Reader Question: The Never-Ending Diapering?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Chris asks: I’ve read in some of your articles (either by you or the commenters) that if Face Diapering is still a “thing” next year, WuFlu/diaper culture will never leave. I would tend to agree with that; as you mentioned in the article about the military official, the regular seasonal flu can be used to carry the diapering through the winter in the U.S., which would bring us to a whole calendar year of the hysteria. I just don’t see governors, mayors, etc. suddenly saying, “OK, we’re good now, back to normal.” The general population will be too habituated to fear — of public places, physical interaction with other people, etc. — that I don’t think they will be able to just “flip the switch” and go back to pre-WuFlu activities, gatherings, etc. I think it would take a major societal upheaval at that point (as in people simply disobeying en masse, like with the fall of the Iron Curtain) to end the insanity. You’ve expressed hope that normalcy (not the so-called “new normal”) can still be restored. Do you see a singular, watershed moment occurring to end it, or a slow, arduous process we must endure while we continue to resist as individuals?

My reply: I see both as possibilities. If the government doesn’t ratchet up the forced Diapering, I nonetheless expect that a large percentage of the population – having been rendered beyond the reach of reason by weaponized hypochondria – will continue to Diaper. This in turn will maintain the social pressure to Diaper. Which will make it hard for craven businesses to not insist on some degree of Diapering.

I also think it’s possible there will be outright resistance to much of this if it keeps being pushed. I myself have had about ll I can take. Just seeing these Diapered morons everywhere has begun to seriously annoy me.  I imagine it is annoying a lot of others as well. If push comes to shove, accordingly, I expect some – me among them – to push back.

I hope this ca be avoided, but it may be inevitable.

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  1. Eric, you talk about how you have just about had all you can take. Well, my wife, who is the most mild mannered, a-political, gentle, kind, caring and giving person you could ever meet, has recently begun, when seeing a person masked and alone on tv, screaming TAKE OFF YOUR DAMN MASK!!!(she would never actually confront someone in person in such a way…at least for now)

    If it can affect her in such a manner I can only imagine the simmering rage roiling just below the surface of our society.

    • Ditto, Mark –

      I’m at the point of almost not being able to tolerate the sight of them. I have to tamp down the urge to shove these Diapers right up their asses, using a broomstick a la the NYPD and Abner Louima. He didn’t deserve that, of course. But the Diaperers…

  2. Since Rush is a band that is discussed here on occasion (Living Red Barchetta, etc.), I’m taking the opportunity to describe Eric’s support of voting for OM vs. Nunzio’s protestations to the contrary as akin to Neil Peart’s embrace of the supernatural vs. his atheistic tendencies in the song Ghost of a Chance. By voting for OM you get a ghost of a chance of something less terrible than HPM.

    Truly, though, the anti-diaper theme song on this site should be a modified form of David Crosby’s Almost Cut My Hair from 50 years ago. Start page the lyrics ‘cause I can’t seem to paste ‘em from any site. Substitute diapering for the cutting of hippie hair and ya got the idea. …Because I owe it… to someone…

  3. This is the level of psychopathy exhibited by those who love their chains. From a Long Island(NY) forum, from a commuter who uses the Long Island Rail Road: (From a guy, no less; an older guy…)

    ” the other day I was in the train and some ticket taker was not wearing her mask correctly. Only her mouth was covered. So I gave her a stare when she asked for my ticket and I pointed to her mask. She corrected it but I could see she wasn’t too thrilled with me. And just yesterday another ticket taker walked right past a guy who had his mask off his face. I pointed right to that guy when he asked for my ticket. From now on if I see people on the train not wearing masks I will refuse to show my ticket.”

    At this point, with statism having become the national religion, the tyrants could disappear tomorrow, and yet the nonsense would not only continue, but it would continue to grow, because humanity is defective.

    • Hiya Nunz!
      I ride Amtrak a few times a year to visit my daughter in Brooklyn; haven’t yet this year because can’t get on the train without a mask. We may have to drive down for Thanksgiving this year, much as I hate the effing traffic, though maybe the lemmings are scared enough to stay home and it won’t be the usual nightmare ride. She came up here with my grandson this past summer and said it was a breeze, so hopefully that continues.
      On a related note about Karens, some idiot awhile back wrote a letter to the editor complaining that the TSA wasn’t at the railway station pawing through people’s luggage and fondling the passengers, which is why I take the train in the first place. Aaaargh! would like to strangle that pinhead; no need to give them ideas, though I’m sure it’s coming eventually.


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