Latest Radio: Real News With David Knight

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Here’s the audio of my chat yesterday with David Knight over at InfoWars; we talked about the VW thing, teeth-aching political correctness and a number of other things!

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  1. Another comment as the segment went on… DK’s story about a sister disowning her sibling: Eugenics and Progressivism went together. See the 1930s film “Tomorrow’s Children”.

    The plans for us are quite visible in old films. The problem is the masses won’t watch them and learn. Even films like “The Wizard of Oz” which they do watch have messages that go clear over people’s heads.

  2. Oh not the friggin’ Pinto myth again. Ford did not do that.
    Uncle _REQUIRED_ automakers to calculate the cost of a mandate against the Federal Government’s economic value of a human life to determine if a mandate was viable. It was the federal government treating us like the livestock that the so-called elite see us as. Basically people with an agenda purposely misconstrued something Uncle required of Ford and that became this cost of lawsuits myth.

      • Cool! You’re intelligent and well spoken so I’m not surprised they’d like to keep bringing you back on.

        I’m not really a big InfoWars guy but they’re certainly better than the MSM and have a big audience from my understanding. Certainly will not hurt with getting the message about liberty (and your website) out there.

  3. David said it all for me.

    George Soros appeared on my radar late 90s. He was purported to be a humanist, a rich and benevolent Jew who had somehow survived the Nazis.

    He seemed to be for the little man in the early 2000’s. Of course he was for the little man in a much more sinister way than Homer Stokes who just wanted money and an audience although an audience by force would probably have suited him just fine. After all, he did belong to a certain secret society he was sure he didn’t have to mention by name.


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