The Modern Mayflower?

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Living in a van down by the river has become a cultural catchphrase – it was part of a hilarious Chris Farley Saturday Night Live skit back in the ’90s about a depressed and broke motivational speaker.

But maybe it’s not such a bad idea.

In about a week, Americans could face the prospect of a federal mandate requiring them not only to join the Sickness Cult by adopting its uniform – the loathsome “mask” – but also extend their arms for the injection the government will likely attempt to mandate as well.

For some of us, these things are non-negotiable No’s.

The problem then becomes one of mobility – and visibility.  How to get away from the Diaper Police? Who may go door-to-door to make sure you take your medicine – and who will starve you out if you don’t, by keeping you “locked down” for the greater good if you don’t.

If you’re tied to your home, you are tied down. They know where you live. You literally have all your eggs – including your kids – in that one basket.

It may be time to consider getting mobile. Especially if you live among the Diapered – the actually ill ones ones who not only wear their religious garment willingly but are champing at the bit – if you could see them champing at the bit – to make you wear it, too. If the election goes the wrong way, they may soon have the power to do that.

Do you want to be home for that?

I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. I love my place in The Woods of rural SW Virginia. It’s a beautiful area, with a reasonable climate and a relatively low cost of living. I moved here about 17 years ago to get away from Northern Virginia, the canker sore part of the state that’s adjacent to the federal capital, with all of its pathologies.

The problem is that Northern Virginia is increasingly all of Virginia, attitudinally and so politically. The sickness has leached across the state. If the election goes the wrong way, it may no longer be safe to stay. The governor/gesundheitsfuhrer has already let slip – via trail balloon – that he intends to force every person in the state to take his medicine.

Or rather, Bill Gates’ medicine.

He has already made it plain that he wants no one to show their faces anywhere outside their homes and it is not beyond the realm of the possible within their homes.

Anything to “stop the spread” – of dissent.

The showing of your face being a show of disrespect for the holy doctrines of the Sickness Cult. It cannot be tolerated for the same reason that Winston Smith, the hero of Orwell’s 1984, could not be allowed to cling to the axiom that 2+2=4 because if that – i.e., objective reality – is granted then the regime has conceded there is something outside their power and superior it, which is immensely threatening to its power.

Winston – and all of us – must come to love Big Brother. It is not enough merely to obey him, out of fear of being punished if we do not. We must embrace the Diaper. We must accept the Needle.

Those of us whose brains aren’t mottled by the weaponized hypochondria of the Sickness Cult may face having to pick one of two options. The third option – wearing the holy cloth and partaking of the communion via the medicine – being off the table.

The first is to stay and hope  – and be prepared to fight, if it comes to that.

I have been leaning this way for most of the duration of this plague – of psychosis. I have been hoping it would pass, like an epilectic fit. That enough people would, after a brief spell of being shellshocked by the manufactured fear campaign,  come to their senses as it became evident that the only people who need to wear a respirator (as opposed to a “mask”) are people who have age-or-sickness weakened bodies, as has always been the case with regard to the catching of colds.

That the science – i.e., objective reality – would de-alarm people in no real danger of dying from this cold, for the same reason that most people continue to get in their cars every day even though there is a very small chance that they might die in an accident. The chance of them dying from the WuFlu being even smaller, I figured they’d come to their senses sooner rather than later.

And perhaps they still will.

But it does not look good. Literally. Even here, which is almost as far from Northern Virginia as it is possible to get without actually leaving Virginia, the wearing of the Holy Cloth has become almost universal, even though the requirements – decrees, actually – aren’t being actively enforced almost anywhere

And yet, the cloth is worn – suggesting the horrible possibility that the wearers want to wear their holy Face Diapers. Which suggests they will not object when the wearing of them is required by law – and actively enforced. More, that they will become the willing helpers of enforcement. And not just of the wearing of the Holy Diaper. They will be the “hands and fingers” that push the meds.

If that happens, which is almost certain to if the Orange Man loses – because the Hair Plugged Man has promised it will happen – then dissenters will be targets. Fixed targets, as they will be at home and their homes don’t move.

They could, of course, fight – if the cultists refuse to leave them alone. This is morally justifiable and even noble, but it may also be as pointless as fighting the tide.

But you can avoid getting soaked by the tide by moving out of its reach. This brings up the final solution, so to speak. It is in a way the same solution chosen by the people who fled Europe to come to this continent hundreds of years ago when Europe became intolerable. They moved to get out of the reach of the governments of Europe. Of the various politically empowered psychopaths who would not leave them be.

Rather than stand their ground, they found new ground.

An RV – or even just a van – could be a kind of modern Mayflower that way. If things get hairy, you can split. They can’t Diaper – or Needle – what they can’t get their hands on. And you can get a pretty nice RV – one with  a full-size bed, a full kitchen and a full bathroom with a shower – for fraction of the cost of a home. If you own your home or have decent equity in it you could sell it to buy the RV – and use the remainder of the cash to finance your move as well as your stay – wherever you end up going.

It’s still a big country and there are places free of this psychosis or at least, where you can hide from it, once you find one.

It beats hell out of a three-month sea passage in a leaky wooden ship without hot or cold running water.

And it beats hell out of being force to don the Holy Cloth – and accept the Holy Needle.

. . .

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  1. Good work her,e Eric. You;ve come a long way from your early rants on the Face Diapers… those earl pices were more kneejerk poking fun at the turant pieces. This one has far more depth and wisdom in it. Things to consider, for sure.

    About ten years ago, if memory serves, a friend of mine published a book. he called it “The Second Mayflower”, and he covers some of this same ground, but from a rather different perspctive (for one thing, such a high level of gummit tyranny that exists today was a faint blip on the far horizon then…. but the core of his thesis then was still government tyranny seeking to tell us how we should live, and we who have a mind that they wou;dn’t.
    Authors name is Kevin Swanson. The Second Mayflower. Excellent read.

    • Ha! I used to listen to some of Kevin Swanson’s stuff on SermonAudio. Always had some good commentary to keep one abreast of the latest goings-on. Kinda forgot about him till ya just mentioned his name. I’ll have to give a listen and see what he has to say about some of this crap that has transpired lately.

  2. I’m sure it’s been said but what are you going to run your RV on once they’ve banned fossil fuels? And even if you won’t need to, as you’re holing up in Dry Gulch, Idaho, how are you going to feed, clothe and survive unless you’re able to do that completely off the grid in the company of trustworthy neighbors? Most of us aren’t Ruby Ridgers and they weren’t either.

    For those who can do it, mostly the young and the brave, it may be unnecessary. After the crash that’s coming, the American landscape is going to resemble pre-industrial America, and even the American version of the Soviet commissariat won’t be able to get blood from a nation of stones.

    • Oh, pooh, with guns and ammunition you can take all your foppish and liberal neighbors’ stuff at will, and also their comelier daughters as well. There indeed is a silver lining in every dark cloud.

  3. “They could, of course, fight – if the cultists refuse to leave them alone. This is morally justifiable and even noble, but it may also be as pointless as fighting the tide.”

    We haven’t yet seen people shooting would-be enforcers of lockdown or masks. I’m hoping that if/when that starts to happen, government thugs will think twice about continuing to push their tyranny. I don’t think the thugs have much courage underneath their infinite bluster. If we the people have more than they do, it’s possible we can prevail without a full-fledged civil war.

    • Shooting would-be enforcers? LOL. Don’t think we’ll be seeing that- but we have seen at least two cases thus far of civilians shooting/assaulting other civilians for not masking……

    • two facts to toss into the hopper, then turn the crank and see what comes out the bottom:

      there are far more of “us” than there are of “them”

      “we” are far more motivated (all or nothing tends to have an end of waffling and fence-sitting) than “they” are, they being left with wanting to go home at the end of their shift, and collecting their ever-shrinking weekly alotment of “fun tickets”.

      • Dude! See all of those tools walking around the supermarket, or walking in the street, or even driving in their cars alone, with their mouths and noses obscured? Those are all “thems”.

