Face Burqa Signage and Property Rights

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Do signs have rights?

More precisely, are we bound by respect for the property rights of store owners as supposedly expressed by signs that state it is “store policy” for patrons to wear a Facial Burqua as a condition of entry?

A number of prominent conservatives – and libertarians – have made the mistake of saying we are bound.

They miss the supposedly part.

It is the part that makes the assertion – supposedly – of property rights a red herring. A false argument.

For two reasons. They are: government and duress – essentially the same thing.

Face Burqa signs didn’t just spring up organically, the fruit of individual business owners freely deciding to require them. They sprang up almost all at once when business owners were forced to put them up as a condition of being allowed to remain open by the government, with additional coercion applied by corporations, which are creatures of the government. These corporations got together to decree the same “policy” at all their stores – thereby serving as adjuncts of the government.


It’s very much of a piece with stores in Germany in the ’30s being expected – or else – to display the swastika banner and ban Jews – the “bacillus” – from entry. Certainly some did so willingly. But the point is it was almost impossible for others to not do so – else face the destruction of their businesses. The loss of their ability to feed and care for themselves – and their families.

It is a hard choice – but not a freely made one.

The government also applied force in other, more subtle ways – as by social pressure via the calculated, deliberate fomenting of mass hysteria; i.e., by using the threat of a population driven out of its mind by fear to get those Burqas on. Business owners understood that not going along with it meant the possibility of civilian reprisals – as in Germany, in the ’30s.

And indeed, the same basic thing happened. All it took was one anonymous call to the local Gesundheitsfuhrer’s office to have government sicced on a business that didn’t “mask” up.

Of course, by bowing to the threats, these businesses became complicit in the evil.

Perhaps understandably, in Sophie’s Choice kind of way – but that doesn’t change the fact of it. Their complicity further erodes any claim to the moral high ground – and our supposed obligation to obey – because no one is obligated to respect the “rights” of force.

Especially when it furthers an evil lie.

This is very important.

Face Burqa’ing is not a simple matter of etiquette, as in “no shirt, no shoes – no service” – the argument offered up by many conservatives and even some libertarians in defense of Face Burqa signage.

The signage propagates evil, seeks to coerce general complicity with it – as by placing a person who needs food – or his job – to show his affirmation with something he disagrees with by the forced wearing of it. And by forcing everyone to wear it, to make everyone complicit; to create a monstrous lie that it appears everyone agrees with it.

This of course strengthens the lie – and makes it harder for that reason to deny it, to reduce the harm it causes.

Another evil.

Being asked to respect a sign asking that you respect store policy to wear a shirt and shoes is not an assault upon anyone’s rights.

A sign demanding that you wear Satan Shoes – or a shirt that says you regard Satan as Number One – is a violation of everyone’s rights, particularly when it is  . . . everywhere. Because of government – not the bizarre policy of a single (or even several) store owners, freely taken – without any threats of force emanating from the government for not posting such signage.

Another interesting aspect worth discussing is that government force – whether in the form of direct threats or in the form of indirect but no less threatening fomenting of mass hysteria – makes it essentially impossible to even know what the store owner’s freely taken decision would have been, in the absence of all these threats.

We know that before such threats manifested, many businesses did not post such signs.

It is perfectly reasonable to assume that many business owners despise the signs as much as we do, but post them for the same reason that a prisoner will “talk” when presented with the rubber hose.

Which, incidentally, is why testimony obtained via torture is considered unreliable (as well as illegitimate). A person facing the rubber hose – or the water board – will say anything to avoid the rubber hose or the water board. It is probable he would have said a very different thing – or nothing at all – had he been free to do so.

It is also why we usually feel some pity – some understanding – for the prisoner who was forced to shoot other prisoners or be shot himself.

It is even more important that this error about “property rights” be understood now that the signage is being changed. The new lettering will say than it is the policy of this business to only do business with – to only employ – those who have received “their” shot.

Once again, the perversion of a right into its opposite. “Their” shot implies property rights – in reverse.

Their true right to not have their actual property – themselves – violated by “their” (in actuality, the government’s) shot. Enforced by the threats, applied to privately owned businesses by the government – and by corporations that are the creatures of the government.

No one is obliged to have any respect for such signage.

