What $5 (or More) Gas Will Mean

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Have you given any thought to what it will mean to you when gas costs $5 per gallon – which is likely, given how much gas costs already?

The average cost of gas is already over $3.20 per gallon, a halting increase of $1.20 per gallon over the course of less than 10 months. Try to imagine what it will cost ten months from now.

It may cost more than you can imagine. More than you can afford.

For openers, because of the artificial costs imposed by the regime that successfully supplanted the Orange Man, via the unvetted counting of as many absentee ballots as it took. Whatever his many faults – among the worst, his failure to prevent the counting of all those unvetted absentee ballots rather than bitch about the count, after they were counted  – his policies allowed the cost of gas to lower, naturally.

There was – there is – plenty of oil (the raw material out of which gas is percolated) and Orange Man’s policies encouraged oil companies to explore for it, encouraged pipelines to be made to deliver it and for these reasons, Americans were paying less for gas than Americans had been paying in at least 30 years.

Keep in mind that there is at least 50 cents in federal/sate taxes baked into the price of every gallon of gasoline. Thus, the gas that was priced at around $1.99 per gallon when the Orange Man was ensconced ten months ago actually cost just $1.50 or so.

It now costs much more than that, without taxes having been raised at all. But the cost of the new regime’s cancellation of pipelines combined with its obvious intent to cripple exploration has caused there to be less oil extracted – and delivered – which has artificially increased the cost of gas.

There is also inflation – another artificially induced cost-increaser that works just like a tax by making the money you’re  left with buy less. Inflation has at least doubled under the regime of the Orange Man’s manufactured replacement and there are no signs it will abate.

Thus, costs will increase.

Let’s try to imagine what it means – by considering what it already costs.

The average car carries about 15 gallons of gasoline. Just ten months ago, it cost about $30 to fill that tank. The typical driver fills up once a week, so four times a month – so $120 per month for gas, or about $1,400 per year.

Today – right now – it costs almost $50 to fill up the same car. So $200 per month – and $2,400 per year. Which means the average driver is already paying $1,000 more per year for gas, right now.

What will he be paying ten months from now?

At $5 per gallon – a natural extrapolation of current trends – he will be paying $75 per tank, or $300 per month – as much as another car payment – and $3,600 per year. Which is almost enough to buy another car. Or rather, was – when a good used car could be bought for such a sum.

Which was about ten months ago. Now it’s hard to find a running car for that sum, because the cost of used cars has blown up along with the cost of everything else, including gas.

Project ten months down the road from now – or even six. Will you be able to afford to continue driving, when (not if) gas costs more than $4 per gallon? Many people won’t be able to – and the social-political ramifications of this are considerable.

It is probably a good idea to start thinking about what’s coming now, before you are faced with no longer being able to afford to drive – which could mean no longer being able to live where you do and work where you do.

I touched on this matter in a column about Emergency Bikes – i.e, motorcycles – the thesis of which is that owning a motorcycle (or scooter) could be a way to continue to be able to live where you do and get to where you have to go, i.e., to work.

Assuming, of course, that work still exists.

This artificial engineering of energy scarcity – which is deliberate – is going to cost us more than what we pay to put into our tanks. At $5 per gallon, trucking companies may no longer be able to afford to ship goods – and food. Or rather, the costs they must pass on will reach a point at (and beyond) which people can no longer pay them.

Everything collapses, grinds to a halt.

Which, I suspect, is precisely what these creatures want.

. . .

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  1. Saw this comment at nomorefakenews, thought it was kind of funny & a tiny bit inspirational, perhaps others would, too?

    Sean says:
    October 15, 2021 at 9:33 am
    I recently have had to write a resume for work. It was a pretty good one because of my successful experience in my field. But something came over me. It was not complete. Not until I wrote at the bottom of the page, “I prefer natural immunity minded worksites over bootlickers.”

    I have had offers!

    [Hmm, I tried to add a URL to redballoon DOT work, it gets flagged as spam? It’s ‘sposed to be, For job posters and seekers where Freedom is more important than woke-ness.]

    • Here in victoriastan, Australia, this is our situation:
      $1.52 per litre X 3.8 l/gal= $5.78 Aud = $4.29 USD. That is 20 km from my home.
      Here in my regional home town price is $1.75 per litre X 3.8 l/gal= $6.65 Aud = $4.93 usd.

      S23, Aussie costs lower by 6 whole cents per gallon. I drive the 40 km round trip to save 23 cents per litre. Our prices have not risen a lot in the months since the demented old witch took over the white house. And here I thought you yanks had much lower petrol prices than we did. Well, you did at one time.

      • Here in SNPstan (Scotland) unleaded E10 is £1.369/L locally.
        £5.20/ US gal approx. $7.12 $71.20 to fill my Dacia.

        In 2002 I lived in NC and a new gas station caused a very local price war.
        89c a gallon, I filled my brand new Chevrolet Metro for $8.90.
        I wish I had a time m/c

  2. Remember the movie Soylent Green was set in 2022. Lets hope that movie is not a depiction of things to come, minus the so-called bogus green house gases depicted in the movie. It Comes to mind as I watched it the other day. Decent movie for 1973.

    • While fortunately NYC didn’t have it’s population explode five-fold from 1973 levels (indeed, it’s remained about constant) into a “Population Bomb” hellhole, it’s still a crap hole.

      But as for the “Soylent Green” aspect…why the mania to push abortions? Ans: the need for FRESH human genetic material. I can foresee a point where woman will be paid to get knocked up, then early in the second trimester, the fetus aborted to be ‘harvested’.

