When Comedians are the last Real Journalists

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If you didn’t catch Joe Rogan’s interview with “vaccine” pusher Dr. Sanjay Gupta, I urge you to do so now. He called Gupta – CNN’s chief medical correspondent – out on the network’s deliberate lying about Rogan’s taking of Ivermectin to treat his case of ‘Rona, which he was over after five days (and back in the gym on the sixth).

Herewith some thoughts about the interview, especially as regards the sad fact that it’s comedians like Rogan who are asking the hard questions and calling out the lies of those who refuse to answer them:


. . .

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  1. just as rush limbaugh was a gatekeeper, so is joe rogan. joe the toe will only go “so far” on topics. exhibit #1 – 2011 Fake Moon Landings. 2021 – That’s Crazy Conspiracy Talk.

    tucker carlson is another gatekeeper. he only bitches and moans and forecasts doom.

    Eric – your own words, ” … would I consider a fat-stack contract buy-out of EPautos? The answer is… probably not. But only because I am especially contumacious and cannot deal with being told what to write/how to write, let alone what I am allowed to say. I’d rather just get by than get rich.”

    you just explained why the toe is a gatekeeper and why you won’t allow yourself to be one. $$$ controls you. period. be poor and free. tim

  2. I really miss George Carlin, he was more philosopher than comedian but he could nail the truth better than any “newscaster” out there. Would love to hear his take on all this Convid hysteria.
    RIP George 😞

  3. You’re right, he was being a dick. Hope you eventually got around him. I nearly always pull over if I know I’m going to be slower and there’s traffic behind me. Funny, but people must really not know how to drive anymore. Sometimes when I pull over, the car that was riding on my bumper hesitates to pass me, or I even have to go so far as to wave him on with my hand out the window. WTF is wrong with drivers anymore? Even in my 20s I knew better than to wait behind somebody slow.

  4. Talking about dodgy science around the jab – your dear leader has allowed people who have been double stabbed to enter the US from the UK…. for people who wish to not partake in an experiment, well we’re not allowed. Have you guys heard any push back from any circles on this?

  5. Agree comedians cut thru the crap to point out and ridicule the insanity which is sorely needed these days. Gutfeld played excerpts from the Rogan interview. A sanity preserving show covering all the daily absurdities with good guests and regulars including the smart and funny Joe Machi.

  6. I haven’t watched regular teevee in over 10 years but I remember Gupta from back in the day. He always struck me as a typical vapid weatherman type just reading his lines.

    After the Rogan interview I can truly say Gupta is far more evil and despicable than I would have formerly guessed. What a deceitful piece of shit deserving of immediate summary execution after Nuremberg 2 military tribunals find him guilty.

    On the other hand I realize Rogan is part of the game too. There’s a reason ‘they’ allowed this to be projected onto our cavern wall for millions to see, far more than watch CNN even.

    On a side note the vax damaged in my personal circle steadily grows. This kid Kyle had everything going for him until he and his wonderful girlfriend were both shanked by Pfizer “so they could cross into Canada”. Check out his story and comments here…


    • Hi David,

      I disagree with you on Rogan and here’s why. I believe Rogan is a pretty sincere, decent guy. He is at least intelligent enough to take on opposing views and hard hitting topics. Yes, he makes a lot of money, but honestly, I am glad he does. We need rich free thinkers out there. Hopefully, with Rogan questioning what is going on and his mass audience appeal he is able to change some minds or at the very least, put a little doubt in the majority of Americans way of thinking. He is putting his neck out by doing this. I don’t believe 100% of life is orchestrated. Although, our government puts on quite a show you cannot convince me that “everyone” is in on it.

      I look at the Rogan/Gupta interview as yes, a ratings appeal, but they also both had their own narratives to push. Rogan just happened to be better informed and came out the winner. The interview did what is was suppose to do – entertain and inform.

      • Just curious. What exactly is it that one might’ve “learned” from this Rogan episode that might change some minds or sow a little doubt in the minds of a majority of Americans?

      • I agree with your summary, RG –

        I am unaware of any reason to believe Rogan is a bad guy. He makes a lot of money. Honestly. That – to me – is a good thing, for all the reasons you’ve laid out. We need more like him.

        I wish I had more money to further develop EPautos. I would never become a shill on account of that. I don’t believe that Rogan is, either. If anyone has evidence to the contrary, I’d be interested to know about it.

