The Despicables

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One of the nuggets to be mined from the wholesale cancelling of politically unapproved speech by the Tech Oligarchs – soon to be empowered by government oligarchs, if the “kraken” doesn’t somehow prevent it – is how obvious their pathological dishonesty has become.

Amazon, Facebook and Twitter have asserted that, as private businesses, they have the right to decide with whom to do business – and not do business with. But do they feel the same way about the right of other private businesses to practice what they preach?

Only when it conforms with what they preach.

Consider the religious tenets of the Sickness Cult; specifically, the dogma that requires all to wear a Face Burqa within a privately owned business, even if the owner isn’t religious and isn’t interested in proselytizing to his customers, much less insisting they show respect for a religion he doesn’t subscribe to.

It is a private business, is it not?

Why then must this private business be forced to conduct its business according to the religious tenets of people who don’t own the business? Isn’t that a violation of the owner’s rights, just the same as the rights asserted by Amazon, Facebook and Twitter?

They claim no one is forced to use their services; that people are free to use other services more to their liking. Bully! But why doesn’t the same standard apply to other private businesses, the ones the people who run Amazon, Twitter and Facebook insist be closed to people who aren’t forced to go within?

People should be free to do business with whomever they wish, according to whatever terms are mutually agreeable to the parties. If one party does not find the terms agreeable then they are free to not do business with the other party. This is the argument purveyed with great unction by Amazon, Facebook and Twitter justifying their decisions to stop doing business with Parler, for instance (in the case of Amazon) and cancelling the ability of people whose opinions – and facts – they dislike from their platforms, including the president of the United States (in the case of Twitter and Facebook).

Fine. Indeed.

They do have every right. It’s despicable – in the manner of “No Colored” signs on the door of businesses back in the ’50s – but they have every right as privately owned businesses to do business with whomever they wish, according to whatever terms they wish – so long as people are free to  take their business elsewhere.

Aye, there’s the rub.

These Despicables want to enjoy the right to cancel, close – and decree – to others while at the same time denying the right of any other privately owned business to set its own terms and conditions.

The Despicables cannot stand the idea of freedom of religion when it comes to the wearing of the Face Burqa, for instance. The Holy Vestment must be worn everywhere, even within privately owned businesses and irrespective of a businesses’ private property rights.

Privately owned businesses are also unfree to unlock their doors and leave it up to customers to decide whether they wish to enter. It is not enough that no one is forced to enter these privately owned businesses. These privately owned businesses must be forced to not let them in – and if they are let in, force them to perform bizarre religious rituals including the wearing of a “mask.”

But this is nothing new. The Left specializes in situational ethics; in fungible etymology. Like Humpty Dumpty, a word means exactly what the Left says it does until the Left says it means something else.

This creates difficulties in the minds of rational, honest people – who take words at face value and base their arguments on moral principles that aren’t fungible. Thus the stymying of many conservatives – and even libertarians – with regard to the Mandatory Burqua policies imposed by many businesses under pressure from the government to do so – and also with regard to calling out the Despicables who brazenly refuse to do business with those whose opinions – and facts – they do not like, claiming they have private property rights to do so. . . and then going on a rampage when a privately owned business uses the same argument to defend its private property rights.

The Left is defined not so much by its leftism but its psychotic doublethink. It is rancidly intolerant while touting itself as ethereally tolerant. It promotes racism in the name of combatting it.

And it thinks property rights only apply to correct privately owned businesses; i.e., to their businesses.

This has always been the case but now it’s out in the open – which may finally put an end to this business.

. . . .

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  1. Great article. Have clipped and sent around to friends.

    This should help…

    Taken from Tucker Carlson’s interview with Glenn Beck a few night’s ago.

    It will undoubtedly become a cornerstone in the fight that we must have with the Digital Big Tech Tyranny.

    “The Corporation cannot curtail the liberty of press and religion of these people consistent with the purposes of the constitutional guarantees and certainly the corporation can more deprive people of freedom of press and religion than it can discriminate against commerce. Ownership does not always mean absolute dominion. The owners of privately held bridges, ferries, turnpikes and railroads may not operate them as freely as a farmer does on his own farm.”

    Supreme Court ruling 1946 Marsh vs. Alabama


    • craPositivism (arses wiped with bare hands have prepared meals on wheels neath the treadmill belt buffet…& the breadcircus shitsandwicheers have always gobbled it down…a posteriori, indeed: ass-to-mouth ouroboros). Atlas never shrugged & Sisyphus never didn’t trudge, & Oz never did give nuthin’ to the tinman & the Tiananmen man that they didn’t didn’t already have.

      There is no separation of powers…is the only guarantee. That, & that the tri-carbed unipower will continue to separate thee from “their” fees. The father-biden, the son-biden, & the holy ghostin’ of the statuatory raped & plundered, amen & I pledge allegiance to that false flag of my founding impregnators.

      That constitutional bill of attainder dump? That good cop bill of rights? Those ink scratches what prioritized #1 most important right-clatch? Adams, 2nd king-supplant, & his crew of similar bidens, struck that first born son with the ‘aliens & sedition act’ sword. Other king-supplanters followed that act, over & over again…and true believin’ followers just kept following “their” actors – and still do. “Vote harder in ’22 & ’24!”

      Fecal-fical-focal-fum, I smell the bloody stool of a citizen-yum! Constitutionalists are, have always been, in the coriolis swirl. That’s physical force, facilitated by flush-handle fraud. Suckers are born every second, & sucked down in every afterbirth second. Depoopulation vortex – Perot: ya’ hear that sucking sound? – through the wasteGates gettin’ stronger with each flush & californicators think they can escape to vortexas. And vortexas, seemingly forgettin’ all about the Alamo, lets ‘em in. bye bye miss digested American pie alamo’d.

  2. Why, you ask? Two simple words – Health Emergency!

    Challenges to the deprivation of individual constitutional rights during the Plandemic have failed because it’s an ‘Emergency.’ The smart folks are challenging the legitimacy of the ‘Emergency’ and are slowly making progress. One such case is in Ohio where lawyers are chipping away at it. Of course, the state is dragging it’s feet because the case requires a massive amount of disclosed information that they are desperate to keep secret.

    Details under Litigation at:

  3. WTF?!?

    They are now going after VRBO, because VRBO had the “audacity” to allow people to continue to travel to DC. They are a business, their goal is to make money.

    I hate the Lincoln Project and I can’t stand Steve Schmidt. He is a treasonous, lying scumbag, and needs to stop pretending he is anything of a conservative in nature.

    Just an FYI: I just booked a trip to SC (via VRBO) yesterday for May. I will be booking my trip to FL next week (via VRBO).

