Diaper Report 11/25/20

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This Diaper Report issues from the parking lot of my local Kroger supermarket where, as you can see, the wearing of the Holy Rag remains an article of . . . well, faith. The good news to report is that heresy seems to be spreading. Not counting myself, I encountered three other face-showers within the store – including a bearded good ol’ boy I exchanged salutations of sanity with.

I have noticed the same wan but nonetheless waxing trend at other gathering places in my area, including Lowes and Home Depot. Most of the people duly Diapered but a noticeable health minority sans their mouth-and-nose Yarmulke.

Part of this may be due to wan enforcement. These stores do not accost the apostate; they are free to ignore the sign, as in other places of worship. But – hope springs here – they may grow tired of being told they are about to die and yet never seem to even get sick.

Yes, yes . . . the cases! the cases! Even that wanes as the repetition becomes tiresome – in the manner (for those who remember) the color-coded Terror Alert referred to almost as often during the last mass panic, that time over ululating jihadis got tired after awhile, too.

One senses that people are getting  . . . sick of it all.

In particular, the obnoxious lectures – and in some cases, threats – regarding how many (if any) of our friends and family members we’ll be allowed to see over Thanksgiving . . .  the obnoxious lectures and threats emanating from creeps like Gesundeitsfuhrer of California Gavin Newsome, who was caught having chow with as many of his pals as he pleased, all of them Undiapered. Or the even creepier Nancy Pelosi, who need not fear any virus since they are threat only to the living. It is why she took her walking embalming show to the Hair Dresser’s she’d ordered closed, ordered open just for her – also Undiapered.

The Gesundheitsfuhrer of Oregon, Kate Brown, threatens to Hut! Hut! Hut! family dinners of more than she allows. But gatherings of those she likes – the BLM/Antifa thugs – are protected from the Hut! Hut! Hut!

Obergesundheitsfuhrer Cuomo of New York has set up Hogan’s Heroes style checkpoints, only these Sergeant Schultzes aren’t funny.

Nor the actions of the Republican Gesundheitsfuhrer of Maryland – Larry Hogan – who has decreed that subjects in his state have no constitutional right to not wear the Holy Rag. He is siccing High Visibility Compliance Units – the state police – on any who dare to decline enrollment in the Cult.

A brave gym owner in NY, along with several brave associates, backed-down a crew of Hut! Hut! Huttters! sent to harass him for improper obeisance to the Holy Vestment. They kicked the Rag-wearing simps off their private property.

This is to be celebrated. It may finally have gone too far.

I certainly hope so – and convey that wish to all of you, in addition to my thanks for helping me to not lose faith in humanity at a time when it is very easy to do just that. I receive private correspondence daily from people who are sick of Sickness Kabuki and aren’t going to take it anymore.

This site reaches thousands of people, giving them clear evidence that they are not the last sane people in the country and that sickness of the mental variety can be returned to the asylum, where it belongs.

Provided it is stood up to and not permitted to normalize itself. Provided the Gesundheitsfuhrers are made to understand that their bleats aren’t binding and that while they are free to found and form a religious movement they are not free to force free men and women to join or be obliged to kowtow to it.

That’s the message of this Diaper Report on the eve of Thanksgiving.

My best wishes to all for a free – not a saaaaaaaaaaaaafe – one and a better year ahead.

. . .

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  1. An update on the ongoings of NOVA:

    My posse of four went out to dinner last night. We haven’t sat at a restaurant for about two-three months. Lately, we have been frequenting food trucks and drive thru, but most of the time I cook at home. After the last week of cooking nonstop I needed a break, plus we were going to take the kids to the Festival of Lights in Centreville.

    We showed up at the restaurant (a local chain in NOVA) sans masks and they sat us outside, which was fine. We were the only people without masks. People would put them on in their car and walk to the restaurant. It was like watching a parade of Storm Troopers mull around. It was a little chilly outside, but the restaurant had space heaters by each table, which made the meal pleasant. The four of us had a great time getting fat off of drunken ribeyes and pale ales (okay, the kids didn’t, but the adults did).