  4. I have read through all of the comments and it is good to have so many discussing the sailboat cruising option. I have spent much of my life sailing/cruising in many beautiful areas of the world…what a seemingly great option…however…

    Wake the fuck up and realize what is coming for all of us. You need to understand and internalize the fact the the New World Order elites are installing their United Nations AGENDA 21 plan(now being rolled out by the World Economic Forum as ‘The Great Reset’). You need to understand that a large part of their plan involves no travel for us. You can draw your own conclusions about how that may impact some RV or sailing pipe dream plan. The inability to even travel is the obvious one, but from a survivability standpoint, there are issues with being on the move like that with regard to resources that are required to remain alive. A nice little piece of self sustaining property in a remote location is much more survivable, defendable, and will be a fine place to make your last stand and transition out of this realm. But don’t get me wrong, as a sailor I can think of no finer way to go out than with the wind at me back and a cutlass in me hand.

    Bottom line…stop acquiescing and start living, stop running and start fighting. Pyrate out.

    • Pyrate,

      We are awake. We are aware of the WEF’s agenda and means of control. We understand their goal is to have every global citizen live near a city (easier to monitor you from), to control the food supply, to break up the United States into a smaller fraction of states with less power, to switch from the US dollar to a digital currency, to require every person to become equipped with a travel pass that houses all of your personal history and medical records, in essence to dehumanize us.

      You state we should fight. I would be willing to fight, but whom am I fighting for? What am I fighting for? For the Karen who is so willing to turn on her neighbors for having ten people over for Thanksgiving dinner as she calls the cops while peeking out her kitchen window? For the once proud man who has forgotten that he once had balls, but is so willing to don the mask while conforming to society’s new expectations? For the children whose only means of communication is through text message who believe that a large centralized government sprewing out pretty words of communist encouragement should be the country’s future? I should lay my life down for these people who have no fight in them and wouldn’t know what to do if freedom was handed to them on a silver platter?

      No, thank you. I would willingly lay my life down for my family, my property, hell, even for my dogs, but for a country’s citizens or even global citizens who believe the best the status quo should only be civil obedience? Nah, I’ll pass.

      There is 7.8 billion in the world. There are still a few countries in the Caribbean and South America that are 50 years behind the times. There is a multitude of food and vegetation throughout these island nations. There are caves, acloves, and inlets that would provide shelter for a short period of time. Would I be operating the Garmin radar or using a credit card? Nope. Would I have to be independently wealthy with the means to barter? Yep. Would I have to have skills in defensive training, sailing, being mechanically inclined, understanding health care management over the open water? Yep. Would it be more manageable with another 5 to 10 boats that we could start a small community and assist each other when needed? I would love to do that. Fight? I would do that as well, but not for people who won’t. Until the world awakes I will find my sanity on the water.

          • RG, when I was a kid in pooblik skool, instead of wasting my valuable time paying attention to the propaganda, I’d sit at my desk and draw pics of my ideas- like ones of getting a big old barge that I could anchor somewhere out in the tropics, on which I’d have the deck covered with a garden; a nice Unabomber-style shack; chickens, etc.

            I wish I would have pursued that! (Never thought about how I’d get the barge out there though…)

            • Nunzio,

              I went to pooblik skool, too! I never paid attention just spent most of my time reading (mostly today’s outlawed books – GWTW, Common Sense, To Kill A Mockingbird).

              There was an awesome boat for sale a little while ago in Florida. It was a former wedding chapel converted to a house boat. I thought it was great, but hubby squawked at the $400K asking price. Don’t know if it is still for sale. It would probably take me a month to go 6 miles, but I thought it was pretty original.

              • Ha, RG! My soon-to-be 96 year-old mother must’ve read GWTW 5 or 6 times during the last couple’a years!

                A friend/client of mine sold an awesome “escape” boat a couple of years ago- 52′ Gulfstar…..for $25K. Could sail that baby just about anywhere in the world. No frills (who needs ’em?)….but good and solid.


                Was sad to see that go; could’ve been my ticket outta here!

      • Raider Girl, I am not at war with you or your plans. I always find it intriguing how the system has trained us to take everything personally. All part of the psyop.

        Now, in brief response to what you are saying. From an Idealized standpoint, I would totally agree…you are speaking of freedom on the high seas….but….in the Great Reset, we must assume that there will be nowhere to run, no panacea.

        When I say ‘fight’, let me clarify, what I am speaking of is on a bit of a different plane of existence. I am not talking about fighting for ‘Karen’ or for some country or even for my neighbors, in indeed not even for my own physical life. I am speaking of fighting to retain the integrity of my own soul. In the end that is all we have and perhaps the only thing that we will take with us out of this ‘life’. Hence why it is so important to not acquiesce to any of the cult narrative. No mask, no vax, no tracing, none of it. This must be done regardless of the consequences in this life. It is time to value honor and integrity and freedom over our physical life.

        And believe me, I love sailing the caribbean and I have given much though to that option. I say give it a go! For me, I have calculated that such a plan will not pan out as I once hoped it would. And so, I shall hold out in a beautiful mountain setting with control over my own resources and no need to travel…and hopefully limit my interaction with the New World Order assholes for as long as possible while I further strengthen my soul. Pyrates Forever!

        • Hi Pyrate,

          ” I am speaking of fighting to retain the integrity of my own soul. In the end that is all we have and perhaps the only thing that we will take with us out of this ‘life’.”

          This is my reasoning as well regarding my refusal to wear a Face Diaper, come what may. I won’t bow to their sickness.

        • Pyrate,

          I don’t believe anywhere in my post I took your words personally or decried I was offended by your language. If anything I was engaging in a continued conversation that I/we were aware of what awaited us under the WEF’s Reset and their proposed global domination. You mentioned fighting. I inquired what we were fighting for. I agree with you in regards to the integrity of our being, but that is a personal fight and can be fought anywhere by land or by sea.

          I believe those that succumb to Klaus Schwab, Prince Charles, or the Gates Foundation will be those that can be easily led. These persons will need social media and day to day human interaction. Not all of us need that or want that. They will live close to the cities, will be unable to stand on their own two feet, and will continue to feel that the more government overreaches the more the system cares about them and is looking out for their best interest. We can’t save these people.

          I don’t see how the WEF or government surveillance will reach every corner of the Earth. It isn’t affordable or feasible to be on the lookout for a few small boats sailing the High Seas or a few preppers in the mountains or along dirt covered back roads. Let’s be honest, the people in rural China are a lot freer than the populace in Shanghai, the people in London and Paris are more locked down than those in Devonshire or Dijon, and those in South Dakota probably aren’t aware there is a mask mandate versus those in San Francisco who are forced to live that hell day in and day out.

          They cannot and will not tag 7.8 billion of us. Hopefully, our peers will wake up and see the light before it is too late, but I don’t plan to sit around and wait for them hoping that the light bulb becomes a bit brighter. If I can spend my remaining days in a small jungle in Honduras, in a small hut in Exuma, or just cruising around St Vincent and the Grenadines, I can die a happy free old lady and honestly, that is all I am after.

          • Hello Raider Girl,

            Well put on all accounts. We are on the same page. My message is really not for the very few of us awake at our various levels of enlightenment…although as you would probably agree, it is always welcome and pleasant to encounter the fellow (and very rare) kindred spirits.

            It is my view that this whole thing is going to happen and that ultimately it is a soul test for each of us. Something much larger and spiritual is going on here.

            I must also add that the sailboat option is not entirely off the table in my mind, just for now. I would fancy nothing more than one more free dive for sand dollars on the East side of Ronde Island, hit the Sea Park off Union Island, or head on up and play one more gig at a beach bar on St Martin…but if that doesn’t happen again, well, they can’t take those experiences away from us.

      • this bit cracked me up:
        the Karen who is so willing to turn on her neighbors for having ten people over for Thanksgiving dinner as she calls the cops while peeking out her kitchen window?

        Made me think of one of my best friends, in another state. I’ve sat with them for a Thanksgiving Fest (giving thatnks to the One who created all of this AND maintains us daily) with above forty people seated inside his home. I can imagine some “karen” busybody ringing up the bobbies to report his “illegal gathering” in three weeks. Hilarious thing is, his next door neighbour is a Captain with the Sherif’s Department of his county. HE would field the call, make a report “contact made, no issues requrieing action. Event closed”. Neighbouris supplying the home grown turkey for my friend’s feast. too. We need more cops like that.