    I am sick of these damn fascists’. The Lincoln Project wouldn’t know conservative values if it hit them in the face. They are nothing more than a strong arm of the Liberal Utopia that has now become this country. They are now going after every business in America that does not line up with the narrative.

    I guess the goal is to take out VRBO and then destroy the Americans that rent through them? This is what we have become. These people need a psychological evaluation. Why would anyone want to destroy someone else’s livelihood? Unfortunately, many people are weak and will drop any advertising they do with a business that did nothing wrong, except try to make a profit.

  4. Can anyone figure out why 25K National Guard members are needed in DC for Inauguration Day? Not only that, but the FBI is doing background checks on all 25K. Why do we need background checks on military members if this was a fair and just election? Are they fearful of the military turning on them?

    DC is now on lockdown, due to a camp fire over in SE. Something else is up. I find it hard to believe we are locking down the Capitol because a homeless man’s campfire got a bit too big.

    • One can only hope…On 20 January 2021 approximately 400 Congress members and top officials of the Justice Department and FBI were arrested and charged with TREASON. The military, along with other law enforcement agencies have mobilized and are in process of transferring those indicted to GITMO where they will be held until tribunals can be scheduled. The “Continuation of Government” Act is in force and will assure that essential government operations continue.

        • Observe the fncing installation…The “lag bolts” for the fencing are on the OUTSIDE, not the inside. It would appear that the installation was “wrong” or the purpose might just be to keep the rats from escaping.
          I must respectfully disagree with your assertion that a (non-presidential) “Continuation of Government” would be a bad thing, at least temporarily. In this way, all of the rats in the non-political government field could be flushed out.

        • ‘Zactly, Eric. The perpetual hope against all odds and appearances to the contrary, that Trump will FINALLY something at last second, is reminiscent of the Bolshevik’s “Operation Trust”:

          “Operation Trust” was a Bolshevik counterintelligence operation run from 1921 to 1926 aimed at neutralizing opposition by creating the false impression that a powerful group of military leaders had organized to stop the communists’ takeover. “.

          Same ol’, same ol’……. Keep the sheep docile.

          • I saw that story over at Infowars. Flynn and few other retirees seem to play the role of the disloyal generals today. FWIW, I’m convinced that if TPTB skipped all the narrative driving false flaggery, they could’ve held a Covidcon coronation for old Joe with thousands and thousands of worshipers diapered up and standing 6 ft apart without a single complaint. The R’s would have stayed home and harrumphed as usual. Instead, we get this over the top display of paranoid security theater. I saw a comment at another site that sums it up, “the wicked run when no man pursueth.”

              • A biker is riding by the zoo when he sees a little girl leaning into the lion’s cage. Suddenly, the lion grabs her by the cuff of her jacket and tries to pull her inside to slaughter her, under the eyes of her screaming parents.

                The biker jumps off his bike, runs to the cage, and hits the lion square on the nose with a powerful punch. Whimpering from the pain, the lion jumps back letting go of the girl, and the biker brings her to her terrified parents, who thank him endlessly.

                A NYT reporter has seen the whole scene and, addressing the biker, says, ‘Sir, this was the most gallant and brave thing I saw a man do in my whole life.’

                ‘Why, it was nothing, really, the lion was behind bars. I just saw this little kid in danger, and acted as I felt right.’

                ‘Well, I’ll make sure this won’t go unnoticed. I’m a journalist from the New York Times, you know, and tomorrow’s paper will have this on the first page. What motorcycle do you ride and what political affiliation do you have?’

                ‘A Harley Davidson and I am a Republican.’

                The journalist leaves.

                The following morning the biker buys The New York Times to see if it indeed brings news of his actions, and reads on the first page:


                Bold lie-ins•tate media. Bold lions in zoos. Even more bold as•lions in prisons proper, & all around this here prison planet, & righteous be the Anschluss lunch do such roar. I saw the first few vid seconds of the Austrian Oak cum repub gov & maid copulator just so:


      • One can hope there is a 5kT nuke under the capital building on a timer for January 20, around noon. Better yet, timed for whenever the full house gathers next.

        I can just see Trump with that smug grin. “Impeach this!”.

                • GF was hanged. The GF mask, with the Agent Smith voice coming out of it, in the movie, was shot to pieces, but a building, built up to be a “symbol,” like WTC, was destroyed (to have been built back better for the sequel, prequel, nyquil, zzzzz). And the Wachowski brothers became sisters.

                  It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world, ‘cept for Lola (like Mary, ‘cept ebola…).

          • Want? I want peace, love and harmony…… Now, back to reality.

            Obviously, I was not serious. But I also see the situation today and for the forseable future as pretty perma-fucked unless something drastic happens.

            One thing is clear, TPTB are emboldened by the success and ease of imprisoning and stripping the entire worlds population of their rights. I am shocked at how fast 99% bent over for them.

        • Watched The Phenomenon recently. Supposedly the little green men with the big black eyes got all the nukes mapped & wrapped & have an interest in disabling them. According to the little Zimbabwean school children the greenies mindmelded with & had esp conversation, tech is bad & hurting the planet. Klaus & Bill(ionaire boys club) might have little green arms up their rectums & little green hands working their mouths. ET’s what choreographed this all the world’s a stage dance.

      • I am afraid that is a pipe dream, anarchyst. As Old Joe says, we are in for a long “dark winter”, unfortunately, it will go on for years.

        Plus, I am not quite sure if I could look favorably upon a military regime and a Dictator Trump scenario either. None of the options present themselves to be very good ones.

        • ” I am not quite sure if I could look favorably upon a military regime and a Dictator Trump scenario either.”

          We are at the lesser of two evils point now. Trump goes Martial Law before the 20th, or Biden does a few months later. I don’t see any other likely outcomes.

          In either case, they will not roll back the measures voluntarily. They have seen how weak the resistance is and the move to full totalitarianism will proceed unabated.

          • It’s always the lesser of two evils. Maybe that’s why we have perpetual evil.Why can’t people ever stand for and fight for good?

          • “…now.”

            How’d Anton Chigurh (& whoever you voted for) put it? “If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?”

            It’s eternally now. And the sun shines eternally upon the spotless mind that is the united states of amnesia.

          • Indeed I personally would rather see my dictatorship under a Franco, Pinochet, or Allende than under a Mao or Stalin. At least their enemies are mine. It would be nice to see Schumer, Pelosi, and Swallwell go on a one way helicopter ride.

            My preference would be personal liberty and no dictatorship, but my wishes are never going to be honored. And there is no escaping this time- they’re going for all the marbles. Though it is interesting to see Germany, France, etc finally expressing dismay at the reach and power of CIAlicon valley.

        • Trump is no Franco. I find it amusing people find Trump to be a guardian of Western Civilization when his actions prove the opposite. I just read he plans on pardoning rapper/thug Lil Wayne!