      As for who pushes this horrific crap…it reads like a Tel Aviv phone book.

  3. Remember Watergate?

    Prolly not, unless you’re a gray-maned Boomer.

    But Jonathan Turley just rolled a grenade into the public forum that could turn into Biden’s Watergate:

    “Come on H this is linked to Celtic’s account.”

    “Celtic” was the Secret Service code name for Joe Biden, and recent disclosures may puncture the media’s cone-of-silence around the scandal. The emails link President Biden to his son’s accounts and indicate a commingling of funds with money coming from controversial foreign sources.

    Even more embarrassing, the shared account may have been used to pay a Russian prostitute named “Yanna.”

    Hunter clearly only had influence and access to sell. We know now that foreign interests gave Hunter millions at a time that he admits that he was a crack addict and alcoholic — in his words, “Drinking a quart of vodka a day by yourself in a room is absolutely, completely debilitating,” as well as “smoking crack around the clock.”


    History don’t repeat, but it rhymes. Nixon was taken down by a combination of an oil shock, high inflation, recession, and political scandal.

    Reckon it could all happen again?

    • Hi Jim,

      I’d like to think so, but I don’t – because it’s not 1974 and by and large, the public just doesn’t care. It is inured to such scandal. The senile creep stole the election – and it just passes by, like a summer breeze (and doesn’t feel fine).

    • Hi Jim,
      I agree with Eric on this, people are just to inured to scandal-when they take their heads out of their cellphones. Also there are few officials with the integrity of an Eliot Richardson who would resign in protest rather than carry out a wrongful order

  4. They’ve broken humpty dumpty and it cannot be fixed. Our hyper complex just-in-time society is going to bring about mass starvation and misery in addition to the quackcine insanity.

    I drive 100 miles a day minimum, even in 40mpg diesel cars it hurts, and winter is coming so I will likely put away my 30 year old BMW and Mercedes.

    What I stay up worrying about is how badly it’s going to cost to fill my 500 gallon propane tank when it hits $8/gallon in a few months. I’m going to reinstall a wood stove.

    • Hi Ernie,

      Amen in re the wood stove. I have one. And – thank God – I can split wood again. Just in time. I can heat my place with wood. I can cook, using wood. And it’s all free – less my labor – on my own land. I encourage everyone who can to do the same. That’s you, RG!

      • Hi Eric,

        I have a greenhouse. I can just sit in there and enjoy the 80 degree heat. 😉

        In all seriousness, I would have no problem spending the money to put in a wood burning stove, but my gas fireplace sits over the basement walk in steps. Getting the gas fireplace out and a wood fireplace in would cost me about $25K. An accountant has her limits. I will put it in a patio pit though. If nothing else I can roast marshmallows.

  5. This should scare the hell out of anyone who is paying attention:

    I expect that, in the long run, this will be “pay to breathe,” as well as other horrors.
    You think you “own your land?” Guess again.

    Maybe so, but some Wall Street “securitized asset class” will own a) the rain that falls on it, b) the air that flows over it, c) any water, surface or subterranean, which flows through it. Welcome to hell. Because the self-appointed “Masters of he Universe” are determined to own the *ENTIRE* ecosystem, and we, the peasants, will be recast as “poachers” of the Masters’ “rightful assets.”

    • Why? This is a surefire indicator that they are WAY past the point of diminishing returns, and hanging on by a mere thread.

      Have you ever noticed that wheh your job gets shipped off to China everything is hunky-dory, but whenever they stand to lose any amount at all it’s a cattastrophe?

      They are about to get a comeuppance the likes of which has not been seen in a long time. Most of the rest of us pretty much already have been taking our medicine for a very long time, and are used to it.

      I, for one, plan to go long on popcorn for this one.

  6. ‘Everything collapses, grinds to a halt.’

    Financial collapse is baked in the cake. War is also inevitable, but we are NOT the latter yet. We need to continue preparing and organizing with like-minded folks.

    PRIORITY #1 must be resistance to vaccine passports. We need grass roots mass civil disobedience, organized only enough to convey our demands. The Civil Rights Movement gives us a blueprint for action. Resistance can be by work group, organization, neighborhood, county or State.

    Professing conservatives control virtually everything except the financial system. Globalists have told us that they intend to destroy that anyway (which we also need to prepare for).

    Ultimately, the only vote that ever mattered in history is secession. However, it is not a simple North v South situation. India 1947 was much like the US today. All of Indian was occupied territory to both Hindus and Muslims. All of the US is occupied territory to both conservatives and Leftists. Both groups have irreconcilable differences. We need a divorce. If liberty is to be regained, the US will have to be partitioned (perhaps by regions).

    Note: Partitioning of India brought casualties amounting to ¼ of 1% of the population. But casualties in the American Civil War were 10 times greater at 2.5% of the population. Globalists openly state goals for depopulation. Guess which ‘solution’ they would like to orchestrate?

    • PRIORITY #1 must be resistance to vaccine passports.‘ — Montana Guy

      Absolutely, totally concur. From our MSM enemies at AP:

      ‘White House officials brushed off Governor Abbott’s order [prohibiting vaccine mandates], saying the question of whether state law could supersede federal was settled 160 years ago during the Civil War.’


      By bloody brute force, in other words, including total war against civilians.

      FJB’s liquidationist intentions are now totally clear: submit or die.

      As of yesterday, OSHA’s proposed ETS for large-company vaccine mandates has been sent to the White House for review.

