Lawns in the Crosshairs

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California’s pomade-slicked Gesundheitsfuhrer, Gavin Newsome, has just issued a Gesundheitsbefehl (health order) banning the sale of new small engines of the sort that power outdoor equipment such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers and weed whackers, effective as of Jan. 1, 2024.

This will serve several purposes, none of which have anything to do with “public health” – which has become the new excuse.

The first purpose will be to exorbitantly increase the cost of getting your grass cut. For the same reason that electric cars will exorbitantly increase the cost of getting around.

However, this will cost more. And in more ways than one.

Electric cars aren’t usually in continuous use. One uses the thing to get to work – and back. Once at work (or home) the thing isn’t in use. It can be plugged in and recharged while you do other things. It is still inconvenient in that you can’t just go where you want, anytime you like – without having to think about where you’ll recharge and how long you’ll have to wait while it recharges. But it’s still feasible to get from A to B, provided you’re willing to accept the dimunition of spontaneous mobility – along with the increased cost of mobility.

But if you happen to run a business that cuts people’s lawns all day long, you need equipment that runs all day long. If it runs half as long, you’ve just cut your ability to cut lawns – to earn money – in half. Not counting the doubled cost of the “clean” (electrically powered) outdoor power equipment.

A gas-powered mower can cut several lawns in eight hours because it can be refueled in moments. It has no batteries at all – if it’s a push mower, leaf blower or weed whacker. The start is free.

Just pull.

An electric lawn mower suffers from the same limitations as an electric car. It does not run as long – and it takes a great deal longer to recover the ability to run, again. It does not run without batteries. A guy cutting lawns (and blowing leaves and whacking weeds) for a living cannot afford to wait for hours while his equipment recovers charge.

And you – the homeowner – probably cannot afford to pay what it will cost him to keep multiple battery packs on hand to swap into his electric mower/weed whacker/blower when the first one wilts, so that he can finish cutting your lawn/whacking weeds/blowing leaves without being at your place for half the day instead of an hour or so.

Which brings us to the secondary – the primary – purpose of this Gesundheitsbefehl. Which is to render it unaffordable for the average person to get his lawn cut, or even to cut it himself.

So as to get him out of his single family house – and into an apartment – where there is no lawn. And where he is reduced to fief-renting – and doing as he is told by his fief overlords, which will be the managers of the corporate-government state – rather than owning his own place. These fief-overlords acting as Gesundheitsfuhrers are actually just would-be fuhrers – who are using the pretext of gesund to become fuhrers, outright – are quite explicit about all of this.

You may have seen the “You will own nothing and be happy” trope trotted out by the Davos Crowd that comprises the World Economic Forum, the obergersundheitsfuhrers of the Great Reset. This — “public health” – is the means by which they will see to it that you own nothing.

Whether you will be happy about it is another matter.

It is a process that will be accelerated by further energy diets, applied in the name of “public health,” to farm equipment – so as to make food more expensive. So as to make life unaffordable.

So as to make the population dependent. 

Understand this. It’s not “coming.”

It is here.

Interestingly, few ever ask who will own what we used to own once we own nothing. After all, someone will have to own it, won’t they? Physical property and wealth generally can’t just be diffuse and finders-keepers. The unspoken corollary of us owning nothing is that they will own everything.

As in the archaic forms of authoritarian collectivism styled “communism” practiced in the old Soviet Union – and China, before the ruling class got hip to a subtler method of owning everything. The method was simple: Outlaw private property so that “the people” owned it all.

Those “people” being the ruling class, which controlled everything.

Stalin did not own the multiple luxurious dachas he lived in. Nor the armored Packard limo he was chauffeured around in. These things were all Soviet state property, which he happened to control because he was the Soviet state.

This is the state of affairs being recreated – this time, not in the name of “the people” but for the sake of “public health” – at the behest of a class of managers, such as Gavin Newsom, who will have no trouble getting the lawn of the gesundheitsfuhrer’s residence cut as it is state property, and he and his ilk in government and corporations control all state property, soon to encompass everything as a practical matter.

And they will be very happy, indeed.

. . .

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  1. If someone could invent a zero resistance tank circuit, they could make billions in California alone. That is, before another pubic health order bans any power not from PG&E, or the battery companies.

  2. I was at Home Depot the other night and noticed there were zero gas lawn mowers available. Zero. They were well-stocked with electrics, though. A flimsy MTD Cub Cadet mower now has a price tag of $3999 thanks to electrification. It even has lithium ion batteries so your shed will burn to the ground, but that’s only if your shed has electricity for it to charge!

