Reader Question: Mayflower Follow-up?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Mark asks: I wanted to follow up on your recent article about not staying put – or rather, staying mobile – in the event of a Diaper Regime (Biden presidency). Others – in the comments that followed – pointed out that being in an RV means being vulnerable to AGWs, etc. I wanted to get your thoughts on that since they were not addressed in the original article.

My reply: I should have addressed these points; or rather, I should have clarified what I meant. The RV as a Mayflower is a way to get somewhere – and then hunker down. Perhaps a piece of land you bought – so it’s your land and no issues with being forced to “move along.” Or – and this seems more viable – simply drive to a very remote area where there are no AGWs and sit tight until this blows over. If it does not blow over, you’re at least already situated to live an off-the-radar/off-the-grid life. Which may be the only life open to us in the event of a Diaper Regime.

I am still hoping Orange Man thwarts this.

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