    Service was good and the food was great. Hubby may or may not have made a couple of baa sounds walking by people as we were leaving. 😉. He did make an interesting observation during dinner though. Us, anti maskers have become the smokers of the 1990s. Any restaurant you would enter they had the smoking section and the non smoking section. As I have always been a non smoker I never thought much about this. When you have become the outsider it is a whole new ballgame. It is a weird feeling. People really don’t want to be around you, because you are not like them. The whole experience has actually opened my eyes to society and how we generalize everyone. I find myself trending to many more people because they are “different”. I automatically feel a kinship with any non masker. We may not have anything else in common, but I am an admirer of anyone else that can sense bull shit.

  2. Hi Eric,

    I recently went to the local Menards for the first time since early July. I was stopped at the door by a young lady who insisted that I would not be allowed entry to the store without the slave muzzle. I turned around and left saying no thank you.

    Went to The Home Depot which had signs up saying that the muzzle is required. I walked in unmuzzled without any objections from anyone. I saw a couple other nude faces, but was really disappointed with the level of compliance since my last trip to town in July.

    When I got home I sent an email to Menards customer service, not to complain so much or with any illusion that I would change anything by it, but just to let them know They’d lost one of they’re better customers (I’m building my own house), and why. I explained that I’m not sick and I resent their employees insinuating and implying that I am sick by requiring me to wear a mask.

    I got this in reply, “I’m very sorry, but we are doing the best we can to keep everyone safe. Hopefully the need to do so will be temporary and we can all get back to normal. Thank you for your patience and understanding”.

    I understand very well where they are coming from. They are covering their ass. No doubt scared witless by threats of lawsuits from Karens and Beckys. Scared witless by threats of closure by totalitarian state governors. I understand it is a calculus on their part gauging which presents the larger potential loss to their bottom line, governor Stalin, Karen’s lawyer or the loss of my business. In the short run I lose that battle. In the long run we all lose and ultimately make Bill Gates the emperor of the entire dystopian totalitarian world.

    • Hi Hank,

      Thanks for relaying your Diaper Report!

      I especially liked (not) the following:

      “I’m very sorry, but we are doing the best we can to keep everyone safe. Hopefully the need to do so will be temporary and we can all get back to normal. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

      Italics added.

      Since when did it become the job of a retail outlet to “keep everyone safe”?

  3. Exurban Northern Virginia (Stafford, Culpeper) Report

    Still 98% compliance. Slight uptick in the last week in diaperless individuals.

    Out of the 100-odd times I’ve been to the grocery store, Walmart, Home Depot, etc. since May, I’ve had 2 indignant confrontations with strangers (both black for whatever reason, ignored one, laughed at the other), 8 “staff interactions” (all asking me if I wanted/had I mask, I just said “I have an exemption” with a friendly smile and they said OK). And, there was 1 time at a Walmart Neighborhood Market where after having a little aggressively barking at the bouncer that I was exempt, he made it a point to tell me as I was leaving that I needed to have a mask next time I come, since they were making it a mandatory thing in a couple of days. Most likely because I barked at him. A lot of psychology at play in this stuff.

    Smaller stores and auto repair places are more of a pain in the ass. The environment is too intimate; it’s harder to be brave.

    I cannot vouch for doctor’s offices and clinics because I don’t ever go there but I imagine it would be tougher to get away with.

  4. In Idaho, the governor–to my surprise–has resisted any state wide “mask mandate”. He has left it up to local health dept’s and municipalities. They have absolutely zero teeth in their enforcement. The police won’t enforce them. The city of Pocatello recently passed a mandate with fines and is working over the course of 30 days to come up with a plan of enforcement. These evil cultists are drinking the body and the blood each day trying to figure out how to make everyone do the same. Idaho Falls city council is doing the same. The city centers are desperately seeking ways to scare people into submission. It works for many. When I am in the city I see 90+% compliance. As soon as I return to my small town of 4,000 and go to a store there, the compliance is never better than 50%.

    Low compliance is encouraging and discouraging. The same people that don’t comply–over half of the area–will comply when they go to the city centers. They refuse to educate themselves and realize they don’t have to comply. Instead they give in to the whims of drones that work at big stores who usually ask if they need a mask. All they have to do is decline–I speak from experience as I have never put anything on my face to enter any store–but they just don’t realize it. Even a sign at the door convinces most people to comply. In any escalation of enforcement almost everyone will throw you under the bus and watch as you are hauled of to the gulag, thinking to themselves, “I’m glad that’s not me”. But some day it will be. Just as it was in Russia and Germany.

