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That the members of the Sickness Cult belong to a cult based on weaponized hypochondria is easily demonstrated – without need to point out the logical absurdity of  forcing someone who isn’t sick to wear a “mask” (aka a Face Diaper) or the outright idiocy of insisting they do for just long enough to place an order in a deli conga line or walk to a table before taking the thing off for the duration of their meal.

It is, simply, that any old rag will do.

Literally. All that is necessary to avoid being hassled about a “mask” – the verbiage is revelatory – is to pull up a neck sock or loosely drape a bandana around your mouth and nose. A motorcycle helmet meets the criteria  . . . for showing you accept the tenets of the cult.

If it weren’t a cult of sickness as opposed to being about sickness then there would be minimum standards. People would be required to wear a respirator fine enough to prevent them from exuding viral material and inhaling it.

Goggles would be required in addition because without them, even the wearing of a respirator is like wearing a partial space suit to walk on the surface of the Moon.

Not just silly – but lethal.

So, they’re not really serious  . . . about sickness. They are serious about miming it.

The as to why is the real question. What is to be gained by making everyone pretend that everyone else is sick or might be and that the only way to keep everyone from getting or giving a sickness is to efface the face behind literally anything . . . so long as the face is effaced?

The question was just answered – and it’s sickening.

Enmasking maintains the hysteria about sickness, both the getting and the giving. This serves the purpose of making everyone afraid of everyone else – which serves to prevent anger from fomenting in the right direction, toward the state itself. Sickness is blamed for the loss of jobs, liberty and what was just ten months ago ordinary face-to-face human interactions.

The mask makes everyone look alike and appear to think alike. This why masks are mandated rather than respirators.

The mask  – the effacing of the face – is the the thing. This is absolutely essential for maintaining the discipline of the cult

Obedience for its own sake. Submission – as the radical Islamists style it (more on that in a moment).

This also explains the as-if-on-cue switcheroo in early summer from the body count to the “case” count. Which was necessary to foment Mass Masking – via mass hysteria – in order to create the impression of an ongoing – a worsening and never-ending – “crisis”  . . .before too many people caught on that it had passed.

That it never was.

This is why there has been no letup in reporting of “the cases! the cases!”   . . . to prevent that realization from dawning by shouting it down. And because of that, no real letup in the masking even though it is now generally true that the formal orders to mask have been rescinded or aren’t being enforced.

People mask regardless.

Many will mask forever – for exactly the same reason that many Mormons wear what is styled the “garment” and  some orthodox Jews wear a yarmulke.

It is a sign of belonging.

The difference, of course, is that neither the Catholics nor the Mormons insist that others outside their order pretend to belong by performing the same rituals and wearing the same ritual clothing.

Even the Amish don’t insist that everyone grow a beard and wear a black outfit.

But that is because these cults – pardon the term, but it’s etymologically accurate ( a religion is just a cult that’s gone mainstream and lasted awhile) have mellowed over the years, generally because they were forced to. People tired of burnings-at-the stake and the multiple marriage of 12 year-olds to 60-year-olds.

They had to tone it down.

But the Sickness Cult is a young and vigorous cult that hasn’t had time to mellow and become a going-through-the-motions thing. Its closest analog is radical Islam, which – mark this – also insist on the wearing of an item of clothing and not just by the faithful. To not wear it if in their company is to risk outraged ululations and very possibly an attack.

If it sounds familiar, it should.

Also familiar – and alarming – is that the fanaticism of the fervent cannot be calmed with reason. A Sickness Psychotic is as deaf to the facts, such as the ordinary-flu-like Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) of the WuFlu – i.e., the number of otherwise healthy people who get seriously sick and then actually die – as well as the fatuity of accepting any old rag as a “mask” – as a Jihadi with a boxcutter.

These people can only be dealt with in one way – and it may come to just that.

God help them. God help us.

. . .

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  1. Spend more time at your gym. The gym doesn’t seem to require masks. You don’t want to wear a mask.
    It would seem the conclusion is you should spend more time at your gym, or at your favorite bar.Clover

    Perhaps you could have a sneezing contest.