      Let ten thousand lawsuits boom …

  7. Eric, is it now cheaper run your vehicle on propane? What would a ballpark figure be to convert a 03 V6 pickup from gas to propane? Would it be worth the investment if gas prices start getting really crazy?

    • I wonder what he thinks on this too- there are multiple options:
      natural gas, propane, alcohol, and woodgas, though you would need to build/buy a woodgas generator and stick it on a trailer like some hippies or WWII germans.
      Interesting thing- I think antarctica is cold enough for propane to be normal liquid and it can be held in a bucket or normal red gas container

  8. If it wasn’t for the government and it’s “energy policies”, we would likely pay about 75 cents a gallon.

    Gas actually is that cheap. Government on the other hand………

    It’s often said that prosperous societies are fueled by inexpensive and affordable energy. Tells you all you need to know what our leaders actually want for us.

  9. Waking up this morning their was a slight nip of frost in the air. I feel good knowing I have enough wood for two winters and enough coffee for three. Five dollar gas, Meh…Not enough to kill for, or get worked up over. My line in the sand is my ability to travel freely, buy and sell what I want, when I want, without swearing allegiance to Satan as the needle rapists desire of us.

    The reason for all these bad things can be traced back to the death of the dollar. Its terminal now and nothing can stop it. The exponential growth and printing is coming to an end. The hegemony of Mr. Dollar Bill is done and he’s the only one who doesn’t know it. I doubt it ends with a whimper, but instead a Big Bang, like a supernova. What we are seeing now is the pot finally, after all these decades beginning to boil.

    Powers that be around the world agree with this as evidence by their action. The lockdowns and draconian bullshit everywhere are designed solely to tamp down economic activity. The shortages are a knock on effect of the incompetence ad P.C bullshit built into system, and rewarded over the last three decades.

    Overseas powers are in cahoots with our degenerate leaders, drinking the kool-aid, towing the line so an incomprehensible amount of Dollar Bills won’t come home to roost all at once. I think they were given a choice, cooperation or war. For now Russia, China, and the rest are choosing cooperation. That will probably change and we will eventually get war, because its what psychopaths crave.

    As the dummies in the US who cheered for Biden begin to get it good and hard I think we will see a shift, they will deny they ever supported him, claiming ‘were all Americans, and we are all in this together,’ as TPTB try one hair brained scheme after another to stem the tide. All while trying to convert the few meaningless dollars they so tightly clutch in their fat, blood soaked fingers into something real. It should at least be entertaining, as someone trying to stop the sun by screaming at it is.

    Its called Hyperinflation and not one in 100 people recognize it until its to late. Its a hard thing to hedge against, even fully hedged as I am, I still don’t like what I see coming. Gold and silver, I guess I’ll try to obtain some moar, yet at the end of the day you only own what you physically hold in your hands.

    I imagine the Spaniards as they fled Teohateohacan with Aztec warriors in pursuit. Their pockets full of gold, the only causeway out of the city blocked, Aztec warriors pursuing them from all sides many chose jumping in the lake trying to swim, fully laden with their armor and gold, with said gold sinking to the bottom of the lake. Same as it ever was. Course I have been thinking this was our destiny for over twenty years, as what seemed unsustainable back then seems moar so now. Twice a day a stoped clock is correct, and thats me, the ole stoped clock.

    I love the idea of the America we grew up on. I realize that it no longer exists. This is my home and I’ve been richly blessed here. I thank god I was born here and not some mud hut, or cave in some shit stan-is-stan third world hell hole. You all here are my brothers and sisters and I wish you God sped. Hopefully we will coalesce in some common region across our beloved land where we can bask in the warmth of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Winter is now here.

    • I am ALL IN on silver. ‘They’ don’t want us using it like we have throughout history (even in this country), and gold is a hoarder’s money used mostly for jewelry. They have heavily suppressed the price of silver so that it is basically free right now at 20-odd dollars. But of course it’s silly to think about now, as money is really only used in a functioning society. Otherwise it’s bartering with ammo, food, skills, etc.

      So I feel your pessimism. I’m only 34 and I have barely experienced liberty. I just hope that enough people come through to ‘the other side’ (dollar collapse, war) with silver and individualism. Not fiat or crypto and collectivism.

      I wish you God speed too. The next 20 years will be cold. But hopefully not too cold to prevent a real Earthly rebirth. It’s up to us.

      • Hi Andrew,

        I am happy that so many millennials ‘get it.’ My 30 year old, and 26 year old both experienced liberty in spades as I tried to give them the same wonderful childhood I had. Even though the majority of your generation has their head firmly lodged up their keister, enough of you exist to set things right.

        Good for you learning about silver. The arguments made by Ted Butler and others thirty years ago still remain valid. Perhaps even more so today. IMHO one of the best things you can do is remain debt free. If you carry any debt it should be a small mortgage on a house and nothing else. this gives you opportunities to avail yourself where others cant.

        I’m not really pessimistic even though it always sounds like it. All this suffering to come just seems so unnecessary when you consider all the knowledge available to us. I look forward to a true reset as well. If you’re ever passing through N Az, see if Eric will give you my E-mail. Would love to buy you a drink.

  10. While I do believe states ignoring crystal clear electoral statute is an abhorrent act, what did you expect Trump to do? All the feds are allowed to do is basically count the electoral votes and declare a winner. The president has no role in even that. What you seem to imply is a federal takeover of the elections system, am I correct? I can’t seem to think of a way Trump could have done anything other than sue and campaign.

    The sad part of it all is you don’t even need a single fraudulent vote to say Bidet lost. The states ignored certain sections of their election laws that invalidate mail-in ballots and pretended they counted. Since Bidet won on those ballots, he lost, no conspiracies needed. But there is nothing we can do about it since laws are apparently just something to be ignored.