          • The fact that people think Trump is the guardian of Western Civilization shows just how debased this society has become. We have truly entered The Dark Ages II. Kind of equivalent to the South African jigs looking to Nelsom Mandela as their savior. Look at them now! He not only destroyed any vestiges of civilization and progress that the Afrikaners brought, but set back his own people about 1000 years.

    • Nothing says “legitimacy” like 10′ barb wire fences, lockdowns, and 25k troops required to take loyalty oaths in order to “protect” your inauguration.

    • RG – they needed 25k troops because nobody else would come to his inauguration – and old jo will feel left out…… On a serious note this guy apparently got the most votes of any president ever…. if nobody turns up its a problem…. they have to create the image he is popular therefore they just lock the place down and say well all these people wanted to come – but what can we do they just cant. hence the troops….

      • Interesting. But cleverest judo is practiced in the dojos of solo minds.

        And by cleverest I mean too clever…at least when it bleeds out all over the place…but especially when it bleeds out onto me & mine (figure of speech, I freed all my slaves last week).

        Like the schizo martial artist depicted in Fight Club. And like all the skit bit followers that were depicted as coalescing around those “twins” of Left jabs & Right crosses to bear.

        Voting is theater. Way off Broadway theater. A bad movie. Something to do…divert…distract…for those who have nothing better to do & whose identities are the i•do•ntities that have been poured into them by this or that perfect fit bartender.

        “I do therefore I am.”

        Gold stars, participation ribbons & trophies for everybody that prostrates themselves via the enjoining predisposition to join in.

        Yes, we have no bananas, but we got loads of banana daiquiri buttressed self-esteem, civic/national/ideological pride…of lie-ins & tigers & bears – oh, my!

        Nobody had to vote, for either “candidate.” Nobody needs to attend the inauguration part of the act, either. Dispensing with the illusions that those “actions” seem to make so Figh Club real – “I want you to hit me in the face” – does not, will not, cannot change the fact, the reality, that control freaks have the power they have been gifted.

        Nation-states, transnational states, the one world state wet dream that seems to have just about got the bedsheets laminated now…ain’t going nowhere, whether the Cecil B. DeMille cast of extraneous extras shows up, or not.

        From da La Boétie, The Politics of Obedience – The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude:

        “It is indeed the nature of the populace, whose density is always greater in the cities, to be suspicious toward one who has their welfare at heart, & gullible toward one who fools them.”

        Well, higher density seems just to fractionate the portions more – including Sybillizing those solo dojo brains that can’t get enough of hitting themselves in the face. Cecil B. de Mille didn’t do Gilligan’s Island, so the concentrated cast just encompassed & exemplarized more roles between them. But no matter the density of this or that City of Wo/Man that would be gods, the practice of suttee remains the action & the (blazing burial) plot.

        Here is the water surrounding that da La Boétie island:

        “This method tyrants use of stultifying their subjects cannot be more clearly observed than in what Cyrus did with the Lydians after he had taken Sardis, their chief city, & had at his mercy the captured Croesus, their fabulously rich king. When news was brought to him that the people of Sardis had rebelled, it would have been easy for him to reduce them by force; but being unwilling either to sack such a fine city or to maintain an army there to police it, he thought of an unusual expedient for reducing it. He established in it brothels, taverns, & public games, & issued the proclamation that the inhabitants were to enjoy them (institutional NYT state media et al didn’t exist in those days, else that would have been proclaimed “enjoy it” too…give most just a little rope, or even merely paper chains, & they will do the rest). He found this type of garrison so effective that he never again had to draw the sword against the Lydians. These wretched people enjoyed themselves inventing all kinds of games, so that the Latins have derived the word from them, & what we call pastimes they call ludi (as in ludicrous), as if they meant to say Lydi. Not all tyrants have manifested so clearly their intention to effeminize their victims; but in fact, what the aforementioned despot publicly proclaimed & put into effect, most of the others have pursued secretly as an end. It is indeed the nature of the populace, whose density is always greater in the cities, to be suspicious toward one who has their welfare at heart, & gullible toward one who fools them. Do not imagine there is any bird more easily caught by decoy, nor any fish sooner fixed on the hook by wormy bait, than are all these poor fools neatly tricked into servitude by the slightest feather passed, so to speak, before their mouths. Truly it is a marvelous thing that they let themselves be caught so quickly at the slightest tickling of their fancy. Plays, farces, spectacles, gladiators, strange beasts, medals, pictures, & other such opiates, these were for ancient peoples the bait toward slavery, the price of their liberty, the instruments of tyranny. By these practices & enticements the ancient dictators so successfully lulled their subjects under the yoke, that the stupefied peoples, fascinated by the pastimes & vain pleasures flashed before their eyes, learned subservience as naively, but not so creditably, as little children learn to read by looking at bright picture books. Roman tyrants invented a further refinement. They often provided the city wards with feasts to cajole the rabble, always more readily tempted by the pleasure of eating than by anything else. The most intelligent & understanding amongst them would not have quit his soup bowl to recover the liberty of the Republic of Plato (well…Plato was a commie punk, supported in a grand leisurely style by slaves, but still, point is made…). Tyrants would distribute largesse, a bushel of wheat, a gallon of wine, & a sesterce: and then everybody would shamelessly cry, “Long live the king!” The fools did not realize that they were merely recovering a portion of their own property, & that their ruler could not have given them what they were receiving without first having taken it from them. A man might one day be presented with a sesterce & gorge himself at the public feast, lauding Tiberius & Nero for handsome liberality, who on the morrow, would be forced to abandon his property to their avarice, his children to their lust, his very blood to the cruelty of these magnificent emperors, without offering any more resistance than a stone or a tree stump. The mob has always behaved in this way – eagerly open to bribes that cannot be honorably accepted, & dissolutely callous to degradation & insult that cannot be honorably endured. Nowadays I do not meet anyone who, on hearing mention of Nero, does not shudder at the very name of that hideous monster, that disgusting & vile pestilence. Yet when he died – when this incendiary, this executioner, this savage beast, died as vilely as he had lived – the noble Roman people, mindful of his games & his festivals, were saddened to the point of wearing mourning for him. Thus wrote Cornelius Tacitus, a competent & serious author, & one of the most reliable. This will not be considered peculiar in view of what this same people had previously done at the death of Julius Caesar, who had swept away their laws & their liberty, in whose character it seems to me, there was nothing worthwhile, for his very liberality, which is so highly praised, was more baneful than the cruelest tyrant that ever existed, because it was actually this poisonous amiability of his that sweetened servitude for the Roman people. After his death, that people, still preserving on their palates the flavor of his banquets & in their minds the memory of his prodigality, vied with one another to pay him homage. They piled up the seats of the Forum for the great fire that reduced his body to ashes, & later raised a column to him as to “The Father of His People” (& a few centuries later another supplanting cabal of criminals had “Founding” added to that phrase by the same sort of suckling pigs/hites…). (Such was the inscription on the capital.) They did him more honor, dead as he was, than they had any right to confer upon any man in the world, except perhaps on those who had killed him.

