Latest Radio: InfoWars with David Knight

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Here’s the audio of today’s talk with David Knight over at InfoWars. We talked about the hysteria over Trump’s apparent plan to dial back CAFE regs and our good friend Elon Musk:

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  1. I got a couple viruses this week having only been to Weather Underground and a couple news sites since the morning scan.

    I posit porn sites are the least of worries these days, taking a back seat, way back, to sites that report accurate, legitimate news. It’s my belief sites not conforming to MSM fake news are being targeted by the deep state.

    According to Alphabet, the parent company of Google, reported Google profits during the 1st quarter soared more than 70% compared to last year coming in at $9.3B despite a $5B anti-trust fine.

    I expect, unfortunately, an evergrowing attack on non-MSM sites.

    Google has made more money this year than all MSM networks combined.

    No mention was made of how much Google made from the military AI contract this year. No news about Amazon either. I had made my last purchase from Amazon when it climbed into bed with the deep state.

    • Hi Eight,

      This morning, I went to a coffee place to work while I waited for my dentist appointment (old filling) and discovered that EPautos would not load. Google did, HuffPost did, CNN did. Not EPautos….

      • Hate to say it, but they want people like us off the internet. Its very similar to the history of radio (before government “licensing”) about a hundred years ago. It wasn’t very expensive to broadcast (about the same cost of a computer and a good website today) at least in a small radius. So there were lots of them.

        But of course the big guys and the government had to step in to shut down the party. There were very few survivors of that era (mainly college radio stations).

        It’s just taking a bit longer to show us the door this time. It will happen some day. Probably regulated away, never outright banned.

        • Hi Rich,

          They do… I am hoping, though, that some of us make it through the gantlet. EPautos has a pretty big audience; if it gets to critical mass, it will be harder to shut it down. I am doing all I can to pour the coals to her, to make this happen.

          After all, what the hell else have I got to do? 🙂

          • eric, I don’t believe in coincidence. I’ve had several sites just recently I’ve had to keep trying to load.

            I don’t recall having the problem here but that may be more of when I tried…..or not. I don’t know enough to make an educated decision.

      • You’re using a mac?
        MacOSX and beyond is based on NeXTSTEP. So find the terminal app. Then do:
        This will show you the route the packets are taking and where the break is. The way the internet is set up you can sometimes get to A, B, and C but not D because the route to D goes through a hop that is broken but the others don’t. traceroute will show you that.

        Also if they are breaking the DNS lookup or the DNS is simply broken you should get an error that it cannot resolve the host name. If you know the IP number you can use that as an argument to traceroute. (or in your web browser).


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