Inauguration Day Diaper Report

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I went to the supermarket again yesterday – as I have been doing lately almost every day – to stock up on the food it is likely to become hard to get without joining the Sickness Cult after today.

It is probable the soon-to-be anointed High Priest of the Holy Rag (and Holy Jab) will, among other things, issue a papal bull ordering the wearing of the Holy Rag by all supplicants, everywhere, all the time. This being necessary to maintain both the hysteria about a sickness that doesn’t kill 99.8-something percent of the healthy population and suborn submission to Sickness Rituals, forever amen.

I’m hoping it will still be possible to “get away” with apostasy but I am not optimistic. Which is why I have been stocking up and recommend you do as well, while it is still possible.

The bad news is I am practically the only apostate in the store these days. The Holy number 99 to my one and sometimes two or three. The 99 wear the Rag even when they don’t have to – which includes inside the supermarket, because the supermarket doesn’t kick them out or deny entry to those who don’t.

There is merely a sign on the door, which can be safely ignored.

But the 99 Holy do not want to ignore it. They love their Face Burqa – so much that most of them continue wearing it when they leave the store and even unto (into) their own car, where “the virus” presumably isn’t.

Then again, this is a religion – and the “holy spirit” is everywhere.

Tomas de Torquemada – the Grand Inquisitor of literature and history – never knew such power. If only the medieval Catholic Church had had CNN on its side, no one would be eating meat on certain days of the months.

The Holy Hijab is now de rigeur – the fashionable thing to wear. The non-wearer self-identifies not merely as out of fashion but as a dangerous heretic. There is no need for an Inquisition when all the Inquisitors need do is have a look around.

But I did see something encouraging.

As I roamed the aisles, I encountered a fellow heretic and his kids, who were not masklings. This man was shopping normally, sans the Holy Vestment. His kids were smiling – and you could see their smiles.

They weren’t being trained for the priesthood.

I stopped to chat with them. We immediately understood why we stopped to chat before anything was said. Every heretic knows. When we see one another, we smile and the reason for the smiling is understood like a Masonic handshake or a whispered password between partisan soldiers in enemy country.

Which is exactly where us heretics find ourselves.

America isn’t anymore, except here and there. These here and there’s should be cherished while they last and preserved to the extent they can be. There are still things that can be done to monkey wrench the Cult, too.

I watched a video the other day of a group of people doing what used to be as normal as the sun rising – going shopping together without their faces effaced, in this case at Whole Foods – where the tenets of the cult are enforced by not ringing up what is purchased if the purchaser is showing his face.

They way around this is to keep track of everything you put in your cart – plus tax – video recording everything. Then leave cash as payment in full before the altar boy or girl manning the checkout line and walk out with the stuff you just paid for.

This flummoxes the Keepers of the Faith. Who – per corporate poltroonish policy – have also been told to not attempt to prevent shoplifters from leaving the store. Of course, you have the advantage of not being a shoplifter. You bought everything you left with – plus tax – and have the video evidence to prove it, in the event that should become necessary.

This will probably only work for awhile – expect Acolytes of the Holy Rag to appear at store doors, barring entry to the Unclean – but for now it’s a great way to feel good and let these Holy Rolling (and wearing) religious freaks know what you think about their beliefs – and let them see what a human being looks like.

. . . .

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  1. I knew it would happen as soon as Biden was elected – they are turning down the PCR cycles so that cases will go down (

    Peggy Hall does activism. ( She has stuff you can use at the store – a religious exemption and then a form you can have the store fill out saying you are suing them. I’m going to have them fill it out even though of course I can’t afford lawyers.

  2. During the recent “insurrection” (a few dozen flag-wavers breaking into the Capitol to take selfies and steal souvenirs), congresscritters were herded into a room for their protection. Nine Republicans refused to wear masks, and Democrats subsequently accused them of spreading the disease after three of their own “tested positive.” I have been searching and can’t find the answer to the obvious question: Did any of those nine who were blamed for the infections turn out to be sick? In a sane world with real news reporting, somebody would have asked.

  3. While shopping for used cars a couple of months ago, one dealership had stickers on the car bragging about how every vehicle had been “Sterilized with Clorox!” lol I was so impressed by that (not at all) that both my son and I bought a car from there while sitting UNMASKED through the entire purchasing process! lol Nobody said a word and at the end of the process we even got the salesman to unmask and chat with us as well as agreeing to shake hands at the end. Some are definitely cult members, but not all.

  4. I fear the mask is fast becoming the least of our problems. In case you hadn’t noticed, roughly half of the US population just became “domestic terrorists”. And we all know how much restraint the Psychopaths In Charge have when it comes to violence against “terrorists”. Hell, in two years you may not be ALLOWED to vote, much less have it counted, if you ever at anytime anywhere expressed a preference for a candidate or issue that wasn’t an “approved” one. No skin off my nose, since I won’t legitimize my own enslavement by voting. But it will without doubt remove any restraint the Psychopaths In Charge previously accommodated. The ubiquitous surveillance apparatus Snowden exposed may expand exponentially and aggressively to identify who is “guilty” of the sin of opposition, and must be silenced or caged, if not disposed of. Including every body here. Which may instigate the “civil war” that looms over our heads. The security imposed on the POTUS inauguration clearly demonstrated the divide.

    • Agreed, John –

      And I lay all the blame at the feet of the Pompadoured Fail – who succeeded in arranging things such that anyone who made the mistake of supporting him out of a desire to support less tyranny is now, as you say, a “domestic extremist” and a “racist” and get ready for what’s next.