        They didn’t even neglect, these Roman emperors, to assume generally the title of Tribune of the People, partly because this office was held sacred & inviolable & also because it had been founded for the defense & protection of the people & enjoyed the favor of the state. By this means they made sure that the populace would trust them completely, as if they merely used the title & did not abuse it. Today there are some who do not behave very differently; they never undertake an unjust policy, even one of some importance, without prefacing it with some pretty speech concerning public welfare & common good. You know quite well, O Longa, this formula which they use quite cleverly in certain places; although for the most part, to be sure, there cannot be cleverness where there is so much impudence. The kings of the Assyrians & even after them those of the Medes showed themselves in public as seldom as possible in order to set up a doubt in the minds of the rabble as to whether they were not in some way more than man, & thereby to encourage people to use their imagination for those things which they cannot judge by sight (like viruses…). Thus a great many nations who for a long time dwelt under the control of the Assyrians became accustomed, with all this mystery, to their own subjection, & submitted the more readily for not knowing what sort of master they had, or scarcely even if they had one, all of them fearing by report someone (&/or those someones’ proclaimed somethings…) they had never seen. The earliest kings of Egypt rarely showed themselves without carrying a cat, or sometimes a branch, or appearing with fire on their heads, ***masking*** themselves with these objects & parading like workers of magic. By doing this they inspired their subjects with reverence & admiration, whereas with people neither too stupid nor too slavish they would merely have aroused, it seems to me, amusement & laughter. It is pitiful to review the list of devices that early despots used to establish their tyranny; to discover how many little tricks they employed, always finding the populace conveniently gullible, readily caught in the net as soon as it was spread. Indeed they always fooled their victims so easily that while mocking them they enslaved them the more.

        What comment can I make concerning another fine counterfeit that ancient peoples accepted as true money? They believed firmly that the great toe of Pyrrhus, king of Epirus, performed miracles & cured diseases of the spleen; they even enhanced the tale further with the legend that this toe, after the corpse had been burned, was found among the ashes, untouched by the fire. In this wise a foolish people itself invents lies & then believes them. Many men have recounted such things, but in such a way that it is easy to see that the parts were pieced together (like/as Frankenstein’s monster…Mary Shelley’s another female that, even while still just a girl, could read the table…not that many males can do it, either) from idle gossip of the city & silly reports from the rabble. When Vespasian, returning from Assyria, passes through Alexandria on his way to Rome to take possession of the empire, he performs wonders: he makes the crippled straight, restores sight to the blind, & does many other fine things, concerning which the credulous & undiscriminating were, in my opinion, more blind than those cured. Tyrants themselves have wondered that men could endure the persecution of a single man; they have insisted on using religion for their own protection &, where possible, have borrowed a stray bit of divinity to bolster up their evil ways….”

        Stick-a-fork-in-him-he’s-Donne, John Donne. No man is an island, said her majesty’s 007 murder-agent. But Thomas wasn’t just crying Wolfe when he corrected: “Every wo/man is an island.” Including even the messianic ones what would be kings (rip, Sean Connery…burn in hell, bill gates) & with all their horses, & with all their men, would sew Pangloss’s Pangaea back together again.

        The last line’s sums a seeming paradox…the paradox of paradise. It isn’t paradoxical, tho. It just feels better to miscast it in that incorporated & “living constitution” strawman way – denial – than to tell the truth: most are incapable or paradise, so hate paradise, so destroy paradise & so keep the prospect of paradise “alive.” Oz never did give nuthin’ to the tinwo/man that s/he didn’t didn’t already have. The real affliction is the wishers themselves. Here’s Don Henley & the boys singing the song that most will never truly hear:

        And Twain’s Island line: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

        Psychology’s an unbreakable tautology, folded over on itself: ∞ No offensive defeats the cognitive dissonance-denial defenses of self-destruction.

  5. The problem the right/conservatives have is they are good people….they do not possess the insidiousness, deviousness and depravity the left have. The left, are, without a shadow of doubt, evil and soulless.

    So when the right tries to understand the left, and tries to reason with them, the left invariably coils like a snake and spits venom back. The time for the right/conservatives is now, to become fully immersed in the “rules for radicals” games the left plays and bring that forth tenfold upon them. This country is finished…there’s no question…the USA is done….what we have to do now, is play a game called “Play for blood.”

    • I agree, Anon –

      And I’ve been saying so for years. The Right loses because it plays by the rules against an opponent who operates on the principle that the only rule is winning, no matter how.

      Can you reason with a rabid animal? Attempting to reason with a Leftist amounts to the same. They only care that you shut up and obey. They are unable to see their hypocrisy, their logical inconsistency… or they simply don’t care.

      • Eric,

        What is it that one DOES with a rabid animal? Well, that’s what needs to be done with the left too. Listen, it’s either them or us; if you’re paying any attention at all, they want to KILL us…

        • It’s not a popular sentiment among certain libertarians, but it’s true. There is no way to peacefully defeat The Left. They are completely immune to facts, logic, and nature. You cannot feasibly red-pill people like that. They truly are mentally defective.

          • And the fact that they are communists, and communism requires universal compulsion, because naturally, those who have any iota of “ability” are not going to be the servants of those who have “need”. That is no natural. The unnatural must be forced. They at least realize that violent coercion is necessary to establish and maintain their system; while the slightly-less-communist collectivists don’t seem to realize that the only way to repel violence is to meet it with violence.

            • Morning, Nunz!

              I see two options for people who aren’t parasites. Option one is to fight. Option two is to simply “shrug,” as Ayn Rand put it.

              I may write some more about this…

              • Hi Ya Eric,
                I’ve been shrugging for 40 years- it’s a nice way to live….but it should be our choice, rather than something we are forced into. But it is a great option. How long our ability to live this way will continue to exist…..that is the question. Raise property taxes….declare war on gardens, etc. etc. and it’s all over- and remember, they’ve essentially got the machinery in place to do just that, and have already practiced it on various levels.

                Fight? Not any more of an option than suicide.

                A better option is to leave if we can.

    • So when the right tries to understand the left, and tries to reason with them


      You CRUSH the Left! Force is all they understand.

      Key riced all my tea, did we learn NOTHING from the events of the 20th Century? No wonder “The Right” ALWAYS loses!