          • Yes, there is a big internet out there and most of it is garbage.
            Rogan works for the CIA? Really? Can you honestly say you believe this? Not everyone in life is working “for the man.” Also, why would the CIA want to go against the narrative that the rest of the federal government is pushing? I would love to know how they converted him. Was he part of the CIA before or after Fear Factor?

            I am down with a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, but some things don’t pass the sniff test.

            • Evidence given. Did you watch it or just read the headline? Be honest… Seems pretty well researched to me. Any specific rebuttals? Any evidence for your position beyond your “nose”?

              Regarding going against the narrative, you were asked above what we were to learn from this Rogan episode that you think goes against the narrative. I’m still curious to hear what you think on that.

              • I am sorry, Anon, but with the IRS deadline ending at midnight and three returns still left to do I am just going to go with my nose on this one.

                How would you like me to rebut that Rogan is not CIA? How do I even proof this?

                You are going to believe what you do and I am going to believe what I do. Sometimes, we will agree on the same thing. Sometimes we will not.

                I am on vacation this upcoming week so I will have plenty of time to rebuke the video above.

          • I will have a look at this video and reply shortly; thanks for the link!

            Update: Well, I watched it. I hung in there even after the guy started talking about the “jewess” who is the head of one of Rogan’s corporate sponsors. Does Rogan tout the services and products of his sponsors? Sure he does. Of course he does. He has an audience and people pay to listen to him and people pay him to tout their products. I’m not seeing how that makes him a CIA asset. I’ve watched a number of his podcasts and he’s not pushy about it. The person who made the video then extrapolates Rogan discussing technology developments – and obvious implications – as being somehow deliberate programming of people. One could on the same basis accuse me of being a CIA asset because I write about what I see as likely probabilities regarding many similar topics, such as the transformation of mobility from personal and private to collective and public.

            I had to stop. More Jew-baiting. It gets tiresome…

            • Folks can draw their own conclusions. I will say, though, you are grossly overstating the mentions of jewish folks, which may even disappoint some of your readers. Also, those “technology developments.” Those companies that sponsor Rogan aren’t selling tennis shoes and no, he doesn’t necessarily “tout” them in any traditional sense. You make it sound like Howard Stern plugging the Brother P touch. And you aren’t sponsored by and smoke blunts with Elon Musk. You criticize him pretty regularly.

          • Just curious Anon if this video was made by you? This would make perfect sense on why you are pushing the video that is portrayed by some kid that could be my son’s age. I find it far fetched that a grown man is on the other side of the keyboard supporting this drivel. Are you even old enough to drink?

            Apparently, I am to tie in that Doom the movie (created by the US military) establishes Rogan as an agent because he has a poster of it in his office. I also have a picture of Thor in my office, does this make me Jane Foster? Also, Joe’s LA vibes means he hangs out with Hollywood’s Jewish elite? Personally, it was two hours of my life that I wish I could get back.

            Good play though, you may have a future in media or working for the man since I doubt I am on the only one that clicked on this. Maybe you are just out collecting IP addresses or is it just likes?

            • So you do care about your credibility. Hmmmm. Ok. So the messenger is what is important? Funny what catches your attention while the rest slips by. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the Jewish people.

              • Actually I think I stated I didn’t care if you found me credible, not that anyone found me credible.

                I noticed you didn’t redact my comments so I can only assume they are true or does this only work one way?

                Actually it is a slow night in FL so I thought I would play with the trolls for a bit before bedtime.

                Are you in college or high school? Do your parents know you are up late on a school night? Do you have any chemistry or trig questions that I can help you with?

      • Hi RG – I do tend to agree, rogan is a very genuine guy. Personally, I am very surprised at why Gupta went on the show. When I heard it, I though here it is, Rogans sold out. but he didnt hold any punches and well asked and drilled on every point – which shows he hasn’t sold out yet (or at least they havnt found his price yet). Yes I also agree im glad Rogan is a rich bastard, and well has multiple incomes – which means he has fuck you money – and its much harder to keep someone like that under control…. do I think hes some sort of saviour, probably not – but I do think he is a guy who can potentially wake many up to the reality of things…. And I think if the world is to change, we need many more like him who have F-you money and dont really care about having to pay the bills….

    • Hey David! You are saying you personally know these YouTubers?