      I have hated The Chimp for a long time – as Hunter Thompson hated Nixon. But the Orange Ape is fast becoming the political animal I despise above all others.

  5. I also wanted to make a separate comment and not get it caught up in my first one.

    The English writer Theodore Dalrymple made an observation once after spending time in communist countries that he determined that the purpose of propaganda was not to persuade the true believers, because they needed no persuading, and nor was it intended to persuade the dissenters, because they couldn’t be persuaded. Rather, he recognized that the purpose of the propaganda was to humiliate the non-believers and emasculate them because then they would be easier to control.

    I think of that quote every day when I drive past the electronic marquee outside of our local performing arts center (all owned by the city of course). There hasn’t be a concert there in almost a year, so they’re not advertising upcoming events, they are advertising messages like:

    “Stand together by not standing together.”

    “Rumors spread like a virus! Only get your information from trusted sources!” (followed by a list of government websites)

    And of course the tried and true and most odious,

    “My mask protects you. Your mask protects me.”

    Whenever I drive past that sign it makes my blood boil, because, you see, billboards are illegal in our city. No one has the capability of rebutting the propaganda in a similar way because the city controls all of the means of distribution. There is only one “billboard” and it belongs to the city and the city uses it to spread its political messages.

    And then how do I feel? Humiliated.

    No doubt if you asked any of the city employees involved, they would first of all act surprised that you would even question their advice and demean it by calling it propaganda and then second, I’m sure they would – at least privately – pat themselves on the back for “resisting” an obvious kook like myself who is a denier and obviously hates Grandma. And then they would probably tell themselves its a good thing that people like me don’t have an avenue to express their dissent because my dissent would be dangerous.

    And all I can do is look a their propaganda and stew in my own “hate”-fueled broth.

    Again, humiliation.

    • “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

      Don’t give TPTB the satisfaction of falling into the trap of frustration, self-doubt, and humiliation. Every day that you resist them with thoughts, words, and actions, is another day of human dignity. Vow to NOT allow them to steal your humanity.

    • Have you considered street justice? That propaganda sign is an affront. perhaps stick a nice reichs eagle mit swastika on its face just to make a point?

        • I wouldn’t think of making friends using swastikas. The point was to illustrate where the propaganda is coming from, philosophically. A hammer and sickle would have more offensive impact for sensible folk, but the swastika is far more of a slap in the face to the SJW contingent in all American institutions.

  6. I live in a purple county in Texas is suburban Houston and there are still quite a few adherents. There are a few free people here and there, but most stores have a bouncer outside the store who threatens to call the cops for “trespassing” if you attempt to walk inside without a diaper. That’s fine, I just use curbside services and pay the same price as everyone else except the store picks it off the shelf for me AND brings it to me and in many cases even loads it into my car.

    All that being said, as soon as you get a few miles away into the more rural areas of the state, holy rag compliance is only about 50% and no one gets hassled either way, as it should be. You can walk into any restaurant or store and be treated like a normal human being. In fact, there are even some employees in some stores who go without a diaper. It’s very refreshing.

    • That’s what I observed as well. You have to drive as far north as Walker County to see that, but it’s pretty good that you can see that at all.

      • I travel on Highway 6 a lot and the Buccees in Waller has been around 20-25% mask free in my experience, but no one gets hassled either way.

        I never stop in College Station, but from Hearne north, it’s like “real” Texas with people who make their own decisions, even in Waco.

        And I was in the panhandle a couple of weeks ago and mask-wearers are definitely the distinct minority.

    • I was under the understanding that one is not trespassing when you try and enter without a mask. Just like you cannot bar blacks or muslims from coming into your business, you can’t not bar people based on religion either. And my religion says that I was created in the image of God and I will not be coerced into obstructing my God given breath of life. Peggy Hall the activist has all the laws documented here – I do not want to have to have my groceries picked out for me – I like picking my own steaks and fruit etc. I sure wish we had some lawyers that would step up and maybe do a class action suit for people in some town and if successful we expand on that to other cities. I wonder how Florida is handling this because DeSantis doesnt have a mask mandate and I was in Florida mask-less every where over xmas. I will move there if I have to – I am seeing how this goes. And also going out to rural areas I also was able to be mask-less so maybe just getting out of the city. I am looking into that as well if masks are here to stay forever.

  7. The QAnon psy-op/lunatic cult now claims Biden will carry out “The Plan”! Yeah, he’ll carry out “The Plan” all right!

  8. Don’t worry. I have confidence that Donald Trump will be inaugurated later today. He will then fire Fauci and declare the US a mask-free country.

    • Every time somebody has predicted a time, it has been longer than that.
      Just trust that Redemption IS coming, that we will work together and succeed in Restoring our Republic.

      I think a Biden period is necessary until even Dems realize that freedom comes from respecting others and that the Swamp really really MUST be drained.

      • Hi Esther,

        Religion aside, the Left (as distinct from Democrats, though the two are often the same) will never “realize that freedom comes from respecting others.” Or, rather, do not care. They want absolute power. Period. Understand this. It is the first step in successfully fighting it.

  9. Eric, another angle. I think you have a CC permit for Virginia? IIRC it is a felony to wear a mask while carrying concealed in VA?

    Not sure if it is a requirement for you to reveal or legal for retail to demand to know if one is carrying concealed legally.

    But it would be interesting to see the expression in response to, “Sorry, I can’t wear a mask because it would be a felony while I am carrying this gun. Need proof?”

  10. I like your idea of monkeywrenching the system. Here are a few thoughts off the top of my head. I’m not suggesting anyone actually do them, but it’s fun to daydream about it.