    • He should have directed the non woke elements of the military to first shoot at the woke ones, take over and then start shooting at the SC and rest of them. That would have ended this bullshit once and for all. More Patton and less Patton Leather

      • Hi George,

        At the very least, he – Trump – could have asserted his constitutional duty to see that the laws are faithfully executed. This includes election laws. PA (one example) ignored those laws, in violation of law. Trump had every right – and authority – to do something about that. Why he didn’t is why I lost faith in him.

  11. Eric, do you think they will try to solve the problem of high petrol prices by doing what they have done out here – ie selling petrol by litre (instead of gallon). its a bit crazy but petrol is sold by the litre, but fuel economy is still measured in gallon !!

    I suspect if they pull the switch in the US – many wont even realise its changed, the price would become 1/4 of what it was, inflation would go down ! and President Brandon would have saved the day!!

  12. In Chicago, premium for the motorcycles can already be found over $5 per gallon- I paid about $20 to fill the bike (1977 Moto guzzi lemans), when I remember in 2003 I filled a 1993 grand cherokee for $24. I was in Iceland in 2019 and diesel there was $9 per gallon at the time. I had a little 1.5l diesel SUV (dacia duster for those interested, the size of a cherokee) that was probably getting 50mpg but it cost as much as my k5 Blazer to fill.
    May have to start looking into home brew alcohol and biodiesel to fill the gap. I highly recommend getting some fuel storage for emergency use or a 55 gallon drum for diesel. Even if you don’t have a diesel, it is an excellent barter item for local farmers to get food for yourself. And get choppin on firewood. Even if natural gas is available, no telling how much it will cost. You may be priced out of heating your home!

  13. My ’12 Focus gets around 37 mpg. I’m lucky it has a 5-speed manual and so far trouble free after 134,000 miles. I still grumble at fill ups ,but it can be worse. Now if i can just get my wife to cut back on driving the other vehicle (F-150) so much, I can manage it a little better. BTW, I’m still hoping someone at the gas pumps that has a biden sticker starts complaining about prices around me. Man ….. will I ever unload on them …. big time!

    • ‘I’m still hoping someone at the gas pumps that has a biden sticker’ — Allen

      Hell, print up some stickers showing a smiling FJB with the caption, ‘$5 gas — you’re welcome!‘ — and paste them on every pump.

      DemonRats = falling living standards

      • Here in CT, I’ve seen many gas pumps with this sticker of an angry Bidet pointing at the price, and a bubble saying “I did that!” It’s amusing to say the least, and I’m surprised to see it here.

        • Those should be on every gas pump in America.

          It’s telling that there aren’t charts posted by gas station owners outlining how much of the cost of that gallon is going to government (fed, state, county and local and the double dipping in many place like Illinois). They really should. Of course if many of them do that, government would probably prohibit it………

  14. Vladimir Putin commented on Wednesday, with his signature understatement and a knowing wink, that $100 a barrel oil is ‘quite possible.’

    West Texas Intermediate crude (the New York-traded futures contract) reached $81.65 around 7 am this morning. You can find it on the bigcharts.marketwatch site by typing in CRUDE OIL. Its 52-week high on Monday was $82.18. Chart:


    Likewise on Yahoo Finance, type in CL=F (‘F’ means ‘front month,’ currently Nov 2021).

    Europe’s benchmark is Brent Crude, which usually trades at a premium to WTI. Symbol is UK:BRENT CRUDE on bigcharts.marketwatch.

    Humans gravitate toward round numbers, even when filling their own tanks — just a little squeeze on the pump handle will push $32.98 worth of gas up to a satisfying $33.00 even.

    Same is true for crude oil. It wants to reach $100 … and a couple of dozen oil producing countries are eager to help.

    If there’s a silver lining in costly energy, it’s that an oil shock induced recession will finish off FJB for good, and end the DemonRat party’s Congressional majority next November.

    Nothing PISSES PEOPLE OFF like runaway inflation, unaffordable gasoline, unaffordable home heating, unaffordable food, and worthless politicians who created the problem in the first place, but are helpless to do anything about it.

    Crucify them!

    • Finish off FJB for good? End the ‘DemonRat’ majority? So what?

      And elect who, again? Oh, right, those lesser-of-two evils, the Republicans, yay!

      You know that Biden has 3 more years to go, right? That Harris and Pelosi are the line of succession? If Biden should die, or be impeached, Kamala Harris is your next Pres….

      What has a Republican majority in Congress ever done? Other than violate the Constitution and standby while their Democrat buddies do the ground-breaking so they can swoop in and play pretend hero and implement a watered-down version? Over and over again.

      Your two-party whipsaw has been running for at least 40 years….and look where we are at.
      But if it makes you feel better to play politics, go ahead and keep playing the Repubs bad, Demos badder game. Crucify them, indeed. In the biblical sense? Or just vote in some more worthless politicians, again?

      Maybe we should crucify voters who keep perpetuating those worthless politicians. Strike at the root, instead of raking up the leaves. Hmmm

      • Well-said, Andy!

        The Left is intolerant – and so should we be. Of Leftism. Of watered-down, in principle-the-same Leftism, purveyed by “conservatives” who have proved themselves unable to “conserve” anything!

      • I don’t feel we have to worry about 2024. It is unlikely we will even have a country left that year, much less any inkling of a government. There will be no Savior.