      I am not familiar with them, but I previously saw this video (mirrored on BitChute by the invaluable “JimCrenshaw,” who adds an incisive bit of commentary in his video caption). https://www.bitchute.com/video/eNUAJlk8bjit/

      I found the video both moving and fascinating on a number of levels. To me, the most interesting aspect is the lengthy, downright apologetic preamble where the poor guy has to voice disclaimer after disclaimer to prove he is not “anti-vcxx” (although he never uses that phrase). I think it adds enormous credibility to what he says (as if his boyishly ingenuous demeanor were not unimpeachable to begin with). It’s also a chilling glimpse into the mindset and attitude of a millennial ingenue and how excruciating it is in today’s environment to merely state one’s personal experiences without making oneself the subject of attack by the electronic hive-mob.

      Then, his testimony on his medical travails are just harrowing. His life is OVER. He is trapped in a nightmare-loop of suffering and crackpot medical intervention that was completely avoidable, unnecessary, and senseless. He is a flesh-sacrifice to a new god that is as gelid-hearted and as insatiably demanding as any of the Great Old Ones.

      If ANYONE is in a position to possible dissuade a young person from taking this shot (if there are any purebloods left still on the fence, that is!) this is an ideal video to demonstrate the risks. Given that this fit young man was at ZERO risk from Clovid, even a “small risk” of what happened to him ECLIPSES the benefits of the shot. In terms of Quality-Adjusted Life Years, the sacrifice this kid has made to our jealous new god Medi-Ba’al is astronomical. The idea that young people are being FORCED to take this shot is nothing short of cosmic wickedness.

      • Amen, FP –

        I was depressed by the video – and not only because it is appalling to learn about this kid’s being crippled by a “vaccine” he needed like a fish needs a bicycle. I cannot get my head around his apparent lack of fury at being ruined – for the sake of a vicious lie. And not just him. His relationship – his probably never-going-to-have-them children, etc.


      • Agree. He seems incapable of anger at the forces that drove him to submit to this self-inflicted misery. That was frustrating for me to watch, as I would like to be angry as well, but can’t seem to muster it for someone who is not willing to stand up for his own best interests.

        I keep thinking of Jon Rahm, who allowed himself to be cheated out of over a million dollars in prize winnings, as well as a PGA record, by the phony “test.” He continues even to this day to genuflect before the false god of covidism…although he has been beaten down by it now several times. He had an opportunity after the first blow to speak out, stand up, resist. The next blow, he came back even more obsequious than ever. He may have even submitted to the jab at this point. But he doesn’t seem to realize that the pressure will NEVER END. I have no respect for this.

        Mind blown.

        • Anon: “genuflect” = perfect word choice

          The vast majority of people orient themselves so as to conform to the prevailing currents of Power in an instinctive, involuntary manner. The threats need not be explicit, and the source of the Power need not be known. It’s a subtle and insidious form of “go-along-to-get-along” that appears to you and me as abject stupidity, but Herdsters are actually so adept at it, anticipating what they are supposed to say even in a huge wash of contradictory stimuli, that one must appreciate the enormous amount of brain power that actually needs to be brought to bear on such careful, almost monastic, obsequiousness (often quasi-consciously). Your average Herdster is exquisitely adapted to be extremely skillful in navigating the dictates and desires of a sprawling and complex social hierarchy. It is astonishingly impressive (and indeed, “mind-blowing”), in its own way. This adaptive conformity has served their ancestors well for many generations…but now it is being exploited to convince them to line up for orderly liquidation.

          • And when wealthy, famous athletes such as Rahm continually offer themselves to be kicked down and beaten time and again, the message is clear: What do you think you’re going to do when it’s YOU?

            I know my answer.

          • Hi FP,

            I agree with your analysis, having observed its etiology in numerous situations. I am (probably like you) a person who has always had a kind of instinctive dislike for hyper-socialization; this has made me an individualist and an outsider, for all of my life. Which has served me well, even as it has alienated me from the herd. I (like many here) often feel as if I am a kind of incognito explorer, sent to observe a strange new place, full of odd and intransigent life-forms. As a kid, I used to get lectured about not “doing what the other kids are doing.” It made me want to not do it, even more!

            PS: In re your situation… have you considered approaching the people you’d developed working relationships with and soliciting their business directly? You’re still an attorney and you can still perform the same work on your own, without an intermediary. It probably pays better, too!

            • Hey eric!