    1) Putting up anti-lockdown or anti-masking stickers in appropriate places like city hall.

    2) Leaving mask litter outside of appropriate locations like county health offices.

    3) Many jurisdictions have anonymous snitch lines or snitch websites for reporting scofflaws. One would have to be careful, to make sure that the tips couldn’t be traced back, but I think it would be funny if they were overrun with false tips especially if they targeted political busybodies.

    A lot of this would probably be counterproductive, as it might portray mask-resisters as even more juvenile, irresponsible, and uncaring than they are already perceived. Still, I think it’s understandable given the anger and frustration that some of us have at the tyranny and cult-worshippers. I’d love to hear other ideas.

    • Some good ideas.

      Also, copy and reword official looking signs with things like,

      Googles must be worn at all times
      Proof of clean VD test must be presented upon request
      Shoes must be removed, sanitized with gel and refitted before entering
      Gloves must be worn at all times
      Mask don’t work but they show who is gullible, wear yours!
      Blacks not allowed
      Irish not welcome
      Mexicans exempt

      Use your imagination
      Superstitiously post them on the businesses that enforce mask idiocy. Video the confused sheep from the parking lot for later giggles.

    • I am planning on spending a substantial amount of my own money in 2022 to advertise AGAINST the reelection of our county executive who has appointed himself to be the High Priest of the Sickness Cult. I’m not advertising for whoever his opponent may be and don’t care who replaces him, anyone would be better and more friendly to the liberty of the people.

      And I suspect by this time next year, most of the country will have slipped back to “normal” (temporarily) thanks to our newly elected savior and the perceived benefits of the Holy Jab and I also suspect most voters will have forgotten about the needless panic and hysteria that this elected toad has promoted for going on 10 months now. I intend to remind them.

  11. I wish I had something more encouraging to say, but I’m afraid it doesn’t end until the mandate-pushers get what they’ve always wanted anyway: centralized vaccination records with the requirement that you be able to document that you’ve had your recommended vaccines in order to be permitted to have some semblance of a normal life.

    There are a few resisters out there, and it’s heartening to meet with them but it sure would be nice if there were a few more of us. Just a year ago, it would be the people wearing face-diapers who would be considered the weirdos, instead of us.

    Kudos to you for staying the course and in encouraging others to do likewise!

  12. Speaking to the other half of your headline (Inauguration Day):
    I am sitting here at work and the supervisor comes over and says they have the inauguration on and we can all skip out on work and go sit in the conference room and watch it. I said I’d rather watch snails race than go sit in that room in a farcemask and watch a bunch of fools install a potted plant into the highest political office in our country. LOL. Just kidding, but I think I did make a face similar to the one you make when you open the milk carton and realize it’s gone all chunky in there.
    But since we don’t have to work, I’m sitting at my desk reading your site. When I realized I could hear the idiot speaking, I loaded up videos of Van Halen on the youtube to play in the background. (Listening to Hot for Teacher right now. Creepy Joe can probably relate. I bet her hair smells good.)
    I understand lefties wanted rid of Trump, but it’s ridiculous to claim that his replacement will be anything but a total disaster. No, it is not a “return to normalcy” or “finally, an adult in charge!” He’s a fricking moron and I will be really interested to learn who the actual president is, as in who is making the executive decisions. Maybe they’ll let us know in a few weeks, after they’ve sufficiently canceled and cowed the so-called insurrectionists. It sure won’t be that bumbling retard they put on the ballot anyway. So who’s his Dick Cheney?
    I don’t like government to begin with, so who’s in charge is not an emotional investment for me. I think we’d all be better off if 95% of government went away. I’m not “shedding MAGA tears” as the lefties who swarmed to Fox News lately accuse, but I am disgusted with the whole process and more than a little worried about what’s coming.
    Anyway, thanks, I needed to vent.

      • PJW – I used to follow him on facebook and he just stopped appearing on my feed. I guess he got canceled and I was too busy to notice or miss. I’m sorry for that. I always liked him. So thanks for making me remember. I will try to follow him again on someplace other than farcebook since neither one of us are on there anymore.
        Yep, Blinken is definitely a twat. I would advise all young people of military age to not join up or re-up. They’ll be trudging through desert dust in some shithole they’ve never even heard of for reasons we know not. We aren’t individuals or people to the left, we are just a resource, a means to an end.

        • yeh – PJW is quite good. Though I wont agree with all he says, hes definitely one of the better commenters on this side of the isles. He has been banned and blocked many places, not sure if hes on Fbook anymore though he is on youtube. He also has a website at summit dot news

    • Barrack Obomber is running the show for the demoncraps. That’s why his mansion cost $14 million. He must have an elaborate setup for running his show.

    • Barrack Obomber is running the demoncrap show from his $14 million mansion. You know, the guy who bombed Syria and Libya back into the stone age.

      • Hi Joe,

        I will not be surprised if Obama is nominated to fill the next vacancy on the Supreme Court. Want to bet? And even if not, we’ll get something very similar, ideologically.

        All because of that Orange Buffoon.