        • I think we will, but it just won’t be a very pleasant place to live (and that’s saying something given where we are). You are correct though, no one’s coming to save us and, as a whole, we seem unwilling or unable to self-rescue. Bunch of Eeyores. Who knows, the next couple of months seem to be lining up for some very interesting times.

          • Hi BAC,

            Hell on Earth is 2022. I actually see positive things beginning in 2024/2025. I still think this country is going hard right. It’s beginning, but it will take time, tears, and tenacity.

            • RG,

              Agreed. I think it’s moving, just slowly.

              I started to “get smart” circa 2007-2008 and figured I was thinking about 5 years ahead of the curve. As time goes on, I find that number is getting larger…but I also see lots more people starting to “get smart.” The curve is happening, just slower than I thought.

              It’s frustrating, I know, but I advocate patience.

              It must be so much harder for those who have been waiting since about the early 70s.

            • Going hard right is not necessarily an improvement. Going hard “government sucks, and the smaller it is the less it sucks” is the way to go.

              • Let me convey the concept of “hard right”. When I say hard right I mean the exact opposite direction in what we are seeing today, not the Republican version of hard right (e.g. limited government, neo con warfare, bowing down to big businesses, etc.).

                This is not about any political party. Hard right is community centered, not government overseen. One’s food, services, education, etc. will be local. More children will be homeschooled, healthcare will be a doctor visiting a sick patient not a patient visiting a hospital, there will be more farms and farmer’s markets, there will be a decrease in technology, which will be off putting to many. It will be a different world, where many are not going to have the skills to survive, or at least, succeed. Will they adapt? We shall see.

                There will be a push into the cities by government, at first, but the increase in crime and lack of meeting the three basic needs of society will have more people focus on a more rural destination. Will they do it? Some won’t and will scrimp by not having the mobility or mind set to start over.

                It won’t be peachy keen, but the new reality. Government will not save you.

                • Hi RG – the gov cant save us- but when will people realise?

                  I was listening to Tom woods the other day, and well the way he was talking makes one think the only way out of this is succession of the more sane states…

                  BTW how do you come to the 2024-2025 timeline for things to start getting better? Interesting because ive heard this timeline from a number of people – how did you get to this conclusion?

                  • Hi Nasir,

                    People will realize government is not going to save them when they are starving, homeless, and wearing rags, not before then.

                    A rational person could look around and see that government is not their friend, but I realize there are still many in a state of denial and they will be until they have nothing left that they have no other recourse, but to open their eyes.

                    I don’t think succession will take place. I don’t believe the states can get that coordinated to make it happen. I also believe there is a huge fear of unwanted bloodshed that would occur if that were to happen. So we sit and wait.

                    Countries, companies, and monetary systems breakdown all of the time. The USSA has been lucky that ours has not yet. When OPEC changes the Petro Dollar to the Ruble (or quite possible the Yuan) the American dollar will spiral. Right now Russia holds the upper hand. They are controlling the oil supply. Gas will be at $100/barrel and we have a weak Administration running this country. China, the Middle East, and Russia have patiently waited for the USAA to do herself in. She will shortly.

                    A communist takeover will not happen. Our country is much too big and chaotic for anyone to be able to pull it off. One needs a forcible and strong leader that portrays fear. To make that materialize the people of the country, tribe, or band must be brought to heel. That cannot happen when the majority of the people own weapons. The Dems played their cards wrong. Fortunately, they learned nothing from history, which will keep us out of the arms of a tyrannical government, but the country will be destabilized due to the debt that she took on and cannot repay.

                    We will have anarchy.

                    As for the date, it is nothing more than a factoid based on cyclical history.

                    • Indeed, the US has held up remarkably well. A glaring expose of exactly how strong a republic can be, since ours was attacked and crippled in 1861, and yet endured so long.

          • Unable is more like it. You would have to have at least 10 million to fully inure yourself of the shortages, the war and the weather storms coming. Let’s quit pretending that storing 1000 rounds of your favorite ammo and having $10,000 of gold on hand will help crap

            • Hi Pessimist,

              I disagree with you on the sum. About $300k would buy you a nice homestead farm in my area; house and say 8 acres or so of land. Assuming you owned it outright, how much more would you need to have? You have land sufficient to raise animals/crops to feed more than a family. Wood for fuel; free water – assuming a well. Put in a pond and you have free fish, plus another water source for you and animals. Assuming you have plenty of clothes and say a year’s worth of back-up food supplies for just in case, you’re pretty well situated. Right?

              I’m not sure what you meant by the weather storms coming; care to elaborate?

      • ‘Maybe we should crucify voters’ — Andy L

        When the coordinated gov-media onslaught is so clearly top down, crucifying the voters amounts to blaming the victims.

        A minority actually support this system. The rest choose ‘lesser evil’ for lack of alternatives.

        What the fix is, I don’t know. Meanwhile, I will carry on pounding FJB and his collaborators. They are the current problem in front of our noses.

      • I remember very clearly, in 1992/3 the donkey party of NJ increased sales tax and income tax, considerably. repubgs were voted into gov’s office, and both chambers of legislature by veto proof majority, if i remember correctly. what did the repubgs do? they rolled back only some of the ST increases and kept the rest in place, still in place.
        At the national level, John Williams of shadowstats stated many years back, a peaceable change is impossible!

    • Jim,

      You’re making a very generous assumption: that we’ll HAVE an honest election! 2020 hasn’t been addressed, so what’s to stop them from repeating in 2022?

      • It’s a risk. But FJB’s ‘most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics’ mostly tampered with presidential votes, as post-election statistical analysis showed.