      • “to break up the United States into a smaller fraction of states with less power,”

        If only…. I have been a secessionist for most of my life. The only way for liberty to survive is to break up the authoritarian/totalitarian means for any group to control another. If the majority of blacks want a country of their own, so be it. Dissident whites might be welcome there (dissident blacks should be welcome in the white country). If Democrats want a country of their own, so be it. Dissident Republicans might be welcome there. If militant feminists want a country of their own, totally insane men might be welcome there. That was the idea of Federalism, after all. The proper grammar should be “The (independent) United States are”, not “The United States is”. Until we learn that, or break up that singular United States, we will all be subject to burning, shooting, robbing, masking, and needling.

        I admit making the divisions and providing the means of mobility to resettle for much of the country would be a fearsome task. But walking ankle deep in blood and guts would be worse. Diversity only works if everyone agrees to it. Most don’t.

        • ““to break up the United States into a smaller fraction of states with less power,””

          Read: Less[no] sovereignty; less/no ability to resist global mandates; but MORE ability of the global government to monitor and control the states- a la EU-style.

          This whole thing has been long-planned.

    • Pyrate,

      Yep….the LAST thing I’d want to do is buy an RV and give up my fairly self sustaining homestead that provides us with food, water, heat (firewood), power (solar panels) and is fairly defendable. In an RV, (or an apartment, or most homes for that matter) you’re nearly 100% dependent on other folks to provide you will what you need to keep living.

      Pull in to gas up your RV: “Need to see your ‘health passport’ before we can sell it to you, sir”
      Out of food, water, propane, etc……same deal….no papers, no sale.
      Cop pulls you over on the road: “Need to see your license, registration, insurance papers, filed destination plan, health passport, vaccination card, sir” (Hey…..we’re already 3 of those into this scenario )

      • We cruised for 9 years (8 by sea, 1 by land) beginning in the ’90s. It can’t be done now! Even then, you could be boarded by LEOs in most jurisdictions. Entry to foreign waters are always controlled, but then were not onerous. For 6 months now, if you were asea and needed food or water, which port would welcome you? Even the English speaking Bahamas were locked down tight. Sure, you might find a small Latin country to let you sneak in. But when the money runs out, you better be ready to sneak back out. The fight is on the homefront. Hopefully, politically (voting won’t help, but tar and feathers might) but likely with firepower in the end. That is tragic. Look at pictures of once-beautiful Beirut, or Baghdad (or Milwaukee). I guess to quote Rodney King “Why can’t we all just get along?”

        • Hi Arylioa,

          In re: “why can’t we all just get along?” . . .

          We can. You and I and other live-and-let lives types. It’s the Diaper Cultists who can’t get along – unless we do as they say.

        • ARYLIOA, What you wrote is a large part of exactly what I am talking about. Excellent points.

          I have many friends who want to escape using the Caribbean boat life, they are trying to get me to Captain their boat or perhaps even Commodore a small fleet. The thing is, my ‘Sea Captain mind’ weighs the probabilities of this course of action, and well….it just is not adding up for me at this time.

          Incidentally, I was a Coast Guard Officer years ago. During my time in that service, I watched the mindset of my fellow Coasties and indeed the country shift decidedly. The USCG’s switch from Department of Transportation to the Department of Homeland Security after the 911 False Flag could be felt in the attitudes of our ranks. It took many years, but the service went from a lifesaving mindset to a now unrecognizable body of Hut Hut Hut automatons working for the New World Order. At one point my plan involved escaping on a sailboat to a Central/South American location. I figured that my prior service as a CG Officer might just get me through that final checkpoint out of here (old school style)….now I am pretty sure that they will pull up my file and shoot me on sight…thanks a lot brothers of the sea 😂

          • We had the same, changing, view of the Coast Guard. We heard some remarkable search and rescue over the marine radio. We had no contact but a middle of the night request to alter course in the Gulf Stream one evening (we found out later it was so they wouldn’t need to wake the Captain, fair enough). All done with professionalism and courtesy. But then they started breaking out the chainsaws looking for drugs……

  5. Interesting that you should bring up mobile living. That (an RV) is my retirement plan, assuming I’m actually able to completely retire in a few years. Even if not, I’d still like to end up in an RV in semi-retirement. I’ve been planning it for a while, and have done some research into boondocking (living off-grid) so I can keep costs down. That’s one of the few times that solar power actually makes sense.

    As for a state to live in, with any luck (and good election returns), the opposition party to our Fuehrer, er, governor, here in Kentucky should be able to put him in check in January. They have a supermajority (which I think they will keep after next week) to override any veto and have already written legislation to end the so-called “state of emergency”, prevent another endless one in the future, and strengthen exemptions to vaccine mandates. All ready to pass in early January. If all goes well, this won’t be a bad place to live for the time being until I can get my RV and spend my time in states with sane governors (Florida in the winter – my kids live there, states in the plains or Rockies in the summer – South Dakota, Nebraska, Utah, etc.).

  6. I’ve led a rather odd life, and have lived in a Vardo (gypsy type wagon), Tipi, a van, travel trailer, a small hand built cabin way off grid, and on a couple of different boats. I also did some time just camping off my bike, but people get freaked seeing a biker sleeping off a hard ride. Scary man! And the gentleman’s comment above about earning a living without a fixed address is right on the money. That’s become a lot harder over the years.

    The only time I actually feel free anymore is out on the drink. When I’m sailing out of sight of land I just don’t feel the oppression that being around the rest of the human herd presses on us all the freakin’ time. I don’t believe most people are even aware of it they’ve become so inured.

    The problem is, you’ve gotta come to harbor somewhere. And increasingly one gang in control is a lot like another. Produce ownership papers for your boat and yourself (passport), prove how much money you’ve got, pay this fee, that fee, submit to “inspections”, exorbitant amounts for fuel if you need it, groceries regardless. Need repairs? Better have deep pockets. Maybe there’s a place to go that actually is free, but I sure haven’t found it.

    I’ve written before with almost overwhelming sadness that I believe personal liberty is an aberration in the history of man.

  7. Eric, the socially acceptable term is being a snowbird.

    I have been meaning to look into it myself, but an elderly wheeled couple told me they live for free in their trailer on Bureau of Land Management land. Apparently there are lands all across the nation that they permit bare bones visits for a few weeks at a time. She said maps and information sources are readily available. Down by Uncle Sam’s river for sure.

  8. Well, Eric,
    If this is correct:

    I would say it is time time to leave Virginia, in any case.
    cue Chuck Berry:
    Driving around in my automobile
    My headlights are off,
    ‘Cause that’s how I feel.
    Dead bodies in back
    Ain’t really a thang
    I’ll keep driving around
    And continue to sing.

    Wyoming might just be more to your liking.

    “It’s still legal to drink and drive in Wyoming.
    It’s not mandatory yet, but they’re working on it.”
    “Square bottles – it’s a safety thing.”

  9. The Pilgrims on the Mayflower were booted off the ship at Plymouth Rock. The crew was running low on beer and needed the remaining beer to last for the return voyage to England, true.

    All of the ingredients in beer contain all of the nutrients to keep you alive.

    And you wonder why people drink, there’s the reason right there.

    A simple experiment is all that is needed. Mandate no mask wearing worldwide for 30 days. Nobody wears a mask where not required, what it all was before the mask mandate. See what happens, if the cases decrease or increase, more infections or less, more deaths or fewer deaths, what have you.

    Compare the results, if there are more infections and deaths during the mask mandate than after the no mask mandate, masks increase the risk of Covid-19 infection and can possibly be fatal. Might actually be what is happening.

    Might as well give it a try, you won’t know until you do. If cases are increasing, the mask mandate obviously isn’t working. Might as well quit while you are behind.

    Hospitals, nursing homes would wear necessary protective care at all times, got to sterilize surgical tools that might have some of those nasty germs and filthy bacteria.

    Walked into a adult beverage establishment to purchase some brew. Didn’t know the mask mandate applied everywhere you go, the masked fools looked at you like you were some ignorant idiot for not wearing a mask.

    Have never seen so many masked morons in a lifetime.

    The mask mandate has done the damage, people are freaked. lol

    This mask mandate monkey bidness is an assault on the psyche, a thought crime, a crime against humanity, another one.

    The human population is being psychologically battered.

    The beatings will continue until the morale improves.