    • Richb

      What is that old saying, when my neighbor loses his job its a recession when I lose my job its a depression. Me thinks there will be lots of depression over the next few years. There is a lot that Trump did wrong, i reallyj can’t forgive him for enabling the lockdowns and the sicknesss cult. But what you cannot take away from him was how the economy was running like gangbusters prior to covid. Manufacturing jobs had come back, essentially anyone who wanted a job could have a job. People have a frame of reference now of good jobs, bigger paycheck through companies giving bonuses, raises & less tax taken out of each check. People saw a good economy, regardless of the deficit spending. Those in the low info crowd won’t even compute the deficit spending. All they know is jobs were plentifull, companies were offering raises and bonuses, etc. For some that came into the job market during the end of the george w/oblamer years this is the first time they have ever witnessed a growing economy. Now they have a frame of reference of what a really good economy looks like versus a bad one. It wasn’t a typo that even with the plandemic, left leaning pollsters and constant attacks by the media and leftist partyll that 56% of people according to reuters felt that they were better off now than 4 years ago. Trump, again with all his many faults had the highest rating ever in that poll since they began asking that question in the carter years. Now had clueless joe been the 3rd term of oblamer then i don’t think people would have a frame of reference and the managed decline would have continued unabated. Now that people have seen a 4 year window of what the economy could be, as the economy tanks, jobs go back overseas, regulations ramp up,taxes increase and cost of living rises, even the most clueless person will take notice. And its going to be really difficult for anyone other than the most ardent leftist stooge to beleive the talking points that will come out of a tanking economy which is that it’s all Trump’s fault.

  13. Eric,

    Another way to pay without being acosted is to use the self-pay cash registers. Of course, you won’t be able to use the shopper’s discount without your own card; I always asked the cashiers to put a store cared in for me, something I can’t do now. That said, I use the self-pay registers; it costs a little extra, but I’m free to go about my business… 🙂

    • And remember to give yourself a bunch of BOGO discounts to compensate you for doing the cashiers job. By accident, of course.

  14. I made an appointment with the dentist yesterday. First time to go to this place. Went in this morning for my appointment and was chastised by the admin for not diapering. Blow her off like the rest. Filled out the paperwork. Turn in the paperwork. Now it gets good. The dentist himself comes out and sits across form me in the waiting room. “What’s your problem with the mask”, “It’s the NICE thing to do” and a couple of others. I told him about the medical condition. He said he didn’t care and that I needed to wear it to walk back to the chair if he was going to work on me. I asked him how he dealt with hanging over peoples gaping mouths all day. He said that the diaper stays on at all times EXCEPT when he was doing his work. I knew right then that I didn’t want this dumbass anywhere near my mouth. I told him that someone else would take my money, give me my forms back, I would rather use vice grips, and walked out. He and the admin had a look of disbelief on their faces. I had a smile.

    Stand strong, brothers. It’s only going to get worse. This religious fervor knows no bounds. I am a few hours south on I-81 from Roanoke. I hope you have a get together soon. I need to see some sane people face to face. This stuff wears on you.

    • Hi Slave,

      I can convey some contact info about a dentist in Roanoke who did not force me to Diaper – indeed, said nothing about it at all. Might be worth the drive. Email me if interested…

    • Excellent, SM! I love reading stories like this.

      I believe that most bow down and succumb to the mask. I can imagine their shock when you said no. 👍

    • Slave!
      I LOVE hearing stuff like that! I’m the most genteel, polite and unassuming guy ya’d ever want to meet…but I’m also a life-long contrarian and lover of truth- and when someone gets in my face and tries to pervert my normal behavior and or maintains ludicrous and absurd premises, I quickly tell them where to shove it.

      Too many ‘Muricans have become docile sheep- but I am greatly encouraged every time I hear a story such as yours- knowing that some people still stand up for themselves and for truth! (My cousin’s a dentist; he wears the rag. Didn’t stop him from getting the ‘Rona!)

    • Good for you Slave Mentality, i have to admit even i give in to get my physical therapy done. Had rotator cuff surgery back in October and its either don the holy rag or never get full use of my shoulder back again. I even called around to every PT place in the area, some even 30+ miles away near my dad’s house, i even tried to claim medical exemption to no avail. It it hearbreaking to have to don the face diaper but with the extensive damage i had, there is no way i could do this on my own at home.

    • ” I asked him how he dealt with hanging over peoples gaping mouths all day. He said that the diaper stays on at all times EXCEPT when he was doing his work.”

      Oh, that’s REAL nice! That’s like telling people not to take off their winter coats until the outside temperature gets to exactly 100 F. You know, so no one gets the sniffles. lol Seriously, these dildos actually believe that this “virus” is sentient, and somehow knows not to spread during certain hours. Or, in this case, when a drill is nearby. Just another reminder that we’re definitely living in the end times.

  15. **”They way around this is to keep track of everything you put in your cart – plus tax – video recording everything. Then leave cash as payment in full before the altar boy or girl manning the checkout line and walk out with the stuff you just paid for.”**

    Nuhnuhnuhnuhno…. Golden opportunity missed! What you do, is have every cart loaded with $250 worth of crap- including lots of perishable. Get to the cashier…they refuse to ring you up…you calmly say “Oh, O-K” and walk out, sans all of the crap. It is store policy with most chains, and even law in some places, that they can not restock perishables…. Get my drift? And even the non-perishables….just imagine the time it’d take to restock all of the crap!

    And what can they do? You were willing and able to pay…they refused to accept payment- so they have nothing on you, as it was their choice/policy which caused the problem.

      • Eric, I walked away from a cart once- just a while back; Not because they were trying to get me to mask…but because they only had TWO lanes open when I got to check-out, and there must’ve been 10 people on each line, all with carts piled high, and I had no intention of standing on line for an hour or more, and watching my perishables perish. Must’ve had over $200 worth of grocs in that cart. The feeling of just saying “Screw this” and walking out, was liberating!

        Much like the face diapers, seeing so many people waiting on those lines while the store refused to open any more of it’s many lanes, makes one realize just how sheepified Americans have become. These ass-clowns all around us will put up with virtually anything, without so much as a complaint- much less any action.