        Currently they aren’t set up to game 435 House races and 34 Senate races in 2022 — too big a logistical challenge.

        • Oh, Jim- don’t you understand electronic data handling? The logistics of stealing every election that matters are a snap. As paper ballots and human counters (corrupt enough to be sure) have disappeared- the corruption has become ubiquitous and endemic.

          In any event, I expect a republicant sweep of the house and senate, and FJB won’t be removed, and the quackcine passport schemes will continue to be pushed, and the media lies will continue to be unpunished, and there will be more and more enforcement of all the laws they think they can rule us with.

          And maybe we’ll get that WW3 they’ve been wanting!

    • Are you trading /CL? Last time that I did trade it (when the first Biden pipeline thing was going on), it uncharacteristically DIVED in price right after I bought it. I waited it out and, noticing the signs of manipulation, sold it when it came back and I (more/less) broke even.

      I keep getting jacked by these “sure things”. I watch (the odious liberal rag) MarketWatch and have seen, so many times, their lead stories of hysteria not support the underlying movement of the market.

      ALMOST like they lead inflammatory stories that suggest a major market move, *somehow* “knowing” that it’s a sucker surge. These freaking people somehow always are on the right side of the trade, no matter how irrational the market moves.

      KINDA FISHY!!!

      Like most futures contracts, you gotta have some serious appetite for risk to get in the pool. With me potentially getting fired over poison mandates, not sure that I want to get in the water.

      But damn! It so much sounds like, “how can this market do anything but shoot to the moon?!” Then I feel like Charlie Brown, looking at Lucy and the football.

      • ‘their lead stories of hysteria not support the underlying movement of the market’ — Anon

        The media tells people what they want to hear. ‘Buy houses with nothing down’ in early 2006, etc.

        At peak hysteria they can be faded. In previous oil shocks, peak hysteria was along the lines of ‘the industrial economy is over; we’re all going to have to forage for roots and berries.’ Doesn’t seem like we’re there yet.

        An idiot neocon named Claudia Rosett nailed the exact top in autumn 1990, saying that $40 crude oil was going to wreck the economy. You could have shorted CL on that day and rode it all the way down to $20 by early 1991.

  15. Hey Eric,

    I had previously little worries about the price of gasoline because, first of all I am making enough to not worry and secondly, I live two city blocks from work. All of that might change soon.

    I work for a DOD contractor so they sent out their poison mandate yesterday. I’m going to apply for an exemption but they might say “sorry, we can’t put you on any contract now” and then that will be the hill upon which I die.

    Discussed with the wife at length. No vax, no matter what.

    But if I lose this job, I’m gonna have to find another one and there’s the two points (above) out the window. Making enough and living 2 blocks from work, will not be part of the equation and the commie bastards are trying their best to just make this as disastrous as possible. The mandates, the EVs, the gas prices, inflation, …, it’s not looking good.

    I know that I’m one of the best guys they’ve got at work but that doesn’t mean they can’t live without me. We’ll see.

    • Hi Anon,

      It’s affecting us all – or will. I’ve begun riding my motorcycle a great deal more than usual – which serves to cut my gas bills by two-thirds. But it’s only a temporary expedient. And I can’t do much about the cost of stuff – including food. Well, I can – and am working on that, as regards the latter (food). But even then, this is going to hit us all. Which is why it is so important that enough of us bear up and refuse to back down. I applaud you and your wife! Sursum corda!

    • Don’t worry. With the coming massive “vaxx” die off, employers will be scrambling for anyone they can find (among those of us who are left).

  16. The outrageous thing is that the regime is pushing for higher prices. They want inflation. Why? Because of climate change is the reason we’re told. I think the real reason is because they’ve realized they written out so many promissory notes they aren’t ever going to pay back, so why not go all Weimar Republic and crash the system? You have a million dollars in your 401(k)? OK, enjoy your 5 years of retirement expenses. You have a pension from the county? OK, we’ll pay out exactly what we said we would, $500/month, even if won’t cover the electric bill. What about Social Security? No problem, we’ll send you exactly what you have coming, hell, we’ll even throw in an extra 5% once in a while if you keep voting for us. Life is all about choices. If you choose to retire you can then choose food or heat, Internet or gasoline. Or you can choose to keep working until you drop dead and Uncle will just take everything.

    And then after it all falls apart, get the marching morons to demand Chinese-style Communism, which obviously works, not like that tired old Soviet Communism… Or that Cuban style Communism… Or that Haitian style Communism… Or that tin-pot dictator Communism… Or that hippie-commune style Communism…

    • Hi RK,

      I don’t think we will see Chinese style communism, the system will break before that happens. The average American though needs to feel the pain of what they voted for. I know that sounds mean, but by kneeling to fear (COVID), by not researching a party’s platform (or worse being a one issue voter), and not using logic (has either party implemented what they preached) the public needs to see and endure what they have allowed to spiral out of control.

      I was driving into town yesterday and in front of me was an old man with a Biden/Harris sticker on his car’s bumper. I just shook my head, actually embarrassed for this guy. He isn’t even smart enough to take the bumper sticker off. These are the people that I want to feel the $4 gas prices, the higher food costs, and breakdown of the supply chain. I hope he gets what he voted for. Just as the jabbed want to portray us, unjabbed, as horrible people and wish death upon us for taking a stand against tyranny. I don’t wish death on Mr. Biden/Harris supporter. I do wish he feels every atrocity that he allowed to integrate into our world. Why? Because, he’s stupid. He couldn’t bother to take the time to see that a 78 year old man with dementia, who has been a leech on the taxpayer’s dime for the last 47 years, has never accomplished a damn thing for the American people.