    • Clover,

      I’d have a “sneezing contest,” as you suggest – if I could summon a sneeze. But even though I never wear a Face Diaper, nor “practice” the bizarre Kabuki rituals people like you say are necessary to avoid the sniffles, I haven’t been able to acquire them.

      Does it raise any questions in your mind that people like me aren’t “getting sick”? Has it ever occurred to you that if the Face Diaper Farce had not been imposed, it would be obvious that Face Diapers are a farce because – as has always been the case throughout this farce – almost no one is even getting sick (let alone dead)? You’d see almost no one wearing a Diaper – and they wouldn’t be getting the sniffles, either.

      This is why, in fact, cretins like you want the Diaper Farce to continue – so as to perpetuate the farce. It is no different than having almost everyone walk around with a traffic cone on their head as Meteor Protection and then claiming “cones work.”

      WuFlu is a problem for the already very sick and the already very elderly. Just as highway traffic running 75 MPH is a problem for the glaucomic. Do you think highways should be shut down or speeds lowered to 10 MPH to accommodate the glaucomic? The Diaper Regime is based on exactly such an absurd premise.

  2. Recently, the store I frequent no longer allows me to not wear a mask. The manager never used to either. But he said OSHA is threatening them, so now they must force everyone to wear the stupid-1984 slave muzzle. Luckily they still allow face shields (which many employees wear), because it’s alot easier to breathe through them. But I just heard today, in OR, some jerks are trying to ban the face shields too. They just won’t ever leave us alone. We can’t even have that now?! I actually have breathing problems, and it’s hard for me to breathe through a stupid mask, so they are warring against people with real health problems now. I would literally vote to burn these jerks alive on a stake. I sincerely hope I’m on their jury in the ‘afterlife’ and I get to vote to send them to burn in hell for millions or maybe even billions of years. Each one of these state jerks is tormenting & terrorizing MILLIONS of people in their state… so far they have 6+ months of bad karma to pay off for EACH person in their state. In OR there’s 4.2 million people, so that means they have 2.1 million YEARS of bad karma & suffering to pay for their crimes, but they’re still going… they’re not done yet.

    IDK what I’m going to do anymore, I can’t wear a damn stupid mask! I’m not a stupid idiot either, it’s goddang humiliating! I’m going to end up making them have to call the sheriff to tell me to leave the store. And all the other people are just going to turn the other way, while wearing their stupid slave muzzles. I HATE THE PEOPLE NOW. Makes me wonder if they’re even worth trying to help anymore. Maybe this is why all the ‘doomsday prepper’ types have given up on society — maybe they’ve lost faith in humanity. But that’s the easy/lazy way of thinking. I’m sure the people don’t want to wear their slave muzzles, but they just have no power at all to resist, everyone is threatened with losing their job, etc. Such as the manager at my favorite store, he never wore a mask, but now his job/livelihood is threatened.

    • Hi Krazy,

      You are not alone. I begin to hate them also. The Diaperers. Like you, I rage at the humiliation entailed by Diapering. You are presumed to be a leper radiating death, which is despicable enough. But there is also the effacing of your face – and the faces of others. Having to attempt to communicate with others when you can’t see their face – and expressions – is a profoundly unsettling experience. Psychiatry confirms this. People need to see the faces of the people they are interacting with. Take that away and you create unease, suspicion, alienation.

      I encourage you not only to defy the Diaper order yourself – even if it means risking arrest – but also to encourage the store owner to do so as well. The thing to understand is that you have nothing to lose. If this Diaper Regime isn’t ended, our lives as we know them are over.

      • Thanks. IDK, I’m screwed because I have a hard time breathing… maybe I can make my own slave muzzle out of thin cheesecloth — since noone cares if it actually works anyway. Else maybe they’ll slap a huge fine on me, and maybe they’ll “test” me to see if I may have infected others, and of course it might be “positive”, then I’ll be thrown into a death camp where they can torture me some more.

