Election Day Diaper Report

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I just voted – for the Orange Man – as the antidote to Sickness Psychosis. Sadly, I was the only person there who showed his face. There was no requirement to Diaper. No buzzcut AGWs at the door blocking entry to those who dared to show their faces.

You don’t have to Diaper.

But people wear the Diaper now just because – or rather, because of social pressure to wear it. It’s like being in high school again. Better not stand out! Better do what the “cool” kids are doing. Meh. I always preferred hanging out with the Freaks and Stoners anyhow.

I hope the Orange Man has a good day. If he doesn’t, Diaper Dissenters will have a very bad future. We may have to choose between acquiescing to the Sickness Cult and pretending we beeelieve – in the manner of someone shanghai’d by the Moonies – or we will have to figure out a way to survive amongst these face-gagged Freaks.

That may be hard since I expect they will not leave us alone – even if we never leave our own homes. Their faith requires conversion – by the sword, if need be. It won’t be enough that we accept being prevented from going into stores and so on without the Holy Rag over our faces. Even if we are entirely self-contained, I expect they will come.

Which is why I voted for the Orange Man. If he pulls it off, Sickness Psychosis will fade. It will fade because the OM is not a believer.  And so, not a Diaperer. The Holy Rag will become the object of ridicule it should be. People will relax – and begin to take them off. Once a critical mass – say a third or so of the population – shows their face, most of the other two thirds will as well, leaving a handful of incorrigible neurotics clinging to their hypochondria – and their Holy Rags.

That could be as soon as a couple of weeks from now, if the Orange Man wins and spreads his healing orange glow across the land.

But if he loses, it could be never.

Hang on with both hands. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

. . .

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  1. I did not vote. I maintain that it makes little difference which psychopath is in charge. A Trump victory may give a little respite from the ongoing assault on humanity, but it will not stop it. The only difference between the two POTUS candidates is the speed of the handcart to hell we are riding on. Trump wants to slow it down. Such should be applauded, but perhaps it’s best to go on and get it over with so we can start to rebuild, if we can. We have already run off the economic cliff, we just haven’t hit bottom yet.

    • Morning, JWK!

      This election’s epochal in my view. Because in a way it is a worldwide election. If Orange Man wins, Diapering may lose. The Sickness Cult could be disbanded.

      If HPM wins, we will be living in a Sickness Cult from which there is no escape.

    • I hear ya JWK. I would like to ask every person in this country… there’s 350+ million people, so why does 1 man determine our fates so much? Isn’t that pathetic? Why don’t we people get to vote on anything anyways? Is everyone loving their “representative democracy”? Are you ready for DIRECT democracy yet? Where you get to deliberate everything, and you get to decide on it too?

  2. Did anyone see the South Park Pandemic Special? Best part, for me: Amazon guy is making a delivery to one of the characters. His facemask is on but down on his chin. He tells the character, “Sorry, I can’t talk to you unless you have your chin diaper on.” Guy goes Oh, sorry, and puts one on, also on his chin. Then they have a polite conversation.

  3. heh, preferred hanging with the ‘freaks and stoner’

    a teen of the late 70s- early 80s

    i myself did not vote, the orange man won’t win out here in the people’s democratic republic of hawaii

    my hero, lysander spooner has a thorough analysis on ‘voting’ and as well the nature of so called government and it’s constitution

    p.s and o.t.: you never reported or commented on the GM shutting down it’s entire australian business and brands there, last year, unless i missed it.

    • Hi not you,

      Mid-late ’80s, but yeah! I hung out mostly with the Freaks and Stoners. If you ever watched Breakfast Club, I was like Bender.

      Spooner is also a hero of mine; I read him first back in high school. I agree with him regarding voting. But I submit that when under duress, one’s obligation to do what one can to preserve oneself is warranted and by voting for the Orange Man, I attempted to do just that. It does not mean I endorse Orange Man in toto nor am complicit in any wrongful actions he takes anymore than I would be complicit in the harm a prison guard does to other prisoners simply because I preferred that guard to guard me rather than a worse guard.