    Covid madness is going from ludicrous speed to plaid.

    Get your mask on!

    • I’ve never felt luckier to live in Wyoming! Its not perfect by any means, and it has its share of believers in the cult, but its been one of the least locked down and masked state probably only behind South Dakota. Eric, the free Mountain West calls!

      • Hi Zach,

        I passed through Wyoming – and spent a few days in Casper – back in the ’90s. It is a beautiful place. And I may have to just learn to deal with my aversion to cold weather!

        • It’s not so much the cold as the wind. It’s always windy in Wyoming. Do a web search for a Wyoming Wind Sock…

          One thing to point out about Wyoming is Jackson Hole, which has cancerous potential as a haven for Hollywood, New York and Washington elite.

          So far Cheyenne – Warren AFB, cattle, oil and mining – have kept it sane up there.

          But like a lot of things subsidies are skewing power companies to install solar and wind while shutting down coal plants (like the Hayden station in northwest Colorado). Wyoming supplies 40% of the nation’s coal. It’s a critical economic driver to southern Wyoming.

          I fear for Wyoming. All the things the oligarchy is attacking (eating meat, coal power, fracking, drilling) is the core of the state. Without it there’s no large manufacturing or technology. The alternative is tourism and lots of land.

      • You are indeed blessed. I’ve lived in Green River and Newcastle- the weather is decent, the land is pretty much open, and most importantly the people are still Americans as we knew them 50 and more years ago. Carry a gun, know how to use it, live without fear or worry of busybodies. If it weren’t in the CONUS with limited waterway access, it would be a slam dunk to move there and live out my days.

  10. Fuck that.

    I am not going to be pushed off my land and home that I have worked my whole life to obtain, or out of my country that my family has built over the last three centuries, to go flopping around in a van like a goddamn homeless pikey.

    I’ll stay, and I’ll fight, and I won’t even be recorded as a martyr, since all the people who would even care about recording my name as such will be long gone, just another nameless refusenik in the mass grave, that’s me.

    But by God and sonny Jesus, when the day comes, I’ll take as many of the rat bastards straight to hell with me as my body permits.

    Bring it assholes, I’m tired of all the talk.

    • Amen.

      And goddamn this comment system. WTF is “too short”? Do I have to keep adding letters until it’s satisfied? How about, “Comments must be at least 10 characters,” so I at least have some clue? And fuck that, anyway. I know what I wanted to say and it was a single word.

    • Hi Aaron,

      My suggestion would be an LLC owned by a trust if you want to be a business, otherwise, I would suggest a revocable trust to own any assets personally. This makes it a bit harder to track the individual that owns the assets and provides you some privacy, as well as, liability protection.

    • Hi Aaron,

      I ought to have elaborated a bit. I see the RV as a way to leave and get to a suitable new place and then – vanish. The country is still big and there are vast areas where there are few people and you could just hunker down for awhile until this insanity passes.

      • Vanish?
        You mean, ditch your “cell phone” tracking device, and never connect to the Internet except from a public access computer?
        GFL, my friend.
        You can run, but it will be damned difficult to hide effectively and still function in today’s world. No more EP Autos?
        ‘Cause that’s what you are talking about.

        “hunker down for awhile”
        And live on what?

        • Hi Turtle,

          I suggest it as an extreme fallback measure for extreme times. If the Hair Plug Man wins, I may have to adopt such myself as I will not Diaper – much less be Needled. If that means abandon ship and ditch for the woods, so be it. One can survive pretty comfortably in an RV. Internet? Irrelevant in this scenario. It’s about evading – and surviving.

          • Hi, Eric,
            Nice fantasy, but I doubt you could do it.
            No matter what, you need food and fuel.
            And that means you need money…
            a) How will you get it?
            b) Where will you keep it?

            There *are* people who can live off the grid and out of sight for extended periods. My former brother in law is one such. Dan made his living as a trapper in Alaska for awhile, and would be my first choice, of those I have met, to help me survive in the wilderness.
            He and my sister lived *very* far out in the wilds of northern Arizona for quite awhile, out where you can see the Milky Way, and where neither the coyotes nor the bears have learned to eat out of garbage cans, because there are no garbage cans, and very few humans, that being the point of living there.

            Live in the woods? Sure.
            Cut down trees for fuel, and shoot animals for food? OK, fine.
            But, you still need saw chain, petroleum and powder.
            You will probably also want propane for your refrigerator, and, I’d bet, kerosene for lamps.
            Even if you could ride your horse all the way to Flagstaff (which i doubt), Babbitt ain’t gonna barter. You’ll need cash. So, how you gonna get it? And where will you keep it? The moment you open a bank account, you become visible…
            BTDT. (didn’t buy the T-shirt, though)

            • The Milky Way! I remember seeing it as a young boy living in a small town in eastern Oregon. That was about sixty years ago. Light pollution in the places I’ve lived since has blotted it out.

              • Hi JdL,

                One of the perks of living where I do is the free planetarium… just walk out into the back field on a clear night! It’s awesome – in the older meaning of the word.

            • One way that will work at least for a while for banking is to open bank account wiht a small local credit union that is still on the
              shared branching” entwork. MakeSURE you can use the ATM card to depsit cash and checks, and withdraw cash. Run that for a while with mail statements, then after becoming a normal customer, switch to E statements. Block all mail notices, switch that to internet. They send them and don’t know whether yuo got them or not.

              Now you have a valid bank account, not tied to a physical address. Start maybe with a PO box address. After you abandon that (maybe pay up a year in advance, and/or renew onine with the ATM card from your new account.Everything chases in circles, no exit point. NOW you can go wherever, access the account from any ATM (sure there ain’t one out there in the boonies… but ride into town ince in a while to deposit or withdraw cash from your account vi\a the ATM card.
              Ues, they will know yuo pulled $200 from your accout in some hick town in southern Corloado last week. But the, WHERE did you go next, and WHERE did you stay last night?

              Forming an LLC owned by an LLC in another state will givey you an out to register your tin can home in some entity other than yourself. So if Unsle Stupid wants to find you, he’s got a three layer veil to pierce, each layer comeing to a “no more road” status to find YOUR NAME. Insirance gets paid electronically out ofyour phantom account the Card can be downloaded electronicaly froma liba=rary comuter, stored on a thimb drive, and then printed off your own laptop. Better yet, some coffee shop somewhere. Mos tlibraries want you to sign up… lest you try and view kiddie porn on their machine, as some ten year old looks over your shoulder.
              Not entirely hermetically sealed, but far less findable and taggable than doing it the way we all do it now.

  11. I haven’t ruled out doing the vagabond thing or even leaving the country.

    The costs vs. Benefits of home court advantage, speaking the language, understanding the culture and sheer availability of firearms and ammunition make staying to fight the much better option if it really pops loose IMHO.

    Mainly I’m trying to stay clear of the blast radius of the cities. Major metro areas will have it the worst. Rural areas will be much harder to corral.

    Most government agencies are filled with certifiable retards. With a very few exceptions we are really up against the “DMV of everything.” The agencies of 50 or even 15 years ago are not what we have today.

    My concern is more “bottom up” enforcement karen-stasi’s willing to inform/sell-out their neighbors, low level manger drone types, corporate whoring for their market share and cowardice will likely cause the most damage.

    Anyone who comes to my house with a needle to forcibly medicate me or any family members will wish they hadn’t. At that point I assume it’s cyanide (or the like) and will respond with the proper amount of force.

  12. “If the election goes the wrong way” You mean by voting for some unelectable 3rd party candidate because of “my principles” ??? I’m amazed how the protest faction of the Libertarian Party will willingly default vote for Kameltoe Harris because they hate Orange Man. Monumentally fucking stupid! Watch your precious “principals” get trampled under foot in the first year- or sooner. You will be communist slaves and likely starving to death. Jut like the USSR, and Cuba. However, you can still chortle your motto: “If at first you don’t succeed pack a bowl and smoke some weed”. After all it’s “natural”. Just like poison oak and rattlesnake venom. AND SLAVERY.

    Do you really want to change things or just blood clot bitch ?

    • And then there is the fact that the Libertarian Party has not fielded any libertarians for years. My credo has become “Don’t vote. It just encourages the bastards.”

