb, in practice it is very obviously the opposite ideal at play, compared to what they will proclaim the collective’s philosophy to be. It ain’t moral, it ain’t voluntary association, and it sure as shit ain’t freedom.

      “We want a new constitution that protects our huwt feewings and makes everyone play nice in the same way that govt forced us to play nice and associate with other little shits back in our compulsory kindergarten class, which was only attended under threat of throwing our parents in jail or putting us into foster care! It is the only way we know and for that reason it must be the only way there is!”

      The govt shaped and continues to inform all aspects of their state-lovin’ judgment. Up to us to find the vulnerability in there that leads back to their days of anarchic infancy and drive the wedge of reason in there so they can recognize their own sovereignty and that of everyone else.

      They’re completely driven by emotion and no self respecting human being wants to be that retarded, but all the phytoestrogens, fluoride, chemtrails and dopamine-inducing trash entertainment make it really hard on ’em.

    • >I will NOT donate my organs to the Medical Industrial Complex and those who work for it. I would sell them, for the fee that the surgeon charges for the transplant
      Yep, I agree.
      Rule of thumb (not always accurate) in construction industry is 50% material, 50% labor.
      It *did* cost you something (food!) to make those organs. Why should you give them away as “raw material” to practitioners of a lucrative profession. They certainly aren’t “donating” *their* services.

      Same deal with blood, as far as I am concerned, except maybe for relatives & close friends.
      Anybody else wants a pint of my red stuff can pay for it, or their insurance company can.

    • Hey Eric.

      I got the sense that you wrote this article in response to Raider Girl’s continuous backing of businesses enforcing the (I can’t even say the word) mandate. She went silent for a while after being called out, so I was anxious to see her response to your article. True to form, she backs the statists.

      We have a local radio host in Huntsville. AL….Dale Jackson. I call him “Federal Dale”. He doesn’t get the moniker. He claims to be a “conservative”, populist, big Trump supporter,, ridicules libertarians, somehow always sides with the state. Just like I know which side Dale will support, I knew which side RG would support in response to your article. Always an excuse for the state.

      Have you watched The Handmaids Tale? It so foreshadows our current situation it drives me berserk. It’s probably not fair, RG is so articulate, smart, moral, so close to liberty minded, but I can’t help think of Ofmatthew in her posts.

      BTW, what’s up with the misuse of “loose” for “lose” in so many posts. For a while I thought it was a typo, but It’s so common. I’m beginning to think I have it wrong.

      Thanks for standing up to the tyrany Eric. You’re an inspiration!

      • Thanks, Topspin!

        Actually, I was inspired by another poster – Brandon – who made the insightful point that the “private business” argument carries no weight with the state (and statists) when it comes to these businesses choosing to set terms and conditions that comport with their own rights and those of customers – as for instance a No Diapers policy. But “private property” is absolute – in the minds of some – when it comports with tyranny, such as Diapers Must be Worn policies.

        This blinkered approach seals the doom of rights, by enabling (via approving of) the limitless use of government force to use “private business” to advance tyranny.

      • Hi Topspin,

        One, thank you for the kinds words (I think). 😉

        Actually, as Eric stated above Brandonjin and Nunz are the muses for the article above. Both gentlemen have been debating private property rights on two threads here on the forum (Libertarians and Signs and Used Face Condoms). I find both sides of the debate persuasive, but I won’t lie, I like Nunz’s better. Eric, on the other hand, supports Brandonjin’s position more.

        Does RG back businesses? Yep, small ones. I realize I am on my own island out here, but I am pro small business. I share no love for large businesses or the oligarchy, but I have always been a sucker for the underdog. Small businesses, to me, are the underdog.

        Libertarians are not lovers of anything that takes away the focus on the individual. I can understand that position and appreciate it. Many do not believe assets should ever be protected or that “fictitious” companies should be allowed to surrender liability. All valid if we lived in a different world.

        We live in a sue happy society. Some lawsuits are more than justifiable, others are pure garbage and tie up the court system for years. If one does not believe in the protection of assets then that means one believes the judicial system is fair and transparent. I don’t believe it is. Ask any man that has gone through a divorce? Was the court system fair to him? I know many divorced men, I can’t think of one that would say he came out ahead or the deal was fair. The courts usually side with the mother/wife (no matter what she did). The courts also usually side with big business and government (no matter what they did).

        We live in an unfair society. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. I have no problem assisting any individual or small business that wishes to secure itself away from the very system that wishes to do it harm. I don’t apologize for that. Until one can prove to me, or any other small business out there, that they will receive a fair trial in the courts than I will continue to support small business and individual asset protection. If one wants to compare me to a statist. Okay. I am not going to argue.

  20. ‘Is there a moral obligation to tell the truth to a government agent with a gun on his hip – out of respect for the principle of not lying?’ — EP

    Moreover, is there a moral obligation to volunteer to rat out fellow citizens?

    ‘During a routine checkup, a patient listened in as an alleged rioter was bragging about his breach of the Capitol building as he was getting his teeth cleaned on Jan. 12, according to federal authorities.

    ‘Daniel Warmus, of Alden, N.Y., talked of smoking marijuana inside the Capitol and refusing a police officer’s orders to leave the building, and even proudly played a video from Jan. 6, a federal complaint states.

    ‘After the patient “overheard Warmus talking about his experience while at a dentist’s office,” the person alerted the FBI, leading to an investigation that concluded this week with Warmus, 37, in police custody.’

    ‘One week after the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, Robert Chapman sent a message to a prospective love interest on the dating app Bumble to brag that he had taken part.

    “I did storm the capitol,” he said, according to court documents. “I made it all the way to Statuary Hall.”

    ‘His potential date wrote back: “We are not a match.” Then, the Bumble user contacted the police.’

    Acting in its customary role of mouthpiece for Big Gov, the MSM has redefined a disorderly protest as an ‘insurrection.’ Dutiful dupes now are turning in their fellow citizens to face grossly trumped-up charges.

    On the other hand, would any serious, disciplined, actual insurrectionist blab to random people about entering the Capitol on Jan 6, when there’s a nationwide manhunt underway to round up every last one of them?

    The clown show must go on.

  21. This whole CDC unmasking of the “vaccinated” is just a set up for the big push for “vaccine” passports. The Covidians won’t feel “safe” until everybody gets the blood clot shots.

    It is so patently obvious. This current situation relies on the “honor system,” but that is not enough to “feel” safe.


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