    As Solzhenitsyn described in Russia that they unknowingly built the archipelago years before it was used. So it is here. The infrastructure is all in place. It’s only a matter of time before it will be used. Just as it was in the USSR and Germany. It is already so on a minor scale. The next step is just en masse.

    But for now I will use all my energy to warn all that hear–and see–my bare face. Don’t give in. It is better to die than submit to this insanity. Living only for the sake of not dying is not living. Fuck any and all that believe otherwise.

  5. Eric- Thanks for operating this site. To me, it’s an island of sanity that is truly reminiscent of a “better managed time.”

    A friend (who I trust in these matters) reported a via email a second hand interaction with the county sheriff for where I live in NC, which is in the county which, hint hint, may or may not encompass the island named in my EP Autos nom de comment. It is in reference to Saddam Cooper’s ordering the police to enforce masking. Make of it what you will.

    “My friend did talk to Sheriff today. He said they had a meeting with all the PDs today and they can’t realistically enforce it. He said if a citizen or business makes a call, then they will come out like they’re required to do, but he thinks it would be really hard to be arrested or fined. He said to claim medical and that even if there isn’t a valid exception little white lies are fine. That’s what she says he said. She said he agreed with how ridiculous it is. Wild Wild West.

    Also, the pay for e-mail service I’ve used for the past 5 years to avoid the phony “free” ones like Gurgle or Yayhoo, is called Startmail. It’s an affiliate of the anonymous Startpage search engine and similar to ProtonMail. They are offering 50% off the annual fee of $60 through Dec. 4th. Here’s the link.


    • Even though cops can’t enforce the mask mandates, they can enforce trespassing. If a store owner tells you to leave and calls the cop, they can arrest you for that, but not for the mask violation.

      That is, only if you’re an able-bodied white man. If you’re black, disabled, or female, they can’t ask you to leave a “public accommodation”.

  6. Everyone here in Rhode Island are diapered. I never wear one, when I went to Home Depot and asked a associate where to find welding equipment she backed up so much and fast almost into the end cap of an aisle. I smirked at her silliness. They really believe all the hype?

    • Hi Stephen,

      Very sorry to hear about the Mass Submission in RI. It astonishes me that so many people have bought into this – and willingly join the Sickness Cult…

    • Rhode Islanders are some of the most laughable people. I had to stand in line outside the DMV, even though they are making us make appointments now. I hate the DMV but I hate jail worse so I bother witht he stupid tags. I had planned to tie on a long sleeve shirt, try to limit the garbage of the dreaded surgical mask. One of the DMV workers inside sent out a surgical mask in a plastic bag for me to wear. The security guard told me he was being nice to me. One of the people in line, all of them wearing their ridiculous diapers, tried to get me to wear the damn thing in the line outside. When I finally did get inside the man who sent the mask out was wearing a neck gator. I swear Eric its like you said on one of the podcasts it is a sado masochism thing with these people. They want to see you suffer. Yo Steve there are still places in this state that haven’t lost their head, I pay it forward to them 100%.

      • Hi Matthew,

        I’me done with the DMV, myself. I see no reason why I – or anyone – is obliged to “follow the rules” when the rules are arbitrarily and capriciously applied. BLM/Antifa thugs can “protest” without Face Diapers – and aren’t so much as ticketed. The Gesundheitsfuhrers attend dinners, go about Undiapered – so why shouldn’t I?

        Yes, I know – selective enforcement is still enforcement. But I do what I can “get away” with and recommend you do the same. This includes not renewing my vehicle registration/getting Farm Use tags and so on.

        If I am “required” to Diaper come license renewal time, I won’t renew that. Yes, there may be consequences. That no longer matters to me because the consequences of obedience are even worse.

        • Hi Eric,
          All our vehicles have been registered in Montana for years. Our LLC is the “holding co.” Any vehicle over ten years old gets a permanent tag…have not been to a DMV in ages.

  7. We appreciate your work, Eric. You are one of my virtual brothers in liberty.

    East TN Report: Heavily diapered in the larger towns and very little in the smaller towns and rural areas. The overall diapering rate is growing.