  13. Just a point noone anywhere ever brought up yet…
    It’s physically impossible for there to be a new ‘bug’/parasite, they can’t even make/engineer a new one in the lab, because the size (scale) of bacteria/etc are SO SMALL that they obviously can’t be smaller than the basic building blocks that they’re made of (molecular compounds). Bacteria/etc are the smallest size that a lifeform can be. So, there’s a very limited amount of classes/types of these bacteria/etc, because there’s a limited number of combinations of those basic building blocks. So, EVERY SINGLE combination of bacterias/etc are ALREADY prevalent throughout the world, and have been prevalent for ~millions of years. So, since they’re telling us this is a “new” ‘bug’, they’re lying. And if there even is a ‘bug’ at all, it’s obviously not deadly because it’s already been here for ~millions of years.

    Molecular compounds are like “LEGO” blocks… and they form together to make bacteria/worms/etc. There’s no special combination of those legos that doesn’t already exist… the only way for that to be possible is if those lego blocks were taken to a completely different planet environment than Earth, whereby there were different lego blocks, IOW there was a completely different type of atmospheric gas or whatever. But even here on Earth, there’s strange environments, like the geyser pools at Yosemite Ntl Park, and deep under the ocean near volcanic emissions, etc. So, this concept of a “new” ‘bug’ is total bogus.

    • P. S. So the only way they can kill people is via chemical weapons, because bio-weapons don’t work… well by that I mean they can’t even MAKE a bio-weapon, the only bio-weapons that exist are existing/standard/normal bacteria or mold or worms, but humans & animals don’t die from those easily, and our immune systems handle those easily.

      So, they’re using the trick of a fake ‘bug’ (or bio-weapon story) to get you to take their chemical weapon. It’s the chemical weapon that can kill you. Nature won’t kill you, nature is all about life, keeping things alive. But unnatural chemical compounds (that don’t exist in nature) can kill you.

  14. Being mobile in today’s world is NOT an enabling of greater liberty. It seems the majority of arrests that the pigs make are made possible by “traffic stops”. Have a light bulb burn out? Have a lying pig (Is there any other kind?) want to stop you? He can just make up some petty excuse to “initiate a stop”. If they’re looking for you, or if all of your i’s are dotted and t’s crossed, one of their automated license plate readers will snag you before long.

    Even if you’re stationary- unless you own the spot that you’re camped-out on, you’re either on “public property” or someone else’s property- and WILL be hassled, just for being there, even if the owner never complained about you. Most jurisdictions have enacted laws to make “camping” in RVs illegal- Can’t even park in a Walmart parking lot for long without being visited by the man. Parks- from national to local, are now more restrictive than the streets!

    tl;dr: There is nowhere left to go. What is left of our liberties is most in evidence on our own property.

    We can not escape the tyranny by staying in the first-world countries where the infrastructure of total surveillance and tyranny blanket the entire country, and where almost 100% of the people are complicit with the tyrants.

    You’re making progress, Eric, by admitting that moving may be [is] inevitable [And that fact will remain no matter who wins the election- remember, this nonsense STARTED under OM’s watch!]- now you just have to realize that the only move which will provide a real solution is one to a locale where the infrastructure of surveillance and control are very limited [usually extant only in the biggest cities] and where the people are not sheep, and where they ignore government and or actively resist it, rather than being complicit with it.

    That is the ONLY option. Things will only get worse here- no matter who wins the election. There is no “fighting”- only resisting- and resisting will soon become much harder- and the onlyu “fight” will be that of not being captured, and of trying to at least take a few of the bastards with us when they come for us. Such a fight accomplishes nothing, for us nor anyone else- we’re just another handful of nameless Jews thrown in the oven.

    We may have our own reasons for not going/having gone yet (In my case, my soon-to-be 96 year-o;d mother, who is still perfectly viable) but to all those who don’t have an excuse worth dying for, NOEW is the time- the window of opportunity is just about closed already. When the heat is turned up much more (and one day soon, we will wake up, and it WILL be in our faces) we will be saying “I should have gone!”- as thje reality sinks in that our backs are to the wall, and our opportunity is gone- and the only choice left ot us is comply or die (Which is no choice- for die is really the only option).

    If we’re going to lose the things we love- our lives, lifestyles, liberties, possessions- we might as well at least just trade some of those things for a new start where we can again have similar things- rather than just let them be taken for naught.

    • Nunz, where are you going to go and how are you going to get there? The big communist power grab is worldwide. Your money is meaningless, and expatriation with less than $100k is unlikely and a fools errand. I will admit that parts of Europe like Romania and places in South America or Africa look interesting, for the reasons you gave- the tyranny is there but the infrastructure to make it really dangerous is not.

      Would you rather be an unarmed stranger without family and community in a strange land? Those folks are called prey. If you have hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in hand, you can buy your way in and have some hope of taking root. If not, you will be unwelcome when your stash runs out. That’s the way humans work, unfortunately, at least where resources are scarce.

      America, for all her flaws and all the damage done by public brainwashing/schooling, for all the damage done by lawyers and academics run amok, still has significant advantages. Not least of them are hundreds of millions of weapons in private hands and trillions of rounds of ammunition. And they are dispersed so that mass destruction like Eric Swalwell’s threat to nuke gun owners is ridiculous. This makes a very dicey environment for the tyrants who want to be. The indoctrinated women of both sexes who push gun control are clueless that those weapons in private hands make for a stable and safe society, even at the price of abuse by a criminal minority.

      Like media supervillains, they are doing tremendous damage, but their odds of actually succeeding in doing what they want are zero. They are fighting human nature, they are defying God himself. They are defying nature.

      Have a little faith buddy. I’m afraid it’s just about to get interesting, we all need to have our heads on straight and know what we’re about.

      • Ernie,

        I know people in Peru. Though they offer more freedom in DAILY life (e.g. being able to buy meds without Rx), their COVID lockdowns and restrictions were far WORSE than ours! For example, restaurants were totally closed there, while you could at least do takeout here.

      • Ernie,

        I’m talking about the wilderness. What country isn’t so important- just as long as it’s a place with a vast wilderness where they don’t have the resources nor interest to surveil it. Patagonia; the jungle; the desert [NOT in any of the first-world countries, where they highly monitor such]; outer islands…… I’m not talking about merely moving to some foreign city or suburb.

        How to get there? Private boat is the best option. There are websites where you can connect with people who are sailing to various places. Even if you go by more traditional means though…it’s easy to just “walk away” once you’re there- and at least for the time being, we still can go [A relative of mine recently returned from a vacation in Mexico- and even though he’s not a Libertarian, he has even expressed how much better it was there.)

        Yeah….the “advantages of being in the US”- the Constitution, and all of that. I used to think that way…back in the 80’s, when I first started thinking about leaving. All that is now gone. WE are now among the most tyrannical police states on earth.

        All the citizens with all of those guns? Where have they been for the last 50 years, as every facet of their country and culture was being hijacked??? You’re expecting them to suddenly spring into action now? Now that half of them live in states where they are limited to 6-round magazines? Where half of them are active “law enforcement officers” or current or ex-soldiers? Where 99% of them “support the troops” and advocate obeying whatever laws are shoved down our thraots? Yeah…how has that been working out? Are we free yet?

        Hell, they don’t need Geriatric Joe to win in order to effect total gun control. Have you tried buying a gun- or ammo lately? Good luck! 90% of the gun stores in my area are closed permanently; and the few that remain have nothing, and will likely be gone soon. I had to order some second-rate Serbian ammo from a place in FL. for top dollar…’cause no one has anything. This is likely part of the COVID & 2020 Election psyop- All the guns in the world are no good without ammo- and regardless of who wins the election, we now have a new SCOTUS judge who goes along with Uncle (and against liberty and the people) on virtually EVERYTHING put before her…and the “patriots” are cheering this as a victory! So expect what remains of the 2A to go away….no matter who wins, because no matter who wins…we lose!

        Meanwhile, in these third-world places, guns are often more common than in the US, because the people ignore the government, and as long as you’re away from the cities, you’re not going to be interfered with (or even see) a cop, unless you murder someone.