    • Outdoor power equipment has been selling at ever greater records since spring of 2020. I would assume that your neighbors are keeping your local home depot depleted rather than an electric conspiracy at this moment at time. Nobody can seem to keep Home Depot or any of the other big box stores fully stocked these days. If your local store is low on the depot’s pecking order I could easily see it having severe shortages. Then there’s the problem unloading ships and transporting stuff across the country for any import stuff.

      BTW here’s another reason they are trying to kill gas product. The big pro outdoor power equipment companies largely make and assemble their products in the USA. It’s refuge of domestic manufacturing even with the companies being foreign or foreign owned. If they can force the change to electronic battery powered equipment it will end up largely in China by default especially for the smaller brands. That’s why they killed incandescent light bulbs. It was an entrenched traditional industry that couldn’t be moved out of the USA that China could not defeat. So congress took action to kill it.

      • My thought was sort of along those lines BrentP. The unavailability of gasoline powered equipment demonstrates clearly the *unpopularity* of electric.

  3. All a modern-day tyrant has to do is utter the words “public health and safety”, and whatever form of asininity (s)he can conjure up becomes instantly “justifiable”.

  4. Blame James Watt for the current energy matters everything at once conundrum.

    No, not that, fuck the dumbasses who are fucking it all up big time. har

    In the beginning there was a steam-powered engine in the mechanical house which was connected to a drive, gears. The drive shaft extended out from the house. The drive attached a belt that turned another drive that elevated grain into bins in the grain elevator.

    Just so you know.

    All before distributed electricity, thanks to Nikola Tesla, the real Tesla, the guy who dug trenches for two dollars per day. The Tesla who resided in Colorado Springs and lit up Niagara Falls with a 400,000 horsepower electric motor.

    That Tesla, JP Morgan queried Nikola after the electricity flowed from the power of the electric motor, “Where’s the meter?”

    That Tesla, to reiterate.

    “To believe in this livin’ is just the hard way to go” – John Prine, Angel from Montgomery

  5. It’s as if the metro-bots are incapable of conceiving that anyone would ever want to live in a manner other than the mouse utopia hive they all cling to like suckling piglets.

    I have relatives who live outside the SF Bay area and a majority of the “yards” you see could be cut with a weed whacker inside of 10 minutes.

    These policies are mostly a reflection of the series of metro slaves who live there begging for it good and hard for decades. And get it good and hard they will.

  6. Somewhat off topic but EP you will not believe this!
    We met with Barry an expat living in the Dominican Republic for over 20 years. ( the north coast town of Cabrera)
    The guy pulled up in a right wheel drive Toyota Landcruiser Prado model year 1989! He had it shipped to the DR from Australia then rebuilt the thing ( a hobby of his.) I looked at it and said “wow it looks like it just came off the showroom floor “!
    He answered yup I love rebuilding vehicles.
    We then followed him up into the hills to check out his newly built house. The garage was enormous.
    We will be meeting him again tomorrow afternoon to discuss his ongoing development projects.
    The dude is heavily Libertarian, hates diaper wearers and only consumes free range beef and chicken!👍👍😎

  7. How many battery packs is a large service crew gonna need?! I mean, they’ve got several devices and run ’em full blast. They’d probably have to have multiple *sets* (i.e., not just multiple batteries). You know, one set on the charger, one in the field, one in reserve. Maybe. I dunno. If that was my business, that’s what I’d wanna do.

    I was on the HOA BOD here in my dumpy little development and people get freaking nuts about how and especially when the grass is cut. But who knows, lawn guys are often “not famous” for their service but some are.

    Might squeeze the little or (previously) “up and coming” crews out of business. I’d be worried.

    • For pros to go battery it will require a HUGE investment on their part. Lots of battery packs plus they will need to modify their trucks and trailers to be able to charge batteries on the run. Expect them to use gas generators or idle their trucks to recharge batteries for the equipment. Their trucks will need upgraded alternators and the ability to go into a high idle to charge the batteries. This will mean less life for their trucks. It’s all smoke an mirrors. The equipment will still be ultimately largely hydrocarbon powered.

      • Could you iangine how long a battery would last under commercial usage?! -Going through several charging cycles a day…getting hot from long, continuous use under max draw, in adverse conditions?