        • “I walked away from a cart once”

          I have done that dozens of times over the years.

          Old enough to remember when if if more than two were in line at a till “cashiers to front” went out on the PA. And there were dedicated baggers. When the Super and Big stores (shop in the warehouse) places started to pop up, the lines grew longer.

          Once the lines were 4+ deep I would flag a worker and tell them to get some more cashiers to open up some more tills. Usually they would say something like “I can’t” or “the manger would have to”. I don’t recall ever seeing it happen and every time, I would just say, “OK, please let your manager know that I won’t be buying the $300 cart of stuff today.”, and walk out. There are far too many places to shop to put up with BS form one.

          One day I got so pissed off I loaded the cart with frozen goods, wandered the store for an hour, then just parked the cart in the toy isle and left.

        • Once walked away at Target when some 20 year old pimple face cashier demanded I produce ID that I might buy some cough medicine. All my stuff on the belt, I said F-U, C-Ya.

    • Either strategy is good, but I like Nunzio’s strategy better. If at any time after entering the store they ask you to diaper-up or leave, you can just leave your cart and groceries where they are and walk out. It means you’ll have to finish your shopping elsewhere, but I think in most cases it’s worth it. In fact, if face-diapers were required as a condition of entry, it might even be worth it to diaper-up in order to enter and then remove the diaper after putting a few items in your cart.

      I haven’t been to Whole Foods in a while, but the last time I went, they were still allowing you to shop if you claimed a medical exemption. Is that no longer the case?

    • Hi William,

      I would love to organize a large group of face-showing shoppers and descend on one of these sanctums of sickness… anyone in SW Va feel free to hit me up!

  16. Back in the day, people asked how the Germans could accept the atrocities of Nazi Germany, yea even support them. After all, the Germans were not horrible people….also, the nostrum of “It can’t happen here” comes to mind. Well, it has happened and even though it was fairly predictable, it still is disturbing. The technocracy has assumed command and we are entering a period of feudal authoritarianism. Every tyrant’s wet dream has come to pass and it has support of enough of the hoodwinked hoi polloi to pass, in many circles, as legitimate.

    When I postulate these events to have been inevitable, I refer back to the “founding” of the U.S.A. It was cooked into the constitution to have a powerful central government by the “founding fathers” (the likes of Madison, Hamilton and Washington betrayed the libertarian nature of the revolution). The part of this country that was great is rapidly being destroyed, e.g. the free market of ideas, products and services. No amount of rational discussion will ever have any effect because the people supporting this action have been filled with post-modernist ideology. Ladies and gentlemen, freedom has left the building. As an interesting aside, I also predict massive genocide for those who do not get in step…..ironic because many of the people supporting this accuse others of Nazi tendencies…..massive hypocrisy.

    • These dildos are so far-gone, that they would actually APPROVE Auschwitz-style death camps for those who forget their daily temperature checks!

      • Hi Blue,

        Indeed, they would. From their point of view (their point of hysteria) we are a dire threat to their saaaafety! It’s like I used to write about people (Clovers) who went berserk when they saw someone “speed.” Only now, the state – and corporations – are enforcing the “speed limit.”

        • Eric, when the dimwit county commission enacted its mask mandate (which has expired for now), our pastor announced that “we will be obeying it” – because “Render unto Caesar.”
          But he routinely jokes about speeding when he drives. The reason he jokes about it is that he knows it’s absurd to think that driving 40 instead of the mandated 35 is dangerous. But I know that not wearing a mask – especially when I’m not sick – is not dangerous. What’s the difference?

          • The idjit believes that our mouths and noses belong to Caesar…… I love it when anti-Christians take a few key verses out of context and quote them, as if to use God’s word to defy God “Do not judge…….”, “Render unto Caesar……” but Christians do it…pastors, no less…that is just sad and pathetic.

            “Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey…”

            • It kills me when Christians, knee-jerk-like, pull out “Render unto Caesar” as if it were a slam dunk argument for brainless obedience to the state. It’s not even a complete “key verse.” My reply is always: “At least finish the sentence, for crying out loud.”

              • And the thing is, the question which prompted Jesus’s response, was a trick question designed to entrap Jesus, so that if He had answered A or B, He would have fallen into a trap- so He answered very wisely and craftily by saying “Render unto Caesar WHAT IS CAESAR’S”-unfortunately, most of the quoters of that verse seem to think that everything belongs to Caesar….especially if Caesar claims that it does.

          • That right there is one of the reasons why I stopped going to church on a regular basis, and haven’t been in a good while. Too many so-called “Christians” will claim to fear God UNTIL the state (aka MAN) steps in and gives them a “break”.

  17. Back in the day the only reason to wear a mask in a store was if you were planning to stick a .38 in the cashier’s nose and say “Empty the register…”

    • I had occasion to visit a high-end jewelry store last summer. My face was covered with a neck gaiter, and I was wearing a baseball cap and dark sunglasses (which I left on). The staff’s anxiety was palpable. 😁

  18. I am hoping the 100 day face diaper challenge will get all those “Not My President” folks to take off their diaper I defiance if nothing else.


    • This may actually work. There are enough people out there that have basically gone along with the sickness religion because it was easy to just pretend and not get hassled when needing toilet paper or beer. A holy decree by the china loving child sniffer turned pope of the religion of fear that many know is illegitimate may make civil disobedience of unmasking more palpable to them. And in some cases as i have seen this already occur in stores. Someone sees 3 or 4 unmaksed heathens and rather than convulse in fear they state oh thank God and remove their diaper as well. It can happen, the only questions are will it occur and with how much frequency.