Because of the government force behind it.

.  . .

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  1. The employees aren’t so lucky as to have a choice. Every business that allows customers and guests the option of mask or not continues to require employees to mask. We had an “all hands” quarterly meeting last week where the VP of our division restated the company polices WRT Wuhan Flu guidelines. Every employee I see in stores and restaurants are in masks 100%. How long will this continue? Will the unions continue the narrative that the workplace is a deathtrap because of Wuhan flu? Will the CDC ever officially revise their recommendations so we can stop this kabuki once and for all? Or has it moved beyond the control of CDC and into the realm of HR and legal?

    • Idk, but constantly seeing others cringing behind diapers, pretending they are somehow protected from death is very depressing.

  2. Aloha Eric, Jeremy, Nunz,

    Stop with the bullshit language already!You guys are killing me.

    At least Jeremy has the decency to give a person a reach-around. He puts the word private in parentheses.

    You other two remind me of the old Richard Pryor joke about the two black guys peeing off the bridge.

    “Damn! The water cold.”

    “And it deep too.”

    Reel your Johnsons back in boys.

    You loose sight of the fact that it is not your body. If your body was actually private property this article would NOT have been written.

    And since you don’t own your body, I’m hard pressed to understand why you continue to insist there are nonexistent corollaries such as privacy and rights.

    Stop using the loyal opposition’s vocabulary. Words have meaning and Govco’s narrative is designed to further Govco’s goals. Not any prospect of freedom.

  3. I would ask, is it private property?

    Business is subject to:
    special zoning
    required to collect taxes for the state
    special licensing for things like alcohol sales or offering rooms,
    special inventory for drugs & chemicals
    insurance requirements
    lack of discrimination ability

    These restrictions are definitely not in line with what one would consider private property. It is private from no one.

    So is it private property at all? Only in the regard that it isn’t tax funded property.

    As Eric wrote, due to the above, they are under pressure to adopt conditions that customers would otherwise not agree to & being conscripted to enforce government dictates on behalf of politicians and beaurocrats. Therefore, even the employees and proprietors are not acting of free will.

    Are you obligated to lay down your freedom to their surrogate govt workers? No.

  4. News flash: Resident Biden has just announced an aggressive new federal target: administering at least one jab to 70% of adults by July 4th.

    Incentives such as free drinks, hundred-dollar bills, etc may get the number up to 55% or so.

    But 70% ain’t gonna happen without the heavy-handed compulsion of jackboots on the ground and nightsticks cracking noggins.

    Showdown time …

    • 70% could happen if they gave vaccinated people their freedom. Polls indicate that somewhere around 15% of the population would get vaccinated ONLY to be free from restrictions such as masks and social distancing. I make no comment on that decision-making. I only point it out because if they REALLY want to get to 70%, the numbers right now work out perfectly. Over 55% of adults have already gotten at least the first dose. If you add 15% to that, you are over 70%. And all they have to do is tell vaccinated people that they are free. But they can’t do that. So what does that tell you?

      • Hi Krista,

        One of the many problems with this “vaccine” is that – as I understand it – it isn’t a universal palliative; meaning “the variants! the variants!” will provide the pretext for endless kabuki – Diapers and the rest – plus endless Needling. Which is, I suspect, the point.

        That this never ends.

        • I couldn’t agree more Eric. The variants, the vaccine may not protect you forever, you may still spread the virus, etc. All of it is a reason to rely on your immune system to protect you rather than introducing some new vaccine into your body. I figure that I made it through over a year of Covid and I had contact with several people who got sick from it. So my immune system did just fine. I am not signing up to get a vaccine every 6 months or every year just so Pfizer can make another $5 billion. As I said previously, nobody – not the CDC, not the FDA, not Fauci – nobody knows if there could be long term consequences to the vaccine.

        • The other problem with requiring vaccinated people to continue to wear masks is that it feeds on the idea that there’s still more going on with this virus than they’re letting on. Latest nut-job conspiracy theory is that vaccinated people shed spike proteins that are causing other people to show symptoms of the vaccine side effects. Don’t know, probably not true, but more than one promoter of this idea claims that’s why they’re still requiring masks, so that the vaccinated don’t infect the unvaxxed. Or that the vaccines don’t work (they do). Or that the deep state operatives who developed the virus in Wuhan are so afraid because they allowed a weaponized cold virus to get out into the wild that they feel it necessary to completely eradicate it from the planet, something that has only happened with smallpox and polio, and that took half a century.