              “often feel as if I am a kind of incognito explorer, sent to observe a strange new place”

              Haha yes very relatable. (Increasingly, I get uncanny waves of sensation that this is true in a very literal sense. I forget who, but somebody I heard being interviewed on a talk show described the possibility that this Universe is merely a representation of some higher plane of existence that corresponds to our own, but that only certain persons who exist here actually represent a being that exists in that (higher) plane. Those who lack such a “twin” are the NPCs. But how I digress!)

              Re my situation, without getting technical, or overly personal, what you suggest is not exactly feasible. However, purely by chance a former boss of mine reached out to me yesterday, with a lead that he thought might convince me to quit the job he thought I still had! Very serendipitous. Not sure if that particular lead is going to pan out, but this guy has some pretty serious connections, and made clear that he intends to act as an advocate for me, and to keep his feelers out.

              Now, back to our politico-philosophical pontification already in progress…

            • I also feel like an explorer. Like I don’t belong on this planet at all, just someone here to study the human society.

              As I’ve mentioned before I read/listen to some of the wacky UFO stuff that’s out there for entertainment. In that realm there is the claim that souls from other worlds are being incarnated in human bodies on Earth to help humanity.

              I keep trying to understand why human beings have so many sociopaths and destroyers. Something is very wrong, very off. I think this is where a lot the UFO stuff comes from, an attempt to explain it. Be that Earth is a prison planet for souls from the criminal to the political or that it is simulation (griefers, trolls), or that we are dealing with primitives and some of us are here to move things along and perhaps there are others here to foil those attempts?

              There’s some deeper recognition in the writings even if they are entirely science fiction.

              • Brent, regarding “the claim that souls from other worlds are being incarnated in human bodies on Earth to help humanity,” I was recently directed to some really provocative neo-Gnostic literature, which among many other fantastic claims, refers to the beings you describe as “the Travelers.”

                www [dot] wanttoknow [dot] info/secret_societies/hidden_hand_bloodlines [full url getting tagged as spam. Fill in the dots.]

                “There are also here wanderers or ‘travelers’ from higher densities who have chosen to incarnate on Earth at this time in order to perfect service to others. They still have to remember who they are, and part of the concern is that sometimes even they do not manage to awaken in the game, such is the power of the illusion. They are here to awaken themselves, and then to help awaken others to prepare for the coming great harvest….

                “Many who do not believe now will begin to open their minds as the Earth changes that are coming begin to take effect. People will be terrified and have no idea what is going on, because the governments have concealed this information from you. These travelers or what some have termed ‘star seeds’ are incarnated here to help on the ground level when this all begins to play out over the next few years. When the time is right, they will come forward. Most people are not ready to hear this information yet. But not so far off, they will be.”

                Perhaps it’s not too outlandish (or too egocentric) to think those of us who see through the mass illusion are actually “plants” form a higher plane, able to observe unfolding events with a certain detached objectivity that derives from a vast perspective unimaginable among the NPCs–almost like we are lucid dreamers, or members of the audience who know it’s all a show, and that what the masses believe is the show-within-the-show…

                • Very interesting stuff, FP –

                  All I know for sure is that their Jedi mind tricks don’t work on me – and a few others. We seem immune to it. I have often wondered why. I know it’s not raw intelligence for while I am not a stupid man I am also not (by far) the smartest man I know. And yet, it is often the case that even these ostensibly smart people just cannot “compute,” to borrow a reference from the old Lost in Space series. My ex father-in-law is one of these. Holds a doctorate; very articulate and nominally bright. Yet logical points on topics he’s emotional about – guns, Diapers – simply do not register. It’s like arguing with a vending machine.

                  I once read – to get back to the earlier thing you posted – about a tribe of chimpanzees called the bonobos. They are technically members of the same family, but unlike your standard chimp, bonobos are by nature cooperative and non-violent. They resolve disagreements peacefully (via sex, apparently). Maybe something analogous is the case with homo sapiens?

            • “As a kid, I used to get lectured about not “doing what the other kids are doing.” It made me want to not do it, even more!”

              Same here. I always took it as mean-spirited criticism. None of those people even made an attempt to get to know me. It’s as if they only cared about your existence as long as you were part of the mainstream.

              I think that’s what some of the members of the techno-aristocracy had to put up with growing up, which probably explains some of their beliefs towards the masses. I honestly can’t blame them. Perhaps the world would be a better place if the Steves and the Stacys couldn’t reproduce.