      • Right-on, Liberranter! Having a “dialogue” with the left would be like inviting the guy who’s robbing you to tea to discuss what he’s going to do with your stuff. Although that’d be a better analogy for voting- only both the D’s and the R’s are the robbers, and they just go to tea by themselves with your credit card to discuss how they’re gonna divvy-up your stuff.

  6. Read a really good tweet – not letting me post the link here but here it is :

    “To understand what’s going on you need to become fluent in doublespeak
    Cases = Positive Tests
    Asymptomatic = Healthy
    Overwhelmed = Understaffed
    Social Distancing = No Conspiring
    Misinformation = Alternative Opinion
    Covid Denier = Critical Thinker
    Conspiracy Theorist = Hero

    • So true. I love how the media reports one of the side effects of the Covidiot shot as being anaphylactic shock….as if its no big thing. They just casually mention it. Of course the sheeple never go to the dictionary or online to understand the true meaning. Straight from Mayo Clinic:

      Anaphylaxis is a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. It can occur within seconds or minutes of exposure to something you’re allergic to, such as peanuts or bee stings.

      Anaphylaxis causes your immune system to release a flood of chemicals that can cause you to go into shock — your blood pressure drops suddenly and your airways narrow, blocking breathing. Signs and symptoms include a rapid, weak pulse; a skin rash; and nausea and vomiting. Common triggers include certain foods, some medications, insect venom and latex.

      Anaphylaxis requires an injection of epinephrine and a follow-up trip to an emergency room. If you don’t have epinephrine, you need to go to an emergency room immediately. If anaphylaxis isn’t treated right away, it can be fatal.

      By the way…in Norway just several days ago….23 died after taking their Covidiot shot. I guess they didn’t hear about the deaths and immuno-destruction that was already taking place elsewhere in the world. Here in NY, there are people shaking in literal anger that they cannot get their shots fast enough! Incredible.

      • Anonymous – do you think its true people are trying to get their shots quick, or are they trying to create the impression ? Here in the UK they have numerous cases of people not turning up, vaccines being wasted, and even the other day doctors were giving vaccines to homeless people – presented as these hero doctors who are prioritising homeless people as they are at risk of illness…. ie they were testing vaccines which no sane person is taking on homeless people !!

    • The fellow that runs Revolver News (Darren Beattie) puts out some good stuff:

      “The CCP did not

      Declare white people evil
      Force mass replacement level immigration
      Start, fund, promote BLM
      Push drag queen weirdness on your children
      Destroy US economy with unnecessary lockdowns
      Drag US into wasteful trillion dollar forever wars
      Deplatform Americans from FANG”

  7. As government becomes more involved in business, the distinction between private companies and government entities becomes more and more blurred. I would argue that companies like Google and Facebook fall closer to the government entity side of the spectrum. In “How the CIA Made Google”, Nafeez Ahmed makes a pretty strong case for how companies like Google and Facebook were funded by and guided by the intelligence community.

    • Read Julian Assange’s article on today. The deep state and CIAlicon valley are one and the same. This should surprise nobody.

  8. As government becomes more involved in business, the distinction between private companies and government entities becomes more and more blurred. I would argue that companies like Google and Facebook fall closer to the government entity side of the spectrum. In “How the CIA Made Google”, Nafeez Ahmed makes a pretty strong case for how companies like Google and Facebook were funded by and guided by the intelligence community.

  9. The current pack of Psychopaths In Charge are making a real attempt to dispose of half the US population. Figuratively if not literally. Seriously, do they really expect half of the nation to shut up and sit down because the psychopaths say so? I’m concerned, but not overly so. For one thing I’m an old fart that won’t be around for many more years. For another, the Russians toppled the USSR without any thing resembling the internet, and the USSR had FAR more control over what little public communication there was. In the face of the natural human desire for freedom, these psychopaths are pipsqueaks. Once the state makes resistance illegal, the door is thrown wide open. One need have no moral restraint from being a “criminal” when law is opposed to morality. The more suffering the tyrant imposes the higher and more vigorous the level of resistance becomes. To the point that “law abiding citizen becomes derogatory.

  10. In the first place, why even argue about a thing that no longer exists. Since when have we had anything resembling a government that protects the rights and freedoms of private businesses? It was at the very least before the Civil Rights Act. By the way, by 1964, the far and away most racist “business” was government itself. Private businesses had been disposing of racist policy for some time.
    In the second place, if we had such a thing as government protecting private business rights, corporations are NOT private businesses. The corporation is a creation of the state, with no rights except those the state gives them. They are not born, and so have no inalienable rights endowed by their creator. If the state determines they are violating the peoples rights, the state could simply instruct them to cease and desist. Period. End of sentence. Before you argue that SCOTUS determined corporations do have rights, is SCOTUS not a part of the state?

  11. On one hand, the internet is treated like a utility in that we have to pay money to subsidize access for poor people. It shows up as a tax on our AT&T bill. But then we allowed these companies to take over it, police it and get rich off it. I’m fine with them getting rich, but they should not get to control access. They did not invent the web and they don’t own it. They sell access to it. I think it’s comparable to the CEO of the electric utility deciding he doesn’t like the sinful strip club in town, so he decides to cut off their power. Not allowed. Everyone has the right to use a utility.
    In the 90s, when the internet was different (pre Facebook anyway) the public library in the town where I worked started a message board for the town. Anyone with a library card sign up, start threads, respond to each other, etc. Sort of like Reddit, i guess. Within a few weeks, the first internet censor I ever met, the prez of the chamber of commerce, lobbied to get the local militia group thrown off because he thought it made the town look like a bunch of racist rednecks. The library told him no, it was a government funded public access site and everyone had the right to use it. He then lobbied the newspaper, hoping we’d rile up a mob. My editor told him to screw off, that this is America.
    Ah, the good old days.
    My point is we need something like the library’s site again. A true public access avenue to use the internet. If Amazon, et al still want to offer hosting services, that’s fine, but the internet needs to be treated more like a utility. Private companies can innovate and try to improve their services to lure customers, but there needs to be basic access for everyone in the spirit of the first amendment without having to go through them.
    I never thought I’d be lobbying for government involvement in anything, but that’s the only way I see to get around the private ownership argument. A site that wishes to compete with Facebook should be able to do so without having to deal with big tech collusion.

    • It is a utility. Of & for the DARPA industrial complex. Which was created by that famous too little too late warner, Eisenhower.

      But there ain’t no free lunches, nor utilities neither. And nothing is offered that doesn’t skim away way more utility to these sorts of offerers than it does to the offerees what luv ‘em.

      Offense is the best defense these offerers are sure, but OARPA doesn’t roll as well, & might confuse the ouzos…who have been the real utilities all along…the real IoT.

      But those times may be a’changing. The DARPOpulators highest utility is in saving the planet from Malthus-excess ouzos.