        This whole scam is so devious in every way. I figured out why it’s so frustrating — because it’s literally the stupidest thing they could come up with in the entire universe of possibilities. There’s nothing stupider.

        If we had militias everywhere, this would’ve never even started, because they would’ve arrested all the traitors a long time ago, and the militias would protect the people, unlike our “sheriffs” who just bend over — our “sheriffs” are just PRETEND sheriffs — it’s all show to keep us all enslaved/inprisoned.

  3. Sorry Eric, this article will make your teeth ache. But this is what is going for an “auto” review these days…..

    So many things wrong with this “review”.
    1. It’s barely about the actual vehicle…….(Cadillac Escalade)
    2. He wants to review the “tech” only for the most part.
    3. Is obsessed about “safety”.
    4. Has a clear bias against the large vehicles that most buyers want.
    5. Is afraid about his driving of it…….

    Why is this guy reviewing cars?

    • Hi Brandon,

      I circle back to this business of literally any old rag qualifying as a “mask” – which is or ought to be proof that this is for show. A show of obedience to arbitrary degradation. There is no other sound explanation. But tell it to a “masker.”

    • Good stuff, Tom. It’s gotten to the point where things are now so absurd, that just to hear the obvious readily-observable truth is cause for cheer.

      On a somewhat related note: I was doing some cleaning-out of old stuff T’other day, and came across this: (At one time I had tons of stuff like this this photocopied from books and journals, etc.- but disposed of most of it, ’cause I know it well, and it’s use to educate others never materialized, as no one ever seemed to care):

      From a letter from Baruch Levy to Karl Marx
      Jun. 1, 1928

      “The Jewish people as a whole will be it’s own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races,by the abolition of frontiers, the anihalition of monarchy, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship.
      In this new world order, the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The governments of the of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews.
      It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled in which it is said that the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”

      We are seeing the establishment of this long-planned “world republic” being implemented before our very eyes- the hoax of COVID being used to destroy the world’s economies and implement worldwide control, and the circumstances under which the masses will beg for a “benevolent world dictator to save them”……

      • Whoops… My bad- The date I mentioned above is the date of the Revue de Paris edition in which the letter was published…… Obviously, Marx was long dead by then….. (If only all of his modern followers were!)

      • And the White Supremacists/Aryan nutters want to rule the world, subjugating or eliminating the “mud races”, the Muslims plot their World Caliphate, the Negros think they should rule, and probably dozens of other groups would like to take over and stick to everyone else for their own benefit. There’s always someone who thinks their particular brand of hu-man is “special” and should rule the world, it[s been going on throughout history and probably pre-history as well.

        A letter from some deranged fruitcake Hebe with delusions of grandeur to a communist dirtbag is hardly proof of millenia-old conspiracies, Nunz. Any nutjob can go around writing “We’re going to take over the world!” letters. It’s like the Brain (of “Pinky & the Brain fame) plotting to take over the world every night.

        • Well-said, Jason –

          I’d only add that, as advocates for the individual it is our especial obligation to never collectivize individuals. There are jerks – and worse – of every hue and background. What defines them is that they are jerks and worse. No their hue or background.

          • Eric- this is like when libruls can’t bring themselves to admit that there is a problem with the black community at-large and violent crime. They’ve been taught for so long that to ascribe any nefarious characteristics common to a certain group to the group that blatantly and perpetually practices those characteristics is somehow “raciss” that they refuse to acknowledge or deal with the problem- and so not only allow them to continue, but even ascribe their causes to those who are not responsible for them.

        • Yes, many want to rule the world- but who has been carrying out the steps necessary to do so (and in the process, literally destroying the other groups of contenders) over the course of many generations and across many continents? And whose attempts are now coming to fruition?

          Do the Moozlims control the media; the medical establishment, academia, and wield international governmental influenceacross Western nations?

          Say what you want, but we are living with the reality……

          • Groups of eeeevil conspirators don’t control the media, the medical establishment, academia, etc. Specific individuals do and their ethnicity is irrelevant. You will also find that there are places where people of other backgrounds are controlling those areas of life and they do exactly the same things. Human nature is the same no matter what one’s ethnic background happens to be.