              • Hear, hear. Me, too. Early on, I wondered what was “wrong” with me that I couldn’t (or, more accurately, didn’t want to) “fit in.”

                Now I am so very glad I didn’t.

  7. I just had to post this link, it’s hilarious:

    Polish Doctor Claims He Found A LIFE FORM In The Pfizer Comirnaty Shot

    They put parasite eggs in there, and they probably genetically engineered/cultured really weird parasites too. This is like a sci-fi horror movie going on, body snatchers, etc. The shots are making everyone brain-damaged, autism, etc. The crooks are trying to make everyone so retarded/stupid that they can’t fight back and let these evil crooks continue to rule them. That’s their big game-plan, that’s how they stay in power — they have to literally brain-damage everyone… make everyone retarded. They’ve been doing this since before we were all born — think about that — how much smarter would we all be if we never got their retard shots? Protect the children for the sake of saving the human race on this planet.

  8. Oh look! What’s that under Remdesivir for “Antiviral Agents That Are Approved or Under Evaluation for the Treatment of COVID-19” from the NIH…at least since July of this year.


    Not that what the government says about treatments matter, FTG. But, it’s funny how the normies’ own gods approve of it…but it hasn’t been “reported” by CNN, so it doesn’t exist. Lol

  9. Hi Eric,
    Your deal with the Impala reminds me of a road trip from 10 years ago.

    A good friend and I departed on a 200 mile road trip on the 101 from the SF CA south bay to Atascadero CA, to attend a car show and to just visit some cool new places, in my GTI powered ’82 VW Rabbit pickup!

    The first hour of our journey was no problem, until we cleared the city of Gilroy. then there was all these Corvettes merging onto the freeway from the side streets, and they just kept on merging onto the freeway for miles.

    Now we’re stuck on the 101 with all these Corvettes doing 50mph, and they’re clogging both lanes. So I start doing the “frogger”, right lane, left lane, picking off all the Corvettes one at a time. As we were passing these cars my buddy was letting me know who was driving the “Vettes”. It was fuckin’ funny! White guy… white guy… black guy,… black guy with a white chick… Lesbians…! Fucking hilarious!

    So we’re dealing with this shit for a hour or so, somewhere around Naciamento, I can see the lead Vette in front of us. I tried to pass civilized, but the asssholes didn’t want me to do that. They wouldn’t let me pass, they would speed up and not let me pass. So I said to myself, I’m just going to change lanes right in front of them, they figured it out. We finally passed the lead Vette, and we stuck our middle fingers out the window as we passed the assholes!!!

    • Hi William!

      It’s incredible, eh? What kind of moron drives a fully restored/ well-kept classic performance car as if it were a barely operable ’80s-era economy car on its last legs? I actually have patience – and understanding – for the latter. If the car can’t go – or barely goes – it’s not really the driver’s fault. And perhaps the only way to keep it going is to not stop (even if it is barely moving). I have nursed home many a barely-viable machine in my time.

      But 42 in a 55 (with normal traffic running 60-ish) in a car perfectly capable of keeping up with traffic is obnoxious in extremis.

    • Which is why sports cars are quite often an excellent buy, if in the hands of an old fart. You may end up with hole burned in a piston from carbon build up, but the rest of the car has NEVER even approached its limits. I’m an old fart, and I drive a sports car. But I drive it because it makes me agile again, not so I look cool and can pick up women I can’t handle anyway.

  10. Indeed, comics are the last real journalists out there with the exception of a few independents.

    I don’t see Rogan as much as before because spotify is horrific in a browser on a desktop computer. I do listen to another comic doing journalism, Jimmy Dore. He’s a lefty on many many things but he spends 90% of his time attacking the establishment for their well usual behaviors. He keeps repeating how if mainstream journalism did its job he, a pot smoking comedian in his garage, wouldn’t have an open lane. And it’s true. The media is so bad, so corrupt, that it is scooped by a pot smoking comedian in his garage.

    • Hi Brent!

      Yup. I think part of the reason for journalism having become the fief of comedians is that the establishment is now controlled by the Left. Ergo, the “crusading journalist” of the past – who was by nature anti-establishment – has been replaced by the establishment Leftist propagandist for the establishment. It is now the case that conservatives and libertarians are the outsiders, the ones opposed to the establishment.