    • I mentioned this in an earlier comment but what’s going on with these social media cancellations isn’t an arbitrary “I don’t like the cut of your jib” type denial of service like the electric co. shutting off the strip club’s power but rather an intentional and coordinated with the gov’t political act against those who might question the outcome of the election, take issue with the advancement of authoritarian collectivist ideologies, oppose medical tyranny, etc. It defies logic to think that the gov’t is going to essentially police social media entities in furtherance of your perceived right to access social media in order to exercise other rights, such as speech & assembly, that might constitute even a theoretical threat to it. This is what we’re dealing with.

  12. The problem with the “having it both ways” is that how do you do it?

    If Facebook, Twitter, Google want to be left wing echo chambers fine, but be honest about it rather than the lying about it. Yes, they lie about being left wing. The say one thing and then act the other. They need to stop doing that and be honest about it.

    They don’t want to be honest about it, because if they do, they would probably have to massively downsize. They would have to say bye bye to over half of their revenue. Probably a lot more than half as their data sales (which is most of their revenue) isn’t worth anywhere near what it would have been.

    The problem with the business model is that it needs to be mass market. Which a left wing website isn’t (and their form of left wing is probably even smaller then that, probably less than 10% of the population). So not a whole lot of money, and for sure not the billions they think have gained (largely on paper, not real wealth in a lot of ways). Their echo chamber would be a lot smaller than it is today.

    That is the biggest of the reasons for killing off Parler. Because that is where a good portion of at least their ad revenue would be going off with the users that leave.

    It always comes down to money. Always! They want the mass market money, but they don’t want to deal with the many different types of people that come with a mass market. They may bay endlessly about “diversity”, but they don’t actually want what diversity actually is. Just their money. Ironic isn’t it?

    Who do you think is actually more diverse? A customer of Walmart or the NYT? No question to the answer, Wal-Mart. The NYT mocks and jokes about Walmart customers endlessly, but which company is making money? Again not the NYT.

    They don’t want competition because they would be smaller and actually have to work harder to stay in business. Or not be in business.

    In a actual free market, there would have been ten companies like Facebook, ten companies like Twitter, and probably fifty companies like Google. However our crony socialist economy all we get are these horrid consolidations. It’s like this in so many businesses like the auto industry, banking and finance just to name a few. So instead of the former robust competition we get Macy’s, Walmart, GM, Ford, Chase, Citibank and the like, that nobody really likes, but yet we are still customers of. Big and lazy I like to call them, they can be when nobody is there to take their business.

    We just need to let the free enterprise system do its thing.

    We wouldn’t have these fights if we didn’t have big government and big business. They are both artificial and aren’t natural in any way.

    No need to break up big companies because they wouldn’t happen, no need for government regulation for “fair” play because there would be other places to do business. It’s all things that naturally happen when you let it just do it’s thing. We need to get it out of people heads that people need to be in charge of things that don’t need to be centralized in the first place. Decentralization works (maybe that’s what we should be saying instead of de-regulation) because the market corrects itself. The fear of loss is making it so people are blocked from success.

    • Amen, Rich. It brings to mind the Civil War. Was the original Civil War all about an idealistic crusade to end slavery? As I’ve further researched this, I’m thinking “probably not”. Oh, there were differences on the acceptability of that atrocious institution, doubtless, but… What WAS it about, at least initially?.. Mostly money, it appears. Go figure. 😉

      • The Civil War wasn’t even a civil war. The South had no desire to take over the national government. They just wanted to divorce what they considered an abusive spouse. It was a war against self-determination, a fundamental of any just and free society. For decades the US federal government had been collecting tariffs on imports, which the South had a lot of, being an agricultural economy, but the South received no benefit from these tariffs. The proceeds were all funneled to the North, building infrastructure for the benefit of the Norths industrial businesses. Just before the “civil war” these tariffs were increased, radically. Which the South vigorously opposed, including seceding from the union. The Northern States were fine with the South’s secession, until they realized it was going to cost them money that wasn’t theirs in the first place. They would lose the tariff revenue from the South, and the South’s free ports would wipe out the North’s heavily taxed ports. So, the North, under the guidance of Saint Lincoln, proceeded to kill at least 600,000 Americans to secure their confiscated at gunpoint revenue from the South. More than all other wars combined. And once the South was defeated, did everything necessary to keep the South from recovering. Ever. The issue of slavery was a byproduct of war propaganda.

      • Hi BaDnOn,

        Fundamentally, the war between the states was about antipathy – as now – and regional (as now). The Southern people – generally – had a different worldview than the Northern (as is true today of urban people vs. country people) and the Southerners wanted to “form a new union” . . . among themselves. They had come to regard the North as an alien country, a different culture and people and that there was insufficient commonality of interest to permit a reasonable coexistence – again, as now. They hoped to secede in order to be free of the dominion of that alien culture and people.

        The slavery issue is a bogey – the means by which an aggressive war of conquest and subordination was justified and by which the right of self-government was eviscerated.

      • Much like today; so many issues were involved- from taxation (The South had essentially become the piggy-bank of the North) to the question of who was going to benefit from the cheap and plentiful cotton of the South (Including Britain and the shipping companies), to political jurisdiction. But of course, since Joe Sixpack isn’t moved to fighting for those things, a “better cause” had to be proffered, and that cause was slavery (Even though slavery had been established and maintained by the North/Federal powers).

        Here is a good 28-second summary: 😀–iGgtRn8

        • So much like today, & every other day, too, that it’s most of the cowed citizenpie:

          “the” south & “the” north.

          Lard & lordosis, I’ve been to both, as well as the other two, & the cardinals shit just the same in all of ‘em directions: too close to where they eat & even in their own beds.

          That’s the only “cause” – hygiene, starting with mental, is largely absent, or at least forgotten, in the transnationalist united states of amnesia – and, being so generalized needs be “lost” since it can never, in general, be found.

          “Clean your room,” says Jordan Peterson.

          As if simple dx/rx translates into curex-marks-the-spot to stop all the bodily fluid & fecal marking of territory. Dominance hierarchies is another JP topic.

          But being driven to steer into one’s “own” collective skidmarks don’t mean good driving nor drivers seat neither. Just means more of the same dirty laundry. Cue Don Henley.

  13. just canceled a site called, saying it promotes violence. Godaddy used to use Danica Patrick’s tits to promote its services. Isn’t treating women as objects a form of sexism? You could argue that displaying their body parts in such a way could encourage disrespect for women and maybe even lead to rape. Funny how they grow a conscience now.

  14. If the leftards REALLY believed the “private company” argument, WTF happened with privately owned bakeries where the Christian owners didn’t want to bake a wedding cake for a gay wedding, hmmm? Aren’t the bakeries private companies? Can’t THEY do business with whomever they please?