          Incompetent or hiding something. Which would you rather be? At this point anyone with any scruples would pick incompetent and let the chips fall where they may. But then again, anyone with scruples wouldn’t have ever got us into this position in the first place.

          • Re the injected ones “shedding” – since the cause of the alleged respiratory illness has been injected into the bloodstream of the victim, I don’t understand what the medium would be for the “shedding” – bodily fluids? Blood? Breath? If it’s in the bloodstream, one would think a diaper would no longer be enough “protection.” However, a diaper is the only thing that is ever discussed.

          • The one thing that I have become more convinced of than ever is that I will rely upon my own judgments. And I will live (or die) by those judgments. And that feels like how it was always meant to be. We live or die by our ability to make good judgments in survival situations.

      • Interesting that this 15% is so willing to gamble with their life, but not so willing to gamble by just ignoring the edicts to distance or wear a face diaper.

        • Bac,

          This × 100!
          These people are so willing to play vaccine roulette with themselves and their families, to be allowed back to normal again yet they won’t even attempt to test the waters of the ptb to see if they can get back to normal without having to inject themselves with an experimental dna altering drug..

          • Yep – the back to normal is going to come about because of determined resistance, certainly not from caving to this suicidal lunacy.

  5. Everything about covid is false doctrine. From the fake virus itself to the experimental gene therapy shot being called a vaccine.

    The foundation for all of this is fakery is the fake virus itself. Then a fake test that puts out 97% false positives of whatever they have it programmed to look for. Anyone that claims it real I ask them to prove it. Sure, the medical fascists say its real because they’re bribed by government.

    Being never isolated and never looked upon which means NO ACTUAL GENOME SEQUENCE. Without the actual true sequence a vaccine cannot be made and if you look at some of pharma’s statements you will fine they claim it will only reduce the symptoms,,, that it will not and can not prevent the disease or its transmission which is the reason Count Fauci gives for continued diaper wearing.

    Don’t scream or think ‘conspiracy theory’,,, show me where the virus has been isolated to the virus itself, and proven to cause the covid disease. Surely that cannot be too difficult for cult followers. Prove me wrong!

    • Thank you! One would think with all of the millions of “cases” and “deaths” attributed to the mystery bug that it would be readily available.

      Someone else on this site also pointed out that the mRNA causes the injectee’s body to produce the spike proteins that their immune system then attacks. Why would anyone want to do that to themselves, as opposed to allowing their body to respond naturally to a threat? Plus, one can’t “turn off” the mRNA. Autoimmune disorders, anyone?

    • Zinc deficiency causes a loss of senses. Someone I know thought he caught the COVID because he lost his sense of smell and taste. How many people think they caught COVID when all they really needed was a big juicy steak?

  6. On May 3, the Governor of Florida signed an executive order that ended the ability of cities and counties to establish a “state of emergency” and granting themselves the authority to shut down businesses and enforce mask, distance and occupancy regs on local businesses.

    The local Fox affiliate in Tampa reported on the signing which happened in a restaurant in St. Pete. They also reported on the St. Pete mayor’s response that objected to what Gov. DeSantis signed. They then went on to emphatically state that businesses still had the “right” to mandate mask because “it’s private property and they can do what they want”. I about fell out of my chair laughing. OK, reporters and reporterettes, what if they put up a sign that said, “Whites Only”? How long would you defend their “private property” rights.

    This county must collapse before things will get better, unfortunately. Maybe The Great Reset should be supported. The sooner it happens, the sooner its inevitable collapse will occur. Cynical? Yes. But maybe we should go ahead and lance the boil on the ass of humanity that the American Experiment has become.

    • “They then went on to emphatically state that businesses still had the “right” to mandate mask because “it’s private property and they can do what they want”. ”

      Funny how businesses who did NOT want the burqa didn’t have the same private property rights.

      “Rules for thee, but not for me.”

  7. Well, the problem is that the U.S. — like Germany of the 1930s — is now a corporatist, totalitarian, democratic state. There are no institutions in society any more that are truly independent of the government, including — especially — so-called “private businesses.”