        Soory my friend- I klnow you mean well…but ya have to face facts: America is done. There’s no going back. It ain’t gonna end well. Come next Tuesday, either Trump will win, and the conservatives will cheer and then go back to sleep; or Biden will win, and the Conservatives will grumble a little…and then go back to sleep- but either way, we are going to have another 4 years of utter destruction of our liberties…and there isn’t left to take at this point.

        • Nunzio,

          I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t see the COTUS as an advantage to staying here; we all know that it’s pretty much SHREDDED at this point! For me, it’s more about the home field advantage; it’s about knowing the language, the culture, and customs. It’s about knowing where things are, and how to get to them, that sort of thing. It’s about knowing people here, having family and/or friends. THOSE are the advantages of staying here, not the COTUS, RIP… 🙁

          BTW, I agree with you about the gun owners; you’re totally right. One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is hearing one say, “I”m a LEGAL gun owner!” Oh, how that pisses me off! They’re like proud of the fact that they jumped through all those 2A infringing hoops to get the government’s blessing to own a gun-GMAFB. They’re proud that they passed the background check and everything else. Little do those fools realize that, by submitting to the background check, they’re asking gov’t PERMISSION to buy a gun-duh. These fools don’t seem to realize that, if you have to ask permission to do something, then you do not have the RIGHT to do that something! How much more elementary can it be?

          You know what I would’ve liked to have seen? The gun owners who were open carrying their guns at the protests in VA and MI to USE them! The VA protest didn’t do any good, as the VA legislature went on and passed most of the gun control laws anyway. In MI, they should’ve taken out some of the cops in the statehouse; then marched to Gov. Whitmer’s office; point the guns at her and say, “Either you lift these lockdowns, Darlin’, or else!” What good is a gun if you won’t USE the damn thing now and then? In neither instance did the lefty pols pay attention to the gun owners, because they knew that the gun owners wouldn’t DO anything; they knew that they wouldn’t USE the guns on them, even though they (the pols) deserved exactly that!

          Oh, and I trust that you know that the NRA is one of the biggest gun CONTROL organizations, right?

          Don’t get me started…

          • Well-said, Mark!

            Yes, the NRA has become an evil tool of the opposition. That’s the trouble with organizing…once somethinjg is organized, it can be infiltrated and easily turned 180*, and yet still hold great sway over it’s members.

            Ditto about the protests and using the guns!

            In TN. about 10 years ago, they wanted to implement a state income tax. A bunch of people marched on the capital, carrying guns, and throwing rocks and fists, and broke windows…and the state relented.

            Imagine if they had actually used those guns! If only people would stand up. If only our fathers had, when there were more people who would do so, and when we still had a chance…before the culture and demographics of the country changed.

            I can’t watch most of the gun channels on Youtube- what with all that “law abiding” stuff ya mentioned. “Just fill out the extra form and pay the $200 tax, and you can have an SBR” (Suuuuuure! Pay the bastards $1000 every 5 years, so you can keep what you own…as long as they let you…and they’ll know right where to go to pick it up when they stop letting you).

            Or “Check your local laws, as it varies in different jurisdictions”. Gee, funny, how the 2A only applies in some places…or partially applies in some places…..

            I live in a state where it’s perfectly “legal” for any citizen to buy, sell or trade firearms privately without any paperwork or anything. Try finding someone who wants to do it…or a place where you can advertise….

            The 2A is effectively a corpse already- with just a few lingering neuro impulses giving it the appearance of life.

            The gun stores are all out of business or going out of business. Ammo has been scarce for a long time, and now is virtually unobtanium. REPUBLICANS have installed gun-grabbers in high positions- but the headlines keep proclaiming “Guns selling in record numbers” Just where are all of these guns being sold?

            LOL- the only “guns” I’ve seen lately, were at Rural King yesterday…some Rough Rider .22 LR’s with barrels about a foot long! Literally the only guns in the store. (I guess maybe if the “mostly peaceful protesters” come to your door and ya want to challenge them to a duel…. ???)

            • Hi Nunzio,

              Ghost guns are the best bet….paid in cash. No background check, no tracking. The owner does need to be mechanically inclined and a few essential tools are required, but the privacy can’t be beat.

              • Amen to that, RG!
                Get ’em before they’re outlawed (They’re trying).
                May take a look today to see if any AK 80% lowers are still available…not holding my breath though.

                • FYI parts kits have gotten really expensive. Those of us “who haven’t done anything for the last 50 years” bought them years ago when they were cheap and the surveillance was easier to avoid. We all know what’s likely to come and we’ve been trying every civilized means to avoid it- but as the police state grips tighter, the pain is waking more people who used to think they could work within the system whom we’ve been patiently talking to, educating, and arguing with. You have to plant the seeds before the thousand flowers can bloom…

                  There are cheap 9mm subgun kits still readily available and cheap, but I wouldn’t ever advise putting one together- and 9mm is one of the hardest to get.

                  You might be wise to look for stuff in odd calibers which are still available- I know a guy who has a ghost AR in 450 Bushmaster. It’s expensive, but it’s very effective and every otherwise empty shelf has some on it. Also stuff like 8mm mauser and k98 rifles to shoot it. Not sexy, but very useful. Also 7.62 russian and Moisin Nagants. Also black powder/pyrodex, primers, and reproduction revolvers.

                  A modern rifle is nice, but a good shooter with a 1500 yard bolt action rifle is who the tyrants really fear.

                  • Can’t argue with any of that, Ernie- but odd caliber or popular….there’s little out there.

                    My bad for waiting so long. I’m good on close stuff, but need something long-range.

                    No big deal though- what’s the point really? Just to take a few of the bastards with us….our feeble little pea-shooters aren’t gonna save us.

                    • We’re all going to die someday. The point is that if a few percent of gun owners fight back and each take one or 2 with them, they will be out of enforcers in a few days and there will still be a lot of us. A good estimate is 80 million militiamen (unorganized gun owners)- 2 percent of that is 1.6 million- how many enforcers who will enforce tyrannical rules against former friends and neighbors can be fielded? I don’t want it but the tyrants cannot be allowed to win.

                  • a good shooter with a 1500 yard bolt action rifle is who the tyrants really fear.

                    ackshully not… becauseTHAT GUY will be unknown and inisible to the tyrants…. and never know what boutht their ticket to Eternity.

                    But that skill is a rare one. I know a few who can comman a thousandyard circle. Reaching out much further than that gets VERY tricky. But hey a thousandyards is a long ways. Bu the time one tyrant has nothing more to fear. his pals begin to wonder “what hit him”, and by the time they THINK they know where to look, our skilled rifleman is gone. Read about Hezekiah Wyman, of Lexington and Concord fame…… the range he owned with his smoothbore musket is the rough equivalent of 1500 metres today wiht our nice tools.

            • Morning, Nunz!

              There’s a limit to everything and my hope is that – at last – enough people are reaching theirs. I know I have about reached mine with the Face Diapering. I will have reached it if I cannot go out anymore without being forced to wear one. Then it’s time to fight. I am not saying I will win, mind. I am saying it is time to fight.

              • Hey Eric,
                See virtuaqlly everyone in the grocery store wearing masks, despite the fact that there is virtually nothing compelling them to? Doesn’t look like a sign of people who have had enough. If they can’t/won’t resist such an obnoxious tyranny which can be resisted at virtually no cost…I don’t think there is much hope of them exercising valiant bravery to fight the Beast…..any more so than one could expect the North Koreans to rise up and resist communism.

                We are living in a deluded world, where people display signs/vote for those who oppress them, and would sooner count US as their enemies.

              • For what it’s worth, I’ve started considering a nice grey bandanna/balaclava. While it does nothing against any virus or demon, it is likely to have value against facial recognition and the associated lawfare. The Antifu#ks got that tactic right.

            • Nunzio,

              IIRC, the NRA didn’t start out as an advocacy organization; they started out to help former Union soldiers shoot their rifles, since their accuracy during the Civil War was bad. They didn’t start out like GoA or JPFO, organizations that have been pro 2A from Day One. That said, JPFO hasn’t quite been the same since Aaron Zellman passed on.

              The NRA advocated for CCPs back in the day. Did you know that? Then, they provide the firearms instructors so you can GET said CCP! That’s about as good a racket as lawyers and accountants have with the IRS and doing peoples’ taxes. Neither (either CCP or the IRS) will go away, since there’s a nice, incestuous relationship going on with both of them. The NRA makes too much on CCP training to ever advocate for their repeal.