    Oh, and another thing WRT the Big Tech companies: they’re monopolies, much like the old phone company, “Ma Bell”, was. Because Ma Bell was a monopoly, that made them a common carrier. They had to provide service to anyone and everyone willing to pay-end of story. Because of that, the only reason Ma Bell could cut service was due to non-payment.

    But yeah, leftards engage in such mental gymnastics, aka Doublethink, that they make a pretzel look straight in comparison!

    • The biggest mistake the Right ALWAYS makes is in trying to argue/reason with the Left. This is a moron’s errand. The Left DOES NOT argue in good faith, nor do they argue from a position of morality or reason. Instead of arguing with them, you kick and stomp your way over them. Superior force is the only thing they respect or understand. They only reason that they’ve gained as much control as they have is that the non-Left either doesn’t understand this, or just refuses to accept it.

      • The whole “left vs. right” paradigm in US politics is a false dichotomy. They are just two sides of the same coin- political theater. No matter which “party” is dominant at any time really only comes down to the words they use and the segment of voters they seek to court- but overall, the same agendas continue unabated.

  15. I have been vocal regarding the use of tech alternatives for years, fervent about the widespread support of those which promoted free-speech and free-thought. Good to see so many finally understanding, now.

    As I have said previously, it would do us justice to begin to pursue peer-2-peer (p2p) networks of our own, to replace the centralized control systems of today with the robust and difficult to thwart decentralized systems of tomorrow. This, of course, isn’t limited to communications systems, as the more we generate our own food, power, products, etc., the stronger and more resilient we are!

    The p2p solution can work to make obsolete ISPs and even phone networks.
    But first, regarding domain name systems, I’d like all interested to viddy this:

    “Handshake is a decentralized, permissionless naming protocol where every peer is validating and in charge of managing the root DNS naming zone with the goal of creating an alternative to existing Certificate Authorities and naming systems.”

    • Sounds like what I’ve been thinking about for a while: some new connectionless, but high-assurance protocol that’s either a modification/improvement of the existing UDP protocol, or a completely new concept. Something that circumvents current-generation hardened routers, firewalls, IDS/IPS, or any other attempt at content restriction and censorship.

      I’ll definitely check out that link. I only wish that my engineering skills were better to allow me a “deep dive” into the technical aspects of this!

  16. I got tripped up by the private property argument regarding masks early on. However, when I finally realized that these “private” business are being required by the state to enforce this shit it became clear that they are not private at all. They’re nominally owned by private individuals, but controlled by the state. That is the definition of fascism.

    Eric: You had a great quote a few months back that one should consider picking up and using the ADA like an AK-47 found on the battlefield. That advice has served me very well!

  17. There is a photo of Donald Trump sitting in a chair next to a table with the “Change My Mind” poster board sign at the front of the table. “I won by a lot,” the sign said. It’s at Gab.

    I posted the link at fraudbook and it was immediately dubbed as fake information. Gettin’ so you can’t have any fun at all over there. It’s too bad.

    Seals the deal, no posting stuff fakebook dislikes. It’s Two Minutes Hate at fb these days, they’re making sure it gets done. lol

    I am sure they don’t like Gab at all, hate them, even.

  18. ‘the wholesale cancelling of politically unapproved speech by the Tech Oligarchs [shows] how obvious their pathological dishonesty has become.’ — EP

    Remember the Google bomb where, if you entered ‘miserable failure’ as a search term, the sole result would be ‘George W Bush’?

    A lot of us thought it was funny to mock the smirking chimp — not realizing that the apparently light-hearted humor wouldn’t be tolerated when it came to the other wing of the Uniparty.

    For years afterward, like an addicted lab rat futilely pressing the lever for another shot of vodka, I entered ‘lying skank’ into the search box. But ‘Hillary Clinton’ never came up as a result. 🙁

    One Google bomb that sorta works, as of this morning, is to search ‘president joezheimers’. This turns up an comment link as the bottom result on the first page.

    Creatively ridiculing the fragile psyches of our sociopathic overlords who expect worshipful compliance is a great way to undermine them. Bash them till they break!

  19. President Trump has been water to The Left’s Predator – he’s caused them to drop their cloak and show the world how ugly and dangerous they really are.

    “You’re one UGLY motherfucker.”

    But maybe I’m not being fair to the Predator – it had a sense of honor and The Left does not.

  20. Libertarianism “runs off the rails” when it comes to the social media giants. These social media giants want it both ways—immunity from prosecution for content while retaining the ability to determine what content gets to be published.
    The standard libertarian rant of “free association” and “start your own social media organization” sounds good but does not apply when top-tier domain administrators (private companies) have the power to shut down any organization or group that they don’t like by denying access.
    The internet was bought and paid for by American taxpayers. As such, any top-level domain administrator should be required to accept all comers—like the telephone companies. Imagine if your telephone service provider could shut you down because it does not like the content of your conversation. Once social media organizations reach a certain threshold of “customers”, they should be declared to be “public utilities” and subject to the “rules” thereof.
    The same “rules” should apply to payment processors, as well. Master Card, Visa, AmericanExpress and Discover should all be bound by the same “freedom to access” rules. Sites such as GoFundMe should also be subject to the same rules.
    Libertarianism sounds nice and dandy, but when those with power and access to control of information abuse their power and get away with it, all bets are off.

    • Ah, the situational ethics of statism. When it suits your purpose, gov’t should go full on commie. Without getting into the weeds of what libertarianism is or isn’t, do you really believe that gov’t, the greatest violator of your natural or inherent rights as a human, can, and will, act as a protecter of those rights, especially if the exercise of those rights might present even only a theoretical existential threat to said gov’t? And that this protection of your natural rights will occur in the context of the gov’t effectively nationalizing a corporate entity as a “public utility”?

      • It’s not “statism” to insist that the internet, being paid for by the American taxpayer be free and unfettered.
        Actually it is the domain name administrators and social media owners who are acting like commies…
        Allowing private companies to be domain name administrators opens the door to the situation that now exists.
        Bring back ICANN
        Yes, libertarianism should be the goal, but those with ulterior motives who control the flow of information must be brought to task…
        If you have a better solution than to declare them “common carriers”, that must accept all comers, I’m all ears…

        • The securing of free & unfettered internet, the bringing to task of those with ulterior motives, the declaring of common carriers, who would you wish to do this? Correct me if I’m wrong but it appears to be the gov’t or big S State, thus the statism. Adherence to libertarianism offers non-governmental remedies to the situation you described but they often involve sacrifice of wealth, status in the system, and convenience. Not the “easy button” of vicariously using the legal monopoly on violence enjoyed by your proxy, the State, to enforce your will.