        I used to watch this landscaper on Jootoob, and one of the commercial-grade manufucturers gave him some cordless stuff to try out- a blower and a weed-eater (I think they were Red Max)….he quit using them after a few weeks……

        • Morning, Nunz!

          Of course, functional/practical (and economic) considerations are irrelevant as regards electrification. Rather, they are the point of the thing, i.e., to make things as impractical and expensive as possible, so as to further impoverish and control the average person. The elites will not feel any pain. Indeed, they will profit from all of this as the wealth the take flows to them.

          I wonder when – whether – the average person will ever understand that “green” is red.

          • Hey Ya Eric!
            That’s the problem- that so few have noticed, even though we are this far along in adopting EVs. THAT is scarier than anything. We are all alone, like a handful of adults in a humongous day-care. All they’re gtonna hear is the purple dinosaur.

  8. OK, sure, go ahead and ban them. And the first group of people who should be banned should be the people who do the landscaping for Silicon Valley businesses and the state government. (I don’t think these people think things through before they implement stupid regulations like this.)

  9. The War on Lawnmowers is a natural corollary to the War on Lawns. Here in SoCal, where water conservation is a serious concern, TPTB have been for some time pushing for abolition of lawns, which they call “turf.” Only for we common folk, of course, who do not generally have access to reclaimed water for irrigation purposes.

    Take a trip to the Coachella Valley, and check out all those verdant golf courses in the low desert. Wealthy folks from all over flock to Palm Springs in the winter months to luxuriate at various “resorts.” Meanwhile, we proles are exhorted to plant nice crops of rocks in our front yards, the reflected heat from which will warm us up nicely in those chilly summer months.

    Of course, we can always cut down the (native) trees which shade our roofs, in order to make way for rooftop solar panels to power the air conditioner necessary to cool our houses due to the reflected heat from the “rock lawn” and unshaded roof.

    High technology, I tell ya.
    Common sense not included.

    • I grew up in the Coachella valley. Lived in Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, and La Quinta. Graduated Indio HS in ’83. We had the “desert theme” front yard a more than one house… pea gravel in the back yard of the one in Rancho Mirage… along with cool deck around a pool. Palm trees, cactus, and a couple fig trees were the main features. Didn’t need to water or mow. That was nice. But that heat is too crazy.

      Last time I was in that area it had grow intensely. I didn’t think Indian Wells or La Quinta CC used water reclamation directly. Maybe I just didn’t know or maybe its different now.

      No idea what the majority did for those wonderful, Bob Hope Desert Classic golf courses.

      • Hi, anon,
        Reclaimed water just wasn’t “a thing” years ago. It is now (as it should be). The challenge is to bring reclaimed water to where it needs to be, particularly in older neighborhoods. Where I live (Corona, 92882) the daily wastewater production exceeds 11 million gallons, whereas the current reclaimed water demand is ~2 million gallons per day. The city has numerous *major* water projects in planning stage to bring reclaimed water to older parts of the city. In the meantime we are urged to conserve. I am fine with that.

        My wintertime usage (no irrigation) never exceeds 200 cu. ft./month.
        Summer is considerably more than that, and we get charged by the “unit,” which is 100 cu. ft (748 gallons). So, yes, there is a direct financial incentive to conserve water.

        • Hi Turtle,

          One of the boons of living away from a city is having a well – and so controlling your own water. Of course, they – the technocrat tyrants – understand the threat that represents to their hegemonic agenda and I fully expect them to try to “regulate” private wells, probably in the name of “the environment.”

          • Yeah, read my reply to Nunzio.
            Wall Street fokkers are doing their worst to “securitize” the ENTIRE ECOSYSTEM. Let that sink in for a moment, then clean out your shorts.

            “Pay to breathe.” Because. “It’s only fair,” “for the environment.”

          • In some rural areas of Colorado, I was told that there are sensors in the ground that measure water (aquifer) levels. If your well exceeds your allotted water usage then someone will come a-knocking. This area is basically near desert levels so I understand the concern.

            • Sounds like Florida, where they charge you thousands for the ‘privilege’ of attempting to drill a well on your own property- and then charge ya for the water you use.

            • The Ogallah aquifer east of the Divide is in reality getting harder and harder to reach reliably via wells and the Colorado River west of the Divide was willfully overallocated in the 1923 Compact because, to no surprise I’m sure, the g-men responsible decided to intentionally limit the range of data that included droughts prior to about 1900 to make the average annual flow appear to be about 20% higher. There’s enough water in the west if we’re mindful of its use. But anyone who’s driven across the Plains knows how right J.W. Powell was about the 100th meridian.