    What complicates the problem immensely is that the government expansion of power is based on a plausible-sounding argument that is at least partially true. COVID is real, and people do get sick and die from it, just as in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s there were actual Marxist Jews trying to spread communism — Rosa Luxembourg, Bela Kun, Ernst Toller, Leon Trotsky, Kurt Eisner, Eugen Levine, and so on. The question is, is the government’s response proportional to the threat, or is is intended to inflate the actual importance of the threat for the purpose of inducing hysteria in order to win elections in a mass democracy?

    I think we know the answer.

    • There is way too much planning behind “co[n]vid” for me to believe it is “real”.

      See Event 201 (Oct. 2019), as well as Johns Hopkins “SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028.”

  8. So here in Cleveland they had the NFL draft that was all hyped up (a waste of time in my view) that brought in around 50,000 people to downtown. Then they fined the local bars for being to crowded, people without diapers, and not social distancing. Tell me this makes any sense especially when they were just standing outside shoulder to shoulder. This whole thing is just another way to fleece the little guy.

  9. Eric, are you familiar with Havel’s Greengrocer? I’ve felt from the beginning that the culture around masks – both the wearers and the business owners – are directly analogous to this:


    The manager of a fruit-and-vegetable shop places in his window, among the onions and carrots, the slogan: “Workers of the world, unite!” Why does he do it? What is he trying to communicate to the world? Is he genuinely enthusiastic about the idea of unity among the workers of the world? Is his enthusiasm so great that he feels an irrepressible impulse to acquaint the public with his ideals? Has he really given more than a moment’s thought to how such a unification might occur and what it would mean?

    Obviously the greengrocer . . . does not put the slogan in his window from any personal desire to acquaint the public with the ideal it expresses. This, of course, does not mean that his action has no motive or significance at all, or that the slogan communicates nothing to anyone. The slogan is really a sign, and as such it contains a subliminal but very definite message. Verbally, it might be expressed this way: “I, the greengrocer XY, live here and I know what I must do. I behave in the manner expected of me. I can be depended upon and am beyond reproach. I am obedient and therefore I have the right to be left in peace.”


    The greengrocer had to put the slogan in his window, therefore, not in the hope that someone might read it or be persuaded by it, but to contribute, along with thousands of other slogans, to the panorama that everyone is very much aware of. This panorama, of course, has a subliminal meaning as well: it reminds people where they are living and what is expected of them. It tells them what everyone else is doing, and indicates to them what they must do as well, if they don’t want to be excluded, to fall into isolation, alienate themselves from society, break the rules of the game, and risk the loss of their peace and tranquility and security. . . .

    Wear your mask because it’s the “polite” thing to do, sheep!

    • Also, in related news, I picked a fight a couple of months ago with our local government about their use of an electronic billboard the own to broadcast covid propaganda. Stuff like “your mask protects me” nonsense and a warning not to listen to “rumors” and only to only trust the government.

      Driving past that sign everyday reminded me of Theodore Dalrymple famous quote about propaganda not being meant to persuade, but instead to humiliate.

      My disagreement was not that the city was broadcasting the propaganda, it was that they also have an ordinance that prohibits privately owned billboards and marquees, which effectively outlawed all opportunities to post similarly public rebuttals to the city’s propaganda.

      Well, I’m happy to report that after a few weeks of haggling and threats to file a First Amendment lawsuit, they took the propaganda down and are now back to broadcasting advertisements for upcoming musical acts and season ticket packages for the local minor league baseball team.


      • I’ve been wanting to do something similar about fighting the VMS signs up here–I’ll have to check out what ordinances are out there.

        Antilles has probably seen what I mean, along the NJ highways and through the townships it is all obnoxious bossy authoritarian bullshit (buckle up, put the phone down, just drive, etc) instead of any traffic, weather or construction updates. They must think the shit is cute. Since I’m a human and don’t require state programming I’ve simply become desensitized to the sight of them, nothing informational to take in from them anymore so I take em about as seriously as the speed limit signs that they ignored the 85th percentile when they posted.

        • It’s funny, i’m not sure if there are cameras watching from those signs but every time i drive by one that has a convid message i flip the sign off. My wife asks me why i do it and i say it makes me feel better.