      Comedians must be funny – and it is not funny to suck the dick of the powers-that-be.

  11. RE: “Honestly wondering why Gupta went on to rogan –”

    It furthers the narrative to be fearful. That there is, ‘something’ to be fearful of. The Boogieman is real – LOOK – even Joe Rogan was attacked by it, & look how strong he is, you should be fearful, too.

    “Viruses Can’t Be Isolated, But Isolation Is Unnecessary”; Another Ridiculous Claim From Those Who Insist on Saying SARS-Cov-2 Exists




  12. Just received a shipment of ‘people IVM’ (12mg tabs) straight outta Mumbai. Took about 2-1/2 weeks after order placement, by regular air mail (not EMS, which seems to get more US Customs attention).

    It’s all properly blister-packed, manufactured in August 2021.

    As someone joked … ‘Can I get that in an apple-flavored paste? Asking for my horse.’ 🙂

  13. Joe wouldn’t let him squirm. that’s something “journalists” do all the time when the interviewee lies.

    Joe’s pretty good at driving until he gets an answer.

    Obvious Gupta was lying. He knew CNN was full of shit.

  14. Honestly wondering why Gupta went on to rogan – he knows rogan doesnt stick to script…. its almost as if he was a setup… think hes about to be thrown under the bus or something?

    • Hi Nasir,

      My sense of it: I think Gupta’s not a bad guy; I think he means well. But he’s bought into the celebrity and that makes it hard for him to deviate from the script. That said, I saw him wrestling with himself. It tells me he has a conscience.

      • I also got the sense that Gupta is not a bad guy. I do think that he lives in the CNN bubble and has no idea that he is in a bubble. I think that is why he went on Rogan’s show. He had no idea that he had anything but all the information and all the data to prove it. He was, for better or worse, exposed as someone who has nothing but talking points and a script to follow. There wasn’t one piece of data that Gupta shared that Rogan wasn’t already aware of. On the other hand, Rogan shared plenty of data that Gupta was unfamiliar with. That should be a wake up call to Gupta but I wonder if he has the self awareness to see it.

        • I dont know Eric and Krista – I think he was struggling because Rogan just had so much of the data, and was so well researched on the subject (and all from mainstream sources that can be found from a simple google search) that there wasnt much he could say.

          I think that the bubble theory is more likely – I mean some of these guys from the media/political/technocratic class are soo lost in their bubble (and when famous have their head so far up their asses) they overlook the obvious. Like this guy never realised how clear the data is against the jab. Just saw the clip of him being grilled on the myocarditis in kids from the jab vs covid. He tried to cover his ass but rogan kept at him with the data…. Brilliant… But right after when he went back on CNN with Don lemon head he quickly went back to the official narrative that ivermectin IS a horse dewormer, yes though approved in humans for other shit theres no proof it works for covid…. and it was probably the other shit rogan took that helped him in covid….

      • If Gupta had a conscience, he wouldn’t be working at CNN. It’s not like he’s oblivious to their constant lying and fear-mongering.

        • Hi Handler,

          There is truth to what you say. That said, I apply the Darth Vader schema to guys like Gupta. Deep down, there may still be the flickering flames of a conscience. I saw it – I thought – during the interview. Gupta seemed slightly ashamed/chagrined – a good “tell.” You never see that with guys like Biden or Don Lemon, who are incorrigibly evil.

          He may think about what he was confronted with. I hope so. Can you imagine the boon it would be if a guy like him abandoned the Dark Side?

          • You saw something different than I did, Eric. I saw a man who was embarrassed for himself, because he could not explain away Rogan’s data. If Gupta had a conscience he would have been promoting (and questioning) the new medical “science” throughout this “plandemic”. Dr. David Samadi (as have several other doctors) stuck to his beliefs and has been contesting the information on COVID since the beginning. Dr. Gupta knows he is wrong. He is not a stupid man, but his weakness for the almighty dollar sways him to promote false and conflicting statistics. I cannot have respect for someone like that. He needs to stay on the Dark Side, where ignoring factual details is not only recommended, but applauded.

            • Hi RG,

              I badly wanted to see that – and to give Gupta the benefit of the doubt. But his subsequent actions establish that he has no shame; that he is a despicable shill-shyster like the people he works for and with.

