The Song an EV Will Never Sing

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Here’s what one of the world’s greatest engines – BMW’s -inline six – sounds like and also why it’s a near miracle we can still hear it all.

And: No more tube of you! I’ve weighed anchor and will be Rumbling from now on due to the tube of you’s Stalinist suppression of speech it doesn’t like. I encourage everyone who values free speech – and videos – to make the move over to Rumble, so as to starve the tube of you of the money it needs to “correct” what you’re allowed to think (and view).

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  1. The only songs about electric vehicles will be country songs about how their electric pickups won’t charge because of the rolling blackouts……….

    Won’t be surprised (blackouts) if that is happening before joe and the ho leaves office.

  2. Eric, three things.
    First, magnificent audio/video. Interestingly even my 86 524TD turbodiesel makes the same kind of BMW noises- especially after a bit bigger turbo, an intercooler, and some bigger injectors.
    Second- good on you in re dumping NoTubeForYou… I’ve only posted a couple dozen things, mostly to share with family and friends.
    Third, any advice on what you had to do to embed Rumble video? I do believe this was cleaner and better than the previous YT embeds. If nothing else there was no list of recommended videos loading from the bowels of ingsoc.

  3. Glad you have ditched YouTube! Another awesome video service that you may want to consider is one called Odysee. I discovered this platform on The Survival Podcast (with Jack Spirko). What makes this one special is that the videos are on a distributed platform (i.e. blockchain) that is impossible to take down, whereas Rumble is still an old school centralized platform (although under management that appreciates and encourages free debate).

    Always enjoy your articles and interviews! Keep up the great work and being a sane voice!

  4. ‘No more tube of you!’ — EP

    Congrats on your escape from the razor-wired, machine-gun-nested walls of the evil Google Archipelago.

    As one would expect from its faux-naif, infantile primary-colored logo, Google runs its BlueTube subsidiary like a locked-down boarding school for retarded children.

    Deletion from ScrewTube is like getting kicked off a tightly controlled student newspaper for criticizing the principal.

    *throws scissors, smashes glue pot on blackboard, stabs hall monitor with sharp pencil*

    School’s out forever! 🙂


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