            I’m afraid that all you have is supposition, innuendo, and circumstance. As I’ve said before, show us the interoffice memorandums from the Rothschilds to the Rockefellers giving the latter their marching orders, or the time, place, and/or minutes of the meetings where this Cabal of eeevil hooknoses plans their deviltry and we’ll talk. Maybe it’s something like this?


            In the meantime I have found that Occam’s Razor and Sturgeon’s Law are excellent rules of thumb for evaluating these kind of claims (as well as for dealing with life in general). There is simply nothing going on that cannot be adequately explained by the perfidious side of human nature in general that has been active throughout history.

            • I guess you’re right Jason- definitely no predominance of any one group in Hollywood….

              In other news, there is no correlation between the natural ability of any particular race and the NBA……

              • What you’re overlooking is the reason for that is that some members of “that one group” created Hollywood out of nothing early on in the history of motion pictures. They saw an opportunity and acted on it, getting in on the ground floor of a then-new technology and industry. This is the result of free enterprise, not some crazy kosher “conspiracy” going back thousands of years.

                • And what have they DONE with that opportunity? Without the mind-control spread worldwide by Hollywood (“But Hollywood is American!”) the destruction of the cultures and races and nations of the world would not have been possible. Hollywood, more than any other single thing has enabled the ancient Talmudic dreams to be realized.

                  If Hollywood were just “entertainment” or merely neutral, who would even care? But the fact that it is owned and controlled by the cult of conspirators whose very religion (NOT Scriptural worship of the God of Abraham- but the worship of themselves, as set forth in the Babylonian Talmud) demands as a tenet of service the subversion and control of the minds of the goyim dogs, is quite significant.

        • Im not sure why I try but the zionists who run our world arent jewish and never have been. Theyre converts to a jewish secular satanic cult from central asia called the khazars. Not one of them believes in Jehovah from the old testament. Theyre still are real jews in the middle east and generally the zionists hate them. Peter the great originally kicked their ass and they went to europe to steal as much as possible. Country after country kicked them out but they finally settled down and funded centuries of european warfare. I dont know of one ‘Aryan’ that wants to take over the world but its all over in zionist books and letters like the one Nunz provided. Globalism is a zionist communist plot to take over everything. And dupes like Jason will defend them to his dying breath.

            • Hey Mark3,
              I’ve never seen a more apt example of “If you want to know who is really in charge, just look to those whom you’re not allowed to criticize”.

              What happens when we criticize the Cabal? (Even here, amongst those who should know better, sadly)……

              • Hi Nunz,

                I’m not afraid to criticize anyone or anything deserving of criticism. But I won’t criticize bogeymen. The “cabal”? What does this mean, precisely? In loose rhetorical terms it means the power elite – the people with money and so power who occupy the top positions in government, business/finance and media/entertainment. One can identify specific members. Are they all of a given racial/religious/ethnic persuasion? Is membership debarred to people not of the right racial/religious/ethnic persuasion?

                It is obviously not a monolithic “cabal” except as regards the shared lust for dominion its members evince.

                The fact that there are what might be characterized as a large number of people of Jewish background in the “cabal” relative to the number of Jewish people in the population does not make it a Jewish cabal. Why are there are a large number of Jews in this “cabal”? My own explanation for this is that on average Jewish people are pretty smart and there are proportionately more very smart Jewish people relative to the number of Jews overall. One also finds a large number of people of Jewish background in medicine and science. Is that evidence of a “cabal” or just smartness expressing itself?

                The bottom line is that if we begin our moral philosophy with the premise that individuals have rights then collectivizing individuals is wrong.

          • Hey, Markie, I was waiting for you to chime in with your usual nonsense!

            First of all, I don’t give a rat’s ass about the garbage you spew from your book of legends and fables. Neither do most other sane people. (You do know of course that there is considerable evidence that the original Israelites were black. You’re worshipping a Nigga, white boy!)

            Khazar, Schmazar, it makes no difference. Race is irrelevant .