      I have no love for Trump. I found him to be egoistical, thin skinned, with a horrible sense of judging a person’s character. That his own military leaders did not respect him and his own Cabinet members turned on him shows that he was incapable of creating a hospitable working environment. But in this defense, the border was safe, we were energy independent, inflation was non existent, and he was willing to meet with dictators, and kept our country out of foreign wars for the four years he was in office.

      Congrats, Biden/Harris voter, may you join us in the hell that is raining upon the rest of us.

      • I feel the same way.
        Except trump did approx. 100 really good things that never got reported. yeah, he is/was an ass, but 100 good things that helped our country a lot. IMO, his actions were better than reagan.

        • Hey, Chris,

          I agree Trump did good things for the country. I think Trump’s heart was in the right place, but it was in constant conflict with this brain. Everything to him was a battle. Was the media fair to him? Absolutely not. They should hold the most blame in the way that this country is descending. They are not journalists, they are mouth pieces. They don’t care about what is true, but are paid to push a narrative. Personally, if I were them, I would be embarrassed that my principles were non existent. Obviously, a four year journalism degree, today, does not need to account for truth.

          When Pelosi is at her podium shrieking at the press that they are not doing enough to assist in pushing the Democratic Trojan horse bill through, everyone with a brain knows who you are working for….it isn’t for the good of the country or its people. Real journalists question. They seek truth even when the facts may be in conflict with their own biases. Real commentary is dangerous, because it upsets those that are pushing the propaganda. When anchorpeople become opinion hacks they need to spare the rest of us by insinuating they are giving us the “news.”

          • Amen, RG –

            I never studied journalism. I studied history and politics, which has served me well as a journalist. Which – to be practiced competently – only requires the ability to write coherently and grammatically, concisely. To be practiced honorably requires honesty – a firm purpose to find and report the truth. That has been lost, largely because (here it comes!) of corporate control of the majority of media in this country. The regime has reduced “journalism” to PR work, for the benefit of these corporations – and the government which they control.

            • Hi Eric,

              I would argue it is the monopoly on journalism that is causing it, not businesses, themselves. When only six companies handle hundreds of news stations, newspapers, and publications an individual will never get equitable and balanced news.

              It is very much like the banks. There are decent small banks out there, but the small community banks are constantly being bought out by large financial institutions. It does not allow the consumer a choice since so few own so many.

      • RG,

        The only quibble I have with what you said is that China is not communist; they’re really fascist, given the cozy relationship between the gov’t and their companies. China’s communist in name only.

        • There is not really a serious distinction between the two. Both insist the state supersedes all. Communists own business, fascists collude with business. In either case, only corporations and the state are of any importance. Leaving the smallest and most abused minority out in the cold, literally. The Individual.

          • That’s true too. Hitler was fascist because he said that the corporations know more about how to do things; he said he wouldn’t make the same mistake as Stalin having the gov’t do things they didn’t know how to do.

            • Which regime lasted longer?
              Stalin was right after all. The USSR didn’t collapse, so much as it sucked Eastern Europe dry, pulled up stakes, and moved west.

      • During Trump’s reign inflation was “non existent”?

        Under the current US monetary system, there is always inflation. Since inflation lags, the hotter than usual inflation we are experiencing and are about to see get much worse, is due to the massive “pandemic” spending initiated under Trump and, of course, continued by Biden. FJB, yes, but it is necessary to constantly remind the low infos about Trump’s role in all of this.

        • 2% per annum, every single annum, is not “non existent”. Get your calculator out and run that for an average life span less 18 years, and see what it does to savings.

          • The so-called 2% inflation is price inflation, indexed to a cpi that is deliberately designed to understate the actual amount of real price inflation. But the more fundamental type of inflation is monetary inflation, an increase in the supply of money. It’s ultimately monetary inflation that causes price inflation, but price inflation can be quite a bit lower than actual monetary inflation, depending upon where the excess dollars are stored. Right now, huge quantities of dollars are being held overseas, due to the dollar being the world’s reserve currency. When the dollar loses its status as the world’s reserve currency, which is probably going to happen very soon, these dollars are going to come back to the US, triggering huge levels of price inflation. We ain’t see nothing yet!

            • Hi Martin,

              Indeed. A better gauge of inflation is to compare the cost of staples – food – today to what the same staples cost a year ago. For example, a year ago I could buy a pair of pork chops for about $6. Today, the same pair costs almost $10. A small pack of blackberries that cost $2 now costs $3. Steak is unaffordable. Hamburger is becoming so.

              I am glad I decided to raise chickens and ducks. At least I’ll be able to afford that!

              • Use the simple can of condensed tomato soup by Campbell’s to see inflation. They can’t dilute it with water, or change the size much to give you less for the same price. Check out the chart of it on wtfhappenedin1971.com. Although I’m sure you have if you were familiar with the very ODD tweet from Jack Dorsey.

                The discounted sales price hovered around .10c from 1895 to 1974. It barely moved. The site shows how most of everything changed significantly around that time. What’s the cheapest price you can get on it now? The chart says .90c to a dollar. In 50 years, it’s increased 10 times as high. It looks like it could have been had at around .40c in 2007.

                I mean this is nothing but simple to grow tomatoes and salt in a can costing nearly double what it did 14 years ago.

  17. Five dollar gas translates to a huge increase in gas theft.

    In California, you can steal 950 dollars worth of gas and nobody will apprehend you.