          • Common carriers are required to “behave themselves” and to serve all comers without restrictions. Since the internet was built and paid for by the American taxpayers, unfettered access should be the norm, not the exception.

              • = slave-chopped cotton & gone with the wind.

                Speaking of “farmers” I just read that Billyclub (billiberal?) Gates & his fetching better half now own 268,984 acres of prime plantation all around the american pie. Didn’t see how much of that will be devoted to insect protein propagation.

          • This is why there is no fixing statism. It must all be torn down (or allowed to collapse naturally of it’s own accord- as it will) because the inequities created by redistribution of extorted wealth, and the unholy alliance of “private” businesses being the beneficiaries of “public” funding on so many levels; and how the playing field has been skewed by having an atmosphere which has kept many of the best players off the field (for not wanting to participate in the rigged schemes, for one) and has artificially prospered some of the worst (Like those who have no qual,ms about prostituting themselves for subsidies and credits, and using the power of the state to advance their businesses while clobbering their competitors)……have all created something which can not just be switched off and allow a truly free market to just re-emerge.

            This is the nefarious evil of statism: It is self-perpetuating- and just like other organized crime, it’s henchmen will promote and protect their kingpin because he is the source of their wealth and power.

        • I’m curious about all of this, Anarchyst.
          Firstly, it doesn’t appear that ICANN went anywhere:

          It appears to be that they still officiate domain registration. Now if GoDaddy or someone gives you trouble, that’s different, but those middlemen still aren’t “keepers of the domain”.
          Secondly, the idea that the Internet was “paid for by taxpayers”. That all depends on what you want to call “the Internet”, but, it had its origins in taxpayer-funded programs, yes. That said, most of the infrastructure is privately or semi-privately owned, yes? Phone and cable companies, their wires and cables, and the maintenance they do is mostly private business, is it not? I’d have trouble calling my ISP and saying I had a right to internet access because I’m a taxpayer. The rest of the Internet is composed physically of servers and other computers, switches, routers, etc. The vast majority of that is private property.
          Just trying to clarify what you mean, here.

      • im not sure where your argument is going. yes the governments one true role is to protect your rights. not go “full commie”. and “nationalizing” these companies has pretty much already been done. same with the banks. we live under corporate fascism.

        • These companies don’t have to be nationalized, but should be reclassified as “common carriers”, required to accept all comers, without censorship, subject to the “Uniform Commercial Code” As to the credit card processors, they have become the defacto handlers of “lawful money” of the country, performing financial transactions, which should also be non-judgemental.
          There are no easy answers…libertarianism, although a valid concept, just doesn’t work in some situations.

          • Hi Anarchyst,

            I think we’re facing a much deeper problem – the intolerance of disagreement. The other side has crossed the Rubicon. You must agree – or be quiet. Or be punished. I am unaware of anything analogous on the “right.” The Left wants to end debate. Demands no merely that we obey but that we agree. It is precisely what O’Brien (in 1984) was attempting to communicate to Winston Smith, about obedience being insufficient. The victim must come to love Big Brother.

            I now think separation is the only viable option. As to how – I do not pretend to know. But if the two sides do not separate, one side or the other will be destroyed by the other side.

            • Technologically, there are always alternatives, and if a separation becomes inexorable, I think there are ways forward in the digital realm and others.
              But it is a good line in the sand, regarding a separation, to state that on one side, you may speak freely. On the other, your opinions will be given TO you. On one side, you may choose freely. On the other, choices will be made FOR you.
              It’s that simple, and no “conservative”, “liberal”, “left” or “right” terms are needed: terms which often obfuscate intentions and beliefs.

            • There will be no separation (imo). Any serious threat of such and Martial law will be in place. The military brass is so political they will defend the status quo. They are not going to risk any loss of power for the proles.

              And, even if it were physically possible, I doubt the results would please you. Assume everyone who voted for Trump gathered in one region encompassing several states and the Lefties moved out, leaving the Righties to set out to form a system of government. Exactly how long until that devolved into civil war in the newly formed Coalrollistan?

            • Eric,

              There is another option. Considering that leftism is a cancer on society (and any honest person will agree), there’s only ONE thing to be done: eradicate the cancer-simple as that. That’s how we treat cancer if we get it, right? Treat the leftist cancer the same.

            • Not “analogous” because turns are taken. It’s southpaw turn now. But a fist is a fist. Ain’t no such thing as good copfist bad copfist. That’s just mind-copfistulation that puts holes in brains…well, holes in brains that invite in the fookery for to fill ‘em. “What’s your dirt doin’ in my yard, Luke?” (Gotta’ love the antihero. Despite he don’t ever win his martyr plays. Cuttin’ the heads off parking meters to spite his own face…pure poetry.)

              Can’t find the flash, but good ol’ boy right dominants in White Lightning were the fascist front in that flick imitating life. Fun: Spielberg almost directed, dropped out. Fun: the screenwriter later got popped for running guns to the Irish; after prison moved to Manaugua, killed an intruder there; moved to cuba & lost taste for commieism; got his x-wife to smuggle him back into the pie by way of mexico; the wall was low in those days.

              Sure you could make all this stuff up, but no need. The unmade bed’s made & most everybody’s got to lie in it.

            • Separation? Maybe. How about something better; the abolition of the nation-state. Non-geographic based tribes. No more borders, no more fencing off the globe for the purposes of an elite few. Atomizing political jurisdiction down to the individual as the basic political unit.

              I know it sounds radical. But less so if you understand one fundamental fact: there is no United States of America. Its a fiction. Think about it.

              • Hi Andy,

                In principle, I agree – and it’s an ideal worth working towards. But in the meanwhile, I’ll take any improvement that’s possible and one such would be the re-acceptance of the idea of consent of the governed, which cannot have meaning without the option to separate when consent is no longer operative.

        • Do you believe the gov’t you live under protects your rights? When were social media companies effectively nationalized? The banks? The word you’re looking for is “crony.”

          • the corporations – all of them- work for the communists we supposedly elected. Add media – defense contractors – etc as well. In return they have the communists protection. thats pretty close to being nationalized depending on your definition.

            • Or is it the other way around? Does it matter? The definitions are getting slippery here. I think we both would agree that neither the politicians or corporate types are doctrinaire communists. I’ll go with tyrants for the pols and stick with cronies for the corps. Their overriding philosophy, heads they win, tails you lose.

    • This is more human nature than anything political, though The Left has certainly used it politically.

      “I want what I want, and I want the rules to give me what I want. I want the rules to advantage me, and to disadvantage my opponents. I want to be able to cry foul when my opponents win, but have my victory stand unchallenged. I want to be able to fight dirty and do what I have to do to win, but I want my opponents held to the highest standards of fair play and to the spirit of the rules.”


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