  10. Given their constant rolling blackouts, how do you charge them? And what about all the smoke and pollution when their forests burn for months at a time, and they’re worried about lawn mowers? Guess the smoke jumpers will be out of luck when their saw battery cuts out.

    • I have never seen any studies of how much CO2 is emitted from volcanoes and bushfires. Never, never, even on YT, no CO2 measurement devices in these events are to be found. I suspect that is because the CO2 levels emitted would peg the meters into inoperability. And lead people to ask why the crackdown on car emissions while volcanoes and fires are throwing out far more CO2 levels than even the smoggiest factory.

      • Morning, t05 –

        For the same reason no distinction was made (by the corporate press) between a “case” and someone getting seriously sick/dead. The object being not to edify and clarify but to obfuscate and exaggerate. Carbon dioxide “emissions” – itself an obnoxious term – from natural sources far exceed the man-made sources. Parse this some more… do the man-made “emissions” have an objective/demonstrable and significant negative effect on the earth’s climate parameters? The answer is – no. The whole thing is a con premised on assertions, which are then exaggerated to create a hysterical (and false) perception that the earth is in imminent danger of catastrophic “climate change,” which is the meteorological version of “the cases! the cases!”

    • You know as well as I that exemptions will be made to allow the continued use of two-stroke tools and four-stroke vehicles by the gubermint to protect gubermint buildings. The proles can pound sand though.

  11. goes along with California crippling their trucking industry and mandating (that word again) a full switchover to all electric trucks that dont even exist yet along with outlawing freight trucks over 10 years old. If newsome really did win that recall -which I doubt – California will be unlivable except by the serfs and the elites. Which is completely the point I suppose.

  12. What seems to be lost is, according to the US Constitution Article 1 Section 1, laws may only be passed by the Congress. Since all States have the same form of passing laws as the US Government, how can this “Order” be legal?

  13. Out in the Inland Empire, having a lawn guy isn’t about getting the grass cut as much as providing the discount toll tag for the express lanes on SR91.

    • >providing the discount toll tag
      Say what? How does hiring a lawn service get you a toll discount?
      I have not commuted for more than 25 years, so I am not up on these things.

      • The gardener gets the discount toll tag in his name.

        The $13/mo. subsidized landline phone service gets the cleaning lady’s name.

        • I guess I must be dense, because I still don’t get it.
          >The gardener gets the discount toll tag in his name.
          And does what with it? Gives it to his customer?
          Are you telling me that Julio the gardener lives in Santa Ana and cuts lawns in Riverside? Maybe, but my guess would be the opposite. Santa Ana is heavily Spanish speaking, but I am guessing any gardeners who live there are more likely to be working in Orange County than Riverside County. More money in Irvine or Newport Beach than there is in Corona or Norco.

          • I just thought about something, a lot of the buyers for the chainsaws, pruners etc are in the agricultural lands of california. So it’s not just regular landscaping, it’s food that grows on trees. Nuts, fruits, etc.

  14. California and the nation at large deserve it. Allowing fake elections, fake globull warming,,, fake virus and the killer injection with nary a whimper other than a few impotent complaints hoping it will just go away, we gutless are all condemned to the hell they have planned for decades.

    Australia is the trailer for this movie.

    • Chicago police union is taking a hard stand for freedom. The mayors head is spinning around and shes vomiting green oatmeal. See where it goes

      • Mark, don’t you mean the pigs are taking a stand for their freedom? (Not no much for the liberties of their victims upon whom they impose all of the states laws, fees and violence).

        • C’mon Nunz, orders are orders 😅

          I’d keep telling them to get a real job, but I don’t want any more able bodied competition, tough enough to secure future work as a pureblood as it is

  15. I can see it now. Contractors will have to resort to having a gas/diesel powered generator on their trucks charging the batteries all day. hahahhahahah……….
    Black market is going to huge in Cali.

    Did some rough math for fun:
    My Stihl 362 chainsaw is 5HP, weighs 12lbs, and carries 20oz of fuel. This equals 18,000 BTU’s on board. Runs about 20-30 minutes at full load and re-fill in 1 min. Repeat.
    A comparable E-Saw to do the same ‘work’ as above would need a 750ah 12v battery.
    My informal research says your couldn’t carry it, not even close.
    I could be off, I just did this fast with conversions and such.