          • Hey Antilles,

            “…every time i drive by one that has a convid message i flip the sign off”.

            Ha, I do the same,it makes me feel better too.


          • Been doing that to the ubiquitous cameras since they started popping up everywhere. Unfortunately I find myself yelling out “F*&% You!” constantly these days to the radio, the signs, and the billboards. Funny how few billboards remain that aren’t blatant communist propaganda.

      • While the legal route is commendable on it’s own, I would honestly prefer the extralegal way. Destruction of the offending signs.

    • Ted Nugent’s a pretty goofy motherfucker huh.

      Man, we don’t know what these people are sick with. They assume their healthcare providers are giving them an accurate diagnosis while being influenced by the government the pharmaceutical industry.

      Do you know how many weak-minded but otherwise healthy people identify as having depression simply because their doctor convinced them that they must be depressed and need meds? This is no different.

      • Ted is someone I like….. at great distance. He is entertaining. In person, one-on-one, probably OK too. But when he has a group around, he seems like an insufferable me-me-me alpha asshole. I have had my fill of those type.

    • I’m old enough to remember when the MSM at least pretended to be in the news business. Now, it’s nearly 100% editorial and propaganda.

    • You know what, if they want to shun me that’s fine by me. I’ll make my own society, with blackjack and hookers.

  10. “Five days or five weeks or five months, but it certainly isn’t going to last any longer than that,” he said. “It won’t be a World War III.” – Donnie Rumsfeld

    STFU, Donnie.

    Here now 20 long years later the Pyrrhic wars continue, 16 trillion dollars frittered out the window for some foolish pride. Read it and weep.

    After more than a year of covid madness continues, mask mandates, shit for brains politicians think they can rule the roost.

    If you aren’t vaccinated, if you are not masked, it is going to be dangerous to democracy, never mind you’ll be a slave, you’ll have to grin and bear it. You’ll have nothing and you’ll be happy. Yeah, right.

    The chickens are going to come home to roost.

    • The Brits thought they could dispose of the Boers in short order as well.
      Didn’t quite work out that way.
      British ended up inventing something called a “concentration camp” instead.

    • ’20 long years later the Pyrrhic wars continue’ — drumphish

      Mayday, Mayday … that’s when Orange Man Bad promised to remove US troops from Afghanistan, in a deal with the Taliban on 29 Feb 2020.

      Windsock Joe Biden thought it would be cool and theatrical to extend the date to 9/11, as if ‘we’ had ‘won’ or something — thus proving once again that the US-fvcking-A is not agreement-capable.

      Now ‘we’ will be leaving under fire, since the Taliban — as promised — started shooting on May 2 and already killed a couple of dozen Afghan govt troops.

      Shit for brains politicians literally cannot stop lying, cheating and defaulting on commitments, even when it leads to certain, foretold disaster.

      • “not agreement-capable”

        Seen so many times that when I see a leader of some country signing an agreement with the USA I just shake my head. Numerous treaties and agreements unilateral broken by the USA in just the last decade.

        Why would anyone even think they would honor any agreement? They fuck Canada over on a regular basis and the idiots in Ottawa still keep penning new deals that the US will wipe with.

        I will enjoy watching the USA eat itself.

      • thus proving once again that the US-fvcking-A is not agreement-capable.

        True, and that has a lot of implications. For one thing, it means that when the SHTF it’ll have to be for all the marbles, & no quarter given. Somebody is going to have to be handed their own ass on a platter. I’m sure the Chinese and the Russians are watching with great interest.

  11. Good news from Phoenix:

    I went to a local pawn shop yesterday, and they had a “face coverings OPTIONAL” sign! First I’ve actually seen here, even after Gov. Ducey’s “business mask policy is their own” decree. Usually, if the business is “bare-face tolerant”, they usually just removed the “Diapers Muss” sign. This often precipitated heavy “compliance” (with non-existent policy) anyway, unless the shop owners were unmasked. THAT sent the best message, previously.

    All but one woman who entered the pawn shop were undiapered.

    Also, many more faces than I’d seen for a year were undiapered in Home Depot. Wunderbar! I even visited Harbor Freight undiapered, who’d seemed not so friendly in the past about such things.