            I have dealt with aryan warrior dirtbags for decades and quite a few do want to take over the world and eliminate or subjugate the “mud races”. (There was even some European politician in the 1930s that embarked on such as scheme, now what was his name? Of course you probably believe that Poland invaded Germany!)

            The only thing that “Zionist” really means is someone who believes that Jews should live in Israel. The rest is only in the fevered imaginations of individuals that tend to be a motley crew of hate-mongers.

            Sorry, but everything you “know” is wrong.

            • **”there is considerable evidence that the original Israelites were black.”**

              LOL. King David was described as being “ruddy”- like when one is red-cheeked. I’d like to see a schvatze fit that description….without the use of paint!

              Jeremiah 13 asks if an Ethiopian can change the color of his skin. Why reference an Ethiopian, if Israelites black?

              They sure did end up becoming coalburners though!
              Ezekiel 23: “For she lusted for her paramours, Whose flesh is like the flesh of donkeys, And whose issue is like the issue of horses.”

  4. If yous[sic] wanna know how it’s gonna be with this COVID crap and their vaccines and various mandates, just look at how it is is with dogs:

    Your bow-wow bites someone or another dog, the first thing they want is “proof of rabies immunization”. Doesn’t matter that rabies, even in the wild is extremely rare- and even rarer among house pets; doesn’t matter if your animal shows no signs or symptoms of sickness or rabies -hell, rabies would likely be extinct if it weren’t for the fact that they keep it alive by manufacturing the disease in the lab, to profit off of it by selling the unaware vaccines for their dogs, which result in those dogs now becoming just as sickly with degenerative diseases like cancer and other diseases which afflict human pin cushions= all that matters is that one has proof that Fido was poked.

    So it is about to become the case with us!

    Just as with the masks…doesn’t matter if you’re sick or not- the objective is to make YOU the submissive dog.

  5. “In re religious acquiescence to Diapering: I understand why the organized “churches” have to submit – or at least, I understand the pressure to (i.e., the tax-exempt status).”

    Under current federal tax laws, the value of 501 C-3 just isn’t what it used to be. I’d like to see more churches relinquish that status, and start basing their actions on what God wants, rather than what the tax code encourages.

    This would at least lessen the overwhelming compulsion to which too many pastors submit……alliance with the fedgov’s Clergy Response Team. (A horrible way to destroy one’s soul.) If you don’t know what that is, search engine it up. They have deleted much of the info on this. But search hard, and you will find.

  6. What else could one call a massive reaction to a thing that presents no facts whatsoever to back it up but a religion? The entire charade is based on belief, and those who promote that belief are only too happy to preach the gospel of the corona church to a congregation eagerly willing to “believe”. As sad as it is to say, as a people we deserve exactly what we are getting. The eagerness with which the general population has fallen to its knees is a perfect demonstration of the total lack of any ability to critically think at all. All hale public education, the by far most successful propaganda machine in the history of the species.

  7. My neighbor was actually bragging about her adult son who volunteered as a guinea pig for the WuFlu vaccine. She said she can hardly wait to get to get her own shot of mystery fluids. And this woman is supposed to be educated and in her early seventies. I had to bite my tongue and not say something derogatory.

    • Hi Charlie,

      None of this surprises me because I have been railing about the Safety Cult and presumptive guilt/punishment for decades. Some thought I was making too much of it; that the things I predicted could never happen. And here we are. Now, I’m no genius – it just takes someone capable of drawing conclusions/extrapolating from principles to particulars. It seemed to me that anyone not actually slow could see that, as an example, if the government can force people to submit to being stopped at random at a “safety” checkpoint then the government has already acquired the power to force people to prove they are not “terrorists” at airports – and from there to wearing a Face Diaper because they are presumed plague carriers.

      • “Now, I’m no genius…”

        There are those who would disagree.