    • I just though of something. That chainsaw that just worked say 1 hour to make a cord of wood used around 40,000 BTU’s of fuel, and made……………wait for it……………… 24 Million BTU’s of energy given to us by the sun. Wow.
      It sucks sometimes to have a brain like this………sorry.

    • Stihl’s most powerful *corded* electric, the MSE-250, specs 15A @ 120V, or 1800W = 2.41hp. My 170C pulls 13.1A @ 120V, or 1572W = 2.1hp, which is adequate for cutting up downed branches, and since I use it only occasionally, no worries about gummed up carburetor or “stale” saw mix. Keep the chain sharp, plug it in, and cut.

      Not even *close* to a 2 cycle gasoline engine.
      Stihl’s website doesn’t even provide power ratings for the cordless models.

      Back in the day, working “in the field,” I always carried a Homelite Super XL Automatic, which IMO, was a great saw. Only problem was the “leg kit” they all shipped with. ;(

    • >Contractors will have to resort to having a gas/diesel powered generator on their trucks
      No, no, no, Chris.
      Read the statute. It says:
      >(E) Expected availability of zero-emission generators

      How that will “work” exactly is beyond my comprehension. Maybe unicorn farts, I dunno. A battery powered generator, perhaps? Infinite regress of batteries? All the way back to the Big Bang, no doubt. In the beginning was The Battery. And God saw that it was Good, and created Electrical Engineers to honor and worship The Holy Battery, and, in their Wisdom through Him, to find bountiful and virtuous uses for Its Infinite Immaculate Power. Amen.

      But then, some nasty heretics had the audacity to point out that batteries are actually a manifestation of the hated, despised and discredited (pseudo)-science of “chemistry,” may its name and adherents be cursed. And all was not well upon the Waters…

      • We’ve all probably used battery powered hand tools, etc… And they are very good and convenient, BUT they are fractional HP machines, and we can carry a spare battery or two for the job, even though they are relatively expensive. we understand the value of what two $100 dollar extra batteries gives us vs. plugging in the same tool.
        What these idiots are doing is trying to go the next step with 2-10HP machines (although I read that the Cali. thing is anything under 25HP?). This is absolutely insane and will not work. And why I put some math to it above to show the ridiculousness.
        Some smart people will be investing in lots of gas lawn equipment for the future black market.

          • One thing to add:
            All “critical facilities” such as hospitals and data centers have diesel backup generators, obviously >25hp.
            No doubt these will have DFWT (Don’t Fuck With This) status.
            At least, I hope so.

  16. on a slightly separate note – will they ever be able to impose this sort of stupid rule? I suspect this will lead to a spike in sales of lawnmowers and trimmers in Arizona, Nevada an Oregon !

    • Hey, Nasir,
      On the plus side, a shrewd business person could pick up some cash hauling disgruntled (ex) Californians on the backhaul. No need to deadhead for your next load of lawnmowers & chainsaws.

      Some friends who moved from Redondo Beach to Oklahoma City six months ago told me it cost ~$1300 to rent a large UHaul truck in OK City, which would have cost $7500 to rent in SoCal. It was much cheaper to rent the truck in Oklahoma, deadhead it to SoCal, load up their possessions, and drive the truck back to Oklahoma, even counting the opportunity cost of their own time, plus fuel, food and lodging for the round trip.

  17. Former UK defence minister (under Maggie Thatcher) Alan Clark was born into wealth. He owned a fine collection of vintage vehicles, including a Jaguar SS100.

    Clark even enthused about his Atco lawn mower, which wove a smart criss-cross pattern in the deep green summer lawn round the family manor.

    Nothing but a gravel driveway would do for the Clarks, raked by gardeners who constituted chattel property of the estate, inheritable by the next generation.

    Sure, one could pave a fine Belgian block driveway. But gone would be the refined pleasure of watching workmen toil futilely, raking a manicured surface that soon would be marred upon the arrival of Sunday-motoring visitors and the serving of cocktails on the verandahhhh …

    Covid has taken the masks off the elite. Like California itself, Loathsome Newsom is thoroughly nouveau; his affected elitism a Hollywood set piece.

    But young Gavin has faithfully absorbed the new Dickensian zeitgeist: strip the underclass of modern amenities and comforts. Force them like the pyramid builders to work with Stone Age tools, earning their beer ration with triple-D (dirty, difficult, dangerous) labor to enrich their indifferent, aristocratic rulers.