    Now, as you’ve said, Eric, I’m not sure all of these people were previously timid dissenters, or just people who’d gotten the jab and figured they’d be alright, now. But it LOOKS like progress to me!

    Most welcome!

  12. The new “Jim Crow” is alive and well in today’s COVID fear society.

    Those of us who cannot wear masks are being discriminated against.

    We are told that we cannot enter businesses, are harassed by some business owners and employees for not wearing a mask, and in some cases refused service for the inability to wear a mask.

    It gets better. We are told that we can order on line, request “curb service” or home delivery. We are still being denied the ability to walk into a business establishment and being served without harassment or outright refusal. This is just WRONG.

    All of these “compromises” are no different than “Jim Crow” laws–in the past, African Americans being refused service, or confined to “carry-out service”, or being unable to walk into a store without being harassed or even being denied service.

    Those of us who are unable to wear masks are being discriminated against, “Jim Crow” style.

    The 1964 Civil rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of race and of medical condition. Public accommodation is a necessary right that cannot be abrogated.

    Both Acts are being flagrantly violated by ANY business that harasses or denies service to those of us who cannot wear masks.

    Where is the enforcement of the Civil Rights Act and the ADA?

    • You have posted this several times.

      Do you think it’s OK to discriminate against those of us who WON’T wear masks?

      • “ Do you think it’s OK to discriminate against those of us who WON’T wear masks?”

        Only if you vote.

    • So in the absence of a dissenting woman to pick on, y’all begin to imagine arguments that aren’t even there, to pile on to whomever your officially merged consciousness decides is next.

      Interesting 🤔

      • What does gender have to do with anything? How would anyone know one way or the other via text?

        “y’all begin to imagine arguments that aren’t even there” – Please explain what makes you think this. I don’t see it.

        Are you sure you comprehend the discussion?

      • You want to make EP our favorite menstruator?

        I didn’t even know he was thinking about the surgery, let alone that he was working on a CPA.

        Won’t he have to change his name? Erica Peters wouldn’t really work. Maybe Erica Punani?

      • Make EP RG Again?

        So was this you Raider Girl? What was the point?

        (be an amazing coincidence if it was not on the day you decide to return)

        Or was that a suggestion that you are actually Eric Peters and Eric was Raider Girl in the past, had a transition, became Eric and now wants to be Raider Girl again?

        It’s like a reverse Bruce Jenner.

        • No, this isn’t me. I post under Raider Girl only. I have no problem saying what I need to say under that alias. I don’t need to be Anon or anyone else.

          It is someone trying to stir up shit because I posted. Ignore it and let’s move on.

          I don’t know if Eric can verify it or not, but it didn’t come from my computer.

            • I am many things, but I am not a liar.

              The writing doesn’t even sound like me. Since you are one for throwing around accusations maybe it was you to try to drag me into a freaking argument.

            • “So the amazing coincidence thing then?”

              Well I’m looking forward to the remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show starring Eric Peters as Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

              Also starring

              Nunzio as Riff Raff.
              Eightsouthman as Dr. Everett V. Scott.
              Jeremy as Rocky Horror.
              RG as Eddie


              I hear the Cleveland Plain Dealer will feature a full page ad for Raider Girl’s Accounting Services, LLC.

          • If so, they did a good job by including 🤔.

            Something fairly unique to your post.

            (not really Raider Girl)

            Raider Girl, lock down your screen name before your impostor steals it and posts under it.

            • C’mon on. Why are we doing this? Why can’t I post just like everyone else. I just want to talk issues.

              This isn’t fun. 🙁

              • “Why can’t I post just like everyone else.”

                I don’t know, but if you did, you would receive far less flak.

                But a suggestion, go look up the definitions of sanctimonious, pretentious, presumptuous and effete. Once you master that, introspection and meta-cognition.

              • Hey RG,

                I don’t get the pile-on. Though I often disagree with you, I don’t think you’re malicious or dishonest. I appreciate your presence here.

                Kind Regards,

                • Jeremy,

                  “I don’t think you’re malicious or dishonest. I appreciate your presence here.”

                  Please do expound.

                  Machiavelli said something about bringing a long spoon when dining with the devil.

              • RG,

                “I just want to talk issues.”

                So let’s talk about Arthur Andersen.