    • Wishful thinking. If these nimrods wouldn’t take the diaper off in 2020 to show support for Trump, why would they suddenly take it off now that he’s no longer in office?

      • Hi Jim,

        I concur. Especially given the Orange Buffoon continues to maintain the narrative about the “deadly China virus.” Even as he left the office they stole, he amen’d the way they stole it.

        What a loser. Or . . . something much worse.

        • He played the part that was given to him by his handlers.

          There were lots of “tells” – such as when the first Stop the Steal rally was held, and he drove through it in the Prez wagon on his way to play golf. He really couldn’t be bothered with the hoi polloi.

  19. Went out to the Hong Kong (not Chinese) buffet last night. They were ordered to stop allowing patrons to serve themselves, even after slathering hand sanitizer and donning “protective” gloves before touching the perfectly sterilized serving spoons. Now they hired a bunch of high school kids to follow you around while you point at the dish you want. One whole row of the steam tables was offline, the stir-fry/grill station was closed and the place was pretty empty.

    Then the bill: $19.04. Before the bad times, a weeknight dinner was ~$15. 22% price increase. No customers, massive increase in labor cost and I’m sure no change in rent or taxes.

    Checking the Mesa County public “health” site I find the following:

    Case Counts by Category of Exposure (rolling 14 day ¿average?)
    Cases in individuals who visited a local business. 0.4%
    For comparison:
    Cases in a congregate setting (shelter, jail, nursing home, etc.) 2.45%
    Cases through close contact with a family member 31.4%
    Cases where the source of exposure is unknown 42.7% (highest number)

    https :// /document /d/e/2PACX-1vTpEapaxf5fjqhdFQ-qTCGCIEyU500NtCTpCzwl345So0yqhXyWkmr3y5pW9tu0dYn4YPXaRu2SkXNq/pub

    So they don’t know how people are being exposed, but since they destroyed restaurants there’s 0 chance of getting sick in one. The other insight gained is that your family is more likely to make you sick than your jailer.

    • Whatever it is, close and prolonged proximity is definitely key to its spread. Masks do nothing. Shutting down businesses do nothing. Whatever this came from, a lab (my opinion) or a natural mutation, it is now endemic in the population and never going away. Think of it like chicken pox, everybody can get it, it’s not that serious except in very rare cases, and your best hope of immunity is to get a mild case of it.

      Intelligent observers like Nobel laureate Michael Levitt have noted that herd immunity is more likely around 18% of the population. But since it’s now endemic there is going to be flare ups every cold and flu season.

      Corollary to the close and prolonged proximity observation, is that the medical profession is in close and prolonged proximity, and has an intensely abnormal view of how likely and lethal it is because they are exposed to a thousand times as many actual cases as the general public. So their observations and prescriptions are entirely suspect.

      • I would like to think that the health workers are innocents in all this, but I no longer can.

        There have bee numerous reports on Canadian media about “overwhelmed ” hospitals. Breathlessly reported stories and interviews with HC workers of having to treat people in their cars because the ER was so overwhelmed with patients.

        The thing is there are still some out there who have not gulped the Flavor Aid. People who, when the report was about a local hospital, actually went there to see the chaos. In almost every case, they arrive and record their walk from the mostly empty parking lot, with nobody being treated in their cars, to the ER, showing near empty ER waiting rooms.

        Nobody can tell me that many of the tens of thousands of healthcare workers don’t know that these stories are BS. Why are they not coming forward to tell the truth?

        • They are afraid, because in addition to the misinformation and propaganda, they do see an abnormal situation. Their lens on reality is the wrong color.

          This is true for most of them, there is plenty of corruption too.

        • Anon, that’s the ‘beauty’ of a conspiracy perpetrated by a centralized media in a society of fools- it only takes a couple of people at the top to pull it off- the media then does it’s part, and the plebes just fall into line.
          Like: I went to the pharmacy to pick-up an Rx for my mother a while back, and overheard the girl who works there talking to a customer who was wearing a nurse’s uniform- and the nurse was saying “Well, you know how the hospitals are so overwhelmed. Of course, this one isn’t, but I guess we’re just lucky, ’cause they are everywhere else- I seen[sic] it on TV.”.
          I’m sure those same words are being uttered 1000 times a days in 10,000 different places around the country- with each speaker thinking that their locale is the one exception!

        • It’s important to understand, health care workers are just a cross section of the population. They are not special beings gifted with an extra dose of honesty and integrity. Our society is morally bankrupt. Our problems are spiritual. Honesty, integrity and courage are in vanishingly short supply. Health care workers do not come forward to tell the truth because they are as adept at lying to themselves as the rest of humanity. Intelligence is irrelevant. Whether you are a genius or an invalid, if you are a human being, lying to yourself comes easy. No lie is too farfetched to run with if confronting it means discomfort, let alone real loss. That is why only one in a million health care workers will come forward and point out that all the emperors flesh is fully exposed as he walks down the street naked at high noon. The other 99.999% are going to bark and clap excitedly as they describe to each other how splendid the robes are. Perhaps on this earth there have been better quality societies at other points in history. I don’t know. I only know this one isn’t. Hence our dire circumstances.