    Gas shoplifting will flourish out there. har

    • That’s an interesting concept. I remember the transition to self-service pumps, before credit at the pumps was possible. Back then it was still a mostly cash business. The “attendant” at many stations sat behind bullet-proof glass with a little slit at the bottom. You’d walk up, slap down a $20 and tell him what pump you were on. Then fill up. Then go back and get your change. It wasn’t until station owners figured out they got better margins on junk food than gas that they became the oasis of the highways we see today.

      But how do you steal gasoline? Snake a line with a fuel pump down the tank inspection hole? Probably high degree of difficulty if anyone would be willing to intervene but I guess if you have the angry gangster look everyone will leave you alone. And more than five gallons gets pretty hard to manage without setting yourself on fire, especially if you need that hit off the pipe and forget to wash up.

      • The BNSF parked three train engines at a rural location on a side track off the main line in my state. A train crew was sent out to retrieve the engines, all 15,000 gallons of diesel fuel was gone. Probably ca. 2009-10.

        Crude oil theft takes place in Mexico every day. It is not a big secret.

      • Stealing gasoline “at retail” from automobile gas tanks was a thing back in the 1970s, IIRC. Hence, locking fuel tank caps.

        I would look for it to become more prevalent as fuel prices rise, and (possibly) contrived “shortages” proliferate.

        Here in Corona, CA (western Riverside County) 87 octane is going for 4.55 at company owned Chevron station. “No name” 87 octane can be had for as little as 4.00 (cash price) if you look around. Ninety one octane Chevron at an independent dealer adjacent to SR91 is 4.90, last I checked. Owner of that station tells me Chevron charges him more to buy their products than the price they sell it for at company stations.

        Interesting times.

      • The ‘attendants’ at gas stations in Boulder, CO behind bullet-proof glass were from some place in the Mid-East. So was the attendant at a gas stop in Longmont.

        You won’t be stealing any gas there.

        Funny how that goes sometimes.

        They know where the money goes.

    • Stealing metals will be an issue, as well. Back in ’09 thereabouts, people were even having copper stolen out of their air conditioning units. A friend of mine was adding ballast to his boat, and one night a shrimper was caught loading it one night onto his pickup truck. My friend gave him an ultimatum, to unload it and put it back where he found it, or go to jail. I wasn’t so lucky. I’d procured over 5,000 lbs of ballast for a new sailboat I was building, and nearly every bit of it went missing. That plus having my tools stolen put an end to the project — as well as a dream I’d had for over a decade. We were warned by an out-of-state shrimp captain that there would be a lot of out-of-work shrimpers because of the high cost of diesel, and that the captains wouldn’t be going out as much. Ironically, one of the reasons my property was stolen was because I lived across town and was trying not to spend too much money commuting. I wasn’t spending as much on materials and wasn’t around the boatyard as often to check up on things. This was probably noticed by the thieves…

  18. Here in Alabama, the tax cutting republicans under the leadership of governor meemaw had their last gas tax hike added recently. Now each gallon yields the state $.30 in grift for gasoline & diesel. Add that to prez select jackass’ artificial supply constraints; the insidious inflation tax; and everything else and it all points to being taken up the ass without expensive petroleum jelly.

  19. G’Morning Eric,
    The deliberate weakening of the USA continues …unabated.

    – 3 brothers probably losing their jobs soon, due to the vaxx mandate that is non-existant, at present (they are standing firm)

    – Day five hundred and seventy something since the Orange Man put out his Executive Order and declared a State of Emergency. ..giving the States the power and money to lock down the USA

    – MASKED Covidians all out and about. ..glaring at me while I grin at them…maskless

    – I had to fill up my vehicle yesterday. As I drove up to the pump, I realized that I had no credit card (card was compromised and cancelled on Monday). No big deal, I thought, just go in and pay in advance. .. $30 ought to do it, right?
    WRONG…That got me to a little bit over 1/2 tank. It was like a baseball bat to the head…I normally use the card, and only normally think of the outrageous increase for a few seconds, while grabbing the paper receipt and driving on. Paying cash has given me a fresh perspective on this planned weakening of fuel supply.
    I am going to use cash more often now…while I still am able

    – On a side note…the next time you drive by the CWT – (creepy white truck) I suggest you pull over and investigate further

  20. RE: “At $5 per gallon, trucking companies may no longer be able to afford to ship goods – and food. Or rather, the costs they must pass on will reach a point at (and beyond) which people can no longer pay them.”

    I live in farm country. I am surrounded by numerous giant tractors & other heavy duty farm machinery on the roads & in the fields. While a significant number of farmers seem to have adapted by purchasing efficient small motor UTV’s, the vast majority all drive the huge fuel hungry V-8 pickup’s.
    While some farmers can pass increased operating costs onto the ‘customer’, I wonder how many cannot & what the ripple effect that will be?

    Also note: fertilizer price increases are tied into the cost to farm & spring from the cost of petroleum.

    “One local BBQ restaurant recently had a sign that said, “Out of Chicken, Pork and Beef.”” …


  21. Living in a slightly simpler economy makes you realise how much energy prices impact society in general. One thing I remember when I was in Karachi was how direct the link was between fuel prices and everything else. Whenever petrol went up, food prices followed very shortly behind, followed a bit later by labour how now is paying more for their own transport to get to work, and the food they have to buy after they get to work…. I guess manufactured goods have a bit more slack and pricing power, and tend to rise slower, but that then comes a bit later….

    And mind you Pakistan is a country with a very low per capita energy consumption – I cant imagine what will happen in the west were our lives are built around relatively high energy consumption…


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