          • We all have a dark side. The psychopath within. The difference between “us” and “them” is that we suppress the dark side. Gupta let a bit of his light side surface, for a few moments. I’ve never liked Rogan much. He comes off a bit too arrogant much of the time. But he doesn’t back down, for that very reason I suppose.

            • Hi John,

              Yup. Though I do think there’s a difference. I have never or cannot recall ever having thought about hurting someone just because I could. I have thought about hurting people who I honestly believe earned it. There is an important difference. It is the difference between justice – and evil.

              • Well suppressed, my friend. There is also the will to hurt others for personal gain, not just because you can. Gupta would fall in that category. As would most of the Sociopaths In Charge and their allies. They know better than to hurt others for some sick pleasure, or they lose their power if they’re caught. As in Epstein.

    • You are right to be suspicious. These are puppets and pawns only. 100%. Don’t believe a word of it. There are no “surprises” or “coincidences” in the media today. None. The only purpose is to prop up the narrative that “it’s real” but, wink, wink, can be “cured” with Ivermectin.

  15. Rogan describes himself as a dummy, whose a cage fight commentator and comedian, who likes to get drunk and talk shit with friends on the podcast…. And to think hes the closest we have to a “journalist” today….

    • The fact that Rogan describes himself that way allows him to say things that others feel unable to say. It is a lot tougher to cancel or boycott someone who openly says “I’m an idiot, don’t listen to me.”

      • Is that like 5D chess or something? Usually when people say stuff like that, I’ll take them at their word. It’s especially suspicious when they’ve signed deals worth $100 million with the owners of Spotify who are, you know, the usual suspect banksters, though.

        • I think Joe Rogan believes it on some level when he says things like “I’m an idiot”. I get the sense he means “I don’t have any expertise, I am a MMA fighter/comedian/podcast host – not a doctor or well educated intellectual. At the same time, Rogan definitely knows that none of those academic credentials mean anything if you can’t be intellectually honest. Being able to know what you know and what you don’t trumps all of the degrees in the world.

          • You are inferring a lot here. Personally, I find it strange when someone diminishes themself in order to buttress their bonafides. It’s like some kind of weird reverse psychology that requires your buy in to make it so. I certainly don’t trust the “experts” but I don’t trust the $100 million man, either.

            • I agree. Rogan is also tied to Alex Jones – another “populist” multimillionaire and “truth teller”.

              They’re either talented grifters or on the payroll of certain organizations.

              Tucker Carlson (another rich “populist”) is already planting the seeds for the regime’s next evil scam – the alien invasion via the military-industrial complex.

              • I dont know anon and Handler – I sort of disagree. Theres nothing wrong with someone having a 100 mil or so. Infact I personally think thats the sweet spot for someone to cause trouble to the system. ITs the level where he has some serious F you money, but hes still worried about himself and his offspring because it can go fast. He still realises he needs people around him because I dont think it gets him into the completely isolated life someone with multiple billions can have… so he still sees somewhat normal life. And especially someone like rogan who is from very humble beginnings. Im not saying him or alex jones will be our saviour – but I think if someone does bring the system down it will probably be someone of their profile… Re Jo’s contract, I think he was worth plenty even before, and the way I read it he signed the deal so he doesnt have to deal with youtube and its crap on demonetisation and getting his own ads, he thought he’d just get 100mil from spotify and let them deal with the monetisation side… personally I think he got ripped off given someone like the long haired radio guy got half a billion 25 years ago…. but at least rogan has kept his edge… and he may not be right on everything but he does talk about whatever he wants it still seems….

              • Hi Handler,

                Alex Jones I’ve always mistrusted because of his penchant for hysteria-mongering and his relentless sales-pitching. Plus, I have personal knowledge of his actions as regards my friend David Knight. Alex screwed this decent, honorable man hard. Ergo, screw Alex.

                Rogan: I don’t know him personally but would like to meet him. I have watched a number of his shows and he seems like a thoughtful, fair-minded guy. I’m curious why you distrust him. I don’t object to his being a multi-millionaire.

                Same as regards Tucker.

                Your thoughts?

                • Not sure about Rogan and I don’t think so but Alex Jones and Tucker have both testified in court that they are actors and “are not to be believed.” Nothing anyone says could justify me believing anything either of the two who testified said. AJ, though has people working for him and his content is often pointed in directions where truth and lies are mixed in equal proportion.