      I did write about the GM business; the article is in here, somewhere!

      • Eric,

        If Not You does a search with something like “GM leaving Australia” or something similar, some articles will come up; that’ll narrow things down enough to find it… 🙂

      • yes, they have us between a rock and hard place with this voting racket. damned if you do, damned if you don’t

        i’ll search for the gm oz article

        best wishes, get ready for the great reset

    • I bet you’d want to vote if:
      * you could verify your votes/ballot was counted
      * you could rank/rate each candidate as 1st/2nd/3rd/etc choice
      * if you didn’t like any candidates, you could leave them all blank, which means “none of the above”, which means you are counted in the turnout (total number of people that voted) so that makes the candidates’ percent-of-turnout go down.

      But this country, USA, has everyone so depressed and disgusted, because the elections here are UNFAIR and STUPID and FRAUDULENT. We do not have any representation of the people, because our elections are a complete SHAM. It’s time for the people to take over and SHUTDOWN this phony govt. They can’t shut us down, we can shut THEM down.

      • Completely agree. Tracked ballots – the secrecy is already veiled at best and who at this point with everything else already spied upon individual privacy lost in this case arguably outweighs). Ranked choices – the president and VP were originally first and second in voting until the 12th Amendment changed it. So it’s actually consistent with original intent anyway. And why not require a plurality of returned ballots otherwise a default no confidence? We already have close to half the people in this country realizing that voting is so rigged why bother?

  4. Husband and I both voted today sans diapers, at different times of day. We are in the People’s Republic of Maryland. Had heard horror stories of people being arrested for refusing to wear a face diaper, and AGWs standing by at other polling places. Still, we were undeterred. Everyone was nice, friendly. Of course we were each asked if we wanted a mask. Of course the answer was, “no thank you.” Once inside, each of us was escorted to a polling booth (we noticed that no one else was escorted). At each station, our friendly election judge walked with us (at a “safe” distance of course), and as I was scanning my ballot in to be counted, I thanked the judge and walked toward the exit. I heard the final poll volunteer say to my escort, “What was the issue?” (I wish I had said, “I like to breathe.”)

  5. Folks,

    I went to the polling place in my neighborhood first thing this morning. The line was 150-200 yards long-insane! I left and went back around 3 this afternoon; there were only a handful of people there when I went back this afternoon. I was in and out.

    Because the polling place is in a school admin/activity building, they said I had to wear the mask-school rules. The woman at the sign-in desk pointed to an old man, and she said I could get one from him. He handed me a mask; I took it in my hand; I went to vote; then I walked out, mask still in my hand. I NEVER put it on… 🙂

  6. 50% of the voters at my polling place did not have masks. Of course there were only 4 voters there when I went, but I’ll take it as a good sign.

    I was voter # 300 something, when normally I am around #120, so found that interesting

  7. Posted this on the pre-election report. More appropriate here:

    Just voted. No mask, obviously, and no challenge. No mention of masks for that matter. The place was empty. Everything was just like any prior voting experience except for the masks that the workers wore, the plexiglass, the gloves, and the stickers on the floor showing people where to stand if there was a line. The check in conversation and all the directions were exactly the same. If you listened to my experience without seeing it, you would have never guessed it was 2020.

  8. Wife and I voted, no lines, no masks…for us. When we got our form stating who we were the lady handing them out asked if we needed masks but, immediately said we didn’t need one to vote. We were the only non-diapered in the building. Actually, I think there may be laws on the books preventing the wearing of masks when voting. Outside there were people campaigning for Harris/Biden and Orange Man. The OM supporters were diaper-free, the Harris/Biden…diapered, of course.