        “Genius, this is the misunderstanding of the academic intellectual mind. It perceives understanding complexity as intelligence and cleverness, when genius is seeing the simple, hidden by complexity. We are what we perceive. Change what you perceive and you will change what you experience.” David Icke

  8. Interesting you bring up the Mormons. I live as much in Mormondom as possible not in the state of Utah. I live in south east Idaho. There is a lot of rejection of the face diapers here, most of the dissenters are Mormons. But to be admitted to the temple(where all are garment wearers)now you must wear a mask. No exceptions.

    There aren’t religions any more. There are 501C corporations. The Mormons are just that. Like the majority of their Christian brethren. Organs of the state.

    • Hi Ancap,

      In re religious acquiescence to Diapering: I understand why the organized “churches” have to submit – or at least, I understand the pressure to (i.e., the tax-exempt status). What I do not understand is why people don’t just abandon these adjuncts of the state and get together to worship in their own homes. Isn’t a “church” wherever the believers gather together? I am not specifically religious – I hold to no particular doctrine – but if I were and if I had friends or people who were of the same mind, I’d say: To heck with the Cult of the Diaper; let’s just meet up at my house on Sundays from now on. No Diapers. And carry on.

      • And that is exactly what some of us have done. There are some congregations that do not mask or distance and, not surprisingly, they’ve not had a rash of deaths.

        One of those pastors put it this way to the congregation; “Three things can happen with this virus. 1. You don’t get it, PRAISE GOD!. 2. You get it and get better, PRAISE GOD!. 3. You get it, die and meet your Savior, Jesus Christ, PRAISE GOD!. So don’t be fearful and worry about it.”

        As far as the religious aspect of the maskers, it’s part and parcel of the Church of Environmentalism. Notice how we’re getting the Green New Deal by another name and process now. The two movements are joined at the hip…

        As a Christian I will only offer you my testimony of faith and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You are free to accept or reject it. I will not force you to agree with me. First of all that would violate the basic message of Jesus. Second, if my threats were the only thing getting you to mouth agreement, your “acceptance” would be meaningless. Third, it would only generate more hostility in the world.

      • They worshiped in their own homes for a few months after der fuhrer Russel Nelson shut their meetings down. But now they have rolled out “masks strongly encouraged” meetings, where–I hear from neighbors–Karen and/or Kevin sit at the door and do some heavy encouragement of masks. Since meetings have been continued, the members are no longer “authorized” by the leadership to meet in their own homes for church.

        It is an interesting thing. Mormons are dissenters on so many levels, but when their leaders speak, they throw off their independence and follow the leaders as if it came straight from God himself. It’s an abandonment of their early years.

        A side note: Russel Nelson isn’t just a corporate suit wearing prophet. He’s also a lab coat medical field hero. Some of the flock has seen this and are leaving. But there are a lot of people playing mental gymnastics to give themselves reason to stay. Sometimes it takes a bit for the sheep to see the wolves.

  9. Uniformity is key to help cement cultish behavior into the psyche. While simultaneously showing who all those ” non-believers” are.

    This whole thing has turned into such a bunch of monkey s**t. It’s like living in an insane asylum and not being able to check yourself out.

    Now put on your flip-flops, button up your gown and eat yer dern pills cuz the lab-coat sez so!

  10. I don’t know if you covered it here, Eric, but you should show a little more respect for covid-1984, which is a miracle virus that has almost entirely eradicated influenza. Flu cases are down 97%. Either covid kills flu or the CDC can’t tell a coronavirus from a flu virus from a bacterium from a hole in the ground from its asshole. My money’s on the latter.

    • I cannot say it enough- there IS NO PANDEMIC! The mortality numbers for the year are entirely normal, on track to be less than 2019 and 2018, and a little above 2017. This alleged 210,000 dead is unquestionably wrong, documented to include car wrecks, murders, overdoses, and suicides. There MIGHT be a virus, though it hasn’t been proven. It MIGHT have killed a few people, that’s what viruses do.

      What has really happened, is that the quacks have killed a lot of people with their treatments (induced coma ventilation primarily). But then they manage to kill somewhere between 250 and 750,000 every year with their potions, vaccines, and procedures. They get paid to practice on you- which is a sick tautology.