                • I’ve always looked at Jones as the mirror image of the fanaticism of the left. A reflection of CNN. Just like CNN, he goes off the rails frequently. Unlike CNN, he doesn’t have a political party backing him up.

                  • Hi Handler,

                    I agree it’s likely they’re at least heavily influenced – even controlled – by their “sponsors.” That said, so far, I’ve mostly enjoyed Rogan’s podcasts. He has interesting guests and the banter doesn’t seem scripted to me. It also doesn’t come across as the belligerent schoolmarm lecturing PR that most “news” has become.

              • The space thing. Bezos… Shatner… OMG. There are 1,001 things wrong with that whole story. It’s probably a precursor, a “stage setting”, to something that will require just as much suspension of disbelief, or more.

          • Hi Krista,

            What I like about Rogan – from what I’ve seen – is that he seems fair-minded, open to discussion. He doesn’t shout down/belittle people. He – from what I have seen – attempts to discuss the issue with them. He doesn’t appear to think he knows everything, which I esteem greatly. And – overall – he comes across to me as a genuine guy. I’ve not yet seen or read or am aware of anything about him that sets off my Spider Sense…

        • Hi Anon,

          I’ve given a fair amount of thought to this… as in, would I consider a fat-stack contract buy-out of EPautos? The answer is… probably not. But only because I am especially contumacious and cannot deal with being told what to write/how to write, let alone what I am allowed to say. I’d rather just get by than get rich. But I don’t condemn Rogan for making the money he makes. His show is entertaining and interesting and – as far as I can tell – he retains his autonomy as regards who he books and what he asks/says. But I get that he is also under contract and the threat of that can be potent leverage.

          • In the media today, at that level of paycheck money, heck, even a lot less, there are no real renegades. Fake ones, sure. Rogan isn’t just a comedian, either. Among other things, he was on network TeeVee for years as host of “Fear Factor”. Remember that? The context? Now he’s eating the “horse paste.” Predictive programming. But I digress.

            Even taken at face value, this Rogan kerfluffle is such thin gruel. Starts with an actor/jokester interviewing a shill/con man. Ends with “CNN lies!” No shit. All day, everyday, about everything. Then the shill goes home and just hours later DKs the performance. They’re mocking us.

            It has occurred to me that TPTB knows some heads aren’t watching TeeVee anymore. This Rogan “show” is a perfect modern vehicle to reach people for whom for narrative control has gotten more difficult. Rogan talks past the underlying premise and rebelliously sells the “cure.” Now guys on here are loading up on the horse paste from India. Oh, and BTW, all the Big Pharmas are going to be selling that stuff in pill form under a different name in like a few weeks or so. Back up the truck!

          • “I’ve given a fair amount of thought to this… as in, would I consider a fat-stack contract buy-out of EPautos? The answer is… probably not. But only because I am especially contumacious and cannot deal with being told what to write/how to write, let alone what I am allowed to say. I’d rather just get by than get rich.”

            Eric, you just explained why and how Joe the Toe, Cucker Carlson, Rush Limbag, etc. are controlled and forced to play gatekeeper.

            Better to be poor and free. (which you also said.) Tim

            • Hi Tim,

              Yup; I’ve long had an aversion to the whole “get big or get out” thing. I think America was a better place when it was an America of smaller-scale, independent people running their business as and how they (and their customers) liked. It was healthier – and it made everywhere more interesting. I miss that.

              • Eric, I believe libertarianism is the EXIT door out of the burning two party monolith. The challenge is you end up at Alistair Crowley, “Do As Thou Wilt.” Hence, my destination turned out to be Orthodox Christianity and left the big city last year to be close to the grown children and grandchildren. They are my primary focus.

                Local, Local, Local. Work with people you know. Neighbors, church members, farmers, plumbers, etc. Small companies (often a single self-employed man) with low overhead allowing competitive pricing but most of the money stays in their pocket. We take care of each other and are happy with our one house.

                • Amen, Tim –

                  Building human relationships is the key to recovering our humanity. Deal with the local merchant; know your neighbors. Share your life with people who share your values, Reinforce one another. This is how we claw back civilization.

                  • we diagnose the problem, but we are all about living a life bursting with optimism for the future by living a different way. (“wise as serpents, harmless as doves”) griping limit is 5% of our time & energy including news consumption. 95% of ourselves is devoted to living.

      • Indeed! I’ve found that an often effective strategy in arguing with true believers is to agree with them, and then start asking questions.


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