                Don’t you want to teach and educate just like him?

  13. Except morality, principles, individual rights, and the rule of law no longer exist in most of the former United States. The ADA, HIPPA, public accommodation laws, and even state constitutions and the US constitution have all fallen subservient to these signs. Because behind each sign is an armed man wearing a silly blue costume, empowered and ready to ruin your day if you fail to adhere to the sign’s directive.

  14. Top of the morning Eric,

    “More precisely, are we bound by respect for the property rights of store owners as supposedly expressed by signs that state it is “store policy” for patrons to wear a Facial Burqua as a condition of entry?”

    If you’d like a precise answer Eric, the question is moot. As in deprived of practical significance.

    The owner of the store, the owner of the workers, and the owner of the patrons IS THE GOVERNMENT.

    I know the participants here like to assert that they have rights. But that’s all it is, an assertion.

    If there was any evidence supporting that assertion, this entire COVID debacle would not be happening.

    Each and every one of you are human livestock. Assertions to the contrary don’t change the fact that you are slated to become genetically modified human livestock.

    Perhaps the owners will get overconfident.


  15. In my view, one is not truly a libertarian or genuine supporter of individual liberty if one does not examine the scope of the property rights of a patron in considering the question of whether a commercial property owner or leaseholder has an absolute right to exclude patrons who refuse to diaper even if such commercial property owner or lessee is a publicly traded multinational corporation which receives government subsidies and / or is a rent seeking outfit which contributes money to democrat and / or GOP candidates and which demands or encourages diapering.

  16. If a business owner is compelled to put up the evil sign against their will, they should put up another sign in close proximity declaring so. At that moment, it is no longer required to wear a mask in respect of private property rights.

  17. Eric, thank you for teaching history Re: 30’s Germany, that is not being taught in schools anymore.
    If we don’t teach accurate/real history we are doomed to repeat it.
    I am doing same with books. Trying hard to get our youth to read. I am happy when one or several of them actually read a book I gave them and they are like ‘OMG!’. Yup, please pass the book on.

  18. Dear Proud Mask Wearer…
    Mask wearing has been institutionalized by the political class in geriatric settings and you folks will forever live in fear. This is why my wife and I will avoid livng in retirement communities such as yours when we relocate to Florida next year….

  19. I was in North Idaho last month and went to Wallmart, 75% of the people entering walked right past the greeter who had a sign about masks and went in to shop. Very few were wearing the diaper in the store. Same for most other businesses in North Idaho-no masks.
    I work 3-days a week in Seattle. The whole town is still freaked out and sheepeople wear the burqa in their cars driving alone.
    There are free states and covid states in our future.

  20. Interesting link, this one will give you an idea of how many sheeple there are per state (i.e. what percentage are taking the holy needle or wearing the diaper) – https://delphi.cmu.edu/covidcast/. Looks like the lowest percentage complying with the diaper are Wyoming, the Dakotas, etc. All places you wouldn’t want to spend time in the winter. The disappointing thing is that every state has a majority that dons the burqa.

    I quit a job over the covid stupidity. And I refuse to take a job that is going to require the needle or make me wear a muzzle all day. Nor one that is going to shut down the location or make me “quarantine” because someone there got the sniffles (they have a shortage of school bus drivers here, and after looking over the covid policies, I refuse to help them with it – if a kid gets the sniffles and tests positive using the fake tests, I get to stay home for 2 weeks; no thanks, you can keep on having a shortage of drivers). Right now I do Instacart, and have a neck gaiter that I seldom use instead of a face diaper. Why do I capitulate in even this little regard? As you said, I want to keep my job, meager as it is. But I mostly don’t pull it up in stores, only when I deliver to customers.

    Speaking of customers, here’s a doozy from this past weekend. I was dropping off groceries to someone. Pulled up in his driveway, and before I could even get the car door open to take the bags out of the car, he told me to put on a mask while he was putting his on. He then said he was coming down to retrieve the bags rather than have me put them on the doorstep (the usual method for paranoid people), but I refuse to allow someone to reach into my car, so I put them on his lawn and let him pick them up. I remember his preferred store and the street he lives on, so I won’t be taking his orders ever again. Oh, boy.