  11. How to tell if you’re a slave: you wear a face diaper, anti-social distance, wear rubber gloves,compulsively disinfect,
    don’t shake hands, don’t hug, stay home, are always afraid, parrot “we’re all in this together,” “stay safe,” “new normal,” “stay strong,”
    “we’re all in this together.”

  12. Perhaps they’ll self-deal. Most will trip over themselves to receive their injectable grape drink. Invariably, followed by an “unexplainable” but predictable rise in tumors, autoimmunity, respiratory disorders, cognitive decline, infertility, and death.

  13. ran into a local kroger here in far north dallas today. store was crowded. as far as i could tell i was the only one over the age of 5 that was free facing it. i swear these people are so far gone….i don’t even get the usual stares from adults anymore. in fact, it was the younger kids that looked at me like i was doing something crazy.

    • Ha, ha, I year ya’! I don’t get as many stares from adults either, but for some reason the children are the one who look at you bug-eyed.

  14. Diapers for “the help” while one 8xbillionaire who censors tweets questioning masks from the director of neuroradiology at Stanford Medical 1998-2012 sits right next to and speaks with another 3xbillionaire rapper (with his singer wife diaperless and a bunch of diaperless kids around) on a yacht in the Hamptons without diapers. Black Plague level sickness indeed…

    • Far be it from me to criticize one of God’s creatures, but doesn’t Jack Dorsey look like a cave man thawed from an ice core and reanimated? The hastily added a nose ring to help him look hip.

      By the way, who died and made these tech giants boss? I’m looking at you, Gates.

  15. From Mark Passio’s “Natural Law” seminar:

    If a human being’s right brain hemisphere becomes chronically dominant, the Limbic System will take over executive function of the brain, and the person will become ruled by their Emotions and develop a personality based in submission and naiveté.

    Right-brain imbalanced people have characteristics of: Naiveté, blind belief, religious extremism, solipsism, unworthiness, self-loathing, order-follower, willing slave.

    And they’re only too easy to be ordered around by the Left-brain imbalanced order-makers, whose personalities are rooted in Domination and Control.

    • Interesting you bought up Passio.

      As I was reading this I was reminded of his presentation on order followers mainly in military and police agencies, and how their training methods are literally based in occult programming.

      • You got it. Poor spiritual infants who were never RAISED by their parents, and acting out their childhood trauma on the rest of us.

        Correct, their “training” follows cult indoctrination techniques to the letter:
        1. Isolation from the rest of society: Physical separation from the rest of the community. Creation of an “us vs. them” mentality. Demonization of outsiders, those who “don’t belong.”
        2. Conformity (we’ll break you down and build you up): No individuality tolerated; one’s old identity must be completely shed. Uniforms to create sameness in appearance. Sameness in speech and behavior.
        3. Indoctrination: Rigorous schedules and instruction. Repetitive behaviors (obstacle courses, drills, formations, marching in step, etc.). Repeated phrases, chants, and songs.
        4. Trauma: High levels of activity to the point of exhaustion. Low sleep time and disrupted sleep. High carbohydrate and low nutrient diet. Also, in police academies, new recruits are shown hours of videos of police being murdered on the job.
        2. Explaining that their group is “special” and has special rights.

        • Hi Michael,

          Indeed. In no small measure, you’ve described the way many kids have been raised, too. Which helps explain the ease with which Diapering has been impressed upon them as adults.

          • Hi Eric,

            Yep. It starts from teaching children REAL right from wrong: The non-aggression principle and self-defense principle. Imagine the world if that were universally acknowledged!

            Instead, when I bring up NAP, I get the same crap from “adults” or 20 somethings:
            “But what if a dam is about to burst and you have to warn the village, but there’s a man blocking the roooooad?!?!”

  16. Comparing them to radical Islamists, or fundamentalists of any religion, is SPOT ON. These people have been pushed way too far into right-brain imbalanced thinking. They accept without questioning whatever their “masters” tell them is true. They’re a population of willing slaves who are only too obedient to their “masters.” Their masters love giving orders to their slaves.


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