              Oh, and the NRA also helped Congress craft the GCA of 1968! They actually helped write that POS legislation that brought us the 4473, prohibited persons, etc. When the NRA asks me to join at a gun show, I just ignore ’em.

              • MM, Gun Owners Of America used to be a decent org (at least as far as I know….I don’t really pay that much attention to groups)…how are they doing these days? (Not holding ,my breath….everything decent becomes corrupt)

                  • You could do much worse with a double sawbuck than send it to GOA. They bird dog 2A issues in Congress and the White House. A force to be reckoned with. Check their newsletters online…

                • GOA is for real. They send a monthly newsletter recounting their involvement in actual court decisions, etc. that impact real people vis a vis 2A. Their outreach programs are smart and timely as well. No compromise.

  15. Even before this COVID hoax started, I started watching sailing videos on YouTube. There are people, mostly couples, who sail around the world and record their adventures. I used to sail when I was younger, so I thought about getting a cruising sailboat big enough to live on. I go back and forth on this.

    One, I like my little house in an inner suburb; it’s perfect for me. Two, I know the lay of the land. As others have pointed out, knowing one’s surroundings in the event of a conflict can be invaluable; the Viet Cong showed this to be true. Three, I’m not as mobile as I used to be; my knees have seen their better days! That would be an issue on a boat. Four, I don’t know how my cats would like boat life. Five, one of my cats is a special needs cat (feline kidney disease), which means making and giving her a laxative solution twice a day. Mixing the solution can be tricky on a stable, non-moving countertop; it would be very challenging on a rocking boat! Six, my cat with FKD drinks a lot of water, and she eliminates it in the litter box; I can go through a 35# bucket a week! Where would I store all that litter on a smaller boat that I can handle alone?

    Unless one can buy a huge boat (longer than 45-50 feet), storage will be an issue. Bigger boats also cost a lot! A Catalina 545, a 56 foot boat, costs $525K, and that’s one of the cheaper big sailboats; costs only rise from there. Even if one can afford a large sailboat, it’s more than one person can handle; even if one can singlehand a boat underway (challenging when one has to reef or change sails), what about docking and anchoring? You’ll need extra bodies to help with those tasks. Also, everything costs more on a bigger boat. Storage and dockage are normally charged by the foot, as are any maintenance chores you pay to have done, e.g. bottom cleaning. Bigger boats have more complex systems, which require more maintenance, and that costs more, as there is simply more to look after; even if you do the maintenance yourself, a bigger boat will simply require more parts and materials for a given task. For me, staying put is the better of two less than ideal choices. As I said, I go back and forth on this…

  16. There’s a whole subculture of people in vans, minivans, and even cars living on public lands in western states. You’d be surprised at the number of single women in the 40, 50, 60+ age group who are divorced or never married who can’t live on their paychecks or Social Security and pay rent on an apartment or home.

    They’ve taken to the road. No property taxes. No home insurance payments. No rent or mortgage payments. They register their vehicles and domicile in states with no state income tax. Then they find kindred spirits online and arrange to caravan in National Forests and Bureau of Land Management lands.

    It’s not just RVs that are in short supply. Tents are sold out, too. Eventually the moratorium on evictions of renters will be lifted, and those renters will be looking for housing options. More and more people will be living in their vehicles.

    There was a program on PBS on Sunday, Outside Beyond the Lens: Utah Overland. An 84 year old man told his story as he has been living in his old Chevy Suburban with two dogs. Don’t feel sorry for him, because he believes and is truly free.

    • Bob Wells (cheap RV living dot com) is one of the proponents of van life. He’s written a practical e-book about it.

      Bob and thousands of vanlifers gather in Quartzite, Arizona near the Colorado River in January.

      Try to imagine how that would work, once IC-engined vehicles have all been sent to the crusher. Ten thousand charging stations in the remote desert ain’t gonna happen.

  17. By all means, leaving the jurisdiction of tyranny is viable, but the passengers on the Mayflower did not continue their migration. I would suggest that since it looks as if the nation may balkanize anyway, that finding your way to an area that is less psychotic would be more tolerable for most. RVs are quite infrastructure dependent, which means you are going to have to find a place that can supply that infrastructure, frequently if you remain on the move. I’m too old to go full nomad, but a great many of us are simply not psychologically capable of suddenly living without electricity and running water. We don’t know how. Not to mention that the number of people that such a life could support is far less than what the remainder of our industry can support. Times are going to get hard. Real hard, but not as hard as attempting to live off the wild. I’ve done so for brief periods of my life. It’s not easy, and it certainly isn’t comfortable. Even if you are alone and physically capable. Wild animals don’t typically have long lifespans.

  18. ‘An RV – or even just a van – could be a kind of modern Mayflower that way.’

    This is the first recession ever in which RV demand rose instead of collapsed. Even used commercial vans that need fitting out for camping are selling at firm prices.

    When large numbers of people are evacuated from a hurricane, flood or forest fire (as in Cali and Colorado right now) or an extended power outage associated with those events, you don’t want to be dependent on public or Red Cross shelters.

    Big Gov presents a more amorphous threat. I was able to renew my expired drivers license for a year online, thanks to an executive order by the governor. Likewise, the US fedgov extended its noxious REAL ID deadline by a year, to Oct 1, 2021, for using “non-compliant” driver licenses to fly.

    So in some ways, the pandemic has produced some temporary slack in the formerly rigid system for enforcing “your papers, please.”

    Likely the new presidential administration will turn its attention to tightening the system back up, and even amplifying the oppression with new forms of mandatory biometric and digital ID for the human cattle.

    Meanwhile, looks like it’s going to take another year or two, minimum, before any bargains appear on pickups and RVs. That will require a double-dip recession which produces forced sales and liquidations.

  19. RVs have become so popular there’s a year plus wait to get a reservation at the most popular places.

    You can’t just park an RV wherever you want…at least not for very long before you get rousted by the landowner or local authorities.

    They’re also so cheaply made (with rare exceptions like Airstream) something’s always breaking down and should you choose to park such an expensive toy in the hinterlands remember the walls have all the ballistic resistance of heavy cardboard.

  20. Don’t buy the RV yet. I still think Tuesday’s election will play out with Trump winning the Presidency. There is too much movement from minority voters (from 2016, to now 2020) to not make a difference. In 2016, the Hispanic vote for Trump was 29%, currently it is sitting around 41%, Black Americans were at 8%, now the projected polling is at 18%, Asian Americans in 2016 were around 17% for Trump, they are now around 30%. There is also a large amount of newly registered voters that are not included in the polls, because either A) they have never voted for or B) have not voted in a long while (think 1984).

    If I am wrong and Biden does win you can find me 12 miles off shore in a 66′ Riviera. I will spend the rest of my life touring the Caribbean and South America.

    • You’re going to SINGLEHAND that beast?! I thought about doing something similar (see my other comment), but what about being able to check in to other countries? Even if you spend most of your time on board, you’ll have to come in to port occasionally to refuel, provision, and get spare/repair parts. I’m not trying to be critical here; I’m curious, because I’m contemplating something similar. I simply want to count the cost first, as the Bible says; I want to ensure that my bases are covered before I shove off…

      • A boat that size requires at least 4 capable people and a ton of boating experience. In the “old” days you had to be a really good captain to manage any boat above 50’, but with all of the new technology such as the Volvo Penta IPS joysticks, Skyhook, Garmin navigational systems, etc. it is much more manageable., although not for the inexperienced.

        I don’t know where you are located, but I know it takes about 1k a day to take a boat down the Intercostal Waterway on about a 40 foot power boat. This includes fuel, overnight marina fees, and meals. A sailboat would be considerably cheaper. To enter the Bahamas (Bimini) from Florida it is about three hours (90 miles) on a power boat. You have to check in with customs with each country. You do this by flying that country’s flag and a quarantine flag. The custom agents will come out and inspect your boat and you are on your way, of course after a few hundred fee. You can have guns but you need to let them know and they cannot leave the boat. At that point you can tour all of the Bahamas – Nassau, The Exumas, Marsh Harbor….there is about 700 islands, most unoccupied. That will take about 2 years. 😊

        I have had clients take a year or two off and sail down and around the USVI and BVI, both extremely beautiful. I have been to most of the Caribbean islands, but it has been by plane, not by boat, although I hope to do it one day when I get a bit closer to retirement.

