Armed Government Workers Abuse Kid With Down Syndrome

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It takes a retarded person – in terms of moral development – to berate a mentally handicapped person and it takes an intellectually retarded person to not understand that a guy with Down Syndrome is probably not out driving a car committing crimes.

It takes – in other words – an armed government worker.

Such a one – several of them – Hut! Hut! Hutted! the home of  Connecticut resident Rebecca Roy, supposedly looking for the fleeing driver of a Honda CR-V vaguely similar to the one owned by Roy. They drew a bead on Roy’s brother as the suspect, despite Roy’s  pointing out (as if it were necessary to point it out) that her brother suffers from Down Syndrome and isn’t able to drive.

“He cannot read well,” Rebecca wrote in a Facebook post describing the incident. “He is not capable of moving deftly enough to steal a street sign, nor does he have any motive to do so. My mother and I explained this to the (AGW) who by now had been joined by three additional (AGWs) and four total squad cars. Even so, they said they would need to ask my brother some questions.”

This went on for some time before the ordeal was finally concluded.

And they – the AGWs – wonder why they’re feared and loathed. It has little to do with race – and everything to do with arrogance, entitlement, bullying and general bovine asinine stupidity.

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  1. American police departments receive “free” training in israel in israeli police tactics. The traditional American “escalation of force” doctrine has been abandoned and replaced wit the israeli “command and control” doctrine.
    “We are all Palestinians, now”

  2. I had an ugly incident this weekend. I have a neighbor in late/end stage lung cancer and he was having mental health issues (obviously hallucinating, saying there were people in his bed and hiding in his basement, that he’d bought a new Dodge Scamp and that girl who drove it in from Detroit had stolen it and the car he was driving). He called the cops and a local Sheriff’s deputy I’d never seen before showed up to “investigate” the stolen car. Being the local mayor and on the local volunteer fire/rescue squad, I went to intercept the cop and let him know what was going on but he was actively hostile, going “cop” on the guy.

    When someone is having mental problems, the rational person stays calm, soothing, and alert. Force and aggression are ALWAYS the LAST resort. This guy was being mouthy and aggravating. In addition when I showed up he ignored me and acted like a threat had appeared. In fairness I was working outside cleaning old buildings so pretty much dressed like a hobo myself, but still…

    I was able to defuse the situation, get they cop to come down the street to explain the situation. But it was close and had I not been there I suspect it could have gone very badly.

  3. I was a cop for almost 30 years (street cop, Swat, detective) Handicapped people loved us. The majority of the LE I worked with over the years would have never considered acting like a AGW. The last couple of years it started to change. Mostly from a lack of leadership. The last chief we had (who is still there) is a political man child. Since retiring I have seen approximately 3/4 of the dept retire or leave for other departments. Now it is kids with no mature officers to train and temper them down.

    • Hi Michael,

      Something has definitely changed – and my anecdotal experience bears out what you’ve said. I’ve had a number of ordinary traffic interactions – I’m a car journalist; they send me fast cars to drive! – and the older guys have been generally reasonable. But I’ve had a couple of Hut! Hut! Hut! types, too – all of them young.

      I think, however, the underlying problems are: The inducement of paranoia – this became noticeable in the early 2000s – and its attendant/disproportionate fixation on “office safety,” the hair-trigger escalation and use of extreme measures over minor “offenses” and – most profoundly – the shift away from a mostly peace-keeping role to what is styled “law enforcement.”

      I note that you yourself refer to being a cop – not “law enforcement” – which is a function of your being one of the former and not one of the latter,

      Thanks for adding your 50 cents to this; it’s good to have you joining the discussion!

  4. What I find disheartening and disgusting is the fact that almost all women ever born just cannot wait to kiss the ass of a badge carrying criminal.

    “Oh, look a pig is knocking on the door. So? You are really not going to answer that are you? Sure, I just can’t wait to kiss his badge carrying criminal ass.”

    I am a former federal official and a peaceful, law abiding citizen. I truly believe in law and order. No, I don’t answer the door when a badge carrying criminal knocks on it. If they have a warrant, then they will kick the door in anyway. Otherwise, the badge carrying lowlife sleazebags have no business on my private property.

  5. Their actions are similar to those of chickens, which I know Eric has experience with. If one of the chickens displays weakness or injury, the rest of the flock will pick at them until they finally kill and eat them. Needless to say, the chickens have an excuse. Their brains are tiny. Hence the term “bird brain”. On the other hand, these AGWs are demonstrating pure evil, since they have no other excuse.

    • JW, don’t insult the birds. Many migratory birds fly halfway around the world with their flock. And do so peacefully. AGWs have bigger brains, but do not question their orders or training, and commit much harm in the process.

  6. So it never occurred to this gaggle of true mongoloids that Honda might have made more than one CR-V, and that males might drive one such other CR-V? That they didn’t take one look at their “suspect,” apologize for the interruption and move along is an indictment of how low their collective IQs must be. And that the whole rotten lot of them, who participated and probably nodded like bobbleheads during the interrogation, weren’t summarily fired and given a swift kick in the ass with an iron boot is an indictment of our fallen society. Still, it’s cute that Ms. Roy thinks that the polizei is there to protect and serve.

    • “So it never occurred to this gaggle of true mongoloids that Honda might have made more than one CR-V”

      It either doesn’t or they just like to use whatever they can to harass people. Once upon a time I encountered cops that were sure I was the guy they were looking for because I was wearing a blue shirt. Yeah because that’s not common or anything. What next? Wearing shoes?


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