    Thus spake Zarathustra.

  18. Eric – have you heard the latest from he UK? From (i think) March 2022, all new electric car charge points to be installed will have to be “smart” by mandate of our dear leaders. What does a “smart” charger do you might ask? It means that at times of peak load (which can be up to 9 hours a day) – the government can restrict your access to charge from them to manage load on the grid!! It can also impose other restrictions and different prices – all this to manage load on the grid….. (dont know if you’ve heard but the grid in the UK is going the same way as it did in California thanks to decades of the green blob)…

    So even before they can force all of us into electric cars, they are already rationing !!!

  19. I’ve got an electric chainsaw, battery operated pole saw, and large gas chainsaw. I cant imagine trying to cut down a large tree or cut up a fallen tree with the first two. The electric is handy and I do use it a lot for limbs and branches and cordwood, sometime. They cost about fifty bucks at Ace. The first one I bought lasted almost seven years. Now I’m lucky to get two or three years before they crap out..

    These fools who make these rules have probably never dome a days work in their life, doubt they’ve ever gotten their hands dirty or had a blister unless its from servicing each other out in Bohemian grove

  20. These idiots expect battery powered equipment to suddenly magically appear at the power levels and usability that pros demand at the prices they are willing to pay. Sorry. it isn’t going to happen. It just isn’t. It will be many years.

    It’s clear these people don’t understand the difference between light duty home owner equipment and professional equipment. And expect very much for there to be more power outages and fires in california. Why? They can’t keep up on clearing trees away from powerlines and making fire breaks as it is. Now imagine them doing it with less capable and slower equipment even if they have the battery packs to not need to stop and recharge during the day.

    Then there is the price tag. Pro cordless equipment is expensive. It has to be. It’s expensive to make battery packs with quality cells in them. The higher power motors aren’t cheap either. Go to your local OPE dealer. Price out the limited amount of cordless pro equipment, prepare for sticker shock.

  21. I love it!!!! Good! AHAhahahaha! [Does happy dance]

    55 million assholes in that state who could not only stand up to all of the nonsense that the state tyrants have been imposing on them for decades, but could form their own country if they wanted….instead not only tolerate this BS but keep demanding even more!

    Serves them right! I hope CA. taxes the breathing of air@ (If they haven’t already).

    And as CA. goers…so goes the rest of the country soon after. We are living amongst a people who will tolerate virtually anything, the TPTB know it and act accordingly- and such a people will never know any semblance of liberty- nor do they deserve such. All one can do is to watch it all come crashing down in flames when the inevitable consequences of their actions/inactions and toleration of evil and slavery catch up with them.

    Get a stick and roast some marshmallows as she burns…the wieners are already in the fire.

    • They at least had the opportunity to kick Newsom to the curb and instead, showed clearly that most people in CA truly do want this B.S. I always say in situations like this that the people that keeps asking for this shit have clearly not suffered enough pain.

      So, in that case, yeah, good! Somebody needs to feel the pain of the consequences of this fallacious green bullshit. So it will be the lower and middle class then? OK! They asked for it!

      Maybe next time, they’ll think once… instead of nonce… and come to terms with the fact that there are REALLY GOOD reasons why things like lawn mowers and (gasp) cars have gasoline engines. Wishing it away is a fairy tale that ultimately is gonna cause a whole lotta pain!

    • >I hope CA. taxes the breathing of air
      Nah, Nunzio, that program is coming out of the New York Stock Exchange.
      The evil plan is to “securitize” the entire ecosystem. Air, water, etc.
      See here:

      They plan to try it out in Costa Rica first. Today Costa Rica, tomorrow the world.
      And you thought property taxes were bad..

        • LOL.
          Hence the “Escape from …” series.
          Cue Aldonza,
          One commie shit hole is like another
          I don’t know why, or who’s to blame.
          They’ll screw with you, or with your mother,
          They’re all the same.

          Here in Western Riverside County, OTOH, we prefer our Congresscritters to be Rethuglican Jabba the Hutt impersonators.
          Our current model is quite proficient at that role, having played it for some time.

  22. Eric,

    I have a plug-in, electric snow blower because it’s best for my needs. I may get a cordless, battery powered one, so as to not deal with the cord. Since I only have a small driveway and a portion of sidewalk, it’s enough for me. For me, the electric snow blower is the best tool for what I need it to do.