          • Well-said, Jody! If I may add: When it comes to many “trained professionals” [‘trained’ as in how a dog is trained] many, nay MOST of them can not even see evident and obvious truth, because the way one gets to BE a ‘trained professional’ is by blindly accepting what they are told is true, and then repeating it back or demonstrating that they believe it, in order to get the ‘credentials’ necessary to ‘practice’.
            Such a system is not conducive to inquiry or challenge, so most actual thinkers/the more intelligent are weeded out early-on voluntarily (By not wanting to be a part of such a system which stifles actual honest inquiry and truth) or by being disciplined and punished along the earlier academic trail if they show any signs of independence, questioning of what is taught, rebellion, etc.
            So that leaves the people who ‘get good grades’ (by accepting whatever is taught) but who are usually the least likely to think independently or question the system, as the prime candidates for training in the professions.
            They get where they are by actually believing what they’ve been taught and by deferring to ‘superiors’- and so they continue to believe and defer. Some few may see through the curtain, but they realize that to proclaim the truth would end their career and waste the time, effort and money they’ve put into getting where they are, and only a very small minority of that minority will do the right thing without regard to consequences….and that is often a thankless endeavor, because mosdt lay-people will just see the proclaimer of truth as a loose nut “Who obviously is crazy or doesn’t know what he is talking about, since all of the others in his profession are not of the same opinion”.
            It’s amazing!- How these systems- academia, science, politics, etc. all seem to favor error, corruption, lies, and enshrine those who embrace such- but seem to have a built-in mechanism as it were to quickly purge who would expose their misdeeds; And though we see that mechanism operating in spades these days, more so than ever before, and at many levels in virtually all fields, it seems to be imperceptible to most.

            • “It’s amazing!- How these systems- academia, science, politics, etc. all seem to favor error, corruption, lies, and enshrine those who embrace such”

              Yes, Nunzio, your line above sums it up. A spiritually bankrupt society.

          • Hi Jody,

            I have a number of friends who are in the health care business, including one who works at the VA hospital. The ‘Rona is a nullity, even there. No beds over-flowing, no nurses or doctors croaking. Even the elderly/sick vet patients aren’t dying at a rate any higher than they did last year and many of these are in the throes of diabetes and cardiac disease.

            • Also, never underestimate the impact of malpractice. The entire health care system was willfully thrown into catastrophic disarray for as yet, undefined reasons. This is necessarily going to negatively affect the already dismal care the frail and elderly receive. Keeping this in mind, I’m surprised they weren’t able to contrive worse outcomes than they did. It only goes to demonstrate the relative weakness of this germ.

          • I used to teach immunology at a medical school. I can tell you that medical students, while exceptionally bright, for the most part can’t think or reason all that well independently. They’re taught by shovel-feeding them amounts of information you wouldn’t believe. They are taught to approach situations in a flow chart-like manner. They get about a semester of microbiology and a couple weeks on virology.

            Medical school does not and cannot teach critical thinking skills or abstract reasoning. So I would say it is foolish to expect many of these health care professionals to have independently researched, or even understand, what’s being peddled as the accepted narrative. So they parrot it back, but can throw their MD or certificate up as a shield.

            It’s true that they are a cross section of our society. Imbued with knowledge they ought to use, but can’t, won’t, or don’t.

            • Right BAC, high intelligence does not translate into an appetite for inconvenient critical thinking, much less an affinity for truth. Surely it leads to dark times, when the most intelligent among us eschew honesty.

      • Absolutely correct, Ernie, about it being endemic now. But coronaviruses have always been endemic, so this is just one more that will circulate around. Thing is, this would likely have burned itself out if they just let the damn thing do what it wants to do anyway, which is to mutate itself to become more infective and less virulent, and spread around to reproduce itself. All these half measures such as closures, lockdowns, distancing, and face diapers did is turn this into a slow moving endemic nuisance. Which will be made worse by the vaccines that will produce escape mutations and variants, that will render the vaccines useless, to the extent they work at all in the first place. Then what? They going to push for emergency use authorization for new vaccine after new vaccine?

        Best hope is that now that Bidet is ensconced and they achieved what they wanted, they can back themselves out of this. Reduce the PCR cycles, cut back testing, claim the 100 day diapering and the vaccines are working, and give Bidet all the credit. I’m not optimistic, however.

  20. What I find most shocking is that theres actually a huge amount of people out there, who see today as a day the good guys won!!! The day the resistance and rebels came out on top because (by doing what all the big corporates, media, unis, political class, and Hollywood wanted!), ?! Can you imagine how dumbed down people have become…..

    • Even though I don’t think it’s the majority, it is close. It’s amazing that people feel that a someone who has been a government parasite his whole life is somehow an outsider. Truly amazing. Yuri Bezmenov was absolutely right. The indoctrination runs so deep that they’ll be in a prison labor camp and still not get it.

  21. My wife wonders why we only get pizza from 1 joint in town. She always complains about better pizza elsewhere. Why do i always pick the same place? Finally i blurted it out, because they are the only pizza place in town that doesn’t fight with me about not having on a face diaper as a prerequisite for doing business. So as long as i’m the one picking it pizza we will always order from them. I’m a big fan of being loyal to those stores that don’t require the facial diaper submission
    and usually will tell them why i frequent their business.

    • Excellent, Antilles!

      In my area, a friend tells me of a barbecue place that is free of Sickness Psychosis; I intend to attempt to eat there soon and will file a report…

    • This is similar to why there’s only one restaurant I go to for breakfast in the area. They don’t bother me coming in or going out. I’ve been going there with regularity for years, so coming in sans diaper (though signs all over) didn’t stop the staff from seating me and haven’t said a word. Not sure what the over/under on other places is, but why search for trouble when things are good?
      If I start getting flack, I’ll move on and let them know why, but otherwise

  22. Went out on Monday, sans face diaper, as usual. I’m almost always the only one uncovered. That day I saw a couple of others, which was a nice surprise. I have been treated with respect (for the most part) by the masked, although I have noticed a couple of wide eyes and also narrowed eyes…but most diapered don’t say anything. In fact, on Monday even the masked that spoke to me were friendly.