        YouTube is an excellent resource for boating there and all of the requirements. Getting on most of the islands via boat is pretty easy, but pricey. A few of the islands can be a hassle dealing with the some of the venders, some can be aggressive, but some are also very helpful. You can get laundry done, fresh lobster brought to you, trash hauled away, etc. It is a lot of homework and research, but definitely something any boat lover should try….if nothing else a trip down the ICW or the Great Loop should be considered, too if the Caribbean is a bit too far,

        • RG,

          Thanks for the info-good stuff! I used to race Lasers and Rhodes 19s; I sailed Cal 20s and Catalina 22s; and I crewed on a Columbia 26 MKII, the Bill Tripp designed boat. That experience isn’t recent though; it’s been 35-40 years since I sailed. That said, I don’t think it would take too long to get back in to the swing of things, at least in terms of the basics.

          As for a boat of my own, I wouldn’t want to go much over 30′. They say that, in terms of boat weight (at least for sailboats), you don’t want to have more than 10K lbs. per person, so you’ll have adequate manpower for docking and stuff like that. I’d want to rig a wind vane for self steering. I’d want a tiller, since it’s a lot simpler than a helm. As for boats, I’d probably go full keel, since it offers protection for the rudder. What kind of boat? Some that I’d look at would be a Cape Dory 25, CD 28, Albin Vega, or Contessa 26. Those wouldn’t be the only boats I’d look at, but they’d be of a similar design: simple, tough, and blue water capable.

          Before that, I’d like to get a smaller boat, so I can get back in to the swing of sailing. My main candidate boats are the Cal 20, Mariner 19 (same hull as a Rhodes 19 but with a small cabin in lieu of the cuddy), Catalina 22, or a Colgate 26. That is to say boats that are fine for day sailing, but can do an overnight or two with little problem.

          Before buying a boat, I might join a club. I found a marina about an hour from me that has one. For an annual fee, you can have access to their fleet of Colgate 26s. It’s similar to the idea of a flying club, but for boats. That way, I can enjoy the boat without the headaches of ownership! I’m sure you know what BOAT stands for, right? Bust out another thousand!

          As I said in my other post, I don’t know if I’ll actually shove off or not; I’ll have to see what happens. Until my special needs cat is gone, I think it’ll be out of the question-at least leaving the country anyway. I could do the ICW, visit the FL Keys, and sail the East and Gulf Coasts; that would keep me busy for a while, and allow me to care for my special needs kitty. Anyway, shoving off is a ways off yet…

        • RG,

          I don’t know if you ever read John Grisham’s “The Firm”; I’m talking about the book, not the movie. At the end of the book, Mitch and Abby met up with a bank robber who’d pulled off an epic heist years before. The former robber had a sailboat. Hwas teaching them how to sail. He sailed around the Caribbean, since there were hundreds of islands where he could get lost… 🙂

          • Hi MarkyMark,

            I actually took sailing lessons about 8 years ago in Kilmarnock, VA. I learned on a Catalina…I believe it was a 250. Sailing is hard work! My first day of class I ended up with a crab net in the propellor! I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay, but most of my boating experience occurred on power boats mainly Regals. I love the Rivieras, but the Hatteras and Viking fishing boats I would also happily consider.

            Every time we head down to Florida we rent a boat for a few days and be bop near the Gulf, usually inland between Marco and Naples. It is great fun and FL has such a great setup being able to access the restaurants and shops via the waterway. I have not made it down to the Keys yet, although that is on my bucket list.

            I haven’t read the Firm, did see the movie. I actually met John Grisham twice. He visited a restaurant that I was the hostess of in wine country VA. He made the reservations under his real name, not his pen name and I was the idiot that sat him and his date by the kitchen! He was very nice and didn’t complain, but the second time he visited he ended up with a top notch table overlooking the vineyards. 😊

            • Hey RG and MM!

              My friend/client sold his 45′ sailboat c.25 years ago, to a guy who was well into his 70’s, who ended up single-handedly sailing it all over the world……

              If ya’s like boat stories:
              This site lists a bunch of people who made ocean crossings single-handedly in tiny boats…..with some links and info to books and accounts of some of the actual trips ….makes for good prospects for cold winter nights reading material!:

          • What about pirates who could Rob and/or kill you in these idyllic island locations? That is my concern about any re-location to South of the Border or farther afield.

  21. The window for being mobile as a solution is closing. Being without a permanent address doesn’t solve the fundamental problem that you need provisions. Someone will have to have a chunk of dirt to grow food and store fuel. There’s a limit to how much you can carry and for how long you can remain below the radar.

    Then figure in paying your tribute with a vehicle registration. You make yourself a target for LEOs by not having tags while moving around. So don’t register the vehicle and find a place to hide, maybe for a while until you need something or pop up when someone airborne spots you.

    FedGov isn’t going to roll over to allow dissent at a state level because coalescing of like-minded people such as might occur in a place like South Dakota, who is compliant with national crap like REAL ID anyway. Eventually you have to stand up and push back.

  22. I have considered buying an RV–a massive one since I have 5 kids 10 and under–but there’s something about being familiar with your surroundings too. You don’t have that while traveling around. There are plenty of places to get away in my neck of the woods, but the winters are brutal. The further up into the “getaway” you go, the more the snow stacks up, making it even more brutal. Sub zero is hell on RV’s plumbing and such.

    If it were just me and the wife, or even one or two kids, I’d more seriously consider this option. In the end, the “pandemic” has shown that there’s nowhere to go.

    I believe the elites have even been surprised at the success of this bullshit propaganda story. There are many people that I have considered to be contrarians that have bought this bullshit–at least in part.

    I’m staying home and we’ll see how it turns out. Fighting in familiar settings is the best option. The Vietcong showed that to be true not so long ago.

    • Hi Ancap,

      My needle bounces back from the left to the right. On the one hand, I – like – you very much esteem my place and the pace where my place is. On the other, I am pretty skeeved out by the degree of not mere submission to Sickness Psychosis but the embracing of it. As I have mentioned several times previously, I’ve lost two-thirds of my friends over this business. They believe – and I cannot abide that. Because I cannot abide weaponized derangement; the gas-lit pathologization of dissent. I am so damned tired of listening to them, of the sight of them.

      I wish I could flush them all down the commode.

      • I know what you mean about friends that are believers. Its hard. For me, most of my family gets it to varying degrees. But my friends? Nope. Not even a full handful, and these are lifelong friends- HS, college, some I lived with, in weddings with and so on. Most of them actually pretty aware of the world prior to this.. legit aware. But this whole episode is like a spell cast on most of them. Its difficult for me because I knew that they KNEW.. the overarching themes, big picture, etc. So I figured this shit would be pretty obvious for them to see. In the beginning I’d try to talk to them about it, and it wouldn’t go anywhere. Surprising, but I chalked it up to the uncertainty surrounding it. I figured after enough time it’d become more obvious. Instead as time went on, it became apparent & obvious to me that they were under the spell. Anything I’d say about it would either be completely ignored or sort of mocked. It hurts, but I tell myself that I can’t let this bs defeat us, the people, by severing bonds. I’ve let off the gas considerably as this has gone on, but I still throw some crumbs and hope they decide to follow the trail.
        For my wife, its the opposite- her family is how my friends are. And her friends are like my family is. Its crazy on so many levels- ALL of it.

        • D.,
          Either you’re very fortunate, or you’re only taking your friends and fambly at face value. What I mean is, it’s rare to find ANYONE who truly sides with us on this. If you’ve got any- friends, relatives, whatever…it’s like a miracle.

          I’ve found that in practice, even the ones who say they’re with you- and who may even act it when no one else is looking, just have to see a sign, or hear a stern voice, and they fold faster than Superman on laundry day.

          Like one of my neighbors, when they had first proposed the National Animal ID system. He go on about how wrong it was, and how he’d never comply….and then POOF! -next thing ya know, he had VOLUNTARILY signed up for it ($$$Subsidie$$$)….” ’cause we’re gonna have to do it before long anyway”.

          The very people whom you think will be standing with you, will likely be the first to rat you out.


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