    As an aside. Something rather startling popped up on my Facebook feed, there is going to be a showing, nationwide at select theaters, of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

    If there ever was a film that encapsulated the tyranny of the medical community in league with the state, this is it. Why is this being done now? Granted, it was released 35 years ago Nov. 19 but, that hardly seems massively noteworthy as anniversaries go. However, if there ever was a movie that NEEDS to be seen by the masses this fits the bill, in spades. An entire column could only scratch the surface of how this film perfectly lays out the tyranny that has been imposed upon us by the likes of Fauci, et al and the idea that they will use any method to control you if you do not comply.

    How and why Facebook would allow such a thing to be promoted on their site is a bit surprising seeing how this could spark some sort of Awakening if enough people see it. At least that would be my hope.

    As a side note. Josip Elic who played the patient Bancini, died last year at the age of 98. He also played the part of the Subaltern in The Twilight Zone episode, The Obsolete Man.


  9. For months I’ve carried the assumption that a visible minority (at least 10-20%) will take the mask off after the election, due to its obvious political overtones. I’m still hoping against hope that I’m right.

  10. I voted around lunch time today. Decked out in red with a copy of Thomas Paine’s “Age of Reason” in my hand. I actually expected there to be a wait (hence, the book). I was the only person in line. It took me about 90 seconds to vote. I chatted with everybody, smiled, and thanked them for their work, and headed out the door. Everyone was super nice, no mention of my lack of mask, and we all wished each other a good day.

    I did play with the interactive Electoral Map last night after reading the recent polling. I have come up with 301 for Trump and 237 for Biden. He (Trump) will likely lose Wisconsin, Minnesota is a pipe dream, but will pick up Nevada. I think he has PA solidly in hand, as well as, Georgia and Arizona. Michigan is the only one that has me a bit worried.

    If I am wrong everybody can let me know tomorrow. 🙂

  11. I voted for Trump and didn’t have to wear a diaper at the polls but YES only my husband and myself were the only ones who didn’t wear one. I still am the only person who doesn’t in all the stores I go to. I sure hope after Trump wins he insists on no more diaper mandates and no more lockdowns. I sure hope my Democratic governor will give up on all these illegal mandates or I maybe moving to Florida.

  12. My Husband and I just got back from voting. We had no diapers on and had no problems. The poll workers were all very friendly. But truly sad, we were the only two without masks. I’m 60, he’s 71. We’re Amherst county and our voting district is very conservative. Like you say Eric, no signs suggesting you wear masks.

    • Hi Kathy,

      I appreciate that you and your husband had the guts to show your faces! I cannot overstate the importance of doing so, even when it seems that you are the only person doing so. The sight of dissent may give others the courage to dissent. This regime of sickness will win if if appears everyone agrees with it.

  13. My guess, Trump will get a narrow win again. The huge turnout from both sides will largely cancel out any change in the ratio. The polls are no longer of any actual use as they want them to influence rather than measure. But a narrow win also means he could lose by a narrow margin as well.

    Had Covid not happened, Trump would have easily won reelection due to the economy not being in the toilet like it was the whole time of Barry. It would have probably been close to Reagan’s huge win in 1984.

    The party of peace, tolerance and love will be out rioting if they lose tonight, hell they may even if they win….

  14. I voted in the Cooper’s Cove precinct in Franklin County this morning. It was the largest turnout I’ve ever seen here, even accounting for the anti-social distancing crap, which should be good for OM.

    About 1 out of 10 of us were undiapered, most of that was from the under 40 crowd which gives me hope for the future.

    About 5 out 10 were the go-along-to-get-along diaperers with their noses sticking out which means the 33 percent threshold would happen very quickly given the right encouragement.

    It surprises me to hear about your experience in Floyd County considering how rural it is.

  15. Like a joke I once heard about Islam, I believe from Bill Maher, “Islam is a peaceful religion, and if you don’t believe it, I will cut off your head”. Much the same may be likely from the coronaphobics, and the coronapriests. They certainly have no moral restraint from doing so.


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