    I prefer being a social pariah than join the sickness cult and never will. I chose the diaper as my hill to die on and intend to if required.

    • Thank you, Slave!

      I have decided the same. Diapering is submission to a vile doctrine – not merely submission. If people submit to it, they will submit to anything – because they already have.

    • Slave, best wishes and good luck. It’s inspiring when someone chooses to just say “No”, but it’s a lot harder to do than I ever thought it would be because they can make it very inconvenient to do things that we used to take for granted like going to a doctor appointment.

      • Thanks, Greg. It’s been tough, but it’s worth it. I simply don’t feel like my conscience will allow for anything else. It appears that the ability to resist will only become more difficult. So be it.

        • Hi Slave,

          The reason I loathe the Diaper so much is that it’s not only another thing they demand we submit to; it is also a demand that we give the appearance of agreeing with. Bad enough that I’m forced to pay taxes. The government doesn’t require me to wear a T-shirt with “Paying Taxes is a Civic Duty” on it.

  8. Tyrants to not create tyranny, submission does.
    Masters do not create slavery, slaves do.
    I believe it was Frederick Douglass who said, I paraphrase since I don’t have the quote at hand, “What tyranny you are willing to accept is exactly how much tyranny you will have”.

  9. Merry Thanksgiving to all!

    Sadly Eric’s experience is very different from mine. In my neck of the woods compliance seems to be near 100%, greater even than it was earlier in the farce. I am almost always the only bare face, and I go quite a few places. The only reason I’m not accosted more, I think, is because I’m a big ole scary long haired muscular biker.

  10. Love this place Eric, thanks for your consistently awesome articles.

    Here’s my diaper report from Phoenix, at one of the outlet malls, a tough place to crack:

    Polo- I wore my V for Vendetta mask to get in, and then after a couple minutes took it off. I talked to the manager and 2 associates who didn’t care I was free-breathing. One guy asked me “do you have a mask?” (I hate that question so much now). I told him yeah but I took it off because I couldn’t breathe. “I get you.” he said and walked off.

    Before check out another one accosted me and told me blah blah got to wear one, and V for Vendetta isn’t allowed because it’s a Halloween mask, and offered me the disgusting pale blue one. I recoiled in horror and said that the V for Vendetta mask is the only mask I CAN wear. If I put the blue one on, I freak out, sometimes even pass out, it’s a medical condition, I CAN’T wear that one. He said “oh if its a medical condition that’s different blah blah” and I walked away.

    At Tommy Hilfiger (my wife runs a little biz where she buys at the outlets and sells to people overseas, hence going into these places), the little boy came out with the ugly nasty basic blue rag and I told him mask exemption and I COULDN’T wear one. He told me he’d have to get the manager. Manager lady came over in a huff and just started talking that NO medical exemptions. I gave my wife the card (we had what we needed) and walked out.

    I’m thinking next time I’m accosted and they say I HAVE TO wear a mask, I’ll ask why. I imagine it’ll go something like this:
    “Oh you know, because of the whole covid thing.”
    “What’s covid?”
    “….. you know…the…disease…the pandemic”
    “Never heard of it” (deadpan delivery)
    “What?! Well, people are dying!”
    “How many?”
    “That doesn’t matter! You HAVE TO wear a mask in our store!!”

    Repeat, have some fun, and see where it goes.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Michael – and your Diaper Report!

      I appreciate getting such Reports as it helps me to form a picture about what’s actually happening out in the rest of the country- the “media” being useless for such tasks.

      I applaud your standing up to – and ridiculing – the Diaper complicit and Diaper pushers, especially. These people depend on our giving in to their emotional blackmail. Let’s not!

      • Thanks gentlemen, happy to help. Standing up to them and having a laugh at them is more fun than getting sullen and pissy (though that happens sometimes too).

        I applaud your efforts too!

      • From H.L. Mencken: The liberation of the human mind has never been furthered by dunderheads; it has been furthered by gay fellows who heaved dead cats into sanctuaries and then went roistering down the highways of the world, proving to all men that doubt, after all, was safe – that the god in the sanctuary was finite in his power and hence a fraud. One horse-laugh is worth ten thousand syllogisms. It is not only more effective; it is also vastly more intelligent.