    A few days ago, a diapered customer recently had the audacity to ask me where was “my mask”. I told her it was none of her business. She sicced a manager on me, but I told him I wanted to make my purchase, and he then left me alone. WINNING!

    I am a 5’2″ woman, not very threatening-looking, just confident that I am doing the right thing.

  23. I’ve been shopping exclusively at my local Wally Mart.

    When confronted about my absence of a mask, I point to my chest and respond with ‘COPD’.

    I’m waved through, with a smile.

    • I’m the same, but for the sake of my sanity I’ve been doing a lot of buying on line and letting them bring my purchases out to me. If challenged, I honestly respond that I wore a cloth mask for years as a wildland firefighter and the smoke inhaled through the worthless piece of cloth left me with lung issues.

      There are several advantages to this- it’s true (though irrelevant, I breathe fine and run/walk regularly to keep my lungs clear and in shape). The story induces sympathy and defuses potentially hostile encounters with idiots. And it educates about the effectiveness of cloth and paper masks against large particles like smoke. If they have a brain, a seed is planted which may someday bear fruit.

      • Ernie,

        My mom passed suddenly in october. It was a shock and a rough time because i was like 2 days post op from shoulder surgery and could barely move, but it became an eye opening experience for my oldest(11 at the time). The funeral home demanded obedience to the face diaper and my son was having a huge issue with all the flowers. The pollen was causing his allergies to act up. After the funeral was over and we had time to talk about it i said to him to think about it, you were required to wear a mask and that did not prevent the pollen from getting through how do you think that mask works against a virus that is much much smaller than that pollen? His eyes went wide and you could see the realization come into his brain. Now he fights the diaper even at school.

  24. I’ve been looking for stores that don’t enforce the donning of the Holy Rag. It can be hard to find them, though some have been less stringent than others. Don’t know how long that’s going to last. We may end up having to use services like Instacart for packaged goods and farmers’ markets for produce. Who knows?

    In other news, I saw the list of Trump pardons on Breitbart this morning. No Snowden, no Assange. I would understand Snowden, sort of, but not Assange. Trump wasted an opportunity to not just give a big middle finger to the Establishment that hates him, but to endear himself to many people on both sides of the aisle. I said this a couple of years ago, and I’ll repeat it now on his last day in office – there was only one thing I was looking for when Trump was elected: eliminating the individual mandate of Obamacare. And I got it (though probably only temporarily). Mission accomplished, now I don’t give a shit what happens to him.

    • Hi Jim,

      I was happy about the OM’s ending the penalty for not buying health insurance but was and am furious that he did nothing to end Obamcare, which will now have its fangs reinstalled… because the OM failed.

      • If I’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s that the health sector is jealous of the defense industry and their cost-plus contracting. They want single payer health care “Medicare for All” and they will probably get it this time. Then it’s Katie bar the door.

        The bad part is that it will mark the end of innovation in healthcare. For a time at least there were some interesting things going on with life extension that trickled down to daily living. And a lot of research into what’s happening with the body at a cellular level. I’m afraid that’s going to be all done now, at least in the US. We’ll get companies buying up congressmen who will be on select committees, building incredible hospitals in their districts, while others will be in a permanent health wasteland. Whatever is important to the CDC et al will be what’s important to the researchers, and no projects will ever be completed, or worse, subject to the whims of a fickle congress elected by people who aren’t voting because of a representative’s heath policy.

    • ‘No Snowden, no Assange.’ — Jim

      Orange Man skulks off like a damp squib, even as his holy roller pigman Sec State keeps whacking the Russians and giving away the White House silverware to Israel down to the last second.

      It’s as shameful as the Clintons slime-trailing their way out of the basement twenty years ago, Hillary’s pockets stuffed with cash and cocaine from Marc Rich, while ‘Bill’ hid hundreds of looted ‘W’ keys in his briefcase along with his kiddie porn, condoms and lube.

      Meanwhile, in a shot worthy of Leni Reifenstahl, our new ‘leaders’ gaze off into darkness descending like a black curtain over America:

      You wouldn’t know from the photo that 25,000 occupation troops have turned the capital into a no-go, Third World Baghdad on the Potomac.

      Like George H W Bush clumsily blurting out his margin notes (‘Message: I care’), president Bidet reached and missed for a precious moment of lucidity:

      “To heal we must remember,” Biden said. “It’s hard sometimes to remember.”

      Yeah, it’s great to be here in Wichita … errr, Wisconsin … well, Washington. Where are all the people?

      At this stumbling word salad, Kamammy gives hubby Doug a knowing wink.

    • yes pardoning lil wayne and not assange was the last thumb in the eye to everyone who was dumb enough to think he was any different than all the other criminals we elected. what a complete self-absorbed ass. i hope he gets the hell he deserves

      • He caved to turtle master threatening that they’ll vote to impeach him if he proceeds with those pardons. No idea if there was any chance of it anyway, but it was enough to get turtle master to publicly threaten him. Caving like a pathetic little coward though is not the way to get people on your side.

      • If Julian Assange had been pardoned, do you think he would live long or remain free for any measurable amount of time? Like Trump, he showed them for what they are- ripping off the facade of the virtuous American government and SupportOurTroops ™. Trump revealed the way things really work and drove home the lesson that we cannot vote our way out of the totalitarianism we have been living under.

        Trumps legacy longer term will be a growing common defiance, an upswelling of Irish democracy. Long term, that’s probably better than renewing the varnish in the shit house.


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