    That said, my neighbor, who’s a professional landscaper, it wouldn’t work for him. He does multiple lawns every day; during winter, he does multiple driveways and parking areas. Electric power equipment would NEVER work for him! It would never work for the reasons you stated.

    I just wish these tyrannical a’holes would leave us alone, and let US decide what the best tools are for ourselves…

    • Indeed, Mark –

      It’d never work for me, either. I need a diesel tractor with a blade to clear my driveway – and to bush hog my fields. This is what they want to end. Can’t have ordinary schlubs like me having land

      • ‘I need a diesel tractor with a blade to clear my driveway – and to bush hog my fields.’ — eric

        As another poet said:

        Well, I don’t need a steam shovel
        To keep away the dead
        I need a dump truck, mama
        To unload my head

        — Bob Dylan, From a Buick 6

      • I looked up your house on Google Maps with the flyover view or whatever it is. Yeah, I bet! The crazy/crazier thing is that (as you’ve pointed out) we don’t even really “own” the land we rent it from the govt. and they still can’t have that!! WTF?!

        Some “tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists” have been talking about something called “land patents” where you somehow end up actually owning land. Lotta people think that’s b.s. but I don’t know either way. Wife has been bugging me to find out.

        If it is remotely possible, I would surely try to do it! Ever heard of that?

        • Hi Anon,

          He may be referring to allodial title – true ownership of land/property unencumbered, without tax obligation. I have heard a few such properties exist but these are extremely conveyances dating back generations. I have intended for some time to do a serious look-into of how/when/where and why property taxes came into general existence. I regard them as the most odious of all taxes – more so even than the income tax – because property taxes preclude the possibility of truly owning your land/home free and clear; if you could own them, you could easily avoid most if not all income tax – because you would hardly need to earn any income.

          • Eric,

            My understanding of property taxation is that, historically, one’s income was mainly derived as a direct function of one’s land holdings. Which is now only sometimes the case, but the basic structure remains.

            Sorry, no citations right now. That’s just my understanding of the story.

  23. Upon further thought, perhaps there’s not too much to worry about. The armed goons will have to wait until their patrol cars are charged up before they can enforce it.

    • Hi John,
      I’m sure they’ll be an exception for the AGW’s; maybe the reason for the increasing push to outlaw gas engines is to save all the petroleum products for the Pentagram. Need lots of diesel and jet fuel for Uncle to run the empire.
      Would really like to see a battery powered tank. 😆

  24. This is profound delusion in a State where electrical supply can’t meet the demands of air conditioning. And you thought fires were a big problem in CA before? Wait until the forestry service can’t do any clearing at all until their chain saws recharge. They will surely relax city lawn maintenance requirements, right? Having lived in a rural setting most of my life, I have a bit of news for these morons. The jungle is eager to take back what you claimed from it.

  25. Lawn care & forestry are obvious but what about concrete mixers, concrete cutters, trash pumps, back up generators, jaws of life, portable air compressors, portable welders, …

    Governor Hairdo and all of Commiefornia remind me of that line in “Death of Stalin” where the Soviet bureaucrat says “I’ve had nightmares that make more sense than this”. If I had loved ones in that stupid place, I’d advise them to abandon whatever they have & get the hell out before it’s too late.

  26. I was wondering what the vehicle they would use to eventually eliminate all our rights. turns out it is through “health” policy.

    What can’t be laid at the feet of public health, and in broad, tangentially related swaths?

    I will admit it is clever, if not disingenuous. Yet, where do we go for relief from this ever increasing control of your daily life? Not SCOTUS, who has said variously that your rights don’t matter if the state claims a benefit to everyone.

    It is ok to force you to buy or not buy products. Be allowed or not to engage in business or certain jobs. Hell, you can’t even remain silent unless you declare you are remaining silent.

    Now, Californians can’t even use tools they have purchased to mow the lawn.

    It will not stop here.

  27. I figured with the multiple backups I’ve got in everything from lawnmowers to chainsaws and gas generators that I’d be safe from a ban on new small engine sales, but what if the next step is that they claim it’s still not enough and ban your EXISTING small engines, wood stoves and char coal/ gas BBQ’s and what have you? Carbon tax on ammo sales? I wonder who votes for these TRANZIS (trans national socialist/ progressives) but I already know; it’s our neighbors and all those sheeple that insist on wearing the Holy Rag while driving alone in their car, etc.


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