  11. The video of the NY gym owner and some other businessmen who who made the deputies and health inspector back down and walk away was one of the most inspiring videos I’ve seen in a long time. It really warmed my heart.

    • Amen, Greg – same here.

      I am giving serious thought to offering up my little “guest house” as a place where people can come and get coffee, Undiapered and unmolested. Not a “shop,” per se. Just a place with some tables and chairs and, of course, coffee. No charge, per se – but leave a donation in the jar, if you like.

      Not a business – so the Coonman’s goons have no power to enforce “guidelines.”

  12. I always look forward to your Diaper Reports. Here’s my report for the today:
    I went to 4 stores, all in the same county with the same mandatory mask mandates.
    1) Tractor Supply within the county but on the outskirts of town. At least 50% of customers were not wearing masks. Business seemed to be booming.
    2) The “woke” REI store. There were two mask monitors guarding the door and you also had to get your temperature taken before you could go inside. I inquired about a medical exemption and they replied that they had made accommodations for persons claiming medical exemptions by allowing them to wear a face shield or another kind of face covering. I told them I would go someplace else. I noted their parking lot was almost empty.
    3) Dick’s Sporting Goods a few blocks from REI. They displayed the mandatory signs at the door but no one hassled me and the store personnel inside the store couldn’t have been more polite and helpful. All but two of the other customers were wearing face diapers, but I did notice a couple of the employees wearing the mask on their chin when they weren’t close to customers.
    4) Sam’s Club. There was a door monitor but she didn’t say anything to me as I walked in without a mask. The store seemed to be moderately busy. I’d say I saw about 15 other customers inside the store without masks.

    As long as there are other options available, retail stores rarely seem to be a big problem. It’s relatively easy to just go someplace else, but unfortunately there are some other establishments usually with higher barriers to entry for would-be competitors and closer ties to government such as medical facilities which aren’t so easy. Some of them seem to embrace mandatory masking whole-heartedly and go way beyond what is actually required by law.

      • I don’t know if it’s the TSC store itself or just the customers who patronize it, since rural people tend to be less taken in by the mask propaganda. In any event, it’s a welcome experience to go shopping where you can see over half the faces and no one acts like they are afraid to breath the same air you are.

    • Excellent, Greg!

      And, yes- you’re right – in re things government-related and Diapering. Which brings up a Plan. The annual extortion payment I must hand over in order to avoid being evicted from the house I thought I paid off 17 years ago is due December 8.

      I plan to make payment in person – Undiapered.

      If they refuse to let me in, have I not discharged my “obligation” to pay? I intend to video this… stay tuned.

      • Should be interesting. If I were anywhere close to you, I’d volunteer to record it for you, so you could concentrate on the transaction itself without worrying about where the camera was pointed.

      • I don’t know if that’ll work, because my town has a drop box for payments made after hours. Our town offices aren’t open anyway, thanks to the CONVID, so we have no choice but to use the drop box…

        • Hi Mark,

          Well, I intend to pay with cash – still legal currency for all debts, public and private. My plan is to video recored my attempt to pay the bastards. If they’re unwilling to accept payment – in legal form, the law not requiring me to pay via check – then I will consider my obligation to pay discharged.

  13. Whenever I meet someone without the anointed cloth my joke usually was something like “Good to see your face!”. But they reply nervously or with suspicion, not comradery. Got to work on my people skills I guess. They probably think I’m a faggot.

    • I wouldn’t necessarily blame it on your people skills. I’ve also noticed that fellow non-maskers tend to avoid eye contact even with people like me who don’t wear the rag. They’re probably on edge, like you said.

      • Same feeling though always make a point especially when their rags are brought down or even removed- in the UK in some places they do that.

    • Sometimes I say it’s nice to see another uncovered face. Or I may even tell them that I have lots of reasons for not wearing a mask, but I am curious about theirs. Every time they have seemed genuinely pleased to talk with me.

  14. Thanks, Eric, for allowing us such a place.

    I hope everyone here has a wonderful Thanksgiving, whether you are spending it with 2 or 22. 🙂

    I will be spending the rest of my night cooking.

    • Yes thanks Eric. Its much more than a car forum its a eally rare clear thinking space, Kudos. I wish everyone here a happy thanksgiving.


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