      • Eric,

        “ I’m lucky in that my boss is me and he is weird but not crazy and so doesn’t insist I pretend I am, too!”

        I too have a boss that can be an asshole at times.

      • >my boss is me and he is weird but not crazy
        Well said, Eric. 🙂
        Your slogan deserves a T shirt.
        – from another member of the “self-directed” fraternity..

    • Jim, that is a very interesting link, thanks for posting it. Here is another one – from last summer ’20 – but it might still be useful; might illustrate where sceptics of big gov live. We took a couple of weeks last month in Tn – near the red speck on the map. People super friendly, but also a lot of maskers, which was slightly depressing, because they are doing so voluntarily. Even so, was a relief compared to the prison colony of Michigan, where I live.


      • To be more specific, most maskers were inside stores. We met one guy outside on one of our hikes, but he only put his mask on when he got close enough to pass us. He was really friendly, petted our dog, and didn’t try to stay 6 feet away.

        A big sporting goods store was only about 50% compliant; another sporting goods/gun store was mostly barefaced, employees and customers. TJ Maxx was 99% – I was the only one unmasked, but store personnel let me be. I got out of there fast, even though they left me alone, it was too freaky, along with the piped in audio about covid, wearing your mask, etc. etc.
        Down the strip to Hobby Lobby, and I saw one other lady barefaced. Nice thing about HL, no signs requesting masking, only one suggesting keeping six foot distance.
        Tried Books-a-million, but the big sign out front demanding masks turned us off; wasn’t going to test the waters. Ended up at a used bookstore, Walls of Books. Walked in, oh my heart! Two employee FACES greeted us, not just a pair of eyes. Only one other customer, masked. Oh well. This was one of two favorite stores during our time in Tennessee, the other being a local nursery. What a haven these places are, simply because the owners and employees show their smiling faces.

        Also should mention Petco, the employees mask, but shoppers are free to do whatever. The checkout girl was really friendly, wanted to know about my earrings, so pretty, where did I get them. She was wearing a mask, I wasn’t, yet she was treating me like a human being, not a piece of refuse, as is my experiences with clerks in Michigan.

        Honorable mention: Publix. Really friendly clerks and only about 50-60% mask compliance from customers for some reason. You would think a grocery store would be populated with more hysterics than TJ Maxx. Go figure.

        Toying with the ideas of moving there, ha.

    • What is your point?

      There are volumes that have been written on this site and many others debunking the entire “co[n]vid” scenario from top to bottom. The CDC, FDA, NIH, and Johns Hopkins data, to name just a few sources, support the LACK of a deadly “pandemic”, the inefficacy of masks, the squelching of simple and readily available treatments for respiratory illnesses that are being suppressed, etc., etc.,

      How does a propaganda video prove anything?

      Do your homework. Or exercise your right to look like an idiot with a speedo on your face. Makes no difference to me.

    • Hi Clay,

      I started watching – and stopped, once I saw the two Diapered Freaks. I haven’t got time to listen to crazy people jibber jabber.

  21. Eric, here is where we diverge.

    I now feel that living a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a low BMI, taking the proper supplements and vitamins and exercising outside in the Florida sun everyday is not enough.

    With more and more articles like this

    “Pfizer document admits vaccinated people “shed” infectious particles, the spike protein is the bioweapon..


    It is MY health at risk if I DO NOT wear a face diaper.

  22. Although I believe that most businesses are feeling coerced into the signage, or at best feel neutrally about it, there are some that are True Believers. I mentioned on another thread that we recently went to a walk-up window to order food, and were greeted by a lengthy sign explaining how a “mask is required, as not everyone has been vaccinated yet…employees are just doing their job in asking you to wear it, blah blah”.

    I test any business or store by ignoring the sign, then see what the actual employees say, if anything. In the case of the above, we were standing OUTSIDE as there is no inside dining. The guy at the window said he couldn’t serve us without masks. So we said, “we don’t need it that bad” and walked away.

    However, it is rare that any employee has actually tried to enforce this insanity. Most of the time I am unmolested, although I can feel the stares.

    Don’t care about the looks I get from others, and have learned to swat away karen customers.

    • Indeed, Anon –

      There are True Believers – and they’ve been masked n(and legitimized) by the pressure applied to everyone to “mask.”


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